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  2. For 7.0, Taiwan and EU had 100% drop rate of ultimate gear from instance final bosses. 7.2 patch notes mentioned their drop rate nerfs. EU then made custom changes to reverse that 7.2 drop rate nerf. NA's instance ultimate drop rate was nerfed from the start. (7.2 drop rates?)
  3. I didn't say it was only gear. The class mechanics are also what they are. I just don't think calling out clerics when you are an SM is anything other than cry-baby tears. I can get behind saying that the "mechanics are broken" or that the classes are not balance for 1v1. I just can't get behind calling clerics using their skills as "abuse".
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  5. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Yeah, as I mentioned yesterday, it seems they've removed the white Malefic gear drops. Unfortunately!
  6. it requires an adittional item. I think you can only get one legendary xform per account for free. Maybe they will add a paid option like EU did
  7. server transfers sweet ..... log in after maint to que toon for transfer..... Service unavailable.......
  8. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    The Korean GM broke his infnity gear trying a +2 on test servers we're talking about Aion I don't think its a chance to KD, i think its stumble penetration but not sure at all. This patch is so lame that i haven't wasted so much time reading the notes

    all of these mechanics are broken in a 1v1 scenario. If you think clerics are always topping arena rankings due to their gear or pvp skills, I am sure you dont do solo arenas often (or just afk them? hmmm) its not about banning, its about balancing. if you're ok with the fact that a class can sucessfuly root you every 10s and run to a thing that give points/advantage, good for you
  10. PVP Pairing System

    Is ok if the Pairing is random.. i have no problem with that... and i know it's random, the problem is the pairing system set us on losted fight, so.. nearly the end of match we entry the AD, ID, IB, KBF... so, with have nothing to do then.. i think this is a really algorithm problem..
  11. It was the opposite. In EU you could have absolutely everything in 5.x, with just kinah. By everything I say shop related items that were exclusive to shop players in NA (best titles, best wings, pets, minions etc). Kinah was easy to make. The majority of players had everything they needed from just buying gold packs from broker and use it for elite rewards and veteran rewards (discontinued in NA), which had everything a character needed from cash shop. That was easy to do with how fast and easy was to obtain kinah in that patch, even for new players. Players abused alts for this. I didn't play hardcore and I made a few accounts full veteran with elite rewards (that means 50+20 gold pack for one account) with just using kinah, I had many billions kinah left over and all the items I needed. Hardcore players had much more than me and they still collect the rewards to this day (veteran rewards reset every half year). They didn't remove drop from instances. It was the luna 100% drop of omegas from those bags that was removed and caused all the big drama. It had only a chance and that wasn't enough to calm down the players. Players were abusing this on hundreds of alts since luna was for level 10 characters, using tradable gear to max everything very easy. Because of how things went, they added Hero Trials, with daily items very needed by the players. You had to do a bit of work so less abused on lots of alts. They added omegas and tempering to every easy instances but it was a chance. The events were better. If you were an active player you could have 300 craft and level 75 much faster than in NA. I had 3 characters full craft and level 75 and too lazy to do it on more alts. EU removed the safe cap at +25, in order to not have many players with imbalanced gear. They removed the extra pvp from feather/plume in order to not have further imbalance. They removed the ability of minion to not one shot players like in NA. All these chances were for the better. Most players were complaining because first of all, they thought if the game is advertised as f2p, everything should have been completely free, without ever using the shop. That meant not even buying gold pack, that was quite needed. The 5.x patch was a p2w patch and players wanted everything for free, as it was in earlier patches. They compared present EU with the times they were under NA, with monthly subscription, but most of them were not aware NA also went f2p and p2w. They just remembered the golden days of monthly subscription. It was true that prestige pack wasn't mandatory in NA but it had its benefits for using it. Besides, prestige subscription was for one character while gold pack was (still is) for an entire account (all characters) and cheaper, 3-10 euros depending of discount sales and the country you buy it, The other things were the luna nerf, an instance that wasn't even a core instance in Korea, and patch related things like p2w, harder to level up and so on. As someone mentioned, things were supposed to come from the shop, like in Korea but players really disliked this. It doesn't matter, the EU f2p model was still better than NA till the end of 5.8, as a complete f2p player in EU could have maxed his character (including vest titles and what was shop related) with just kinah. NA broker was so expensive because things were more scarce over here and most things came from shop and not the game. Some of the things you had to buy with real money, and still is the case. Past 5.8 With 6.x and 7.x, both EU and NA are in the dumpster but I think NA has a better f2p model at this point. It's still harder to make kinah in NA compared with EU but the overall f2p model is more friendly towards complete f2p players. Not much to say at this point, as the game is going down slowly and surely, mostly because of Korea and then the publishers.
  12. Skin Farming in 7.0

    I cannot seem to find the 'Starspark' gear all I ever see is 'Squall'?
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 20, 2019

    @Cyan Question: will need more itens for use scroll transformation ? Or just take 20 pieces and use ?
  14. Skin Farming in 7.0

    The white equip drops 'Squall' from Fire Temple and Bakarma are Frostforged, same goes for the 'Tempest' from Taloc's Halow. The actual Maleficient gear is from the equipment chests which level 80's cannot access to.
  15. Quote from the event page.. It's per character and not per account. So the timer is separate for each character.
  16. Because doing some research wouldn't hurt. Gameforge publishes other games as well besides Aion, such as SoulWorker, in which they are responsible for publishing NA servers. Gameforge overall publishes for the western market just as NCWest does, albeit with certain limitations.
  17. https://gameforge.com/en-US/play/aion I thought they limited their service to only Europe region. This means NCwest going to give up soon ?
  18. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Okay now I understand that Frostforge and Malefic are totally different. I was under the impression that with dye it changed the primary colour instead of the secondary. Your methods worked but turns out I was going for the wrong thing.
  19. Now the biggest question for me is does hourglass counts though all characters that you logged or you need to log single one character for 6 hours because for me that's kinda sadistic to forced to log only one character for 6 hours and can't do anything else.
  20. AION 7.0 Spiritmaster

    AWESOME im glad we got an answer to this riddle I have been so confused on what was the MA MA MA also meaning accuracy or magic attack yada yada yada .. This post was awesome and thanks for the information from DevilNest and Arhangelos… Im glad I looked back into this .. now I can finally begin working on how to finish this charachter up … Thanks again
  21. PVE Gear

    Yes we did it duo anyways, I have like 20k fasteners and I would have had 100k if I hadn't deleted the rest. I have settled for the frostpack and some pandora I did, but I won't do more of the pandora, I am bored. I am not that active so I do not do the pve instances at all now since my only goal was to get the cloth,if I am not getting it I won't do it for any other reason. I wasn't even do FM/BoS since 4~5 months already. I only do HM solo for the AP. I tried loot rights but I never got a single whisper, predominantly because I lost 13 friends from 5.8 -> 6.2 and then I lost another 10 or something during the last months of the 6.x patch. Game is pretty silent now.
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 20, 2019

  23. You need 20 of the legendary contract pieces to make a contract. And 5 of the ultimate stone pieces to make a stone. The bundles give 1~3 pieces each. Hence... one guaranteed legendary transformation per character you log for 6 hrs for 20 of the next 21 days. I'm curious if the transformation contract is selectable or not though~
  24. That feeling when bae comes through...🥰 Thank you, @Cyan~
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