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  2. Broken Hearts Reward List

    Ah woopsie, that was the old name for us that still showed on the list when I was making it! I've updated it to show the proper name Harvester Equipment Soulstone. Thanks!
  3. Hello, so I left a reply a bit ago about getting other patches. Generally with this sort of thing we put them in the next major update, however, many of these changes might not make sense then. We're working with the development team to see what is able to be added and we're working on several things in that list and other things from the patches but we don't have the final details yet. Thank you!
  4. There are indeed only non-tradeable versions of the items in game. We can explore requesting adding tradeable versions for next year but unfortunately there will not be time to add it this year.
  5. Broken Hearts Reward List

    We're working on keeping relevant items for events and you guys have been very vocal about it which is good feedback we can use when deciding reward items. As for level reduction stones, this is a particular item that has been requested a lot and it's why they were given out in the Power Up Week rewards. We will be looking to add more to the game to help with lowering the levels down whether through events or other means. Some events will have different rewards than others of course. As always, keep sharing feedback here on the forums! Thank you.
  6. Greetings Daevas! It’s been a busy few months for Aion. We kicked off 2018 with our 5.8 launch, Aion: Heart of Frost, while in Korea, our mother studio launched the next chapter – Aion 6.0. While Aion 5.8 brought many new additions and changes, it also introduced some issues which we are working on with the dev team. Aion 6.0 It’s exciting to see so much discussion about Aion 6.0 since it was announced and subsequently launched. With the 6.0 update, Aion Korea has transitioned from a subscription model to a free-to-play model, along with making sweeping changes to game systems, landscape, and more. You may be wondering what does this mean for our service and how does it impact you as a player? First, a lot of really awesome things are coming – for a few examples, enchantment will become less risky and character leveling will be streamlined with a much easier progression curve. There are some pretty significant economy changes as well, so we are working with the dev team to identify how they will affect players and how we can improve the transition. The key to any major update is properly taking care of the veteran players who have stuck with us this whole time, who love Aion and have made it their home. Our aim is that the transition into the changed Atreia of 6.0 is as smooth as possible, and that all our players find a game that feels renewed, engaging, and fun, while retaining the unmistakable soul of Aion. XIGNCODE3 In a previous producer’s letter, I briefly mentioned another project that should improve our player experience, and we’re finally at a point where we can make a public announcement. Over the past several months, our development, security and operations teams have been hard at work implementing XIGNCODE3 with the North American Aion client. XIGNCODE3 is a powerful anti-cheat tool that is being utilized in another of NCSOFT’s titles, Blade & Soul, and this launch is a major step for us in addressing the hacking situation in Aion. We’ve kept in touch with the Blade & Soul team regarding the various challenges and successes they’ve had since launching XIGNCODE3, and are dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for our players. Look for more information on this very soon. XIGNCODE3 for Aion will be released with the February 21st patch. Up Next We’re still a ways off from Aion 6.0 launching in the West, but in the meantime we’re excited to have a few brand new events coming up over the next few months. Among these are Daeva Dash, a special 3v3 racing instance, and the return of Tiamaranta’s Eye. Thanks for reading!
  7. Weekend buff and Power Up Week results?

    I left a reply on the thread here: I am also in the process of updating the website. I will update this reply when the final count comes in!
  8. Power Up Week will be returning in the future. We don't have exact plans yet, and it may not be the exact same when when it's implemented again but the buffs will make their way back to you all in some form or fashion.
  9. Hello everyone! We have finalized the list of rewards that everyone will be receiving tomorrow in a survey. The total amount is not known yet as there are still several hours left before the event ends so we will update everyone on that tomorrow. Updated Rewards: 20 Luna [Event] Level Reduction Stone (x3) [Event] Berdin's Lucky Star (x5) Cute Minion Contract 3x XP + 50% Drop February 21 - February 28 3x XP + 50% Drop March 21 - March 28 Thanks!
  10. I am typing the post right now
  11. Big Sky Island Weekly

    Hi Vocifera, I will forward this feedback to the developers! Thank you.
  12. Hello Daevas, love is in the air, and below you can find the reward list for the Broken Hearts event. Full event details can be found here. Mended Heart: Apollon Weapon Box Apollon Armor Box Tempering Solution Omega Enchantment Stone Spinel Coin (x5) My Other Half T-Shirt I Can Hear Only You Matching T-Shirt I Am Yours Matching T-Shirt Berdin's Lucky Star Harvester Equipment Soulstone Essence Core Major Felicitous Socketing Box Stigma Sack Major Ancient Crown +6 Manastone Bundle Upgraded Blessed Recovery Serum Bundle Spinel Medal (x4) Crucible Spire Stigma Bundle Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic) (x2) Large Greater Supplements Bag (Eternal) (x2) Golden Wing Mark (x10) Enchantment Stone Dust (x500) Enamored Tiger Transformation Candy Box
  13. There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, February 14, 2018 from 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 3 hour and 30 minutes. Changes Routine website and server maintenance. Broken Hearts event will begin. Full details can be found here. Power Up Week will end. Community prizes will be distributed via survey tomorrow. Ires and Pensir, which have Gray Wolf Accessories, will be added in Iluma and Norsvold. Be sure to follow @L2andAionOps for server updates. Thank you for your patience! Maintenance Images of the Week
  14. Earlier
  15. Hello! So... It seems our estimates were rather off. As a community you guys have exceeded 130k as of noon today. This is far above the highest tier so all prizes will be unlocked. Since this number is much higher than the top tier, we will be giving out an extra prize to all. We don't have that prize determined as of yet so stay tuned. Thank you!
  16. We will be changing the name of the item to be a bit less confusing. Here is an image of the wings, sorry for how small it is! [Event] and non-event items will both count!
  17. There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, February 7, 2018 from 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 3 hour and 30 minutes. Changes Routine website and server maintenance. Joker's Wild will end! Cash in your chips before it's too late. Power Up Week will begin. Full details available here. Harvester Equipment Soulstones drops in Bastion of Souls will be updated based on difficulty: Mahorosh: 2/4/6 Opel/Shurak: 5/10/15 An issue where Minium Box from the Black Cloud Friday promotion not providing the Lucky Minium Bundle will be fixed. Various text and localization issues will be fixed. Be sure to follow @L2andAionOps for server updates. Thank you for your patience! Maintenance Images of the Week
  18. Aion February Preview

    All accessories (not plume, bracelets) will work with the event. If you discover an earring or any other accessory that does not work please let us know about it! I'll forward the suggestion! Thanks.
  19. Hello Daevas, Here is a preview for what to expect in February. Many of the features shared are still in active development so it may be subject to change. Upcoming Events: Power Up Week will begin next week. Broken Hearts will return in the middle of the month. Later in the month we will have a new Producer's letter! A brand new event will begin towards the end of the month. More details will be available in the Producer's letter. Rotating boost weekends will continue through February. Double XP February 2 - February 4 Double drop February 9 - February 11 Double crafting February 16 - February 18 Double AP February 23 - 25 Thank you
  20. The Power Up Week will have no effect on plumes! Only accessories, Essence Core, and stigmas.
  21. Yes they will be. The February preview will be up tomorrow which will include the schedule.
  22. Hello everyone! I've added an extra note to this week's maintenance post: Harvester Equipment Soulstone will now drop from Mahorosh in Bastion of Souls. The quantity will depend on the instance difficulty. Thanks!
  23. Doh! It does end next week. My memory and week processing skills have failed me today. Updated
  24. Divine Siege. No Reward.

    Hello all, We have sent out the missing Divine Fortress Equipment Evolution Material Bundles (whew) to everyone that participated in the first two week's sieges. Please check your in game mail for this! If for some reason you did not receive the items in your mail (or from support) please send a ticket so they can verify the rewards and add them to your account. Thank you!
  25. Returning player lost all characters

    Hi there, upon checking your account I can see you have 7 characters on the server Danaria with the highest being level 49, and 1 character on Katalam. Please make sure you're looking at the proper server when loading the game. On the character selection screen you can click "Select Server" on the top right of the screen.
  26. We're working with the dev team to get them functioning properly. Unfortunately they didn't make it into this maintenance but they are coming.
  27. There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, January 31, 2018 from 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hour and 30 minutes. Changes Routine website and server maintenance. Homeward Bound will end. Say your goodbyes to the helpful Daevas before they leave! Joker's Wild will continue for one more week. Harvester Equipment Soulstone will now drop from Mahorosh in Bastion of Souls. The quantity will depend on the difficulty. Be sure to follow @L2andAionOps for server updates. Thank you for your patience! Maintenance Images of the Week
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