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  2. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    I haven't really logged in the past week, unless my friend asked me to run some stuff. Playing PoE because the new patch is actually fun (and free! gasp!)
  3. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    bahahah wouldnt suprise me... just bs how long it's taking for simple fixes we know already exist in other regions..>.>
  4. For example the Balaur Priest in Tiamat Stronghold does little to me but as soon as it dots I am almost dead, the Drakan by the pond near Ancient Sanctum of Life hit for pidley damage but the dot almost kills me, thanks! :3
  5. Today
  6. No, "Spirit" does cover feared targets and spirit-like mobs.
  7. nah every December the have an office shutdown around the Christmas Holidays we might get a new line this month ;-)
  8. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    Bonus points if slow progress is blamed on "the holiday" that was three weeks ago or "the holiday" that's still two weeks away. We all know how workers get the last 6 weeks of the year off, right?
  9. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    100% sure it was Aly.
  10. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    lol who is the one optimist who voted that we are going to get real info on issues.
  11. Aion: Awakened Legacy Known Issues - October 24

    I think not seeing is worst cause at least the troll can sometime give you a book.
  12. Yup! Not sure which is worse. Not seeing any or getting several and having all of them fail to drop a skill.
  13. What's wrong with the eyes of some characters?

    I would sure like to know why it is taking them so long to fix this bug. A simple update on the team's progress would be a big comfort!
  14. Aion: Awakened Legacy Known Issues - October 24

    You got the Troll Shugo then lol.
  15. I've seen three. None of them had a skill after we killed it.
  16. Can you guys fix the stupid competition ranking?

    Best answer. It will be hilarious when everyone is 5 star officer and above.
  17. What's wrong with the eyes of some characters?

    It's a known issue. It's #24 on Pylinaer's list of issues for 6.2: No word yet though about when it will be fixed though (if ever).
  18. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    Yup. I'm currently playing MOBA games and only log in Aion once per week. If NC wants Aion to die nothing we can do about it. Just let it die.
  19. What's wrong with the eyes of some characters?

    I sent in a ticket on this issue when the patch hit as it affected all my characters made before the patch. One eye is green and the other is black. They said they would look into it and I believe it was listed on the known bugs but no information on expected remediation. It sucks ass as the eye that has color is hidden by my hair, RIP
  20. The power of Ereshkigal

    We can laugh because I'm tired of crying. xDD
  21. Option to keep current skin when Purifying an item

    Exactly! I'm almost out of wardrobe spots. If they're going to limit us like this, then give us more spots. (Hey, it's more money for them since we have to pay Luna to open the spots.) It's pretty silly to have so few spots.
  22. Aion: Awakened Legacy Known Issues - October 24

    @Cyan It has been 2 weeks and we haven't seen any Daevian Skill book shugo spawn in FM or BOS. Did you guys nerf the spawn rate of the shugo too? I spent money on resets and I run at least 20 runs per week, but not a damn SHUGO anywhere. What is up with that?
  23. ABSURD retune prices

    I don't even use that piece of shit. I rather spend millions of kinah on just regular retuning.
  24. As has been pointed out, this isn't a new thing and I think it might be a push to get us to use the luna wardrobe. I wish they would expand the luna wardrobe to more spots and allow us to register weapons there, too. If they want us to use this function, then at least make it more friendly.
  25. Skins were lost in last patch too. In 5.x, when purifying your ap or harvester gear, it caused the skin to remove. And in other previous patches as well, the IS gear hyperions would also remove the skin when purified. Since most of the time we are with these ugly transformation skins covering the skin with our armor, I don’t see the reason why you should waste skins on ancient gear. Just skin it once its ultimate or keep it for 7.0 or wait till an event gives out skins. It’s sad that you can’t craft the Luna skins anymore so it wouldn’t be a problem to skin ancient gear (if there was that option. ) I really hope they bring back the skins in Luna since the one PVE enchantment stone doesn’t really help me since it’ll fail anyways. Only thing good in there is maybe the Kinah bundle since you could get from 1-100m kinah, but the rest feel like a waste of mats. No permanent mounts either. The only skin that I personally use over my ancient gear, is the one that drops from any instance or any open world grinding (I believe they’re called Ebonscale.) They almost look like the IO skins which are not too bad and are at least better in appearance than most of the other gears. And I’ll just wait till all my gear is ultimate or till 7.0 when I purify to use the skins I have saved. you can also obtain the old DD skins through PF and IDD, they’re called Ancient Obsidian. But that will take more time to get.
  26. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    I'm tired and I think you are too. In truth we are wasting our time. AION is just that now. Love this game this way or leave it all behind and look for another game. Nothing is going to change.
  27. The power of Ereshkigal

    I laughed out loud at this story, but I have to admit. It is true.
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