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  2. @Loki @Kibbelz Can you confirm the times for Baranth Dredgion? 1st dredge happened at normal time for me today, 2nd was 2 hours earlier than normal and 3rd has not popped yet. Normal time will be in 1.5 hours, but why did the 2nd one come 2 hours earlier than normal? Was this an intentional change? an anomaly? what gives?
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  4. omg they listened they saw you boycotting and changed it. Everyone confirmed it works.
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  6. Imagine enabling a function players should've had for over a year, or even more, and call it a event. How revolutionary, congratulations on activating something that should've been enabled since it was introduced.
  7. This game is having a bad time for a long time. I take long breaks from the game and when I try to get back I realize it just gets worse and worse. Pretty sure nobody actually new starts to play this, and even if they do, what the point? Try to catch up how? Get one-shot by geared players and give up is the obvious solution. Sounds so fun, I might start a new account from scratch. My opinion is to move on, go have fun with something else. No point on trying to revive a deteriorating corpse.
  8. This HAS to be a mistake right??? I'm at 16 faded taha marks which means I was 20 craft attempts away!!! However, if its 100 marks that mean I'm even worse off, now needing 28 more attempts. What on earth are you guys thinking???
  9. I don't know anything about Dark Poeta, but here is a list of monster skills effects: (warning: huge webpage) Aion Classic Monster skills IDAbRe_Core: Abyssal Splinter IDArena: Empyrean Crucible IDArena_Solo: Crucible Challenge IDCatacombs: Beshmundir Temple IDDramata: Padmarashka's Cave IDElemental1: Elementis Forest IDElemental2: Argent Manor IDF4Re: Can refer to either Esoterrace (idf4re_drana) or Dredgion Station (IDF4Re_Station) IDForest: ? IDHouse: ? IDTemple: (Lower) Udas Temple IDYun: Rentus Outpost Note:
  10. So they ninja updated it to where the yellow craft gives back 3 fading marks, nice, but then they made the orange craft 100 fading marks? not nice.
  11. Please Fix DP + Make boxes more affordable + reset scrolls in the shop + ability to skip through the instance like the bunnies
  13. You've got to be nyerking kidding me. What a slap in the face
  14. @DevilNefilims-DN: 36 was too easy anyway. (what the nyerk)
  15. Poor creature do u know that they changed the 100% box to 100 fading marks? haha
  16. Would have been great to know in advance for those who ran several times a day and crafted are now behind those that were hoarding marks and not crafting.
  17. Finally a change most of us can agree on. You now get 3 fading marks per failed craft attempt. Thank you NCSoft!
  18. Will you guys pay attention to retail server or what?, classic even have best wardrobre than us, ty 🙂
  19. u cant see any quest giver on regular map, only on mini map......and why is the new skin limited to 1 char of account?
  20. Hello, please disregard. It looks like this has been addressed. Thank you
  21. do you guys increase drop rate in adma and the rest of the instances with the new update ? cause the drop rate its unbelievable low .... sorry i wanted to reply to Kibblez
  22. 2.0 it gets changed to 30 marks, soo you guys should have either a weapon or the marks by then, I’m guessing, if you’re super unlucky.
  23. @KibbelzI have friends with this issue and probably so will I. I had a 30 Siels Aura during extension event and I purchased the 90day Aura as well during the event. My friends only got crown from 30d Siels Aura nothing from 90d.
  24. The Message is clear. The game is going through a bad time. and the lack of help and guidance for new players is the best option for the community to grow. for these types of people who don't take 5 minutes to help someone or give advice. the game will still be dead. Before criticizing, first give advice. It is a game that is best enjoyed in a group. If it was an idiot or not, it doesn't matter what you want is to have fun... it is only a game..make friends and have fun
  25. Honestly, thank you for rolling this out. We needed it. We're still missing the crowns.. And I do wish the lodas amulets were tradeable from the bundle but I totally get you should be opening that on an alt.
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