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  2. Vandal's Stigmas

    Why the Vandal is the uniq class were have only 8 normal stigmas and the others all classes have 9? i know vandal have pretty much damage but i feel like is to much incomplete class in special at Stigmas component.
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  4. Arena of Discipline leaderboard statistics

    The classes with the highest % above 2000 are Cleric and SM, not surprising, 67 and 64%. Most other classes are close to 55%, relatively balanced, more than one would expect, but since the pvp is mostly determined by gear and type of armor, not surprising also, but also dont know if this is the right way to look at this data.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    The point is he clearly stated that he is waiting for all the information before he gives info out on it. No matter how many times you ask he will not give it any sooner than the moment he gets all the information he needs. The meme was good tho i laughed just stating that you are asking for something he can clearly not give.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    I mean both from your EC post. I'm not sure what your point is for this sentence Obviously someone higher up is just a total wanker for keeping the information from Cyan so he can not give it to us. How do you know that anything is being done, there is clearly no evidence of any progress posted anywhere That makes no sense for 'someone higher up' to be holding information, its not secret in any way It comes down to do you believe cyan is issue or is this a company issue. Both There appears to be a lack of communication within NC There is a lack of communication with cyan and the community, the original thread has been locked for over a month without ANY updates. Even if there was an update such as 'the issue has been logged with the development team' would be good From where I am sitting, it appears that nothing is being done about this issue which is frustrating me and many others within this community
  7. @Cyan ppl still puting kisk inside boss room
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    I mean both from your EC post. Obviously someone higher up is just a total wanker for keeping the information from Cyan so he can not give it to us. It comes down to do you believe cyan is issue or is this a company issue. I believe this is a company issue all their games have the same problems with support and slow intel on issues with-in the game.
  9. Dear Suggestion Box, I've been doing camps and quests in Lakrum to get all my Ancient Herald Gear up to +15 but there are too few ways to earn Fighting Spirit. I think this might be game for me. Maybe legions are keeping this instance in-house, or maybe mid and left are intimidating too many people. I would run it with my legion except they became intolerable and we parted ways. I would get it from Idgel Dome but my gear is only Ancient Herald and it's too unlikely that I'll win in there. There's always Illumiel's Brawl, but again the chances are pretty slim. Goodbye for now. I think I'll log in a little less each day. Sincerely, Avulcron
  10. Player Created Legions

    Oh, so it's not so bad after all. Good comment!
  11. EC? More like Endless Crap...

    @Cyan Any news about EC? I love being ignored.
  12. EC bug compensation

    You will get your compensation when the problem is fixed. Lets say they went Ok lets hand out compensation now, All that will result in is people will be complaining that EC is not fixed and that further compensation will be needed for runs lost. We know people are getting compensated we just do not know when.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    Unfortunately, it's not unexpected that they're doing nothing about the EC exploiters or anything else. What are they going to do? Ban half of their remaining playerbase? Strip them of their ill-gotten gear? Give them a three day ban and call it good? Or wait long enough for the playerbase to "forget"? I mean, if you can brag about exploiting a major bug on the forums and not even get banned from the forums... /totally not salty
  14. EC bug compensation

    i am not asking to take away stuff from those who abuse EC bug but i am asking, can we (those who didnt/cant abuse EC bug) get some compensation? those who abuse ec bug they are done with their gears, and those who didnt abuse getting killed on field left and right. i dont think it is fair for those who didnt/cant abuse bug, also EC is closed due to bug so as time goes by those who didnt abuse EC getting behind. i hope we see some compensation soon.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    i missed whole ec runs when it was infinite... dont we need to get something since WE ARE THE ONE WHO DOESNT ABUSE bugs? those who abuse EC got their gears done, who will not abuse bugs from now on?
  16. Ultimate manastone on weekly lugbug mission

    True, and you can also get "the wrong" brokerable crit or other valuable stones of any grade.
  17. Arena of Discipline leaderboard statistics

    Teach me how to get opponents every time I queue or at least, best time to queue.
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  19. Fighting Spirit Capsule

    I can't see them going for zero. Hopefully not as absurd as the pvp stones are costing. Knowing NCwest, it'll probably be along the arm and leg pricing.
  20. Tabs display incorrect character names

    Update: work around: I went to character screen and back and the tab now displays correct character names. EDIT: Then I moved to a different map and the "You" bug has returned.
  21. Cool alts dude

  22. Cool alts dude

    As if the special 1% of the population has to type some command out just to play the game...
  23. Can we get a fix?

    Wait, Jake is in DN now ?
  24. Hello, Tabs incorrectly display the word, "You" instead of character name. "You" sometimes shows for every character using skills, both Elyos and Asmo. In the image, I am not using any skills. The skills displayed are from someone else near by. MayBlue
  25. Can we get a fix?

    So I love the new xform buff this past maintenance, but I don't love the fact that Minion buffs now break hide. Think we can fix this come next week? Thank you. <38
  26. Seems the whole community is being penalized for those that are exploiting sieges and who exploited EC.
  27. HACK

    This game is full of people without hands, who can only play using hack and are not punished... That's why I stopped paying prestige, I'm getting bored of this... stupid hack
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