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  2. People are not statistical data or just numbers that fill servers Every person who chose Siel did it because it was going to be populated and/or because they were from original Siel and/or because their friends were there already. If Siel people couldn't play on Siel they would have never played Classic and this was made clear in many posts when they implemented the Siel Asmodian creation lock for a few days and then they had to open it again in specific hours and then have it open all times. Both servers were far more populated during the first days, something put players off and mo
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    Cleric Advice

    There are only a couple of DPS stigmas at this level which would conflict with a pure heal build, that's Chain of Suffering which is more PvP than DPS, and holy servant. In either build you can probably keep Earths Wrath as a DPS skill without bothering anyone.
  4. Well it's working for everybody else, so why don't you fix your problem instead of trolling that there is something wrong with the game. Get someone to look at your computer and find what's wrong.
  5. Ooh another 2 post troll. Yeah, like you lost a big part of your life in the 3 weeks Aion Classic has been alive. It takes months to build up a good toon not days or weeks. The real issue, is NCsoft West, not unlike a bad pandemic response, didn't close off the borders in time or effectively. As soon as they saw the imbalance, specifically the huge number of Asmos rolling on Siel, they should have cut of Asmo account registration on Siel, and left it cut off. So if you wanted to roll Asmo you could only do it on IS. Now we have the absurd situation were there are too many player
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  7. I completely aggree!! i joined aion classic and choose isra but this was a totally wrong decision!! the server is totally dead. I really wanna continue play aion (had siel and daeva pass) but now i regret it. cant find group on anything. Im not even talking about pvp. Just do something that exp week totally destroyed the server
  8. Lmao, this is the most pepega thing i've ever heard it's not hard smiley face. "Yeah Reroll you'll get bakarma,lannok ez in 2 days, It's not hard smiley face" It shows how you've never rerolled on a server you actually have difficult stuff to farm, The ignorance here is just great, Shows that you're elyos on a wealthy pop aren't ya. Imagine the player being sanctioned by problems of the publisher/dev. Hey elyos just reroll its ok right? This is not the first time this happened actually, in early days i was part of the Lumiel Server and we merged into IS that later one merged into something
  9. Well that is promising :c At least I know I'm not the only one who has this issue.
  10. I'm no stranger to sweaty autism in video games, because I am a sweaty autist. Having a full legion of no-lifers who are often on the game, extremely active, and frequently group and support each other isn't new to me, and I've participated in my fair share of such activities. Roaming gank squads, world bosses and mob farm locations and abyss on lock and on farm for large swaths of time, alt accounts on Asmos spying on rifts and demoralizing people in LFG, is par for the course in Aion and I actively welcome and encourage it. However, with that being said, Israphel is the least populous of
  11. Aren't the coins reward changed later anyway? Where you get them for every quest you finsh
  12. Yes NCSoft didnt learn from the last time. They duplicated exactly the same mistakes as before killing the game quickly. They made it easier to run bots, They give you everything, Coin gear is free, no need to do coin quest, report hackers and they respond with "Nothing they can do" There are a few rangers now that shoot more than 90 meters and they do it in the open. They loot mobs from those distances as well. Reported, with video and screen shoots. NC Soft does nothing. I knew from the start they killed this one. They need to release Aion classic for real and not this garbage
  13. My game dosent go any further then acepting term and conditions and its been like that for 2 days man honestly im sick with this bulsht fix it some how money was payd and i can play the game no progres for days man it just makes me mad :(((((( big dislike so far
  14. One would think...people would want them to start adding events to the game that gives Coins (Silver, Gold, Planium, etc.) and Manastones (White and Green), those can be awarded differently across race and server easily~ Not to mention, until now that is, that coin quests aren't even worth doing because of the cost of teleporting and alchemy items would be greater than the value of the coins. Oh my~ Ahmhmhm~ I'm upside down!~ -˙-
  15. What people 12 years later still refuse to realize. Aion is NOT a Pve focused game. The game is more focused on PvP more than anything. If NC doesnt do anything then it will die out faster than it should. You mean to tell me that a month exactly into launch. One server is basically dead. Its impossible to do Pve content due to low pop. Impossible to PvP because you are just outgeared/lvled. Right now on IS try going into the Abyss to do Upper Fort Repeatable and you get met with 1-2 groups of Elyos that are not only WAY more geared than anyone. They use hacks/tools on top of it i.e. no cast an
  16. where can i grind for <Godstone: Khrudgelmir's Tacitness>? elyos thanks!!
  17. There is login issue indeed. I stuck at server selection for like 5min till I can finally get into the game
  18. I just left the server selection screen frozen then came back reached the character selection screen, also went away leaving that frozen now I'm in lol.
  19. Exactly. Same stuff here. It takes weeks to bot a character to level 50, and these level 50 bots are still botting undisturbed, meaning that NCSoft hasn't done anything to stop them on the weeks they have been busy botting to cap. Why are there no GM's checking out the reported characters ingame? Even when I attach video evidence of obvious botting, how kind of more 'evidence' do you possibly still need? Still 0 bots banned that I personally reported with evidence in Player Support tickets.
  20. Bahahaha now stuck at character select. Sooo many issues logging in
  21. should refund us an hour a days worth of siels aura purchase - for the hour a day of not being able to login lol
  22. Nice, especially on a Weekend.
  23. my friend with lv 50 gladietor cant loghi
  24. it runs (my bad it doesn't runs, i thought)
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