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  3. they don't mention Egyptian culture as a source of inspiration in that article, it doens't mean they haven't used egyptian mythology as a reference. Anubis is as clear reference to Egypt, not mesopotamiam. Insert image from URL They said Mesopotamia would be a main reference for the new map's architeture and Apsu's lore but other visuals can be using other references too (I don't see a problem in it at all)
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  5. They stopped doing the pumpkin contest 'cause they were tired of giving me free stuff.
  6. Maybe they are grasping at these things to make something more visually appealing about the mobs but at the same time I know there are a lot of creatures in mesopotamian mythology and I am no where near an expert on it so I cannot say. In the past Aion has pulled from Greek, Egyptian-like and other themes around the main themes before so it is not impossible that is what they have done again. I am just interested to see what they changed on the pledges with the NPC sub races like popoku and rein because it was something that needed a better explaination on long term of it
  7. Well the way I see it is Egypt and Mesopotamia were close together, so I see it as them modeling Apsu's legion as Egyptians in Mesopotamian land because Apsu's legion seems to be more influenced by the Egyptian mythology art as was stated.
  8. I get the opinion but when they introduced the information on Apsuranta they said yeah they pulled from ancient civilizations but specifically stated and continued to refer to Mesopotamian again and again. 메소포타미아 <- This is Mesopotamian "메인 컨셉은 고대의 문명 중 하나인 '메소포타미아 문명'를 참고하였습니다.메소포타미아 문명은 다양한 문명의 시작점이며, 문화적 발전과 함께 군사적 발전을 이룩한 문명으로 전쟁과 평화가 반복되어 단순한 건축물에서도 그 역사를 느낄 수 있는 점이 이번 신규 필드와 적합하다 생각하였습니다." "이 문명의 건축물 중 기후적 특성으로 사용된 중정식 평면구조는 중앙 공간을 정원으로 외벽을 높게 쌓아 폐쇄적 구성하는 것이 특징으로 외부에서는 안을 보기가 어렵고, 안에 누가 몇 명이나 있는지 모르는 상황에서 진입해야 하는 긴장감 있는 환경을 구성할 수 있는 특징이 있습니다." They reiterate again and a
  9. @Gabrielis-KT, Ranked DPS is calculated by dividing the damage dealt by the duration of the session. The moment of aggro boss is considered the beginning of the session, the end of the session is his death. The session length is the same for each participant in the raid, no matter when they joined it. Therefore, the ranking DPS on the website and the DPS calculated in the application based on the period of particular player's activity may differ from each other. Start of session can be found in session's header: First entry on action list is just information when you last switch
  10. yes. We know Aion has a lot of mesopotamian and sumerian references but Apsu and his legion are clearly egyptian themed
  11. Come on, Ncsoft! Re open event egg ticket transfer
  12. Aion's story as a whole is based off of Mesopotamian mythology , yes, but this new patch is clearly Egyptian themed regardless of what NC says. Anubis was a man with the head of a jackal and this is what you see in all the bosses here in this new zone as well as much of the temples and armor resembling Egyptian architecture. However, these are clearly not Pyramids but it is all still very much Egyptian inspired.
  13. They don't have sign up closed beta anymore so its mostly only hired QA testers. They have partnered content creators that do get info and have a period they can test as well so I have no clue on the final product I must to wait like everyone else but I know some content creators who are going to speak on the new content in the next few day before it comes to live. I think most outside people have very limited access now so unless they are with the company just have to wait on the information
  14. Interesting, thank you! Any idea if the passive are permanent once you select them of can you interchange at some point? (Guessing if you can it's a cash shop item lol)
  15. From the image you get to pick one of the 3 listed for each level they are all mostly passive skills idk for sure about lvl 84. The top states Max level is 85, Can choose a Daevanion trait depending on the combat situation. Originally from test server they didn't have the level raise or at least they didn't add it when I tried test but they had these daevanion abilities and you just slelect the one you wish to take its very same as the high daeva from 5.0 just more refined but there is another system with the new map as well that kinda goes hand in hand with these abilities since they give abi
  16. well regardless of what particular instance you look at. "메인 컨셉은 고대의 문명 중 하나인 '메소포타미아 문명'를 참고하였습니다" ~The main concept was to refer to the Mesopotamian civilization. THis came from the page talking about Apsuranta
  17. Tiamat and Apsu are counterparts Tiamat stands for the oceans, Apsu stands for pure water and the oasis. (I think in most mesopotomiam texts Apsu is killed by minor gods and Tiamat fight them, not Apsu) Nergal is just a general for Ereshkigal (on Aion lore) yes but the anubis-like boss and monsters are pretty sure egyptian
  18. I liked the video. The map looks cool, although I can't seem to find any page with the list of skill changes yet? I can't read korean so I can only auto-translate the html stuff. The Egyptian theme is great. They also are re-using some skin models in a "unique" way with some tweaks which make them look brand new, which is both smart and way more refreshing than the copy paste. One thing I noticed in the video is no TrAnSfOrM shit, but that's probably wishful thinking. It's funny how in Korea literally nobody cares though. Every 8.0 info drop gets like 20-30 comments and no
  19. you're pretty optmistic but these are good solutions too sadly they wont do anything
  20. like Nergal and Ereshkigal and Mesopotamian Gods who are married same with Tiamat and Apsu. Tiamat in mythology kills Apsu to take his throne same as in game killing him to take his spot as a dragon lord
  21. Mesopotamian theme but close enough "메인 컨셉은 고대의 문명 중 하나인 '메소포타미아 문명'를 참고하였습니다." This is the comment from NC says that it's concept is Ancient Mesopotamia which makes sense with the names of the bosses and things we've had since
  22. I would 100% vote against that, and for re-enabling egg transfers with tokens. Simply because the existence of the fact that some people somehow got more than 3 tokens and used them all for transfer, proves that support is corrupted. In that case, how can we be sure they really removed transformations from all those people ? There is no way for the community to check this. At that point, they could just select a few victims and remove their apostles, and leave the privileged people untouched. I would suggest 1) re-enabling egg transfers as fast as possible, so the support doesn't get over
  23. Would be nice to be treated fairly just like the guys who already got the egg transferred.
  24. back in 7.7, Irnin used the Artifact to show us (the player) that Inanna is in danger due to the influence of Apsu, he is looking for a new "body". So yes, time travel can be a possibility (btw I don't like the idea because Dark Poeta was about it) also lets not forget that Beritra absorbed all Ereshkigal's powers with the help of the Primeth's Gauntled and have a direct relationship with Apsu. (they used to be lovers)
  25. ^ In the trailer you can see Irnin using the Time Artifact from Timeless Terrace. My guess would be this is all in the past.
  26. I know players who got 3 apostles from their 3 tokens and due to massive insistence they got extra transfer for their eggs and got more apostles LOL Ariel and Azphel are pretty hard to get, they cost 1500 exp marks and MONTHS of hard work maintaning your renown to get the apostle shards.
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