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  3. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    Thanks Cheesecake. I've decided the approach to take for my info overload is for my ranger/vandal & sin/vandal instances, in no particular order, is in Larkum keep going for the genesis crystals as usual where time and access permits but for my sin I'd really like to prioritize what now to me seems to be the Elusive Herelym mine, so I can get my AP from 6M to 25M for my second +15 leg dark talon dagger to ult, got the other bits. All my chars could solo the middle path before patch not sure about now and would like to find out, no luck finding so far... In Demaha as a low priority continue the no longer daily large/medium alter x10 mobs when rift available,just for banking some Stellium, and try to progress some pre-patch quests if my chars are not totally nerfed - it definitely seemed harder/longer than pre-patch for my sin main when testing the waters on the large/medium mobs. Otherwise focus on Inggison to better understand/acquire new activities and stuff like gemstones/fame for example and maybe when I think I have a handle on that and some better gear/stigma levels, find a guild since my last one dissolved and was more like a parking lot anyway. If anyone has some suggestions about how I might refine this approach I'd be more than happy for the advice, maybe other players have similar thoughts and would benefit too, and maybe this should have been a separate thread but here i am ho hum. Most nights (for me) I have between reset and minus reset 6 hours available, with 4 hours definite, to give it a go.
  4. Pandora Reward NPCs Gone?

    I already knew from patch notes that the pandora system will be gone. And by "be gone" I understood that the whole system is gone except for the items you already got. And yes who told you the gear form it would get a boost?
  5. Skin Farming in 7.0

    How do you get Warden surama to spawn? He was there the first time I did it from the cutscene, now the other times its just normal Kexkra at the end
  6. Baby Stormwing Memorial

    I will miss Wingy, he was such an adorable pet to care for. I wish I could keep him as my pet. He gave me gifts every day. Such an amazing little guy. NCsoft, please take care of him and make sure his pixels go to a good home. Thank you
  7. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Not sure what's going on with this lugbug daily for Saturday... It says Enter KBF 3 times. If that is actually what you need to do, it's impossible seeing as we only get 1 run and we can't reset it. I went into KBF, won the battle and when I got out it still shows 0/3.
  8. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Great news, skin friends! The Beritra skins (above) are back in the game with this most recent patch!!! How to get: Enter Esoterrace (located in Gelkmaros/Inggison) on your level 80 toon and kill the final boss, Warden Surama. He will drop 1 piece of random purple gear. It's called Legendary Nighthaze like the old 7.0-7.2 stuff, but it's the Beritra skins now! Note, I am not sure yet if both types of leather and both types of cloth are available. It might only be one or the other.
  9. Leveling Missions on Balaur Ground Heiron

    cant edit the name of the post, is INGGISON, not Heiron
  10. (7.5) Gelkmaros Campaign and other Quest BUG (Asmodian)

    just posted the same thing about on Inggison. its a issue about balaur and not balaur npc on the garrison near those missions. its a crap cuz no one cant see a red garrison....
  11. I belive this is a known issue but i would like to call attention to it. there are few leveling BLUE mission on some garrisons around heiron, that cant be progressed without the Balaur presence, as they are BLUE and no LightBLUE they should be progressed without any problem cuz they are EXP and not RENOW Missions. I suggest to correct this because old Players dont know that and garrisons keep green all time, took me like 3 mins to get to one that recently changed and while i was on the mission, another player came, killed the garrison commander and left me without mission again. im a returning player and my chars are kind of stuck on progression cuz of this. https://imgur.com/NsCgY03 the orange marks on map are some of those areas, and the missions i have are: Research Knows No Bounds Obstacle to Research Mother's Foes just a reminder, lvl 77 crappy 70 mission equiptment, and even with a SW takes me time to kill a mob, im on the lvling cuz want the basic pve to move on, but with this issue its taking longer. (3 days and stuck on late 70s) because the other missions are lvl locked. pls take care of that.
  12. I got dc from the game, then i cant login in anymore :C After i login with email and password, i choose the server... window is frozen and i got the message "Cannot connect to the server" RIP
  13. Yesterday
  14. Inggison and Gelkmaros Hidden mobs?

    looking for hidden mobs in gelk
  15. Pandora Reward NPCs Gone?

    You better get revenge on the people that made up that joke on you lmao. Never heard of anything like that.
  16. Pandora Reward NPCs Gone?

    That's dumb...they should of gave us warning to spend them.
  17. Server Lag on Danaria

    Hi guys! I was struggling with lag spikes as well these past 3 days (since patch) I was having between 800 and 1500ms. Yesterday I installed Wtfast and magically my ping went down to 175ms stable. I wish i would have done this 3 days ago but now I can play again!
  18. Server Lag on Danaria

    I left my character afk crafting in my estate, and due to lag he stopped by himself like 5 times, I went back to see what stage he is and he was standing there not crafting. I clicked craft all again and left him, then came back to client and saw he had crafted like 200 more items and then somehow lag made him stop. This happened many times, it sucks I have to be there and wait for him to craft 4000 pieces.
  19. Can't choose a proper name to my account on the forum

    Aion forum names are kinda buggy, you are supposed to have a character high enough in level (not sure what the level limitation is). But it doesn't work like that, it doesn't update the chars you have at least not instantly. There are people who have level 80 characters in their accounts and can't even be part of forums because the forums do not recognize they have high enough player to have a forum account. I guess this updates pretty rare, so you gotta give it a few months to be sure your newer char is going to be selectable in forums.
  20. @Hime

    Someone asked for this already and it was ignored, I am sure this is a developer thing to change and most likely they won't bother with it. We have a ton of problems in our region that are still not fixed, so since this is working as intended I doubt they have time to change such sophisticated things for the benefit of players.
  21. Where is my Survey? Where is my Dragon Carpet Pack?

    You enchant stigmas, when a stigma is +15 or higher you can promote it and get the Advanced stigma. You have normal (green) stigmas (greater (blue) stigmas and major (golden) stigmas. The vouchers allow you to select what kind of stigma scroll you want to get.
  22. Baby Stormwing Memorial

    This should have been in in Fan Creations though.
  23. Pandora Reward NPCs Gone?

    Pandora system is removed in general. Items, NPCs, Quests... all gone, and when I say items I mean that you cannot use marks to buy them anymore. Those that you already have remain obviously. If you still have the marks you can simply discard them, they are useless.
  24. Arhdaeva Transformations that I miss

    These looks awesome, mini transforms that lasted 5 minutes and had at max enchant about 30 minutes cool down. And they did look cool. I forgot to take screenshots with a female character though. So if anyone has them (and the character is not chibi short) post them please. The hair from Fire and Earth transforms were on spot!
  25. I know the quests were removed because it said so in the patch-notes, but are the NPCs gone too? I have a stack of Sacred Pandora Marks that I was holding onto because several people said that they were giving the gear from it a boost or reducing the cost this patch. There was no warning that they were removing the NPCs or that you couldn't use the tokens anymore. If they were removed then NCsoft should of gave us warning to spend our marks BEFORE the new patch.
  26. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Lugbug daily mission enter KBF 3 times when even with prestige its a once a week cool down entry
  27. Will Transfers ever open?

    Like I said, rerolling and regearing might be faster. Make a char there to work on while you wait.
  28. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    The problem is they simply don't care, or at least have shown very little to make us believe that they care.
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