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  2. I would also like to shower you with money, server transfers please.
  3. Bruh, this game is 12 years old and we’re talking about NCsoft West here. They can’t even hit a button and get an event right. They aren’t changing anything like this. I understand the frustration but... c’mon, just remember who we’re dealing with here.
  4. They just did that like any bad youtube videos to get more views when you see a good Thumbnail, that's called ClickBait. :s They did the same with the 12th Anniversary Event. In the title they said "A 12 Gifts for Daevas" to let people thinking you going to get 12 Gifts Boxes in this Event , when they just say "12" because of the years of the Aniversary of Aion. I mean i hope they give to us 12 Boxes but lets be reals this is Aion and Ncwest that we are talking about x D
  5. Hello all. Please where i found this DESIGN ? He dont appear for me in NPC WORTHY KOA STAFF and WORTHY KOA BOW
  6. Well, under 50 is the best way to get AP. At least this patch.
  7. So I can get out of hell and throw money at you again.
  8. What was the issue with having 2 chests instead of 1 during the event, that would double the chance of getting shards. But anyway, it would take someone actually putting some thought into it. And i doubt anyone can answer why is there an Ultimate Shard in the event picture when it isn't the one being doubled? @Kibbelz
  9. 6 months is half the year so 365/2 = 182.5 days, so lets round it to 182 days. That is also 182/7 = 26 weeks 182x daily lugbug chest + 26x from the weekly = 208 ultimate shard chests in total. You would need 500/208 = 2.4 shards per chest on average to be able to do this. ~~ Some friends told me they keep getting 0~3 shards mostly, so it might not be 100% sure you will make it by 6 months even if you do not miss a single lugbug reward. It all goes down to RNG, but you are still working towards a secure ultimate.
  10. It would be good to have them 2x but in 6 months time we might be able to get those indeed.
  11. The chests are not affected from the event, only direct shard rewards are. The ultimate shards need 6x ultimate breaths of transformation to combine, which would take you 6 months for the breaths and if you are religious about doing lugbug daily and weekly then you will most likely have the 500 you need to combine them.
  12. So normies can finish it too I guess.
  13. It is like a tank+canon with instant skills. Plenty of defenses and insane offense and HP.
  14. I remember those legion politics you are asking for. It made people stop trying to get better and many started quitting. This is what classic was supposed to be about and this is what it indeed is.
  15. These lower forts need to change we have Legions who do not care about lower levels completing their campaign quests or having a fair chance at gaining Abyss gear by farming at least 1 lower fort. Ncwest needs to make a change where at least once per month these Forts all Automatically reset to Balaur for a week days giving all players a chance to complete campaign quests and earn some Abyss point gear. The siel elyos faction level 50s are selfish and do not wish for their medal kinah streams to dry up and refuse to sacrifice 1 fort for the good of the faction.Meanwhile they can free
  16. Why is the points required nerfed from ~19k to 15.2k??
  17. Na they lost every single AP item even AP pots, basically naked character with PVE weapon
  18. I heard they were stripped of AP gear except their weapon combine... I guess NCsoft doesn't know about that feature in their OWN game.
  19. Has anyone been able to get their stats back yet? Mine are still missing. 😞
  20. You won't need a guide until you are high enough level to have choice in stigma builds. That's will probably take you weeks. In the meantime you will get your first stigmas at L20 and there are not many choices.
  21. Yesterday
  22. @KibbelzYou can confirm that all players who were banned for a week had all their AP items removed ?? I have seen many who were lost for a week come back as if nothing happened 😡
  23. erm.. so is that a yes on it being a good/decent pve dps?
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