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  2. I understand its RNG, you're the first report of only getting marks in the first week. We put out a poll and everyone stated they got a box in the first week. This is where our concerns are coming from. It is very possible it was luck everyone got a box. It just seems odd that no one is getting a box now.
  3. someone from my static got no weapon or armor box first week only marks and a fading mark, its rng
  4. @Avuis: I agree that it sucks, but we had people getting nothing but marks ten days ago already. Just stating that it is not since last maintenance.
  5. ya that box is ridiculously expensive i have tried 4 times and got only garbage, but its pointless to complaing they don't care about NA, they would even increase the recipe to 40m per try if they could because they don't know how hard is farm kinah in a server with no population
  6. The issue here is that before the update last Wednesday, when you crafted the Fine Tahabata Box, and opened it. You got: x1 Tahabata Mark x1 Fading Tahabata Mark x1 Either an Anuhart Armor box OR Anuhart Weapon box This was confirmed by 10 of us that crafted the box. It also said in the description last week that you would receive the Anuhart boxes. (Unfortunately no screenshot). We ALL received some sort of box last week, and now this week the box description has been updated and our entire group got no box and only marks.
  7. Today
  8. @Cnc: The person was about not getting either gear, which is not new. You can end up with getting only marks.
  9. Can't tell if troll or genuine tbh. There are people who think I use stuff, which I like cause it's like an ego boost. I'd be a lot more geared if I was using anything special.
  10. You can still proc the weapon box...
  11. It's actually amazing that you guys think it ever stoped... They will just do it in a way that is harder to identify. As someone else mentioned before, I think it's crazy how blatantly they did it the first time. They have balls! It will never stop. Either the staff keep checking AP traders, or they willl reign.
  12. Stop beating a dead horse. The cash shop, as it stands NOW, is not P2W. RMT is P2W, and it will NEVER stop. Even if they remove everything from the cash shop, whales will always be the most geared because they will just buy kinah and buy anything that they want with it. Do you REALLY think that the real whales buy cash shop stuff to sell? No, they RMT for kinah because it's way cheaper than sell cash shop stuff. I'm sure that there might be a game that doesn't have RMT for gold/kinah, but that's an exception to the rule. Now on the other hand I'm 100% sure that they will make the cash sh
  13. It's actually amazing that you guys think it ever stoped... They will just do it in a way that is harder to identify. As someone else mentioned before, I think it's crazy how blatantly they did it the first time. They have balls! It will never stop. Either the staff keep checking AP traders, or they willl reign.
  14. At least we agree on "thanks, bye". That is something.
  15. ncwest: We want money, thanks, bye!
  16. The gold recipe can procc, which ends you up with an orange weapon of your choice.
  17. @Dragonshadows: That happened before last maintenance as well.
  18. So here is my issue with this hear, if you would of read the Taha box before this last update you saw that you have a chance to get a weapon or armor box, which i have made 2 trys on and get armor boxes. Fast forward to the new week after this last weeks update the taha crafted box has been change. Now you can spend 12m kinah and only get 2 marks and 1 faded mark and thats it. I really feel what ever change they made to the box they need to lower the price because spending 12 million kinah and only getting marks in my eyes is game breaking for the players.
  19. Exactly, there are people who actually love the model, they are those that benefit from p2w. But we could have had a model here regionally different from Korean. Retail in Europe is not even free to play yet, it never was. I am not going to beat the dead horse, we agree to disagree respectfully. I personally do not enjoy it, I can afford to p2w, but I play a game to enjoy the game itself, so for me it is a hard pass. I only log to the classic game lightly without competing in anything anymore. I just get in for the memories and I play retail because at least it is free and even thoug
  20. That's fair & understandable. A reasonable case. I don't disagree with some of it and I too wish other parts were different, but I cannot change the two driving forces that make it difficult: A) It's not my money B) Regardless of what people think about the population and the players quitting, which I hate as well as much as you do, Aion & Aion Classic have made a small Egyptian fortune for 12 years in Korea. Aion has never been lower than the 8th ranked most played game every year over there. So NCSoft relies very little on NA, which sucks, and I get it, but it is what i
  21. ..if I invested 100m in a game I would want it to succeed. They lost 90% of the players in the first 2~3 weeks because of the model. And that is in the classic... classic's existence itself means their retail version failed already for the EXACT same reason to the classic. And yes 100x p2w people throw more money to the game than all the subscribers that pay for subscription only, but when the vast majority of sub-only players quit, the game dies and the p2w find no reason to log and spend more money, so the game dies as well. That is a fact and you are witnessing it in both retail and cl
  22. Internet anonymity sure does bring out the best in people lolz ... you guys sure do spend a lot of time caring a lot about complete strangers you've never met. Spend that energy on your family and stop letting people you don't know have the power to make you negative. The only real question that needs to be answered in all of this is a very serious one ... could change my entire gameplay experience. Jake ... are you from State Farm? And if so, what are wearing?
  23. The problem with the P2W narrative, which in an of itself is laughable because there's like 300 definitions of what people consider it to be, is that it's a video game to you, but it's a business for them. They have every right to make a profit and a return on their investment. Everyone keeps yelling that this company or that company doesn't care about their players. That's not a fact, it's called a narrative, and the opinion will be shared by everyone with the same narrative. But just like voting, every player in here gets one opinion. There is no one that's been annointed as the spo
  24. I swear I read the "we bring back the weekend XP/AP buff" and since I never saw it happen, I thought "that announcement must have been for classic". I didn't pay attention what section it was in. They need to separate forums, they are confusing us. ...or make a way to get fast profit throught a loop hole. They will disable the feature in one day, take 6 months to fix it, will rollback the server if needed and they will remove all the accumulated items you got from the glitch including everything you did the last 5 years just to be sure. It is the effort that matters.
  25. We want Apostle event, no BCM sales, thanks, bye!
  26. Of course they are free to spend, and people are also free to quit the game when they can't afford to buy a manastone because the rich kid bought them all in a social game where you strive to be the best. Also don't confuse the people that ask for a game with no p2w, they are not asking this from p2w people nor they are against them for (ab)using the p2w system the company provides, they are speaking to the company and just want to play the game away from p2w people. ...stop complaining and farm so the rich kid can buy your loots and earn 100m per day while you are still broke eve
  27. IKR? I did got 3 new apostles this week by combining lol. Who needs p2w? lol But adding bonuses and exp instances/maps would make more people play and more potential sells, like berdin stars / amulets from shop.
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