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  2. New Chanter

    oh come on dont tell him that our heals actually arent that bad the only problem is we have 1 skill that wont benifit from heal boost and thats our recovery daev tree all our other healing spells do get heal boost healing light burst heal and word of life when maxed out i hear heals the group for over will heal for allot at lvl 1 mines level 2 and it heals for 7250 over 5 sec combined with rejuv spell wich heals for over 16010 time i your healing for 23260 over 10 sec i can solo heal FM with a decent group + WOQ when needed we are good healers and the shields we get for blocking damage we are not as bad at healing as everyone is making us out to be especially in pvp if you party with someone who has good CC or SL like a SM or assassin if not both because the healing side to chanters has very little in the way of stun locking or croud control but we are great at support you would be best at teaming with casters though because i dont think physical DPSers actually benifit from WOQ but casters will benifit from both WOQ and WOW + heals and shields
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  4. Into the Nightmare

    Mmk Made it through the quest, sends me back to talk with Rainia. When I speak with her, it sends me back in to start all over again. Again clicking on the orb boots me completely out of the game. Re-log back in and my character is now in the dungeons. I think I'm going to see what abandoning the quest does. Hopefully it will let me advance and get me out the loop.
  5. Looking for old players

    Tiamat was merged with two other servers (Israphel and Kahrun) to become Danaria, if that helps you. Katalam is the merge result of the servers Siel and Beritra.
  6. Into the Nightmare

    So you're in Kromede's Trial. At the end of the instance is a bookcase, as you described. In front of the bookcase is an old man, I forget his name. He looks like a proper butler or something. You have to kill him. Then you should be able to access through the bookcase by right-clicking on it. If you have killed him and still can't get through the bookcase, then you might send a ticket to support because it sounds bugged at that point.
  7. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    It's called reward in small steps... thx to this bundles some players actually play the game instead of 100% afk. and some might progres with gearing up faster. In pve u gain enchants from every boss, why pvp should be any different? I always pug dredge and tbh. team that goes afk after getting all mini bosses and not kill main boss is a rare case - usually if they wont go for boss is due to lack of heals in group. Besides, once u go to dredge you gotta be fully aware u might waste 30 min for sitting in there, esp. if both teams are afk... So reward for at least trying is fine with me. Tbh. there should be q for derdge with enchantments so even thouse who lose but still play the game might get smth out of it - it would be solution to afk.
  8. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    The AP you get for afking a dredg is nothing compared to the AP you get from soloing the Mines. If someone chooses to enter dredg just to afk, then that's on them. Though in the case that you are showing, your team got got the winning AP since the other team quit? So yeah. You had to sit there for ages (it's the same for ID), but you did get more of the AP you said you wanted. Right? I just see this as time and reward. If you really want the AP, but aren't geared enough to get even one bag.. then you decide if it's worth your time. If you think about it, everything in Aion is about the same assessment. If the rewards aren't worth your time, then don't do them. Just because you have the cds, doesn't mean you have to do them. For example, I don't run COE any more because the kinah I make from selling my drops isn't worth the time it takes for me to run them. If you want to discuss match fixing, that's another conversation altogether. Dredg fixing happens. ID fixing happens. IB fixing happens. EX fixing happens as well! Though the worst is arena fixing by far. If NCSoft is going to address this issue, I hope they start with arenas. We had a post showing that Aion TW has disabled the seasonal rewards for arenas because of the match fixing! We really need that here.
  9. Luna Crafting Feedback Thread

    It is a very good move to use less materials for many recipes and also add more recipes to luna. An even better suggestion would be to either get more recipes daily (not just 5) or be able to select from all recipes. The random recipe appearance doesn't encessarily serve anything other than "I am going to wait a few days/weeks before I get the recipe I want"
  10. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    Free ap for feeding the other team free pvp materials is enough only if they finish the game instead of wasting the other teams time for waiting out the whole game for their "reward" Games like this should have ended as soon as the other team leaves. or even better, give out the stones the the game is finished. If you don't acknowledge the problem, the GG on making the game worse. And when games are 10 pm est, waste of $15 a month.
  11. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    Dredg is the only PvP instance that doesn't reward you for afking. So not sure why anyone goes in there and isn't ready to try to at least get one bag, but it happens.
  12. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    You mean its a waste of time free feeding pvp materials? Clearly why the game is so dead and has so many cheaters around.
  13. Armsfusion

    imagine spending 9 ultimate pvp enchant stones on a +14 ultimate genesis necklace and all 9 of them fail one after another. RNG is not really random number generation... i is an algorithm that is making sure you fail a specific amount of times.
  14. NA 2019-06-19 Luna Crafting Recipes

    There is also a craftable box of transformation contracts (normal, 62 types) that seems to give between 2~5 when opened. I haven't seen the singular contract option mentioned in that table yet.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    Yes please, if there is one fault to be had with this update @Cyan, it's that a transparent scroll is 200k. Please, pass it along that many are still very unhappy with the way the transformation system is currently set and hardly anyone on NA side is going to spend 200k to look like the character they spent their time making. Other than that, I know I myself am happy with the changes, so again, ty so so much.
  16. transparent scrolls are still nyerked tbfh, who will pay 200 or 260k each when you get them for 'free' in Luna or even 100k off brokers ? why so complicated ? legit ???? unsure why you would do that, you get less materials out of it than the cost of entry even with rank S lowkey waiting for emergency maint to nerf the shit out of the free unlimited Luna coins craft
  17. Pandora Mark Gear

    sharp (+"belt") for glads and any other physical classes brilliant (+"waistband") for magical classes
  18. Whats the lowest gear you can PvP in?

    a mix of a couple ultimates and legendaries is pretty baseline, otherwise you won't hit much unless they're alts/returning players/ppl who play 30min per day without mostly legendaries it's unlikely you'll even survive 1v1 pvp encounters (open world or otherwise) at this point, unless your class has strong survivability and/or escape mechanisms; most ppl running solo will have the proper gear for it i.e. what I mentioned at the beginning of this post and that's at the very least, if they're not full ult +15 ofc.
  19. Im returning again and got into a 1v1. I outplayed them but had no chance cuz of gear... (Proof: i.imgur.com/M2I3LYu.png) What is baseline gear that you need to do damage in PvP because this is just ridiculous..........
  20. Panesterra Siege Log: 2014 - 2018

    I miss Panesterra.
  21. How many hits could you do in 1s?

    wewt! finally i get into the forums! anyways. to answer all your questions no. Not hacks i am a sin with 30 ping lel. Half the skills in that one second @Shag-DN are scoundrels and apply lethal venom in which i have no control in how they work. as for popping 3 skills and a auto in one second welp. I am a sin with 30 ping dude its easy to pop one of the fastest chain skills *yes fang strike beast kick and beast swipe are a 3-chain* easily.as for recording on rainmeter everyone else explained that it is a bit delayed but ye. And to all those other commentators on my attack speed it is .8 and my running is 12.0 *ya know just good sin info, this is with kromede (or advanced version of saying it is its a purple!!!)* But thats just to clear it up I could care less if anyone in here thinks I hack or not.
  22. Luna Crafting Feedback Thread

    this luna crafting got me enough to lay back and feel good looking at my kinah today
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    Doesn't it cost 160 luna to reset luna instance and you only get 40 luna from craft?
  24. https://www.businessinsider.com/british-dont-think-they-are-european-2016-4 Is this why all game servers in Europe is based in Frankfurt,Germany despite English servers ?
  25. sm

    I lol’ed reading this, Thank you 😂💕.
  26. Instant level 80 boosters.

    Hey! Just an idea that I’ve seen on many *perhaps* more successful mmorpgs such as FFXIV, GW2 and WoW. I think it would be great to have level 80 boosters on the BCM since the leveling experience is rushed through by everyone anyway.. Indeed people can level from 1 to 80 in a few hours... But for the ones whose hours playing the game matter it could be nice to spend these hours exploring end game content instead of leveling alone on empty maps. Just a profitable idea for y’all. Thanks.😇
  27. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    Something i dont get it, now we have infinite supply of luna ? Can we convert luna materials into luna and then run luna instances again ?
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