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  2. Frozen Monolith - Asmodian Katalam

    Thanks for the information. It is just I saw the above videos and realized that the dmg done is too much and if something goes wrong a 2nd cleric would come handy. Of course if you are used to do it, then maybe 1 cleric and one support should be enough.
  3. Brusthonin it was the first map I went to in Aion and was like wow some terrible sh*t happened here. The broken down houses, abandoned farms, dried up irrigation canals. It just told a story without even having to read a word of it. I bet is was gorgeous at one point.
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  5. Rapidfire Deluge it's worth for pve only. Materialise Magic it's most usefull skill in pvp for gunners. And Neleth, 180 cp it's just beginning, when you have 240-280 cp it's much more noticable in gameplay.
  6. Addition to Broker

    Idk how the date itself would help, but some sort of history for sales would be nice. I know some other game with this feature and it helps when you want to have an idea of how much an item costs before you post it in case there are no others available. (Average sale price doesn't always work as if you add an item and remove it from broker, that price shows up as average even tho no one bought it)
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 18, 2018

    They probably will in the next enchantment event.
  8. whole EC alliance booted

    Which is why there should not be any CD at if either an individual or an alliance gets kicked, there's no system of check and balances to prevent griefing. If an individual leaves that's a completely different story, a CD makes sense. The root cause however is the design for the kick function, but that really isn't the fault of the game designers, part of it really comes down to the players and that has to be policed by the community.
  9. ToE bug

    Yeah I just sent support ticket as soon as I made this post ^^ thanks @Cyan @Aly-DN
  10. ToE bug

    Hey there, I'll inform the developers of this. Thanks for the report.
  11. ToE bug

    It's not the first time something was broken on the Asmo side while everything was fine on the Elyos side. Have you sent this to Support? Perhaps @Cyan could help push Support to sort this out.
  12. And another topic ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General] Frankly now Aion problems and user problems GinaBean 2018-03-26 16:11 Views 7193 It is a real 4.0 standard and it will be more profitable than it is now, even if you make an old version and make a license for it. But if you did not go to destroyed-server, you might have continued, but there was a problem with the user. I was satisfied with the game because I did not know anything more than 4.0 ago. I do not know what to do. It's a bulletin board. If you want to cache it, you can make it just like a massive game. It's a price. You have to be close. You need a cache. We do not want to be scolded by our users, but rather like when we did not know, we would do it on NC side. lol lol Honest. Even when I did not know the amount of money I was playing Abyss and construction work well and was fun. In this part, there is a cache error and the user is wrong. It's a personal opinion, it's a tackle. Do not matter, do not criticize. Aion It's been a long time, I've done it a lot and it's broken. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. 4.0 was crap. Also, I would have preferred if you posted the Korean text. Easiest to read than this.
  14. And another user write this Distroy 2018-01-31 22:57 Hi everyone? I am now a user who has played in the past Erezguigal server echoes It's not really long now. The more the time zone gets closer to the present, the less the comment is .... lol,lol,lol Screenshot from December 20, 2012 to January 6, 2014 The last 8 episodes were on April 12th, and I actually folded them. It was December 13th that we had to return properly. 65 I'm taking screenshots that focus on Mang Leb!
  15. ToE bug

    Hello- I know you may say "we already know" about ToE boss being nerfed, but did you know, that on asmo side it is still hard mode? Now I am in favour of both bosses, rather its hard + GP or easy and no GP, but I think It's rather unfair that elyos side can farm minions way faster and effortless while asmos have to actually get a good group together to complete the instance for 3 contracts. Please check out my link (NOTICE TIME, boss fight is 15 minutes apart) https://imgur.com/a/GZ2kokf .
  16. So many korean user say 4.0 is best time . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good morning! I have been having fun in katalam times(4.0) these days. This is the first time I have taken a fortress in the fortress of Prades, The server is a quai ring server ~! and reply - use google translate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was really fun at that time. Posted by admin on March 31, 2015 01 Right ... It was fun at that time ...... now .......................... 2018.03.21 03:12 Attack of the Asmodians [Poeta] Report I was in the Vidal and I was quarring. 2018.02.20 13:00 Elyos Shooting [Poeta] Report 01 I do not always know when I go to Nara ... 2018.02.21 02:24 Elyos Shield [Poeta] Report it I'm only looking at RyuDrapeet. 2018.02.20 10:15 Elyos Chining [Poeta] Report it 00 I have been watching my adi boys because of the kwai ring. Those who know. Looks pretty. It's a grip. 2018.02.20 07:11 Asmodian [Poeta] Report it 01 I can not wait to see it! 2018.02.20 08:45 Attack of the Asmodians [Poeta] Report Kwai Ling of Memories 2018.02.20 07:06 Asmodian set [Poeta] Report it 01 Kwai Ling was fun though. 2018.02.20 08:45 Attack of the Asmodians [Poeta] Report It is a special attack, 2018.02.20 06:31 Eat rice cake Suni [Poeta] Report it 00 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 18, 2018

    Bring Omegas back on BCM...
  18. Now korean Aion status ..;; Korean Aion forum use google translate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The most hot time zone, from 8 am to 12 pm after leaving work, the maximum number is 104 people. The amount of money to enjoy Aion enjoyment * Minimum: Transformation (Ancient) To extract the desired ancient size, 100 ~ 300$ must be written (Identification: cat, Transform and keep transforming order book + ride 30 days etc. The ride is 150 cue, the order is 20 cue 5 cue It is possible to exclude the person who should roughly change the minimum transformation. * Max: Transformed Legend ~ Ultimate Legend = Unless you're lucky enough to pick the legend you want, it's like 1000$ ~ 3000$ - The people who pull out the standard are the basic +9 stigma. - I can not be satisfied with that. Approximately 2 weapons, 5 pieces of armor, 8 pieces of accessory, feather, headdress, wings = 18 total (There are some criticisms that break from 10 to 15.) Now, for supplementary specs, mini-on-the-shelf, Glenn Moon should have 4 steps. - Start with an additional 400 cues or wings there and keep the ride is at least equal. It became free, but there was a lot of money to spend. Nuffs are fed without sound rumors and buffs are applied after they have been tamed. The kids in the pit do not show any signs of happening yet. (Awakening is a little bit of opening and coming out of my mind;) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  19. Addition to Broker

    I think they mean just the broker, not any RL money.
  20. 4.8 was pretty shitty, though. Post-4.5/pre-4.8 was pretty good. They're not going to do that though. If you want old Aion, you're going to have to look at various illegit servers that, if you make accounts on, don't use the same login as your retail account. NCK has made terrible decisions with Aion, and they're going to keep making terrible decisions. 6.0 is a mobile-style paywall of a patch where 5.X has been a p2w money farm. 4.8 removed just about everything we enjoyed and replaced it with two agonizingly bad maps. 6.2 boosts the GD minions again. I don't know why NCK is treating Aion so poorly, because it is a profound disappointment to someone who really loved Aion.
  21. Now korean users disappoint 6.X patch and angry to that NC deceive to them. This is translate korean Aion forums that use google translate. Read and think -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been trying to find some fun while playing Aion. At some time, however, fraudulent operations and planning allow users to spend money I did not enjoy the content or service that suited me. The reason is that the continuing false events and mini-ons have a profound impact on the balance, We will make a downward patch and a transformation system that will have a profound effect on the balance. It is really hard to fall back on the money-devastating plan. The item that was awarded as a reward system by strengthening the useless item will not deal with it I caught my ankle so I could not leave this gigantic game and leave. (Of course, I made a lot of money during the fortification event) Now, I tried to end the game because I was nervous about the false trickery events of NC. We've gotten a lot of users who paid that much money. And the phrases used in the reply patch are ads that recognize the value of the item and guarantee the fun of the field. It also tricked and dragged users. Okay, let's say it's personal freedom to stop the game anyway. You have broken the promise to the users that the item promised value. If so, it did not cause any inconvenience to the game, but it did damage the users in the game. Discomfort and damage are different. You can correct the discomfort, but you must compensate for the loss. If the damage was done by breaking the promise. And if you look at these posts, it seems like you have to do something as delicate as a delete Even if I fold the game right now, I will have a legitimate demand for you who have been damaging to me. The money you invest in your users will be different. At the time of the fortification event, you will not be deceived by items you can not use If you have a little bit of sorry for the users who have won millions of won, You can cross over. Please recondition the reward item and recreate the value of the PvP Gear. And even if you put these inquiries many times, it's hard to be reflected in the game's policy. As far as I'm concerned, these inquiries are now in full swing. In the future, we will not be willing to remove the disadvantaged postings and fix the problem I would like to stop now that they are trying to break the Chinese medicine and avoid responsibility. And if this requirement of many users like me is against your policy or difficult to reflect Please let us know the reason why. Already a large number of users are involved in coordinating reward items. Only 10,000 views are relevant. Is not it time for you to take the stand? I want a formal explanation or an answer. So, every day, I put in the inquiry, and there was only one answer that came back, so I posted the last one on the server board. If you are not a bipartisan group, why do not you make an appointment and why you do not do it? And I think that many users will continue to plan this way in the future. Please clarify the part that does not answer coolly. There is no doubt about being a little bit furious, but you're always fascinated by me. We will see how to prepare the users for compensation before the server consolidation in the future. In the meantime, I put the inquiry as I put it, and since I have written a book, I have no more words to write. Oh, I'll write one more word. Did you collect the users to accept the value of the item? If you promise to do that in the future, will you? Why do you say it? I do not like to swear, but sometimes I get naturally to Gangster. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I strongly recommend please give us 'MEMORIAL SERVER' The method is simple. Survey to user ' When did you have the most fun?' and make statistics. For example, I had most interesting time that is 4.8 update. Please don't miss like korean NC. If NC west make that for us, many user is come back. Sincerely I want that thrive west NC with user.
  22. The Redemption Landing's stigma master npc named Vastaros can't enchant stigmas for some reason and sometimes it speaks "Azphelumbra" (thats an asmodian line not an elyos line, similar issue happens at the abyss's artifact & outpost Npcs) Suggestion regarding a certain cleric stigma: The Cleric Stigma "Power Sprint" says it has a mana upkeep cost and that it can be de-activated, yet it only lasts for 15 sec and consumes the mp cost once (2% of the total mp or so it says ), now tell me, who would de-activate a 15 sec speed buff? no one ! its a useless feature, better if u just place the correct mp cost value and remove the "mana upkeep" which is a total lie cause it just drains the usage cost once Ty for the time of whoever read this
  23. omg, so ur 2 mains are chanter and gunner too? D: I really love Pledge of Earth, its going to be heavily nerfed on 6.0 and it sucks. The casting time debuff is amazing, most of the casters don't bother on dispeling chanter debuffs so it works well most of the time. I usually put it +8, buff and then remove the CP from it to use on another skill. Protection Ward is THE.BEST.THING.EVER that NCsoft did to chanters. But it won't last, since its going to be a self shield again on 6.0 so RIP
  24. Addition to Broker

    if you are talking about knowing the date for the items you purchased, you can already see this. If you log in your account in the page and search for your transactions you can see when you bought NCoins and how many, and when you used the coins and the items that you purchased. But if what you want is to know when was the last time that somebody bought an item from the store, then we still do not have that.
  25. Gunner Materialize Magic on gaurdian transformation is really good. Within 10 minute duration of your transformation in a big zerg you can use it at least 2 times. Instantly restores 25% of hp. Must have for transformation, pvp, difficult solo pve, even difficult pve.
  26. Luna Daily Rewards (chamber) not resetting ...

    That's a bummer. Have you messaged Support? Maybe you've made enough of a donation to them that they'll actually try to help you.
  27. Problem with the Taloc's campaign

    The 20 times red orb is the campaign quest. I know that for sure. The other three orbs are a blue quest. Also, it's been a while since I've done it, but I thought you turned it in to Taloc inside the instance after beating fatbad mob. Edit: Pull up Aion Codex and look up Help in the Hollow. It tells you what to do.
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