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    I agree totally with this post! And that was the biggest concern of me also before when i said that making everything and especially all kinah char-bound will kill all current trading and social interaction between new and old (veteran) players! We all are currently so used and accustomed to our "old kinah system" we have right now that we don't even give much thought about it. Let me give here some examples about our current playerbase interactions that 6.0 will totally kill out, making Aion totally shallow and empty shell (interaction wise). 1) Have you noticed how many people sell BCM emotions, omegas/temperings, costumes, event items and NCoins codes ingame right now? 6.0 makes it all impossible - One way of external kinah income and helping others/friends (or even upgrading your alts) is totally removed. Cannot sell anything BCM-based to anyone anymore (or if it will be somehow still possible then nerfing our current kinah value to almost 0 will help it not at all). 2) Have you noticed how many items (armors, plumes, barcelets, weapons, omegas/temperings, costumes/skins, event rewarded items etc) people trade between their alts and/or with each other (or newbie players) - 6.0 will totally remove all this interaction and upgrading friends, your own alts or even helping out newbie players becomes totally impossible. Do they really think that we all start grinding all our sets separately from 0 with all our alts 1 by 1? What about all our hard work and kinah (or real moneys) that has been spent on upgrading all our chars (and friends)? All our hard work and hard-earned sets will be rendered useless (that makes me angry actually bcos i have put alot hard work to upgrading all my chars and now suddenly everything becomes useless). This will kill all our alts (and multiple accounts) system and also nerfs all alt-based events income in every possible way (because u cannot move alt-earned kinah/enchantstones/temperings etc to your own total kinah or items pool anymore). 3) New 6.0 kinah system in my opinion WON'T KILL BOTS AT ALL!!! - as far as i understood about 6.0, then all Aetherforging materials can still be traded @ broker, so my question here is what you think who will start grinding all those massive amounts of crafting materials? Bots of course! You'll see that 6.0 system will cater only p2w (or real money investing) customers and everyone else is pretty much left out of it (yeh u can get it all but very slow compared to paying customers). 4) ONLY 1 new map with both pvp and pve quests in every camp - in pvp wise this is good ofc, but as far as i remember that was 1 main reason in older Aion versions where pve-only people (and there is alot of them in Aion) complained of being ganked and killed in every 5 minutes of some OP-geared pvp-only player! This killed some population in earlier Aion versions and seems that they are doing the exactly same old mistake again! Not a very good idea to make whole map pvp also. There is ofc many many other details that 6.0 seems to be a big failure in the long run and mainly because it is killing all social kinah/item-based interaction between players. Personally i think that 6.0 may indeed work in Korea, but it will kill all our current playerbase in NA especially (we have sadly only 2 servers left - that means game is not even now doing very well and if more % of playerbase leaves, then this doesn't promise anything good). So my only suggestion is - leave our current kinah and item trading options as they are and bring everything else 6.0 has to offer!
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    Azzmaria i totally agree with you! As said there is a lot more points why 6.0 has such a fail system and instead of making game fun and have A LOT OF VARIETY they remove everything old and cool (cool skins, mounts & skins from AF etc) and add simply only couple crappy and OLD gear skins to those free-to-get quest/campaign reward items... Anyways i am still enjoying 5.8 as far as we have it, but if 6.0 comes to us as it is in Korea I myself and many others i have talked will finally (and probably totally) quit Aion (also because all of our alts and old items become totally useless - this never happened in any other patch).
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    Agree Psyclon and I can add some more things: 1) Some people buys interesting items in BCM just to get kynah. Items that every active player need no matter if they are free to play or not. Like instances packs, instances scrolls, omegas... Of course we will still have a broker, but with the new system, that people can just get the kynah without having to do all that job. So those items will be so expensive or more rare to find. 2) have you ever been in one of the following situations?: "my friend!. I saw something in the broker, can you borrow me 200M? I will repay you in few days", "wait me a sec. I need to transfer my plume from my main". "I invited a friend to come to Aion, If we help him a little he will be a good player". "Looks like we need a templar here. I always wanted to level up one. Will be easy if I get some things from my main". "Oh, you are selling that fire dragon weapon? Can I pay you with omegas or something? I do not have kynah now". Ok. forget about those. You will need kynah to buy the things on broker at the normal price (to avoid somebody else buying your things due to a low price). Every toon will be independent on the others. So your secondary toon will be just like a casual and poor player. If you do not have enought kynah for something now, you won´t have it. No matter if a friend can give it to you or if you have dozens of those on your main. 3) totally agree. Actually that was a kynah source in 4.0 and previous versions. Bots collected the materials needed for a lot of crafts. Real players are too lazy to kill hundreds of mobs just for 10 units in cheap items. RMT will only need to find a way to give the players the items later. They will find a way. They always do. 4) actually the first weeks in Katalam/Danaria were a real pain for PvE lovers. So hard to do quest, so hard to gather materials, so hard to walk all the way to some instances. The real open world PvP fun came later with more maps and people distributed in more of them. Do you remember how hard was to enter EB when it was in the frozen lake? Lots of erased maps (including Illuma/Norsvold) and forcing all the players to be in just 1 map for everything (or coming back to heiron to kill lvl 40 mobs). Oh. but do not worry, "they are useless". Players who love open world PvP and rifting and all that stuff are just a minority. Now we will have the only 1 map focused on them. But´s ok, who cares what the PvE losers wants? even if they are 80% of the players. If they leave, we can merge all the servers in just 1, and make the map smaller, so the few remaining players can be happy. Some people think 6.0 will kill P2W content. No my friends!. If you do not pay you will poor. really poor. You will need to play hoours and hours to get something. Your kinah wont have a real value. Your access to items from BCM will be so restricted. And your only way to get some kynah will be trying to kill everything to get some materials. Ance there you will find the bots. Lots of them, doing that job 24-7 and lowering the prices a lot. But people with money? Oh. they will have it easier. They will buy kynah, they will buy the xform cards, they will have instance pack and aditional scrolls. And the reasson to not have so many bots in BDO is not this currency system. The real reasson is that BDO is a B2P or P2P game. So RMT would need to pay a lot of money to make their armies of bots and if they are banned is lost money. So is not profitable to do this. RMT are more focused on F2P games.
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    Greetings Daevas! It’s been a busy few months for Aion. We kicked off 2018 with our 5.8 launch, Aion: Heart of Frost, while in Korea, our mother studio launched the next chapter – Aion 6.0. While Aion 5.8 brought many new additions and changes, it also introduced some issues which we are working on with the dev team. Aion 6.0 It’s exciting to see so much discussion about Aion 6.0 since it was announced and subsequently launched. With the 6.0 update, Aion Korea has transitioned from a subscription model to a free-to-play model, along with making sweeping changes to game systems, landscape, and more. You may be wondering what does this mean for our service and how does it impact you as a player? First, a lot of really awesome things are coming – for a few examples, enchantment will become less risky and character leveling will be streamlined with a much easier progression curve. There are some pretty significant economy changes as well, so we are working with the dev team to identify how they will affect players and how we can improve the transition. The key to any major update is properly taking care of the veteran players who have stuck with us this whole time, who love Aion and have made it their home. Our aim is that the transition into the changed Atreia of 6.0 is as smooth as possible, and that all our players find a game that feels renewed, engaging, and fun, while retaining the unmistakable soul of Aion. XIGNCODE3 In a previous producer’s letter, I briefly mentioned another project that should improve our player experience, and we’re finally at a point where we can make a public announcement. Over the past several months, our development, security and operations teams have been hard at work implementing XIGNCODE3 with the North American Aion client. XIGNCODE3 is a powerful anti-cheat tool that is being utilized in another of NCSOFT’s titles, Blade & Soul, and this launch is a major step for us in addressing the hacking situation in Aion. We’ve kept in touch with the Blade & Soul team regarding the various challenges and successes they’ve had since launching XIGNCODE3, and are dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for our players. Look for more information on this very soon. XIGNCODE3 for Aion will be released with the February 21st patch. Up Next We’re still a ways off from Aion 6.0 launching in the West, but in the meantime we’re excited to have a few brand new events coming up over the next few months. Among these are Daeva Dash, a special 3v3 racing instance, and the return of Tiamaranta’s Eye. Thanks for reading!
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    If all the change in trading system is only to avoid bots and RMTs, I still think there are other better ways to solve it. The are ways to block the bots and not the real players. And not only that, I also hope that 6.0 will solve some small issues that in some way bots were the solution. I remember some years ago, bots were the ones who gathered some crafting materials in large quantities. Some potions, scrolls and other things were available at low prices cause the bots provided the materials. Things like this should not happen in a game like Aion. I Play Aion cause I like to play with people. I can have that feeling of being rewarded no matter if my kinah is bounded or not. I am not so sure if Aion could be still a good game if we take out the social and grupal elements. So creating a restrictive and generic way to avoid trades just to ge rid on bots and RMT makes me think the devs are really limited.
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    You do realise Aion is doing bad in 6.0 Korea, there needs to be some pretty big changes for it to being even good for NA client. No one wants maps to get deleted, we saw how that happened in 4.8 which decimated our population. The best thing is to avoid 6.0 altogether, since Korea they are facing a population crisis. Their Economy changes are designed to counter bots for which they have been allowing while here in NA, bots are almost non-existent. Do not take away our freedom to trade other players, that's like saying we're not allowed to use eBay, Amazon or Gumtree. You need to understand 6.0 is very bad, that it heavily outweighs the any good about it. Listen I worked with {CM} Phenteo and {CC} Trine and {CC} Nyx long ago in the past, I can help you understand how these changes will be detrimental to all of us. The anti- cheat though is very nice to hear, I want that Mlaki-KT banned, animation hacking and account trading as well.
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    The Ultimate Aethertech Thread Follow on Twitch for Aethertech Gameplay Introduction Tired of never having an AT to turn to when you want to ask for help because there's barely any other ATs online? Well, this is probably the guide for you. There are times I could count the number of other ATs I see online per day; somedays I don't even see any at all. Why? It's simply because the class is new, underappreciated, underrated and underestimated. I've played Aion for a couple of years, but only got into playing an AT around a year ago. It was probably the best decision I ever made in my life. I fell in love with the class so much I dropped all my other (13) characters to focus on it. If you're reading this, you're probably interested in the AT life as well. Where are the other ATs? I believe one of the main reasons there aren’t many ATs around is due to the fact that they’re not as easy to play as everyone thinks. Someone new might decide to download Aion and go “Oh! Look! Gundams!”, without knowing much about the game most people jump into the class without thinking and leave when they don’t get the easy power they thought they would. Not to mention their skills and attack speed are very slow leveling up, which may demotivate impatient players. How can I be a good AT? I want to say this in the nicest way, but a lot of people simply don’t play ATs well enough. Due to the way AT skills are set up and the fact that they have the SLOWEST auto attack speed in game due to their cipher blades, putting together skill chains on an AT are complex but they are an art form once mastered. I’ll explain more further down the post, but playing an AT well takes practice and quick reaction times since they have a lot of situational maneuvers. Why Choose an AT? Simple; ATs are powerful, versatile and very tanky. In PvE they can act as great DPS if used well and can tank almost any instance; holding aggro better than the average Plate class (although not as defensive as a Templar). In PvP you can literally be a rampaging train that can tear through anything in your way before it even has a chance to fight back; with access to silence, paralysis, short cooldown AOEs and the lovely Nullification Trigger. Their attacks are explosive, flashy and loud; it’s like having a Michael Bay movie at your fingertips. Skills Firstly, allow me to emphasize that ATs are considered to be a MELEE CLASS. However, their damage is calculated off MAGIC BOOST, not attack and crit strike. Aetherlock Blade – An instant silence with a short (18 second) cooldown. Tell all casters out there to shut up and let you work. Annihilation Barrage – A gorgeous World War looking attack that attacks in a fan-shaped radius, does a large chunk of damage and knocks everything within range down. Backlash – After resisting or parrying an attack, you can stun an enemy up to 20m away for up to 2 seconds! This skill is amazing, especially when immediately followed up with Steam Rush. Bludgeon – A very short cooldown skill that can chain into a 3-part chain series which does extra damage to balaur and can knock down enemies on the last hit! You can also chain into Hindering blade after the first chain; a debuff that cripples MA and attack speed – effective against all classes! Boost – Thrust yourself 15m forward. Once you reach a certain level you get another boost that chains off this one which basically gives you another 15m. Charging Activation – DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE this skill. I know some people who completely forget about this skill because they don’t see the ‘difference’. ATs, especially when used right, melt MP like ice in a volcano. With this buff activated you have a chance to recover MP with EACH attack. Chilling Wave – Fan shaped AoE which is one of an AT’s signature moves. It slows enemies down and has no target limit. A short cooldown of 12 seconds means you’ll be using this skill all the time. It can chain into Riplash with has a similar effect minus the debuff. Cinder Cannon – Who said you had to switch to pistols to shoot? You can use this skill to run and gun enemies up to 20m away. Then chain into Gattling Gun which can be reactivated twice. Electric Shock – Paralyze an enemy for a split second and cancel any cast they were in the process of. It’s just your way telling healers and casters to try another time – “Hajevan- shut the hell up”. It then chains into Lightning Tether which binds enemies in place, granting you with a temporary punching bag you can do what you please with. Embark – Mount your bastion. While it’ll always stay active while you’re alive, once you die you’ll have to reactivate it to use your bastion once more. Remember that once the skill is deactivated in any way, there’s a 10 second cooldown. Flak Cannon – Absolute garbage. I’m sorry but this is probably one of the most useless skills we have. The damage output it not nearly good enough to be considered in a PvP or PvE rotation. Basically, you can multicast damage on enemies who are in the aerial thrust state. What makes this skill even more useless is that ATs do not have a skill that puts enemies in that state in the first place. Fuel Reserves – A pretty nifty skill that gives you a large chunk of flight time. It could save your life in the abyss. Hypergate Detonation – Once you get this at 65, the whole game changes. You gain 100% HP, teleport 15m backward and make your enemies lose target of you AND always perform 3000 damage AoE damage from the spot you blew up. Always remember that this will dismount you and you won’t be able to use Embark until its 10s cooldown is off. Use it well and you can get out of any situation laughing, use it poorly and you’ll be a Bastion-less punching bag. Kinetic Battery – One of the major skills that gives ATs their tankiness. You’ll pretty much have it on all the times as long as it’s off cooldown. It’s a very complex skill so there are actually still a lot of people who don’t know EXACTLY how it works. Allow me to cut it into pieces. It is an active skill that lasts for 1:30 with a cooldown of 30 seconds. Since it’s an active skill, it cannot be dispelled by mobs or other players. While it is activated: Your shock resistance and parry go up. You block 30% of ALL incoming damage. However, you can only block up to 40,000 damage (which is more than enough most of the time). When blocking damage, 50% of the damage blocked is deducted from your MP. Think of it as using your MP to shield your HP. Example: You were supposed to take 1000 damage, but with KB up you take 30% less which is 700. 50% of the damage deducted (1000 - 700 = 300 [damage deducted] then divide 300 by 2 -> 150) is deducted from your MP (you lose 150 MP from that one attack). Kinetic Slam – With a short cooldown of 12 seconds and no MP usage, it becomes a practical and dare I say mandatory skill to use in all situations. When fully charged it can knock down opponents and do over 2,500 base Earth damage. In PvE it’s great for DPS and keeping down annoying mobs, while in PvP it’s needless to say that keeping your enemy on the ground helps a lot with bringing down the hurt. Remember that this is a charge skill and enemies aren’t always gonna wait around for you to fully charge it. It’s best used in PvP after binding your enemy with Lightning Tether or Convulsion Beam. Magnetic Wave – A fan-shaped taunt skill. While it doesn’t do any damage it helps really well with holding aggro and when used in PvP it has a chance of making enemy players target you, to keep the heat off your healers or squishies. Mounting Frustration – You’ll gain additional enmity with pretty much every skill you use. Mobs won’t be able to stop lusting over your big black bastion. Nullification Trigger – Use 2% of your MP to parry or resist one attack. When tanking this can allow you to do something Plates can’t, by being able to completely nullify large attacks instead of facetanking it. After you successfully parry or resist you can chain into Backlash and chain into Steam Rush. This is a simple PvP rotation which you can use as the start-up for deadly combos. Overdrive Trigger – A wonderful 2k DP buff that boosts your speed, attack speed and MB for 1 minute with a 1:30 cooldown. When used in Instances and PvP it can help to skyrocket your DPS. Power Flux – Another 2k DP skill that heals your MP. At its max level you’ll heal 100% of your MP. Provoking Whispers – Not as seductive as it sounds. It’s a taunt that does a small amount of damage. Recharge – Instantly heal up to 6000MP and 4000HP. Yup, it’s just as much of a lifesaver as it sounds, regardless the situation. Just use it wisely as there is still a 3m cooldown. Remove Shock – Once activated you can chain into one of either skills: Protective Shell – Replaces the remove shock’s buff effect, but increases your resistance to movement related effects, magic resist and reduces damage taken from players for 8 seconds. Uppercut – Inflict damage and knock down an enemy. Repair Protocol – Remove movement related debuffs. Good for getting out of roots and traps. Rocket Punch – One of our low cooldown main damage skills. Does additional damage on balaur and can chain into Heat Burst which does another major amount of damage (+ more to balaur) or into Flame Emission which can shoot moderate damage up to 20m away. Siphoning Slash – It doesn’t matter what you hit or how much you hit for with this attack, you will always gain 2000 MP after using it. It can then chain into Siphoning stab which gives you an additional 1500 MP, this is great to weave into your PvE rotation by keeping your MP maintained. Conversion Pulse – An awesome HP steal. It has a range similar to Chilling Wave’s and doesn’t have a target limit. It does damage on enemies within range and absorbs 100% of ALL the damage you dealt on all enemies as HP. You can target a group of weak mobs or training dummies and regain a huge amount of health. I remember using this on a large group of level 1 enemies and absorbing a total of 30k HP. Stability Thrusters – A great buff. Like KB it’s an active buff so it can’t be dispelled. It does however use 4% MP every 4 seconds for up to 30 seconds – it basically drains 30% of your MP over time. You gain up to 500 MB, 150 Shock Resistance, 300 Resistance to Movement debuffs and removes any attack speed related debuffs upon activation. Steam Rush – Once your enemy is stunned or knocked down, you can thrust yourself right on top of them as long as they’re within range and even if you weren’t the one to stun them. It’s wonderful for keeping on top of classes that love to kite (casters, rangers and gunslingers). You can Nullification Trigger -> Backlash then use this skill, it’s one of the easiest combos. Sundering Blade – Might not look like it at first, but this skill right here is a tremendous debuff. When fighting bosses, ALWAYS weave this into your rotation. It drastically reduces their magic suppression and defenses with a short cooldown of 12 seconds. Stigmas ATs have a lot of fun and flashy stigmas, some you can tell were JUST made for PvE or PvP. As you level up, some of these stigmas gain or lose their usefulness. When putting together PvP setups, you’re free to be creative and build a skill set that can help you combat your weaknesses, but I’ll be demonstrating the setup I use and why I like it; maybe you’ll like it too. First let’s lay them all out. Normal Stigmas Aether Recharge – A charge skill that gives you up to 6,000 MP with a full charge and only has a minute cooldown! Since you’ll feel drained of your MP at times, ESPECIALLY in PvE, this is a lifesaver. Aimbot Assist – Boosts your MA by up to 200 for 1m! It helps you hit those over geared players and people with MR sets. MA is always nice to have in PvP, so I keep it in my PvP spec all the time. Drillbore– An AT-must have! Not only is it instant and stuns targets for 2 seconds, but it removes most shields! In PvE you can stun pesky mobs and remove particular shields from mini-bosses (some are still impenetrable). In PvP you can remove nearly all protective shield effects. This includes: Gladiator – Dauntless Spirit Templars - Iron Skin You can also remove a Templar’s Bodyguard from their protected target! Useful for when a Templar tries to protect their cleric. Sorcerer - Stone Skin and Boon of Iron Clad Spirit Master – Stone Skin and Spirit Protection Songweaver - Protective Ode and Winter Cleric – Blessed Shield, Immortal Shroud and Impervious Veil Chanter – Protective Ward Leeching Steel – For 10 seconds, enemies that attack you lose 600 MP per hit, no matter their distance! Physical classes and Gunslingers burn through their entire MP gauges if you use this at the right time; confusing them and leaving them vulnerable. Particle Whip – A charge AoE with a similar range as Chilling Wave. Has a chance to stun targets as well. Riplash – Chains off of Chilling wave. Covers the same range and does additional damage. It’s quick, effective and pretty awesome looking. It’s a freaking chainsaw on a whip. Life Support Trigger – Increase maximum MP and increases natural treatment. Steel Storm – A charge skill which does AoE damage around your selected ranged target. Decent in PvE when leveling up, but very impractical in late game PvE and PvP. Ravager Cannon – If you’re doing an instance like IO which requires a lot of AOEs, Beshmundir Temple or any instance with clusters of Balaur, this skill might come in handy. It attacks a ranged target and shoots a beam which also damages anything in between you and the target. It also does additional damage to balaur. I personally don’t use it end game, but it’s wonderful in Besh. Greater Stigmas Aethercharged Steel – Boosts attack speed and MB for 10 seconds. It can be used at the start of your rotation to quickly get off your Sundering Blade combo and Kinetic Slam (since the charge time will be decreased). Convulsion Beam – Can bind a target up to 20m away and immobilize them. They’ll be freed once you attack them but you can use this to stop people from running away and trap physical classes. Debilitating Blade – Cripples your opponents physical attack and MB. Rain of Knuckles – Chains off of Sundering Blade and can be activated 3 times. A must have skill for PvE in my opinion since it gives you some steady DPS. Mobility Thrusters – While it grants you a speed boost of 35% for 10 seconds with only a 40 second cooldown, it drops your physical defense and immobilization resist severely. Might not be the best choice against physical classes, but it’s almost harmless to you when used against magic classes. You don’t even have to use it in battle, just using it to get around is fine too. Trauma Plate Trigger – Increase Parry and Fear resist while decreasing the overall damage you take from PCs. Major Stigmas Meteor Strike – Simply a damage skill. BUT, it does a good amount damage and when used in combos can be used to burn targets quite effectively. Kinetic Bulwark – Its shield effect only lasts 30 seconds, but acts as a better Kinetic Battery – Blocks up to 80,000 damage and 50% of damage from all attacks and only deducts 10% of blocked damage from MP. It has a poor cooldown of 5m, but at +5 can go down to 4:30 which is a pretty huge reduction. Archdaeva Stats Knowledge - The most important EP stat for any AT (or magic class in general). Always max this out before investing any points in any other skills; UNLESS you are level 66, ensure you obtain Terraform before investing in knowledge. With manastones, socket until you reach around 400 knowledge in total. [Grants: Magic Boost, Crit Spell and Magic Supressions] Precision - You can focus on this after you max out knowledge and obtained all the essential Archdaeva skills. Even though this stone grants two stats you'll probably never need, the magic accuracy helps a lot with hitting high level mobs in PvE, clerics and other targets in PvP. Since it's essentially less useful than knowledge, I recommend you focus on this last. Skills Before investing in other skills, ensure that you have Terraform; you can get other archdaeva forms if you'd like as well, but the earth form grants tremendous support in both PvE and PvP. Invest in Boost Attack and Boost Defense when in PvE and switch to Boost Interpersonal Attack and Boost Interpersonal Defense when in PvP. Optional: You can also invest in god stone resistance but it does not make a huge change. Magical Cover - Upgrades Kinetic Battery. Take even less damage from monsters! This can surely help with tanking archdaeva instances. [Minimum Essence: 34] Rage Wave - Upgrades Magnetic Wave. Maintains the taunt effect, but adds AoE damage and can be used while moving! [Minimum Essence: 66] Idium Strike - Upgrades Kinetic Slam. Applies a movement and attack speed buff after releasing at certain charge stages. Coupled with other attack speed buffs you'll easily reach the attack speed cap! [Minimum Essence: 105] Combat Prowess - Upgrades Stability Thrusters. This is literally the only reason I tried so hard to get to level 73. This skill is the first game changer for ATs as it uses less MP, increases attack speed and grants bonus damage against PCs! [Minimum Essence: 152] Transcend Limit - Upgrades Overdrive Trigger. The second game changer for ATs. Grants more movement and attack speed than the original, 500 magic boost and 400 magic accuracy! It's still a DP skill, but it becomes a toggle skill so you don't waste unused DP! The DP cost is lower overall as well. [Minimum Essence: 180] PvE DPS: When you’re fighting a boss, try to go without aetherlock blade and electric shock (I completely removed them from my PvE rotation. However, you can use them when fighting regular mobs). Start with Sundering blade and always keep it on cooldown. The debuff helps you and also helps other party members do more damage over time. Keep Kinetic Battery activated as much as you can. Disable it when there isn't much going on, or the boss is in a cooldown phase. Rocket Punch, Kinetic Slam, Bludgeon combo and Meteor Strike are your main DPS skills. Siphoning Slash combo should be used when your MP is around 40% or lower. Stability Thrusters and Aethercharged Steel should always be in constant use. These buffs help you perform sudden bursts of damage, keeping your DPS up. You can also use Overdrive trigger to further amplify your damage output. Don’t forget to keep Siphoning Shells on at all times! It’s instant and barely uses a tiny fraction of your MP – use it even when you already have the buff applied, just make it a habit because some people tend to forget it. Tanking: Basically, you’re going to want to have Mounting frustration activated and weave in Magnetic wave and Provoking Whispers into your DPS rotation. Your DPS is another thing that helps you maintain focus. Being able to DPS well while tanking is what makes ATs a great hybrid class. Gear: DO NOT CONFUSE AT CHAIN WITH CLERIC OR CHANTER CHAIN. How do you know what chain is yours? Usually, chain for ATs is marked as Magic Chain (ex: Stormwings Magic Hauberk). The easiest way to identify which chain is yours is by looking at the Enmity. If it shows a positive number (ex. Enmity Boost +3.2%). Weapons: Cipher Blade - Despite being probably the slowest weapon in the game, they grant you access to the Embark skill where you can mount your Bastion and start attacking enemies from up to 8m away with melee attacks! Talk about throwing punches. Cipher blades also have what seems to be the HIGHEST GS proc rate out of all other weapons. I highly recommend using what I call a Master Key. By arms fusing a cipher blade with PvP stats underneath a great BASE PvE cipher blade you’ll end up with a master cipher blade that can be used for both situations. It’s cost effective and if you use it well you can handle yourself just as well as anyone using a dedicated cipher blade. Manastones: Do you wanna be super tanky? Maybe super dps? Well here’s the good part; you don’t have to choose. Because you can be BOTH at the same time! MB / HP – This is great for PvE, it can also be used for PvP but that depends on how much MA you have using other means. You gain 100 MA by simply boarding your bastion! The MB of course is to increase your damage output, while the HP can help you get some more survivability if you plan on playing tank. MB Only – Plain and simple. Like I said above you gain some MA simply by being in your Bastion, so stacking MB only works very well in PvE. I wouldn’t recommend this for PvP, but it can be done if you have other ways to make up for the MA. Recommended for low cost gearing. Godstones: 2-11% Damage – This is a popular pick due to the high proc rate of cipher blades. Obtaining Gear: Whenever you can, use the coins you’ve collected through quests to buy magic chain gear from coin merchants. Once you start going to Kromede’s Trial, there’s a chance the last boss will drop a box that can give you a cipher blade. You can armsfuse that level 35 blade with the level 36 one you get from Nebrith. Once you reach the stage for obtaining Renewed Deveanian gear (Level 45). You can armsfuse that cipher blade with a level 45 or lower cipher blade and use it until you are level 56. If you’d like, you can try your luck in Dark Poeta starting level 48 and try to get a full set. Once you reach around 53-60 you can start doing Rentus Base and Beshmundir Temple for Eternal Gear, remember not to confuse the pieces with Chanter and Cleric chain, since you have to roll on the gear. Starting from 65 you can do starter instances like Sauro, IS and ORB to get yourself some quick and easy gear. I recommend Sauro and IS gear since ORB gear is much more expensive to socket. At 66+ you'll want to grab onto a mythic AC set as soon as possible. Socket it with magic boost stones, you don't need to go broke with this set. This is mainly to keep you in league with starter Archdaeva instances. At 70+ do AoE and CoE as much as you can. Collect boxes and gradually obtain a full Apollon's set, you can simply socket these with magic boost or knowledge up to +6. At 72+ things get tough and a bit expensive since you'll need to start purchasing expensive manastones and enchanting your gear. Obtain Sophisticated gear from Sanctum defenses. Once you manage to get a Sophisticated set you should enchant that to +15 and socket it with Knowledge +7s (at least). If you're running low on money, you can make the set half knowledge and half magic boost stones or simply use pure magic boost at the cost of crit spell. You'll need the set mentioned in step 8 to get into a good Bastion of Souls group. Most groups won't even take you until you're 75, so continue the grind and run archdaeva instances whenever you can for money, supplements and practice. Once you're eligible to enter a BoS group, complete runs and obtain your set, you'll have your hands on the best PvE gear in the game so far. Enchant it to at least +10s and socket with full knowledge, you'll be an unstoppable force in PvE. NOTE: Please keep in mind that these steps are for a LOW COST route to gearing. If you have money from other characters or in real life and can simply buy gear steps ahead then go for it. Remember to PvE occasionally to earn money for PvP gear. Recommended Stigmas: PvP General PvP Tips and Good Habits: Be selective of your battles, remember it’s always okay to retreat if you feel outnumbered or threatened. Sure, it’s not always the best thing to cower from fights, but taking a few moments to collect yourself and prepare for battle helps keep up your confidence and break anxiety; that way you’ll end up making fewer mistakes. But of course, this is very basic knowledge no matter what class you’re playing. Start off with Aimbot assist and Stability Thrusters to start the battle in your favor with a good and accurate burst of damage. Nullification trigger should be used when you see the enemy casting a pretty nasty skill or CC, or at the beginning of a battle to avoid early battle debuffs and activate backlash for an easy stun. Follow up with steam rush and keep your enemy pressured. When fighting a cloth or an enemy with a shield, after closing the gap you should use drillbore to get their shield out of the way. Once you close the gap between you and your enemy, you can quickly silence them and then use the electric shock combo to keep them in place. Once they’re in place and cannot react due to the silence, provided they haven’t potted and ran, quickly fully charge Kinetic Slam and knock them down – follow up with Steam Rush if it isn’t on cooldown. If they managed to start escaping your grasp before you can fully charge, use the KS at whatever stage it’s at; since it’s better to do little damage than no damage at all. Rocket Punch combo and Meteor Strike help to burst targets down. If you’re facing a slippery opponent that likes to kite, use Chilling Wave before they get out of range to slow them and make it easier for you to catch up again. You can use Bludgeon then chain into hindering blade to drastically decrease a target’s MA and attack speed OR chain into the beatdown combo and knock them down. Sometimes it’s better to keep the enemy debuffed; usually it causes them to miss and gives you more opportunities to activate backlash without even having to use Nullification trigger. Use your protective stigmas such as Leeching Steel and Trauma Plate Trigger at the right time. A tip would be to use them at the beginning of the battle if you’re not sure. You can only chain Uppercut off Remove Shock once you’re within a certain range, if you’re too far just use Protective Shell to help you defend yourself while you try to close in the gap. Use boost to close the gap or run away from enemies, just be careful not to overshoot your enemies if you’re trying to get close to them. Cinder cannon is wonderful when enemies try to run away. It can even be used when you’re closing in a newly encountered enemy to hopefully get some GS procs in, break their shield or just hurt them. Siphoning Slash doesn’t do much damage but you may see your MP dropping harshly in long battles, so don’t be afraid to use it. Depending on the situation it’s better to chain directly into Siphoning Stab for more MP or Conversion Pulse to maintain your HP. Quickly use a 4k DP jelly and use Annihilation Barrage when you’re surrounded. You can knock down entire teams that try to run toward you or simply knock them down to assist your team, the damage it does is nothing to joke about either. If you have DP remaining and you’re about to die, why not? I mentioned earlier about the use of a pistol in PvP. Basically, after using Hypergate Detonation in a PvP situation, you’ll be at a slight disadvantage for 10 seconds. However, you can quickly switch to your pistol, use a few quick skills in hope of immobilizing or slowing your enemy with a GS proc and if all fails use Green Grenade to root them. Socketing MA into your pistol helps to prevent these skills from missing, which would be pretty embarrassing. Once Embark is off cooldown, switch back to your cipher blade and resume the onslaught. Recharge, use it when your HP is near 60% -- not too low, not too high. Always keep abyss potions and recovery potions/serums since you’ll need sustained amounts of HP and MP to survive in PvP as an AT. Gear: It’s annoying how little attention the developers pay to AT gear sometimes. Sometimes there’s chain implemented into the game, even patches after the class came out with only Chanter and Cleric versions. It’s pretty hard to get pre 5.0 PvP gear DEDICATED to ATs, but you can improvise. Weapons: Cipher Blade - You can refer to the PvE section on how to make a durable and versatile all purpose cipher blade. Pistol - It’s pretty cool jumping out of your bastion and yanking out your gun. Pistols are rarely used in PvE, but in PvP they can save your life. I can’t count how many times it saved mine. I’ll explain the use of guns in PvP later. But you won’t really have to worry about guns until the later levels (60+). You should socket them with MA since your priority is actually hitting your target. A standard mythic 65 pistol does nicely, but if you want to PvP with your AT, I recommend getting a gun with PvP stats. Manastones: MB / MA – While it’s quite expensive, I recommend socketing your PvP set with this first and foremost. It helps a lot when fighting other over geared and high resistance players. Knowledge - Also an expensive type of stone if you're aiming for +7s or higher (which I recommend). Until you reach a certain amount of knowledge overall, these stones gives more magic boost than even raw magic boost stones. The additional stats such as crit spell help tremendously with dpsing highly geared targets. Godstones: Silence / Paralyze / Blind / Stun - If you’re going for a status ailment GS, pick one that would best help against classes you personally find difficult. Everyone has their own weaknesses based on their play style and stigma setups. I personally believe that ATs have a weakness for healers; which is why I usually rock Silence. Obtaining Gear: Mystic BM Gear – This is one of the only PvP sets dedicated to ATs. It comes with all the stats you need. BUT, it costs blood medals AND blood marks to get; which can be costly. You can skip this set if you don't plan on PvPing immediately. Level 70 Arena - This set is pretty standard to at least survive and do arenas in today's archdaeva world. You can use this until you get the next set or skip this entirely to save money. Level 75 Prime Guardian - The set you should aim for the moment you become 66+. Collect your spinels and save up AP to get the game's best PvP set. Socket the armor with knowledges +7 or higher and use composites or raw stones in your weapon since your weapons change more than your armor does endgame. Fully enchant the set and you'll be well equipped for quite some time. In a later patch, you can convert this set into an even more powerful set but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Recommended Stigmas: PvP Type 1 PvP Type 2 Tips Versus Other Classes: Gladiator () It's like looking in the mirror (a physical mirror). These guys also specialize in lockdowns and a whole lot of stumbles. They're one of the only physical classes that can bind you, so keep that in mind. Keep your distance when they activate their protective and offensive buffs like berserking; even with your shield up some glads can facetank your damage with their buffs up. Only use repair protocol for ankle snare, keep them running and have them waste their buffs. Once they're vulnerable, bind and silence them in place (with a sundering and debilitating blade bury if possible) and begin using your 6-8m attack range to your advantage. They tend to usually start with cleave, so use nullification trigger to backlash onto them. Beware of their remove shock stumble. Use hindering blade to reduce their attack speed. Advantages: They can't kite you as well as other classes. Most times it's a head to head fist fight, so be sure your buffs are preserved and ready. Disadvantages: Try to avoid them in flight combat. Their ability to move while using a lot of their skills is superior since we need to stop moving for a lot of ours. Templar () They pull you in and then kite you off. It's like a girl playing hard to get, except they're trying to kill you. They have lots of shields. Most of the time you'll want to kite them off, but if you have drillbore handy, try saving it for iron skin since it's their longest lasting defense buff. They can pull you every 30 seconds. Be mindful of that when charging a kinetic slam to hit them. A good Templar will try to cancel it with a pull. They don't have the range advantage that gladiators do so it's a lot safer to bind them in place. Many good Templars have mres and msupp sets. If they don't have their greatsword out, chances are they're in one of those sets. You can land a couple test shots on them to see how much you hit for (and if at all). If you don't hit at all, they may have mres and you'll want to use aimbot assist if you have it. If they mitigate a lot of your damage without even using buffs, they're using msupp. You can still bind and bury them in place however. Their dps is much lower with defensive sets so it's fine to hit them as long as you're making some sort of dent. If your damage seems normal even though they have their shield out, it means they may be using mres, but it isnt enough to counter your macc. This is your chance to deal some serious damage. Watch out for aether armor, if they have this buff on while using an mres set it becomes near impossible for a technist to hit them. Use hindering blade to reduce their attack speed. Advantage: They don't have much range, which is the reason for their pulls. They only don't usually use extendable weapons for melee classes so be sure to keep your distance. Disadvantage: They 'CAN BE' the game's most top tier PvP class. With enough sets it becomes extremely difficult to predict their movements or even do much damage to them. You need to be mindful of whatever weapons they're using and avoid being stumbled at all costs. Assassin () Slippery targets will always be an issue for our class. While manageable, these guys love to hit and run and use their practically passive movement speed advantage to stay out of harms way. A while timed leeching steel when they commence their burn rotations can melt their MP and leave them vulnerable. However, they have MP support from their improved slayer form and may pot immediately if they need to. But having them use their utilities to preserve their mana can make them vulnerable later on in the fight. Try not to use mobility thrusters since it will bring down your physical defense and make life a lot harder for you. Try to use trauma plate trigger before using remove shock. When you do use remove shock, chain into protective shell to further reduce damage. Use RS mainly when locked in the air since it's the longest altered state they can keep you in. Boost away once you do since a good assassin may be expecting this. Use bludgeon and/or cinder cannon to use up their focused evasion and aether twisting. Save your hard hitting skills for when they're vulnerable. Kite out these buffs if you can by boosting away. Once they're vulnerable, bind and silence them in place (with a sundering and debilitating blade bury if possible) and begin using your 6-8m attack range to your advantage. Keep them marked, in case they port away. Use hindering blade to reduce their attack speed. Advantages: Their attack range is short and they don't have much hp recovery besides potions. Keep them pressured as long as they aren't using buffs that will negate your attacks. Disadvantages: They're fast on their feet and can resist up to 5 magical attacks which makes being a magical melee class a bit annoying. Ranger () Almost as stun savvy as their dual-wielding cousins. How you can get knocked back and put to sleep with a bunch of sticks is beyond me, but this is Aion; a land where ships fly and Daeva's can't swim. Unlike all the other classes above, they're a ranged physical based class; so binding them in place won't stop them from attacking. It is of course always a good thing to be up their faces as much as possible since they can facetank the least amount of damage in the game. Leeching steel also works well against rangers, but it may not burn them out as quickly as an assassin would. They have a low mp pool however, which can block out a lot of their utility skills. When slept, there isn't much you can do except prepare to use trauma plate trigger to reduce the damage on their incoming rotation. Use repair protocol when caught in their snare. You can pot off their movement speed debuff, but countering the debuff with mobility thrusters is risky against any physical class. Keeping them silenced is the key to reducing their utility (ports, buffs and speedups). They stand still for most of their attacks, so boost up to them when they aren't stunning you. Keep them marked, in case they port away. Use hindering blade to reduce their attack speed. Advantages: Very squishy and buff reliant. Keep them silenced, bound and pressured. Disadvantages: Attack from range and have a lot of stuns, making remove shock predictions difficult. Chanter () Strong and versatile in both PvE and PvP. They feel like fighting a glad for a few seconds then a cleric the next. It's hard tell whether their stumbles are the most annoying or if that title should go to glads. Regardless, their stumbles are short, but plentiful. Trauma plate and remove shock early help a lot. They can bind you every so often, so save your pots for that. Use stability thrusters when your attack has been reduced (which will happen at some point or another when fighting any chanter). Drillbore works well against their protective ward. Their DPS isn't as high as other melee classes, but some chanters are geared to pack a punch. Keep them pressured and bind them down. Attack from as far away as you can. They don't have skills to resist your attacks, but have many utility skills to heal and tank through your damage. Silence is our best friend when fighting them or any of the classes listed below. VERY few chanters are geared and dedicated enough to have mres and msupp sets. If you see them pull out a shield, assume they're in one of these sets and treat them as a Templar in this situation. Advantages: You have the silence advantage while they have the bind advantage. They can't bury this very well however, so ensure you don't give them a chance to heal. Disadvantages: They're tricky to kite, because the moment you leave them alone they're going to heal. I don't recommend kiting any healer unless under extreme conditions. Cleric () Clerics are becoming ridiculous. With new gear their mres and msupp go through the roof and most good clerics come equipped with mboost sets. They can deal lots of damage while dancing around, cleansing and using servants. You won't have much fun fighting a cleric at all, but that's why you need to be aggressive. Save drillbore and use it when you see they're about to cast splendor of recovery; that heal over time gives them the freedom to DPS you. They can go from 5% hp to 100% if they use enough buffs prior, so if you see them use buffs such as Sage's Wisdom or Amplification, they're most likely doing to use splendor or Call Lightning. Trust me, splendor is the only huge aspect of cleric that make them a pain to fight against. Good clerics are hard to bury since they cleanse every time someone quits the game (that's often in case you didn't get the joke). So before attempting to bury a good cleric, try to keep them stunned or stumbled first. Watch for their remove shock. If they at any time pop impervious veil. Silence and bind bury them completely, then use drillbore to remove their shield. Go into a full stage kinetic slam for a ton of damage. Use trauma plate when you see them switch to their staff since they may try to DPS you. They have many instant cast skills so if you plan on getting out of their attack range or rushing up to pressure them, you need to reduce the amount of damage you'll take on your way. Run away from their servants and fight them one versus one. Those things do enough damage to be considered another player. Ensure you lure them out the servant range before you engage them. If they're camping the servants, just leave them be and get some distance while recovering your cool downs. There's no shame in it. Advantages: Cannot silence or bind you. Once you manage to lock them while their remove shock is out of commission then you're set for some good damage. Be sure to use your hardest hitting skills immediately after you lock them down. Fighting a cleric is burn or heal. Disadvantages: They have a short cooldown on their root. They usually use their DPS skills after rooting you so it's a good chance to use nullification trigger and repair protocol (or pot off the root) into a backlash combo. Sorcerer () Sorcs are a tricky class, but the most fearsome ones are those you can't see. If a sorc is out of your sight, you're in trouble. It's like a sniper taking free hits. When in groups, ensure that even if you aren't engaging the enemy sorcerer, you know where they are. From my experience they can be either very destructive or very easy to take down, depending on the player. Watch and listen for their buffs. You can tell by the icons which they're using, but they mostly grant MB. Their MA buff won't really matter all that much since you're most likely going to get hit by most of their skills. If you're at a far distance, but don't have much room to run away, the best thing to do is to pressure them; even if it means facetanking some damage. The most important thing is to always keep them in your sight. Failure to react quickly enough can result in an easy sleeplock for them. Some of them will sleep you long enough for their cooldowns to reset. During a sleeplock there isn't much you can do except try to get rid of the silence or get some distance to recover yourself. You won't need to use drillbore to remove their regular shield. Boon of iron clad only blocks physical damage, but their vision stigma shield blocks all damage; it's pointless to power through it. If you cannot drillbore it, wait for them to exit with a CC rotation ready. Save your greater healing potion for a strong root. Use repair protocol to get out of the first root, if they root you again pot it off. Keep them marked, in case they port away. Use hindering blade to reduce their magic accuracy. Advantages: It's easy to take advantage of inexperienced sorcs. If they lack fast reactions, ports and have predictable rotations, they shouldn't be a problem for you at all. Provided you don't screw up along somewhere along the line :^). Don't slack off though, keep them slowed and pressured as you would any high threat target. Disadvantages: High MB sorcs can wipe you before you realize they're around. Keep in mind the names of your target. If they're a sorc known for their high damage, keep them at a high priority and take them out before they can get to your teammates. Spiritmaster () Fear no class except a class that can fear. SMs are a pain for any and every class in their own way because of their skillset. They have the ability to lock down short range classes and support the alchemy economy by borrowing your scrolls. As painful as they may be to fight, nothing's impossible for an AT. Just stay focused and ensure that you don't accidentally use drillbore too early. Remove their slows with your repair protocol, you're going to want to save your greater healing potion for their bind. At the very beginning of the fight ensure they're slowed by chilling wave. If they pot it off that's their own loss since they won't be able to get rid of your silence bury. Use mobility thrusters to keep yourself up to speed with them especially when they use one of their thousands of speed debuffs (okay maybe not thousands). Trauma plate trigger increases your resistance to fears, but don't pop it too early because they may remove the buff (they usually do this at the beginning of the fight to give you a slow start). The most important rule is to save drillbore for their spirit protection. Doing so will completely negate their last line of defense. This makes gives you a key role in group PvP, since people will be relying on you to remove the SM or Templar bodyguard. I know drillbore is a lovely skill to watch and the stun is lovely, but hold onto it; you'll thank me later. Keep them marked, in case they port away. Use hindering blade to reduce their magic accuracy. Advantages: You're able to remove their bodyguard, which most other classes struggle with getting rid of. If the SM you're up against doesn't know how to bury or spends most of their time trying to spam cast fear, don't give them a second of breathing room. Disadvantages: They have access to bind, silence, roots, slows, attack speed debuffs and can remove your buffs. Basically, prepare to start the battle as crippled as possible and use your null trig for fears. Gunslinger () In open spaces, they're pretty tough to deal with depending on how much damage they deal with their pistols. They're the most mobile class in the game, so keep up or get killed. Cannons are the mark of danger; it's where a heavy amount of their burst comes from and most of it is instant. If you see them pull it out you'll want to keep them silenced. They usually do this while you're stunned or CC'd, if they're smart. They're the only ranged magic class that can still attack when silenced. So there's not much you can do to stop them from using their pistols. Pistols don't do as much damage as their aethercannons, but come filled with stuns, debuffs and mobility. The most manageable gunslingers to fight are slow ones. Keep them within your range at all times with chilling wave's slow. If they resist you can use mobility thrusters to keep the pressure applied. Keep them marked, in case they port away. Use hindering blade to reduce their magic accuracy and attack speed. Advantages: They're sqiushier than most leathers, so silencing them severly reduces their survivability. Keep them within arms reach-- I cannot stress how important that is. Disadvantages: Their cannons do heaps of damage and can easily destroy any class if you don't react quickly enough. High MB gunners can also do a lot of damage with their pistols which makes their ability to dance around even more chaotic. Aethertech Once a year you'll probably come across an AT. Once every 2 years you'll come across an enemy AT. When you do, you're probably too confused and have no idea how to properly fight them. This is the same for every class that barely fights ATs. To this very day, some people still think they're physical. Winning an enemy AT encounter is half RNG, half raw skill, half gear, and half realizing these are actually quarters. You can both drillbore each other's shields. You can use this at the beginning of the battle to give them the disadvantage. If you have Bulwark socketed, use it as soon as they do the same to you so you have protection during Battery's cooldown. Use your paralyze to interrupt their Kinetic slams. If you're ever bound by their tether, use repair protocol. You can use boost to get some distance if you've been slowed by chilling wave if you don't want to use repair protocol right away (which is a good idea). Like any class, you'll want them slowed by chilling wave. Use your greater healing potion for whichever debuff seems to be most bothersome. I usually use it on hindering blade since attack speed debuffs suck :c. You can also use stability thrusters to get rid of it. You'll notice you both aren't getting stunned and debuffed as another class would. This is because of the passive Embark resistances, so this is where RNG comes into play. Keeping them locked down is still practical, just try to stay at a range while you abuse their inability to move. They have the same attack range, so going close will make it feel like they're not locked down at all. You can't bind them, but you can both silence each other; which only really hurts your utility skills. You can silence them after removing their shield to reduce their chance of recovery. Use hindering blade to reduce their magic accuracy and attack speed. Advantages: You get to fight a cool robot and combat gundam style. Seriously, it's super fun to watch. Disadvantages: They have all the tools you do. The only differences may be stigmas; but most ATs carry drillbore, riplash and leeching steel along with their combination. Keep these in mind. Songweaver () Somewhere along the line the developers thought it would be funny to smush sorcs and chanters together. The punch line is they can heal their own MP as well. Well, we heard the joke boys; it's not funny. They have much higher burst than a spiritmaster, but their toolkit is nearly the same if you replace spirit skills and heals. Approaching them is similar to any healer. You can't give them too much breathing room or else they'll simply heal and put you at a disadvantage. As long as you can outspeed them or at least keep up, you give them less confidence to use their charge skills. They'll usually only use these when you're at a great distance, slept or rooted. After using their instant AoE sleep, they'll usually follow up with freestyle. There's a moderate chance of you resisting either of these skills. If they both happen to catch you, the songweaver usually follows up by burying delayed paralyze and silence along with a bind, leaving you befuddled the moment you exit sleep. Provided you're still mobile, the best thing to do is get out of attack range since your greater healing potion can only do so much. Hopefully, you resist one or two of the skills in the obvious rotation. Lock 'em down the same way you would any sorc or healer. Unlike chanters and sorcs they can dispel, so it's best to do this when they're stunned or caught in another silence from your godstone. Hold your greater healing potion for their bind. You've noticed me say this a lot, but binds are horror stories for ATs. Ensure your shields and trauma plate are ready before engaging. Trauma plate for reducing overall damage and chance of being bound. Keep them marked, in case they port away. Use hindering blade to reduce their magic accuracy and attack speed. They're pretty, I guess... Pretty annoying... Advantages: As long as you've memorized the steps to fighting both a sorc and chanter, most songweavers aren't much of a challenge. It's a bit funny considering how simple their toolkit is; you'll barely find a songweaver that knows how to use it correctly. Disadvantages: But hoo boy, when you find a songweaver that knows what they're doing, you're gonna hurt a lot. If you're having trouble applying pressure or they're doing too much damage for you to attempt a lockdown, you may want to retreat and recover. Disclaimer: These reviews and difficulty ratings are based on personal experience and skills. No offense is intended to any class or any individual that plays them. Your experiences may vary; these are only meant to be a guideline to help during your encounters. _____________________________________________________________________ Thank You! I really hope this was able to help at least one person and opened many eyes! Be sure to ask any AT or Aion related questions you have; I'm always willing to help. It's been two years on AT, shout out to my friend Evaia for being there through all of it!
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    I'd rather have bots who make a minimal impact in 5.8. Say 3.0-4.0 yeah they had a big impact, but in 5.8 they are truly non-existent. Oh and isn't botting a problem for Koreans who had it much much worse than us. These changes in 6.0 are aimed towards Koreans not for western market. I'm not sure how correct the information is now but there was a time in 5.x where botting wasn't reportable in Korea in fact it was allowed even. Remember glittering shells in 4.8 Idian depths, NA cracked down on that pretty fast but Korea it last for a long while that it became the norm to buy from bots the shells for 70mill and resell for 100mill to NPC. Korea has a botting problem, we don't so I don't see how we need to be involved with their problems.
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    That's all psychological, the sense of being rewarded when you obtain the gear. You can currently have this affect in the game, and the cheaters that buy from bots are almost non-existent just like gold spammers. These 'positive' changes of 6.0 will barely affect 5.8 in a good way, however things like exchanges and trade broker from one player to another would be devastated. Current trading system is integral to the way Aion is played and functions like eBay or Amazon in real life. Utility is much more meaningful than some small feelings. I feel good when I get kinah, when I do instances, when I get gear, on my main and my alts. I feel the greatest when I help people in the community by facilitating trade deals, helping them to gear up, carrying people in instances. In 6.0 is gonna take that away and I will feel bad, and I will not be able to help those who are struggling. 6.0 doesn't allow for generosity, compassion, selflessness yet apparently a minor dopamine intake to the brain is more important?
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    @Cyan / @Hime or even @Gideon With all due respect, but I believe one of you at least should be checking this thread and answering some of the questions people have about this XIGNCODE thing. It's only fair that you can, as our only reliable link to NCSoft, ensure us, the players, that our data (even OFF THE GAME data, as some say, mind you) won't be sent/shared/suspiciously accessed by some asian company due your choice of Antihacking Tool and, therefore, you should probably speak up about the topic as it's something we're all to a certain degree concerned about. (I mean, your developers did work on it, maybe you found a workaround for that?) About VPN (battleping at least) as Cheesecake pointed out, people are using it fine on BnS and should not be a problem here. Also do tell us about multiclienting, although I think there shouldn't be any issues with it?
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    I really love how you make out your doing us a massive favor by adding this event,when in fact it was your developer's poor game design choices that added exploding gear in the first place as yet another massive cashgrab. And then when you've figured you have probaly lost people and money by ewxploding gear you act like your doing us yet another favor by adding supps so gear doesnt explode. I really wish the playerbase would wake up to the tactics being employed here,the people in charge dont randomly do these things it's all planned out to maximise money,before losing player's. Sure this event will help players somewhat,but let's nopt pretend it isnt yet another cashgrab giving us back something we previously had until all this exploding stuff was added.Everything in Aion is designed as a time,money and cashgrab.It's these sort of tactics and choices that have driven away player's and drove's and the fact it come's across as a favor is truly the icing on the cake.
  13. 4 points
    Medivac is here to save the day, with his "workaround". He won't use it though, he's just a tech guy https://clips.twitch.tv/SweetInquisitiveHeronChocolateRain
  14. 4 points
    @Johngunmad-KT sry mate i didnt know you were australian, I made the corrections on the meme to make it more accurate.
  15. 4 points
    I don't like the removal of old zones; a lot of classic world-bosses and skins will be lost in the process. The return of Tiamaranta's Eye is awesome, but it'd be even better to see Katalam, Danaria, and Tiamaranta return entirely. I also look forward to 80% of the Evergale Crowd mysteriously disappearing from the game when XIGNCODE3 hits.
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    Here's the tl;dr to the wall of text below: NCSoft has employed plenty of scrupulous tactics like RNG manipulation, increasing gear turnover, and a gambling-based gear progression system. NCWest isn't to blame for these problems though; the people calling the shots at NCSoft HQ in Korea deserves all the blame. I have to agree with the Kitat's sentiments as much as I disagree with his unnecessary labeling of players who financially support this game. I personally think that NCSoft's manipulative tactics are extremely consumer-unfriendly and should be called out by the community, though my complaints regarding the company go beyond just "explodable gear". From RNG manipulation to the ever-increasing rate of gear turnover to the exploitative psychology of gambling that is the core of Aion's gear progression system at the moment, NCSoft has a consistent pattern of making short-term profitable decisions at the expense of players. We've seen RNG being "ninja-nerfed" on a whim, without any mention of it from NCSoft. Black enchantment stones were completely nerfed some time after the mysterious enchanter event to the point where you couldn't even get armor past +5 even with hundreds of black enchantment stones. Omega and tempering drops from their respective luna instances were nerfed twice without mention. It really shouldn't be a surprise that many players do not trust this company when they're able to quietly manipulate the game's RNG to maximize profits and minimize bad PR. The increasing rate of gear turnover from 4.X onward is my biggest issue with this game and this company. What I mean by this is that the best gear sets that you can acquire in the game are being updated too quickly, all so that NCSoft can profit from players who have to upgrade a new set of gear. In 3.X, things were fine; you had lvl 60 AP gear, which was the best PvP gear you could get throughout all of the 3.X patches. For most of the 4.X patches, you had the same ranked eternal AP gear, and only during the last few patches did we get mythic rank 1, and even this set was still viable in 5.0. So, not as good as 3.X, but reasonable. In 5.X, you had boundless gear in 5.0, arena gear in 5.1, 75 AP gear in 5.3, and finally, 80 AP gear in 5.8 that won't even be viable in 6.0. I think everyone here understands that all endgame gear does and should have their expiration dates. My complaint is that NCSoft has been shortening that expiration date over the years for a quick buck. I'm surprised that this particular topic hasn't come up more often, what with the whole Battlefront II controversy. It especially surprises me because Aion's f2p model seems much more black-and-white with respect to gambling than Battlefront II. To this day, there is still debate as to whether Battlefront II lootboxes can be considered "gambling"; one side argues that the gambling psychology being exploited by lootboxes is enough justification to label the game as gambling while the other side argues that the guarantee of gaining a reward, even if it's the reward you don't want, makes Battlefront II something completely different to gambling and more akin to trading card packs. Aion, however, fits all of the psychological manipulation and none of the guaranteed rewards; in fact, you can actually end up with LESS than what you started with by gambling with Aion's RNG-based gear progression. I mean, this seems like pretty cut and dry gambling, and with today's politics questioning the presence of gambling in video games, I don't know why this isn't a big issue within the Aion community. Anyways, with all of that being said, I don't believe that NCWest should take the blame. https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/NCSOFT-Reviews-E23242.htm is the closest thing I could find to "NCWest's side of the story", and the general pattern here is lack of leadership, terrible management, and almost no communication with NCKorea other than the commands that NCWest has to obey without question. I believe the fault here rests completely on NCSoft HQ, not the understaffed and undervalued employees over at NCWest.
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    Did i say i have a problem with a company making money? The problem i have is the tactics used by Ncsoft to make money. Exploding gear and accessorys was never a issue,but this company decided to try and force player's into spending money due to high chance's of gear breaking.After several months of Nyerked off player's we get 100% chance with supps,which we never needed in the past. Accessorys again never used to break,but added to cost us more kinah or more real life money to stay somewhat competitive. I love all the the people defending this company and it's tactics,i hope you are the people who have sunk thousands into and the game closes to due lost player's. There are plenty of ways for ncsoft to make money without such blatantly unscrupulous tactics being employed since 5.0 was released.This game has 2 years left at the most less if 6.0 is a flop,game's wont survive on a few whale's forever,and those sinking hundreds or thousands into this game are plainly stupid.
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    No, and no. 1- In this event you MUST have the exact stigma to enchant your target stigma, also the enchantment rates are clearly nerfed. I've seen people breaking 100+ pieces of Arcane Thunderbolt and yet not getting it to +9 2- This item can crit +2 3- This item can crit +3 4- This item can maintain the enchantment level of your stigma untouched in a fail with a good/reasonable rate (just search for koreans using it) 5- The price of stigmas floats in a really high range and depends on wich one you want to enchant. 6- stop working for NCsoft and defending their mistakes, you don't even get paid for it
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    As @DevilNest-KT stated the next rotating weekend (starting tonight) will be double AP and the following week the rotation will start over with double EXP. I am going to start putting the schedule in the monthly preview posts done at the start of every month. Thanks!
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    The underlying reason why AION has gone to shit is the pandering of a minority player base, a catering to P2Wers, hackers, and the endless fan boys that will support it versus protesting negative changes. The player base is always to blame for the industry normal, in my opinion, because we have the power to stop it with our wallets and time. The care bears have been ruining open world PVP since its inception. The lack of monitoring and banning of cheaters is unreal, borderline criminal. I've never seen such blatant hacking in the 3 weeks I attempted to get back into the game. I'm a veteran and I know every skill, every animation, and have always been very resistant to crying hacks as I think most claims are unfounded; but no more. I've witnessed such disgustingly blatant hacking its no wonder I can run through the main PVP zone for 10 minutes at 8pm and find nothing but bots. I've attempted to get numerous gamers into AION over the years, and it has always ended in their inevitable quitting. The game is rough for new players. The combat is complex, especially in PVP, and the quick garbage leveling system secluded to spamming brainless missions with huge EXP boosts, while it's great for veterans and their alts, it puts new players in a tough position. I found so many times that people I got into the game would be doing stupid pointless quests in low level areas even though they aren't "Dumb" gamers, the game simply has a lack of guidance for new players and is inefficient for progress; there's too many maps, too many useless quests, and a lack of really defining game progression. In its current state its a "Rush to 68 and spam this instance". Are we really surprised new players don't get into it? It's a joke. My only real comment to people worried about these changes, or crying about it, is do your best to embrace it. I think deep down we all know this game is dying. The bleeding player base in Korea and these changes are a sign they've recognized a lot of their problems, and while I don't think this is a magic wand and an end all great solution to everything, if you truly love AION, you need to recognize what is good for growing population, and how we can attract new players. The key is about bridging the gap between P2Wers and the less "paying" and F2P players, because at the end of the day in order to be a successful PVP game, you can't have a gear discrepancy as big and blatant as there currently is in AION, it's disgusting. Just my 2 cents, sorry for the rant.
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    You really make yourself look like a fool every-time you try to say you your free2play,we all know the chances of getting gear that high.We all know you would of used multiple accounts to get restores just like Dior used to.We all know ncsoft aint giving out multiple restore's unless you sink a ton of real life cash into this game. Must be hard to face the fact your terrible at pvp and instead of using +15 gear like most and +5 accessorys you need such a huge advantage to win. I hope 6.0 make's it terrible for you and you quit and the people that really want to enjoy pvp without wannabe's like you 2 shotting them quit to some other wallet game. Enjoy your advantage while it last's +15 gear for all soon it's just a pity they didnt completely wipe plume's and braclets as well. Truly why do you even play a pvp game if need that bigger of advantage, most legit player's would probaly wipe the floor with you.Please stop saying your some smart player many people know how to make kinah ,get omega's and temper's but everyone knows getting restore's or gear that high doesn't come by F2play.
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    It wouldn't be fair to compare a fan made third party program to a commercial anti-cheat. Logically since XIGN has been deployed on countless games they would slowly improve their false positives. If I recall correctly, XIGN doesn't even ban players. It throws a bugsplat-esque error and force closes your game if it thinks you're trying to do anything malicious. It's honestly a very mediocre anti-cheat but it'll keep the script kiddies at bay since they can't do anything but copy paste. Here's a Black Desert Online XC3 kick Blade&Soul and BDO both use XIGNCODE3 and both are perfectly compatible with ping reducers as the game would be without it. It's safe to say that Aion will be too, unless they explicitly disallow it or something.
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    If you guys want to read what this Xigncode3 does, here is a link: http://www.wellbia.com/home/en/pages/xigncode3/ So, what I love are: Bye Bye for me, I play outside the US with a normal ping of 300-350, I need to use a tool to lower my ping to 100-125 and be able to play. No more AFK lol Like really? No more 1 client playing and another one using it as a personal shop. And a lot more, I think this will be like back in the old days with the GameGuard Fiasco, they had to remove it because too many issues on players. Stop relying on tools that can be easily bypassed and start doing YOUR JOB, hire 1-2 more people exclusively to hunt bots/cheaters. This tool in the end will be a pain in the ass for legal players and the illegal ones will easily find ways to bypass it.
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    With all due respect, Xigncode is the worst option you could have picked. You named BnS-maybe you should also mention how the community there reacted to it: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/229208-xigncode3/. Or how BDO's and others reacted to it. In short: Ping boosters collide with it and cause issues (bye-bye players who relied on VPN services to have a decent ping here = rip pvp). It affects game performance, leading to cases such as reduced FPS. It spies on your computer by scanning and forwarding all files you access while it is running to some Chinese server, and even leaves behind traces if you uninstall the game-which you then have to manually remove. And as you will find out, there is a reason why it is known as the most easily bypassed 'anti'-hack program ever. What you guys need is not a new anti-hack program, but to actually start doing something with all these reports that come in about glide/animation hackers and the like. As long as you keep letting them off <24h temporary bans because you don't want to lose famous/active (and paying) players things will never improve.
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    Thats very contradictory. First you link a meme that says John has a belief that p2w is an illusion yet you procceed to call him a lazy wallet hero, and even more contradictory you say he buys from gold sellers. If I were a whale and could buy all the ncoin I want, why would I buy kinah from bots and risk getting banned, or say pay 2 win is fake when I bought hundreds if not thousands of dollars of Ncoin? We should be talking about what Gideon said, not go on some witch hunt on an Australian player that has to play with bad ping all the time.
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    There is only 1 good thing about 6.0 and its upgrade cap, or its not if remember that back in days we had to upgrade 5 armor parts + weapon but in 6.0 you should upgrade 16 items to +15 and repeat that x3. In past we could get enchantment stones by breaking armor/weapon parts from instance but in 6.0 most common way to get upgrade stones is BCM. BAD things about 6.0 in my opinion: 1) They remove any value of items we gathered for years by claiming that in 6.0 items will have REAL value, what a BS. Kinah exchange rate is ~30m -> 1.3m, in gold bar shop is items for 200 gold bars what is ~6b in current value. There is close to 0 ways to get kinah and upgrade stones in game so you most likely wont be able to buy 3 gold bars per day ever unless buy some BCM items and sell on broker. Or why should paying players do it if can just buy kinah from BCM with rate 70 Quna = 10m ............. 2) NA players is used to make alts for fun, storages etc., remember that in 4.5 when got bored of some class then just made another and geared in Discordant (was enough to have fun in open world). In 6.0 your main will be your only character because its TOO MUCH grind/P2W to make any other decent alt. 3) 2 sieges left ......................... oh well who cares anyway last good sieges was in Katalam/Danaria. Same for PvP, pvp was divided over 2 maps and you could solo/duo PvP. Or just go to spots where was zerg vs zerg. 4) PvP on new map will be quite bad/boring because all of that will be located in small area so expect (can see on KR streamers videos) zerg vs zerg instead of PvP. 5) 6.0 is made even more about playing SOLO, on way to 80 you need 0 groups for instances or whatever. Few weeks ago tried some 3.0 server and geez that was great feeling when people make groups and do instances like FT, ADMA, TL, DP, BT etc and they isn't easy like all current nerfed instances, they give you challenge and you feel great and rewarded when get armor/weapon/acc/xp ........... In 6.0 you get all gear up to 80lvl from doing 10 mob quests. 6) NC dont listen to players at all otherwise they would bring back maps/things that every player loved. 7) Most of people who play AION love challenge either its PvE or PvP but when realize that should put in to something too much time/effort and its not worth of that then just give up and move on. 75lvl grinding made many ppl leave AION. 8) Current situation is very bad for returning players because on one side they want to play AION but on other side understand that 6.0 is close and all effort put in game now will be gone in like 6 months or less. Its seriously not worth for them to grind 75lvl or gear up so what they can do, go play other games and may stick with them. NC seriously should think about permanent 500% xp buff or smth like that to keep those players here. Event where you get 65lvl armor what is worse that 55lvl Daevanion gear isn't way to do it right. We get 100% xp buff at max while some regions have 200-300% buffs like every week. P.S. Botting will be same as before, players will sell 1 crap item for high price in broker and bot will buy it and that's just 1 of easy ways, cba to even think about what else they could do. If all those limits is to fight against bots then its hurt PLAYERS way more than BOTS and its not acceptable because players will move on while bots stay.
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    Your governor is hardly the first governor to hack. When he gets banned, he won't be the first governor to be banned. He won't even be the second or the third. Guess he will be the first test of this new anti-cheat. Let's see if it picks him up as a hacker and then let's see if NCWest actually bans him.
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    Dude, I wasn't even disagreeing with you. I am also quite nervous about 6.0. I was simply asking about your source regarding your "everyone is leaving the game in Korea" comment. However, it seems you don't have a source and you were just making wild claims?
  32. 3 points
    Actually is a good patch. Maybe the version still is not good. But the patch partially solved many of the bad things we had with 5.0. - Leveling was really hard and people complained a lot, but now with the new exp from easy instances is much faster. - People hated the new breakable and tradeable gear, but now the top gear is none of those things. - Minions were a hard to get, and was a huge difference between people who pay and people who play for free. Now we can get them in many easy ways (and in large quantities). - We have Divine Again. Is the first map that we have back into the game after a long time being deleted. I am agree that the game is not on his best moment, but the patch included good things.
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    Not exactly aion but its of a good aion friend! Yra's dragoon from FF14! Really proud of this one :>
  34. 3 points
    If you spent 10billion on gear and it isn't helping you, it isn't the gear and it isn't the game.. it's you. Yes. Most of the people in Evergale go for the soulstones. How exactly is that a problem? The instance was dead prior to this patch. Attaching a significance to it has finally given it life. And yeah. Even if I am going to lose, I push hard for 4k so that I can get the soulstone. That keeps me playing when it is obvious that we will lose.
  35. 3 points
    What you did or didn’t do “back when you used to play” matters not.
  36. 3 points
    I said Ncsoft,not ncwest please read post. And cosindering the complaints that came out of korea's player's base they aren't too happy with game design either. And sorry but they are tactics designed to take player's for a ride,removing things we previously had and gating behind a pay2gear wall. I love little nc whiteknight fanbois like you who defend them with your dying breathe no doubt.This patch is hugely unpopular, the game's declining,people have made repeated posts about needing+7 for purify's, exploding gear, poor leveling experience's.Please keep deluding yourself how awesome aion is. And im not playing why would i waste my time and resources on gear that will be redundant in 6.0 easier to quit and see if 6.0 can actually reverse the damage caused by 5.0. And given RNG rates and exploding items i really totally beleive you spent nothing what so ever getting geared. And sorry but people who need to sink thousands of dollars into pixels are stupid and it's the only way the can compete by overgearing nearly every player they will pvp against.If you spend more than a sub on this game you need a serious reality check about why your even playing a game. please show me where korea said that in the patch note's.and enchant rates have actually been nerfed on omega crits for +2 and up.
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    Here is the story of the guy who has two Grade A minions and isn't happy because he wants a Grade C. I get the whole matchy-matchy thing, but there are players all over the servers wishing for your luck.
  38. 3 points
    Dont forget the legion member doing a dance emote around you.
  39. 3 points
    before having fun about how he writes, try to remember that most of the people here only knows one language. Now... about the thread... Gladiator is not really a defensive class. Is more an offensive tank. That class takes agro doing damage. And even the templars can turn ofensive if they use greatswords and different stigmas. Plates are so resistant and with so much HP. They use heavy weapons and do a lot of physical damage. Cloth classes do not have so much armor to reduce their hits. So the only way to defeat them using a sorcerer or a songweaver is to keep the distance all the time. You need to use your CC skills to avoid a melee fight or you will lose. Assassins are more complicated. They are the counterclass for mages. In Aion the classes are designed to be strong against some classes and weak against some others. I found cloth classes to be really strong against chains (without a MR or MSupp gear a sorc can beat easily a cleric). Sometimes you will find players who have more than 1 set for pvp. (even when some people thinks that only clerics need more sets). And with some stats they can be more defensive. So, try to study those sets and make your options. If they have a lot of MSupp manastones, they must have less crit strike, accuracy and attack. Maybe you can find a way to take advantage on that. Now about the hacks. Well, it is totally know that a lot of people uses "no animation" software. That benefits so much physical and fast classes. And even when some "casting" classes can improve their DPS, those classes without a cast time on their skills are the ones who will really see a difference. You are right, nobody really try to control that. It is really hard to denounce them. Lot of players left the game because of them. It is not legalized, but there are so few penalizations.
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    There are some things about 6.0 that make me nervous and even a little mad, BUT I think we're all jumping the gun here. It's only been out for a couple of weeks and 99% of us haven't even gotten to play it. I intend to play 6.0 when it releases here in NA. If I like it, great. If I don't like it, then fine, I will stop playing the game. I think we all just need to calm down and see how we like it once we *actually get to play it OURSELVES.*
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    IF we were to get changes to housing, I would LOVE the following: Make houses across all regions have different shapes, other than just a single square, or two squares for palaces. Add the option to move furniture through axis/arrows. Remove the stupidly big collision boxes furniture has. Either make them a lot smaller or remove them completely. Remove indoor/outdoor furniture limitation. Up the furniture limit a bit...
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    im sure im not the only person that likes lvling at a normal speed and enjoying the maps even after the 50 + toons ive made over the past 10 years i still like questing i dont get the whole lets get you to end game in a few sec makes no sense to me. people get to end game now without actually knowing how to play thier class having done no group stuff so having no idea how they perform in a group situation or anything about the other classes. The continual dumbbing down and nerfing into the ground removes all the fun . im pretty pissed as a beta tester that all the money ( from when it was subbed ) work blood sweat and tears that i have invested in this game is just being thrown out the window . if they wanted to make such radical changes MAKE AION 2 with a new engine instead of just rehashing the old stuff. I personally wish they would make a legacy server with old Aion on it from pre 2.0 when rifting was fun before they screwed everything up . Pretty much the only thing i agree with is the basic resetting of the economy should have been done a long time ago way to much kinah in the game broker is completly out of a casual players range
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    There's a secret quest where if you gather a million and so of them, you can unlock a billion slot cube. Unfortunately, I don't think that quest works in 5.X. It required you to order food from a Seattle-specific restaurant, and they don't ship to California.
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    Why care about your team AFKing if you can hack your way to victory alone?
  45. 3 points
    Have stayed current with this account and do not have a returned or new player status. Also, to be fair....NCSoft could do anything with the game/accounts...etc....as long as they wanted too...and actually applied the work to do so. Which is where the problem ACTUALLY lies. Case in point..............Pre - Order and Collector's Edition Items....nuff said!
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    Here are some threads like yours to help you get up to speed:
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    This post will serve as a FAQ for people who are curious about 6.0. PLEASE read this first before asking, there's a chance your question could be already answered. I'm gonna try to answer as many questions as possible. There will be some things I might not be able to answer. GODSTONES ARE NOT REMOVED!!1ONE1! Technically they aren't, but I presume it'll be only for a while. They need to give players time to return and exchange their items. Yes, godstones still remain in 6.0, but you cannot socket them into the new weapons. WE WILL ALL START FROM LEVEL 1 OMG!!!!! No. It's just a patch. Depending on your level, you will receive the according quest. The new campaigns are divided into areas I would say, so if you're level 66-75 for example, you will get the Cygnea/Enshar campaigns. I heard old 5.8 pvp gear is better than the new one That depends, really. You can use your old PvP gear instead of the new one, but you won't be walking the long road with it. See this video → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrpjCyQdn9Y as an example. The assassin uses the new PvP gear while the gladiator uses the old one. So yes, while you can use the old stuff for a while, I'm pretty sure they will remove it sooner or later completely. Crafting becomes useless in 6.0! The old crafting system is completely removed and yes, it becomes useless and obsolete in 6.0. You can buy many consumables from NPCs instead. Is flying really removed? No, it's just extremely limited now with many flying areas gone. Flying in the Core for example is not possible, because the Abyss and its aether is gone. You still can fly in Heiron/Beluslan and Cygnea/Enshar as an example. You can glide. Is rifting completely removed in 6.0? No, the only rifting that's removed (with the available maps in the next patch), is between Heiron and Beluslan. Rifts in Cygnea/Enshar and Inggison/Gelkmaros still happen, but these rifts are limited to certain levels. Image below is an example of rift available for players between levels 55 and levels 70. Am I wasting my time on Aetherforging? No, in 6.0, NCSoft said players will keep their proficiency level. The new Aetherforging only holds PvE and PvP gear, accessories, plumes, bracelets and wings. What happens to Essencetapping and Aethertapping? Essencetapping is still there, but you can't gather anything from what I've seen. You can even buy the hats that allow you to find gatherable items below 499p but there's nothing to gather. Aethertapping is completely removed. The transformation potions and contracts are p2w content No, that's not entirely true. You get free potions, you can buy it from the Golden Sand market, you can buy with Quna, it's all there available for player, but it takes time and effort to get these things. Yes, you are able to get the higher contract by using synthesis (like with minions) and it doesn't fail. It's going to be up to NCWest and Gameforge to decide whether they'll keep the same system as Korea or not. Is Quna really farmed? Yes, but only after level 76+ in Lakrum area. So far only quests give Quna and these are for instances. What happens to my Omegas and Temperings? I made a video about that today. Remember to enable CC for my comments. What happens to the organizations like Alabaster and Radiant Ops? These are removed, however there's a new organization group found in Lakrum. For Elyos is "Yustiel's Life Reservoir" and for Asmodians it's "Lumiel's Guards of Wisdom" (roughly translated) @Khalessi-DN posted about Elyos so it made me remember to post the Asmodian side. These guys on the far left give Ultimate grade PvE wings, bracelets and plumes (physical and magical). The NPC's in the middle give out 2 mounts and 1 title, all three lasting 7 days. They also give 3 types of wing skins (permanently). NPC on the very right side is to register yourself in. You will receive this token for completing the daily quest What happens to housing in 6.0? It was momentarily disabled, but recently got enabled only on the older servers. I made a video about exploring Oriel. See → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhkCZ0IaZYk Currently housing is not enabled on the new servers (Poeta and Ishalgen) and it's unknown when will they enable it. What about guestbloom fertilizers and guestpetals? It should remain the same. What happens to the Abyss? It gets completely removed except from the core. Upper and Lower Abyss can't be accessed. Reaching the Core provides a portal in Lakrum base approx. 1-2 hours before Divine siege starts. Flying in the core is not available. How is grind like in 6.0? There's really no grind. You follow a very straight forward quest line with some sub-quests along the way, many of them providing next equipment of consumables. If you have any more questions, remember to scrolls down to the very first post of this thread and click the links in there for further details and information.
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    Grey Wolf accessories (we have them added to the files, but the NPC that sells them wasnt added) The amount of supplements required to enchant items will change depending on the enchant level. Replace Witch Modor in Floor 40 of Crucible Spire with Shadow of Oblivion. Disabling level 75 Elemental Transformations inside Crucible Spire. Some additional skins/items, like the Pixelated set. Safe-points at +5 temperance level for certain accessories (level 80 Abyss one, for instance) - I dont THINK they have added this yet. The additional stigma slot from the set effect comes at +6, and +9 gives you a second stigma slot. Pretty sure I missed others, but those are the ones I can recall.
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    agree with that. Was unnecesary to block all those. Some of the areas blocked were just used for some quest and they still can give somo of those npcs a couple of quest to make them usefull. But they had so much lore and other things. Like the piano in the docks in sanctum. Or the lady in the tavern who had a nice song on some moments of the day. The only thing that wasn´t usefull anymore was the section with the craft things. And even with those, they could just delete their quest and options like they did with the stigma merchants. I think is better to replace the menu on those with just an small text and that´s all. The game is becoming so small. So few maps, so few lands, so few items, so few everything. It is so sad to see that. Was a huge, complex and funny game. We had so many options about what to do. Like Cheesecake said, it is becoming more like an small app in cell phones than the great game it used to be.
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