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  2. Is there any particular reason why the NA Transformation Contracts were adjusted so much in the first place? With the ease of getting gear from fighting fragment bottleneck getting resolved is it even necessary still for 7.2? It seems they are really unbalanced when it comes to magic casting classes like Sorc/SM and Clerics vs Melee classes whom can reach their Attack speed cap while also having the extra run speed the NA contracts provide to close the gap or escape when a quicker casted spell or 2 would've altered the fight in the caster's favor. Even if you keep the other stats nerfed as is, the casting and attack speed stats shouldn't have so much disparity. Especially since casters have a self-imposed root when a spell has any kind of cast time (and some with no cast time also roots us in place). The longer the cast time the longer we're rooted in the spot for free without any aid of a movement reduction skill from an opposing enemy. Right now with Viola (35% cast speed) + Ult Weapon Book/Orb (20% cast speed) and not counting a title and candy we're only at 55% of the 75% cap. Even with Kaisinel's 40% cast speed we're still only at 60%. With title and candy and Kaisinel you'd be lucky to bust 67%. Melee's cap on the other hand is only 50% and can exceed the cap to 60% with Kaisinel presently. Most only need Kromede to make their cap or Hamerun/Masterius +title/candy to reach their cap. Please revisit this decision for 7.2 because since 6.0 magic casting classes have had their potential damage output reduced because of increase cast times of more than 25% on average if you have Viola and an Ultimate Weapon which should be considered higher-end buffs.
  3. returning player with a few questions.

    Thanks for the help.
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  5. Hopefully 7.2 patch update fix server transfer bug

    The icon just does not appear when we log into characters that transferred servers. As a returning player its kind of sucks as we cannot get extra genesis crystals/ulti manastones/AP from these side quests. If this issue isn't fixed by the next patch, I am curious if it will limit/impact the affected player's ability to enter the Red Katalam zone as we need to recharge/fill the hourglass to enter (I heard some quests for the recharge item are via lugbug). Oh well...
  6. Patch Notes 7.2

    ...how about we get them 1 week later or not at all. This is NCWest we are talking about, so don't bet.
  7. Where are my skins @Cyan!!

    We will never know if they ever look the suggestion box or not. We never got any feedback there. This is NCWest we are asking for changes, other regions already have a ton of skins everywhere. In gold sand traders the first skins they put were the only skins nobody would ever use, especially those "triangular head" or "square head", nobody ever used those and someone purposely made sure they were the ones we were getting. There was someone that took the time to code them into the game and he chose those. Did they ever make a single penny when those were in BCM? I doubt, so why did they choose skins that nobody wants? Someone really hates this game and makes sure we get the worst changes in every possible way.
  8. returning player with a few questions.

    1. No. In fact, the new, free PVE gear you get from entering Lakrum map would be better for PVP compared to level 65 old gear. Just rubbish it or keep it for skins. 2. You cannot recover items that are already slotted/socketed into gear. 3. Possibly. Go to Pandaemonium/Sanctum and look for some pink quests. 4/5. I don't play ranger, so no comment, sorry!
  9. just logged back into the game after many years, I am lvl 65 ranger. I have a couple of questions if anyone might be kind enough to answer, I would greatly appreciate it. 1. I have the BM set, the 60 pvp set and the 65 pvp set, (+10) will any of these hold me till I get a new pvp set or is there something else I should get for now? I have about 45 gold ingots and 500 m kinah or so. 2. godstones and manastones that are already slotted in items are lost and can't be removed right? 3. I remember they used to have some free stuff for returning players, do they still do this? 4. What is the current state of rangers in pvp? how are we on magical accuracy? 5. I'm guessing MR isn't viable on a ranger anymore? Thank you!
  10. Patch Notes 7.2

    Realistically we'll probably get them the evening of the day we get 7.2, or the day after.
  11. Patch Notes 7.2

    Can we get the full patch notes at least several days early so we can know exactly what NCWest changes have been done so people in all time zones can properly prepare please? @Cyan
  12. Where are my skins @Cyan!!

    You are right. Skins are the only thing left in this game, its really one of the only reasons i stay playing ( thats sad af lol) skins were useless at one point when transformations came out and nobody could afford transparency. And putting this post in the suggestion area inst going to get anywhere either. It seems the only time they read forums is maintenance. I don't think anyone goes into the suggestion box
  13. 7.2 Coming January 29th

    I would suggest them to simply make things tradeable again as they were pre-6.0, including kinah, because so far the only ones benefiting from this are the botters themselves and the abusers. People tried to trade items through broker and they lost it to broker snatchers. Or they had to trade items and lost a ton of money for the broker fees since they put the items in a high price so they won't lose them to snatchers. Effectively the people who tried to trade items lost them and the actual abusers got them, so the untradeability of the items benefits those that were supposed to be hurt by this measure, while the actual players are those that suffer from this every day. These measures not only made kinah sellers and abusers more powerful but they also drove hundreds of normal players away from the game because it became impossible to play and keep up.
  14. 7.2 Coming January 29th

    return the private store to the game >( I'm tired of losing profits from selling something in the trade broker
  15. you've butchered your own game...

    I could argue the same thing with 6.0 - now, Theres more people logging toons to afk now then ever before because the only real effective way to get kinah is by doing luna and crafting it. That is even how the kinah sellers get there kinah running 100s of toons through luna daily. There's about 2.2k characters connected during siege prime time etc, but sieges are only about 200 v 200 on DN, Don't know the numbers for KT but I doubt it's more than double. Which patch has more afk logins again?
  16. Where are my skins @Cyan!!

    They should put EVERY possible "clothes" type skin permanently in BCM or at least the Gold Sand Trader appearance tab, because those are true skins and have no other stats, so it is easy to simply put a big fat list of them and simply add them. They should have a normal price, not too expensive so people can treat them as consumables. People are willing to change their style often if they know they can do it.. If a skin is 100 BCM I can even see myself spending money on this game again, if a skin is 2000bcm I would have never touched it. They need to start doing micro transaction style sales if they want a little bit of extra icnome. I would argue that we should have every possible old skin set from normal pve/pvp sets because a lot of people would like to get the old golden pvp sets or the platinum etc, but that would take a ton of time to add them somehow. BUT every "skin" type should be permanently added, no rotation or anything. Let people choose whatever they want, whenever they want, skins are just for aesthetics, the last thing left in Aion and that was also patronized by the forced transformation look. It is obvious whoever is responsible for the game has NEVER played it a single day.
  17. 7.2 Coming January 29th

    I assume they won't change anything from the official releases other than the already regional things. We were the first to get the boborunerk coins, nobody else had them, then EU followed. We were also the first (along with RU) to get luna daily and weekly a few years ago, other regions like EU got it in 6.2. So I believe we will have the boborunerk coins intact. As for items that are account warehouse storable, since they didn't mention any regional nerf we can assume they will keep it like this as well. The fact hey nerfed PVE drops for us is what kills our game even more. I have stopped doing pve instances 3 weeks after 7.0 launched because 3/4 of the times there was no ultimate and when there was, it was always something like a mystic leather or chain. As for the new transformations, I doubt we will get the actual stats, we will get a nerfed version like we have in all transforms. I still never understood why they had to over-nerf the stats so badly.
  18. 7.2 Coming January 29th

    I would add.. what about the EC compensation? Will we be getting that this week or next?
  19. 7.2 Coming January 29th

    In the standard 7.2 (Part 2) update, certain consumables become account warehouseable. May subject to regional custom changes. Ultimate equipment drop rate in IDD and PF was custom nerfed by NCWest since the beginning of 7.0. These were a 100% chance to drop on other regions NCWest custom content. To be answered by @Cyan Limited to 5 times per week (PvE and PvP are separate counts) with the standard 7.2 (Part 1) update. EU players are complaining about this all the time. May subject to regional custom changes. In Vashiro's 7.5 KR OBT stream, it showed the limit raised to 10 per week. New 7.0 transformed were adjusted to the NA customized levels. Very likely for the case of Marchutan. To be answered by @Cyan ?
  20. Where are my skins @Cyan!!

    I get whispers at LEAST once a week by random people about my 7.0 skins thread here on the forums, how to do it, what's still available, if I've seen certain skins anywhere, etc. PEOPLE. WANT. SKINS. NCsoft really underestimates how much people care about that shit.
  21. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Bruh, I ALWAYS see @AriaTheMelodious-DN pvping. And we ain't friends either, so I'm an unbiased source.
  22. 7.2 Coming January 29th

    okay but more importantly: 1) In other regions, kinah wasn't the only thing that was account warehouseable in 7.25. Aetherforging materials, brokerable manastones, Etiums and Fighting Spirit Fragments were also included. Why isn't that included in the list ? 2) 7.2 nerfed PVE in a devastating way, legendary enchantment stones stopped dropping in pf/idd (along with guaranteed ultimates being removed from certain instances I think) and a lot of players were stuck, unable to progress. This change was reversed in EU shortly after release, will we get the same ? 3) Are we keeping our morph designs for enchantment stones ? 4) Will Genesis Crystal ancient enchantment stone boxes be nerfed to 5 a week, like they currently are in EU after a mini-patch post 7.2's initial release ? 5) Will our new Apostle and Marchutan transformations be adjusted to the level of the current legendary transformations, or will we (finally) get the actual transformation stats intended by Nc Korea for all transformations, including those we already have ? and also 6) preview stream ? @Cyan Not gonna lie I'm kinda curious how you will add rank S minions without the rest of the patch that was added on that same exact day (September 18th + link), i.e. Danaria (Pandarunerk's Delve and Pradeth sieges), the attack timer system for finishing certain instances in a timely manner (PF NM, SL EM, SL NM, BE EM and BE NM) and Training Discipline being re-added. I hope you won't break the game even more by adding half-patches. uwu
  23. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    I'll be damn the official announcement actually came!!! Thanks Cyan!
  24. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    Yay Finally!!! the 29th :3 Everyone was saying it would have to be this month and I didnt believe it! What I don´t understand is why are ppl so mad? Like, okay I get it, you might be dissapointed.. You don´t like changes for the last few patches, bugs, EC, or things like "meh I dont care, Aion is already dead", etc, etc,. So, why do you keep playing? Why do you keep posting? Isnt`t it so much easier to just log out and find another game to play? I did find myself in that same situation a couple of months ago, so I did just that. I tried every other MMORPG and what happened? I came back to Aion, there is nothing out there for me. Anyways, I´m so excited for the news! Thanks Cyan.
  25. Token-based Restoration Policy..

    Johngunmad: laughs in banned +50
  26. Hopefully 7.2 patch update fix server transfer bug

    Is your window not opening or does it open and is empty, or does it open, is not empty but quests never update? I have never bothered with lugbug quests myself, but how the hell did they make lugbug quests broken after a transfer. They always have the weirdest ways to glitch.
  27. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    It was a joke, your messages usually confuse us than they enlighten us in some cases.
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