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  2. What are y'all focusing on this week?

    Personally I'm just working my way through as many one-time-only quests as I can, 'cause having so many markers on the map and in my quest log is super overwhelming. I figure the sooner those are all squared away, the sooner I can develop a new daily and weekly routine in Demaha I'm also doing altar sieges when my schedule allows, and trying to get familiar with navigating around the new map. Not sure if I'll do any instances or just stick to open world, hmm :Ia
  3. Today
  4. Rollback incoming?

    Birds of a feather if you catch my drift Sempra and his buds already debunked this lol keep hoping though it keeps you comin back for more <3 the attention
  5. quitting again

    Sorc is the class with the highest number of stuns, and perhaps more utility than anyone other than ranger, so wtf ?
  6. [Event]Pointed Tuca Horn

    As title says, what's up with this and where do we get it.
  7. Where are all the quests?

    Just stared a new character after being away for a couple of years. Where are all the quests in Poeta? all i'm getting is campaign quests.
  8. quitting again

    I tried so bad to quit Aion,were playing Apex Legends after a hour with 0 kill I uninstalled it and back to Aion lol Still waiting for a game with perfect gameplay and graphics combination
  9. So what we know now is character slots with prestige pack will be 12 not 13 and the pack is not working atm thanks for the update
  10. Old Ridium New Etium

    @Cyan is there any way you guys can implement a npc that can exchange our old ridium into something? I feel that if we are getting an update with new items we should be able to exchange our old items even if its 10:1 ratio. It’s either leaving our old ridium to rot in our inventories or rubbish them
  11. I cant find the prestige vendors
  12. DPS meter that captures animation speed

    Actually it does fit. This is why FF14 bans people who link it in game. Also as far as i understand people will just make it so their attack skills no longer show up again like they did when AIdps was a thing.
  13. I'm just going to make a few question about new and old PVP gear. 1 - if you have an ult old pvp weapon, you need to enchant that weapon 15+ in order to get a new ult pvp weapon 0+.. Right?? 2- If you have a legendary old pvp weapon, you need to enchant that weapon 15+ in order to get a new legendary pvp weapon 0+.. Right? Im confused right now... What its easier to enchant? a legendary weapon or ultimate weapon?.. I think the path to get the old legendary 15+ and then get the new legendary to 15+, its easier than enchant an old ult weapon 15+ and then trade it for the new ult weapon 0+. Because you need the same amount of Spirit fragment and ultimate etium in order to upgrade from old ult weapon and new legendary weapon. Hope you undestand my point.. My english is not very good looking :D.
  14. Where is my NCOIN??

    i think what he means is since the patch, all our BC Coin is gone. ( not showing in BCM)
  15. Where is my NCOIN??

    (if you're wanting the prestige pack for additional char slots, when I checked five hours ago, that was still bugged and didn't work, and I'm still trying to catch up with the forums from my phone) If you pull up the in-game store, in the top right/too middle, there should be a button to exchange ncoin for bccoin.
  16. Aidps confirmation

    I'd not be surprised, but this thread isn't going to accomplish anything except to be deleted.
  17. Aidps confirmation

    No one cheats dude... this is Aion it is game knowledge.
  18. Aidps confirmation

    Hello guys, someone posted me this https://gyazo.com/edf279adcf894febef186ecdcd96c305 Can you guys confirm the governor of kt-a is hacking? She said the red number is her ping LOL, so this guy play with 0 ping from a nasa pc inside texas server https://gyazo.com/f6c8c65475e2318cd99035542c1df60c
  19. Where is my NCOIN??

    Hello i did buy ncoin them i buy an prestige pack but its still 400 ncoin so where are that??? OMG...
  20. Vandals can't open Stigma Box either. Also is there a ETA on BCM stuff being mailed back, and the BCM fixed in general?
  21. quitting again

    You lost me with just that, the only skill that lost the stun effect was Flames Waltz, we still have Arcane Thunderbolt, Freeze, Frozen Shock, Summon Whirlwind, Volcanic Wrath and Shifting Magma. And i assume when you said less silence you mean the silence duration went down from 7 seconds to 5, honestly 2 seconds is not a big deal, besides NC added to the silence skill the effect of bind, which is a big help in pvp vs melee clases. If you want to quit the game, go ahead, do it, but at least say reasons much more credible than those two.
  22. Will Vandal Gear Pack Deadline Be Extended?

    @Cyan surely you have to extend the deadline given that NC West's own error is preventing some of us from making Vandals on our accounts since our 8 occupied slots have 8 leveled characters with resources and value that can't just be erased. An update on this ASAP would be highly appreciated
  23. I dont know if someone already said this but Vandals cant open Ailu Candy Bundle.
  24. I see you can do it for crafting, but I don't see anything for pvp mats, thanks! :3
  25. Will Vandal Gear Pack Deadline Be Extended?

    That's a very good point.
  26. Will Vandal Gear Pack Deadline Be Extended?

    My take was that current prestige users would get an extension on the deadline. Not sure if us regular players will also get an extension. One would think it would be extended for everyone, because nobody is going to buy a prestige pack before they add the extra character slots.
  27. Skill Changes Applied

    I have confirmed the changes, through skill effects datamine comparison.
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