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  2. Forcing us into the 32-bit client isn't the best idea. As what the others side, now its not a matter of getting send logs here and there but constant lag and rubber banding. Until an actual solution is found, please at least let us choose which client to run... @Cyan
  3. Aion Game Client has stopped working!

    I get error and then Microsoft gives me these files: Files that might give information about the problem? I don't know what that means. C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\WER5F7E.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\WER6B23.tmp.appcompat.txt C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\WER70EE.tmp.WERDataCollectionFailure.tx
  4. idk but with 64bit it load faster for me
  5. Aion crashing

    Did anyone know whats going on why my game crashing i mean seriously they give 400% xp buff and now i cant play anyome GG NC
  6. Hi, I need some help. I cannot get into Aion anymore because the Game Client stops working right at the screen where you press accept to go to the character screen. I have tried some different things suggested on the internet with no luck. Please help Celebrations are on! Thanks, Olivia
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  8. Is silence and slow worth to use in pve rotation ? or better switch to charge skill powerful one such as frog and unicorn ? I'm leaning to slow and silence cause it's instant btw I'm using no attack speed gears since I think pve attack and stats > attack speed I'm not notice it that much when I using it in pve.
  9. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    So, this article popped today on my feed saying "Windows is becoming more stable...". This happens some days after 3 different people asked me to revert the latest Windows update from their computers.
  10. Normally when I crashed I need to load aion for very very long time but now I can login back fast ? Is this a new feature of 32 bit ? or just temporary ?
  11. Client crashes the second I agree to the Aion's terms and etc. Was perfectly normal 12-15 hours ago. Does it have anything to do with the 64-32bit changes ?
  12. Black screen client

    Mine just crashes the second I agree to the terms thingies.
  13. Support Chanter at Endgame

    just something to consider: Block sets are somewhat a thing of the past for both Clerics & Chanters and the main difference between lower end shields like 70 Arena and endgame shields like 75A/80 Ahserion are the amount of Block they give (which for reference is almost 300 more on 75A and closer to 400 on 80 Ahserion). nowadays you're better off investing in a Strike Resist/Agility set which means you don't need to compare the base Block or even +15 your shield since you won't be blocking anything but maybe some mobs anyway. i would highly recommend checking out Yec's Ultimate Introduction to Chanter guide if you haven't already, even as a returning player it's a great thread and covers what you should be looking at getting as far as 5.1/5.3+ gear goes. for a Strike Resist/Agility set you're better off throwing in some (2 or 3 is ideal) 75A armor pieces with Agility +9 or +10 manastones for the extra PvP defense & Godstone Suppression but the full Mythic BM armor set or anything like the old 65A Shadowshift/Seraph and R1 Mythic Overlord/Evangale sets are a good place to start (especially if you already have them from before you quit). Block sets can still be somewhat viable but you need a lot of pretty costly gear (full 77 Boundless with either a 77-80 Boundless or 80 Ahserion shield) and most endgame geared physical classes can tear through it with ease anyway. also, on the topic of gloves, i don't think there's been a pair of Casting Speed chain gloves since the old R1 Eternal AP gear for Clerics or Chanters, always had to use an alternative which nowadays is like cloth/chain 65 Mythic BM, 70 Arena, 77 Boundless, etc.
  14. I switched to a 64bit computer to enjoy Aion, because 32 bit crashes in the new zones cuz of the 3GB memory limit, it doesn't matter if your pc has more memory because the client won't utilize it. And now they are forcing 32bit on us again. Talk about things being backwards. Wont be playing for 2 weeks i guess.
  15. Agreed.These solutions they giving us are crappy.Today there is 400% xp i ve been waiting for and i cant even log in.It pops up ''Aion has stopped working'' GG NCsoft.Thanks
  16. The forced 32bit client is screwing over a lot of the game population.... And doesn't seem to be helping any of the people that had the initial problem at all. To make things worse when we try to bring up the topic in forums u just lock the thread???
  17. Ye, we have no issues like that, our alliances are getting filled quite easily, speaking for SL and IS, not sure about the other 3 servers since they have less players especially now with the upcoming merge. Most of them already transferred, but we'll get more solid numbers after the completed merge and some downtime after till it balances out, imo. Sorry for the double posting... Silly editing didn't work out.
  18. Like I said, those numbers are not during peak times though. Also it depends if it's on a week day or weekend. Throwing in a number like this, doesn't seem to be very realistic to me since I see a lot more than that especially during sieges. I believe if you set it up including the things which I already mentioned, the picture would be a bit more solid, but that's my personal opinion. I might take my time and do it myself, because I'm quite curious about it, so thankies for the idea. :3
  19. I really like how they were actually sitting etc. Looked very lovely! <3 Imagine they would come up with something similar.
  20. Aion Memes!

    Ye... especially those how make it a huge deal on LFG and the next day they are still online. lol
  21. PVE SET for SORC LVL 55

    Thanks for the reply. Just to get it right BM=Blood Mark right? Well I guess I'm gonna finish all my campaign first and maybe run around the new maps to get me familiar. Thanks again.
  22. Stigma Enchanting Event?

    I assume that they have been more busy with the merge and everything around it, which is fine. I'm sure we can wait a bit longer, right? If it was for me, I can wait. I rather have everything else regarding the merge all set and done tbh.
  23. Cannot apply serial code for prestige Pack

    I'm having an account issue with my prestige too, ticket is still w/o an answer too. My prestige is totally messed up, I got charged for it, which was fine, but in-game it shows that I still have 28 days left. Hope for a reply about it on my ticket asap!
  24. PVE SET for SORC LVL 55

    Easy to get ones but semi decent ones are the BM ones. Good if you dont have anything at all. Otherwise, you have the accessories from AoE (Archives of Eternity) campaigns. You could also run DL or FP for accessories, but that requires a bit of gear and level to be had.
  25. What's wrong with SFT?

    See you after the event then. I won't play a beautiful game in crap mode and I won't tolerate the lag in 64 mode. I can't believe you are forcing this for the sake of an event. Thanks for the Anniversary boosts that I won't be using.
  26. turn off client 64bit !!!

    Logged in and could barely finish a Luna run. For goodness sake I died from the lag in a freaking Luna Run. i won't be back until it is changed back. If it never gets changed back, well then Thanks for the fun while it lasted. And NO! Y'all can't have my stuff.
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