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  2. Too Similar?

    Dear Devs, I haven’t been able to play because of my current circumstances but I have been following some of the most fantastic and powerful players on Twitch. This may be from the perspective of someone who prefers to watch but I notice the animations that accompany the skills are identical whether you choose Elyos or Asmodian. I just thought it would bestow a little more identity if they were themed according to faction. Sincerely.
  3. Please Don’t Confuse Me

    Dear Repliers, Thank you for your words of consolation and advice. I do plan to buy a laptop and an ISP subscription once I find where I belong in this country of ours and my life settles down and seems more permanent, but I think to remedy this I’ll delete and create some Elyos characters: a bard, chanter and cleric. Love.
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  5. He is busy streaming right Hi_Justin
  6. Moonstone ore in Oriel?

    According to https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/403023/, it's on the island off the sunset coast area.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 8, 2020

    Cyan where is the fix for Arena of Discipline rewards. Rewards for February and March haven’t been given out, what’s going on you clearly said it would be fixed. You {CC} Cyan posted on March 23rd. “There will be an unscheduled maintenance period today, Monday, March 23, 2020 from 12:30 pm to 1:20 pm Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 50 minutes. - Changes - Fixed and issue that was causing Arena of Discipline rankings to give out rewards to fewer players than intended. This will affect seasons going forward, starting with the current one ending on 3/25/2020. Rewards that were not delivered for the season that ended on 2/26/2020 will be provided at a later date. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Thank you for your patience!” This is what you said.
  8. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    They just put up an event that made me laugh. Get into a giant group and kill mobs. 1 person from the group gets a transform box every kajillion mobs killed.
  9. There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, April 8, 2020 from 6:00 a.m. CDT / 13:00 CEST. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours 45 minutes. Changes Routine website and server maintenance The Hungry Hatchlings event will continue until May 27. Daeva Boost Event will continue until for one more week. Joker's Gambit will continue for one more week. Rainbow Snake Festival will continue until April 27. Monster Hunt Challenge will continue for one more week. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Maintenance Images of the Week
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  11. Blank Screen

    Thank you for your advises! I did do the file repair, my graphic driver is up to date by Nvidia, and my PC power is decent enough to run this game old game lol (all modern new games are fine without any issues) *I want to see if I like this new updated game before I investing in it. I paid for this game from the beginning so I'm an old Aion player back where level cap only 40-50 and everyone must grind the Abyss for rank and gears! Why am I have this new account? Because for the life of me I could not remember my ID user name and password after many years inactive with this game
  12. [4.8.20 KR Update] Silentera: Secret Sword

    Very good details/translations, thank you!
  13. [4.8.20 KR Update] Silentera: Secret Sword

    see I saw this post on the Korean site a few days ago and wanted to mention it here but i don't speak Korean >-< ty for translating it
  14. The Abyss

    how could i ever forget this baddie
  15. Where is the Moonstone ore in Oriel? I found Topaz, but it only got me leveled to 481.
  16. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    Not only in the forum, it has also happened in the game, a couple of weeks ago an idiot (and yes, I said it, there are things that have to be said) when we were in pvp outside the fort of lakrum, an asmo was saying to me that a member of my family should die from this virus,i took screenshots and reported him and since then, I havent seen him in the game.
  17. Crash game all entries for Cygnea/Instance mission/Drakenspire Depths-I want play it again now I did all possible improvements and changes related to this kind of crash already: =msconfig - all start up programs DISABLED =following a nice person post's on youtube i bypassed the crash (skip loading screen) =restart computer I want to play this instance mission again today and not wait till the instance entries reset!!! I actually didn't played them ... This come after lot of other technical problems related to game play in the last few days If these kind of issues continue further I quit this game and delete fully account posting everywhere how laggy and problematic is! I already spend about quart of the time dedicated to this game trying to solve problems I encountered starting with the game installation and time again for posting in forum! I understand its a game requiring not a common system to work properly but an advanced one! Still you can't ask people to spend over 2 thousand euro for gaming machine only to play a so-called ''FREE TO PLAY'' game then to have expectations for those players to become your ''CUSTOMERS'' too buying in-game stuff with so many game problems running all the time .. I am sorry but if I don't get my answer tonight I will do what I told before in this description with all the respect I have for the huge work I am sure has been done to be created (especially the graphic work) but the game live play give too many errors and now limitations (regarding in-game trading) to be a good option on the market! P.S. It's just silly that I have time now to play a game with all the COVID-19 virus global issue and moreover I am waiting for a new card on my bank account been being almost decided to use it for improve my account on this game which is with all the problems one of the most likeable so far for me but from this point I might reconsider my decision and the game investment will find another producer all depending of your actions and support tonight! For ppl who encountered similar problem try the fix posted by devrQst added to the game developers advice:
  18. Highligthts New Map: Layer of Time, PvPvE Zone Accessed through portals in Silentera Canyon Mobs act differently then other zones, once killed mobs won't respawn till certain conditions throughout the zone are met. Beshmundir Temple updated to lvl 80. Easy/Normal modes will be available. Path will be streamlined only 3 Named mobs including Stormwing. Normal mode will be Ranked, S - F New PvP gear : Ultimate Severe Thorn, purchasable with item obtained from various activities in Layer of Time, namely killing mobs. Doesn't require gear upgrade process (Ancinet > Legendary > Ultimate) Future gear updates expected to follow the same path (purchasing Ultimate outright) There are two ways to buy the new PvP gear, the first is always available in The Layer of Time, you can purchase boxes that will give you a piece of gear at random. The second is a random spawn around The Layer of Time map, only 1 person will be able to purchase 1 box containing a selectable piece of gear. (expect tons of griefing, yay) Player purchase record is reset daily. New PvE Gear: obtainable in Beshmundir Temple. Ultimate Sealed Storm obtainable in Easy Mode Ultimate Freed Storm: obtainable after combining 100 storm scales and 1 Sealed Beshmundir Temple Scroll. Scales are rewarded after defeating Stormwing on Normal mode, the number of scales depends on Rank (S rank rewards 71-100 scales for each party member A rank rewards 36-60 scales, and so on) Sealed Scroll can be obtained at chance from extracting Ultimate Sealed equipment, or 100% chance if extracting Ultimate Freed Equipment Ultimate Unleashed Storm: small chance to drop from Stormwing on Normal mode New craftable PvE/PvP gear, can proc gear at +7 enchantment. New Equipment item "Glyph" Obtained by combining "100 Glyph Box fragments", fragments rewarded from Lugbug missions and vendors in Gelk/Igg. Opening the Glyph box will provide 1 enchantment scroll and 1 Glyph Selection Box. Main stat is 12 different resistance values (fear, aerial hold, paralyze etc.) Can choose 1 resistance via retuning. Will have a base of 50 phy/mag def/attack, additionally 1 random stat will be added upon Identifying the Glyph. The additional stat can not be retuned and won't get any bonus upon enchanting the glyph. Glyph enchantment is 100% success rate, but enchantment stats will be random instead of a fixed bonus per level. (note* looks like you will need to enchant multiple glyphs to get optimal stats) Extracting a Glyph will give Glyph box fragments. * Update hasn't dropped yet so info is subject to change, I also may have translated things wrong so
  19. Dragon mount back please

    The dragon one is the pagati, you can still get a version of that (different colours I think) with 20.000 prestige coins fromt he vending machine.
  20. @cyan Stigma enchant event

    Lol the chance is 20% by default, no wonder why it is impossible to enchant anything. +9 -> +12 = 0,2*0,2*0,2 = 1/125 that sounds pretty accurate on the amount of stigmas people need to enchant one stigma to +12 (some people needed to use like 150~200 stones) With their event it should be 0.35^3 = about 1/24 which makes it far more reasonable.
  21. Is the game worth returning to?

    The game has never been more solo-friendly ever before, especially after 6.x came. Everything is possible to be done by loners (I am one). With the exception of running end game pve instances in hard mode, but you can find groups that are not legion-bound or exclusive, (like EB was back in the days, or Frozen Monolith was in 5.8). For pvp instnaces you can literally not care less these days, you can trade etiums and fighting spirit fragments (pvp upgrade materials for pvp armor and weapons) and you can get an insane amount of AP solo in an instance called Herelym Mine. Your only "problem" would be the enchants but this can be solved by resetting the pvp instances for your main (you can enter them as many times as you wish with a fee). The grouped things to do will always beat the solo things. If you have a static group of friends to do things you will find yourself in less bad situations, less gangs, easier finishing of quests and less downtime looking for a group or having to go with a random group in pvp instaces. If you want to be invested in the game and enjoy the full aspect of it, at this point you either pay a lot of money to catch up or you simply enjoy the progress and deal with the fact there are end game characters that can melt you. Everyone knows gear matters so much so when someone kills someone else they no longer even brag about it or call you names for losing. Class imbalance is also the leading force in the game as always. Pros: Easier to gear than before, solo/social friendly patch Cons: gear matters more than anything, class imbalance is the first rule of Aion, pay to win is stronger than before, people who never stopped playing are lights ahead of new players.
  22. I support this. Like we had unlimited boxes in the whole 6.x patch which was like 1 year. Nothing wrong happened, and it wasn't free, we had to farm genesis crystals for that. Most people do not even bother to do lakrum weeklies or urgent orders anymore because of this. If they remove the limit this will bring back plenty of life in Lakrum and something more for people to to do, to keep players busy doing things. And yes it hurts new players the most. I used to keep genesis crystals sitting in my inventory cube and only took enchant boxes when necessary. But when I learned about the limit I turned like 15k genesis crystals into boxes and got me a ton of enchants that newer players won't be able to get. Also do not forget the amount of enchants we got from pve instances in 6.x, and it only made sense, get 1~2 ancient pve enchants at every end game pve instance was at least reasonable. there is no way to make pve enchants anymore.
  23. Legion Ranking Reset?

    The cap is there because of the max amount the allocated variable goes, what they could do is transform the AP they have into a new ranking system, and make sure that 1m AP gets (lets say) 1 legion rank point. This way legions wouldn't be able to hit the cap so easily. The thing is that all of this was designed pre 6.0 where Ap was eitehr hard to get or too important and thus it was a good way to make ranks out of it.
  24. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    That was low-key bad. Why do people hate Cyan? He is not running the business, he is not owning the game. He is also as human as we are and we need to rememeber that all times. He is probably not even participating in the decisions for the events or updates or nerfs, he probably is the middle man, the delivery man that gets shot.
  25. That would do it! Anyone that can't understand why someone like that was given a vacation from the forums should also be banned just to keep the rest of us away from their collective stupid.
  26. Legion Ranking Reset?

    I would be happy if the cap was removed. It doesn't "mean" anything really, but as Haniya said, it is still a feature I would like to use.
  27. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    I wonder if it was the guy who posted that Cyan should die of COVID19.
  28. secret st research center location

    Yes, I've mentioned them here. You should do them.
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