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  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 23, 2020

    Hi @Loki could you help us? In the future, we would also need to fix this current bug error on clicking in the quest reward, preventing players from claiming the item:
  3. Feedback Update: Events

    Dear @Kibbelz If possible, please don't forget to add the popular and community loved famous Special Alchemy Event (updated daily opening box rewards) We would also need to fix this current bug error on clicking in the quest reward, preventing players from claiming the item:
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  5. Feedback: Event Thread

    constantly in the game ppl ask me where im from and i just take it as a simple alright question but on forums you wanna make something out of it but its just as simple as you dont like me as most do not so your just reacting to what valedia does...
  6. Feedback: Event Thread

    there you go as if theres something wrong in asking such a simple question...seems you like to make things out of nothing's but can you if possible just mind your business as i wasnt talking to you at all...omg!
  7. Feedback: Event Thread

    It's unnecessary and irrelevant, and completely inappropriate to ask 2 posts after mocking someone. It's not the only problem I have with this personality but I am not ok letting this go unmentioned.
  8. [Event] Event Coins

    Posted Saturday at 08:34 PM On 26/09/2020 at 6:37 PM: "The coins are permanent event rewards so from now on when you participate in an event, you will get these coins and you will have an NPC to use them. This way you won't have outdated event currencies anymore and you can always use your coins in future events if you still have some left." So is it wise to keep the remaining Nightmare Coins today and save them to use and spent in the next upcoming events? We could still have some last confirmation if those coins will be obsolete or not. Thank you so much in advance.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 30, 2020

    On 28/09/2020 at 4:53 PM, Kibbelz said: Rewards will be distributed via survey (once per acct per server) @Kazzer-KT Forum Topic: Upcoming Changes To Daeva Ranger Event Missions
  10. Feedback: Event Thread

    It wouldn't be an issue knowing someone's racial background but not to an aggressive way of asking with innuendo in it (as if it plays a role on your behavior or something).
  11. Upcoming Changes to Daeva Ranger Event Missions

    will survey be sent today or tomorrow ?
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 30, 2020

    https://www.aiononline.com/news/harvest-festival well the page has been created, but theres just no content.
  13. lets just hope its good and not disappointing in the last time they didnt post anything about it. i just learned from it i'am hoping now that i was just being paranoid and wrong..
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 30, 2020

    Well legendary contracts are supposed to be a 'low-tier reward' so... that either means itll be a real low-tier reward, or there will be like low-low-low-low-tier rewards and then, low-low-low-tier reward, etc.
  15. For my very long time playing this game . When NCSOFT do this not posting about rewards it maybe because the rewards are disappointing. Please prove me wrong !! Happens before , hope wont happen again.
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 30, 2020

    Whats the survey?
  17. Feedback: Event Thread

    I just find it a little bit rude that certain members of the community are constantly derailing the topic after topic with negativity. Perhaps your own thread ( or a legion ) where you can voice your excessive needs. Personally I find discord to be a better place to talk with friends about events and content. At no time should you feel the need to bring someone's ethnicity into a conversation- especially after calling members of the community names.
  18. Dear @Kibbelz a) what is Harvest Festival ? if possible, please post event info link b) will survey be sent today or tomorrow ? thank you so much in advance.
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 30, 2020

    @Kibbelz Are we not getting the patch notes for the new event? Is it gonna be just up in the air till we actually get it tomorrow?
  20. @Kibbelz You said there will be a new event BUT, Why didn't you list the drops for the new event?
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 30, 2020

    post the rewards pls ^^
  22. Hello everyone! We will be conducting our weekly server maintenance tomorrow at 5am Server Time (4am PT // 7am ET // 11am UTC). We expect the downtime to last for approximately 2 and a half hours. Notes on the maintenance are below: Event Changes Shugo Sweep event will end. Class Master event will end. Harvest Festival event will begin. Steraki's Special Stigma Bundle Promotion will begin. Daeva Ranger event missions will end and will be replaced with Harvest Festival event missions. Gameplay Updates 4 new Legendary transformations and 5 associated transformation collections, will be available. Added missing Legenday transformation potions to bundles obtained from Shugo Sweep. Added a level requirement for interacting with boxes related to the secret arenas in Inggison and Gelkmaros. Localization/Text Updates Fixed an issue where some Daevanion skill books referred to incorrect skill names. Fixed minor typos in several skill and item descriptions. Fixed an issue where some Magic Resist manastones were named Magic Defense instead. Fixed an issue where some bundle items used outdated terms in their names.
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  24. Feedback Update: Events

    Maybe it's silly. I go for my tastes. Tiamaranta's Eye introduced me to Aion's PvP. It was fantastic to play the massive battles in that event and it didn't take much equipment. Regarding awards and since there are no professions, something to expand inventories and / or inventory furniture for homes (all of them). Mounts would be interesting. Basically cosmetic of things other than the usual. Please something that is not random. Finally, do something in Oriel, that place is a visual delight, you must see that it is good to get away from the voragine of the game and enjoy it in another way. Thank you.
  25. Feedback Update: Events

    World boss events are not real events, only the big legions do them. Lets never have world boss events again. Events should be doable either solo, or group and if it is open world alliance. Massive player event in open world act negative on the least populated side. The same way the tiles thing in dream land is awful because the over populated side keeps winning it every hour. We are not even bothering with it as Asmodians KT anymore. Those never bring players together, only frustration and LFG fights. Massive player events = bad idea.
  26. Feedback Update: Events

    If you guys are going to ruin them like this current event(Daeva Rangers), in my opinion, don't bring them back. Too hard to pug, which discloses the lie about NC wanting us to help others... Too unrewarding to even bother... Just yesterday I was talking to my legionmates and we all agree that not having a reward at the end of the run gives a unrewardling-like feeling. We are just not doing it. In my case, items in the npc are just not interesting enough, over having a purchase limit they can't be saved for the future as some of them disapear in 7 days... Getting a legendary enchantment stone (7 days) from the 11th anniversary's vending machine, in my fully geared/super old char is a bad joke, at the very least you could make it tradeable through account warehouse so I may use it in a char that actually needs it. I would love not being forced to afk to get exp... please add it in some other way! And Kibblez, if you guys really want everyone's opinion, don't look for them here in forum, tons of ppl don't read it. Make old ingame surveys. Thx for letting us QQ btw
  27. 11x Anniversary Coin Vending Robot Gacha Data Collection

    My alt account: (I wont remember how many coins i've thrown in my main account but it was way more) Experience Extractor: 5 Socket Stone: 2 Stigma Enchantment Stone: 2 [Event] Legendary Enchantment Stone: 1 [BCM] Ereshkigal Transformation Contract: 1
  28. Feedback Update: Events

    The problem with this event is what we all hate, the "RNG", no matter how much one does the event with all its characters. a person who hopefully makes 1 character and gets the transformation ultimate. I know that elyos and asmodians equally strive for and dedicate their time to make the event in order to get the transformation ultimate or something interesting, and boom !, Grade S Minium ... You end up annoyed and end up not wanting to play anymore
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