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  2. @Kibbelz Hello Mr Kibbelz, the 100% XP boost did not take effect at midnight server time as indicated in your notes - Friday, Saturday, Sunday - it used to start right at 00:00 server time Friday. TY
  3. Ya, as we all know the concern isn't over the crowns themselves, just that they seem to have a really hard time sticking to their word, telling us one thing... then vanishing without an update/response... However, that event sounds phenominal. I can't see there being a reason the remaining community doesn't deserve something like that... Why are we being treated differently than korea where it sucks, but the same where it sucks? Flip these priorities around please.
  4. A lot of concern over 3 (or 1) crowns, but what about the 200 day event that Korea Classic got which included a reward option of 15 Major Crowns? It has been over 200 days from what I can tell from when the game was launched yet no mention of that event. In addition, 1.7 was already out in Korea at this point so that is another delay.
  5. About 2-3 months ago #1 was suggested and #2 is like #1 which requires coding changes. At this point it is fairly obvious the version of Classic we get is what Korea got with some tweaks (if you look at the "end of the world" event it is a copy mild modifications and then paste from Korea's but it was after 1.7 and was called summer festival). Expect what Korea got and assume no changes beyond that and if that isn't acceptable.......I would recommend leaving the game at this point, but if that is okay then keep playing and enjoying.
  6. Today
  7. Good morning everyone. I'm excited to see a response from our commun-... oh
  8. there are a lot of people starting in the game and NC helps the players to spend like you, you do and expel players with your bad administration
  9. I'm sorry for assuming everyone wants to quit then, for me I want Aion ends it's no longer the game I loved at least live version. Anyway I don't see good future to both version. End it is like mercy killing.
  10. Currently the Anuhart armor parts can not be extracted. Now I heard two rumours about changes regarding that: In the coming patch, Anuhart armor parts can be extracted as well This merely applies for drops in that new patch and not for parts already acquired Is anyone able to confirm either of those two points?
  11. Ehh people still want to play it i think taking that away from people is not worth. Beyond that i am waiting for 2.0 and i plan to come back then.
  12. To be honest shut down the server would be the most graceful thing that NCwest can give us. I'll thank everyone for doing that including NCwest president and CEO.
  13. 1: I'm sure many like myself would like it if you could change dredge so you can do all 3 runs in same window. I remember being able to that before on retail and would be cool if we can have that on classic if possible. 2: As everyone knows, DC is really just for glads only to run and there's lots of glads but you will see up to 4 separate groups forming, all by glads and can take forever at times to fill. So i'm thinking why not make it a loot box where everyone gets 1 and that way there will be 4/5 glads in a group not worrying to losing on roll.
  14. crowns when tho? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/850774238826070016/933901440534052944/1629660393038.gif
  15. Probably region based then on loading the page. Confirmed fake news relax team relax. I did try clearing my cache still the same for me so the region based loading must be it.
  16. Trying cleaning out your cache and cookies? Sometimes that can cause some stuff to not load
  17. Should be S rank minion on the 19th or 20th day and then an ultimate transformation contract on the 21st. I am pretty sure they know the state of NA.. 4 years and they still refuse to give something actually good to its customers some of who paid in time or money or both, supporting a company who doesn't care. Should rename this to "Log In If you actually want to but you can see we didn't really care about what rewards were placed in this event just as long as it isn't good items that you all will spend money on" event.
  18. It is there on my screen still. I see 6 of those games at once though, maybe because i have a 32" monitor?
  19. Yesterday
  20. Are those "rewards" supposed to make people want to log in or "reward" people already logging in because they won't make people who don't log in, do it now or make the few people still logging in feel happy. Those "rewards" are not only outdated but honestly they are awful.. Advanced combat experience extracted 2, 3 times?? 1 skill chest and the 21st you have to choose between level 4 minion contract or 10 type legendary contract?? I mean we know you guys stopped trying long ago but come on..
  21. Will it be getting shut down? Who knows only time will tell. All i know is that they do not want people to find Aion from their main website it seems.
  22. @Loki @Kibbelz Hello again. I just wanted to follow up and see if there is an update on this. Will we be getting the rewards today? Thanks 😊
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