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  2. Right now XP crystals give 5% of level 80 and that is 17,5m. I read somewhere they will turn the XP crystals into solid 17,5m. And these are the ones you get past 76 level. I also read (in comments, not actual patch notes) that the lugbug XP crystals you get before you reach level 76 will remain 5% of the XP and the ones you get past 76 by chance will be the 17,5m XP. The only thing I found on Experience Crystals in 8.0 is that their tooltip changes lol https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/8.0_Update
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  4. I don’t see the image, is it 100% sure it is coming next week ? also guys, what about XP crystals after all ? Are they getting deleted ?
  5. I give you alternative viewpoints on multiple topics and your replies are childish at best. I guess I’m done trying to converse with you.
  6. It’s not dead when this topic is fueling the disdain and doubt in regards to the legitimacy of the AP Trading punishments being handed out.
  7. Were you expecting your viewpoint to be welcomed by everyone? You're going against the grain with a horribly bad take on the situation that you obviously know nothing about. You're "clearing the air" but you really just want to project your thoughts over a dead topic.
  8. Haven’t once defended their performance. Merely the logic behind what is or isn’t an exploit, and that exploits are bannable. Never understood why the forums are such a cesspool. People don’t really attempt to educate or agree to disagree, everyone just tries to slap you with “your stupid lol bye” (typo intended).
  9. Yeah as I said, done with it. If that's what you understood by Kibbelz clarification then we are definitely done here. Have a good one!
  10. This Sab is an NCsoft white knight, hes trying everything he can to defend them, while they fail event after event and the servers burn.
  11. I am going to say that this post is like necroposting an issue that has been settled and those banned have long stopped talking about it. It is like trying to argue last year's EC exploit and start discussing about it. SR is old news already.
  12. Can we truly say there have been any wrongful bans? People lie. People also break rules they may not have known existed.
  13. Have you read my recent edit? You’re arguing re-entires. I’m arguing the looting exploit. When I touched the link on my phone it was resetting me to the beginning of the thread, and the paragraph I’ve cited 2-3 times now. I’m not trying to “believe” anything. You’re just really bad at continual discourse apparently. Kibblez said two things: 1) Obtaining higher amounts of an item by abusing a loot mechanic is unacceptable. (This is what I’m emphasizing as a possible reason for the bans.) 2) Entering the same instance multiple times is not the issue. (This is where you’re m
  14. I have literally linked you the post... You didn't even read what I linked to answer my post! Like, what?! Have at it mate. I'm done here. Believe whatever you want to! Peace.
  15. People aren't getting banned for doing that. No one has been banned for that so far. Stop continuing to spread that misinformation.
  16. Did you? “there are no issues we have been able to identify with the execution of this ban wave.” The bans were deliberate. Not automated. Not accidental. “While we can empathize with anyone who many have engaged in this behavior unwittingly at the direction of others, knowingly re-entering a quest instance dozens of times of times to obtain much higher amounts of rewards than intended is neither sustainable, nor acceptable.” Neither Sustainable nor acceptable I’m not trying to be argumentative, what am I missing here? (I use the forums on my phone so I
  17. Idk. I think they should be perma banned tbh. If you don't want to be banned, don't use exploits. Simple as that. Then ofc we have the wrongful bans, which is another subject.
  18. Did you even click and read what Kibbelz wrote? Seems very clear to me that multiple turn ins is not an offense.
  19. People weren't banned because of multiple turn ins in SR. This was widely known. What had happened is Kibblez made a generic post and people took it and ran with it, going off the only thing it could be was doing multiple turn ins. Kibblez even came forward to confirm that multiple turn ins was not the issue. There were (and still are) several genuine exploits in SR. The two main ones that got people banned was the entry quest chest hacking, and the wines quest NPC that let's you sell items (kinah limit was not in place for this NPC, you can buy 1000 Candies and sell 1000 Candie
  20. My intent behind this post was to explain tl people that the SR bans were justifiable, even if they didn’t participate in the primary Exploit investigated, and I felt it was important to shed some light on because people were using the innocently banned in SR Argument to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the AP trading punishments. I do not support nor condone the use or abuse of any bug/exploit. Rome wasn’t built in a day; enjoy the game at its natural pace.
  21. I’m confused. Are you now agreeing that it is in fact bannable? I thought you said people weren’t getting banned for multiple turn ins? It’s very clearly considered an offense. Clarification needed.
  22. Honestly, The only person i can believe was wrongfully banned was E-girl. While they probably did AP trade as well(maybe it was just to get their godstone) i always saw them in the abyss ganking OR farming the 200 repeat quests. No other player was as active as they were in the abyss from my view. While i am sure people are like LOL you are trying to protect your friend i legitimately do not even know E-girl(or played with them from other games). They are an asmo i am an elyos and while it was annoying AF getting killed by them over and over in the abyss where ever i went i can say that t
  23. So he keeps falling, hm I think /escape works even if you are falling. But that may be on retail not on classic. In any case if all of these do not work he should have opened a ticket, the only way to fix it for sure.
  24. Ah thanks for this. I will keep updating the list below then!
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