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  2. Low FPS?

    I turned the FPS Fixed back off as its just a recipe for an ambush with mobs popping up suddenly.
  3. Why is there a time to Q for PVP instances

    Personally i have a different view then most if not all other Aion players past and present <---- dramatic i know. By this i mean the only reason i can see NC having timed PvP instances is to improve open world. The issue is NA players seem to not want PvP for PvP's sake, They want to PvP for rewards and that is it. Most do not consider the daily PvP quests and the joy of dynamic encounter PvP worth leaving town for.
  4. Gunner DMG bug in IDD

    I'm aware of such things, but my groups rarely have an SM so the only magic defense shred we tend to have is sundering, which is in effect during my ravager/steel storm during my rotation.
  5. I haven't been playing much since the change of stats and stones and gear. I wondered if someone could help me out with what are good levels of each stat to have now? I have no idea how much Magical Attack is good or if MR is even worth it lol Any wisdom is welcomed
  6. Aion 6.5 Unknown Shugo Sitanerk All Locations

    A friend gave me this link which helped a lot with NPCs on Asmo side https://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=starer1007&logNo=221335994188&categoryNo=28&parentCategoryNo=0
  7. Gunner DMG bug in IDD

    Most magic classes have some magic defense reduction debuff, so you're probably hitting your bigs skills when those.debuffs are up.and sometimes not. My At Ravage Cannon usually deals 160k to Frigida, yesterday there were an sm and sorc in group, it escalated to 250k or 330k crit dmg.
  8. rng rate on Crafted Gear

    Well, it still says in the icon when you own a estate that you have a craft bonus, so, it should affect.
  9. rng rate on Crafted Gear

    Housing (And the Estate / Palace crafting proc buffs) was first introduced in 3.0. Back then only old crafting professions existed back then. Aetherforging was first introduced in 5.1. It's a totally different system from the previous crafting system. Had no data on 5.0 proc rates. Never knew whether Estate / Palace buffs affect Aetherforging or not. The 6 old crafting professions were removed in 6.0.
  10. rng rate on Crafted Gear

    Then I'm wondering if the extra chance for estate owners is somehow bugged. I think my proc rate is around 20%, not much different at all than what you show. I know that the sample is small to compare, but it's very weird that is not really noticeable.
  11. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Regardless they are not doing that currently in any region I think. IF any region wants that, and other instances to reward GP, they could anyway implement that easily, having the code ready or not. I don't see any indication that they will do that here. We already have the necessity of prestige to earn GP, which is not a good idea, but kinda necessary, and I think it's somewhat acceptable, because the amount of extra GP you get is limited, and it doesn't affect other rewards.
  12. rng rate on Crafted Gear

  13. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    It was a typo, however not so hard to understand really- EC - otherwise known as Evergale Canyon. As coded by Korea in a mini-patch you could actually P2W to rank via resets.
  14. Ereshkigal cubic

    And I thinking I was gonna be OP with those stats bonuses.
  15. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    It's not a matter of not being touched or be touched, the point is that it's not your goal to pvp the other faction, your goal is to kill pve mobs. Therefore you are rewarded for killing the mob. It's the nature of every pvpve game. It's the same thing when you try to do your weekly quests. You might find some pvp, and be forced to it, but your goal is not the pvp, your goal is to complete the quests. Not a very hard concpt to understand. What ? What is EC ? Actually, I have an ely in EK too...
  16. Pandora Silver Crystal Soul Stone

    My spiritmaster just completed all the legendary Pandora pieces and have just started the ultimate shoes quest. Ultimate quests have the following format: Collect: 7x Material A 7x Material B 7x Material C Subquests Quest 1 (2 times per week) 2x Material A Quest 2 (2 times per week) 2x Material B Find NPC Quest (One time per week) 2x Material C Gathering (100p) Quest (2 times per week) 1x Material A + One of following 1x Material B 1x Material C Aetherforging (200p) Quest (2 times per week) 1x Material B + One of following 1x Material A 1x Material C So with the ultimate quests you can't get all of them done within the same week. I am thinking of doing this: (Note: The two Quest 1's can be done in either week) Week 1: [Find NPC Quest] + 2x [Gathering Quest] + 2x [Quest 1] + 2x [Quest 2] 6x Material A, 4x Material B, 4x Material C Week 2: [Find NPC Quest] + 1x [Gathering Quest] + 2x [Quest 2] 1x Material A, 4x Material B, 3x Material C Don't miss [Quest 2] and [Find NPC Quest] if all possible! Always pick Material C when collecting [Gathering Quest] rewards! Don't miss [Gathering Quest] more than once per two-week period!
  17. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I guess EK Asmos don't have to worry about the other faction in sieges.
  18. rng rate on Crafted Gear

    do you own a estate ?
  19. rng rate on Crafted Gear

    Check out my aetherforging spreadsheets Aetherforging Gear Proc Rate (Not affected by Crafting boost buff) Aetherforging Leveling (100% Crafting boost buffs reduces the number of attempts per level up by half, rounded up?)
  20. Gunner DMG bug in IDD

    I've noticed similar situations as well. Going from 80-90k on ravager to 30-40. Some runs my DPS is literally half of what it is in others. A few other bugs as well, like Idium barrage not hitting gate for Lakrum siege. Steady Barrage doesn't either. But works just fine for Divine. My groups are almost always the same. I run a chanter for phys, and a SW for mage groups. While as an AT I tend to go back and forth between which group i'm in, I find that the difference over the last couple weeks to be far greater than it normally is between being in the chanter group or the SW group.
  21. If they allowed the instances 24-7, you might be waiting for hours and hours for a match. We just don't have a large enough population. The window has to be small enough so that we get pops. As an aside, if you do a chargeback be prepared to have your account banned permanently. There is no coming back from that.
  22. Why is there a time to Q for PVP instances

    I don't know either, probably is to make it so it's easier to find an opponent. Of courses in Korea there is like ten times the number of players and there there is a time schedule as well.
  23. I dont understand where pvp instances are timed. This is the only game that limits people. I have to make my schedule around the game if I want to play the game. To be frank I am getting tired and bored of this game. Sieges are at 11 PM eastern us times. Pvp opens at 9 PM and end at 4 am. It only runs for 2 hrs during the day when people are working. It feels like NCWest does not want us to play Aion. maybe I should just charge back what I spent on Aion and leave this POS forever. I dont think they will ever fix this nonsense.
  24. I wish they would. But I doubt they will.
  25. Not the server time, I know this was stated with no change but the siege times as far as I know can be changed along with the pvp instances, thanks!
  26. Yesterday
  27. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Interesting. How can someone magically DPS a gate without being touched by the other faction? I still haven't figured out how, when they're as significant number of the other faction standing between me and said gate. Someone they seem to want to hit me. Waving at them them and saying "hey I just want to hit your gate" does no good. Same goes when I walk into their fort, someone they keep trying to stop me when I hit their deity..my friends in my faction too. Strange huh? Same with those artis, that other faction just won't let me pop mutation no matter how friendly we are. They just persist in wanting to pop it for themselves! Funny, you'd think it was important or something. By the way, your info about resets is not correct- EC actually gave the ability to reset just as PVE instances with GP in a mini patch. Various regions optionally disabled this via their configuration. Please do your research.
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