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  2. You can use the robot from first mini boss till the last
  3. Instead of posting the whole list of shugos to rescue, why not post the ones you don't need to since they're few and easier to remember. Also here's a better guide
  4. Its not even one week of this event and Im already sick of my stomach from this instance.
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  6. Omg that's a whole new level. I'mma try it later.
  7. The veilenthrone

    The Lore pregression is usually presented a little bit later in the form of yellow quests. No need to do instances. Eventually will be nerfed anyway, just like all the others.
  8. its better to use the hook and clean the mobs with the robot min 3:04
  9. The veilenthrone

    This is pretty much how I feel about Veilenthrone ^ I never got to run Dragon Lord's Refuge back in the day 'cause I was too new and didn't have the gear or know-how for it, and I think that's okay. Tiamat was a Dragon Lord, of course you had to have the best of the best to take her down. And the same goes for Ereshkigal and Veilenthrone- it's not necessarily about the loot, but rather the story and challenge of the instance. What's wrong with having challenging PVE content for a change, when everything else gets nerfed into the ground? It's something exciting to work towards, for me at least! Also, super disappointed in everyone's attitudes. -__-; Gearing up for PVE is a such a ridiculous mix of luck, networking, skill, and time- and yes, often money. So the people who complete VT don't need to act snooty like it's sooo easy peasy for anyone to do, and people who haven't yet shouldn't try to downplay the effort involved.
  10. sm

    SM isn't as broken as Aethertech in this patch people who cries because of fear lock never faced an Aethertech in this patch
  11. Bye bye Bless Online

    YOSHI-P !!! He really did a lot for FFXIV, brought it back from the brink. The seasonal events are fun, the way you can do costumes is a little finicky because of the spaghetti code it is build on, but it's still good. Bards can actually play music and do little bands in the major cities, people are friendly and helpful. Game is pretty easy and it keeps the casuals happy, but with their Hard and Extreme content also cater to their hard core players. Then there is this: Way more people wanted to give Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a shot than Square Enix anticipated. After the disastrous launch way back in 2010, FF14:ARR's new director/producer Naoki Yoshida - known to fans as Yoshi-P - said he assumed many Western gamers would let others test the waters first instead of flooding into servers on day one. He was humbled at the response, as he said when I got to speak with him through a translator at PAX Prime 2013. It must be frustrating to have to go through a shaky launch yet again, especially since the buzz from the beta was so strong, but Yoshida still finds himself doing damage control. "I want to start off by thanking Western fans for keeping an open mind this whole time," Yoshida said. "We had a rocky launch [in 2010] and we lost a lot of trust. Thank you for giving us a second chance, for that we really thank you." He's humble. He came on board, admitted their mistake and did what they could to rectify it. And we love him for it. But that's Square-Enix. This is NCWest. Square was established back in '86. Enix since '75. NCSoft? 1998 Square-Enix has the history and experience in knowing HOW their respective markets work because they have been at this now on a global scale for a much longer period than NCSoft, (who established NCWest 2001). Not to mention FFXIV is a pay monthly title with their own cash shop for various items, costumes and such. Like if you missed a previous year event items, they release them out for everyone in the cash shop the following year. You can buy emotes for anywhere between $3 - $7, account wide mounts for $24 and costumes range from $7 - $12, on top of paying $15 monthly. Can't compare apples and oranges.
  12. The veilenthrone

    Could say you real cute too but i guess you can't read properly, the only reason for a nerf is 1- Too hard and stressfull instance for a low reward.
  13. sm

    That comment is stupid. If you like to play SM or whatever, good for you, but deny that fear is an idiotic skill is just, well being in denial. SM is almost always the top priority target just because getting hit with their skills means your team gets wiped. If you compare with sorcs where sleeps needs to be used with brains because your allies or mobs can wake up your target, making you get killed. Comparing with hide or even heals is even dumber. As if SMs didn't have powerful defenses or similar skills.
  14. Enjoy! ALSO THIS. Don't stop to read the list on the instance. There is no need.
  15. Bye bye Bless Online

    This video is about a story that should be learned by many companies that develop an MMO. Here we have an apology from a company that understood the importance of the customer and the result was a success. I recommend watching.
  16. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    Ok. I went ahead and made a video on how to kill bosses using the robot. May take a while for youtube to process.
  17. sm

    Stop trying to imply I have to learn how to play vs each class if I want to win pvps. SM is the biggest counter to my ranger anyway!!!1111111 Wish my class had CC too :[ Almost as if you are implying you lose PVP vs SMs Just don't get feared
  18. The veilenthrone

    "over gear" - yeah 1/2 the alliance is in ult pve (that they earned through pf and idd runs), but not all enchanted. The other 1/2 (like me) is in a mix of purple pve and ulti pvp gear, not really enchanted. But yeah, overgeared. "Luna buff/P2W" actually no, lol. A big debate in it previously WAS luna buff and that people SHOULD be using it, but most did not want to pay because they felt it wasn't necessary/worth. Good effort though! Cute assumptions "no skill or knowledge needed" - if no gear or knowledge is required, then why does your main post QQ about limited information and the necessity of a nerf? Hmm, interesting. Yes, it was only A-rank, but the difference between A and S is just points. A-rank was finished with over 2 minutes left, meaning S rank isn't that far off. And, while it was "only A-rank", no one else that has attempted multiple times (and several have, both factions), has gotten close. Hm. It's pretty cute asking for nerfs on an instance and then switching it up and saying how easy/basic it is under certain circumstances the second people say they have completed it. You cute bro, real cute
  19. sm

    I have never understood this way of thinking with respect to the skills of the other classe, such as the SM's fear, that is a big advantage for them in pvp, of course it is, just like hide is for sins and rangers, or the ability of clerics chanters to be able to heal themselves, Each class has something that gives them an advantage over others, you just have to learn how to minimize that advantage and maximize yours.
  20. Yesterday
  21. The veilenthrone

    dont be silly coe was never a challenge, in any patch or version, the only challenge of VT is to look for 18 ppl with ultimate gear +15 in an empty server with nerfed stats
  22. Anyone knows who has the name Vayne?

    True. Probably not enough time to release names yet.
  23. sm

    don't generalize pls i didnt say cloths, i said SM it's retarded, Fear is not real pvp, your enemy can't auto attack, can't move, can't heal, can't use any skill. does truth hurt you? Fear makes PvP into PvE
  24. The veilenthrone

    As opposed to your own group who made S rank in unenchanted CoE gear and green transforms, right?
  25. Anyone knows who has the name Vayne?

    Was that Oct 2017?
  26. The veilenthrone

    wow gear +15 + luna buff for a rank A gz so the p2w squad got a rank A and the instance is so easy, that's the point?
  27. sm

    >ranger >whines about cloths Who's hurting you?
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