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  2. Anyone try low latency mode yet ? :o

    What is low latency mode? Is it an option in the client?
  3. EC and ID rewards problem?

    With sieges, the upgrade on lakrum quests, new lugbug quest and npc that sells crystals for stellium plus the 30% reducion on ancient gear prices, i think now we can farm like 180 fragments per week without crafting.
  4. Lugbug's Story quest - Leibo Soul item

    On Taiwan, Leibo Soul Traces box can only be purchased 1 times per week, so that weekly mission can only be completed every third week.
  5. Quick question about gearinga and enhancing

    GS are better for skills that you can only use with GS. Of course, I dont know very well the changes taht came with 7.0, I heard theres an update where they increase the damage for GS, but sword and shield is fundamental anyway.
  6. EC and ID rewards problem?

    Well, theres a lot more GC in the OW now, so you can simply buy ancient pvp gear and extract.
  7. Today
  8. Every mob from instances or open world have a chance to drop a Single coin, (2% maybe? ) final bosses have 100% chance to drop prestige bundle either you get 1 coin (70%) or 9 candies (30%). Prestige quests, i think 200 coins per week. We used to get i think 150 coins per staying loged in for 2 hours (Not sure if this still works). Coins are tradable via account warehouse so you can farm them with your alts too. I have like 40k coins, the title and mounts are nice but i don't need them. Do still waiting here for something useful and NOT overpriced to be added to the prestige machine Really @Cyan a single PvE stone 5000 coins?? SHAME -_-" Pls update prestige shop
  9. EC and ID rewards problem?

    How long will we be left unanswered? ID and EC... SIEGE give only enchant...difficulty with craft drop, fight spirit difficulty NC kill again progress of new players, omg.. and mid players too. Where farm figth spirit now ? Whyy so hard take new material ??? Stop with this desire to kill the game.
  10. Quick question about gearinga and enhancing

    So just work on sword and shield? And leave gs alone right? I guess greatswords are better used for zerker or something?
  11. AT nerf

    ...correction, they are op if simply payed by a noob, they are godmode if played well. AY is a tank and should be treated like one, they have more resists than true tanks yet they hit harder than a sorc in some cases.
  12. Is my storm strike suppose be nerfed?

    It is amazing how they make hybrid classes that can tank and dps or heal and dps better than a sorc in many cases, and then they make true canon classes like painter, while they totally screw sorc. Why don't they delete out class since it will probably make them happy.
  13. When they fix it we will send them a ticket for that account to compensate.
  14. EC and ID rewards problem?

    Damn ID too? Sad @Cyan i many others for sure would like to spam pvp instances. There will be any compensation? Can we get new materials based on the runs we do as compensation when this gets fixed?
  15. EC and ID rewards problem?

    +1 Those instance need their rewards updated ASAP. @Cyan
  16. The pvp instance ID gives legendary Ridium the old mats --
  17. Quick question about gearinga and enhancing

    Unlike in previous versions, you must focus on sowrd/shield even for dps, the GS is reallly effective with Kaisinel and even so, sowrd/shield still necessary, so better focus on it. If you need GS though, you can buy crafted one later, cuz really, enchanting 3 pieces is really hard and will delay your progression.
  18. I play as a templar and I just hit level 80 with him, I use a sword/shield and greatsword (usually I just use my greatsword ) so first thing I was planning on doing was gearing for pvp, am I supposed to gear both weapons? Like even after I get both genesis greatsword, sword and shield, would I have to enhance all 3? That just seems like way to much work
  19. EC and ID rewards problem?

    My question is why these 2 instances (EC and ID) give as rewards Legendary Ridium still, this item is from patch 6.5 of game, now is 7.0, also i saw in apply window for ID it says that rewards are legendary and ultimate etium so ..........
  20. Still no explanation on how the extra slots on the Prestige Pack work or if they will be available on the free trial version. I know I said we should sit tight and wait for an answer, but did they really not discuss this before the patch went live? The fact the pack doesn't currently give us extra slots doesn't mean they can't tell us how it is SUPPOSE to work. That should have been made clear in the patch notes. smh
  21. @Arhangelos-KT you might want to send a ticket about you using your Free Prestige Pack and not getting the extra character slots. Maybe, they will send you a new one since you wasted yours? Maybe.
  22. It would be nice if they lowered the prices when they brought it back 😄. I have a question: how do you earn the coins to spend anyway? I'm debating on if I want to buy a Prestige Pack (after they add the character slots) so I can make a Vandal and I would like to buy that cute Scooter mount.
  23. BUG ? Issue ? or what ? why we still have x8 slots ? I'm so stupid I bought prestige packs and thought we can have extra slots
  24. @Cyan - Transformation System

    Real talk, I would actually be pretty happy with it if it was transparent by default. I actually like just popping one thing to get run speed, atk/cast speed, and stat boost all at the same time lol.
  25. @Cyan - Transformation System

    Sorry i forgot to follow Mistress Cheesecake teachings Adding /s
  26. Lore Quesitions from a CBT Founder

    @2s7DFAA-DN Hi use the search function by Author, look out for our LoreMaster @Bryos-DN you will find several good posts.
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