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  2. No they don't. We need more cube slots to feed our hoarding problems.
  3. Hello all, We will be removing the following items from the Hungry Hatching Event during maintenance on June 3. The following items will be removed from players' inventories: Stormwing Lv. 1-8 Summon Orbs [Event] Rudra Development Coins (formerly [Event] Storm Tokens) Thank you!
  4. Before, medals, marks, coins etc. were going to the special cube but now everything is going to our normal cube. It would help a lot to have this stuff changed to go to the special cube, please! Thanks! :3
  5. Server Lag on Danaria

    I play outside USA too and I used to have 200~220 ping at worst without ping reduction, now it can jump all the way to 1000 or sometimes goes above 3000 (not as a lag spike, but continuously)
  6. Today
  7. I know they said they can't change the server time but I talking about changing the time altar/siege go live. I'd like to see altars an hour earlier and actually I like to see siege 2 hours earlier, stuff use to go live before at those times. Also, since during the weekdays since altars/siege are every other day I'd like to see them lined up when they go live. Or another option is how they had it before where weekends had different times then weekdays which lets people at least have more available times to choose from. Thanks! :3
  8. I think the note is including "Altar of Avarice" for when Demaha access is unavailable. The availability schedule for Demaha is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. (This is true as of writing this but it is subject to change in the future.)
  9. @LokiAbout Altar Siege Patch notes says that every day will have siege altar but we can only enter demaha specific days
  10. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Hello, Not sure if this is a bug or not, <Ultimate Bursting Altar Mystic Ring> and <Ultimate Bursting Altar Mystic Belt> that our group got from Altar of Ascension (Easy) cannot be returned once the stats have been identified. @Loki can you please confirm if this is a bug or an actual weird-grind-for-best-gear-forever system? Thank you.
  11. Hello all, Many of you have reported periods of high latency experienced while in game. Since your report, we have been actively troubleshooting the issue. As we work on identifying the causes, we need more information from you if you are experiencing this issue. If you haven't done so already, please open a Customer Support ticket with the subject: Latency Issues and include the following details: Server Character Name Who is your ISP Geographical Region Screenshots of in-game '/ping' check Time of the '/ping' checks and associated lag spike What you were doing when lag spike occurred Thank you and please bear with us as we get to the bottom of this issue.
  12. Wouldn't have to nag if the issue was addressed, would I?
  13. Nagging at somebody now~
  14. @Hime I see we get the Dragon Pack on next maintenance, but these vouchers...
  15. Hello Daevas, We experienced an issue with delivering the Dragon Carpet Pack to those who registered during the Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea registration period. The Pack is looking to be delivered after maintenance on June 3. It can be claimed via in-game mail vs through the website then. Thank you!
  16. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    There are altar siege twice a day, but we only can go to Demaha on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  17. About the siege thing I can only say based on what I experienced last night and can only hope Loki has the answer. I attended 2 sieges last night. AOA fortress and Divine. When the rewards were given out, I got 560k abyss points, GP and 1 legendary enchantment stone from AOA fortress because I helped destroyed all the gates and also killed the DUX. Divine however when I got there all the gates were gone, so all I could do was get kills. I only got 200k AP from it, GP and I think 400k kinah. So I can only deduce that contribution for sieges has been nerfed. You need to do a lot more to get an enchantment stone bag. Before 200k AP reward from a fortress gave me 1 legendary enchantment stone and 560k AP gave me 2. I really hope I am wrong. Dredge also has been changed as you no longer get enchant stone bags etc from the mobs. You only get coins. 1 if you lose and 5 if you win. I was informed of the changed by someone who ran it with a premade before and won. I'll see what changes I.D has.
  18. Inggison and Gelkmaros Hidden mobs?

    Hi Rocksie, I understand you very well, it took me a while to find some. Here's the video you can check that explains how hidden mobs work : They spawn at predetermined locations as a crystal or any object that looks like it does not normally belong there. Clicking on it summons the mob that can be normal or elite. It can give you a selectable ulti manastone box / armor box or nothing at all They are hard to find because unfortunately the respawn time is way too long and people are farming them really hard. I managed to only find 2 of them since the beginning of the patch. Good luck
  19. Abyssal splinter

    Any news @Hime about the instances?? is not coming back?? will be back next week?? anything?? please??
  20. Inggison and Gelkmaros Hidden mobs?

    Look around Gelkmaros and Inggison for <Abyss Deep Layer Fragment> and <Sealed Ancient Relic>, cast it, and bingo your Hidden Mobs.
  21. well i hope the vouchers can sit in the wherehouse indefenitly sincei cant get my damn stigmas past 10 , all the flippin stig enchant stones do is fail fail fail , 99% fail rate , total bs.
  22. I've been looking like crazy for those mobs but haven't found any. If anyone has found them and would be so kind as to share the information I would greatly appreciate it.
  23. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Oh thank you, I didn't know it took so long
  24. thank you for this thread Loki! I really hope they fix both minion vault and abyssal splinter SOON, cause they are very necessary to speed up status and skill progression.
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