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    Lol this post is going to age horribly. Premature celebration at its finest. NA can't even do a simple Tia eye event without alienating half the population how are they going to successfully implement the most divisive patch in Aion history? Mind you, they are the only region that couldn't even justify a new server for the patch when it was designed to be a fresh start for new players. They've literally already failed at the patch's intended goal and it hasn't even released yet. I give it 3 months before it sinks in for the fan boys that this game is toast and they blew their last chance.
  3. New here, a few question :)

    They meant do the daily once a day and the weekly once a week. I don't think they meant for you to buy luna and spam it.. unless you wanted to spend real money.
  4. How is raising a legit concern trying to scare people away? If anything they are trying to call attention or start a discussion to a potentially huge barrier for players in 6.2. Facts aren't salt. Fact #1: there are 17 pieces of gear to enchant in 6.2 Fact #2: the pvp gear requires reaching +15 3 times to max it Fact #3: without events or the cash shop, someone who wins all the available content each day will average ~5 legendary stones per day. Fact #4: here's an enchanting sim to understand how far 5 stones/day will go: http://jsfiddle.net/7z8q6odm/53/embedded/result
  5. Yea i know luna will be changed to allow you to craft kinah bags etc. What I meant is that they put what was previously already on luna which they are removing into the kinah shop, not add in a new skin. E.g I saw rebellion raiment being sold for 9.9m on the shop in EU n tats just heartbreaking, imagine the people who spent ncoin or the people who paid kinah to said ncoin spenders for the skin and now its 9.9m.
  6. are returning/new players screwed on 6.2?

    Aren't you such a diehard badass? It's funny you consider doing 3 pvp instance dailies for an hour a "grind". Time-gating gear that requires you to STOP playing the game because you've exhausted your daily rewards is not a grind. Waiting for months to accumulate enough mats by playing for only 1 hour a day because you literally get 1 shot in PVP is not a grind. It's a mechanic that causes your game to have less than 1k active population during peak hours. You know what literally every ageing game in NA has done recently when a huge mechanic changing patch comes? They add fresh start servers and try to LURE in new players because otherwise their games shut down. You know the last two major MMOs in the west to shut down have been NCsoft titles? Guess they want to go for 3 in a row. Ironic considering vets are simply given endgame gear next patch. But new/returning players that don't want to grind for a year just to compete shouldn't be entitled... okay :^) Lets not mention in the CURRENT state of Aion I can swipe $500 and be endgame geared instantly because everything is on the broker. But sure buddy you're playing such a tough and grindy game that new casuals just can't survive in. No they didn't GF rates are 6.2 rates. I mean, if your argument is rubbish it makes sense to simply resort to patronizing. I'm sure new/returning players will wait another 12 months for 6.5 to come to NA so they can finally enchant their gear in a reasonable timeframe. The fact you think 6.2 is a "kinah farming" patch leads me to believe you've yet to even play the patch so it makes sense you don't actually present an argument.
  7. New System – Daevanion Skills

    you can also get using the almighty $$$
  8. Luna isn't the same as it is now. In other words, no skins. The thing closest to skins are the mounts that last a few days.
  9. @Cyan @Hime Hello, I would like to know if there is a limit of essence core to be converted, if I have 15x essence core +10 all will be converted? Thank you
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  11. About 6.2 Enchanting - Why you should be worried

    First post on forums trying to scare people away from playing. I love Aion's community this salt is only 2nd to Arks Salt .
  12. New here, a few question :)

    Keep on doing quests. If you really want to level fast, try reaching level 53 and go Beshmundir Temple, solo, til lvl 65.
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  14. New here, a few question :)

    Need to know something.. Because the only place to get luna is from the market place. Everyone was telling me, to level fast do lunas. but i was only able to do 2 or 3 and i am out of Luna.... so now what? i am level 43
  15. Just Bragging

    2.8k quests damn!
  16. Just Bragging

    Its negative because its true?
  17. about homeward bound skill

    Some areas allow you to return to the same spot you've been in previously. Let's say you're in Upper Abyss landing and then use the skill, you go pack to Oriel/Pernon, and if you click that skill, you'll be back in UA in the same spot. Usually there's a red text that appears saying "you may not return once you go". I'm not entirely sure why some areas restrict you from returning.
  18. about homeward bound skill

    You only get this option in certain places (mostly open world areas). You won't get the option if you are in a major base/city (Pandaemonium, Azphel's Sanctuary, etc.), near a fort or in a dungeon. There are probably other restricted areas, but I don't know them all. It's basically just trial and error.
  19. Just Bragging

    1- Congratz Bryos, I wish I would have that perseverance. 2- jfc Ele, why all your posts are always so negative?

    My post is clearly ironic, but it can give one a certain perspective of what an EU players may or may not think if said person hasn't played in a different region. I can perfectly understand well why he was so worked up, so strangely hostile because I've played 3 different regions, EU included. To give you an even better understanding, I made a small test last year in summer, where I decided to spend exactly 50€ on EU's cash shop to really see how good or bad it is. They had this "new player" pack with a bunch of goodies, until you realize, they're not that good at all. The pack gave you a 30 day mount, a loot pet, some 65 gear (Modor set) and exp jugs. That's it, I felt rather appalled it was so unrewarding, but I kept on playing. Their community is not friendly at all, while it's a nice idea to have this server-wide recruitment, people are even more skeptical and paranoid, continuously asking for gear check for things like Adma and Theo. Why? Those are easy instances. Gearing up was difficult, grouping was difficult, finding a legion was the toughest part, no one wants you; you're the black sheep. I experienced this on both Deyla Elyos and Atrishka Asmodian side. After that, I decided to retreat back to NA again after playing for a few weeks or months on EU, I never gained enough kinah to buy myself a gold pack off broker to continue my journey, and I think the broker restriction do play a big part here. Later we got SFT event here on NA, and again, after running it, I decided to spend 50$ on NA's BCM for the box keys. Out of around 50 or so keys, I got a couple of Cute Minion contracts, lots of omegas and temps, so many goodies, in total that made me around 2-3b kinah. So, did I win? Yes, but I didn't have to spend money on the keys, others bought it, I could have just bought it off broker too, but I only did that for the sole purpose of experiencing 2 versions of each shop. When they launched the new servers, yes, it was more or less different in the atmosphere, I got a legion but only because someone invited me, someone I know from a different server. This was all before this enchantment nerf and kinah fix, people were surprisingly happy, very active, even as beginner, you could easily work your way up. The old atmosphere quickly began to fall upon these servers. The veterans still have an advantage because of the Gold Pack in a certain way, their rewards from 5.8 that weren't allocated were changed to 6.2 rewards. The fact that people still defend "EU has KR rates" is nonsensical, I played KR and I know it's very different from EU. In fact, their PTS was the closest you could get to KR version. Vashiro commented we have again this PowerUp week, but he forgot that at the same time, the End of the World event is running for the sole purpose of helping new and returning players get a chance at gear exchange, it's basically raining omegas and temps right now, their prices have dropped, everyone can afford everything. This one guy returned to game after like 2-3 years, he made a new character, leveled from 66 to 72 in like 2 days, and guess what? He has full Master Harvester set +15, ready to be exchanged, and it took him only like 1 week. It's not about spending money, it's about how you spend your time and resources to get the best out of it. I have no ill feelings to Vashiro, he's really a cool guy, we actually talked today a bit to clear the misunderstanding, but I know he feels extremely frustrated. He told me, he's giving GF 2-3 weeks to fix things or he's quitting Aion. Maybe EU people hate NA because we pity them? We know here you can at least try and get something good, you know, and have fun. In my opinion, what good is low ping when you're locked out from enjoying the game and its potential? Maybe we are delusional and we'll be slapped in the face with exactly the same thing as EU, but in a sense we are prepared mentally for it. Nonetheless, I don't recommend NA screw this up too much, it takes only 1 day of F up and you'll be losing people. Remember Tiamaranta's Eye event and the nerfed prices of that NPC? It'll be the same story we don't want to see repeat itself. That event was so disastrous, half of my legion stopped logging, and less logged in, and less, and less... Never seen something so horrendous happen in my 15 years of MMO and online gaming experience. Well, you're not wrong. I know a lot of people who left EU years or months ago for the same reasons. I know ping is tough, but there's solutions for that. I pay 15$ for 6 months of ReduceTheLag with 150ms and it's perfectly playable and fluent, even as melee. Of course this doesn't work for everyone, so people should try exploring different types of ping reducers like WTFast or Pingzapper.
  21. about homeward bound skill

    sometimes I get a temporary button to go back where I was when I use it. what is the trigger for the return option? can't find anything online about this
  22. We have this or have unlimited enchantment levels where a few can get +37 some how...
  23. Just Bragging

    Playing on certain factions is a given to be able to do all that.
  24. My new houses will not accept the glow script. My old houses still have it ans it works fine. But when I try to add the housing script for glow it just won't work. Any ideas?
  25. About 6.2 Enchanting - Why you should be worried

    Wait, did you just show the enchantment rates which are the exact same numbers pulled from powerbook albeit in a different format??
  26. are returning/new players screwed on 6.2?

    Tbh, I think the eu rates on extracting are nerfed too cause the images I've seen on powerbook tell otherwise.
  27. No more Luna items?

    I prefer putting in effort for my skins, hoping its the luna skins that they put back up on the kinah shop not a new skin or something from bcm. If its so easy, it would be worthless to collect skins and I guess said skin is just gonna be dropped from my collection.
  28. Just Bragging

    Congratz, Bryonce!
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