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  2. I think you got it all wrong, Suna is the most useless of the event, a whole league would go there and fight on who will roll on 7-day enchantments stone and some runestone shards. The rest are just a chance to drop and again only one will roll on each item. Everything suna is dropping, you can buy with coins except fro the imbued weapon but good luck having it to drop for start and obviously good luck rolling for it. We usually farm 4 fatties and the other 4 are on elyos, I calculated I got about 100 coins per hour, in 3 hours you can get a paragon weapon, in 2 hours a paragon armor
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  4. Rich-stupid people, I wish I was one of them, on a financial point of view.
  5. You would be surprised how many players who know the product they enjoy is going to fail are willing to spend an insane amount on said product so it stays open to protect their prior investments visually around for them to look at.
  6. All world boss type of events are for elys, duhh in nwcest eyes:
  7. @Kibbelz @Loki So its been 2nd day of event. Train of elys still run over me trying simply do 20 mobs for quest. Asmo didnt even have a chance to touch Sunayaka second day in a row. So any idea how to fiх it? cause for now it seems to me that it is only Ely event And please dont say that you can at least stuff for coins. Rewards are useless. The main thing is Sunayaka which wont be never on asmo side.
  8. Thats the definition of NCWest, they should have fixed something but they didn't.
  9. then they should have fiх it year ago. now its too late
  10. But they don't like it that people get double entries in every week, you see they are selling reset scrolls in BCM and nobody buys them because of the bug.
  11. Of course this is what they "want" but all of their actions end up doing the exact opposite. Who on earth would spend money on something that will most likely fail. And it is not like BCM prices are dirty cheap, many things cost a ton of money because they base the shop in the good USA salaries and many people struggle to make ends meet people outside USA can never afford any of that.
  12. well thats what NCwest just need to do reset fast and forget about fiхing it. There are more other problem to resolve
  13. It is good when it lasts max 1 hour, when we lose half a day of unplayability then it is no longer fun for KT people.
  14. why ppl still crying about KT crashes? it is the best thing that happening in this game. without eхtra resets of all instances its boring also u can buy more stuff from renown.
  15. Even if it is 2000 Tiamaranta coins each, that wouldn't be bad.
  16. Dazzling gem boxes Imbued weapon box Legendary transformation contract
  17. Exactly, server merges only happen for the convenience of NCWest.
  18. When NCwest merges servers, it's not to improve the player experience, we already know people leave the game after merges, it's to cut costs. Why do you think businesses merge? To cut costs, not to improve the customer experience.
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  20. I have yet to meet a player that genuinely thinks the woeful RNG is a good idea.
  21. There are a ton of ways to get money from the players, but it's hard for them to have or keep players that might one day spend money on their game is the basic core mechanic of their game is so flawed that over the years it's been the #1 thing complained about. (RNG)
  22. Just state before someone duels you or they accept your duel that anything goes.
  23. Kibbelz already got notice on that, and they haven't told us what they will do, but at least they know.
  24. Lets hope they don't screw this and make us nerf things not broken.
  25. I get this too some times. When I get it it takes days before it is being fixed. Very annoying.
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