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  2. Aion Equipment System Update

    @Cyan thank you for taking into consideration our concerns! Whatever the exchange winds up being, I am going to make a fresh pot of popcorn for that very first Lakrum siege. I think we'll collectively impress the Balaur mobs very much.
  3. Aion Equipment System Update

    Are you reading anything anyone is writing? The gear that is being given out is NOT endgame. Just because it might have fancy brighter colors and big, big numbers, doesn't mean it's even as remotely as good as the crafted or the endgame dropped gear. Not even remotely. I don't think you understand that this patch is not going to be like any others. When 5.0 dropped, you could reasonably run most instances with Pure IS or AC that could be updated to Mythic AC in a fairly obtainable way. It was not top end gear, but it allowed you to run those instances to start farming for said endgame 5.0 gear. Imagine trying to get a group for AoE right when 5.0 dropped wearing Resurgent Gear. Really. Imagine that. Because that's what 6.0 is going to look like in your campaign / yellow gear. I think NCSoft should be ensuring that any active player is going to get something as a help when all their gear is going to be useless. And I mean, literally useless. This exchange hurts active but not p2w players the most, because the people that worked the hardest are still getting jack. I'd honestly like to see that all players who got their master harvester, and/or pure 80 pvp to get something in exchange. That's where the bottom of the exchange should start. +5 Master Harvester or +5 Pure 80AP, not at +15. Hell, I'd be good giving people the full yellow set for a +15 75AP, because it's still a bit to work for. Even if in 5.X patches it's super eas(ier) to least get to that point now of Purifying, it's not as easy to max that gear completely out, and so, because of 5 enchant levels you get absolutely nothing? Nu-uh, that's not right. And the yellow gear is crap, but it's something that everyone should have a chance of getting. And people who managed to get to +15 on stuff, should get a better reward, and so on at +20. These rewards are still not that great, but the middle tier give aways is kind of what everyone SHOULD be getting because it'll least be like the lvl 55 gear you get now going into 5.0. Still not awesome, but you can do something and you're still obviously going to want a better set.
  4. DN-E Farming Natural Magic Stones

    add me and send me an invite any time you're doing this stuff. I'll come and log my alt to be in alliance to loot an extra bag too
  5. Aion Equipment System Update

    So... My +15 set wont get me shit? is this is what im reading correctly? lmfao.
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  7. Aion Equipment System Update

    Prior to this update Korea was still pay 2 play, that is the only reason it made sense to have gear exchange. They had to compensate their players. We are f2p NC doesn't force anyone to swipe, they owe players nothing. The quests from lvl 76-80 give a full set of starter PvE and PvP gear. I rather they nix the whole exchange list and instead give enchantment stones based on the level of upgrade.
  8. Aion Equipment System Update

    At this rate reading all the comments, I should agree that NC should never give any red gear under any circumstances. Ive never heard of this in any Aion updates.. its like give a harvester gear to a new player on 5.x update.. thats makes no sense. If the KR method of gear compensation is really really necessary, you guys need to evaluate the possibility of give only purple gear, or at least, a modificated version of the farmable gear, with no sub stats and +10 only enchantment. Theres no reason to give endgame gear to people, when the Game's moment is to bring more players (New and old ones) to play it.
  9. Evergale Canyon lockout Again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Stop dodging then. Just kidding
  10. Costumes Suggestion

    Hey @Cyan can you bring this uniform to the costume rotation of this month ?
  11. Hi, Today I am running Evergale canyon with 23 other Asmo. Myself and all of the other 23 are stuck in a locked Q and cannot leave or join any other. Knowing we will not get a reset till Wed is another 5 days of Evergales lost,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wish this bug would get fixed it's been going on for months and you can't even get any kind of a fair compensation for it,,,,,,,,,,,sigh
  12. Aion Equipment System Update

    Makes no sense..... KR got 6.0 w/o any previews, which is why they got the exchange. Why should other regions get the same treatment knowing how useless current gear is in the next update....
  13. Arena dodging

    I think the dodges are more a symptom of a larger problem with the game's PVP at the moment. Whenever I do get a matchup, I either completely stomp the enemy or I can't even hit them and they just yawn and faceroll me. Why even bother? Just watch the instance gate and see if geared people are queuing for the match and then dodge appropriately, I assume the logic goes.
  14. Aion Equipment System Update

    No, I don't think that anyone expected to get top-tear gear from their current gear. What they expected is that they would gear that would allow them to start doing entry level content with what an average-level (or what you may casual) player would have. A player that invested more (and/or paid more) should get a slightly high grade or gear, but not be wearing the best grade of PVE or PVP gear, i.e endgame gear. What they got was a spread sheet that wasn't tuned for are region events, drop rates, economy or player population but was a copy/paste from Korea. Not good, and not done in any other region, reasons having been posted previously in this thread. In any case Cyan is promising that the rates are being adjusted. In addition to that, @Cyan, the rates for low and medium tier ONLY should be more attainable, NOT the highest tier (if that's given out at all- I would say no).
  15. Yesterday
  16. goodbye old maps ಥ_ಥ

    cool photoshop. wish the game looked that good naturally
  17. Aion Equipment System Update

    Hello all, Thank you for all of your feedback on this post. We are evaluating the enchantment levels and plan to adjust some of them down to make these goals more attainable. We will share full details early next week. Thanks.
  18. Aion Equipment System Update

    But isn't that what they are doing, giving players gear to start new content? The stat/armor system is getting revamped so rather than just have people continue on with what they had, they are translating it into something that better fits into the new system. So that's why my overall point is that I find it odd that people are upset about it, and it seems like people were expecting their current good/endgame gear to translate into something similar for the new content.
  19. Mirash Sanctum bonus entry scrolls

    Self titled, literally, we need those miniums! I used to get prestige before I even got my Sheba but I stopped getting it ever since I saw 6.0 patch notes. I will not give a single dime till 6.X because if it sucks I'll simply quit the game and I don't want to waste any money. Meanwhile give us mirash sanctum entry scrolls and why not frozen monolith bonus entry scrolls, that I'd love to buy since we are still in 5.X
  20. Aion August Preview

    Thanks for the info @Cyan!
  21. Aion August Preview

  22. Aion August Preview

    Hi all, Sorry for the late notice on this. We've ran into a snag while getting it going this weekend, so starting this Wednesday (August 22) after maintenance we will be running triple exp for one week.
  23. Aion August Preview

    inb4 lucky vinnas for everyone
  24. Aion August Preview

    @Cyangonna turn this into triple exp weekend with power up? hahahahahaha
  25. Aion August Preview

  26. Aion Equipment System Update

    Be happy these late players get something for investing into current gear. Im wondering what use is it to have spent 8b on 2 harps, 40b on the old apollon set and 40b+ on aetherforging when they came out, then to be replaced by something 2x better and cost 1/10 to enchant.
  27. Aion August Preview

    it is 14:07pm server time and still no XP buff ..........
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