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  2. Where can I get firm balaur horns?

    If you own a house/mansion/etc, there's a guestbloom you can buy which gives stacks of 50 (iirc) firm balic materials (could be scales/skins/horns/meat): Balic Materials Guestbloom, if you don't own a house you can just ask a friend who does to buy the guestblooms for you.
  3. Like any other update, hope for the best, expect the worst and then you can't really be disappointed.
  4. Where can I get firm balaur horns?

    Well, but if you are hunting for balic materials, you dont even have to get near Stormwing.
  5. Conqueror's Marks - Another way to get them

    Well, the other way is looking for the Dynamic Conquest Offerings, which are rare to come by, but give higher amounts of marks per kill. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get them, that I remember.
  6. I have made a whole map worth of spots that I saved, most spots are not accessible normally, but only via the portals those strigik mobs provide. I got like 50 of them in about 1 hour, but I was lucky, most of the times I was getting a strigik mob and I would get a portal, quite a few times I got a harder mob that gave me 3x marks. BUT is there any other way to get them? Buy them with prestige coins for example, buy them in BCM? Do any quest? I know going to the opposite function makes it more worthy since you can get the other marks as well and then you still have to gamble. I want to get those wings, but 14500 marks for them is way too much and those small pouches gave me only worthless potions or the normal scrolls.
  7. To the underlined, clearly I had. So has Bryos. So has everyone who -tried- to help you. You may have not come here to teach any of us to enchant, but we actually are all here to help -you- and that becomes very difficult when we are met with sass. There are those of us who haunt the forums (maybe more than we should?) do so -because- we know that the in game text is often vague or wrong and that the patchnotes are often incomplete and because Support is using copy and paste answers that are more than a year out of date with our current patch. You can ask in LFG, but often you are hit with trolling. Facebook is often the same. (True Aion is a good one for non-trolly, but the others are mostly ego and qq.) The one place you can go and get real, non-trolly answers are these forums.
  8. Where can I get firm balaur horns?

    I killed those, so you mean the orb that ports me to the last boss would work without eating that one? I will take notice next time, but I will have a problem with my alt getting agro. Anyway thanks for that infor
  9. I agree with you 100%, and your expectations are completely, absolutely reasonable IF we still were a subscription game, but sadly, we aren't. This game limps along now, and a lot of the information is now available externally (even that has decreased). Unfortunately, the UI can be unreliable or misleading, so it helps to talk to others and do research elsewhere.
  10. If you read last Patch Notes (http://static.ncsoft.com/aion/store/PatchNotes/AION_Patch_Notes_011018.pdf), it is explained in point 2 of "Items" section.
  11. Today
  12. But rude is fun! /sarcasm You know what's more fun? Being rude and wrong! Teehee.
  13. You are right and I apologize but why would I look for information about the game outside the game if the game already offers the information? If the game is wrong, the game should be fixed. I was only quoting what the game was clearly saying.
  14. It's just a generic html-kind of thing, those menus. It's not custom if/else if/else thing, which is what it should be. It's bad at conveying information because it can't be customized. That's part of Aion's complexity problems. It's okay to be wrong, too. We're all wrong every so often. Getting angry and rude and unreasonably defensive makes you look so much worse than just being wrong.
  15. Dev Team: What!? no... that means work and like who actually read those tiny texts anyway
  16. It isn't a bug, and before you call out anyone for incompetence you really should be very, very sure of your facts. All purified gear, whether it's PVE or PVP gear does not explode, the downside is that you have no 100% guaranteed enchantment rate. It's entirely up to you to decide whether it's a worthwhile investment, but don't blame support, the information has been available for a while.
  17. Its not wrong, its intended. Its saying "Depending on the gear and consumables used, you can achieve it". If you did not understand it, its fine, because it is a nyerking text in a nyerking video game.
  18. Fine then, it's wrong? Remove it.
  19. Well, since we are learning English, I guess I should ask our teacher a question. "Mrs Celeste, if the description appears on EVERY SINGLE case, even when enchanting old gear, in which we knew the 100% success rate trick wasnt possible, then is it true it applies to new gear, that has the same characteristics to old gear?" Sometimes you can miss stuff, sometimes you can misread/misunderstand them, sometimes you dont even read them because you know. That is why in MMOs you can ask other players, just like you were now. (Before you were calling us illiterates that is...)
  20. It's in the powerbook notes that enchantment isn't 100% on purified, unbreakable items. The ingame thing has always been wonk. It used to tell you your item would break on enchant, even if you had omegas and supps.
  21. The patch notes don't state anything on this matter. The game tells you 100% success is possible. Why should I think otherwise? If it isn't possible, that text should be removed. Either way, something has to be done.
  22. I honestly can't believe that you don't know that omegas & gr. supps isn't 100% with the purified gear. I honestly thought everyone did. Crazy.
  23. Where can I get firm balaur horns?

    You dont have to kill Isbaryia. You only need to kill 3 bosses, and they are just to open the way; Lakhara (first one), Virhana (long-range reflect one) and Taros (horseman). But, anyway. yes, BT seems not to be that effective with balic materials.
  24. Exactly. And guess what it means? Enchantment with 100% success is possible. I'm not here to teach you guys English either. If it isn't, this text wouldn't exist at all.
  25. As you can see, that message appears regardless of what you place in those slots. Edit: Well, talking about irrelevance... If you knew that message always appeared, then, why post it as a reply?
  26. Irrelevant. That text exists there regardless of what you put in the box. Try it yourself before talking nonsense. I'm not here to teach you how to enchant.
  27. And read above what you marked. Supplements can increase your chance. Whatever material they are talking about in the part you boxed isn't supplements and omegas.
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