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  2. HM got a -40% AP nerf, and they also kept it in the timed map of Lakrum. It also changes three locations in the 3 middle camps. I one time entered it, and by the time I finished it and went out, it already had changed location so I had to go to the new location to do the next run. It would have been better for everyone if it was in Gelkmaros as well obviously, but they did it like this for their own reasons (probably thinking that this will "enable" pvp, they use the word enable, not force for things like this) Anyway, 750m AP in solo mid with prestige only, seems good enough for whoever needs more AP. Do 10 runs for example and you are at +7,5m AP. It is Luna resettable but also the pouches that give instance resets have HM too so you can buy those.
  3. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    They are in the exit area, but aren't they in an area that you cannot reach? I tried and I couldn't hit them, they are in a higher level ground, unless there is a way to reach them and I didn't find it. (Also how do you open the secret rooms and the hidden library? I never managed to go to those areas) The ones that spawn next to the boss and you have to kill the extra mob in the stairs to remove you mean?
  4. Stigma stone enchantment

    ...with the current lag nobody can do anything decent. 7.5 is an ugly patch full of tricks to be able to play and this is coupled with NA's Lag-Online.
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  6. The great NC P2W divide

    The game has always been p2w since f2p and it will never change. I am a free player and i can manage to get by and still compete by farming on my alt accounts and wait for good free events to feed my main. I was able to +15 4 of my stigmas with the stigma stones i got for free from the stormwing event. I am out of stones now so i'l just save kinah and hope that someone sell a +15 stigma my way. AND to the OP, I do not know if you are playing by yourself or with friends, but its definitely a lot easier to pvp with a group (a decent one) than to go solo. Sorry bad english, not my language.
  7. Stigma stone enchantment

    EuroAion is a P-server not an actual server so their payment model is based on keeping the server open not based on making profit to keep new(or in ncsofts case old) content coming out for players to spend. No one wants to stream on NA Aion because no one is doing anything that is why. Last time i checked they gave their players cash shop currency for streaming their server because it gets more players in to the server if it is popular on twitch.
  8. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    The NPC Urpa in Gelkmaros has a dark blue quest marker over his map position, but he has no quest.
  9. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    IDD hard mode also gives a shit ton of XP. Killing the adds gives half a bar of XP. Not that I'm saying IDDHM is easily farmable by people, but just mentioning that for when people go into that instance -- to either have XP extractors or Bobonerk's coins on hand.
  10. Where is my Survey? Where is my Dragon Carpet Pack?

    The scroll is related to the current stigma event, has nothing to do with the Dragon Carpet Pack, which Hime already said we will be receiving with tomorrow's maintenance.
  11. Skin Farming in 7.0

    I'm not sure! I plan to find out sometime in the next week or two as I will be leveling a new alt to try out the new leveling setup. I'll make notes of the skins at that time. I'm hoping for some new/returned stuff though! Yes, the Aegis skin in this current patch is still the Hyperion skin from what I have been able to tell. The purple Titan coin gear is also the Hyperion skin (black) and the red Titan coin gear is the Hyperion skin (reddish-brown). Similarly, there are some white drops called Tempest which are still the Frostforged skins from the first page of this thread. This Nighthaze shield is the shield that goes with the Beritra skin (or whatever you want to call them). Also, this shield below is back in the game as I see it listed as Legendary Araka Legionnaire's Martial Shield. It also comes from Esoterrace according to the guide. WHICH MEANSSSSS... THE SKIN EVERYBODY HAS BEEN WANTING IN THIS THREAD! MALEFIC! IT'S BACK ACCORDING TO THE GUIDE! GOGOGO (Note, I haven't actually seen it in Esoterrace yet, so I'm not sure exactly where it drops in there. I will try to do some investigating sometime in the next few days.) Legendary Araka Legionnaire's Martial Also, the Adma/Sky Island-esque shield and armors are back in the game from 5.x. They are ultimate pieces that drop from the legendary mobs in Lakrum: The Cruel Demaha ultimate gear is the old Restructured Danuar skins from 5.x: The Legendary Lakrum Scout pvp gear that you can buy from the Genesis Crystal NPCs in Lakrum is the old Archives of Eternity skin from 5.x, one of my personal favorites. <3 The Legendary Fierce Aureate gear you can buy from your main outpost in Crimson Katalam is the old 75AP pvp gear skin from 5.x, another favorite. <3 The Ultimate version is also the same skin, but in a gold color scheme instead of the original black like below. The Ultimate Lakrum Scout gear you buy from the Genesis Crystal NPCs in Lakrum is the Cradle of Eternity skin from 5.x: Note, the Ancient Nighthaze gear is still the same Bastion of Souls/Harvester skin, so if you failed to get all the skin pieces before they removed BoS, you can still work on that in Lower Udas Temple. So yeah, lots of oldies but goodies brought back this patch. Feel free to share if y'all find anything else!
  12. Stigma stone enchantment

    To be honest, if the AION would be more friendly to progress, there will be much higher online. NCWest could generate some good revenue from selling prestige packs (possibly selling user data as well, based on their new ToS, who cares...). I wanted to play many times, but every time stop myself when thinking about the pain of enchanting, those transformations that require month of active game play and many other smaller reasons. Just on a side note, played Black Desert Mobile - perfect game, tons of content and nice graphics, but heavy on p2w. Few month after, only whales are on the server. But even without high online and not being able to find f2p players for ez kills, they are leaving as well. All p2w games tend to die. Update: On Twitch there are no streamers of aion na, patch dropped week ago... People play euroaion, I bet their p2w model is based on prestige packs only and at this point, probably generates more income over expenses comparing to NA.
  13. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    In Lower Udas Temple, there are 5 Pyre Souls that gives XP and respawn approximately 32-36 secs after killed. This is the case in NA, TW, and EU EAS. Feature or bug? Are we allowed to farm XP there?
  14. Pre 7.5 patch when Herelym mine was in a fixed location that was the only way i could get enough AP to even think about maybe going PVP one day, so on my Sin account I got x1 Ultimate Dark Talon dagger after some months and eventually got to a level where I could just grind the solo middle path in this PVE !!! instance sometimes, but that was still many weeks with entry caps. Now I still need 20M AP to upgrade the second +15 legendary dagger. At this rate I don't think I'll bother with more attempts at DT gear even if I finish this one ever. So my question to Aion is why nyerk up a reasonable but difficult thing to make it almost impossible for PVE to transition to PVP by baiting a PVE instance in a viper's pit of PVP? I can't even find the current Herelym mine without being ambushed by PVP flash dc to find out if I can even enter it in case that has also been nerfed. Maybe better if put it back like near it was but make the cap on re-entry absolute or limit in some other way the possible perception that it was too easy for the highly geared crews to get AP or whatever the problem was to change it so everyone has a chance at some AP and a small amount of PVP gear, or was it just an easy hijack of an instance - I don't really care about the reasoning but I don't like the result - who uses it now - only AION has those stats. I'd like to hear from others, as the patch notes are useless, what people think of the new Herelym mine experience that I haven't encountered yet but welcome all comments on topic since its a forum. cheers
  15. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    But to be in Lakrum you need hourglass to begin with. In any case, whoever reached 80 needs to wait for the daily reset to get his hourglass first fill.
  16. WTS Vandal Asmo NA Danaria

    FoA Is there an admission somewhere that i didnt notice? I didnt admit anything. Intention yes. Admission no.You are not very clever either i suppose. And SoA this is me giving a f@ck-------->
  17. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Thanks Violeta, that makes perfect sense
  18. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Not a bug, you used up the daily when the character was below lvl 76. The lugbug missions are shared and not refreshed after hitting lvl 76+. Only option if you can't wait till reset is buy a 60min Dimensional Hourglass from the Lakrum Renown merchant. These can also be purchased from the broker or passed on from another toon on your account. 1. Crafting Material merchant in Gelkmaros sells it Oradena, don't know the Elyos name but they will be in Inggison Fortress. 2. The reason you are asked to enter your PIN is because you are moving back and forth from the Battleground server, now that there are 3 maps in the BGServer this will happen more often.
  19. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    1) Crafting Material Contributor Clerotti in Larkum no longer exchanges AP for Daev Mark Of Knowledge but Lugbug Weekly Mission still exists so to reward you if you aetherforge the skill box with 6 of them so where do you get them? bug? 2) No big deal but sometimes have to re-enter PIN and other times not when switching chars...may be related to general PIN false too many attempts bug?
  20. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    It is the lag that will kill this region, everything else could have been a personal taste (I agree with everything you said, someone else might not). But the lag is making you only log in and that is it.
  21. Where is my Survey? Where is my Dragon Carpet Pack?

    I was never able to subscribe my account for this to begin with. It is stupid you have to go through the site to get a gift that has no impact on the game. They should send one to every account that still plays and tell them a big fat "thank you for still being around with us, we don't deserve you"
  22. Stigma stone enchantment

    Don't worry, NA will soon have the last server merge due to a lot of people leaving. I am clearing up my things and begone too. I can smell a dead carcass from miles and this one is getting closer every day.
  23. WTS Vandal Asmo NA Danaria

    ...this is a bannable offense to sell anything with real money, and admit it in official forums.
  24. Server Lag on Danaria

    They most likely changed something in their provider or servers because this came with 7.5. But do not expect them to ever admit it or change it back. Notice how inside EC or AD/ID you most likely won't lag at all.
  25. No you can't, that quest requires that you use the rift which is not possible when you just turn 80 because you have no hourglass.
  26. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    Some people said it is worse to enchant a stigma to +9 than take i to +12 because there is no safe spot below +9 anymore. So your stigma can go all the way down to +1 if it wants. I have been there and seen that. The thing here is that no matter the rates someone might give you, it can take you even up to 100 stigmas and still not be able to see a +9, this is what RNG stands for, someone will do it with 10 stigma enchants, another one might need 100 and still fail. I personally haven't tried to +9 any new stigmas and I obviously won't try that. I tried all the tricks and enchanting stigmas one after another, stopping between them some time, or enchanting and canceling etc, my main's stigmas are still +10 (after wasting 150 stones, I decided to stop again, not a single stigma went above +10 with such little stones, I have 0 successes to even draw statistics for example, if everything I did failed, then the chance to make a +12 is 0% according to my findings) I video taped it but sadly stigma enchant success in chat is global so there is plenty from other people enchanting as well and the chat is infested with a ton of irrelevant to my stigma enchanting. The most amount of stigma fails I had consequent was close to 25 or something, I need to find the video and that spot. As for the amount of successes it is absolutely irrelevant to this point, what you need is 3 consequent successes and apparently at these rates this is nearly impossible. ~~~ I told my friends that the rest of my alts accounts, I'll give them the ability to log it themselves so they do the enchanting. I can't take this RNG and make people pay for 500+ failed stigmas even if the price is ridiculously lower than anything else they could have taken. I do not want to be the guy that hit the enchant button and then failed it all. This post is there because I wanted to say that this is not a stigma enchant event. They wanted to advertise their BCM sales and that is it. The rest is a safe spot at +12 which is a 7.5 feature and will remain after this so called "event". So whoever doesn't have 10000 stigmas sitting, just ignore stigma enchanting for now, avoid pvp and when they make a real stigma enchant event, you can make your stigmas to +15. The rates aren't even 20%, this is NA, we have had regional nerfs visible and invisible. We are the only region that never had a stigma event since 5.8 and the so called stigma event now doesn't even have increased rates... and that comes right after 2,5 months of stormwing event. They are so clever that it is so obvious what they do.
  27. Server Lag on Danaria

    Just curious- is this lag EVER going to be resolved? I'm outside north America, but I started this game outside the US (Korea) 5ish years ago on a 2010 potato laptop with the cheapest KT broadband. Today, I'm still outside the states in a new country but on gaming rig with an Intel Core i7-8750H 11., NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q (8GB GDDR5) 17 and 32GB of DDR4. . . . And I'm on flipping FIBER with 1000-1200 Mbps. And. . . . I.Can.NOT.Play.At.All.Because.Of.Lag. No joke- I will pause for 4-5 seconds on each skill, I rubberband so hard that I can barely move around any map. Oh yeah- And I'm online when Y'ALL are in bed! NO ONE IS AROUND. So why has Aion become so broken and will it ever get fixed? And is anyone even reading these posts? Are the mods dead? I get that the mods can't wave a wand and fix the Aion servers, but any reply/update after a 4-5 days of silence would be really fantastic . . . someday. Anyday. That would be great.
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