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  2. Still nothing?

    They let the player responsible by baned ppl. where are NCWest responsible ?
  3. you've butchered your own game...

    THIS SO MUCH. But NC is also to blame for not creating incentive for honest gaming and fair competition.
  4. you've butchered your own game...

    Player base is 99% to blame. lol look at the amount of trolls asking for the wrong fixes to the game.
  5. Dehama siege

    How am I bitching? when you can get to siege credit no problems while others can't?
  6. Yesterday
  7. you've butchered your own game...

    The playerbase is just as much to blame if not more. People post for dome / dredge / ib to dodge other groups and get empty ones for free rewards...
  8. Dehama siege

    Please no merger. We already have Arkaida on KT-E. We don't need Ele to come over and add to the entitled bitching.
  9. you've butchered your own game...

    I heard world pvp comes to you if you afk. Not devs fault people choose to sit afk and not do anything.
  10. just want you to know that you've completely butchered your game. not like you haven't been doing that already but as of 11:10 server time on the DN-elyos side there were 122 people logged in not excluding bots and low levels and most of them are afk with nothing to do. this is horrendous for it being a weekend. back in 3.0-4.0 there would be several hundred people on actively doing something. I understand you're bound by contract and you can't modify the game from what the korean NCsoft makes. but you guys are the ones that can actually make input to make a positive change in the game the NA community can't make the change for you cause korean NC doesn't care about us. we are merely a small portion of their income. You killed the game by doing nothing when you shoulda done something. not a new event. not new skins. no cash shop. actual in game content that stays...congratz on dropping the ashes of the game in the toilet after beating it to death for the past 7 years.
  11. Dehama siege

  12. Dehama siege

  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 15, 2020

    What DN is at EK level of player base now?
  14. Last week
  15. i'm still wearing Wet Toilet Paper for gear ...
  16. When the event is over ??? . . . Wait a minute ... I see what you did there @Euphoria-DN ... Sneaky Sneaky ...
  17. It will be corrected on Wednesday with Maintenance.
  18. lel i feel DN more balanced now but pretty dead, more than ever lol and yes 20 is a lot when ur avg of players is 200-300 LOL
  19. Asmos ranking first siege after reset Elyos. Assuming I am -100% wrong here where we don't count those that can't get credit on the weaker elyos side, theres more asmos at siege than elyos. And probably server. When did the ~20-25? people who left DN to go to KT even matter? Proves the point of how stacked and few p2w people have on a population. Clean out the resources and move to another. Yeah... like another ~40 people can go Kt to make DN more balanced LOL
  20. Yes, please.This thread is entertaining to read
  21. Oh man... should I start? lol
  22. When you have less than 200 players, 25 seems one hell of a lot. A merge will be needed soon.
  23. The number of players who transfered out of DN-A to KT-A might not seem alot but DN seems more empty than usual.It might be that way because people quit or taking a hiatus too but transfers really hurt this side.... Server merge will be needed sooner than expected.
  24. @Cyan Event lugbug quests still dont work. Last night 1 DN-A alliance took snowman boss and still didnt credit.... I wished I afked because I didnt get anything at all and it was long boss fight....
  25. Still nothing?

    Yup, the lack of communication on NCsoft side is nothing new. I hope release of the next patch comes this month or February because it doesnt make sence to add items to bcm and events that we cant use now.EC.... mmm it seems to be a really complex issue. Cyan keeps promising us thats its coming every week.I'll only believe when its working .. Its likely that 7.2 got postponed because EC.
  26. tbh many of those 20 who transfered not even playing atm or play less. So imo DN A would of had same issue transfers or not. Heck I am going away soon and won't be playing for bit.
  27. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 15, 2020

    As someone currently residing on DN-A, my opinion is that the 20-ish people who transferred to KT-A were all very active members of the DN-A "community." As Tyd pointed out, a lot of people have just quit/taken a break until 7.2, yes, but people transferring to KT-A has also hurt DN-A morale. Less people want to do anything. Idk, I'm not really complaining, I guess, just putting my thoughts out there. I do think we need another server merge by late 2020 though.
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