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  3. They say so right in the nutrients' name. Green is Shiny Orange is Robust Blue is Solemn
  4. Nope, just skins. The white and yellow manastones? Nope, not worth anything. Just rubbish them. The only exceptions are around the level 60 range when you can sometimes find HP95/100 stones which will still sell. If you have a bunch of older manastones, then yeah, use them. They're better than nothing at all if you don't think you'll be able to get better manastones for a while. No other fledgling set after 55. Some people will hop right out of Fledgling at 66, but I recommend against this. The PVE gears you will get post-66 will have higher levels on them, like level 75. So if you try to use them at level 66, you will get a level reduction penalty -- only 88% or whatever of the stats will apply. I usually keep my alts in 55 Fledgling gear until around 70-71, then I switch them to Apollon. Here is more info about the current endgame PVE gears: Harvester accessories are the second best PVE accessories in the game currently, so that's good to have. You'll need the magic accessories, of course. Just pick whatever you need out of it. Note, earrings and necklaces are more expensive to buy on the broker than the rings and waistband. So I'd pick an earring or the necklace personally. No shame in it! Play the game you want to play it. I'm currently going back through the lower level areas and completing quests I missed before they disappear in 6.0. Level fast or level slow; there is no wrong way as long as you're having fun.
  5. Trying to collect/segment my questions so its easier to answer and not all jumbled; -Gotten some armor/weapon sets from quest chains, Renewed & Revived(?) Daevanion sets. Are they worth the inventory space, do they have a purpose? Can't sell them, haven't tried straight trashing them yet in-case they're useful for something aside from appearance. -Old manastone; obviously there are the new archdaeva manastones for end game gear, before which I'll be using the Fledgling gear which is already full of stones. Is there any outlet for these that justifies keeping them? Alchemy can combine them into higher level right? Is investing into that now with 6.0 coming worth it? Probably not huh -Speaking of manastones, when I start getting my end game gear sets, should i socket them with old style stones temporarily while i gather up archdaeva stones or just wear it without manastones while i work on adding them? -Is there another fledgling set after the 55 set? If not, what set should I start working on for PvE? (and at what level should I definitely be out of fledgling by? 65? 70?) -I got a Harvester Accessory pack from the Gold Dice, it offers me a choice of accessory items, as a Cleric, is there a certain one of those items that would be best or just base it on need at the time? -I'm leveling slow because I go through every area and complete all quests, I've got quest OCD or something... shame me so I can break this awful habit... lol
  6. Aion 6.5

  7. Returning after 5 year Hiatus

    Agree, I too just came back after that long (or longer) of a break. Game is totally different, my lvl 38+ chars from back then are useless now, their gear is sub-par to whats available at lvl 10 (+10 fledgling gear) now, crating mats gathered by the scores back then are valueless or obsolete, or will be when 6.0 hits (all professions will be removed), manastones are useless from back then that you may have hoarded, as the armor/weapons your given at lvl 10 and 55 are already socketed with ideal stones. Start both toon's fresh and learn together, much has changed and its sounds like a lot will be changing in 6.0
  8. Giving Grove 2018 Instance & Reward List

    Which color nutrient is which?
  9. Evergale Canyon questions

    I'm sorry that many people feel this way. Truthfully, those of us who go in premades do so because we want to be with our friends. We aren't just random people in premades. We are friends who do things together a lot. Leaders of premades (Momo, Fencer, Hellish, Covergirl, etc) get tons and tons of requests for people who want to go. It's quite overwhelming, especially considering they don't know a lot of these people. It's easier for them to choose people they know and can trust to listen and follow directions. If they're told to go to north cave, they'll be there. If they're put into PVE group, they do it without complaint. They don't go and do their own thing. That's a lot of it.
  10. How to be a good gunner?

    Would you like to take a doubt? I have a Gunner and my ping is 170! I wonder if gunner is really good character for pvp ... Example if you are level gladiator and even equipment that gunner, the gunner can win? I was thinking of trading for a glad or sm
  11. I have to wait how many hours?

    It's just 48 or so years, no biggie.
  12. I tabbed out of game for a few and when I tabbed back I saw this for how many hours I have to wait for another Nutrient Bundle. When I moved Ash the count went back to normal but it was still funny.
  13. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Pinterest in a nutshell: Me: Hi. Pinterest: Hello, I see you like this fandom. Look at this amazing fanmade art. Me: Damn, looks really awesome. So much creativity. Lets see what else there is... Me: -Accidentally clicks on a frame with very explicit porn style- Oh... ok... Closing this... Pinterest: Glad you like it. Would you like to see more explicit art? Me: No, thank you. Im in publ... Pinterest: -Homepage and nearly every recommended frame is that theme- Never using that website again, lol.
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  15. [Souvenir] Winner Trophy

    Put in a ticket telling them which toon you want to have it. Or if you don't want it anymore since untradable, ask for an Ncoin refund. https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us
  16. [Souvenir] Winner Trophy

    Look at the image. BCM info and in-game info are both saying two different things... I bought this because of the BCM info. https://imgur.com/a/xCBXR1s
  17. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Did the trial run of my Hyperion sorc costume with new wig + make-up (and no more glasses, so less dweeb). I know what changes I need to make to the wig to make it leet, and now I'm excited for our con in a couple weeks. :>
  18. Aion JP Refly

    That's correct. Hoping @Cyan or @Hime can already give us some insight already when will we get it here.
  19. Aion JP Refly

    http://event2.ncsoft.jp/1.0/aion/1806Update/?_ga=2.152290297.1125744347.1531658960-1052291073.1531658960 Release in 10 days?
  20. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Guess I have no choice!!
  21. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    It's too gold for rust! It looks great! Did you try googling around for the RGB/etc codes for a good base gold and shades?
  22. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    That'll probably be my day tomorrow as its 2:30 AM! "_" OHLAWDAMERCY!!! And yes, you need to sew!! I can't color gold for the life of me, it looks like rust! (Quality is reduced due to the screenshot program) BUT STILL IT'S RUST!!
  23. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Freaking art! I need to do some sewing things but too lazy. I'm so tired. q_q I went to bed at 2am and woke up at 8am. Woke up with my arm hanging off the bed and sprawled out everywhere. It was bizarre.
  24. Last week
  25. Evergale Canyon questions

    Because they are nyerking selfish idiots. Basically, when people enter Evergale, either two things happen; you are matched against a premade or you are matched against another quick queue group. The former case, basically means you are going to lose. Leaving the instance early by yourself leaves you with a cooldown, during which you cannot reenter the instance. However, if you get kicked, you dont get the cooldown and can reapply straight afterwards. What happens in the case you mentioned, these idiots reapply instantly afterwards and end up in the same team/instance they were in, so they ask to get kicked again. And goes on until the instance ends or another Evergale run takes the queue's focus. Asking to get kicked is something that, in my opinion, no one should ever do. Mainly because that player is forcing another one to get sucked into that losing team instead of accepting what they ended up with. Alliances can perform Ready Checks and tell who is potentially AFK, and kick them. That, however, depends on who you are matched with. That is the real reason why we have the Kick feature (even though doing it is kind of a waste of time, but that is just my opinion. Moving on...). This goes for everyone. Be smart about Quick Queue. You can most of the time tell when a winning group is entering and when not: If you see a random person recruiting with Auto Accept on who disappears, and you see a new battlefield open, do not enter. That one is guaranteed to lose. If you see a premade going in, apply fast. Depending on already opened battlefields, this is your chance. Sometimes you have to wait a bit for the other battlefields to close so you are sure you will be put into the winning one. You can identify the usual "premade names" by just doing Evergale and learning the usual "leaders". Not saying less known people cannot win, but the "leaders" means in most cases a guaranteed win. Kind of cheeky, but it is what I do sometimes. Have two characters up, queue them up at the same time. If both's entry dialogue pop at the same time, enter on the alt. You can predict early on if its a losing team or a winning team. If its a winning team, enter on your main one (or whichever character you need rewards for) and make your alt leave the instance (this is just so someone else can also join). If your alt enters a losing team, dont enter on your main, and wait for a good time for your main to queue up again (when the alt's run ends, when a "leader" enters). Also, just out of curiosity, what is your level? If you are in the 70s, you might be able to get in just fine. But that is up to people, really.
  26. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Ben better tooo!!! But alright, I guess! Frustrated by art though, as usual.
  27. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    I've been betterrrrrrrrrrr /peeve, but I'm haaaavinggg fuunnnn. Got asked to go to a nerd con tomorrow, lol. Howww iss the larrrxeeee?
  28. uhmm.. why do people join EC and then later on wants to get kicked out? and then rejoins and wants to get kicked out again and again and again? is there no penalty for afk'ers? lol. i guess if you do not belong to a premade group (which is everyone that is not 75, well because people dont accept us. hehehe) it is pretty much a waiting game for 25GP. its just sad that lower levels dont enjoy Evergale as much as the top tier people. hehehe.
  29. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    How are youuuu Cheeseeeeyyy
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