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  2. Who is your friends character in game? If you want this to go to the court of public opinion then let us know who it is
  3. That is exactly what happened, my friend posted support tickets where they wouldnt give an answer as to what he did exactly that got him banned, just said AP trading. And that no further replies would come, ticket closed.
  4. Forest of Illusion portal is gone why??? I don't see a single mention anywhere about its removal. @Kibbelz
  5. Today
  6. I would like to get a dev’s response on this if possible. Running chanter on 1600 mres, 8.5K HP, 220 elemental defense. Stacking Elemental Defense Food + Elemental Defense Scrolls + Elemental Defense Mantra, brings me at 220 Elemental Defense. Putting Aetheric Field on, and a sorcerer that is measly geared can still 2 shot me. 9,091 critical hit from lightburst 7,893 crit from inferno. Can someone advise on how is this balanced by any stretch of the imagination? There isnt a single class right now who can fight a sorc I suggest they nerf
  7. 3rd broken event? At this point you have to wonder if it is on purpose.
  8. I used every syntax I could find on google for right and left slot, I got none to work. I think we just have to wait a new patch to get an updated macro system
  9. Hi there. I'm trying to record kills of all named mobs of the game for wiki purposes and have a problem with reshanta. I've the list of the mobs and I'm checking them pretty often for a week now. And I still didn't see Poor Poevius or Ragerock in this timeframe. So if you come accross one of the mob below and you can take the time to record the kill and send it to me (youtube/mediafire/wetransfer, I don't care), it'd be nice. I'll just edit it, add some info, their location and put it on youtube Mob location for those who wishes : The Abyss [[pos:Brigade General Akius;400010
  10. My event is more better. No survey, more gift!
  11. So WHEN do they come? Logged in.... nothing.... daily reset happen.... nothing...
  12. @Kibbelz i think u guys forgot our skin update pleeeaaseeeee
  13. Don't know your situation or if your lying, but if you are telling the truth, and they just banned people who looked suspicious without hard evidence, then that is indeed disgusting and they should be ashamed at that failure. Then again your friend might be lying to you aswell about "farming for 2 months". if they did ban without hard evidence thats a big yikes
  14. 1). Absolutely, I would be perfectly happy if all the sociopathic Asmo gankers left IS and went to Siel. I could get on with enjoying the game. 2). I don't care about siege numbers, I get little if anything useful from attending a siege, most of the time we end up grinding the towers for medals, hardly a stimulating activity. On the Elyos side you are lucky to get 10% of the online players attending a siege. I was only pointing out that the claim of IS Asmo side being a ghost town was clearly false information.
  15. Lol that’s totally false. When I hit 25, I did two NTC run and it took less than an hour to form party. Same goes for FT. I’m only 32 and barely have time to play right now but when I’m online I see several groups being form and several groups in instances using the search function. You all like to whine a lot but things are far from being as described on the forum.
  16. Friend of mine spent 2 months farming guards for his L30 elite set... He got banned for AP trading and now all his AP gear is gone. GG..... This company really is not doing the playerbase any favors.
  17. did anyone ever get this to work? im curious too!
  18. 1 - Selfishness 2 - You don't remember or understand influence/siege numbers. 3 - Peace. Hope you enjoy your perfect world.
  19. Hello everyone! I will gift some useful items to first 10 players who whisper to Kybele (or Ponci) after daily reset for a week. Day 1 - Greater Running Scroll 20x + Greater Courage/Awakening Scroll x10 + Greater Recovery Serum x10 Day 2 - Greater Running Scroll 20x + Graater Crit Strike/Magical Crit Scroll x10 + Greater Recovery Serum x10 Day 3 - Greater Running Scroll 20x + Greater Courage/Awakening Scroll x10 + Greater Recovery Serum x10 Day 4 - Greater Running Scroll 20x + Graater Crit Strike/Magical Crit Scroll x10 + Greater Recovery Serum x10 Day 5 -
  20. Think this would be helpful to many if we get an answer...:-)
  21. Guys, is this serious? Where is the 12th anniversary event? We don't see an XP event, no AP event. No events with new skins. No events with hard to get items (reset stone "for gemstone slot", daevanion skill book, stigmas +9+12 or +15, ereshkigal items etc) - Never forget new players. Another thing, clarify the events better, there is a lot of vague information. For example, will gift box items be selectable? The 1 kinah event for enchant and retune was a great choice, congratulations! But we are more and more disappointed every day. It seems that they are lazy or afraid to
  22. Not my problem, if most IS Asmo leave I may not even notice except for less gank. I am not fan of world PvP. Funny how the weekly siege stats on this forum show lots of Asmos, and influence ratio is almost identical to Elyos. I guess that must be Asmo ghosts playing.
  23. Sorry, you are in IS-E, you don't know how terrible the situation is for IS-A. Literally takes DAYS to find a NTC group. You really live in the perfect world. Soon you will only have PvE to do. And later not even it. Fact is IS is dead.
  24. Yes, and chest are supposed to be all selectable. If they change it to rng in NA, they are just beyond rubbish. Yep, it's a pure scam. The only item that could be potentially worth it from the box is the transformation contract (32 or 35 ypes idk), that can give ultimate transform, but it's too much RNG involved, and the other items we'll be getting for free 12 times, so whoever buys it, enjoys getting scammed lmao.
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