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  2. I would like it to continue being p2p obviously, since that's when issues started showing. I would love them to focus on the lore more, fill up some gaps and fix current ones to make the story better. They have no idea how much potential the lore has and it's such a shame to see it go waste.
  3. Wasn't that removed because it caused some issues and drama in game? Something about elitism and all of that. I'm probably wrong but I distinctively remember someone mentioning me that was the main reason. Korea still has that option, even in Classic btw
  4. It's not about entitlement. Kibbelz already stated they plan to talk with LevelUp games about releasing Classic, and it's well known that Latin America is NA's second biggest playerbase. To hinder them the access would mean losing a big chunk of players. Just remember, Aion was always p2p until 3.0, it's going the same thing again, the difference is that they are providing a free method to play it. Until then, you have a choice to use that 1h per day or play retail and wait for NCWest to finish their talks with LevelUp games.
  5. Pretty much this. There's no value to be gained from the company in doing this, considering the time and manpower it would take. It isn't like it'll generate more money for them or anything.
  6. Of course, it's really far out. First we have to see if the game even survives that long! But for the purpose of this discussion, let's assume it does. Let's assume the game makes it to 2.7 and has a thriving community. What then? What do you want to see happen? I know a lot of people have expressed disdain for 3.0+, and it got me wondering what enough community pushback would cause. Obviously the game won't stay in some 2.7 limbo forever, there has to be further updates and changes. I'm doubtful they're going to manufacture completely new content and zones for this Classic relea
  7. I understand and I agree. People are just used to buy everything now though yeah we discussing something else lol
  8. Guys guys, this topic is useless. Free for player from back 2009? I am also part of these players, but would not ask something so outrageous. Since 90% of the aion classic are old player from 2009, it would cut a lot of money to NCsoft. And what is the reputation of NCsoft if they don't do enought money? They put a lot of P2W items and P2W event even if it kill their game. We don't want that , so l'ets pay the 15$/month and be happy.
  9. Medals, stigmas, and skillbooks will be in short supply, don't expect to see them on the broker. I had no trouble earning kinah back in 2009, never needed to buy from a bot owner, I can't see why it will be any different this time round.
  10. Look, when Aion launched we had to buy the game and pay a sub. Now we just have to pay a sub for Classic, thus, the game IS FREE for people who played from launch. We just have to pay the sub now.
  11. Kinah is always important. Also medals are brokerable so is skillbooks stigmas scrolls pots etc
  12. Fortunately kinah is not as important in Classic, because a lot of the best gear can only be bought with AP, and AP bots get slaughtered. Rifters love bots in general.
  13. Will you prevent this game to be fullfil of bots like KR?
  14. yeah i think all the big kinah sellers are going to pay for multiple accounts to farm like crazy , they will make that money back in 1 transaction especially at start when kinah is going to be expensive
  15. Won't happen, it would cost a fortune in dev time. The devs have other things to do like work on Aion 8.0, 8.1 etc.
  16. The free hour thing means little, the bots want kinah etc. to sell 24/7, so they will pay for a subscription just like before.
  17. Guest

    7.0 graphics in 1.x?

    Hi I was wondering if it’s possible to get the updated graphics on live 7.x on the classic 1.x? Just the graphics not the content ofc
  18. With the only difference the dont need to pay anymore ! 1free hour then drops of common grade Stigma and other shards, gathering and aether. The can log so they can bot ^^
  19. Yes, and they have done similar things for other titles such as Blade and Soul, where IIRC people were / are still getting flagged but can have their accounts recovered in these cases. Which is still maddening. And, more to the point, suggests they're not very well equipped to tell the difference between ping-reduction software, and some sort of botting software. My point here has been that if you need to use this software to play right now, then simply don't. It's not worth paying money to play the game, only to have your account banned and lose that spent money. Especially consideri
  20. Guys! I really want to play this game, for real! ? Honestly i think this "pay2play" its a good ideia, because free2play games never live too much... You guy think this will be a good reborn? Season Pass will have pay2win itens?
  21. When Aion came out in 2009 there were bots in no time, and there were no f2p accounts, like there are in Aion Classic. The bot runners had to pay for full subscriptions for several years.
  22. This anything until new classes were added was good than it went downhill really quick
  23. You are a complete moron. Saying to someone "get a job and stop begging" is supposedly now racist, lmao. Get off your high horse. This isn't twitter. You are not entitled to free stuff. End of. Just because you don't like someone else' opinion, does not make it bullying or racism. Go and look up what racism actually is, before trying to take some point that doesn't exist.
  24. You are missing the most important aspect of this argument, guy. NCWest ALLOWS the use of ping reducing software, they aren't banned in any way, shape, or form. If we are allowed to use them, we shouldn't have to worry about bans. All we are asking is for them to acknowledge this issue and come out and say something like "if you are accidentally banned for the use of ping reducing software, please contact customer service and we will gladly reinstate your account." They are trying to sweep this issue under the rug because they know the game would fail if they openly banned these programs.
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