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  3. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    I had to laugh at the git gud comment. I feel your pain bro but this is the life of an Aion player. Either you bring the heat or you get burned. As Aly said support won't do anything. They are probably too busy breaking and patching the tattered parts of the game together to worry about one lost WB. Don't worry next time I'll come and save the day all you have to do is whisper sneakattack three times while doing the forbidden dance.
  4. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    To me the limit is pretty ok. In this patch you can go straight to ultimate via katalam gear, so you dont need as many enchants and fragments as the last patch. A new player would go straight to that. This limit affects the old players who are half way into their dark talon more than the new players that simply go straight to katalam gear. Not that the game has many new players.
  5. 1. Stigmas enchantment save point at +9 (as minimum) and more ways to gain Stigmas Enchantment Stones not only for BCM (p2w). 20 Gold Ingot = 2 Stigmas Enchantment Stones = 1 week (not all of us can buy every week G.Ingot) and getting from WB its impossible If you are not Poco or TP (DN). 1.1 Reason: In the latest patches are totally necessary for more slot on your stigmas. And if you dont have Stigmas +9 are playing with a slight disadvantage (the true disadvantage is the obtaining of them). BUT having Stigmas +12 are the huuuuuge difference and it's so hard to get it. I don't even want to imagine the Advanced Stigmas. 1.2 Notes: It's pretty similar to the combination of minions in relation with the time of obtaining. Can be years. (I have been played like 2 years and only have 1 stigma +9 lol) 2. Combining 4 A rank minions should be 100% of getting S rank. 2.1 Reason: It's totally ridiculous spend 1 year (or more) farming and lose it in 1 sec and having S rank minion is a huge difference. So, If you are lucky you can get ur S rank minion but If you fail you are gonna w8 at least 1 years to try again ---> At that moment you are gonna quit the game or you're going to kill yourself if you fail again lol. 2.2 Notes: the difference in this point is insane, if u have S rank minion = 15K HP , with A rank only 5K. 3. We need the old exp on the game or 400% exp event each month.
  6. Best advice for new players would be to find another game.
  7. Character Customization Files

    Well, I did say I was trying to import an NPC's stats into the character creator in my original post. I guess that answers my question then. Thanks for your help! 🙂
  8. Character Customization Files

    You cannot snatch levelrs of NPCs or other players. As I said it doesn't even matter who is in the screenshot or not, when you take the screenshot, it captures the appearance of the character you are logged and taking the screenshot with. If you want to make a player based on the appearance of an NPC you have to figure it out yourself and make the character as close as possible to the NPC If you want to look like another player, that player needs to take a Ctrl+PrtScn screenshot with the character you want to look like and send you the file.
  9. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    Another bump, pve gear progression is very slow and painful this patch. And pve gear is kind of the basis on getting pvp geared too or at least how long it takes. Many of the pvp instances have some pve component.
  10. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    if you're getting out dps'd by 1/4 or 1/5th the numbers maybe it's time to get good?
  11. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    There's no damage hack, to be honest far as I know there's only atk speed ones related to "dmg output", no other. Also, it's completely normal be outdpsed by low number of players if that players are geared. My legion aways take altars vs small legions on a 12 vs 30+ Elyos. If you really care about world bosses and want/need the weapon that drop from it, my advice is to just join a big legion and kill WB with them, it's the easiest way.
  12. Character Customization Files

    @Arhangelos-KT Thank you for the detailed answer! Unfortunately, this method did not work for me. 😟 Allow me to explain. I took a screenshot of the NPC as you instructed. I went to my folder and found the image with the customization number. I loaded the character creation window and the image was there, but when I went to import the data, my own character appeared instead of the NPC (I was standing near them when I took the photo). So I went back to the same NPC, zoomed all the way in so only she was visible, and took a new image. This time when I went to load the image in the creator the screenshot did not appear at all. I attempted this several times and it simply does not work. I even went back and took a screenshot of a playable character and that player's data loaded in the creator without a hitch. This leads me to believe I simply can not load NPC data into the creator. Go figure!
  13. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    There is no damage hack, you are just bad.
  14. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    I wouldn't recommend that. First, I can tell you with 100% certainty what Support will do. They will thank you for the report, tell you they will investigate and inform you that for privacy reason, they can't tell you the outcome. Then they will take your report and shitcan it. Support wouldn't know a hack if it wore a big funny hat and stood on their desks singing Yankee Doodle Dandy. Second, it is 100% possible for super geared people to not only take agro from an alliance of undergeared players, but they can easily outdps them while laughing all the way to the bank. What you should take away from this experience is that this is the way Aion is. Players can be really helpful and wonderful. They will give you the shirt of their backs. Players can also be toxic bags of excrement. If you aren't "them", you are less than nothing and taking things from you is their right. The only thing you can do is decide which one you will be.
  15. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    Thank you all for input! I reported them for damage hack. NCSoft can review if they hacked or not. I find it difficult that 6 people, mainly one person, can take agro and DPS from an entire league. Blows my mind.
  16. Bloodmarks - guide

    Does anyone have any guide for bloodmarks? Apart from getting them, where do you use them? I saw some NPCs in Lakrum but they seemed not to ahve all the items we are supposed to be able to get. Are there NPCs in Demaha as well, or Crimson katalam too? I saw the GameForge patch notes and boy they offer more information, at least they mention NPC names not abstract things. Unfortunately we do not have same names in NPCs or locations so that guide is missing the names and locations of the NPCs
  17. Character Customization Files

    To take the screenshot with the details you need to take the screen shot with Ctrl+PrintScreen button together, you then get this information: As you see it also has the name "AionCustomize<number> here. This screenshot needs to be in the screenshot folders in your aion and if it is not edited or altered with external image processing programs at all it should be usable as a character customizing file. The levers are apparently in the metadata of the image, so if you edit it with photoshop for example it will most likely destroy that data. The screenshot can be taken anywhere and anyhow, it doesn't even need to show the character up close or clear, the info of the levers is still there. BUT I would suggest you to take a screenshot clearly of that char so it is also a good reference, when you try to load a specific character it helps with the previous image. You can also take the screenshot of a char in the character design screen so it is a clear image of the char for reference.
  18. Character Customization Files

    Hey @Arhangelos-KT, I have a question about screenshots and I am hoping you will have an answer for me. I believe I read somewhere that you can import screenshots of characters taken in-game and load those character stats into the character creator. Is this true? I attempted to take a picture of an NPC in-game and load her stats into the character creator, but it did not work. I put the screenshot in the same folder as my other character files, but the file would not show up when I tried to import it. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you!
  19. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    Once used, A character jump can not be refunded. Once used, A character jump can not be reused. Once used, A character jump can not be restored. Read them individually. Repeating Once used, A character jump can not be over and over is both pointless and moronic. On top of that it would look horrible from a UI standpoint.
  20. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    "Once used, a character jump cannot be refunded, etc" That doesn't say, "You can only do this once per account." It says, "Once you do it, we won't undo it." I don't think your friends should be banned either. I think they should have all but one character removed, just as I said with the OP. And the EC exploits were not ignorance. We had played EC for over a year without the bug. Everyone who used the exploit knew that having unlimited runs of something they had only been able to do once or twice was an exploit. Arguing otherwise is insane.
  21. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    There is a note when you log in on the jump character that was there at the time they were making characters. I guess it entirely depends on how you take what you read. To me it is player ignorance just like it was with EC that caused them to get perma banned. To me this clearly has 2 statements that outright say it is meant to be used only once. First it say a level 80 character not create level 80 characters. The a is crucial. Second it says reused implying it was not meant to be used more than once. To add more on to this as well. I had friends make characters with this feature and they did not receive a ban. At first i thought they made 12 i believe i discussed this with arch at some point however they in-fact only used it 2-4 times. This is why i feel that there is something more that we are not understanding here.
  22. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    The difference I would think is that the jumped-up characters just appeared out of the blue with no explanation. Players that were playing when the button appeared would more than likely not have seen the post on the forums that it was supposed to be limited to one per account. Thinking there was nothing wrong with jumping up more than one character, the player did. With the EC exploit, we had been playing with EC preforming normally for over a year when it "broke". We knew how the instance worked and we knew that asking to be kicked and getting back into the same instance gave us an extra run. We know we can't get "free" runs to things. We have seen ban waves for "free runs" before. Keep in mind that EC was exploited for more than a month quietly by "top legions". It wasn't until the general population figured out how those top legions were getting geared so quickly that everyone started to use it, which led to the bans. On one hand, you see someone seeing a new function, using it and not realizing it is broken. On the other, you have someone seeing an old function suddenly start behaving oddly under very particular circumstances actively performing acts to bring about those particular circumstance. You can't really compare those two.
  23. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    No. It isn't. All bosses, whether naturally occurring or spawned, are dps race for anyone that cares to try of either race. Ofc, though, there can be consequences if a group steals a boss from a group in their own faction, if your faction cares to hold a group responsible for that behavior. So if Legion A spawns a boss and Legion B swoops in and takes the boss, Legion A can get their members and their friends not to run with Legion B. The only problem there is that Legion B just out-dpsed Legion A so chances are Legion A doesn't need anyone of Legion B's caliber to help them progress. In other words, Legion A are scrubs and Legion B feels they don't matter so have no issue taking from them. In fact, Legion B is probably cackling that they took from those people standing next to them in a siege. Welcome to Aion.
  24. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    It was their choice to make all the characters not NCsofts. No different than the wallet warriors that got perma banned for exploiting EC.
  25. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    Ouch. Yeah. That's unfair. He shouldn't be able to keep all the jumped up characters, but he shouldn't be banned outright. Support should work with him to consolidate the kinah/real money he spent and allow him to keep just one.
  26. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    Exactly... as a matter of fact, stealing the world boss is a game feature, it is meant to be fought for and whoever manages to get it can simply enjoy the loot.
  27. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    Time ago 1 person did get the anomos' aggro and inmediatly it went to the opposite faction outpost, so we lost the boss and the another faction got it. In a server with a few people some of them reported it and the answer was "no problem here". 100% confirmed then, stealing isn't an offence or against the law.
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