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  2. Hello everyone, There will be a routine maintenance occurring tomorrow. Servers are expected to become unavailable at approximately 4am PT, and remain offline for approximately two hours. Thank you! Maintenance Memes:
  3. Hi everyone, I hope everyone has had a nice two weeks. The team here has been hard at work on the upcoming update, which we’re hoping to deploy in August. We’ll have more to share about that in an upcoming news post. They’ve also been considering additional changes we can make given the feedback you’ve been sharing. With that in mind, we wanted to put together a post to share some updates, and engage in some discussion. Siege Schedule With the next update, we’ll be implementing a new Siege Schedule change. While we look forward to engaging in more back-and-forth with you on decisions like this in the future, we prioritized delivering sooner than more discussion, especially given the results of Loki’s poll. The new Siege time will be at 8pm Server Time (7pm PT, 10pm ET). We hope this is a welcome change. Out of concern for potential time conflicts with Demaha Altar sieges, we’ve also adjusted those times on days where they both occur. Prestige Pass Benefits It’s been some time since we made any significant update to the Prestige Pass Merchant, and it’s been an area of feedback which we felt we could update on short notice. To address that, we will be lowering many prices across the board, and looking to offer better value for participants. We agreed that the current primary benefit was the buff/bonus instance entries, and wanted the Prestige Pass to feel more meaningful than that. Thanks for calling this area out. Arena Compensation Thank you for bringing this back onto our radar. It appears that this compensation was simply lost in the shuffle, but fulfilling it requires a non-trivial amount of work. Because of the amount of work required, we can’t do this immediately, but the team has confirmed that these rewards will be distributed prior to the end of August. Thank you for all the tolerance, patience, and understanding you showed during the wait. Katalam Restarts Members of the team also expressed a desire to speak to the Katalam Restarts. Please know we are working arduously to identify and fix the issue, but as of now have no other status update to provide. Transformations This is an area where I personally expect a bit of discussion to take place, and to get things started the team is thinking of dropping the price on white transformation contracts on the Gold Sand Traders, and adding a Green or above contract. This contract would have different costs associated with it, but we wanted to provide a better opportunity for newer players to gain access to low/mid-tier transformation contracts. For more advanced players, we saw interesting requests to expand availability of Ultimate Transform Potions. We're intrigued by this, but we want to be careful to address the pain point without hurting the appeal of unlocking transformations. It’s a complex topic, so we’re going to take some time to think about it, and follow up in a future post with some ideas to discuss. There were several topics here, so please give us your thoughts and feedback on these areas so that we can ensure we’re taking steps in the most productive direction. Thanks for being companions with us in making Aion the best it can be, and we hope you have a great week!
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  5. Updated, thanks @Bjorn-DN! I'll pass the transformation/enchant stone feedback along to those who make those decisions
  6. Hi everyone, below are the maintenance notes for tomorrow. Expect downtime to last from 4am - 6:45am PT, though as always these are estimates. Content Changes Celestial Armory and Balaurea Reborn will end. Frosty Fever Event will begin. Collect frosty treats and use them for buffs, or trade them in for special rewards! Gameplay Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where item resurrection was unintentionally enabled in certain areas of Altar of Ascension. Fixed a display-only issue where one of the GP season rewards would not display when moused over. On a side note, we look forward to providing another update on your feedback early next week. We'll have details to share on Siege Schedule Changes, among other things. Also, here's some cute/ridiculous from the web
  7. Rune Slots + Gem slots need a retuning option.

    They're coming. The first way to obtain them will be revealed soon in an official post.
  8. Which fortress is this happening at?
  9. @kibbelz

    Working on it! Our forum guru is out of the office at the moment
  10. We have heard no details around this, but feel free to report any suspicious claims to our support team. This strikes me as being simply a rumor, which I've seen a few of floating around lately.
  11. cube for set

    An interesting idea! I am not sure of the requirements or demands on this from our side, but I'll share the notion w/ the team.
  12. It should be deployed very soon, if not already!
  13. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    Interesting idea @Haon-KT. It would likely be weeks ahead rather than days, b/c of how long implementation can take, but it is an interesting suggestion! Could be a part of how we approach addressing the 'Events' Topic which was a little lower in popularity, but should be easier for us to tackle on our end.
  14. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    Let me look into it now. Thanks for calling it out.
  15. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    Okay so this is scary to me to see @Vantheria-DN. It might mean I am not communicating well - let me try a little here, and see how it goes. Maybe more explanation will be in order. First, there are several items that were Popularity #1. Screencapping just the top one and calling it our #1 priority could seed some serious misunderstanding for other players. Popularity is a factor in helping us determine priority, but popularity =/ priority. We will make an effort to solve the issues around RNG, but Aion is Free to Play, and so has a monetization model that is not based on game sales. I expect to find RNG to be a very sensitive issue with many people throughout the team who care about how it's implemented. It will take time and careful consideration to find our resolutions here. It will not be weeks, it will be months, so while it's a top priority it's likely not #1. To discuss Priorities, our priorities for the next game team update are currently focused around Prestige, Transformations, Siege Schedule, and the Arena Compensation. This could change, but it's where we're currently at. I can't stress enough that this is all going to take time. Please don't try to spread unrealistic expectations. This is a major shift in direction from how Aion has been operating thus far, and everything I've learned has taught me that big ships take time to change their heading. Hopefully we can be partners in making that happen. Edit: Sorry for the serious post, I just want to make sure I'm sending the right message amidst all this.
  16. Red Cellar reset feature is weekly

    It wont be fixed today, but it hasn't been forgotten. There are some other bigger issues taking priority first x_x.
  17. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    Hi everyone, Thanks for sharing all your thoughts on the post/progress - it's been very encouraging to read! It's been a busy day so I haven't been able to chat here much, but rest assured I'll make it through all your additional feedback. I wanted to provide a small detail that we may have overlooked in the initial post to head off any confusion - the Luna change will be deployed during the next game update, but this does not include maintenance windows such as the one tomorrow. It shouldn't be more than a month, though delays are possible. Looking forward to having it to you soon! Thanks again for all the kind messages. I will be sure to share your appreciation with the team.
  18. Hello everyone! A planned Maintenance is in place for tomorrow beginning at 4am PT. We expect downtime to last for up to 3.5 hours, until 7:30am PT. Changes being implemented are detailed below: Content Changes Aetherforge Masters begins! Now through September 2, new Aetherforging crafting recipes are being added to your characters, allowing you to obtain elusive, powerful gear. See our news post for additional details. Shattered Abyssal Splinter will return after its hiatus. A survey with related items will be made available until maintenance on 8/5. A +200% EXP boost event (300% total XP) begins, and will last until maintenance on 8/19. The enchantment rate for Stigma Enchantment Stones will be permanently increased to 30% when used on Stigmas of +9 or higher enchantment level. Gameplay Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the 12th Altar merchant would sometimes spawn inside terrain or otherwise be in an inaccessible area. Localization/Text Fixes Removed developer text visible in some NPC dialogs. Fixed the Abyss Core map not displaying some icons when accessed via certain methods. Fixed a typo in the description of Blessed Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone. The soul healers Matias and Gallia in Inggison and Gelkmaros will now have a Divine Soul Healing function. Updated some skill names being used in the descriptions of Stigmas for Absolute Zero, Stone Scour, and Annihilation. Updated the Daevanion skill book for Minstrel's Revenge so its name reflects the correct skill learned. Known Issue Some Magic Resist manastones are incorrectly labeled as Magic Defense. Enjoy! https://imgur.com/a/CPoPj9K https://imgur.com/t/mrpuckett/SuSx6b8 https://imgur.com/a/Hn6wFc6
  19. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    No news yet for me sorry.
  20. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    @Nyali-DN I personally expect this list to be more of a living list. We will continue to try working on issues on it, but new issues or concerns will appear (caused by the removal of others, or game developments, or other factors). I would like to "keep a pulse" of how we can help make the game better (from your perspective) at all times. I hope the list is never empty b/c then I don't think I'm collecting issues/ideas from you! That said, if you meant everything on the list and nothing but, I'd just have no idea how to begin estimating that. There are so many devs, and so many unidentified solutions... I'm a single employee on a massive team. If there's an overwhelming interest in this question, I could see if the team could spare cycles to do some estimates together, but I personally don't expect that to be the case. Primarily b/c those estimates would take time from actually doing the dev work which I'm not sure enough players would want. Not the answers you may have hoped for, but I hope they give a little perspective from our side of things!
  21. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    @Anjo-KT This is good feedback. I will say that the team's current initiative is improving experience for "existing players", which I mentioned at the start of the feedback request post. But I get a sense that not too far from now we may be looking at the new player experience thanks to recent positive developments in Aion. @Rapier-DN You're not the first to mention Siege Schedule being too low on the list. This is why we're discussing I'm glad you mentioned it. The Luna rewards is not an issue I was around for, but let me check with the team and see if that's a low-hanging fruit. At the end of the day, I do my best but I hardly have a science, and that's why I check w/ you all. There are some Deep Learning softwares out there which companies have attempted to utilize (including ours), but I've found that so far, they are much less effective than estimate/revise/iterate.
  22. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    Even internally @Loki has been a godsend for helping me here on the forums, so I'm really happy to see ya'll giving him so much love <3 He deserves it for sure. Siege Schedules are on the radar for people, but they're taking a good bit of time to implement. Hopefully the more frequent dialogues between us will make changes like this more desirable the first time (AFAIK we changed it but not to the time most people wanted? It was right when I was joining the team) Regarding abyssal fragments - we totally understand that some people would have earned much more, especially if they were S-rank on every character. Unfortunately, our current tech did not anticipate this outage, and there's no easy way for us to grant targeted rewards based on performance in SAS. There's no question that this would be the ideal outcome, but it would be a significant effort for the team and delay development in other areas. With what we have, we can grant rewards per account via a survey. In the end, we made the hard choice of choosing this path. We welcome your feedback on whether you feel this was the right or wrong choice, as it will help guide us in future decisions. Wish we could offer more here.
  23. Hi everyone, Thank you for your patience. We are happy to share that we intend to bring Shattered Abyssal Splinter back online 7/29. We apologize for not being able to provide greater detail as the process was ongoing - but occasionally this is the nature of development. I will work harder to find details that can be shared in the event something like this occurs in the future. Otherwise, we hope that our transparency initiatives in other areas can make up for this... but until then, please know the following: We will be granting compensation for the downtime of 10 Experience Crystals, 10 Abyssal Fragments, and 1 Untradable Mysterious Recovery Serum Box for each day SAS has been offline. We understand that some players who achieved higher ranks may have earned more, and struggled with the best solution here. We hope this solution proves acceptable for now. To provide further experience-related assistance, we are activating a +200% Experience Bonus (300% total) event beginning on Wednesday. The event will run for three weeks through August 19th, at which point we will reassess. We also shared these details in our recent Game Team Feedback Update. Thanks again for your patience while we investigated <3
  24. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Thank you everyone here SO MUCH for your feedback. I want you to know that I read through each of these, and have organized them into "categorized albums" to help the Game Team more easily review the feedback. In many cases that many breaking up a comment so that it existed in multiple albums, since many of you had so much to offer. I recently shared an update from the Game Team here, where I detail what we've been up to, and some changes we will be making according to the feedback. Every journey begins with a first step, and I hope (and believe) there will be more to come! We already have our next meeting planned, and intend to follow-up as soon as possible afterwords. We will not longer be regularly monitoring this thread for input, so I have unpinned it. In future threads, we will be asking targeting questions for your input, and using the feedback you provided here to guide our selection. As you should expect though, we'll keep our ear pinned for any new issues/concerns. Thanks again for all the great feedback. It gave us a wonderful launching pad to kick things off from.
  25. Hi everyone! It's been one week since we posted our request for feedback, and since that time there has been vigorous discussion around dozens of topics related to Aion, all of which was individually reviewed. I wanted to offer a follow-up post to highlight the primary takeaways we had from your feedback, share a few changes we can make right now, and provide an idea our plans going forward. Feedback Review Let’s begin by reviewing your feedback. We organized feedback into 28 categories to help us process the information - and then prioritized the list according to the quantity of comments and intensity of opinion. You can view a screenshot of our categories and their priority ranking here. We'll be referring to this list going forward, so it is important that it's somewhat accurate. Please let us know what you think. Now, let's talk about some changes we are able to make (or begin making) right away. Immediate Changes In the future, we’d like a little more dialogue with you to make sure we’re making valuable/desired changes - but in this case the team wanted to demonstrate their eagerness to act by offering some immediate changes towards some of the problems we saw mentioned. Hopefully we made good decisions, but please let us know! We’re making two permanent changes, as well as taking a few actions to ease the experience drought that players are dealing with: Stigma Enchantment Rates: Shortly after reviewing your feedback together, the team requested an update to Wednesday’s patch to permanently increase stigma enchantment rates for +9 and higher to 30%. Thank you for sharing your feedback in this area; it was clear that 20% was a major pain point, and this was something we could easily address. Selective Retuning: The next game update (not maintenance) will contain a change targeted at making Selective Retuning a less painful experience by reducing the cost from 160 Luna per retune to 20 Luna. We read a lot about the pains of RNG, and this was one area where we felt confident to make an immediate change. There will be other changes to follow. Experience: Experience can be tough to come by, and the recent disabling of Shattered Abyssal Splinter (SAS) did not make things easier. We heard your concerns in the thread, and would like to offer two actions here: A compensation for the downtime of 10 Experience Crystals, 10 Abyssal Fragments, and 1 Untradable Mysterious Recovery Serum Box to each account for each day SAS has been offline. We understand that some players who achieved higher ranks may have earned more, and struggled with the best solution here. We hope this solution proves acceptable for now. We recently completed our investigation of SAS, and will be bringing the Instance back online this Wednesday, 7/29. However, we also read much about the experience-related challenges you face in your recent feedback. To provide temporary assistance, we are activating a +200% Experience Bonus (300% total) event beginning on Wednesday. The event will run for three weeks through August 19th, at which point we will reassess. Looking Forward We know this is just the beginning, but we hope these actions are an appreciable first step. In a few weeks, we will share some additional thoughts and potential changes to facilitate a more back-and-forth discussion. For the time being, we would like to hear what you think of these actions, as well as our interpretation/prioritization of your feedback. We hope this feels like a step in the right direction for Aion. If it does or does not, please share that as well. Thank you!
  26. "Force Union" Instead of League

    Force is the pre-translation name for Group. I'll send this to the Localization team, thank you for the report.
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