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  2. For the RICH KID EVENT only!

    Paint your soles red, it will work.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Making exclusive content is never good that is true. The fame system could have it permanently not losing fame points so normal players can catchup, or maybe make the loss far less in lower tiers, only levels 7~9 should get a deduction. I haven't been in silentera for like 3 years or something and I won't go at all to this patch, the map was so badly designed and implemented and it was always a zerg fest and I am loner so that is no from me.
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  5. ARMOR!

    ncsoft please do something about armor pieces that says its a plate or what ever piece followied by templar glad but aethertech only with magic crit cuz in the heat of the monemt especially when ppl just start the loot process without linking the piece so everyone can get a clear view of it so they dont end up rushing to roll so they dont miss out on a possible piece thats for their class or rolling on someones item during that heated moment...you must understand that some players dont clearly see the stats of it being magic or physical and to be honest its too many things to check for b4 rolling ty. and while at it can you guys please change the animation of arrow deluge to the old spread shot cuz that skill was perfect as is.
  6. So I just heard from several people that they have been FAILING when morphing up the Ultimate PVP/PVE Enchant Stones... Is that suppose to be happening? Can you guys look into this ASAP? Morphing has always been 100% in game... and if morphs can fail especially with the high amount of mats it requires then you guys def need to come up with more ways to get enchant stones... @Loki *Please and thank you!
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  8. Siege Schedule Poll

    half an earth? but at least i never told u no lol. i just wanted you to stop cheating on me every sunday...
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    I almost quit playing Aion cos of all sieges happening at the same time, plus the need to farm each map to get rewards like I cant go trough Silentera Canyon w/o spending 2 or 3 weeks farming mobs... that's plain idiotic and stupid... that's why many players have left the game... I cannot be playing 24/7 to get a simple reward as that... making things harder to reach wont keep `players longer, instead they will find other things to do with their time.
  10. Introducing Kibbelz

    So I bet you thought the suit was a joke ? Welll maybe not so much now. Still wishing you well. It's not an easy job, but most of us are willing to provide some good ideas to you and @Loki you aren't alone.
  11. For the RICH KID EVENT only!

    but..but I have always WANTED a pair of Louboutins..seriously...
  12. Says the guy who hides behind an account with 2 posts. Why don't you let everyone know who you are? Hiding something? Cheers
  13. says the guy who uses no animation
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Bruh... were you born like this or it took practice?
  15. For the RICH KID EVENT only!

    This is like Louboutin taking 10$ high heel pairs, painting the bottom red and sell it for 1000$ a pair! People still buy it!
  16. Transfer

    Are you sure you have all the requirements set? You are allowed to have a specific amount of kinah and other stuff on you as far as I know. I think you can have 1B kinah on you max. I am not saying it is the kinah that makes this, but there must be a collision that prevents this. And the forums are defo not he place to solve this. You cannot get an answer for this as it is a system issue. So you better open a ticket and when this gets resolved come here to tell us what was the problem so other people can avoid it.
  17. Siege Schedule Poll

    I had to move half an earth away so you will stop stealing my finances on child support, a child that isn't even mine!!! I still cant' siege because of the time. We are like 7 hours ahead of server time or something. It used to be 5 in the morning for me during winter and 6 during summer.
  18. Siege Schedule Poll

    vote for midnight and you get a free kaisinel xform...
  19. Siege Schedule Poll

    Only 343 people have voted so far, come one people!! go and tell your friends, legion mates, pets, minions, grandparents, everybody to come and vote, we need to make them change this ridiculous siege schedule
  20. Siege Schedule Poll

    8pm server time wins i see
  21. Siege Schedule Poll

    I have to say that I am liking the way this poll is leaning at the moment. Ideally, altars at 8pm or 9pm EST and siege at 10pm would be amazing. Keep voting guys!!
  22. Siege Schedule Poll

    The way this poll is looking (as of today) 10:00 PM EST seems to be the happy medium. If they bumped up Altars to 8:00 PM EST, with an hour in-between, that might work out well. Anything after 10:00 PM EST is just too late for the East Coast.
  23. a help for your GP

    What's the benefit of this considering if you did this tactic you would more than likely only get credit for 1 fort and miss the other 294 at the 2nd fort? Doesn't seem like you could could make that difference up to make it worth it or am I missing something?
  24. Transfer

    @Hime @Loki @Kibbelz What's the problem? the character was elegible (I checked Everything) to transfer and now its still in the original server, also the lugbug its bugged can't get quests... sad
  25. Renown fix

    Temporarily removed the Renown point reduction until we have a permanent fix which will reduce the Renown point only once a week. We got it as well if you glossed over it.
  26. Renown fix

    EU getting this temporary fix too: https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/6994-maintenance-thursday-02-07-2020/
  27. ncsoft

    Sorry bro, but i have bad news for you... You will still get 2 shoted with vanilla On Lmao
  28. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    NVM its working now
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