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  2. Low FPS?

    Aion is horribly optimized. It's laggy. I don't think you can fix this short of fixing the actual game, which probably isn't going to happen.
  3. How to Gear Progression?

    Is Pandora gear worth doing? Had some vet players recommend doing that, its supposedly easier but i'm skeptical as i'm using the most basic starter endgame gear with no points in gathering and crafting. Also i realized gear is now separated into PvE and PvP gear, can PvP gear be used effectively in PvE content like for dailies and easier dungeons? And vice versa(PvE gear for PvP content)? Having to farm 2 sets is kinda daunting, if PvP gear is viable for PvE then i might as well farm PvP gear. We're a trio of Chanter, Cleric and Spiritmaster, just a fyi. Btw, where do we farm Daevanion Skills? I got a shugo spawn in CoE that gave the box but had to be rolled between 3 peeps, moreover the Shugo spawn is so rare, any other reliable places to farm them? Thank you for all the replies!!! Glad Aion has a good community.
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  5. Low FPS?

    Hi all, I'm sure there have been tons of threads about this in the past, but I couldn't see any off an immediate google search and didn't want to keep looking. Basically, I have a somewhat major FPS issue in Aion. In town I normally have 15-30 FPS and at sieges (with players turned off) I have 0-10. I play with lowest settings aside from high texture detail, terrain range, and object range. My GPU is a 1080 and my CPU is an i5-8400. I have no issues with any other game and easily hit 144 with high settings or 300 with low settings elsewhere. It's really only Aion that I have issues with. Please, if anyone has any idea how to fix this or why this might be happening, let me know. Thanks!
  6. Chanter Bug?

    Yes - Dizzying Smash is the one I'm talking about. I'm not trying to nitpick or anything but do you think you got the hitmarker because it's an AoE and there was an Elyos player nearby? I've still yet to see it hit. Also, please, any other chanters can you test this and let me know?
  7. How to Gear Progression?

    For PvP equipment upgrading you need: AP Herelym Mine / Hererim Mine PvP battlefield instances Legendary Ridium Herelym Mine / Hererim Mine PvP battlefield instances Enchantment Stones Genesis Crystal Camps Weekly Hunting Quests EXP for Bobonerk coins for morphing high grade stones Weekly Hunting Quests Daily Luna Mirash Cradle of Eternity / Garden of Knowledge Fighting Spirit Fragments Extract from PvP Gear Aetherforging failures Guiding / Malleability Stones Open world farming
  8. Crafting Buff?

    With the 100% crafting buff, it will cut in half (round up?) the number of crafting attempts needed to level up your aetherforging proficiency. This will greatly reduce the amount of material needed to level up aetherforging. If your character is already 300p in aetherforging then that buff will be pointless. Aion 6.0 Aetherforging Leveling Tables - Numbers of attempts / materials needed (excluding buffs)
  9. Crafting Buff?

    so, i was wondering what is the point if this crafting buff, we get in sanctum. because it surely doesnt work when tryin to craft codex's and weapons and stuff. i tried crafting before, and after the buff, and i still gain the same amount of xp reguardless.
  10. Roll back

    We know for a fact that Korea's example of opening a classic server ended up with it closing down by being merged when 6.0 hit. Considering that NCWest doesn't care about its playerbase, there's just no point. People launch private servers only because they're nostalgic, happened with NotAion, they ended up closing it down in a matter of few weeks. Right now, even if they're at 6.5, there's no point because playing retail overall is always better. People need to stop falling into their own nostalgic traps and demand for it to come back. It's not coming back, you need to move on.
  11. How to Gear Progression?

    For PVE: Mirash/Cradle of Eternity > Frozen Monolith/Bastion of Souls > Infernal Drakenspire Depths/ Primeth's Forge. Herelym Mine is mostly for AP farm. Veilenthrone is a 18-man instance. For PvP: Talk to NPCs in Lakrum at your base, they sell Vindicator gear. You upgrade this to the next grade with mats and AP until you get Ultimate (best in game as of current patch). Don't worry about 7.0 for now, it'll come next year.
  12. How to Gear Progression?

    So hit 80, using the lakrum gear, i'm so confused on how to progress from there onwards. Lots of outdated info around, me and my friends are totally lost, we don't know what to do except for clearing dungeons which prolly takes 10% of the gameplay due to the insane weekly lockouts. Would appreciate a veteran to explain to us the best gear progression routes for PvE and PvP. Also a rundown on new systems like minions, transformation contracts, titles, pets, stigmas, enchantments, purifying etc. And theres the upcoming patch 7.0 too. Theres so much stuff we're not sure how and where to start. Really appreciate any help, thanks!!!
  13. Hey guys, So I was thinking of coming back after a few months break. I had my files moved out of C drive which was my ssd to save space. Since moving them back to the install folder and hitting the update button, the launcher triggered my firewall. Apparently the launcher was trying to download from [http] dljhv20e50fab.cloudfront.net/AION/225/Patch/Zip/bin32/CryFont.dll.zip//CryFont.dll Of course the updater couldn't progress any further, hence why I'm stuck. So the first thing I did was google what cloudfront.net is exactly. Results were that I didn't like what I've found. Most websites suggest it was bad, some just say it's another data distribution company from amazon. Support hasn't helped, they just ignored my request for an alternative mirror/ftp yesterday.
  14. Roll back

    I can't remember and I have no reason to make that up,If people playing private servers then NCwest should improve themselves not crying like a nyerk asking for sympathy.You should tell how NCwest improve themselves more than ask people not to play on private servers because most if not all don't give a damn about it. TLDR : I don't care if people playing in offical or private servers they should play in where they happy.
  15. Roll back

    The reason pirated servers exist is because people want to make money without doing any work. Why develop your own game when you can steal someone else's, rent a server and make 100% profit from the "donations"? I love how flexible people's morals are. It's okay to steal from NCSoft because they frequently nyerk us off. By that logic, would it be alright to steal from your corner store because the owner doesn't listen to you and hasn't made repairs to his shop as often as he should have? The reason there isn't a classic server is that we don't have the player base here for that. Opening a classic server here would be nothing but a cash grab and would in no way contribute to the health of the game. (Just like the opening of EK. Cash grab that ultimately will hurt this player base.) Not opening a classic server is the single smartest thing that NCWest has done lately. Who exactly at NCWest told you, @Neleth-KT, to go play on a pirated server when you asked for a classic server? Let's be honest. It wasn't anyone and you made that up. Right?
  16. Roll back

    Yes private servers are stealing the work but do I care ? Hell no.Since the company never listen to us about BCM,bugs,transparent scrolls,skins and everything. The reason the private server can be born because NC and some people refused players base that want classic server. They've been told by those people to go play p server so what to complain?
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  18. 2019/4/17 update borked my game.

    Nope, and in fact it always has to run as administrator.
  19. 2019/4/17 update borked my game.

    Bizarre. and right-click run as admin isn't working either? That's so weird.
  20. 2019/4/17 update borked my game.

    One of the people in my guild had the same problem, he said give it a day and try again. Definitely restarted my computer, but never thought to run in compatibility mode for windows 7, since I've been running it fine in windows 7 since I got it. I'll try that right now. Nope, still nothing. Not even a process running in the background in task manager.
  21. 2019/4/17 update borked my game.

    Have you tried going to C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher, right clicking the NCLauncher application, Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7 or 8? Have you restarted your computer? You are literally the only person I'm hearing of having this problem.
  22. 2019/4/17 update borked my game.

    Since the 2019 update, the launcher for the game won't even start. I don't have the time to sit around for hours and constantly restart the client download to redownload the entire game. Something must be fixed. The window comes up asking if I want to allow it to start, like windows always does, but then nothing happens after I say yes. Am I the only one with this problem, or is this something that's happening to others, as well? If so, how do I fix it short of reinstalling the game, which will likely keep me offline for a month or more?
  23. Roll back

    http://highpulp.com/2016/copy-steal/ At my college, if you copy someone's work (literary, artistic, musical, etc) and try to claim it as yours or otherwise use it without permission, you receive an automatic F for the course with the possibility of being expelled from the school.
  24. Roll back

    That's because IP laws that we currently use in most countries were created more than 2 centuries ago, and are simply not realisticly applicable in the current digital world. Still, copying is not, and never will be stealing. Microsoft themselves "stole" a lot of stuff, so lol at them.
  25. Roll back

    Guy It does not matter what you say or think, it does not matter if you downloaded it or obtained it by another means without the counsent of the owner, its still stealing, ask any lawyer. I once knew a guy who used to work in Microsoft Latin America legal department and ask him once why didnt take acctions agains the peope who owns an illegal copy of windows or office, and what he told me was many of the companies that are victims of piracy decide not to take legal action against these people since they could not pay the losses caused by their actions, which of course they would end up going to jail, but these companies would not only not receive the lost money, but also they would also be losing money when performing these legal actions. it might not be the case for NCWest, but it's the reference I have.
  26. Enchantment rate back to 6.2?

    It's only a problem when you take yourself too seriously (lol). People are mad because they "have to" no-life to get to the top... ok well first, no one is forcing you to no-life the game. Like literally no one. Play or don't play; casual or not casual, it's all YOUR choice. Second, did you think getting to the top endgame was going to be some kid roller coaster ride?? Then I would recommend NOT playing any MMOs, and play single player console games or something. Just because you chose to spend your time here despite knowing it's not easy and never will be, doesn't mean it was "wasted" by default. Shifting the fault/blame to people who spends money isn't going to change any of that but your ego. Seriously ppl… get a life--literally. Go do stuff with your rl friends.
  27. Bring the shugo sweep event

    Dude, we have a great f2p event right now -- the best one we've had since October. Why you out here advocating for a pure p2w event?
  28. Roll back

    roll back to when lv cap was 60 , add 1 pvp map with camps that give ap and medals.. a good map
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