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    Current Version: 1.9 Introduction Tired of never having an AT to turn to when you want to ask for help because there's barely any other ATs online? Well, this is probably the guide for you. There are times I could count the number of other ATs I see online per day; somedays I don't even see any at all. Why? It's simply because the class is new, underappreciated, underrated and underestimated. I've played Aion for a couple of years, but only got into playing an AT around a year ago. It was probably the best decision I ever made in my life. I fell in love with the class so much I dropped all my other (13) characters to focus on it. If you're reading this, you're probably interested in the AT life as well. Where are the other ATs? I believe one of the main reasons there aren’t many ATs around is due to the fact that they’re not as easy to play as everyone thinks. Someone new might decide to download Aion and go “Oh! Look! Gundams!”, without knowing much about the game most people jump into the class without thinking and leave when they don’t get the easy power they thought they would. Not to mention their skills and attack speed are very slow leveling up, which may demotivate impatient players. How can I be a good AT? I want to say this in the nicest way, but a lot of people simply don’t play ATs well enough. Due to the way AT skills are set up and the fact that they have the SLOWEST auto attack speed in game due to their cipher blades, putting together skill chains on an AT are complex but they are an art form once mastered. I’ll explain more further down the post, but playing an AT well takes practice and quick reaction times since they have a lot of situational maneuvers. Why Choose an AT? Simple; ATs are powerful, versatile and very tanky. In PvE they can act as great DPS if used well and can tank almost any instance; holding aggro better than the average Plate class (although not as defensive as a Templar). In PvP you can literally be a rampaging train that can tear through anything in your way before it even has a chance to fight back; with access to silence, paralysis, short cooldown AOEs and the lovely Nullification Trigger. Their attacks are explosive, flashy and loud; it’s like having a Michael Bay movie at your fingertips. Skills Firstly, allow me to emphasize that ATs are considered to be a MELEE CLASS. However, their damage is calculated off MAGIC BOOST, not attack and crit strike. Aetherlock Blade – An instant silence with a short (18 second) cooldown. Tell all casters out there to shut up and let you work. Annihilation Barrage – A gorgeous World War looking attack that attacks in a fan-shaped radius, does a large chunk of damage and knocks everything within range down. Backlash – After resisting or parrying an attack, you can stun an enemy up to 20m away for up to 2 seconds! This skill is amazing, especially when immediately followed up with Steam Rush. Bludgeon – A very short cooldown skill that can chain into a 3-part chain series which does extra damage to balaur and can knock down enemies on the last hit! You can also chain into Hindering blade after the first chain; a debuff that cripples MA and attack speed – effective against all classes! Boost – Thrust yourself 15m forward. Once you reach a certain level you get another boost that chains off this one which basically gives you another 15m. Charging Activation – DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE this skill. I know some people who completely forget about this skill because they don’t see the ‘difference’. ATs, especially when used right, melt MP like ice in a volcano. With this buff activated you have a chance to recover MP with EACH attack. Chilling Wave – Fan shaped AoE which is one of an AT’s signature moves. It slows enemies down and has no target limit. A short cooldown of 12 seconds means you’ll be using this skill all the time. It can chain into Riplash with has a similar effect minus the debuff. Cinder Cannon – Who said you had to switch to pistols to shoot? You can use this skill to run and gun enemies up to 20m away. Then chain into Gattling Gun which can be reactivated twice. Electric Shock – Paralyze an enemy for a split second and cancel any cast they were in the process of. It’s just your way telling healers and casters to try another time – “Hajevan- shut the hell up”. It then chains into Lightning Tether which binds enemies in place, granting you with a temporary punching bag you can do what you please with. Embark – Mount your bastion. While it’ll always stay active while you’re alive, once you die you’ll have to reactivate it to use your bastion once more. Remember that once the skill is deactivated in any way, there’s a 10 second cooldown. Flak Cannon – Absolute garbage. I’m sorry but this is probably one of the most useless skills we have. The damage output it not nearly good enough to be considered in a PvP or PvE rotation. Basically, you can multicast damage on enemies who are in the aerial thrust state. What makes this skill even more useless is that ATs do not have a skill that puts enemies in that state in the first place. Fuel Reserves – A pretty nifty skill that gives you a large chunk of flight time. It could save your life in the abyss. Hypergate Detonation – Once you get this at 65, the whole game changes. You gain 100% HP, teleport 15m backward and make your enemies lose target of you AND always perform 3000 damage AoE damage from the spot you blew up. Always remember that this will dismount you and you won’t be able to use Embark until its 10s cooldown is off. Use it well and you can get out of any situation laughing, use it poorly and you’ll be a Bastion-less punching bag. Kinetic Battery – One of the major skills that gives ATs their tankiness. You’ll pretty much have it on all the times as long as it’s off cooldown. It’s a very complex skill so there are actually still a lot of people who don’t know EXACTLY how it works. Allow me to cut it into pieces. It is an active skill that lasts for 1:30 with a cooldown of 30 seconds. Since it’s an active skill, it cannot be dispelled by mobs or other players. While it is activated: Your shock resistance and parry go up. You block 30% of ALL incoming damage. However, you can only block up to 40,000 damage (which is more than enough most of the time). When blocking damage, 50% of the damage blocked is deducted from your MP. Think of it as using your MP to shield your HP. Example: You were supposed to take 1000 damage, but with KB up you take 30% less which is 700. 50% of the damage deducted (1000 - 700 = 300 [damage deducted] then divide 300 by 2 -> 150) is deducted from your MP (you lose 150 MP from that one attack). Kinetic Slam – With a short cooldown of 12 seconds and no MP usage, it becomes a practical and dare I say mandatory skill to use in all situations. When fully charged it can knock down opponents and do over 2,500 base Earth damage. In PvE it’s great for DPS and keeping down annoying mobs, while in PvP it’s needless to say that keeping your enemy on the ground helps a lot with bringing down the hurt. Remember that this is a charge skill and enemies aren’t always gonna wait around for you to fully charge it. It’s best used in PvP after binding your enemy with Lightning Tether or Convulsion Beam. Magnetic Wave – A fan-shaped taunt skill. While it doesn’t do any damage it helps really well with holding aggro and when used in PvP it has a chance of making enemy players target you, to keep the heat off your healers or squishies. Mounting Frustration – You’ll gain additional enmity with pretty much every skill you use. Mobs won’t be able to stop lusting over your big black bastion. Nullification Trigger – Use 2% of your MP to parry or resist one attack. When tanking this can allow you to do something Plates can’t, by being able to completely nullify large attacks instead of facetanking it. After you successfully parry or resist you can chain into Backlash and chain into Steam Rush. This is a simple PvP rotation which you can use as the start-up for deadly combos. Overdrive Trigger – A wonderful 2k DP buff that boosts your speed, attack speed and MB for 1 minute with a 1:30 cooldown. When used in Instances and PvP it can help to skyrocket your DPS. Power Flux – Another 2k DP skill that heals your MP. At its max level you’ll heal 100% of your MP. Provoking Whispers – Not as seductive as it sounds. It’s a taunt that does a small amount of damage. Recharge – Instantly heal up to 6000MP and 4000HP. Yup, it’s just as much of a lifesaver as it sounds, regardless the situation. Just use it wisely as there is still a 3m cooldown. Remove Shock – Once activated you can chain into one of either skills: Protective Shell – Replaces the remove shock’s buff effect, but increases your resistance to movement related effects, magic resist and reduces damage taken from players for 8 seconds. Uppercut – Inflict damage and knock down an enemy. Repair Protocol – Remove movement related debuffs. Good for getting out of roots and traps. Rocket Punch – One of our low cooldown main damage skills. Does additional damage on balaur and can chain into Heat Burst which does another major amount of damage (+ more to balaur) or into Flame Emission which can shoot moderate damage up to 20m away. Siphoning Slash – It doesn’t matter what you hit or how much you hit for with this attack, you will always gain 2000 MP after using it. It can then chain into Siphoning stab which gives you an additional 1500 MP, this is great to weave into your PvE rotation by keeping your MP maintained. Conversion Pulse – An awesome HP steal. It has a range similar to Chilling Wave’s and doesn’t have a target limit. It does damage on enemies within range and absorbs 100% of ALL the damage you dealt on all enemies as HP. You can target a group of weak mobs or training dummies and regain a huge amount of health. I remember using this on a large group of level 1 enemies and absorbing a total of 30k HP. Stability Thrusters – A great buff. Like KB it’s an active buff so it can’t be dispelled. It does however use 4% MP every 4 seconds for up to 30 seconds – it basically drains 30% of your MP over time. You gain up to 500 MB, 150 Shock Resistance, 300 Resistance to Movement debuffs and removes any attack speed related debuffs upon activation. Steam Rush – Once your enemy is stunned or knocked down, you can thrust yourself right on top of them as long as they’re within range and even if you weren’t the one to stun them. It’s wonderful for keeping on top of classes that love to kite (casters, rangers and gunslingers). You can Nullification Trigger -> Backlash then use this skill, it’s one of the easiest combos. Sundering Blade – Might not look like it at first, but this skill right here is a tremendous debuff. When fighting bosses, ALWAYS weave this into your rotation. It drastically reduces their magic suppression and defenses with a short cooldown of 12 seconds. Stigmas ATs have a lot of fun and flashy stigmas, some you can tell were JUST made for PvE or PvP. As you level up, some of these stigmas gain or lose their usefulness. When putting together PvP setups, you’re free to be creative and build a skill set that can help you combat your weaknesses, but I’ll be demonstrating the setup I use and why I like it; maybe you’ll like it too. First let’s lay them all out. Normal Stigmas Aether Recharge – A charge skill that gives you up to 6,000 MP with a full charge and only has a minute cooldown! Since you’ll feel drained of your MP at times, ESPECIALLY in PvE, this is a lifesaver. Aimbot Assist – Boosts your MA by up to 200 for 1m! It helps you hit those over geared players and people with MR sets. MA is always nice to have in PvP, so I keep it in my PvP spec all the time. Drillbore– An AT-must have! Not only is it instant and stuns targets for 2 seconds, but it removes most shields! In PvE you can stun pesky mobs and remove particular shields from mini-bosses (some are still impenetrable). In PvP you can remove nearly all protective shield effects. This includes: Gladiator – Dauntless Spirit Templars - Iron Skin You can also remove a Templar’s Bodyguard from their protected target! Useful for when a Templar tries to protect their cleric. Sorcerer - Stone Skin and Boon of Iron Clad Spirit Master – Stone Skin and Spirit Protection Songweaver - Protective Ode and Winter Cleric – Blessed Shield, Immortal Shroud and Impervious Veil Chanter – Protective Ward Leeching Steel – For 10 seconds, enemies that attack you lose 600 MP per hit, no matter their distance! Physical classes and Gunslingers burn through their entire MP gauges if you use this at the right time; confusing them and leaving them vulnerable. Particle Whip – A charge AoE with a similar range as Chilling Wave. Has a chance to stun targets as well. Riplash – Chains off of Chilling wave. Covers the same range and does additional damage. It’s quick, effective and pretty awesome looking. It’s a freaking chainsaw on a whip. Life Support Trigger – Increase maximum MP and increases natural treatment. Steel Storm – A charge skill which does AoE damage around your selected ranged target. Decent in PvE when leveling up, but very impractical in late game PvE and PvP. Ravager Cannon – If you’re doing an instance like IO which requires a lot of AOEs, Beshmundir Temple or any instance with clusters of Balaur, this skill might come in handy. It attacks a ranged target and shoots a beam which also damages anything in between you and the target. It also does additional damage to balaur. I personally don’t use it end game, but it’s wonderful in Besh. Greater Stigmas Aethercharged Steel – Boosts attack speed and MB for 10 seconds. It can be used at the start of your rotation to quickly get off your Sundering Blade combo and Kinetic Slam (since the charge time will be decreased). Convulsion Beam – Can bind a target up to 20m away and immobilize them. They’ll be freed once you attack them but you can use this to stop people from running away and trap physical classes. Debilitating Blade – Cripples your opponents physical attack and MB. Rain of Knuckles – Chains off of Sundering Blade and can be activated 3 times. A must have skill for PvE in my opinion since it gives you some steady DPS. Mobility Thrusters – While it grants you a speed boost of 35% for 10 seconds with only a 40 second cooldown, it drops your physical defense and immobilization resist severely. Might not be the best choice against physical classes, but it’s almost harmless to you when used against magic classes. You don’t even have to use it in battle, just using it to get around is fine too. Trauma Plate Trigger – Increase Parry and Fear resist while decreasing the overall damage you take from PCs. Major Stigmas Meteor Strike – Simply a damage skill. BUT, it does a good amount damage and when used in combos can be used to burn targets quite effectively. Kinetic Bulwark – Its shield effect only lasts 30 seconds, but acts as a better Kinetic Battery – Blocks up to 80,000 damage and 50% of damage from all attacks and only deducts 10% of blocked damage from MP. It has a poor cooldown of 5m, but at +5 can go down to 4:30 which is a pretty huge reduction. Archdaeva Stats Knowledge - The most important EP stat for any AT (or magic class in general). Always max this out before investing any points in any other skills; UNLESS you are level 66, ensure you obtain Terraform before investing in knowledge. With manastones, socket until you reach around 400 knowledge in total. [Grants: Magic Boost, Crit Spell and Magic Supressions] Precision - You can focus on this after you max out knowledge and obtained all the essential Archdaeva skills. Even though this stone grants two stats you'll probably never need, the magic accuracy helps a lot with hitting high level mobs in PvE, clerics and other targets in PvP. Since it's essentially less useful than knowledge, I recommend you focus on this last. Skills Before investing in other skills, ensure that you have Terraform; you can get other archdaeva forms if you'd like as well, but the earth form grants tremendous support in both PvE and PvP. Invest in Boost Attack and Boost Defense when in PvE and switch to Boost Interpersonal Attack and Boost Interpersonal Defense when in PvP. Optional: You can also invest in god stone resistance but it does not make a huge change. Magical Cover - Upgrades Kinetic Battery. Take even less damage from monsters! This can surely help with tanking archdaeva instances. [Minimum Essence: 34] Rage Wave - Upgrades Magnetic Wave. Maintains the taunt effect, but adds AoE damage and can be used while moving! [Minimum Essence: 66] Idium Strike - Upgrades Kinetic Slam. Applies a movement and attack speed buff after releasing at certain charge stages. Coupled with other attack speed buffs you'll easily reach the attack speed cap! [Minimum Essence: 105] Combat Prowess - Upgrades Stability Thrusters. This is literally the only reason I tried so hard to get to level 73. This skill is the first game changer for ATs as it uses less MP, increases attack speed and grants bonus damage against PCs! [Minimum Essence: 152] Transcend Limit - Upgrades Overdrive Trigger. The second game changer for ATs. Grants more movement and attack speed than the original, 500 magic boost and 400 magic accuracy! It's still a DP skill, but it becomes a toggle skill so you don't waste unused DP! The DP cost is lower overall as well. [Minimum Essence: 180] PvE DPS: When you’re fighting a boss, try to go without aetherlock blade and electric shock (I completely removed them from my PvE rotation. However, you can use them when fighting regular mobs). Start with Sundering blade and always keep it on cooldown. The debuff helps you and also helps other party members do more damage over time. Keep Kinetic Battery activated as much as you can. Disable it when there isn't much going on, or the boss is in a cooldown phase. Rocket Punch, Kinetic Slam, Bludgeon combo and Meteor Strike are your main DPS skills. Siphoning Slash combo should be used when your MP is around 40% or lower. Stability Thrusters and Aethercharged Steel should always be in constant use. These buffs help you perform sudden bursts of damage, keeping your DPS up. You can also use Overdrive trigger to further amplify your damage output. Don’t forget to keep Siphoning Shells on at all times! It’s instant and barely uses a tiny fraction of your MP – use it even when you already have the buff applied, just make it a habit because some people tend to forget it. Tanking: Basically, you’re going to want to have Mounting frustration activated and weave in Magnetic wave and Provoking Whispers into your DPS rotation. Your DPS is another thing that helps you maintain focus. Being able to DPS well while tanking is what makes ATs a great hybrid class. Gear: DO NOT CONFUSE AT CHAIN WITH CLERIC OR CHANTER CHAIN. How do you know what chain is yours? Usually, chain for ATs is marked as Magic Chain (ex: Stormwings Magic Hauberk). The easiest way to identify which chain is yours is by looking at the Enmity. If it shows a positive number (ex. Enmity Boost +3.2%). Weapons: Cipher Blade - Despite being probably the slowest weapon in the game, they grant you access to the Embark skill where you can mount your Bastion and start attacking enemies from up to 8m away with melee attacks! Talk about throwing punches. Cipher blades also have what seems to be the HIGHEST GS proc rate out of all other weapons. I highly recommend using what I call a Master Key. By arms fusing a cipher blade with PvP stats underneath a great BASE PvE cipher blade you’ll end up with a master cipher blade that can be used for both situations. It’s cost effective and if you use it well you can handle yourself just as well as anyone using a dedicated cipher blade. Manastones: Do you wanna be super tanky? Maybe super dps? Well here’s the good part; you don’t have to choose. Because you can be BOTH at the same time! MB / HP – This is great for PvE, it can also be used for PvP but that depends on how much MA you have using other means. You gain 100 MA by simply boarding your bastion! The MB of course is to increase your damage output, while the HP can help you get some more survivability if you plan on playing tank. MB Only – Plain and simple. Like I said above you gain some MA simply by being in your Bastion, so stacking MB only works very well in PvE. I wouldn’t recommend this for PvP, but it can be done if you have other ways to make up for the MA. Recommended for low cost gearing. Godstones: 2-11% Damage – This is a popular pick due to the high proc rate of cipher blades. Obtaining Gear: Whenever you can, use the coins you’ve collected through quests to buy magic chain gear from coin merchants. Once you start going to Kromede’s Trial, there’s a chance the last boss will drop a box that can give you a cipher blade. You can armsfuse that level 35 blade with the level 36 one you get from Nebrith. Once you reach the stage for obtaining Renewed Deveanian gear (Level 45). You can armsfuse that cipher blade with a level 45 or lower cipher blade and use it until you are level 56. If you’d like, you can try your luck in Dark Poeta starting level 48 and try to get a full set. Once you reach around 53-60 you can start doing Rentus Base and Beshmundir Temple for Eternal Gear, remember not to confuse the pieces with Chanter and Cleric chain, since you have to roll on the gear. Starting from 65 you can do starter instances like Sauro, IS and ORB to get yourself some quick and easy gear. I recommend Sauro and IS gear since ORB gear is much more expensive to socket. At 66+ you'll want to grab onto a mythic AC set as soon as possible. Socket it with magic boost stones, you don't need to go broke with this set. This is mainly to keep you in league with starter Archdaeva instances. At 70+ do AoE and CoE as much as you can. Collect boxes and gradually obtain a full Apollon's set, you can simply socket these with magic boost or knowledge up to +6. At 72+ things get tough and a bit expensive since you'll need to start purchasing expensive manastones and enchanting your gear. Obtain Sophisticated gear from Sanctum defenses. Once you manage to get a Sophisticated set you should enchant that to +15 and socket it with Knowledge +7s (at least). If you're running low on money, you can make the set half knowledge and half magic boost stones or simply use pure magic boost at the cost of crit spell. You'll need the set mentioned in step 8 to get into a good Bastion of Souls group. Most groups won't even take you until you're 75, so continue the grind and run archdaeva instances whenever you can for money, supplements and practice. Once you're eligible to enter a BoS group, complete runs and obtain your set, you'll have your hands on the best PvE gear in the game so far. Enchant it to at least +10s and socket with full knowledge, you'll be an unstoppable force in PvE. NOTE: Please keep in mind that these steps are for a LOW COST route to gearing. If you have money from other characters or in real life and can simply buy gear steps ahead then go for it. Remember to PvE occasionally to earn money for PvP gear. Recommended Stigmas: PvP General PvP Tips and Good Habits: Be selective of your battles, remember it’s always okay to retreat if you feel outnumbered or threatened. Sure, it’s not always the best thing to cower from fights, but taking a few moments to collect yourself and prepare for battle helps keep up your confidence and break anxiety; that way you’ll end up making fewer mistakes. But of course, this is very basic knowledge no matter what class you’re playing. Start off with Aimbot assist and Stability Thrusters to start the battle in your favor with a good and accurate burst of damage. Nullification trigger should be used when you see the enemy casting a pretty nasty skill or CC, or at the beginning of a battle to avoid early battle debuffs and activate backlash for an easy stun. Follow up with steam rush and keep your enemy pressured. When fighting a cloth or an enemy with a shield, after closing the gap you should use drillbore to get their shield out of the way. Once you close the gap between you and your enemy, you can quickly silence them and then use the electric shock combo to keep them in place. Once they’re in place and cannot react due to the silence, provided they haven’t potted and ran, quickly fully charge Kinetic Slam and knock them down – follow up with Steam Rush if it isn’t on cooldown. If they managed to start escaping your grasp before you can fully charge, use the KS at whatever stage it’s at; since it’s better to do little damage than no damage at all. Rocket Punch combo and Meteor Strike help to burst targets down. If you’re facing a slippery opponent that likes to kite, use Chilling Wave before they get out of range to slow them and make it easier for you to catch up again. You can use Bludgeon then chain into hindering blade to drastically decrease a target’s MA and attack speed OR chain into the beatdown combo and knock them down. Sometimes it’s better to keep the enemy debuffed; usually it causes them to miss and gives you more opportunities to activate backlash without even having to use Nullification trigger. Use your protective stigmas such as Leeching Steel and Trauma Plate Trigger at the right time. A tip would be to use them at the beginning of the battle if you’re not sure. You can only chain Uppercut off Remove Shock once you’re within a certain range, if you’re too far just use Protective Shell to help you defend yourself while you try to close in the gap. Use boost to close the gap or run away from enemies, just be careful not to overshoot your enemies if you’re trying to get close to them. Cinder cannon is wonderful when enemies try to run away. It can even be used when you’re closing in a newly encountered enemy to hopefully get some GS procs in, break their shield or just hurt them. Siphoning Slash doesn’t do much damage but you may see your MP dropping harshly in long battles, so don’t be afraid to use it. Depending on the situation it’s better to chain directly into Siphoning Stab for more MP or Conversion Pulse to maintain your HP. Quickly use a 4k DP jelly and use Annihilation Barrage when you’re surrounded. You can knock down entire teams that try to run toward you or simply knock them down to assist your team, the damage it does is nothing to joke about either. If you have DP remaining and you’re about to die, why not? I mentioned earlier about the use of a pistol in PvP. Basically, after using Hypergate Detonation in a PvP situation, you’ll be at a slight disadvantage for 10 seconds. However, you can quickly switch to your pistol, use a few quick skills in hope of immobilizing or slowing your enemy with a GS proc and if all fails use Green Grenade to root them. Socketing MA into your pistol helps to prevent these skills from missing, which would be pretty embarrassing. Once Embark is off cooldown, switch back to your cipher blade and resume the onslaught. Recharge, use it when your HP is near 60% -- not too low, not too high. Always keep abyss potions and recovery potions/serums since you’ll need sustained amounts of HP and MP to survive in PvP as an AT. Gear: It’s annoying how little attention the developers pay to AT gear sometimes. Sometimes there’s chain implemented into the game, even patches after the class came out with only Chanter and Cleric versions. It’s pretty hard to get pre 5.0 PvP gear DEDICATED to ATs, but you can improvise. Weapons: Cipher Blade - You can refer to the PvE section on how to make a durable and versatile all purpose cipher blade. Pistol - It’s pretty cool jumping out of your bastion and yanking out your gun. Pistols are rarely used in PvE, but in PvP they can save your life. I can’t count how many times it saved mine. I’ll explain the use of guns in PvP later. But you won’t really have to worry about guns until the later levels (60+). You should socket them with MA since your priority is actually hitting your target. A standard mythic 65 pistol does nicely, but if you want to PvP with your AT, I recommend getting a gun with PvP stats. Manastones: MB / MA – While it’s quite expensive, I recommend socketing your PvP set with this first and foremost. It helps a lot when fighting other over geared and high resistance players. Knowledge - Also an expensive type of stone if you're aiming for +7s or higher (which I recommend). Until you reach a certain amount of knowledge overall, these stones gives more magic boost than even raw magic boost stones. The additional stats such as crit spell help tremendously with dpsing highly geared targets. Godstones: Silence / Paralyze / Blind / Stun - If you’re going for a status ailment GS, pick one that would best help against classes you personally find difficult. Everyone has their own weaknesses based on their play style and stigma setups. I personally believe that ATs have a weakness for healers; which is why I usually rock Silence. Obtaining Gear: Mystic BM Gear – This is one of the only PvP sets dedicated to ATs. It comes with all the stats you need. BUT, it costs blood medals AND blood marks to get; which can be costly. You can skip this set if you don't plan on PvPing immediately. Level 70 Arena - This set is pretty standard to at least survive and do arenas in today's archdaeva world. You can use this until you get the next set or skip this entirely to save money. Level 75 Prime Guardian - The set you should aim for the moment you become 66+. Collect your spinels and save up AP to get the game's best PvP set. Socket the armor with knowledges +7 or higher and use composites or raw stones in your weapon since your weapons change more than your armor does endgame. Fully enchant the set and you'll be well equipped for quite some time. In a later patch, you can convert this set into an even more powerful set but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Recommended Stigmas: PvP Type 1 PvP Type 2 Tips Versus Other Classes: Gladiator () It's like looking in the mirror (a physical mirror). These guys also specialize in lockdowns and a whole lot of stumbles. They're one of the only physical classes that can bind you, so keep that in mind. Keep your distance when they activate their protective and offensive buffs like berserking; even with your shield up some glads can facetank your damage with their buffs up. Only use repair protocol for ankle snare, keep them running and have them waste their buffs. Once they're vulnerable, bind and silence them in place (with a sundering and debilitating blade bury if possible) and begin using your 6-8m attack range to your advantage. They tend to usually start with cleave, so use nullification trigger to backlash onto them. Beware of their remove shock stumble. Use hindering blade to reduce their attack speed. Advantages: They can't kite you as well as other classes. Most times it's a head to head fist fight, so be sure your buffs are preserved and ready. Disadvantages: Avoid them in flight combat. Their ability to move while using a lot of their skills is superior since we need to stop moving for a lot of ours. Templar () They pull you in and then kite you off. It's like a girl playing hard to get, except they're trying to kill you. They have lots of shields. Most of the time you'll want to kite them off, but if you have drillbore handy, try saving it for iron skin since it's their longest lasting defense buff. They can pull you every 30 seconds. Be mindful of that when charging a kinetic slam to hit them. A good Templar will try to cancel it with a pull. They don't have the range advantage that gladiators do so it's a lot safer to bind them in place. Many good Templars have mres and msupp sets. If they don't have their greatsword out, chances are they're in one of those sets. You can land a couple test shots on them to see how much you hit for (and if at all). If you don't hit at all, they may have mres and you'll want to use aimbot assist if you have it. If they mitigate a lot of your damage without even using buffs, they're using msupp. You can still bind and bury them in place however. Their dps is much lower with defensive sets so it's fine to hit them as long as you're making some sort of dent. If your damage seems normal even though they have their shield out, it means they may be using mres, but it isnt enough to counter your macc. This is your chance to deal some serious damage. Watch out for aether armor, if they have this buff on while using an mres set it becomes near impossible for a technist to hit them. Use hindering blade to reduce their attack speed. Advantage: They don't have much range, which is the reason for their pulls. They only don't usually use extendable weapons for melee classes so be sure to keep your distance. Disadvantage: They 'CAN BE' the game's most top tier PvP class. With enough sets it becomes extremely difficult to predict their movements or even do much damage to them. You need to be mindful of whatever weapons they're using and avoid being stumbled at all costs. Assassin () Slippery targets will always be an issue for our class. While manageable, these guys love to hit and run and use their practically passive movement speed advantage to stay out of harms way. A while timed leeching steel when they commence their burn rotations can melt their MP and leave them vulnerable. However, they have MP support from their improved slayer form and may pot immediately if they need to. But having them use their utilities to preserve their mana can make them vulnerable later on in the fight. Try not to use mobility thrusters since it will bring down your physical defense and make life a lot harder for you. Try to use trauma plate trigger before using remove shock. When you do use remove shock, chain into protective shell to further reduce damage. Use RS mainly when locked in the air since it's the longest altered state they can keep you in. Boost away once you do since a good assassin may be expecting this. Use bludgeon and/or cinder cannon to use up their focused evasion and aether twisting. Save your hard hitting skills for when they're vulnerable. Kite out these buffs if you can by boosting away. Once they're vulnerable, bind and silence them in place (with a sundering and debilitating blade bury if possible) and begin using your 6-8m attack range to your advantage. Keep them marked, in case they port away. Use hindering blade to reduce their attack speed. Advantages: Their attack range is short and they don't have much hp recovery besides potions. Keep them pressured as long as they aren't using buffs that will negate your attacks. Disadvantages: They're fast on their feet and can resist up to 5 magical attacks which makes being a magical melee class a bit annoying. Ranger () Almost as stun savvy as their dual-wielding cousins. How you can get knocked back and put to sleep with a bunch of sticks is beyond me, but this is Aion; a land where ships fly and Daeva's can't swim. Unlike all the other classes above, they're a ranged physical based class; so binding them in place won't stop them from attacking. It is of course always a good thing to be up their faces as much as possible since they can facetank the least amount of damage in the game. Leeching steel also works well against rangers, but it may not burn them out as quickly as an assassin would. They have a low mp pool however, which can block out a lot of their utility skills. When slept, there isn't much you can do except prepare to use trauma plate trigger to reduce the damage on their incoming rotation. Use repair protocol when caught in their snare. You can pot off their movement speed debuff, but countering the debuff with mobility thrusters is risky against any physical class. Keeping them silenced is the key to reducing their utility (ports, buffs and speedups). They stand still for most of their attacks, so boost up to them when they aren't stunning you. Keep them marked, in case they port away. Use hindering blade to reduce their attack speed. Advantages: Very squishy and buff reliant. Keep them silenced, bound and pressured. Disadvantages: Attack from range and have a lot of stuns, making remove shock predictions difficult. Chanter () Strong and versatile in both PvE and PvP. They feel like fighting a glad for a few seconds then a cleric the next. It's hard tell whether their stumbles are the most annoying or if that title should go to glads. Regardless, their stumbles are short, but plentiful. Trauma plate and remove shock early help a lot. They can bind you every so often, so save your pots for that. Use stability thrusters when your attack has been reduced (which will happen at some point or another when fighting any chanter). Drillbore works well against their protective ward. Their DPS isn't as high as other melee classes, but some chanters are geared to pack a punch. Keep them pressured and bind them down. Attack from as far away as you can. They don't have skills to resist your attacks, but have many utility skills to heal and tank through your damage. Silence is our best friend when fighting them or any of the classes listed below. VERY few chanters are geared and dedicated enough to have mres and msupp sets. If you see them pull out a shield, assume they're in one of these sets and treat them as a Templar in this situation. Advantages: You have the silence advantage while they have the bind advantage. They can't bury this very well however, so ensure you don't give them a chance to heal. Disadvantages: They're tricky to kite, because the moment you leave them alone they're going to heal. I don't recommend kiting any healer unless under extreme conditions. Cleric () Clerics are becoming ridiculous. With new gear their mres and msupp go through the roof and most good clerics come equipped with mboost sets. They can deal lots of damage while dancing around, cleansing and using servants. You won't have much fun fighting a cleric at all, but that's why you need to be aggressive. Save drillbore and use it when you see they're about to cast splendor of recovery; that heal over time gives them the freedom to DPS you. They can go from 5% hp to 100% if they use enough buffs prior, so if you see them use buffs such as Sage's Wisdom or Amplification, they're most likely doing to use splendor or Call Lightning. Trust me, splendor is the only huge aspect of cleric that make them a pain to fight against. Good clerics are hard to bury since they cleanse every time someone quits the game (that's often in case you didn't get the joke). So before attempting to bury a good cleric, try to keep them stunned or stumbled first. Watch for their remove shock. If they at any time pop impervious veil. Silence and bind bury them completely, then use drillbore to remove their shield. Go into a full stage kinetic slam for a ton of damage. Use trauma plate when you see them switch to their staff since they may try to DPS you. They have many instant cast skills so if you plan on getting out of their attack range or rushing up to pressure them, you need to reduce the amount of damage you'll take on your way. Run away from their servants and fight them one versus one. Those things do enough damage to be considered another player. Ensure you lure them out the servant range before you engage them. If they're camping the servants, just leave them be and get some distance while recovering your cool downs. There's no shame in it. Advantages: Cannot silence or bind you. Once you manage to lock them while their remove shock is out of commission then you're set for some good damage. Be sure to use your hardest hitting skills immediately after you lock them down. Fighting a cleric is burn or heal. Disadvantages: They have a short cooldown on their root. They usually use their DPS skills after rooting you so it's a good chance to use nullification trigger and repair protocol (or pot off the root) into a backlash combo. Sorcerer () ... Spiritmaster () ... Gunslinger () ... Aethertech (Varies) ... Songweaver () ... Personal Stuff It's been two years on AT! Shout out to my friend Evaia for being there through all of it. Thank You! I really hope this was able to help at least one person and opened many eyes! Be sure to ask any AT or Aion related questions you have; I'm always willing to help.
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    You know the biggest complaint about this event last time was the amount of junk rewards there was and its very high drop rate. You could spend hundreds of nutrients on maxed out trees and get nothing good to show for it. A lot of rewards like last time do not reflect 5.0 content. -It needs major felicitous socketing mythic, remove both greater variants -Tike manastone bundle should be atleast +7. In the Luna weekly you already can open the chest at the end once you have the key for 90 +6 manastones of your choice. On that note the 'Noble composite bundle' is a random level 60 or 70 composite. Superior manastone bundle, is just level 70 superior manastones. All of these are out classed by achdaeva manastones, the only ones that can serve use from older content are the eternal ancient manastones. -Pallasite crystal or ore is useless, as no one can or bother to purify IS, DR, or IO gear. -Kunax accessories. You literally addressed this in the December preview and yet here it is as a reward. Hyperion gear is okay as one can actually get it to 15 with the shining enchantment stones for PvE. -Heroic godstone, really there are illusion godstones out there. -Enchantment Stone Dust (x82) Oddly specific, and please no need for that, just make it 2k, don't troll the player base with crappy rewards. Please people had problems with this event last time and now you're not even bothering to learn from past mistakes. Put some cute minion contracts, some minium boxes, greater supplement bags, skill cards, Luna, boundless hope/ glory/ honour gear. Actually give stuff that is relevant to content we have right now.
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    Cabinets http://store.aiononline.com/store/item?goodsNo=6711016&categoryPath=1_46 Asmo hair tickets http://store.aiononline.com/store/item?goodsNo=6711018&categoryPath=1_46 Long and Straight http://store.aiononline.com/store/item?goodsNo=6711022&categoryPath=1_46 Ponytail and Ribbon http://store.aiononline.com/store/item?goodsNo=6711024&categoryPath=1_46 Wavy Two-Tone http://store.aiononline.com/store/item?goodsNo=6711020&categoryPath=1_46 Wavy Pigtails Elyos hair tickets http://store.aiononline.com/store/item?goodsNo=6711019&categoryPath=1_46 Long and Straight http://store.aiononline.com/store/item?goodsNo=6711023&categoryPath=1_46 Ponytail and Ribbon http://store.aiononline.com/store/item?goodsNo=6711025&categoryPath=1_46 Wavy Two-Tone http://store.aiononline.com/store/item?goodsNo=6711021&categoryPath=1_46 Wavy Pigtails Credit to Ursa on Discord <3
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    Lately, I've seen a few discussions on the topic of why the game is dying, with some talking about the intensive grinding and pay2win problems this game has. This thread is not about that. Or rather, this thread isn't about what it takes to stay COMPETITIVE. Many people think that this game is dying because it's too pay2win/too much of a grind to stay competitive. I disagree, but not because I think there aren't any pay2win problems currently in the game. What many people are over-looking are the people who play games for the general experience rather than the players who are trying to outrace their competition. So I thought I'd make a thread about the people who choose NOT to go the competitive route: the casual players. I believe that Aion's underwhelming appeal to casual players is the reason why the game's population has been dwindling. To make my point a bit clearer, let's compare Aion to an MMO that, back in the day, did everything right: Runescape (2006). It was an MMO with an endgame grinding demand over a hundred times the grind Aion currently has, yet very few ever complained about it. Why? Because you could enjoy the game whether you were competitive or casual. You could be a competitive player who spent years grinding for those top-end dragon claws/lvl 99 strength/ancient magicks and training for those prayer-flashing/gear-switching techniques so you could beat people up in the wilderness OR you could be a casual lvl 50 who enjoys doing quests, exploring, and fishing lobster for a living so you can eventually build that player-owned house in Rimmington for that house party you always wanted to host. The point here is that this MMO gave players plenty of OPTIONS of having fun no matter the level or gear. You didn't have to grind for the best gear to have fun. You didn't have to be competitive to have fun. But in Aion? Apparently, you HAVE to grind for the best gear to have fun. You HAVE to be somewhat competitive to have fun. Why? Because if you don't, you get locked out of most of the game. No solid PvE gear or PvE experience? No bastion of souls, ToE, CoE, etc. No solid PvP gear or PvP experience? No pre-made PvP instances to join; only quick-groups that more often than not end up being afk sessions. You're locked out of almost every enjoyable in-game content, and all you're left with is zerg-PvP, outdated housing content, coalition-based sieges filled with afk liabilities, the useless PvE instances, and mountain-climbing - a very limited and somewhat unrewarding hobby due to the many invisible walls the developers decided to place in every map (particularly Poeta :/). The funny thing is that Aion didn't used to have such limited choices for having fun. During the 3.X patches, there were plenty of things you could do at ALL levels, both PvE and PvP. Open-world PvP and rifting was alive and welcoming for all levels because AP earned from kills on similarly-leveled enemies was extremely valuable back then, and there was an incentive to get gear from open-world bosses and instances at any level because you were going to stay at that level for a while. And if you were bored with both PvE and PvP, you could always craft recipes for a living. What I'm trying to say is that there was actual game content to enjoy at EVERY level and a variety of good rewards - whether PvP or PvE - NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL YOU WERE. Fast-forward to today. All of the above are gone. All of the content from lvl 1 to 65 has been downgraded to something you're supposed to speed-run through in order to to become an archdaeva as fast as possible. Sure, many will argue that it's a "choice", as in you have the choice to play on the old maps the same way as you did in 3.X. No, there is no choice anymore; casual players don't stay at any level long enough for you to form PvE groups with them, rifting has completely died out, crafting isn't profitable, some instances have been cut short, and the entire progression system from lvl 1 to 65 incentivizes you to skip EVERYTHING. You do not have a choice anymore. Bottom line: I believe the playerbase is dwindling because NCSoft's fundamental changes to this game are hurting casual players. They basically removed all early-game content to incentivize people to rush to end-game, leaving a giant hole of underwhelming gameplay at the beginning which ironically incentivizes casual players to quit prematurely. The casual players who stick around are punished by being locked out of the game because most end-game content happens to be fairly competitive. Anyways, I'd like to clarify that this opinionated wall of text talking about casual players was made from the perspective of a competitive player trying to empathize with casual players, so I welcome any counter-arguments to my possible misconceptions. Anyways, with everything said, I still appreciate NCSoft's efforts to update endgame content, but without a baseline of quality casual content that everyone can enjoy and a solid revamping of the pre-archdaeva progression system, I believe the population will inevitably shrink.
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    About to have so much salad from the event with my masterful RNG, I guess, lol. (and, to be fair, Cyan does log in every day, but he's also working on BnS. Wish we had people solely dedicated to Aion. )
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    WTF....are you trying to prank us or what? someone even mentioned hoping it will be 5.x rewards and not <4.9 rewards and you (Cyan) even responded it would be better this time....and here it is...crap rewards...I hope no one even does this event nor buys from bcm, because this is ridiculous.
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    no major felicitous socketings and no minion contracts... zz.... and ofc no level reduction stone or skill reassign scrolls ~.~
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    Way to exaggerate. How about instead of pure IS gear or Kunax accessories (introduced in 2014 and out of date for a year+), they substitute Library or Appollon gear? Not the highest gear and many will use them just as disenchants, but at least it's current gear. How about instead of Palasite ore they give aetherforging crafting items? How about instead of Greater Fel Socketing (for 65 and under) they give Major Fel Socketing (for 80 and under) and get rid of the eternal one completely? How about instead of 82 enchantment dust they give scrolls (one hour? 30 min? 10 min? Hell.. even 5 min!) and aetherforged food? How about putting in the upgraded potions? And I am not talking about 100s. 5 scrolls or potions would be fine. The sheer amount of outdated -crap- on the reward list is mind boggling. No one that actually plays Aion so much as glanced at that list.
  9. 5 points
    Are these rewards a joke? I thought Cyan said the rewards were upgraded to 5.0 content but the list is trash. Enchantment stone dust x50 x82 x1200?!? Ncsoft nerfed the hell out of the old stones to begin with and look at these amounts. Pure IS gear? Pallasite crystals bundles? spirit stone of eternity x5? archdaeva +3 manastone? lvl 65 capped felicitious supplement This list is lacking worthwhile rewards and some of the ones that are listed are random (getting random class stigmas) or in such a small number (spirit stones of eternity x5??). The rewards should have been updated to include: Major Felicitous, +7 or high archdeava manastone, Cute Minion Contracts, Minium, lvl 77+ boundless, AP Gear, NEW Skins or ones that were the exact bunch that were just in the event last time. It seems like no thought or effort was put into this and if anything rewards were removed like the skill card bundles lol. I hate to see how NcSoft butchers snowball event this year. Disappointed in this.
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    Rewards should look something like this maybe throw in some minium, contracts at least greater and like chronos eternity stones maybe candy bundles. Also stone of life fragments would be pretty swell for that 28 slot pet.
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    Ok don't take this the wrong way but using the video is heavily edited is well what any one caught would say. So to answer your question Do I think you Hack? Well I don't play with or against you so not sure what you are doing now but at the time this video was made yes I believe you have messed around with them just to be on the record. Also using the excuse saying I had support investigate my account to prove that my account clean yet ranting about support never banning people is kinda of another bad excuse. Keeping on topic you said support never bans people then you say but I had them check my account so all is ok. Finally like I said I don't know you just an outside observer but the fact you call everything hacks without knowing game mechanics makes your arguments and your accusations against those who may really be hacking empty and shallow. As you make many false accusations like this one. people got so tired of the false accusations that someone had to make a video to show you how wrong you were which is this one So in conclusion if you want to be the morale compass of the community you need to have morals yourself and not be going around making false hackusations or having a video out there of doing the very same thing you complaining about. Anyways good luck this has allready taken up far to much of my time if not hacking anymore then congrats on learning from mistakes but in my honest opinion you got caught and are using the same tired, boring excuse that everyone who has been caught uses
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    I have a couple of toons that I use as banks. They never left Sanctum and they are lvl 71. Why? I do the Luna dungeons every once in a while. Yes, I am a casual player. If, after 2 major exp events, you're complaining about events being targeted at Archdaevas (lvl 66 can be reached in 1 day without even trying to grind) then you're part of the people who shouldn't even talk. Aion isn't dying. Aion isn't being killed. Aion is doing well but has a major problem: a bunch of people who whine for no reason and with no right. I'm bored of people complaining about anything and everything. Some events require money to be played, most don't. Get over it. You can't "lose a 7 plume" because of lag. You put the plume in the tempering window. You put the tempering solution in the tempering window. You pressed the Tempering button knowing perfectly well Tempering isn't guaranteed. You failed the tempering. Your problem. Assume your own choices and stop playing the poor victim. ------------------- Lag is nothing but lag. It's not a magical wildcard people can use to justify their failures. You aren't entitled to compensations. Especially not when the problem is out of the hands of NCsoft. Stop trying to surf on this wave. It's not gonna work. Half-assed excuses and/or absence of proof neither make of you a victim nor make of the support staff evil beings.
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    and those hacking balaur ranged mobs that clearly are shooting through walls/floors
  16. 4 points
    This event was meh last time and now it's back being mehh again should be made more fitting rewards that are more 5.0ish u.u
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    Gosh we need Hime to save us from this sea of salt. Honestly, we tried so hard to get skill cards which were like 4bill then because the rewards were so skewed to junk. I mean, grinding out instances just to get a single piece of food worth less than 70k kinah, now these skill cards are like 100mill kinah and were awarded from better events.
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    But the wings are new!! hahahahahaha well, looks like 2 more free weeks. with those rewards and so few nice items, and they will obviously will have a minimum drop rate.... Cyan are in the future plans of the company to create a team? You know, when all the people working there has some contact with the others and you can create a functional project. - Community manager has no contact with support team (even when both of them need to talk with the players) so they just send us with the other each time we need something. - Devs never played the game and has no contact with community manager to know how Aion works. - The guy making items to sell on BCM has no contact with the guy creating features like luna and events, So one of them try to sells us something for $8-50 and the other one give the same thing for free (and the people who buy something gets "humilliated" some days after the purchase when realises the money wasted on your salaries). - The guy creating ideas for new games and updates has no clue about games and has no comunication with the guy that makes the games and updates and should know that it won´t work and that NCSoft has primitive servers and never will be possible to them to have a MOBA. It is like nobody there never talk with the other people. I think the only reasson for a company like this one to still exist is that you had some of that in the past, but now is a failure after failure and it seems that nobody there see that. And lets be honest, I do not know why I ask this to Cyan, he only logs in the forums once or twice a week and leave few short messages. Yea!. nice managment on the community :P. And I don´t even whatn to ask about invisible Hime or the useless Gideon.Looks like a better idea to just talk to Cheesecake or Aly, they know much better what happens in the forums and what we are talking about here. Both of them can do a better job I guess.
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    And this constitutes as "fun" to you? Running an army of alts through Luna in order to gear one toon adequately, (in order to keep up with the demands of this game), is "fun" for you? Cause it doesnt seem like a very fun way for me to pass the time whilst playing a game. I suspect not for many others either. A notion which of course is lent credence by the fact that the games pop is down to a few thousand players over two servers and still shrinking WoW requires commitment in order to succeed at its highest level, heck, all successful games do. However, where they differ is in how the games go about implementing these mechanics. Blizzard manages to disguise its "chores" well enough to keep them midly interesting, even if they are annoyingly repetitive. The WoW "grind" would NEVER, however, require you to log into various alts in order to gear one toon adequately enough to survive. Thats not playing a game, thats working a 2nd job. (In some cases, an actual first.) No one is arguing that commitment is necessary, (and should be), in order to suceed in an MMO. What I believe warrants argument, however, is in the level of commitment required. At the end of the day, its still supposed to be just a game, hence fun. Not a career choice. Tl:dr version... Commitment = Yes, can still be a fun, and fullfilling experience. (EG: WoW grind) Career level dedication = Nah brah, aint fun. So whats the point? (EG: Aion grind)
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    It isn't the visual bug that is the hack it is that he is following him perfectly everywhere he goes. So if he can't see him how is he following him perfectly? Defend all you want we know the visual bug and looking from the outside sorry this ain't it I mean as a glad myself I know I always prepop wall of steel and berserking for a target I can't see
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    I really love this idea. Not for weekly though because we all need manastones after those 7 weeks. But just in the daily bag that can give any variety of rewards (which I think is what you're saying).
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    The house bidding war didn't went so bad yesterday and I got same house as before merge here's my celebration Yahoo same house again. I love this chair so much. Let's go inside This is my butler he taking care of my home How about some music ? Happy Birthday to House lol. This is dinning room we eat here. Meeting room. Bed room here Some nap ? yeah why not it's a rough night with all bidding war I want some sleep. Thank you for watching cya guys
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    All right listen. And before I even get started, Aly and I are not friends. I think she's cool and a good cleric, but I've been in a group with her only twice that I can remember, and it was a siege group, so there was no talking. So don't pull that excuse. Secondly, chill with the condescension. Hell, I'm probably older than you as I'm 32 and most people in this game are in their 20s. Even if you ARE older than me, that's irrelevant ageism, and you should feel bad for doing it. Now look, you come in here with your all-caps-yelling post, calling us all greedy, but somehow you're supposed to teach us something about life? How about WE teach YOU how to treat people respectfully? I understand that it sucks to feel like you can't gear up as quickly as you would like because you're poor in real life. It's not fun being poor in real life. I was quite poor in my 20s, so I do understand. Although your post is confusing because you apparently DO want to spend your own credit card, but you don't like other people spending theirs? I have no idea what you're trying to say. But anyway, many games have these kinds of events where end-game items are offered. It's not just an Aion thing. If someone spends $20 (real life money) to buy ten dice and rolls to get a Harvester weapon box, why are you upset that they are pricing it high on the broker? They spent real money on it. Or even if they didn't spend real money on it, they spent time grinding out those damn pumpkins. It's not being greedy. It's a redistribution of funds. And the whole charging based on "how they feel about a person" is just.... what?
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    Don't you mean.. HE ALREADY MADE A THREAD LIKE THIS IN THE PAST?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. 4 points
    @Megaphone-KT how does one lose plume? U clicked on tempering , on plume, clicked “temper” and it lagged so you couldnt cancel? Cuz if so you seriously brought it upon urself. Don’t click temper if u dont have intentions to do so. @Nostale-DN you must’ve soul bound it (use unbinding stone). Or skinned it (remove appearance trough menu). I opened many boxes myself and random untradeability is not a thing.
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    Hi Aion Family level 1-65 group instances are deserted there's no one doing them anymore why not add solo version of it and add quests reward gears,accessories of these instances. So everyone can experience those instance again it's better than let them deserted like this.
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    Hi everyone, Apologizes for the trees being reversed due to the quick server maintenance. They have been restored back to how they were pre-maintenance. Thanks!
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    Oh I don't believe you're a "Pay2Win bad". I do, however, believe that you're a conceited & arrogant elitist with an over inflated ego and comically misplaced sense of self worth. In the very same thread you managed to play the "oh woe is us" pity card claiming people look down upon you and your "lifestyle"....you stated the following: So you want to be respected for your particular playstyle, whilst belittling others for not playing a video game with the same level of commitment as you? Fascinating. You sir and that attitude of yours represent the very worst of what video gaming has become in this day and age. And quite frankly, the main reason why MMO's, (and multiplayer gaming in general), is simply not worth investing time in anymore. It's not fun to log into a game and repeat the same tedious and mundane tasks over and over again, every single day, till your hands literally bleed. Just as its not fun to log into a game and be forced to interact with eccentric egoists like yourself. To those with attitudes like yours, its not simply about being the best. It's also about rubbing it in as many faces as you possibly can on your way to the top...of an intangible world no less. Perhaps if you invested an equally robust amount of time and effort into learning how to communicate with others properly, you would garner the respect you so obviously crave. Oh, one more thing; I wouldn't so emphatically proclaim your "superiority" while posting that you played a video game till it caused bodily harm. Not something I'd boast about, frankly.
  30. 3 points
    Oh! Well then. That makes it about 6 months less craptastic. Thanks for clearing that up, Bryonce.
  31. 3 points
    It is true that some people want to see great rewards on every event. But that is not what I complain for. I saw some events with just small temporal buffs or cheap potions and was OK. My problem is to see rewards that are totaly out of place and time. It feels like they have no idea about Aion and are just making a list with random items. we do not need a 100 items list every time. This event could just give potions, scrolls and candies and will be fine. We do not need gear on every event. But pallasites???? Greater eternal felicitous??? Kunax accessories???? Nobody uses those things. They should know that those items are only a waste of inventory. At least the broken crystal ball is a "classic" and only takes 1 slot. Aion used to be harder. We did not have nice gear on our events some years ago. We had to play. The events gave just some potions or things like natural healing boost buffs. Few times we had scrolls and some common manastones and was great. But at least, we had come coherence. Now it looks like so many random choices made by people who doesn´t know the game.
  32. 3 points
    Well this list is a head-scratcher. Maybe we have different definitions of what "updated" means? To whomever is in charge of "updating" reward lists- In the future when you "update" an event reward list just adding one or two current items isn't enough. You may wish to look over the forums for things that your players need and want and see if you can add those things to the list. Perhaps look for things that are hard to get in game currently or are used frequently. But just as big of a deal as adding new things to the list is -removing- things that are no longer viable for use in your game. If you are having trouble figuring out what is and isn't of use currently in your game, perhaps you could ask your players. I am sure most of us would be very willing to help. Thank you.
  33. 3 points
    Mhm Kunax accessory box .. and Pure IS gear .. LVL 65 things that actually in that list of trash look like you even got lucky to get them good for whoever like me wont give a damn of this stupid time consuming trash reward event Too bad Pure IS gear wont match with those AMAZING +3 tike manastones bundles you guys wanna reward us with Set those trees on fire . that winter is cold..Thank you
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    BnS was going down before it even launched, with Aion there is always hope. We just need the staff to actually get in touch with the community. People complained about the pre 5.0 rewards when this instance came in 5.3 (might have been 5.1) and Cyan even said that that won't be a problem and it will be changed to be more reflective of 5.x content, but nup a straight up lie. Maybe I'm just stoking those flames with what I'm saying, but it is what it is and something needs to be done or there will be plenty of madz. Upgrade arcade was a bad event, not even worth investing time or money in and has been like that for past iterations, but this event like someone said had good mechanics but its gonna be poorly executed which brings up whether it is worth the time, effort of money to invest? For an event that's about 'Giving' not a lot of giving from NCsoft's end.
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    Gameguard is trash. Hackshield is trash. Whatever BnS is using right now is trash. They're all trash, and they're all bypassed by the "good" hacks within days of their launch. All they do is decrease system performance, cause false positives, act questionably like rootkits, and otherwise cause more problems than they solve. Frankly, the only "anti-hack" system Aion can use now is the players need to stop running with/supporting the people who hack/scam/cheat/etc. Make them pariahs. But players will never do that either, because they're their "friends," or they help them win, or they don't hack while they're grouped with me!, or whatever other manner of justification people use these days.
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    What would I like for 5.8? Enchanting and tempering cpas. Enchanting back to +15 and tempering to +5. The truth is and someone already touched on this point. You can get 75ap gear without being pay2win but from the time you fight someone say in +5 or above accessories and +20 gear or even +15 gear, you still die like you're wearing nothing at all which is said. It's honestly not fun pvping and dying in seconds. Also you could be said person in the op gear but still also die because the person you fought against godstone decided to defy logic and proc 7 billion times transforming you into the general merchants npc only available for text functions. I don't play regular anymore because what's the point. Every patch just seems to go further south. I bailed out as soon as I saw 5.0 korean videos complaining about breaking gear and the new omega + supplements solution isn't good either. Too costly. I also find it funny when people try to pull the "You don't want to work for your items" card. Like the people mentioning luna as if the omegas, supplements and temperings are a 100% drop rate. Again they are not. I have 8 toons and the only thing I would do is luna and log off and can assure most days I got none, some days I got some. There has never been a day where all of them have received any of the rng based items. So stop telling people they are lazy as if the drops are 100% and all you have to do is go in the instance, open your inventory and watch the item appear everytime you open the bundles.
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    I have played wow and i know what grinding is farming for hours for primals for resist sets farming for hours or flask and potion mats please dont tell me what grinding is,oh and i raided too and know full well what effort is,the difference is in Wow all i had to pay was a sub and could accomplish anything ingame. Your probaly one of the pay2win bads who sit around in illuma in +20 gear and then need 10+ others to zerg a few asmo.Being the best in Aion, what a laugh most pvper's in this game are trash and pay2win at every opportunity. And all game's are about skill ,raw effort alone doesn't get you kills in raids in game's like wow if people stood in the fire.Please though keep trying to justify this broken game.
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    I run luna on plenty of Alts and im fast going to quit doing that,i mean you do realise the stupidity of a game that require's you to need Alt's simply to gear a main.I play the game my way and this game has fast become trash ,this high level tempering and enchanting was never needed just a money grab. People that even think Pvp in this game is somewhat about skill is amusing,it's nothing but pay2win or have 50 Alt accounts to get +20 gear or higher.The whole system is stupid and it's clear korea doesnt have any understanding of what constitute's fun and skillful pvp. I never saw Aion pvp tournaments like a lot of game's kinda says something about the game.
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    So I have gone over some forums, trying to see what people think about the Luna window's P2W properties, and I had an idea that would make everything in there far more fair to other players, as well as keeping it P2W for NC. the questions is, to add or not to add 10-20 Luna as an S-Rank exclusive reward (in addition to the other rewards such as omegas/tempering solutions) to the Luna missions. this would allow players to have a "rerun" capability for the Luna missions, or with 10 Luna, needing to be obtained 2 times to rerun the instance. this would allow players to level faster at any level due to increased Luna capabilities, as well as allow layers to see the benefits of having extra Luna and purchase some of their own.
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    I actually intended this to be a possible RNG reward, such as the omegas and tempering solutions we can get from these instances from the highest grade rewards bundle, not from the chest that requires the key. (only obtainable through S-Rank though unlike Omegas and tempers which can be obtained through A-rank/S-rank)
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    I mean....do ya want a cookie or something for naming your character the way a 13 year old would...? You could have avoided this to begin with by actually choosing a reasonable name. >___>
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    Wouldnt mind if you cancelled your account entirely...
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    http://store.aiononline.com/store/item?goodsNo=6711016&categoryPath=1_46 You're welcome. Now someone please sell me these for kinah!
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    So good news, you don't see the cutting device because mine used a suction device that has the bonus effect of blacking out your vision. Tbqh, that was the worst part. Most uncomfortable, alarming, and painful part. The laser was ez look at blinking light. Doc also gave me stress balls to squeeze, for which I was much appreciate because I was trying to not flip tf out. Afterward, it felt like what I imagine being pepper sprayed in the face feels like. Feel a lot better after a nap. Still can't use a computer until tomorrow or drive. And I'm too drained to want to anyway. /wuss Vision is so much better now! Already!
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    They cannot track this, so, no, it is not bannable.
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    Jakan is well known for kicking people in TM, he kicked almost half of the alliance of active people out one time during sanctum defense, which he thinks they were afk. He was proven wrong and he had to log off to hide.
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    If you are referring to the DDoS issues, we worked to mitigate the attacks the best we could. As I stated before, if anyone was impacted by any lag or disconnections, the support department would work to get it resolved (missing out on loot, losing an entry, etc.) You can still queue for the transfers tonight that happening tomorrow during the maintenance. Tomorrow after the maintenance however, server queues will be disabled for one week with free transfer queueing starting again on the 22 of November. The week of the 22 through the 29 will be the final free transfer period. On the 29th the character transfer queue will open again but they will be paid only. News soooooon!
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    Pretty much what Neleth said. Aion should take some pages from Blade and Soul and make all 1-65 solo-duoable instance. Adjust the difficulty of other 1-65 instances by the number of playing entering. Maybe portals from old times instances also could help like 4.0 instances like Steel Rose, older instances like Tiamat eye, Sarpan etc...just examples. Don't have to bring back the regions just portals leading to away for XP and other things to do, so we don't get bored. I'm pretty sure ppl have fave instances they miss. If ppl lvl 66+ want to do those old instances for XP it should be a version for them also. Kahrun Gears should return in a mythic version with epic Healing Boost/HP/MR etc...let us upgrade our old KR gears for a new set!
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