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  2. Enchantment rate back to 6.2?

    It's only a problem when you take yourself too seriously (lol). People are mad because they "have to" no-life to get to the top... ok well first, no one is forcing you to no-life the game. Like literally no one. Play or don't play; casual or not casual, it's all YOUR choice. Second, did you think getting to the top endgame was going to be some kid roller coaster ride?? Then I would recommend NOT playing any MMOs, and play single player console games or something. Just because you chose to spend your time here despite knowing it's not easy and never will be, doesn't mean it was "wasted" by default. Shifting the fault/blame to people who spends money isn't going to change any of that but your ego. Seriously ppl… get a life--literally. Go do stuff with your rl friends.
  3. Today
  4. Bring the shugo sweep event

    Dude, we have a great f2p event right now -- the best one we've had since October. Why you out here advocating for a pure p2w event?
  5. Roll back

    roll back to when lv cap was 60 , add 1 pvp map with camps that give ap and medals.. a good map
  6. Roll back

    You guys don't really get it how these things work. Playing on private server for free or on official for free is not the same thing. Official servers need f2p players just as much as paying players. The majority don't pay but they help keeping the game alive with their activities. Without them there wouldn't be many pve or pvp instances runs, healthy economy or sieges. Just a small example, those f2p players are the ones farming stuff to sell on broker, stuff that paying players have no time for it but they pay with their money to buy from broker. Paying players need targets in open world or sieges. If you don't pay it doesn't mean you're not contributing. It is motivating the paying players to keep paying. Another thing is, you might be surprised but private servers didn't steal anything. No artwork, no music, nothing from NC. This is why they get don't get sanctioned. Last time that NC, with the help of FBI, closed some servers was in the case of some Lineage II servers that had stolen files from NC. That happened about ten years ago or so when server files got leaked. In the case of our current Aion pirate servers, the whole server side is built by individuals who put in their own work to emulate the servers. All the artwork, all the music, all the content you see is on client side, downloaded by the player. Nothing like this is on server side, only login, calculation, responses and so on. This is the main reason these servers are still up, because technically it's proprietary software written by individuals that are not part of NC and have no such files from them. The client is also free to download by anyone. On the other hand, modifying the client to connect to these servers, that is the real violation of contract. That is the only way to stop these servers, by going after individuals who modified their client. The thing is, good luck with that hunt! Another thing to mention is that the artists already got paid by NC and all the artwork, music you see is NC proprietary. Remember this?
  7. Motion Card “Cute Dance”

    Can you put the cute dance motion in the store? Thanks
  8. Roll back

    Never said it was blanket protection. The incentive for the artist to go after legally is in general, if the person is hurting his profitability. I was not arguing nothing of the sort, either. I don't play or intend to play Aion or a private server. In fact this is the last of this type of game I play. I don't think this kind of game have a future in the gaming industry.
  9. Roll back

    But...it's not? If you use even a piece of someone else's song/artwork/etc, there are usually royalties, permissions, and other things involved. Copying someone else's work, even if you modify it, is heavily frowned upon, and some artists will legally go after you for it. Especially if you're making money off it. "Fair Use" isn't blanket protection. Arguing the legality of private servers is stupid, though. They're not legal; the material, assets, and everything is owned and created by NCsoft, even if its not "actively used" in the current version, and NCsoft can issue a Cease & Desist at any time. They own the product and everything about it. I, personally, don't care if you play on one, and, if you want to play past versions of Aion, that's the only way you're going to get to do it. By and large, I don't think NCsoft cares about Aion private servers the way Blizzard really didn't care about private classic servers until they decided they wanted to launch WoW Classic themselves, but they do legally own all the rights to the game, not the owner of the private server who "copied" the game (even if the owner of the private server modified it). I'm really not sure why we're arguing this in the first place. Really, the number of shits I could give about people playing private servers, especially for Aion 1.9/3.7/4.7, is quite low. Hell, I played on a popular one back in 1.7 for a short while to try out the endgame with how painful leveling and gearing was in retail. But they're still not legal, and, to reiterate, NCsoft could use legal force to have them shut down at any time, if they wanted to.
  10. Roll back

    I'm not smoking anything, what I just said is entirely truth.
  11. Roll back

    You made me login just to ask what the hell are you smoking? I want some. Must be very good stuff.
  12. As we all know that 6.x have been very busy with converting from 100% 'Pay 2 Win' since 4.6 ~ 6.x into some what P2W to get ahead of F2P! But Abyss Transformation need to get upgrade asap! Right now while in Transformation we can still get hard CC (not talking about Governor or Commanders stun) by FEAR/STUN/ROOT/Knock Down/ETC. There are so many bugs that needed to be fix with the game as a whole, Classes and Instances! We do know that NCSoft are fixing these game mechanics but it take NA-Aion any where from 6 month up to over a year to see it get fix. So please look into these issues so that we as a player can still enjoy playing Aion! ---------------------------------- 7.0 update - Skills: 1. Some skill effects have been changed. 2. Character/Collection/Minion Skill tooltips have been improved. 3. Some debuff skills can now be removed with 1 Healing Potion or Dispel. 4. The skills and abilities of the Guardian Deity have been upgraded. --------------------------------- 7.0 update will be another 6+ month wait? I don't see why NA couldn't just ask KR to patch that section of 7.0 update! Sincerely, Van-DN
  13. Roll back

  14. Illumiel Brawl need FIX!

    Was in IB tonight and ranger playing Templar who does 121,258 damage with Bodyguard! I think it a bug or that player is hacking. Unless their are P2W to IB aswell?!?! This game going to hill for true Aion Fan!
  15. Roll back

    No, I'm not stealing it. I'm copying it. 2 Different things. There are laws that try to protect profit earning from art for a limited time, yes, but copying is copying. That is why there is fair use, and the main argument is, I CAN use your stuff if I modify it enough to make it my own, and it doesn't hurt the commercialization of your product, that is, people buy from me instead of you. EDIT: Another example is, I can use your music for me if it's only a few seconds of it.
  16. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Our HOA gets angryface at you if you do that, let alone the city! lol
  17. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    That’s so nasty.. it def picked up something that quickly retreated into the darkest regions of the phone in order to spawn and multiply shivers peeve- neighbors that rake their leaves into the street and think it’s no longer their problem. b*tch, if they blow onto my lawn I’m calling the cops
  18. Roll back

    I don't understand how anyone doesn't see stealing a game as actually stealing. If I post a picture I created on Deviantart and you take it without asking me and put it on coffee mugs that you sell, you are stealing from me. Doesn't matter if I was using my picture or selling it or putting it on coffee mugs that I was also selling. Doesn't matter if I used to sell items with that picture and don't any more. It's my picture. My product. And you can't use it without my permission.
  19. Bring the shugo sweep event

    Bring the shugo sweep event and add the motion card cute dance on the board and other skins, mount. We need variety.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 17, 2019

    Literally the best typo, man, lol
  21. Spanish language in the game

    Many people from Latin America are playing the Gameforge aion just because they have the Spanish language. This aion would be more popular if ncsoft decided to put the Spanish language as a second option. This allows players to change the language of the game to the language they prefer, English or Spanish.
  22. the lag is terrible

    I think you mean high ping right ? Are you using leatrix ? fastaping ? What about VPN ?
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 17, 2019

    yes, you can transfer from ek. Edit: cannot, sry, typo.
  24. Yesterday
  25. I am trying to get my character from EK to DN, so I am wondering if Ek is included this time. Since GP is gonna reset anyway
  26. Roll back

    Trying to figure out how we got here, lol. Short summary: They're not rolling back, and still no "classic" server in Korea, so it's highly unlikely we'll get one here. If you want any old-school Aion experience, you have to chance it with things that could get C&D'd at any time if NCsoft chooses to pursue action against the owners of "things." Just don't use the same account credentials for that other thing that you use anywhere else. Seriously. Be smarter than the average bear.
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