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  2. Server Lag on Danaria

    I have lag like never before and i am located outside North American, indeed
  3. "Stigma Event"

    a lot of people is on discord channels to read stuff, yourself are on that discord...by example i am on 10 legion discords, so i am on every legion ? no i just be there to read the post and gather information... so ur post is stupid like the picture say i am just watching , also everyone got free stigma enchants with the event from hatching egg.... i have 5 accounts with old characters wich allow me to gather stigmas with the egg daily farm so i had like 400 stigmas is that bot or something ? i dont think so, you are here just takling shit
  4. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    same issue here game lag a lot.
  5. Gear progression 7.5

    Armor and weap is pve or pvp specific. Accessories and feathers are used for both BUT, theres a set that can't be retuned and a set that can at each tier. Titan coins/Genesis crystals (lowest tier) Armor/weap PVE can not be retuned. Tranquil lakrum Drop from bosses in lakrum Legion guard Titan coins/drop from hidden mobs PVP can be retuned. Legion scout Titan coins Lakrum scout Genesis crystal Accessores/feathers Tranquil Lakrum Genesis crystal / Drop from bosses in lakrum NO retune Legion guard Titan coins /drop from hidden mobs Can retune Katalam/Demaha mid tier pve can't retune Cruel Demaha mini bosses in Demaha Fierce Katalam Not sure where the crystal chest comes from Pvp can retune Fierce Aureate legend BM Access/feathers Cruel Demaha 100 stellium rng box no retune Fierce Katalam shugos in camps around katalam (need renown 4 i think) and "crystal chest" no retune Fierce Katalam and Cruel Demaha has higher base stats and fixed offensive stats that is higher than aoa/benm accs when they are tuned with the same stats. Heartless Intruder Stella lab (normal) BE (normal) Can retune Burning Altar altar of ascensions easy and normal Can retune Burning Altar and Heartless Intruder has lower (significantly) offensive stats when tuned with the same stats as above, but has the option to tune for other stats. Shining Floren (craft) No ones going to craft this stuff... they drop from bosses in silentera canyon too. No retune on any of the pieces it drops. Aoa Normal 2nd tier Bursting Altar Aoa normal can retune Higher base stats than benm/stella/aoa easy accs, but same bonuses. adds up more than katalam/demaha offensive stats and option to retune. Best in 7.5 armor/weap pvp Dark talon upgrade from ancient herald that can be bought with genesis crystal can retune pve Sovereign Drop from IDD, PF, stella easy and BENM for weap can retune Scarlet Accs/feather IDD HM Brace/plume/wings PF HM neck/earing/ring/belt No retune on any of them. need to get lucky on drop from each boss and require certain amount of starlight stones to upgrade Paragon armor/weap uh.... you mean the stuff that breaks when you fail enchanting and where players will send in tickets till it reaches +15 like in 5.8?
  6. Server Lag on Danaria

    @Hime any update? same issue on katalam servers
  7. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    What about the lag Loki? I'm pretty sure is not my internet, and a lot of player have lag too since yesterday
  8. Today
  9. Adding the possibilty to turn on and off PVP

    I think being able to turn of pvp would be great. I would even get the prestige pass in order to turn off pvp.
  10. Lag

    I have given up playing Aion until they fix this, you can't PvP, you can't time charge up skills, the whole thing is a joke, you can't glide accurately, lag screws up far too many aspects of the game to make it an enjoyable pass time. I have been getting at least 3sec lag, sometimes over 6secs from when I use a skill or click on something before it responds.
  11. Server Lag on Danaria

    Usually i play with 150-175ms with a ping reducer. Since patch 7.5 is live, i have 450-500ms with ping reducer and peak up to 4500ms! I have talk with some friends and most have same latency than Usually, can be 25, 60 or 90 but ok for them. They are all located in the US. If bad latency, some of us encounter, comes from the servers, we would all lag no? Maybe a hint would be all ppl that lag were located outside USA? (which is my case) Then it would come from Internet route and traffic collection between US operator used by NCWest and our differents Internet provider. Edit: I know you are talking about DN server here but KT server have the same problem.
  12. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    The one that is legion owned. Legion members had to pass BG around to be able to buy.
  13. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    He has valid points, yes, and I'm not trying to discredit or deny his words. My frustration comes back from 6.x where I tried for months to get my sets done, only to have that trashed by the next patch. I was discouraged with 6.5 so much I just didn't bother when 7.0 came out. Only reason I decided to give it another go is because of Stormwing event that allowed me to get a Legendary transformation. Now, I'm not expecting everything to be handed out. I want to be a casual player, where I can play whenever I want without the stress to race to the end game to be the best before all my stuff gets trashed again next patch. This is why I like the Renown system, it's fun to go around the maps and do quests.
  14. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    The Gold Sand Traders daily limit on Gold Ingot purchases was reverted to 3 per day; as I recall NA previously had a custom upgrade which made it 5 per day
  15. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    just letting ppl know there is an option to make the event work. it last 1 month and someone can complete the +9 quest using that method well in that post i was teasing my Legionmate Kosita and my Bro Arhangelos lol, but my real point there was to show believe it or not that as F2P non casher player that i am it's possible to obtain all those advanced stigmas without droping a single cent, i just farmed the Stormwing event with 6 accounts, some of my friends farmed it with a crazy amount of accounts and now on top of being full advanced they are making some hundred of dollars selling +15 stigmas to P2W players lmao. About the Marchutan, not real merit from my part there, it was just PURE luck was my 2nd attempt fusing two ledendary xforms from lugbug fragments. i said variety in terms of content, like u are bored of katalam u can go farm at inggison, there are asmos killin you at inggison, go to lakrum and farm GC, or even mix up every single pice of each different set just put an skin on top of all that skin madness and you are good to go really fast. well actually as a competitive PvPer i will take advantage of all these new sets, going to make secondary sets of Accuracy and Magical Accuracy to counter players like BornToOwn with his evasion set, or Kingwalla with his Magic resist set or all the clerics in defensive sets. sorry if i offended you by calling you blind, but that pretty much seemd to be the case you blinded by negativity, as to be honest this is a catch up patch, new players can go farm 300 genesis crystals in 15 minutes buy an ultimate earring+0 with the stats similar just a bit under of a Darktalon +15 with no need to waste billion on retuning as the item gives fixed good stats or purifying or even enchanting them as accesories can not be enchanted anymore. and this is introductory gear, if they do instances drop from there is better than DT +15
  16. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Okay thank you. The timer is definitely longer than the ones in Lakrum, etc.
  17. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    I think this is just a complaint about the camps being Balaur for 2 hours after the opposing faction kills the camp Captain, which is how it was meant to be. People are just confused since this isn't the way camps normally behave.
  18. What's happening with the game?

    Starting to die? This game has essentially been in hospice care for the last two years with its condition declining more and more with almost every update.
  19. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Gelkmaros camps can't be claimed back. @Rocksie-KTCan you provide more details on this? I am seeing the camps being claimed. Issues finding the mobs in <[Windstream] Advance to Inggison>. I am looking into this, there does appear to be at least a dictionary issue with the names. Crucible season starts today. Yes the Crucible season starts were today yes. Current season should be 5/28-6/3. Cannot create an account/change email on the website. Having the web team verify and look into this as soon as they can. Gelk/Ing Divine Soul healers I've passed on this request to our teams, so we will see if this is something we can support soon. Altar reward purchase limits @Ele-DNThere are two ways to purchase this, is this issue with the Legion controlled NPC, or the faction owned NPC (the non-legion specific NPC)? Katalam/Demaha gear is the incorrect tier in the equipment guide. Looking into this. Thank you for all the reports. I will try to update this whenever I can.
  20. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Devil is right though...
  21. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Well, so far what I've seen is you showing off how much Luna you've gathered with alts and all, proclaiming getting Stigma stones is easy through Luna game. Fair enough. In another thread you've shown your advanced stigmas, basically showing off your cash dump so far into the game. Let's not forget about that Marchutan transformation on that quick bar. Don't get me wrong, supporting the game you enjoy is fine, my problem is when you're attempting to argue about things you're not even partaking in (i.e. gearing, being an actual returnee/new player). You said having many gear sets gives variety. Oddly strange coming from a Ranger that doesn't need to switch gears unless it's PvP and PvE. In conclusion, yes, you are right that perhaps getting those Titan coins and such is easy and whatnot, but calling my argument "blind way of thinking" isn't really a good counter argument at all. If you're unable to have a civilized conversation, it's best indeed that we leave our talk here. My opinion about your "chad" behavior doesn't change, you'll have to work for that.
  22. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Ultra lag servers, that's all what I'm going to say.
  23. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Theres a huge wall thats blocking a road north east in Ingisson Legion BG can only buy the lakrum chests reward from altar rotation. Katalam/Demaha equipment on guides is swapped with BENM/AOA easy and stella accessories in terms of tier.
  24. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    you started the passive aggressive shit talking about me in particular talking about my darktalon set telling i was doing ''Big Chad Like type of thing'' get yourself together. i gave actual Facts why 7.5 is a patch a lot more friendly to gear up for new/returned players, that anything we had in the past 2 years and a half, not a subjective opinion. gensis crystals, stellium coins, blood marks, titanium coiins, all of these rains from the sky its super easy and fast to farm and the sets you can buy are Really good. ammount of gear needed to be enchanted was reduced about a 60% its about facts not opinions
  25. Did you guys notice that when Cyan left everything is starting to die? The forum still have pined really old post, like 3 weeks ago maintenance, manastone event and even feedback of past update. Is like the forum is stagnating or idk, we didn't even have a feedback post of this update (I supposed Loki's post would be considerer like ''feedback post'' but is not even relevant) Many of us are experiencing an insane lag,(even before patch) today I couldn't event play in all day, the only thing I did was buy the title for siege and i can't even go now because I'm constantly having +2000ms, wth, and nobody is telling us anything about this. I always use to enjoy patch even if they were terrible or boring like 5.x, but now I can't even play! Ah but BCM is working like anything happens. Really I considering to leave the freaking game cuz is starting to being frustrating and,damn, we didn't even can have nice skins or stupid stuff like that, idk why we have so many limits in little things. Before we don't usually have fast replys of Cyan but at least he enters to forum and pined in/out old post, if we don't even have our GM's helping us here what is the purpose of GM? Many players of my legion start to think they want to leave the game until next update, I'm seriously thinking about not buying prestige anymore. Also the stigma event sucks, at least they could have increased the enchantment rate. Idk what you guys think.
  26. @Hime As said on title. "For the duration of the event, in addition to the normal route of promoting Stigmas, special voucher items can be used to promote them at no additional cost. Three of these vouchers will be provided via a survey available to all Level 76+ players, which can be claimed once per account per server."
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  28. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    It's Team Para. Enough said.
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