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  2. So this happened..

  3. @Celestianos-KT I believe, OP is referring to AT no longer being able to use/skin magic chain in 7.0. In that case support should restore or replace, or change skins to plate if the player requests it.
  4. Most skins are single use. If you have to discard that piece of armor you'll lose the skin on it. This can't be helped. There's a way to "keep" a skin nonetheless: Use the Luna skin service. You can register a piece of gear as a skin, this item is destroyed and kept as a permanent skin in the Luna Wardrobe. You can use Luna points to apply it to items in the future. As for your current skin... It'll be gone with your current item once you purify/replace it.
  5. So this happened..

    And setting aside whining and playing victims here, what's your point? People rage all the time. You killed someone who thought you were camping the entrance (which isn't anything unheard of) and he wanted to "send a message" as lame as that is. Get over it and don't flood the forums.

    Or you could learn what the expression "Yours truly" means before jumping the gun. Really. Please do. Also, whales are already pretty much ready to promote everything to ulti T2 and enchant it all the way. They are and always will be ahead of everyone else, therefore shouldn't even be taken in consideration when planning progression speed for the regular population. Some where carried by exchange gear at start while switching to GC gear, some stuck to exchange gear, especially after learning that it can be promoted into the same T2 gear as GC. Point is, theyre already ready for 7.0. The majority of players aren't ready and need some kind of boost.

    Less consistency and focus..? lol are you okay? no need to really bad mouth anyone in here whos just writing their thoughts but whatever floats your boat! Maybe you should read a post til the end, just makes you look ignorant In case you didn't know we're talking about 7.0 here, and whales aren't done gearing when 7.0 hits right away? I just gave an opinion because there are people saying things which you obviously hadn't read yet, and I suggest you read the last two sentences i wrote in my previous post before saying unnecessary comments with quotes lmao
  8. That moment when

    What happens if I transfer to DN in 7.0? Will my transformations come with me or stay behind?
  9. Maybe you can ask support to restore them for you.

    Whales are long done gearing, nothing to worry about here. It's the people with "less consistency and less focus" that need help - such a yours truly . I am in favor of a spirit fragment giving event, but then again im scared they would make it pure p2w, so idk. I read in forum an excellent idea: replace crystal rewards from daily kill quests with fighting spirit fragments. Also they could put spirit fragments in crystal shop, so we could buy fragments with crystals. Anything really, just do something, please, and do it NCFast!

    The best thing they could do is add spirit fragments on pve gear disenchant as well. Of course 6.x + is meant to totally separate pve from pvp but you can't do that, you do pve, you get kinah and then use the kinah to get pvp affiliated items, or you craft pvp gear by pure pve farming of materials. So if they want to make it better but not free of charge, PvE items should also give spirit fragments, even if they give half the amount. And white items should also give spirit fragments too. Time to make Monarh crafting relevant.
  12. That moment when

    And after 7.0 transformations will be only server-wide, now the whole account gets them. So before 7.0 I would suggest people to make a character in the other server too (if they have a slot) so they can have transforms in both servers just in case.
  13. Yeah but I used chain skins before 7.0 news coming out from Korea. =.=' Is my chain skin wasted ?
  14. If you already did it then there is not much you can do about it, you need a new set of items to remodel again.
  15. Everything is remodel only once and untradable so what do I do ?
  16. That moment when

    Better get that legendary before 7.0 comes. Hey Jake, where you been bro. Last time I saw you was in dredge like 5 months ago. Why you used dp against me ?
  17. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    We were making fun of the boobs in BnS, but it is not the reason why people play the game. It might be some peoples' reason to play, but, for most, that's not it. I personally love the 469587253907 skins in the game and have enjoyed the story and classes, and even enjoyed the PvP at one point. Plus, I think my warlock jin is cute, and I love the skins I've gotten on her. :>
  18. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    I'm no expert, especially at PVP. However IMHO how you gear your character should be based on their class and more importantly, your playstyle. Everyone is different a little in regard to playstyle so you should gear your character/s according to your strong points and weak points. It seems to work for me and has for 10+ years now. As for the new Painter class: I haven't played it yet even though 7x is available on my Korea account. I'm kind of waiting for NA's release of 7.0 to see if we get the extra character slots we were promised with 6x we never got as NA is my main play account. My Korea and EU accounts were created just to experience new things/patches so I have an idea of whats to come for NA. So I can't at this time justify the expense both in time and real $$ for the creation of any more characters on either other than the two that currently exist on each.
  19. Yesterday
  20. they did it to every trigger damage skill Aion's Favor, Promise of Earth, Blessing of Wind etc pvp reducrion / pvp remain time for skills no longer exists in 7.0 I like how chanters have a mini belevolence that was never released haha. would be fun +10% Casting Speed / +200 Healing Boost /NEED
  21. That moment when

    wow happy 2018 for you
  22. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    Even if this were implemented we veterans would still be loyal to Aion. The only, and I mean only thing that may, and I say MAY make us leave Aion would be the release of a similar game with a great storyline and personal flight with Aion's realism, and also (my God I can't believe I'm gonna say this) that has a PVP model as intense as Aion's. And even this would take evaluation time of 1 or more years while we Veterans still remained loyal to Aion..... Barring that, we Veterans will stay loyal and hope for changes like those coming with 7x to continue. Aion seems to be at a crossroads. Let us just hope it takes the correct road forward.
  23. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    So, BNS has BIGGER Boobs? Seriously that's all I see here demonstrated by these photos/screenshots is an exploitation of Women's anatomy. Come on guys, Yes, I'm Female in RL (most of y'all know this so pls skip the derogatory) and most of the time when I see a female character in a game with monstrous boobs I laugh,....Hard, as I know this poor misrepresentation of female anatomy was probably created by an adolescent male with very repressed sexuality who's probably never seen real boobs (and with those unreal expectations it's unlikely he ever will, lol). Hell, I've even seen big boobs on male bodies (I can only guess what kind of urge brings this on, lol, he, he, he) But as I've said in other threads, To each their own. So I get a very good hard laugh at these characters and move on. Most of my female gamer friends and I have very comical discussions over things like this. HOWEVER: I can't for the life of me see how a game that allows bigger boobs in it's character creator should in any way for any reason be any more popular than any other game. I personally never cared for BNS but that's me. Again, to each their own. I guess it could be said that most female gamers that see a character like these probably would be an easy kill for one reason; she'd be laughing so hard it'd be impossible to defend her character, lol, he, he, he, he, he. I know I did when I saw these photos/screenshots.
  24. That moment when

    Fun fact: You can use transformations in luna instances and the cubic lab, so if you want slightly faster animations, you can use an attack speed transform like super shugo.
  25. @Cyan Cyan look, better to have to add the legendary transformation contract (selectable), the ultimate frostspark weapon, armor and accessories (selectable) in next event and also add more skins and mounts on Luna, please don't ignore, thanks!
  26. Yikes, my memory is going in my old age! Let's see, additional things beyond just freeing the prisoners... So for Golmir, you had to go steal the orb. (That's why he's upset and yelling, "Give it back!" lol) The orb could be located in a few different places throughout the first part of the instance. If you didn't loot this orb, then Golmir would not be on the pathway before the bug boss. Golmir would give you another piece of Harvester loot and was the only boss that had a chance to drop the hat. Then another thing we did back then was kill the Harvester Weapon/Armor Boxes. When you are at the top of the stairs and you glide over to do the elevator boss, right when you land from the glide (before you turn left to go up the elevator), there are two Weapon/Armor boxes that you would destroy (with attacks, not right-clicking). This was supposed to give you a higher chance at a weapon at the end of the instance. There was a necklace you could go find, too. My groups rarely did that though (only when we messed up something else), so I can't remember much about it. There was a potion you could collect from one of the rooms (random location) on the 2nd floor. You then took this potion to the NPC on the racks in room to the left of one of the chambers on floor 2 -- the room that sometimes has a chamber key mob in it now and is on the way when you're running to the room with the generators/first boss. The boss that is on the pathway after you finish floor 4 and are running to floor 3 -- he will explode and one-shot you if you don't kill him in a short time, think his name starts with a K, but can't remember what it is -- was an optional boss back then. I was never in a group that killed him because he was tough and the reward wasn't worth the effort. So I can't say too much on him.
  27. So this happened..

    Camping? they must not know asmos also enter instances , pvp happens, part of the game. But to message you over it on forums, means your special and rubbed them the right way.
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