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  2. @Cyan - Transformation System

    Today I tested transformations in other regions. I m surprised how more fluid the game is with the orginal cast and atk spd. Is there any reason to these nerfs? Maybe the team found some unbalance in pvp or things like that? @Cyan
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  4. IDD Entry Count

    they like to nerf NA alltime
  5. IDD Entry Count

    The other day while watching the stream of the 7.0 preview I noticed that IDD was still 2/2 with prestige. Is that a thing that was bugged because of the test server or are we only getting only 2 entries with prestige unlike other regions that get 4 runs without any pack or are we actually getting 4 with no prestige and 5 with prestige?
  6. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    thx for the thxs and yw!!! @Arhangelos-KT when Asmodians get the altars it will be 1 quest for all the faction and 1 NPC with the weekly quest for the legion that owns it. So it will beneficial but is not like you can not gear if you are a solo player. It will just be slower. It ill also have 1 NPC that sells goodies for the entire faction and 1 special NPC that sell only for the legion that owns. With limitations. I've asked around in EU servers and players are pretty happy with the update. It's just a matter of trying it.
  7. The point is Aion used to be an awesome game, remember when you had to craft your own extendibles. And you felt so good when you finally did it, because then you could go round beating people's asses that used to kite you? This game used to be awesome, what happened? They did so many changes to my stigmas, I logged in one day and was just lost, how do I get my stigmas now?nyerk it. Game is rubbish now. Oh shit, I have to pay money to upgrade my stigmas now? Suck my ass.
  8. Whats the lowest gear you can PvP in?

    Painter got nerfed in a 7.2 minipatch. Hard nerfed. Really nerfed. It is still strong, but nowhere near like it was when it arrived. Also, this is not KR. They can buy enchantment stones from shop pretty cheap over there. It will take some time for people to be fully geared over here.
  9. @Cyan - Transformation System

    Then we start a new one. And another one. And so on.
  10. Yesterday
  11. @WinBoat-KT, GP was introduced on 4.5, the AP->GP quest was introduced on 4.7 I think, and Enshar/Cygnea was introduced on 4.8.
  12. @Cyan - Transformation System

    yeah i know but might get locked before they do
  13. Gameplay suggestions

    There are games that have successfully legitimized bots. There's at least one MMO that had an excellent crafting system - it was similar to our aether forging, but used a type of bot. Once you had the mats, you could start automated tasks at any time., only limited by the crafts that you knew and the number of your crafting assistants. You could be doing whatever you wanted in the meantime. You could even log out. Once your crafting was done, you got a notification for each completed task. It really made crafting a lot easier.
  14. Opinions are opinions, and everything is subjective but for me 3.0 was the absolute best patch Aion has ever had and gave me the most good memories of playing Aion as well as frustrating days as well like getting ganked when leveling, but here's why 3.0 was the best. Playerbase -Siel had so many players then, and any game with a lot of players is a good thing, the community is alive, lots of chances to make friends, be social etc..... Broker prices - The broker prices in 3.0 was really cheap to about how they are currently. 4.0 everything like skins skyrocketed in price like up to 200mil for a lot of costumes. Rifting - For me, rifting/pvp was the best thing about Aion as well as one of the most frustrating things about Aion outside of manastone socketing which made many quit. Pride between the two factions abyss wars whether western shard, or forts hard instances.... As hard as they were, I miss that. Now instances are cupcakes and are jokes. Maps/Areas..... I miss all those old areas that I leveled through and got so many memories of. Eltnen being the map I miss the most, and then Katalam, too bad they are all gone, even Veteron, I loved it, so many memories. Abyss point system - Way better than any other system they tried, or have done. Only if they could have reset every 3 months to zero, and start all over on ranking system, would have been perfect. Sarpan duels...... Pretty good entertainment at night on the weekends and stuff, they drew quite a crowd sometimes. I don't miss the old manastone socketing format, that was terrible. I also hated the RNG of getting gear drops from instances that took you hours to do only to walk away empty handed. Those are the two worse things about Aion 3.0 Aion 4.0 was the next best patch with all the new costumes, and classes. Only thing I didn't like about 4.0 was the change to the GP system, and influx of hackers compared to previous patches. Also gear dictated a lot of things in terms of PvP VS Skill. After 4.0, or should I say 4.5? Whenever they introduced Cygnea, everyone quit. Removing Katalam and Danaria was the worse decision they ever made. I'm convinced if they had not removed those maps, the games playerbase or for siel at least would have still been pretty big for a few more years until maybe 2017 at least. It is what it is. I could tell many stories from leveling experiences, pvp experiences, social experiences during the times of 3.0 and 4.0. I don't think any new patch would create memories like that. You got from 1 to what, 80 in a day? You coast through instances solo now with a group....... Times have changed.
  15. Genesys cristal for 7.0

    If you are starting now, you can get like 800 GC this week, so its not like anything you do makes much of a difference.
  16. Genesys cristal for 7.0

    The T2 ancient is quite a bit better than the T1 ancient -and- it's tuneable.
  17. Genesys cristal for 7.0

    Save them. If don't have gear yet can use them to go right to T2 ancient gear
  18. How are you going to play Aion if you are homeless ? Keep your computer in the van ? On the rest I have to agree. Well, at least Katalan is coming back.
  19. Genesys cristal for 7.0

    Should I save them for 7.0 or use them now?
  20. That's bad when people miss 5x. That mess was horrible. Quit your job and become homeless just to make it to level 75 in less than a year. I enjoyed Aion pre 4.8, back before they deleted 2 of the most awesome world pvp maps I have ever been on in any game. Why they would do that still baffles me to this day. Don't you just hate when the world blows up and all your favorite places to go are gone?
  21. Gameplay suggestions

    I am getting the feeling you have never played BDO.
  22. How many ultimate manastones for pve and pvp

    The important thing to note here is that you have to buy the manastone recipes from the Stellium vendor using Stellium, players don't start 7.0 knowing the recipe automatically.
  23. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    If we want to go old school, the two factions reach an agreement where the dominated faction gets a single altar while the dominant faction gets everything else, and, within that, legions rotate who gets ownership. And then everything falls apart, everyone blames the other, and it becomes an FFA mess, leaving the dominated faction to transfer/quit while the dominant factions cries that there's no one to pvp against. Good times. Note: I don't know how these new altars work and am mostly being snarky.
  24. Jhyatsu - Legion Phoenix Order - lvl 6

    Windows XP be like
  25. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    So altars will only benefit legions who own them, welcome to the old school drama about legion politics. This is an update I know I won't bother much with the new content if this is the case. I enjoyed my solo-friendly content in 5.8 and up to 6.5.
  26. Nice Changes, Or So I thought...

    Google "aion translator" and use the website to translate "Please no pvp, I just want to craft." Press U (macro window) and save the translated text to a macro. Drag that icon onto your skill bar so it's easily accessible. When someone of the opposite faction gets close to you, press your macro icon. I'd say probably 50% of people will respect that and leave you alone. I personally will not kill any elyos who asks me not to because if they took all that time to ask, I would assume they really just want to be left alone. But remember, not everyone will care. It should help a little though.
  27. Nice Changes, Or So I thought...

    Well this is a PvPvE game and to provide the open world PvP, the designers need to entice players to be out in the open world. That's why they place some of the entrances to instances in areas that you have to run to. That's why they have the weekly artifact quests. That's why the crafting mats need to be farmed in PvP zones. This game isn't like GW2, where you can avoid PvP completely. You can do things to make yourself safer, but you won't ever be 100% safe.
  28. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    Damn, thankies @Zeyra-KT for this sheet! I've been looking for an updated version since the old one got outdated. Looking forward to it! <3
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