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  2. Hey ya'll, I've forwarded this to the appropriate team for investigation. Thank you for letting us know!
  3. Hi Navyan, this definitely sounds like a mistake. If you submit a ticket to Support here, I suspect they will get you sorted out. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm saying that I won't commit the team to a specific cadence. Regardless, there is every intent to continually add new cosmetic content so hopefully we end up fulfilling that #1 request!
  4. Okay, so first I wanna say thanks for all your feedback. We know that although this server consolidation will improve the gameplay experience, there will be unavoidable consequences. One consequence we are seeing wide discussion on is from players who could possibly lose their names. What we would like to do is try to ensure that those who secure coveted names are the most deserving of them - whether through seniority or hours played, or some combination of these two factors. With that in mind, we have updated the FAQ to include the following: ---------------------------------------
  5. Click the link that says "issuing compensation" for details. Lots of comments on this. Currently, I understand that the goal is to launch a new set of cosmetics each week. I'm not sure the team can commit to it necessarily, but it is our current intent. Mentioned in another thread that this was closed out and abusers are/have been actioned. We're welcoming feedback on what players would like to see more of in the next Daeva Pass. So far, I've collected a good bit of requests for cosmetics, coins, scrolls, and a better cost/duration ratio. Can't commit to any of these
  6. Hello everyone, To help improve the gameplay experience for all players/factions, we are have distributed surveys to all Asmodian players on Israphel between levels 15 - 49. Please see the list below for the quantities: level 15~19 - 2x Lodas Amulet III level 20~24 - 4x Lodas Amulet III level 25~29 - 6x Lodas Amulet III level 30~34 - 10x Lodas Amulet III level 35~49 - 20x Lodas Amulet III We hope these rewards contribute to an increasingly improved experience for all players on Israphel!
  7. As many of you have noticed, the Asmodian Wyvern candy was not properly distributed. We will be making another attempt tomorrow to ensure that Asmodians also receive this reward.
  8. Hi everyone. Thankfully we were already at work on this one. This morning we addressed this exploit and we are currently going through the logs to take appropriate action against anyone who chose to exploit this issue.
  9. On August 4, we will be consolidating the Danaria and Katalam Servers. Below, we have attempted to answer a number of questions which we expect users might have. We will also do our best to answer any questions here in the thread. Q: My character is on Katalam. What happens to me? A: Characters on Katalam at the time of the merge will keep their character name and housing. If you have Asmodian and Elyos characters on the same server after the merge, you will be unable to create more characters until only one race is present. The following Q&A applies to characters on D
  10. Woops. Thought those were for both factions. We'll get this fixed asap.
  11. Thank you for the report, I've gone ahead and shared this with the team.
  12. Hi, please be sure to reach out to Support regarding this! We are looking to collect as much information from users experiencing this as possible. Here is a link to submit a ticket: https://support.aionlegionsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I've confirmed w/ the team (and added above) that a new outfit called "Cool Swimsuit" will be added tomorrow!
  13. Hi everyone, we have added additional details to the maintenance post above. Thank you!
  14. Hi everyone - In compensation to players who purchased the Season 1 Daeva Pass and were highly impacted by this issue, we will be sending out the following during tomorrow's maintenance: 20x Greater Courage Scroll 20x Greater Awakening Scroll 10x Physical Crit Scroll 10x Magical Crit Scroll 5x Spicy Rice 3x Lodas Amulet III 2x Administrator's Boon 20x Greater Healing Postion 10x Brave Wyvern Candy 20x Greater Recovery Serum To all players utilizing the Daeva Pass (premium or free), we will be granting everyone three bonus l
  15. Hello Daevas, Regularly scheduled maintenance will begin tomorrow at 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 11am UTC). For Aion, we are expecting a downtime of approximately 3 hours 45 minutes and to implement the following: Kumki’s Cave event begins. Garden Of Growth event ends. Ice Cube Promotion ends. Characters who have not logged in since October 24th 2019 will have their names randomized and receive a name change coupon. Housing Auctions are disabled on Katalam until the upcoming server Merge. Character Creation is disabled on Danaria. As we outli
  16. Hello Daevas, Regularly scheduled maintenance will begin tomorrow at 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 11am UTC). For Aion Classic, we are expecting a downtime of approximately 2 hours 45 minutes. Please expect the following during maintenance: We will be issuing compensation for the issues related to the Daeva Pass. All players will have their Daeva Pass levels increased by up to 3. Players who purchased premium of Season 1 will receive a bundle items. A special EXP 30% event for 1 week will begin. A new outfit "Cool Swimsuit" will be added!
  17. Hey everyone - just sharing here for awareness - our Support team is eager to gather more information on this issue. If you have been experiencing it, please reach out to support so they can help!
  18. Hi everyone, While we had hoped to be able to share messaging on the merge prior to today, we were forced to delay the sharing of these details until tomorrow. However, at this point we can say that you can confidently look for them tomorrow a.m. Thank you!
  19. Earlier
  20. Sending the team this thread to make sure they’re aware. Will update if I’m told there’s anything to share, but it also seems this issue is resolving for some.
  21. I'll pass this along for feedback and investigation. In-game notifications were shared at approximately 10:15 as I understand, though as Alvie suggests they may have only been in chat. Regarding the issue itself, a fix was only identified very recently (within the last hour) and its immediate deployment prioritized.
  22. Hi everyone, We are in the process of bringing down the servers for an emergency maintenance to address the issues with Daeva Pass Season 2. We expect downtime to last for less than one hour - and hope to have the issues fully resolved post-hotfix. We will be monitoring this thread in case there are any concerns or issues which arise after the hotfix is deployed. Thank you.
  23. Just wanted to share that I have added this to the list of things being reported to the team. Thanks.
  24. We are still investigating. Cannot say yet whether this will be resolved on the shorter-term, or further out. I can say the team is motivated and I see that many people are involved on the investigation, but the fix will depend on the cause, and the steps involved to adress it. Generally when limited info is at play, I recommend setting expectations towards patience.
  25. As I understood, this issue had been resolved. Is you're still experiencing this issue, please contact support here. They may be able to help, or ensure QA is tracking the issue still. As the when this Daeva Pass Season 2 will be fixed, I will be sure to update when I have additional information. Sorry I can't offer more atm, that's all the info I have
  26. It is a bug, and it seems that it's the cause of the other issues w/ Daeva Pass reward distribution atm.
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