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  3. That moment when

    Fun fact: You can use transformations in luna instances and the cubic lab, so if you want slightly faster animations, you can use an attack speed transform like super shugo.
  4. @Cyan Cyan look, better to have to add the legendary transformation contract (selectable), the ultimate frostspark weapon, armor and accessories (selectable) in next event and also add more skins and mounts on Luna, please don't ignore, thanks!
  5. Yikes, my memory is going in my old age! Let's see, additional things beyond just freeing the prisoners... So for Golmir, you had to go steal the orb. (That's why he's upset and yelling, "Give it back!" lol) The orb could be located in a few different places throughout the first part of the instance. If you didn't loot this orb, then Golmir would not be on the pathway before the bug boss. Golmir would give you another piece of Harvester loot and was the only boss that had a chance to drop the hat. Then another thing we did back then was kill the Harvester Weapon/Armor Boxes. When you are at the top of the stairs and you glide over to do the elevator boss, right when you land from the glide (before you turn left to go up the elevator), there are two Weapon/Armor boxes that you would destroy (with attacks, not right-clicking). This was supposed to give you a higher chance at a weapon at the end of the instance. There was a necklace you could go find, too. My groups rarely did that though (only when we messed up something else), so I can't remember much about it. There was a potion you could collect from one of the rooms (random location) on the 2nd floor. You then took this potion to the NPC on the racks in room to the left of one of the chambers on floor 2 -- the room that sometimes has a chamber key mob in it now and is on the way when you're running to the room with the generators/first boss. The boss that is on the pathway after you finish floor 4 and are running to floor 3 -- he will explode and one-shot you if you don't kill him in a short time, think his name starts with a K, but can't remember what it is -- was an optional boss back then. I was never in a group that killed him because he was tough and the reward wasn't worth the effort. So I can't say too much on him.
  6. So this happened..

    Camping? they must not know asmos also enter instances , pvp happens, part of the game. But to message you over it on forums, means your special and rubbed them the right way.

    Honestly you already got em to +15 so just save your gen crystals, ap, stones, and frags to upgrade from your t2 legendary. No point in trying to spend more to enchant em to +15 ult t1 unless you have the supplies to spend. I didnt have a lot of +15 legendaries so i just extracted them all and saving all the mats til 7.0! Also tbh feeding the whales thru events is indeed upsetting seeing them gear up faster, but then again without these events how are the new/old ungeared people ever going to catch up? People with ult will continue to have ult gear so it’ll just be harder on us to even catch up quick without a good event.. In the end people will ultimately have end game gear but the sooner everyone has it the sooner there will be less complaints and we can have more fun doing pvp on equal grounds! Winning with actual skill difference is more rewarding than just two shotting people due to huge gear gaps imo
  8. Like @Hellish-DN said it has a really short animation and with it +15 its literally the same cd as your sigil strike/ fang chain.. idk just seems really good to me! Oh and dash & slash can be repeated 2x just in case my fellow sins didn’t know yet
  9. Thought you just needed to break open the jail doors and free 10 prisoners? Crude bombs are the same mob locations and i think in the old bos you guys needed to break an orb on the 3rd floor or something cant remember 100%
  10. I am looking for any information people can provide about the specific things you could do in the prison area for additional aid. I been trying to look but could not find stuff on everything, just bits and pieces like you need X item to help X prisoner and doing so my have Y effect or no effect and still counting as additional aid etc? Anything like the items needed, the name of the mini quests, effects it had etc. Anything anyone can remember be would of be great help! Thank you! :3
  11. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    It’s not effected by physical attack, but efficient pain rune seems to always hit the same in PVE regardless of the mob. Efficient pain run hits much harder than the others, usually just over 19k. So against Beritra it’s actually one of our hardest hitting skills, while vs mobs with lower defense it won’t hit as hard vs your physical attack skills. But it’s a short animation so you should still use it.
  12. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    Tempest Spirit no longer cost DP. Free the booty. >.>
  13. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Thanks to everyone for the "Get Better" wishes. We're actually going to Waconda (place in Illinois we're moving to) on a mini kinda pre-move vacay during the last two weeks of August to get the lay of the land, so to speak, check the housing markets, etc., etc. My Doctors down here, intense quacks all of them, are worried about my going on vacation so soon after my recent bout in Hospital, but as I told them it's my first vacation in 5 years so come hell, high water, 10 plagues of Egypt, or Atom bombs in the outhouse it's happening, lol he., he., he. Seriously thank you everyone. (dam, smily's don't work here)
  14. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    SignetBurst (Rune Burst) uses a different damage formula though. I haven't researched how such damage are calculated, but at least its damage is affected by a ratio depend on level of signet carved on target: Signet Level Damage compared to level 5 signet 1 1 / 7.5 2 1 / 3 3 1 / 1.5 4 1 / 1.25 5 1 / 1
  15. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    Isn't it not boosted by physical attack though? My pain rune usually does less damage than simply autoattacking or using a different skill (like the assassination chain) when I have no other physical skills off cd (though I don't yet have that daevanion pain rune skill to test if it does significantly more).
  16. instance queues

    A thread like this could only be created and kept alive out of sheer Aion boredom. I don't understand. What could be simpler than applying to or forming a Dredgion group, of all things.
  17. So this happened..

    That's a major y i k e s. Like imagine being so triggered that you actually take the time to login to the forum and type up a PM to someone about something that happened in game which only set them back like 5 minutes.
  18. I learn couple things about templar in 7.0 it seems they want us to switch between sword/shield and greatsword like gunner Bloodwind slash become one of the weakest skills that templar has even shield skills are stronger and we can't ignore greatsword as well since punishment dealing great damage with 15 sec cd. In reality the class that must switch weapon like gunner do not requires switching all time you just switching when you need mana or seems so. But if I have to switch every 15 sec for a greatsword and switch back to shield skills which deals a bit more damage than bloodwind slash. I choose to main greatsword until shield shock dealing 1k damage I don't think I'll be interesting in shield o_o So yeah I'll main greatsword as a temp in 7.0
  19. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    "AttackDelay" is the internal stat name for Attack Speed increase.
  20. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    I'm willing to bet it's the animation delay that takes place when the skill is activated.
  21. Sin Efficient pain run dmg increase from 5740 -> 11480??? Did they really double the dmg on a low cd skill wow
  22. That moment when

    On 7.0 it will be server bound. If you already have characters on both servers the current transformations will be maintained in both. The new ones you acquire on 7.0 will be available to all characters on the same server only.
  23. Share your story about gear enchantment.

    Rate sucks..... all legendary and Ultimate's have been failing one after the other..... seems NCSoft screw rate again since they don't care about the game or players any more.
  24. So this happened..

    To be fair, anyone that rages that hard probably has a difficult time exercising logic...
  25. So this happened..

    rubbish talk in game doesn't take any time, you know? It's spur of the moment or it's prepared and translated phrases. It's rarely personal. I did once have a couple of people camp my body for 5 minutes and yell, "Go back to the forums!". But that was a "special" case. This person logged into the forums and typed up a message! Tons of time to think about it and think, "Nah. It's not that big of a deal. I really shouldn't do this."
  26. So this happened..

    Remember when you'd get hate comments on your online profile back when NCsoft had that feature? Good times. I managed to get them, and I sucked at PvP. 10 years, Aion players. Please don't ever change. Salt makes things taste better. Aly, remember when we were waiting for a camp to flip in Danaria back when the safe pads were still ground level, and some cleric accused us of hacking because they stepped off the pad during their potato on/off pad thing and someone (I think Ahdol?) yanked them and we killed them, and they called us hackers? That was fun.
  27. That moment when

    Yeah, I was super excited when I realized the transforms I unlocked on KT-E also worked on my DN-A characters. Hopefully 7.0 keeps it that way.
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