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  2. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    Yes. The pvp compensation gear (Winged Champion) is purifiable to the new 7.0 gear. The current crafted gear (Masterwork Conqueror) is not purifiable.
  3. Yes. Both genesis and compensation (winged) gear turn into the same gear in 7.0 provided they're +15 ultimate.
  4. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    does this work also for the ultimate winged champion gear??
  5. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    Sorry, PVP gear only, yes. Ok, good to know that I can start asap. Thanks!
  6. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    Are you talking about pvp gear? If so, you get the new 7.0 pvp gear from purifying the +15 Ultimate current gear. So you can't just jump right into it in 7.0. If you're talking about pve gear, then you can't jump right into that either because you won't be able to do the instance to get it due to not having any good pve gear. As you said, 7.0 is probably soon. However, knowing NCsoft, it could still be months away, who knows. I'd say just play the game and don't sweat it too much. Whatever gear you get (pve), great.
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  8. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    I see a lot of people wanting to add maps or add maps back. We don't have the population for more end-game maps. (Think of Levinshor.) In order for the PvP in Aion to work, the devs need to put everyone at end-game on one map. The terrain of Lakrum divides the map giving a "safer" side for each race which have camps that provide some cover for levelers and the undergeared. The center of the map is more of a no-man's land. It's not a poorly designed map.
  9. So title pretty much says it all, but I'm starting now (just came back) and I'd like your input on the matter. Should I save my kinah and enchantment stones to get the new gear come 7.0 or should I just go for the 6.0 gear and then upgrade? Looking back I'd say we are about 3 months or less away from 7.0, and taking that time in consideration I'll not be full Ultimate +15 by then, maybe not even full Legendary +15. So the question is, will we be able to acquire the new equipment from ancient and upgrade it all the way to ultimate, or having the 6.0 equipment at +15 ultimate is the only way to get it? I know that the new crafted gear will be "completely new" and old crafted gear won't be upgradeable. Thanks bois and grills.
  10. I had a dream

    I know that you are upset about the way things are run in Aion these days. I think everyone is. But passive aggressive posts won't help. They just give you a reputation which will make everything you say easier to over-look. You have good ideas, Neleth. Don't ruin that by posting things like this. Gratz on your 1000's post though.
  11. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    Ahh. Good. So you agree that gaming companies are not charities and that they are supposed to try and get us to pay money so they can keep developing the game and, hopefully, make a profit. Then it's all good.
  12. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    Bring back Katalam and Danaria as level 80 maps (make all mobs nearly group mobs, all instances group instances). Have camps for a new type of marks for the best gear so everyone can get the best gear if they explore. Change the pvp system to abyss points only with 3 month resets. Delete the glory points. Ability to hide transformation look. Make 2 more maps, each exclusive to both races, and allow rifting so we can actually bring back rifting which was the most fun, hell, I'd add 2 maps for each faction honestly, just to have rifting options. Bring old maps back as level 80 zones, why not? Can you imagine Eltnen being a 75-80 zone? To be honest, as much as cool as Katalam and Danara both were, Eltnen was my favorite area of Aion, and the rifting. I'd love to see Eltnen back over both of the other two areas.
  13. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    You know how you turn a profit? 1) A regular steady stream of worthwhile costumes on shop. 2) A regular and varied stream of attractive (PERMANENT) mounts on shop. 3) Cosmetic services broadened to include various hairstyles and other aesthetically pleasing options. (So long as we can actually see said options upon application, without the need to pay you extra for the "viewing privelege".) 4) A "premium" service that's actually worth the price of admission. 5) A support/dev staff on hand that is committed to providing a fair platform for its gamers. One that enforces it's in game rules, not one that blindly turns it's cheek to gamers that violate said rules so long as they retain their "whale" status. You know how you DON'T go about successfully turning a profit? Do the exact opposite of those things listed above, AND... Selling half baked "tickets" designed to provide access through pay to something said user/customer already had access to for free. Aka: his/her characters created/default appearance. No, that's how you lose customers, not gain them. Something Aion 2019 knows all too well.
  14. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    People like simple things. Look at everyone that likes luna simple rubbish tier content yet everyone wants more and more buffs to its reward table.
  15. I had a dream

    My dream was about this Wednesday NCwest will change designs in luna crafting and will change every week. Then I wake up and realized it was just a dream. The End
  16. Equip Calculator

    https://aiondb.ru/tools/equipment/?lid=na PS Its 7.0, but 6.7 is supported too.
  17. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    To be honest I try to think a reason why they simplify the game. And only reason I can think of because they're lazy lol
  18. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    ...so deleting 90% of the game was something that worked for Korean amrket place? If it did that would have been weird. ...effectively Aion could have been an amazing pvp mmorg, role playing game and "sims online", all in one game, if they bothered to take advantage of the housing and social things of aion like skins, looks, housing etc. They probably never realized plenty of people kept logging in to try the new outfit and increase their skin collection or remodel their house with the new furniture that was out. then they deletedi t all thinking the game was dieing because it had a lot of features and thought a simple retarded version would revive the game!
  19. What a Shame

    If the scenario here is to have an ultra skilled sorc vs a not so skilled enemy, we are comparing nothing. The only way to talk about a class is to forget about the abilities of the players, we compare classes based on their skills and their combos and sadly the sorc is simply a walking glass class minus the canon now that every class is literally canon. you have tank cannons (AT, Glad) you have healing canons (SW) you have killer canons (sins, archers) you have a glass canon (sorc) since we are all canons, remove the canon, and leave the rest of the explanation, you have tanks, healers, killers, and glasses! We are the glass here.
  20. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    Those damn Furry always yiffing all around geting all the attention and is not fair!! We demand for Brony transformations to be added asap! Our community deserves a place in Aion too!
  21. Minion Contracts - What Minions does each give?

    I got 1 sheba & 1 Modor from 40 cute contracts and 2 Kromede from 15 combinations of grade B
  22. Please bring back the old AION PVE??

    I'm pretty sure you can do the instance as much as you want.
  23. Minion Contracts - What Minions does each give?

    The better thing for you to be working on is getting four B-rank minions evolved to level 4. The rate of combining four B-ranks and getting a random A-rank is not too bad. In my opinion, you're more likely to get an A-rank that way than by opening Cute contracts.
  24. What a Shame

    I feel that sorc is fine in pvp in the hands of pro players only. By nature, sorcs are like magicians as they require fast reactions to execute the lock down combos. There isn't much margin for error hence why the skill ceiling is higher. Skilled sorc pvp is arguably the most enjoying class to watch as it very fast paced with high risk rewarding play, and creativity with unpredictable combos. In group pvp, a sorcs playstyle is focused on survivability and landing sleeps on key targets rather than full dpsing so it gives the impression that sorcs are 'weak'. Overall, sorcs have a high skill ceiling hence most consider it underpowered.
  25. Thinking on coming back need opinions

    OMG! You mean for-profit companies want to make MONEY?! That's crazy! What is the world coming to? Really glad that you used hyperbole to teach us about capitalism.
  26. Youtube links

    Yea i go by twitch from time to time but unfortunately due to timezone it is hard to be on when anyone is streaming NA servers.
  27. Munirunerk’s Treasure Chamber

    I've received: Cute Minion Contract x2 Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone x1 Also the Rewards are said to reset Daily at 9AM, but they actually reset at 12AM server time.
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