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  2. New Launcher

    I'll bring it up with their team lead. Please continue to send in your tickets for these issues.
  3. Random server maintenance

    @Ele-DN there were no changes - this was simply an emergency maintenance to ensure the ongoing stable function of the servers @Gabrielis-KT - thanks for that feedback. The goal was to give a time zone EU members could easily convert to their local time zone - but you make a good point that server time will be the easiest to interpret for experienced players, so we'll look to include that going forward
  4. HELP !!!! High Ping for past 3 days

    Agree with @Arhangelos-KT, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to reach out to CS if you cannot easily resolve it. Here's a link if you haven't made a ticket already: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  5. GET it together

    Hey @Saijah-KT. Sorry to hear about your experience, especially with such a new machine! Could you reach out to our customer support team with details? There is a chance they might be able to help, or at a minimum the info could be very helpful for our QA team. Thanks, and good luck. Here's a direct link to our CS ticket submission: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  6. Last week
  7. Thanks @HealingSquid-KT - I've made a note to investigate.
  8. Feedback: Event Thread

    Thanks @Kallistu-DN <3
  9. @Kallistu-DN @Arhangelos-KT This is correct - although the Nightmare Coins are named differently - they will be functioning as Event Coins going forward! You can use these in future events. @Yuweh-KT I always welcoming specific feedback, ideally constructive but it doesn't need to be. I'd appreciate more details on what's specifically set you off.
  10. Hello again everyone The Anniversary is nearly upon us! We've seen how eager many of you are to see what's coming - so be sure to investigate our newest article covering the Anniversary festivities! To prepare for what's to come, we will be conducting our weekly server maintenance tomorrow from approximately 4am - 6:30am PT (7am - 9:30am ET, 11am - 1:30pm UTC). You will note the following changes are being included: Event Updates Dungeon Delve event will end. Dream World event will begin. Daeva Rangers event will begin. Shugo Sweep will begin. In addition, there are some updates we are making to various areas of the game, including a fix to Titan coins! Thank you for your patience while we addressed this issue. Gameplay Updates Reverted the drop rates for Titan Coins and Titan Coin Pieces to their levels from before the 8/19/2020 update. Gameplay Bug Fixes Removed some quest items from PvP instance rewards, as the quests can no longer be acquired. Fixed an issue where Icerunerk's Invigorating Cookie would not provide its buff. Localization Bug Fixes Fixed some typos in item names and descriptions. Fixed some selection bundles that were not indicated as such in their names or descriptions. Added the [BCM] tag to some items to differentiate them from other items that have the same name.
  11. Hello! Have you submitted a ticket to our Customer Support team? They should be able to better assist you w/ this issue! You can submit a ticket here: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  12. New Launcher

    Hey guys, please send in a ticket to customer support if you have any issues you with the new launcher. We want to fix as many of these issues for all the players that we can, and we appreciate you guys sending in your tickets to support. You can submit a ticket via the support tab or: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  13. Earlier
  14. Renown

    Please post your screenshots when you can so that I may escalate this issue if it is still occurring.
  15. Rates haven't changed for NA. I checked just in case.
  16. Transformation Update

    Transformation rewards have been delivered today, as expected. Enjoy
  17. Baron/Baroness are longer-term event merchants, so your coins wont go to waste. We'll announce when they are departing. Many events in the future will also provide "Event Coins" to be used in their shops. Anniversary event(s) will be announced soon, and as usual we will start them around the anniversary date.
  18. Thanks for the follow-up @Haon-KT - I will check w/ the game teams to see if there's been progress! Hopefully we can have some details regarding this for our next feedback update.
  19. Hello everyone! There is a planned server maintenance occurring from approximately 4am - 8:45am PT (7am - 11:45am ET, 11am - 4:45pm UTC) tomorrow, September 9, to deploy a regular maintenance patch. We'll have more to share regarding Titan Coin drop rates soon, and look forward to Anniversary news early next week! Updates The Aetherforging Masters Event will conclude and all recipes will be deleted Bug Fix Fixed an issue where some Paragon gear boxes offered incorrect physical/magical options depending on the class that opened them
  20. Transformation Update

    Hey guys, I know there have been a lot of questions and that there is a worry about your participation in the event not being calculated properly. Rest assured the logs do not change, so if you consumed 12 legendary transformations during the promotion you will be getting your reward. I cannot speak for the support team, but it is possible there mayyy have been some confusion between consuming "transformations", and "transformation contracts".. <_< ; Reward distribution has not occurred yet, so hang tight. We are targeting next Wednesday 9/09/20 for delivery.
  21. Anniversary in EU and more!

    I wasn't talking about the mount, but idk when/how the corgi mount will make their way into our version. It's pretty cute though! Also, I'm sorry to say, but I don't believe we can have the hello kitty stuff in our version due to licensing/legal reasons.
  22. New buff event.

    Which buffs does it overwrite?
  23. @HealingSquid-KT Can confirm, we will be looking to get the original rates back.
  24. Anniversary in EU and more!

    You'll have to wait and see.
  25. Hi everyone, We wanted to take this week to provide an update on some of the discussions we’ve seen in recent weeks. In addition, we will soon be sharing a Letter from the Producer to provide an update on our goals and intentions with Aion here in North America. We felt that some questions that we’ve seen, such as inquiries about the Auto-Hunt system, would best be addressed by sharing some of our high-level vision - and we look forward to discussing! For now though, let’s discuss some of the more straightforward topics which have been recently brought up: Titan Coins Soon after we published our most recent update, we saw numerous discussions concerning the nerf to Titan Coin drop rates. Players correctly speculated that this change was designed to accompany the Auto-Hunt system seen in Korea, and to that effect, are likely not necessary to maintain game balance here in the West. We are working with the development team in Korea to obtain the necessary information to correct the issue. Thanks for bringing it to light! Arena Compensation As promised during a previous update, this weekend we provided some long overdue compensation to players who had participated in a past Arena season, but had not received any reward for their time and effort. We apologize that it took so long to get compensation into the hands of players who were affected by this issue. Thank you for your patience. Katalam Restarts We’d like to update you all that progress has been difficult to come by in finding the cause of the NPC issues related to the Katalam server. While we continue to investigate the cause, we felt it was vital that we made process improvements to reduce the amount of downtime players were experiencing, especially when the issue occurred over the weekends. We are confident that going forward, we can issue a more rapid response until this issue is resolved. Events Lastly, we’d like to bring up events as part of our ongoing efforts to address the pain points you identified when we began this initiative. To help us make meaningful change on this topic, we have introduced a new thread where we would like to hear your targeted feedback and inputs regarding events. Please keep conversations in that thread restricted to events, so that we can have productive and meaningful takeaways. Thank you for your continued support and feedback for Aion. We hope you enjoy the upcoming Anniversary festivities, and will see you next time!
  26. Feedback: Event Thread

    Hi everyone, In our effort to improve Aion across many areas of gameplay, we are now taking a look at events! We are eager to hear your feedback around this area of the game - most especially in regards to event prizes and cadence/frequency. We also welcome feedback on other topics - however these specific areas are ones where we are most able to make changes. We can also share your feedback regarding design/mechanics with the development team, so please certainly give us your feedback on this topic as well. Remember to be constructive, and thank you!
  27. We are aware of an issue affecting the delivery of Prestige Cases and Coins, we have reached out to the development team for a fix which will be depoloyed ASAP. Any Prestige Cases or Coins that were not able to be earned because of this will be delivered via survey when the fix is deployed (90 Coins and 1 Case per day).
  28. Hello! There is a planned server maintenance occurring from approximately 4am - 6:45am PT tomorrow, September 2, to deploy a regular maintenance patch. We have much more planned for the 11th Anniversary, but our first events kickoff soon and are detailed in the articles below: Dungeon Delve Event: https://www.aiononline.com/news/dungeon-delve-event Store Update: https://www.aiononline.com/news/september-store-update-2020 Anniversary Boost Event: https://www.aiononline.com/news/11th-anniversary-boost-event We hope you enjoy the update! Edit: In addition to the items above, the following changes were also deployed: Gameplay Bug Fixes Abyss Core monsters will no longer provide XP/AP during non-siege times. Removed tutorial quests related to the disabled auto-hunting system. Fixed an issue where Renown points were deducted more than intended. Localization/Text Fixes Fixed text being cut off in the item upgrade window. Fixed flight and teleporter NPCs having Korean text on their maps. Fixed an issue where quest text did not match a quest item name in [Instance Dungeon] Scouting the Unstable Danuar Mysticarium Entrance. Fixed incorrect dates listed on Class Master NPCs. Changed Nightmare Coins to Event Coins. Removed references to Shugo Sweep dice in Terirunerk's dialog. Fixed minor grammatical issues in various areas of the UI. Changed the [Engraving] tag to [BCM] for some items.Gameplay Bug Fixes
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