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  3. Feedback: Event Thread

    @Kibbelz @Loki Please add this to events or on bcm so people can get their hand on extendable weapons...
  4. Hi @Loki: I supposed to get the daevanion skill box but when the time came it didn't appear in my inventory and the clock reseted. It happend to a friend aswell. In this picture it says that I have been logged for only more than 3 hours but that is cuz I changed characters at some point. Regardless, you can see that something is wrong, I should have at very least a bit more than 1 hour to get my box.
  5. sometimes i just think Valedia is trolling us
  6. Yesterday
  7. Outdated rewards in Shugo Sweep.

    you are not a normal person I'm sure of that !!
  8. Outdated rewards in Shugo Sweep.

    They also have a 2m kinah box there and 5x administration boon passes. Having worthless rewards is part of their rng gambling and it is put there intentionally. Nobody would want to buy a dice and roll it for 5 administration boons either and if I had to choose between the bad rewards, a legendary engraved selection manastone worths more than 2m kinah box.
  9. I cant leave aion cuz i love y'all but i cant stand y'all 99% of the time...
  10. Random server maintenance

    No word on what changed?
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    She would never be able to come up with such an excuse but there you just gave it to her.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    I think valedia lives off in-game time not real world time so every 2 hours is 1 day for them and that time would probably add up to about 30 days.
  13. SellUltiAltAccountAndP2WOnYourMainAccountNextEvent you're welcome.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    I never said I would leave, you said you would leave for 30 days.
  15. Random server maintenance

    Ahahaha I felt totally the same. In fact, we get 25 min before altars not 55 min, that proves how confusing the system is. I'm playing from Europe so I had first to convert CDT to European time and then also to the server time to discover that it's not the same as CDT.
  16. Happy S---t day !!

    Which still ends up with the same situation the game is in now. Nothing changes.
  17. log your ranger and use a male form then a female and see what you didnt know...can you tell the major differences?lol! thats because you didnt leave...
  18. Event instance - Tips

    We usually have our Temp positioned like that so they can just keep the boss still and not pull in any extra adds (keeps the basic spammy aoes hitting the boss and not the rubbish). Only advice I can give on the mecha boss is to try to coordinate the glad's aerial thrust and the sorc's 4 as it is quite high damage and will hit non-aerial thrusted targets near the one you're hitting. Base on sorc's 4 is 4k, I believe, and it is spammable so it can land on the boss if you're coordinating with your glad. Also, burning some DP skills on the mecha seems worthwhile as well, pre-popping 2k/4k jellies as the sorc/glad roles can be very helpful, just make sure to do so outside since they can't be used once you enter the instance.
  19. Random server maintenance

    Yeah, I got confused with time zones. When I saw the announcement in-game my brain was like:
  20. Happy S---t day !!

    I'am more afraid of being afraid than be banned
  21. Random server maintenance

    I don´t know. I was always curious about how they find the exploits and bugs that benefits players so fast. We don´t have GMs in the game, The CMs here are not so active and usually don´t know the game or read every thread. it is like we have somebody infiltrated inside the game with the only purpose to find when the players are happy an ruin that
  22. Event instance - Tips

    Another technique I saw in a video was to bring the boss to the wall so it faces the wall and all stay backs to the wall, so when it casts fear you don't run far away. The problem I encountered is on the mecha boss, it takes too long to kill so I wonder whether there is some technique I've been missing ? This discussion takes a dangerous twist since the sorcs cannot play dps classes cause no atk speed and they cannot either play the temp since no phys atk. It seems like sorcs will soon have to play only among themselves for this event.
  23. Event instance - Tips

    The Templar pull skill is a normal physical attack skill (SkillATK_Instant) with a base damage of 284. (As opposed to everything else that are NoReduceSpellATK_Instant fixed damage spells) It is affected by Physical Attack / PvE Attack stat, and the mob/bosses inside seems to have extremely low Physical Defense, so Templars should preferably be played by physical classes.
  24. Outdated rewards in Shugo Sweep.

    Usually the people they send to work in as comunity managers for Aion, have no clue about the game. And usually they don´t read or answer the threads here. But just in case he is different than Cyan or Hime.... Kibbelz, The manastones are items we use to improve our gear. The gear have slots to put them. But those "manastones" were improving in different versions of the game. What Mizuharu is trying to say is those items are from an older version of this game. And we have better ones now. Shugo sweep is a minigame inside Aion. People can pay real money there and roll a dice with the chance to get some items. So... having outdated items in a feature where people will pay dollars, means less people will want to pay. Basically your boss will lose money.
  25. Event instance - Tips

    Sorc's Freeze skill (3) and Glad's aerial thrust skill (not sure which one it is since I usually do sorc for my group) are also really helpful for CCing the mobs near the rangers so the temp can keep the boss away/not have to move around too much since some of them have DoTs (Robot one) that interrupt ranger use. Also, basically every skill on the last two bosses can be easily avoided as they all seem to be very close range. I'm usually perfectly safe from Fascination (Fear) and all of the other attacks by moving out to 7~ meters (I'm sure you could stay even closer, range seems to be 3-5m if I had to guess)when it starts casting and zipping right back in as it finishes. Avoiding the fear is particularly necessary for hitting those S-rank clears if you aren't running with someone with Additional Strike.
  26. Random server maintenance

    Also if it is that, then how did they find out, did it give someone an ultimate transform already?
  27. Random server maintenance

    If that really happens, then must be that. When the fix is related with something to make it better for us, they usually provides the details. When they hide the reasons, usually is a signal they are going to nerf something or take something from us.
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