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  2. Hair change tickets

    Anyone test if the screenshot preset is saved and can be used on other characters?
  3. State of the aion??? Come back?

    All that is really cool if you want to make an alt. To be honest for me is so much easier to do that now. Some years ago creating a new toon and reaching lvl 45 - 50 on it, required so much time and effort. Also the veterans will find the profit in events and we are into the game so we find lunas, kumuki and other grinding things like something nice. But for a new player who never tried Aion before, is so boring and no attractive. You need to have early content at lower levels for them. You need groups in the first maps so the people start having fun and talking to people from that point. We do not like to start a new and unknow game and having to grind alone for some days just to see if it becomes better later. Usually if you have a bad first impression from a game, you leave. And yes, we had a merge. Our numbers were higher for some weeks, but is going down again. The game is the same. Merging wasn´t the solution. People left cause the content was not so so good as before, not because we hate the number 5 and having that amount of servers was the problem. But some of us are optimistic about the next patches. I think that NCsoft realized about this, and probably is working on some of the issues and we may have soon some features more similar to previous versions.
  4. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Here are the things that had me scratching my head after a 3 year hiatus from the game: No abyss before lvl 48. This was particularly jarring, since I had toons that lived there for lowbie PvP, if they weren't chasing rifters in Morheim/Beluslan, or rifting. Speaking of: Rifting, max levels going to Morheim? You know, the camp idea was a decent one, but didn't need to be set up for capped toons. It would have been more fun for all involved if it had stayed at the 3.x levels. I know I popped in for a brief visit once in that three years, and had my 3x assassin chased all the way to Kellan's Cabin by two purple Elyos, whom I then killed on my chanter. But the response to the purple Elyos in Morheim was "Cya later". They have completely destroyed the 25-49ish game, in order to cater to what, high levels? AP may have gone the way of the Dodo for high level players, but it would sure be nice to be able to earn it on lowbies, who may actually need it for whatever gear they can get, or to level a legion. Another thing I noticed today was a C Dredge that didn't pop the entire time it was open. Now, it could be time of day, it was noon on a Tuesday, CST, but with all the people in chat, I was sort of surprised, but not really, since the focus is now on 70-75, including legion recruitment spam, that I've seen to date, so far. These things hurt new/returning players as much as anything else. Taking away the opportunity to learn to play a class in PvP, for those that were interested, as a prime example, and then these players are dumped into the mix at 66 with experienced PvPers, and get blown up, even if they're not fighting hackers. About the only thing that's really held my interest was deciding that, after playing Asmo since pre-select, I'd roll an Elyos to see how the other side lives. I plan to play to at least 66, but after that, I'm not sure what I'll do, but it's probably not going to be what I did the first time around, and play for years. My sub was still active when this game went F2P, but I'm not sure I'll be keeping that kind of trend going once I sate my curiosity on the Archdaeva line for Elyos. I used to love to siege, but that seems to have gone the way of the dodo as well, since the Balaur now automatically take all fortresses, instead of actual sieges, where we're either attacking or defending a contested area. I noticed that all of that was gone in Gelk too, the other day. It makes the early game really boring for someone that knows what it used to be like.
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  6. Wonkey Event timer

    Happened to me too. Timer is not working properly. Sometimes I see the event item on it, sometimes I do not. I usually receive the rewards after 1 hour no matter what the timer says (if it says something). Few times it was bugged and the item was delayed. I saw once something like "45689751223 hs remaining". So, to be honest,when I want to just get the items and change my toon, I check my time on "sesion lenght" in the menu. If you have 2 hs there, you have both boxes (usually).
  7. Hello all, Currently one of the rewards from the event is [Event] Major Ancient Crown. These items are not able to be turned in. Please hang on to these items as we will be converting them over to the exchangeable versions during a future maintenance. Thank you.
  8. State of the aion??? Come back?

    Actually, I have a better question: If you're not having any fun, why are you still here? I realize that that is going to come across as salty, but it's not intended that way, at all. I quit having fun at the game 3 years back, and I left. I didn't rage quit, and leave an essay on the forums either, I just logged out and moved on. However, I was here for a very long time, before that. What kept me here as long as I was here was my Legion, and that's true in any MMO, regardless of what they refer to it as, legion, guild, clan, what have you, if you have the right people in there, they can make the game fun. That's something that new/returning players will be denied, however, unless they make their own, because if they're not 70+, nobody's looking to recruit them. Having a Legion full of people means that you might be able to fill a FT group, if there isn't one going, even if it's mentored. It means that you may not have to do what I did today, and watch a C Dredge pop go the entire time, w/out getting a group to pop. So, I submit to you that the answer to your question is, quite simply, a good legion.
  9. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    I don't know; I remember grinding way harder back then for competitive gear than in Aion. I remember needing a full dharock set, a full verac set, an armadyl godsword, full bandos, full armadyl, ruby/diamond bolts, a dragon defender, etc. Compare that to Aion where you can farm and enchant a full 75ap set or a full apollon set in about a month or less. Well, that's unfortunate then. I guess I'll just have to hope that some English-fluent Korean player read this thread and decided to pass on the argument over to Korea. That's actually not my argument, although I agree that for many casual players, that's true. My original post is NOT about "the plight of casual players trying to become stronger" in Aion. My post is about "the plight of casual players who have nothing fun to do in the game EXCEPT get stronger by joining competitive players in the gear/skill race". In Runescape, you could grind mobs for hours, farm God Wars to get top-end gear, merchant your way to billions, and become the next Zezima. OR... you could grind mobs at your own pace, do fun quests and minigames, or cut yew trees for cash that you were going to spend on your construction level and player-owned house. In Aion 3.X, you could grind for hours per day to get to lvl 60, farm instances for gear/kinah, learn your class and your match-ups, and become the next ShingXiao. OR... you could grind mobs at your own pace (since the exp gap each level was big enough for people to actually stay at that level for a while), explore/PvP on a couple of maps via rifting, do a bunch of quests (aside from the "kill X mobs" quests, there were plenty of interesting ones like the campaigns, quests that required you to explore the opposite faction's map, quests that summoned hidden world bosses, etc.), and play around with your studio/house (fun leisurely content that wasn't outdated at this point in time). In Aion 5.X, you could grind for hours per day to get to lvl 75, farm the same instances for gear/kinah, learn your class and your match-ups, and become the next [insert competitive player here]. OR... you could... afk... maybe zerg PvP near the illuma/norsvold base if that's your cup of tea... maybe play around with outdated house content. None of these alternatives seem particularly fun compared to the examples I mentioned in the previous paragraph. This is the core of my complaint: this game is unfriendly to both casual players early-game (because of the rushed and deleted early-game content, a problem that Runescape and Aion 3.X did NOT have) and casual players end-game (because of the reasons I explained in this paragraph).
  10. State of the aion??? Come back?

    You can argue as much as you want, however, running a very limited number of instances solo (or even duo) doesn't qualify as fun for a significant number of people. I don't think you understand that, a by now people know how to level, unless they are completely new to the game - the issue is that it isn't worth the time it takes (the return on investment). Why wouldn't someone spend time on another activity (game) that is more enjoyable? what does Aion have to offer that is better than another game? Answer that question, then you attract new and casual players.
  11. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    Wow so upset. Just be level 66 and you will get a survey for 5 nutrient bundles. Not a big deal especially since they reverted the trees to what they were prior maintenance so they should be maxed. Unfortunately rewards are rubbish, Infinity Shard gear that's in untradeable boxes, what the heck?
  12. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    good thing they always have their hands full with something amirite because the game is always broken :>
  13. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    I think support at the moment have their hands fulls.
  14. Just add tempering/omega guestblooms You can also add Primal/DD/Kahrun/Steel Rose skin guestblooms too it would be awesome if they do this I'll get a studio on every alt lol
  15. Yesterday
  16. State of the aion??? Come back?

    well you don't need to be 75 to have fun neither, and you can look for variety yourself i only did Fissure during exp events not everyday, and there are several instances you can run solo or duo and get some tasty omegas while you level up. people need to look for alternatives for themselves instead of complaining and do nothing, for example during the 400% exp buff i was already 75 but wanted to fool around in CoE solo, every mob was giving me 200 / 260 Million exp each one, faster than killing fatties in Fissure and more fun at least for me.
  17. There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, December 13, 2017 from 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes. Changes Routine website and server maintenance. Kumuki's Cave Returns will end and return next week. The Giving Grove event continue for one more week. An issue where Soaring not being available on Ancient Archangel's Wings will be fixed. Various text and localization issues will be fixed. Be sure to follow @L2andAionOps for server updates. Thank you for your patience! Maintenance Images of the Week
  18. Video of Enchanting Past +25

    Here are the tallies from the video: Starting enchantment level: success / attempts (success rate) - odds to reach this level from +25 per round 25: 25 / 44 (57%) 26: 9 / 25 (36%) - 1 in 1.76 27: 2 / 9 (22%) - 1 in 4.88 28: 0 / 2 (0%) - 1 in 22 Each round resets whenever an enchantment attempts fails and drops back to the last safe level (+25). And remember, you cannot use supplements whenever you are overenchanting gears!
  19. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Gear ceiling in OSRS is much lower than you think. BiS gear in OSRS is only a little bit better than very easily attainable gear (think fighter torso vs BCP). I agree there are exceptions like the twisted bow though. To equate this back to Aion, imagine if all lvl41+ gear in OSRS was literally 1000x more expensive than it is now. Imagine playing that game. The economy was annoying to use at times, yes, but very stable. In terms of RWT, at no point was there a dramatic spike in GP per real dollar for example. It was very steady. NCSoft licensed its product over to Gameforge for EU. I am sure that contract gave Gameforge the ability to customize the game more for their region without the need for NC Korea's approval. To answer your question, no, NCWest is indeed not capable of implementing their own minor changes without NC Korea's approval. If you think I'm lying, there's a reason why this game is 99.99999% identical to Korea's version. Even if NCWest was too lazy to do any level of customization, it would of at least accidentally happened to some degree by now. Your complaint at its' core is that, unlike OSRS, if you spend an hour or two playing Aion after work, when you log off you don't feel like your character is any stronger and you didn't necessarily have any fun. I understand, and it's true.
  20. Video of Enchanting Past +25

    In the video, is that Abyss or Harvester gear? From the English Powerbook, it says that the upgraded Harvester are not included in overseas 5.8 - i.e. we will them in 6.0.
  21. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    I agree with the appeal of Runescape's simple mechanics since it was easy for casual players to learn it AND easy for competitive players to take it to the next level (via prayer flashing, gear switching, special attacks, etc.), and I also agree that the game had a much clearer character progression system. I don't agree with the stable economy being an appealing factor because way even back in 2006 when the game was at its peak, there was no grand exchange. People sold their items via word of mouth, and there wasn't even a broker system, so the economy wasn't all that stable. As high as the gear ceiling is in Aion, the gear ceiling in Runescape was many times higher. I'm noticing a pattern of some people in this thread falling into the trap of talking about the plight of competitive players and newbies trying to be competitive. This thread is about the players who choose NOT to be competitive at all. I'm under the impression that GM's have some power. After all, Aion over in EU has a whole daily quest system that Korea doesn't have. Is NCWest not capable of implementing some of its own minor changes?
  22. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    It's a completely different monetization scheme over there. If it rained gear here in NA, BCM sales would plummet and so would profits. It's too late for NA. Once you go F2P (and do it wrong), you can't go back. This is an interesting video series that many people here may find interesting:
  23. State of the aion??? Come back?

    Realistically, if most people want to level from 71 onwards, there isn't anything now but the the same repetitive quests and solo dungeons (agreed, we did have XP events). There are no interesting quest lines , no player-driven or interactive events that give experience. Since it's so repetitive, players soon lose any sense of immersion, so they get bored. Personally, I already have a job, I don't need to log in and do they same damn thing every day on multiple alts just to get ahead every..single..damn...day.... For MONTHS. I got to 75 on my main, but there's no way I ever want to level my alts to 75. Some people only play Aion, and they're so hooked on it, they don't realize that anything else does or can exist - until you see that you really can have fun in a game.
  24. State of the aion??? Come back?

    I think if we are all vocal enough about actual PvP events we might actually get one. BRING BACK DAEVADOME
  25. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Yes, but to make an account you need a unique social security number to do so. If someone doesn't play Aion (and this is the only way), they can use their SS number to create an account and allow someone else to play. But I completely agree. The fact that we can figure out the entire game before it ever hits us completely ruins the experience. I do however think that even though NCWest only controls events, that's all they need to be able to control to fix the game. But instead they give us Nutrients every couple hours (Koreans get +10 Manastone bundles and Felicitous for being logged in at iCafes for 6+ hours on weekends) and expect us to be happy without having a PvP event I think since the Abyss was reopened.
  26. SM vs Sorc

    I would worry more about whomever is more skilled , and to a lesser extent - their level difference.
  27. State of the aion??? Come back?

    Damn boy! i can smell the salt from over here. Lv 1 to 65 is really easy now, with the extra exp from Fast Track Server, the ridiculous amount of exp from blue quests (in some cases like 10 times higher than common quests from the same area) and the adition of free Fledgling Gear a Lv 10 set with stats from a Lv 50 set all enchanted to +10, and in lv 55 you get another free set with stats like gear lv 68/69 ( Elite Fledgling Orb Lv 55 vs Orb of Adma Lv 69 ) This means you can easily lv up all by yourself, but that is your choice. The majority of the game population is playing in the new content Lv +66 onwards so there might not be a lots of groups going on in lower lvls, but you always can post and form a group, no need to wait for someone else to make one, besides all the old instances were nerfed several times, so the best is to run Duo or Trio you can always find ppl for Fire Temple and Beshmundir Temple ( it seems the middle instances like Teo Lab and Adma stronghold goa bit unnoticed, but some ppl run them too ) Leveling from 66 to 70 is not hardcore at all -_-" is fairly easy, in Lv 71-72 you start to see the things slowing down but again is not hardcore, the real exp Grind is lv 73-75, and we are at 5.6 now compared to 5.0 things are much softer, there are a lot of Big Exp quest, Like 5 Archdaeva Instances were nerfed they are so much more easy now and mobs inside give more exp, we had a lot Exp events 100% 200% for entire weeks heck we even had 400% buff, damn my alts are lv 70 and 71 from afk Lunas and Running Kumuki. We have 5.8 incoming in a few months and guess what... the main instance for lvling is Fissure of Oblivion, mobs there are going to give 1.5 to 2x more exp, more instances nerfed, a lot more quest with big exp rewards a New coin to get gear, Lv 80 Abyss gear won't break anymore, some accesories (not all) will have a safe checkpoint in +6, so no more reseting to +0 Well i guess i really didn't answer exactly your questions, but hey Aly and Orihime already have done that, you have the optimistic and pessimistic answers choose your side
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