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  2. Energy of Repose vs Berdin's Favor vs Berdin's Amulet

    Did you have other XP boost on you? In the previous event, my alt couldn't get the +400% boost, because she had some remaining 100% buff from an event ages ago. Also every XP buff I tried didn't work, when my characters already had another XP buff, lower of higher, didn't matter. But it was never affected by Energy of Repose... So if you had only the Energy of Repose and/or Berdin star on you and it didn't work, that sounds like a bug. Try reporting it in a support ticket.
  3. Energy of Repose vs Berdin's Favor vs Berdin's Amulet

    I just wish they would at least follow some sort of repeatable pattern because I simply can't twist my head around why one is able to have all 3 buffs and another can't get more than 2 lol

    Nope, you totally didn't do that, grandpa...

    there is no one on aion can say i ever ask them for anything free so you can sthu with that one there young one

    Do you really think, that repeatedly calling everyone greedy will guilt trip them enough to give you stuff for free? Good luck with that.
  7. Would you be able to send me the import code if I were to supply the scripts? I was hoping to put these in, but since they broke it, I'm not sure what to do... http://everfall.com/paste/id.php?anw0azgbdhzy http://everfall.com/paste/id.php?7z3qavi8i274 If you have time, could you see if those would work if you paste the scripts and export/import? I would really appreciate it, thank you! <3
  8. Hi, I'm really new to gunslingers and idk where to start? If anyone could give me advice that'd be great and very helpful.
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  10. Hi this is not quite directly related to ranger but according to this thread It seems green attack from manastones doesn't affected skills only weaving and we all know ranger only did 1 hit per attack which is pretty bad. For example if I socketed attack +5(I know nobody using it nowadays but it's easily for me to calculate with it >.<) in 5 pieces of armor that's extra 150 dmg per hit 150*100 = 15000 damage(I did auto attack on ranger about 90 hits in 3 mins) 15000 dmg extra from 800k dmg seems pretty bad that's like 0.0035% dmg of total dmg. I'm thinking to take off all power off essence and invest them into skills

    the buyer would not know which is which but the seller of the item knows how he got it and knows it cost him nothing to obtain so why go after such a high gain if not just to be greedy
  12. Fast start up bannable ?

    I forgot to update my previous post on this exact question. I asked Cyan about this personally, here are the responses if you are interested: https://imgur.com/a/6rgYi In summary, it is alright to use the fast start up. I use it often, sure it was stated by Cyan it could make the client unstable but ideally speaking the client already feels unstable regardless whether your Aion client is on Fast-Start mode or not, so might as well activate and reload with this method. IMO.
  13. Everything (not just SAM), that can be remodelled only one time, make the item untradeable after remodelling. Armor, weapons, wings... everything. (I'd have to test earrings, but I'm 99.9% sure they work the same)

    So... player A earns a "rare item" the hard way and puts it to broker for 1b. Next day event stars and players B, C and D get the same "rare item" for free from the event, because they're lucky and by your logic, put it to broker for 1m. Now, question for 10 mazecreatures: Who is going to buy the hard-earned "rare item" from player A, if they see those almost free ones? Isn't it unfair to player A to devalue their effort?

    Well its safe to say that you boys kids and gals continue to destroy my will and want to continue to believe in the young race because y'all are doomed...DAMN RAP MUSIC!lol

    All i am saying is if u get some endgame item from a none time consuming event or w/e i dont believe you should charge prices based on the rarity of it but try to remember it cost you nothing so why charge as if it did unless its just pure greed...
  17. I actually havr been wanting to try doing SAM again and seeing if being level 75 makes it stupidly easy.
  18. Mastering Alchemy

    The problem with fine bracing water is that it requires an untradable item that you only get 1 from Infinity Shard for a successful run, so thats the limiting factor coz you can only do 2-3 runs per week and i dont see much groups even running it anymore hopefully if you have been collecting them you might have some headway, and you also need white ancient crystals that are made by another craft(weaponsmithing) but those i can make for you if needed just mail me in game. About the 400+p i guess i mixed up the gems with handicrafting, for the alchemy masters quest you need fine stone of wisdom and fine magic power crystal that are made from fine elemental stones -> fine elemental water/fine elemental dust, so the advice remains, make all those so you can level from them otherwise when you get to 499p you will gonna have to craft them anyway without making use of all those materials for leveling.http://aiondatabase.net/en/recipe/155007188/
  19. Kinah Conspiracy?

    As I walked around Pandemonium today, I saw a group of people standing around as I was about to head to Norsvold and PvP. A couple of these people had similar names and they were all soldier rank, but what got me to stop was that I noticed they were all from the same legion (D O M I N U S) and they were all Sorcerers surrounding a Kinah Bot that was stationed in Pandemonium. So I decided to sit and watch these guys... they were all stationary and not moving, but after I sat there for several minutes I noticed a couple of them log off, then for each person who logged off another person from the same legion, also a sorcerer, came running to that spot. Within 4-5 minutes they eventually all logged off probably noticing that I was watching them. This makes me believe that these guys are one person who has a network of characters for holding Kinah to sell to players for real life money. I figure I might as well help spread the word that this is happening to hopefully shed some light and get these Kinah Spammers off our servers.Here are the two pictures I captured while watching these guys. https://imgur.com/PrpMams https://imgur.com/l531WYP
  20. The SAM gears itself are untradeable and can remodel only one time so I wonder if I remodeled on archdaeva gears(tradeable) will it still tradable ? or it become untradeable ? I don't want to waste time to farm a skin that become untradeable later
  21. Now that MXM is kill, what's the deal for Aion?

    Guild Wars 2 is developed and managed by ArenaNet, in a completely different way than NCsoft. Unfortunately, ArenaNet is entirely owned by NCsoft, so the game is among their incomes (actually it's the only western game in the roster). I really hope they'll leave ANet free, without putting their hands also on GW2.
  22. Raw Tayga Meat??!!

    Pass ahead to the next cooking recipe Isadra, you won't find them at your level. That's the same reason why I have to keep useless alts at level 15-25 if I want to farm plumes or other low lv items for transformation candy. Poor looting rules indeed.
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 15, 2017

    "Golden Charm of the Key"?
  24. Now that MXM is kill, what's the deal for Aion?

    Dead game is dead all I will say
  25. Gerha = Levinshor Back then, before 4.9, Omegas dropped in open world. But, its odd they called it Gerha. Are you sure it was our support and not Gameforge's?
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