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  3. Compensation for the returning players

    They're welcome to p2w to get to where most of us are at now.
  4. And IDD weap box for people who can't get shit from doing the instance since launch.
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  6. Compensation for the returning players

    Real friends don't advise friends to play Aion again!
  7. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    Yeah. Those poor EK people totally need a boost to their ap before the merge. /sarcasm

    I could not agree with you more Say. Cyan always listens to you. BABO YES or YES?
  9. Old motions and skins back on BCM

    @Cyan it would be better if we have the legendary transformation box on BCM or new motion, and new skins! I see there's a legendary, ultimate transformation box and more in aion Europe shop . . . why not in BCM! . . . And also mounts!
  10. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    Totally agree and it looks like Cyan did get our complaints about this system to the devs and they have answered. They say that they are unable to change the tradability of many items for "various" reasons. Not even sure what that means but it sounds like a "no". We can keep complaining and Cyan can keep sending our complaints to the devs. Until then, trade safely rather than taking a risk and losing your items.
  11. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    Yes the OP knew the risk and took it but he shouldn't have felt compelled to take that risk in the first place. Making so many items important to the game's current economy only tradeable through the broker is simply poor game design. Even Kinah is untradeable now. Why? To stop RMT/bots? It hurts the actual player-base more than the bots. Gold sellers quickly find ways around it, as evident by the fact that many gold selling websites still function just fine. Meanwhile the real players have to eat taxes in a game where Kinah is hard enough to farm out as is or risk their stuff getting jacked. Of course we're going to have these problems happen with the way it is right now. We can and should be smart about it but that doesn't mean the trading system shouldn't change.
  12. Compensation for the returning players

    Look,. I really sympathize when you try to get friends back to a game. That in itself isn't easy- the this happens. Unfortunately, I really think this was fair. I mean, they announced compensation - I'm happy with what I got. I went out and sieged even though I got nothing. at the time- if I hadn't gone, really I don't think compensation would have been justified given the announcement - and really, no way for NCSoft to tell who didn't go because of the bug,and who didn't go because they have no interest anyway in sieges.
  13. Compensation for the returning players

    I'm not angry, I simply stated they should take in consideration everyone was affected.
  14. Compensation for the returning players

    Hold on- you gave your friends advice, when you had no idea about what NCSoft would do, and now you're angry at people here when they're pointing out that maybe your friends should have listened to NCSoft instead? Agreed, sometimes a bug affects everyone, in this case it didn't affect everyone equally. I understand that the timing would really not impress for people who return, but it really affected those who had officer rank. - if you didn't have that rank the impact was minimal, and it some cases it could be argued it was beneficial. Your friends were impacted less than a lot of people during that time, and compensation was announced.
  15. Compensation for the returning players

    I was a victim of this as well.. didnt rank myself because i wanted to at least earn AP Ncsoft told me i dont qualify... my legions alts even got 12 ulti stones and AP I got nothing because i chose not to participate in broken sieges.. Obviously its our fault that they broke the game... We deserve to be behind by not getting any compensation 600 Fighting Spirit Fragments (worth up to 600 million kinah), 600 ancient pvp stones (worth up to 198,000 BC Coins - approximately $2,500) Only people who went to 1st siege of their broken game deserve these awards...
  16. Compensation for the returning players

    You can act like a superior know-it all all you want. The fact remains the same, NCsoft had a bug, they did not make it clear who would get compensated nor did they say what the compensation would be. You're truly mindless if you call it "undeserved". A bug is a bug and EVERYONE playing during the time of the bug was affected and should be compensated. People who AFKed one siege on an alt got the reward, yet they are more deserving? smh
  17. Compensation for the returning players

    Matter of fact, they did not return, and they would not play full instance and siege runs even if there was no bug. Stop crying for compensations when they don't even deserve it.
  18. Compensation for the returning players

    They however did not mention only players who got GP would be considered "affected" Not just my advice, many of the players who experienced it told them the same thing
  19. Compensation for the returning players

    They took YOUR advice. You are not NC soft GM. Let them quit. Those 30m AP and ultimate stones wouldn't get them anywhere.
  20. Request the developers retexture the old hairstyles

    I would definitely like to see the older hairstyles updated! Not sure why the Korean player-base hasn't complained about it.
  21. Compensation for the returning players

    We were told pretty quickly that there would be some sort of compensation for the bug. I understand not wanting to trust that, but that was a gamble. This time it turned out that the compensation was generous.
  22. Weaving in 6.5?

    So.. I was testing with a couple of my toons weaving in this patch and I'm finding it really hard to weave without droping my damage in PVP or PVE. Made a quick video about the tests: Let me know what you think about it. Are any other ways to use Weaving? Or some more merits to it?
  23. I am making a request that our US team talk to the game developers in Korea to repair the hairstyles in the character maker, so that all the hairstyles have the same smooth texture and highlighting as the newest additions. The older hairstyles have the following issues: The texture is stiff and the hair appears dead. Nasty black undertones beneath the selected hair color. Hair color bleeds into the face. Dark smudging and white highlights along the hairline. Chunks of hair disappear into the forehead or neck area. I have raised these issue before in other threads and seen other players complain as well, but I never got a response from our team. Please, leave your comments below if you want to see the graphics improved in a future patch. @Cyan I would appreciate some response from you as well.
  24. Compensation for the returning players

    Well at least now they know not to take your advice in the future <3.
  25. Artifacts already have the ability to go in to the future no? I could of sworn you entered Dark Poeta using an artifact. I thought that was the story of Dark Poeta you teleport to the future to stop the balaur from gaining control of it to access the rest of atreia or some mumbo jumbo. I am probably wrong tho its been a while since i look in to Aions Lore and my mind is a bit hazy.
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