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  1. Yesterday
  2. housing Refunds

    Hi all, We're looking into the issue where players received unexpected amounts of Kinah from their house during the merge process and we will update everyone when we have more information to share. Please be aware this is a separate issue than the players caught abusing the housing bids prior to the merge. Thank you.
  3. AP to GP npc

    There are no plans to reverse the transactions. The NPC was only available for a small window of time, so the amount of players that exchanged their AP is rather small. The NPC will not be returning in the future either.
  4. Last week
  5. Yes support will be able to change the name no matter what, so you are safe to use the ticket prior to sending in a ticket.
  6. housing Refunds

    We've identified several players that were attempting to abuse the housing bids prior to the server merge which we warned about in our FAQ here. These players will find they did not receive their Kinah refund for the housing they purchased.
  7. Known Issues: Server Merge

    The titles unfortunately were not part of the merge process and they need to be sent out manually. We will try to have everyone's sent out next week.
  8. Known Issues: Server Merge

    Hi everyone, we're investigating the issues reported since the server merge such as logging into Iluma/Norsvold and the Coalition window. We will update everyone as soon as we have information to share. Thanks for the reports.
  9. AP to GP npc

    H there, the NPCs were not supposed to appear and we have removed them. Thank you for the report on this. The merges have introduced a few quirks and we're working to get them all ironed out.
  10. Known Issues: Server Merge

    The forum database is working hard! All names for characters should start appearing and showing up but it may need a little time. The in-game server names will be updated so they are same as the forums.
  11. Known Issues: Server Merge

    Wait a little bit to see if the issue is resolved. If it does not resolve, would you mind sending me your character info so we can take a look? Thank you.
  12. Hello Daevas, Below you can find a list of currently known issues due to the server merge. Known issues: Players are unable to access Panesterra. Accounts with a faction conflict may not be able to log into any character. Please wait a few minutes after attempting to log in the first time and attempt to log into the character again. If you encounter any issues please report them below. Thank you.
  13. Hello Daevas, As you login today, you will see many new faces. Say hello and make some new friends. Things will take a little bit to get back to normal and for everyone to get back into the swing of things. The first thing you should do after logging in is claiming your name, and your Legion name if you are a Brigade General. If your previous name is unavailable, and you feel someone has maliciously stolen your name, please refer our name change policy. In the coming weeks the following will happen: October 25: Free character transfers will resume with unlimited Kinah and the 9K GP limit. Please only transfer characters that have faction conflicts. Late October/Early November: Housing auctions will be enabled. Early-Mid November: Free character transfers will be disabled, and any remaining faction conflicts will be force-transferred. November 11: Support will no longer handle character name discrepancies. Here on the forums, you will also find the new Danaria and Katalam forums open for server-centric discussion. You can view the full server merge FAQ post here, and the full character name policy here. We also have a known issue list for merge related issues which can be found here. Thank you and see you in game!
  14. This is correct. Apologizes for my typo, I have corrected it! I'll double check with them. The estimated time is supposed to be 11 hours. Thank you.
  15. @Cyan FALLEN POETA

    Thread was locked due to ongoing discussions in another thread. Let's keep everything confined to a single thread please. Thank you.
  16. There will be a scheduled game update Wednesday, October 11, 2017 from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 11 hours. Changes Routine website and server maintenance. Haunted Energy event will continue for two more weeks. Double EXP will be activated for one week. Servers will be merged. Please see here for more details. Be sure to follow @L2andAionOps for server updates. Thank you for your patience! Thank you for your patience! Maintenance Images of the Week
  17. Earlier
  18. Hello Daevas, Based on your reports and our investigation, we have identified many players abusing Fallen Poeta with third-party programs. We have taken action against these accounts up to and including permanent account closure. Cheating in Aion is never okay in any circumstance, and we hope this will be a lesson and a warning to all. Thank you all for raising this issue to us to keep Aion fair and enjoyable for all.
  19. Rotating Weekend Boost #6

    Hi there, What Keuroket said is correct, the cake was brought in due to the server-wide boost being absent. The rotations will continue as they have and the new schedule will be posted this week. If you're looking for even more bonus experience, worry not because there will be additional experience in future events, which we will share at that time. Thank you!
  20. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    The Kinah from losing your house will be distributed during the maintenance for the server merge. So when you log in, you should see all that Kinah.
  21. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Hi all, We don't yet have an exact date for when housing auctions will be opening. We are looking at about 3 to 4 weeks after merges happen. We want to make sure the servers have stabilized before opening them. We will be announcing the date one week in advance before they are opened. Any housing items you purchased from the store, and lost due to the merge (such as the wallpapers or other housing consumables) you can contact our support department and they will assist you with restoring those items.
  22. Starting on October 8, 6:00am PDT / 1:00pm UTC, the payment system will undergo maintenance for approximately 8 hours. During this time, you may continue to purchase and spend NCoin, but Prestige Pack subscriptions will be unavailable. If you are considering purchasing Prestige Pack, please be sure to do so prior to the maintenance.
  23. Greetings Daevas, Server merges are happening on Wednesday, October 11. Character names and Legion names will be reset, and all character will receive a Name Change Ticket and Legion Brigade Generals will receive a Legion Name Change to reacquire the names they were using before the merge. Of course we expect there to be conflicts as players with the same name on different servers may be attempting to reclaim their ownership on the new merged server. We’ll be helping directly mediate any name ownership disputes through our Customer Support department. For us to be able to assist everyone as quickly as possible, please be aware of the following: Only reacquire a name you were actively using prior to the server merges. If you have no prior claim to the name and a dispute is filed, you will lose it. Further, if there is malicious intent found to be behind you acquiring the name, action can and will be taken against your account. Do not hold names for friends. A name ownership dispute is the appropriate avenue for them to resolve their request. Also be aware Legion/Character Name Change tickets will also temporarily be made unavailable for purchase following the merge, which will make saving names more difficult for both of you. Customer Support will assist players with name ownership disputes, and determining rightful ownership based on the following: Are both characters level 65+? If not, the higher level character will own the name If so, ownership will be given to the character with the earliest creation date Are both legions recently active with active players? If not, the more active legion will be given the name If so, ownership will be given to the legion with the highest contribution Please understand that name ownership disputes may take time based on overall request volume, with the average wait time being up to a week or longer. We’ll be handling these requests in the order in which they’re received. You have up to 30 days from the merge date to submit an appeal for a name ownership dispute.
  24. Containment Charms

    There is a bit of a surplus on the charms you receive. If we run the event again in the future we will look to have the numbers tweaked a bit, but for now they're extra easy to get so most everyone should be able to participate every day.
  25. Why maintenances so long lately?

    Maintenance has been longer recently due to the very high amount of players transferring each week to avoid faction conflicts. You can probably expect a longer maintenance for the next few weeks then everything should start going back to normal as things even out.
  26. If this was not related to the 32 bit client, you can try repairing your client. If that does not work please submit a ticket to our support department so they can assist you in troubleshooting the issue.
  27. Haunted Energy Item Reward List

    I will re-bump this to the item overlords. Also, the next events will have some of the items requested here so look forward to them towards the end of the month.
  28. still no 64bit client

    No restart! 64 bit client should be enabled, all you have to do is relaunch the game.
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