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  2. Skins on BCM

    @Cyan please stop with this weekly rotation nonsense! we want as many skins on BCM as possible lol.. just to name a few Couture Clothing Summer Sun Uniform Dream Faerie's Costume Comfy Coveralls or if you guys still putting those weekly rotation put more than 2 or 3 crappy ones! Also would be really cool that when you buy a skin of the BCM would come with 50~100 transparent scroll as a gift . Another thing that would be really awesome would be if you guys put the old skins that we could craft from the luna thingy for sell on the GST.
  3. Survey

    @Cyan Where is our survey that we are suppose to receive? We only received the ice gem chest that was suppose to be additional to our other survey. Event is ending soon. "We're still having issues with out survey tool and will be sending out the surveys as soon as we can. Additionally, we will be distributing an additional Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chest for every run you did prior to us updating the event. This means if you ran Mirash Sanctum and Cradle of Eternity 2 times each, you'll be getting 4 boxes."
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  5. @Cyan - Transformation System

    OK so they nerfed the stats, we can still reach caps stats in attack speed and speed, so I do not see what it served. But why nerf the duration? So we need a ton of scrolls toplay and never be able to use transparent transformation scrolls? What are they earning from pushing everyone to look like an ugly taransformation. To them it means nothing, to us it is the appearance of our character and the aesthetics of the game WE play (not them). If anything, transparent trasnformation scrolls should at least cost the same price to normal ones. If you want to look like a fennec fox, use normal, if not use the transparent.
  6. Old Trade

    Do you mean "fees"? If yes they only make the game worse, people no longer bother trying to sell many things from fear of not selling and end up losing the listing fees. and that makes broker a lesser thing than it was in the past The selling fees are another issue, they could keep them high, but listing fes should be minimal so people can list their expensive items without fearing that they will lose money.. The prices would skyrocket in the past because people could make a ton of kinah, when each player walks around with billions farmed by the game, then price normally rise. Broker fees play little no role in prices of items, the only thing that plays that role is the availability of the currency.
  7. Gameplay suggestions

    Of course I won't, I have read a ton of reviews and game videos about it that made me never have to bother with it. That bot thing is what I saw in videos from players.
  8. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    Hope so! :>
  9. I really would like an answer to this too. For those of us who haven't yet used our free trial, this could be just the incentive to try it out and see if we want to keep the prestige subscription. I didn't really have a reason to try it out before.
  10. Things I do miss from the past

    These are my most missed of your list. Remember when we could make furniture in Luna too? I'm glad they added the Breezy set, but I think it would be awesome if they had a rotation of each furniture set depending on what season it is. The Camping set would be great right about now. And yes, BCM stinks the way it is, its so barren.
  11. Invisible Ranger

    Thanks for your opinion.
  12. Things I do miss from the past

    Not true. The best source was the bosses in levinshor.
  13. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    Thankfully the altars are too far apart, both factions should be able to split relatively evenly, one day you might get 5 and the other 3 but should be even. There are now 2 primary legions on each side I think. Poco/Team Para and two new legions of Asmo-DN. Although on Asmo-DN there is still quite a bit independent significant legions.
  14. Things I do miss from the past

    Weaving still exists, especially for sins, templars and chanters. On my glad I weave my ferocious strike and body smash chains so I never have all skills on cd. Hopefully from Cyan’s hint on the preview they’ll have an event with Tia’a eye. The 12 stigma systems were terrible, glad they revamped it. Altars are like Tia sieges.
  15. Invisible Ranger

    I didn't imply that. I just said it can't be constantly in use. The point here is.. play smarter. That can be taken as a rude thing to say, but it actually applies here. You know that people have seeds. You know they will be able to see you. So just play smarter. Don't buff up within chat range of your target. Or do buff but from the edge of your target's chat range and force them to use their seed, run off using mau and then come back and attack them before the cd is over. Hide isn't a get-out-jail-free card like it is for assassin, who actually risks a lot more than a ranger since they have to be up close and personal with their target. If you want sin skills then roll a sin. Don't complain because you aren't a sin.
  16. Invisible Ranger

    Having a time of use does not imply that you make the skill useless when you use it
  17. Things I do miss from the past

    It's not. It's still needed for several classes. Neleth has poor ping which is why they don't do it, I think. But weaving is still very much a thing. I did an IDD with another chanter a few weeks ago and did about 5 mil more dps than they did. Our gear was about equal and we had all the same skills (stigmas and daeva skills). They asked me why, so I looked at the dps meter details. The major difference was that I weaved a lot more than they did. This is a great idea to utilize this old event.
  18. Invisible Ranger

  19. Things I do miss from the past

    I still weave the same way I did back in pre 6.X. Never considered if it's a good or bad thing, how much worse is it compared to skill spam?
  20. IDD Entry Count

    There's a high possibility we're getting entries like other regions, since IDD isn't endgame anymore. Even Stella has 4 entries. But, sadly, Zombie has a point...
  21. Things I do miss from the past

    Wild kitter weapons Wish vandals had theirs released already *_* @CyanI have a suggestion. Bring back Code Red with pots, candies, transparent scrolls, drop rate and craft/AP buffs (or charms) pls.
  22. Invisible Ranger

    This is not a democracy, you dont get a vote.
  23. Things I do miss from the past

    I miss Aion pre-4.8. Good there are pservers for that haha.
  24. Hmm I just think what I do miss from the past here's my list. Weaving -Yes I actually miss weaving I used to out dps players that more geared than me with weaving it was fun to dps race against people who has better gears than me but that fun was gone oh well. Luna skins -I made multiple characters and multiple accounts and dress them with luna skins it was fun. Original crafting not Aetherforge -It was actually fun to craft skins and easier to level craft than Aetherforge. Tradable gears -I love to buy gears and gearing my alternate without going actual instances save ton of time. Dyes from gathering -Yeah those cheap dyes need to come back I don't know why delete them. Camps in Katalam and Danaria -So many camps to do and escape if it was camping by Asmos getting basic pvp gears I know Laklum is same but the map is too small no place to escape much. ORB instance -The best source for purple stones for enchantment quick and easy. Ability to see my characters without paying extra for transparent scrolls -No one like to see their characters transformed into something that isn't them. Kahrun Daily/Weekly and Raksang group instance. -It was fun to recruit Alliance just for kahrun boss and racing dps against Asmos and group Raksang was the best killing time instance. Farm AM/EF for skins -Primal Spirit skins are the best instance skins that ever made.I used to farm them 6 months non stop everyday.It's really fun to play with a alliance. Tiamatruntra's Siege -It was fun to race dps there to get the most medals and it's a quick siege. PvP in Eye -It was funny to run in a group to chase a group of Asmos then if we reached their guards Asmos chase us back. Farming mentor quest to buy mentor skins. -I need to pay newbies to help me on quest to get skins lol but it was fun. Events that actually give good rewards -We don't have that in 6.x for long time already.No gears or good skins given. Farming manastones guestblooms that actually profitable -It was the best guestbloom to farm and giving best money if you got magic boost/crit strike. Miss when crit strike soft capped was 500 -Yeah I love it when my skills/attacks crited and I love to see it happens all time. Miss cheap manastones that allowed you to reach capped easily -Hate 6.x for making it so hard and expensive to get stones we want. Miss 12 stigma slots -It had more freedom than our currently 6 and doesn't take all money to +9 them to get more slots. Level 65 unicorn abyss skins -Yeah they're awesome I wish they will return with headgears somehow. When all BCM still had all skins. -I love to buy any skins anytime I want not just limited sale. When Cyan actually listen to us what we want to rotate next week. -He just no longer do that. When we had preview what coming each month. -He just doesn't do that too. When we had Atheria Atlus -It gave us a reason to run instances that nobody normally run. When Ncoin got hacked and a lot of cheap skins on broker -LoL it's just a joke When broker fee is not crazy like this and we still can trade things. -Really no one like broker fee atm. Can't think anymore if anyone got more to add feel free
  25. Invisible Ranger

    Why? Seeds of Detection have always been in the game. They do have a cd. It's not as if someone can have one up constantly. Don't buff up near your target and they won't even know to pop it.
  26. Old Trade

    The broker feed its a good think , i know its painfull but Belive me you dont want live without it and see item go to 15b each like 5.x Cause its too much money in the game, Feed from broker help the economy to dont go sky rocket.
  27. Invisible Ranger

    I do not agree that there is an item which can see the rangers in their state of invisibility
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