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    Hi, the last 2 days in Danaria Elyos we suffered a really dissapointing attitude from the Governor MochiGirl and Army Commander PocoSin, they refuse to use command chat for help at sieges, they even make rude comments to the faction and even negate to pass lead to Benye, the other commander who was the only with commander chat who was actually trying to help. Currently our faction is totally blocked by these people. It's so sad that after all the work our Aion team did for make us have a better game experience, these people mess with the faction just after the merges. I come from kahrun, we suffered this same situation for really long time after Eternityflower was banned, Fellion, Musikill, ValinatOne, Morello, they all reach to be Governor but they didnt do anything to help our faction, was just until Justinz take Governor we start to take some forces again, but it was too late; too many elyos were already left server or even the game, and i really don't want t see that again happening in this new server, because i love too se so many people everywhere but these 2 persons are technically conspiring against our faciton and server. If you don't want our dserver Danaria goes right to death please.. do something to help us. Please Aion team don't let these people screw your amazing job by let them tear our new server down in the elyos faction, we deserve to fight in same conditions vs Asmodians. I hope you read me. Thank you.
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    Well, I'm glad that you're so optimistic, having lived with this for years I'm not so convinced that it will be quite so easy. How do they remain on top? Well here are some examples: Coalition leaders that go AFK from the start of siege Coalition leaders that don't know how to use buffs and won't pass lead People that will do anything that MochiSin ask in return for a public pat on the head and being included in their groups so that they keep GP/rank (the good doggie crowd) MochiSin publicly punishing anyone who disagrees with them by sending them on "missions" or "asking" them to leave their alliance or ensuring that they don't get heals MochiSin publicly stating that sieges won't proceed if "a specified player" is invited to any coalition alliance Refusing to put down the coalition kisk or pass lead so that someone else can OR saying where the kisk is Kicking an alliance (that was not AFK and was following their directions) Repeatedly kicking certain people whenever they join an alliance, although they don't cause any issues All of the above has happened, there's more but they are probably going to enjoy reading this as it is so I'll stop. Keep in mind that drama seems to give them pleasure, they don't care about anyone else.
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    Dior forgot to pay their server bill this month.
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    they even enter to coalition and stay afk. I feel the same, the hard work that made NCsoft for make the game enjoyable again and hold ppl in the game, they are screwing up. I don't gonna be in the same situation as Kharun before with no governor, is unplayable, and if NCsoft dont do something about this many players will transfer or leave the game AGAIN. why do you think Kharun was so low populated? players get tired. TM players say in LFG they do the same always, they kick ppl when they want from sieges alliance and troll all the community as they want. im really tired about this and many ppl in my legion and server too. or we transfer, or we leave or we stop to spend nc coins, anything, people in lfg even said when they post it here, the GMs delete the post. please, do something. dont ignore us, if u still do this, this server will finish as kahrun did.
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    I don't know Mochigirl and Pocosin at all, the comments during Siege last night were unnecessary and was not a good 1st impression. If Mochigirl and or Pocosin reads this, just take 1 piece of advice ... it's easier to get people to follow you by Positive reinforcement than to belittle them. We all know, we need to work together as a FACTION to make the game enjoyable for all, and I get it you guys may have enough of a following to do everything you may want to do in the game, but coming from Lumiel then Israphel to now Denaria, I have seen and been through enough in the game to know that if we all RESPECT each other, EVERYONE can enjoy the game and the community it has built for us all. I'm done rambling, I hope no one takes this as a QQ, I am NOT trying to start Drama, just voicing my opinion and hope we can come together as a Faction to kick some good ole Asmo Booty! Pyxlb0mb OUT! {Drops Mic} :-)
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    Yeah, and keep in mind Mochigirl and Pocosin are married too (or so I was told), which is ironic considering how they're treating the whole faction with utter disrespect. Calling everyone peons, villagers and plebs with the following "get to work" while doing nothing sure gives a nice image. They had a chance to redeem themselves after destroying TM-E, but guess some garbage remains garbage no matter how much you scrub the bottom of it.
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    On the Elyos side ... and if you saw what happened last night during siege ... you would understand why. I've been playing since 2011 and i've never seen a Gov speak to a Faction in that manner EVER! Even Mortred had more respect for the Faction. Lets not even mention that there are children playing this game, a TRUE leader LEADS by example, not by BARKING orders to a Faction of Minions ...
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    Thank you all of you awesome people! <3 Here is another addition: Jnanin from Israphel (or Danaria I guess) embracing the cleric DPS tree. Soon to be made the only tree, anywhere.
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    +1 It should've been bans, not warning.
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    Seriously, send in tickets with their abusive behavior. It's going to take time to get NCsoft to act, but the more stuff you give them to work with, the better chance you have they'll do something. Remember, they had to add the rule about inappropriate behavior with coalition leadership a couple weeks after the patch came out because of these two geniuses. If they're abusing that rule again...report it. This isn't going to change overnight, but it's not going to change at all if you don't message Support, who makes all the final decisions on actions against players.
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    Of course. That's what they do when they get called out, hide behind alts and reply from their Aion Facebook profile on their own wall where they can delete comments because they can't debate in even grounds. I'm a TM Asmo so I don't really care what happens to elyos, we've had our good share of non-collaborative governors in the past while we were fighting 3x our numbers and we just had to suck it up, but back then sieges didn't depend on coallitions, highest ranks getting lead or special faction kisks. That being said, remember what just happened with people exploiting Fallen Poeta. NCSoft has proven if enough people are complaining, and by complaining I mean REALLY doing something about it, they will interfere. Instead of comming here and complaining, or worse, the Facebook Groups NCSoft doesn't care about, record and screenshot abusive behaviour and mass report it to support with tickets, then come here and provide the same proof in the forums so it will be visible for the rest of the playerbase to judge. Their behaviour is crearly breaking ToS and governors have fallen before for breaking it. No one is untoucheable. Don't believe them when they say they are.
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    I can't believe they are people actually in here defending this kind of behavior citing "they are nice people once you get to know them". How dense can some people be. First day of merge siege they were shouting orders at people as if they were slaves and ordering people to move, when most of the elyos were having problems with disconnecting. Second day was even worse as they started to insult people with their yellow chat and refusing to put the kisk down. It's one thing if you don't want to siege but another if you ruin it for everyone else.You would have to be some "special kind of idiot" to be in here telling people they are nice when 3 days after merge we haven't seen what "nice" is from them because they have been everything but nice. If this continues I can tell you it's more common sense to just shut Aion NA down than just merge into one server. For me I wouldn't ban them what I would do is reset both their gps so that they can still be on the game to see the elyos actually sieging even if they don't always get a fort. That's far more a satisfying punishment than banning them.
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    Nope the truth was MochiGirl has lead at sieges, didnt lead, didnt want to pass elad and just spamm flame comments to othe rplayers.
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    Do you think NCsoft we can play with this? I think GP reset was really necesary here.
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    Danaria's population is still 60-80% Israphel, and trust me, we don't screw around. The whole Elyos side should block them both and do siege their way. How do these people remain on the top with that rubbish behavior beats me, not like they do anything for the faction either.
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    Oh boy, well thanks for clarifying some of my thoughts ... Well if Mochigirl and Pocosin think they can merge with Israphel and continue that behavior ... I promise you they won't have a leg to stand on ... so we shall see ...
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    Ahh. Well. Don't forget that if they step out of line with the language, you can always give them a little 3 day time-out by sending a ticket to Support.
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    Did you try going to the servers? Characters wont show at first. But thy will after you enter the server.
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    We're archdaevas,more skills,more stuff to put out so it's easily accessible.Plus not all of us are pro key binders So yeah isn't it time to maybe give us additional quickbars or something like it...
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    Or people could like.. you know.. stop cheating?
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    @Cyan, here is some non-rude feedback about this event in case you guys decide to implement it again sometime in the future. I would recommend either 1. increase the amount of spawn locations for the regular omens or 2. increase the chances of receiving harrowed charms from those regular omens. Right now, it is difficult to find an "unclaimed" omen around the maps; even the ones on the far corners of the map are often camped. We can't help it because it could take 30-45 minutes just to get our 3 harrowed charms. Once merge comes in a couple days, it will be much worse, and many people won't even be able to do the daily quests simply for not being able to find an omen that isn't being killed already. I think this is a cute event and simple to complete, so just a suggestion that I hope can be taken into account.
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    via Imgflip Meme Generator For users before Aion 4.8!.
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    NCFail in action.. If you can't even keep your servers up, how will you handle the upcoming merge?
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    I personally use Ravager Cannon over Steel Storm. Ravager Cannon has higher base damage than Steel Storm at stage 3 and also deals additional damage to Balaur making it even better for PvE. My PvE stigma build: Meteor Strike and Rain of Knuckles are essential in PvE because of their good damage output. I take Riplash and Drillbore for more constant instant-cast DPS and providing more AoE along with Ravager Cannon. Aethercharged Steel is also good mainly due to the attack speed buff it grants you.
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    Some repost from the old forums. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You broke my nail? I will break your Balaurea! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    +1 we dont care if governor and army commander donsnt like make sieges, we don't care if they are noob in the ranking. the problem is: they are trying to block us with puropose. joining the alliance and keeping the leader, droping the kisks for example, kicking people because they dont like and that stuffs like that..... and any sabotage againts the pvp experience to the community is againts the rules. you can read HERE. if they are ur friends, or u dont care, that's ok. but if the 95% of the elyos population are affected, so there's a big problem.
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    If memory serves me correctly, "spying" and sabotage in terms of PvP is strictly forbidden in this game unless that changed some years back? Both of these individuals regularly intentionally go afk during sieges or pass leadership to afk alts. They also refuse to lead or allow the siege to progress unless they are obeyed entirely and not necessarily within reason. Again, unless the rules have changed this constitutes sabotage and is verboten.
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    It is against the rules to use any type of profanity in any game chat. You also cannot kick someone out of the Coalition because you think they are bad or that they bought their account. I have personally had players in my alliance within the Coalition who have bought their account, are the biggest hackers on the server and who have never had a kind word for me and yet I haven't kicked a single one of them out. I have even been given lead of the alliance from someone who has made multiple characters to troll me. Don't act like your behavior is normal or acceptable. (Psst.. I think everyone has figured out that the people defending this reprehensible behavior are actually alts of the two players in question.) It is harassment and against the rules to demand a certain player be removed from the Coalition before the Battle Kisk be placed. It is against the rules to demand payment before passing lead or placing the Battle Kisk. It is against the rules to actively thwart the efforts of your own faction. It's up to the DN Elyos population to submit tickets every time something like this happens. It's been pointed out that for several weeks when the Coalitions were implemented, these two kicked people from the Coalition willy nilly and after many tickets were submitted with Support, that changed. I doubt either of these people suddenly grew a conscience. I am pretty sure that they received a warning. If they are at it again, step up the reporting and get them warned again.. or banned this time.
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    um.....i cant join the siege coz i 100% dc in siege but i suggest if gov and commander like afk or other(rude etc). they should pass the leader to other one and they still afk. coz we must a battle kisk for siege. its easiler to recover manpower(hp mp shield) for siege. ali kisk is ok but if huge asmo near ali kisk all ely will game over cant help other ely to kill asmo or balaur.
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    I don't see anything wrong with the current DN-E Governorship.
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    They are truly ruining the merge experience with their snotty behavior and not leading or doing anything to help with siege whatsoever just afk. Then hearing they did worse stuff it just makes it more messed up. They should have reset GP this is just chaos they don't pass lead to someone actually willing to lead it's very ridiculous. Seriously considering xfering or just quitting since this mess is awful.
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    Double XP? Sure you want to do that, @Cyan? That is totally going to bait people into hacking.. again.
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    abinadii pls unistall and stop cry for u permban ROFL cry cry cry for permaban BYE.
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    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL "It's not my fault I cheated, I was baited into it!"
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    Introduction Tired of never having an AT to turn to when you want to ask for help because there's barely any other ATs online? Well, this is probably the guide for you. There are times I could count the number of other ATs I see online per day; somedays I don't even see any at all. Why? It's simply because the class is new, underappreciated, underrated and underestimated. I've played Aion for a couple of years, but only got into playing an AT around a year ago. It was probably the best decision I ever made in my life. I fell in love with the class so much I dropped all my other (13) characters to focus on it. If you're reading this, you're probably interested in the AT life as well. Where are the other ATs? I believe one of the main reasons there aren’t many ATs around is due to the fact that they’re not as easy to play as everyone thinks. Someone new might decide to download Aion and go “Oh! Look! Gundams!”, without knowing much about the game most people jump into the class without thinking and leave when they don’t get the easy power they thought they would. Not to mention their skills and attack speed are very slow leveling up, which may demotivate impatient players. How can I be a good AT? I want to say this in the nicest way, but a lot of people simply don’t play ATs well enough. Due to the way AT skills are set up and the fact that they have the SLOWEST auto attack speed in game due to their cipher blades, putting together skill chains on an AT are complex but they are an art form once mastered. I’ll explain more further down the post, but playing an AT well takes practice and quick reaction times since they have a lot of situational maneuvers. Why Choose an AT? Simple; ATs are powerful, versatile and very tanky. In PvE they can act as great DPS if used well and can tank almost any instance; holding aggro better than the average Plate class (although not as defensive as a Templar). In PvP you can literally be a rampaging train that can tear through anything in your way before it even has a chance to fight back; with access to silence, paralysis, short cooldown AOEs and the lovely Nullification Trigger. Their attacks are explosive, flashy and loud; it’s like having a Michael Bay movie at your fingertips. Gear and Manastones Firstly, allow me to emphasize that ATs are considered to be a MELEE CLASS. However, their damage is calculated off MAGIC BOOST, not attack and crit strike. DO NOT CONFUSE AT CHAIN WITH CLERIC OR CHANTER CHAIN. How do you know what chain is yours? Usually, chain for ATs is marked as Magic Chain (ex: Stormwings Magic Hauberk). The easiest way to identify which chain is yours is by looking at the Enmity. If it shows a positive number (ex. Enmity Boost +3.2%). Manastones Do you wanna be super tanky? Maybe super dps? Well here’s the good part; you don’t have to choose. Because you can be BOTH at the same time! MB / HP – This is great for PvE, it can also be used for PvP but that depends on how much MA you have using other means. You gain 100 MA by simply boarding your bastion! The MB of course is to increase your damage output, while the HP can help you get some more survivability if you plan on playing tank. MB Only – Plain and simple. Like I said above you gain some MA simply by being in your Bastion, so stacking MB only works very well in PvE. I wouldn’t recommend this for PvP, but it can be done if you have other ways to make up for the MA. MB / MA – While it’s quite expensive, I recommend socketing your PvP set with this first and foremost. It helps a lot when fighting other over geared and high resistance players. Weapons Cipher Blade - Despite being probably the slowest weapon in the game, they grant you access to the Embark skill where you can mount your Bastion and start attacking enemies from up to 8m away with melee attacks! Talk about throwing punches. Cipher blades also have what seems to be the HIGHEST GS proc rate out of all other weapons. I highly recommend using what I call a Master Key. By arms fusing a cipher blade with PvP stats underneath a great BASE PvE cipher blade you’ll end up with a master cipher blade that can be used for both situations. It’s cost effective and if you use it well you can handle yourself just as well as anyone using a dedicated cipher blade. Pistol - It’s pretty cool jumping out of your bastion and yanking out your 5mm. Pistols are rarely used in PvE, but in PvP they can save your life. I can’t count how many times it saved mine. I’ll explain the use of guns in PvP later. But you won’t really have to worry about guns until the later levels (60+). You should socket them with MA since your priority is actually hitting your target. A standard mythic 65 pistol does nicely, but if you want to PvP with your AT, I recommend getting a gun with PvP stats. Godstones 1-3% Damage – This is a popular pick due to the high proc rate of cipher blades. If you get lucky you can proc multiple times within a couple seconds and obliterate enemy players. Silence / Paralyze / Blind / Stun - If you’re going for a status ailment GS, pick one that would best help against classes you personally find difficult. Everyone has their own weaknesses based on their play style and stigma setups. I personally believe that ATs have a weakness for healers; which is why I usually rock Silence. PVE Gear Whenever you can, use the coins you’ve collected through quests to buy magic chain gear from coin merchants. Once you start going to Kromede’s Trial, there’s a chance the last boss will drop a box that can give you a cipher blade. You can armsfuse that level 35 blade with the level 36 one you get from Nebrith. Once you reach the stage for obtaining Renewed Deveanian gear (Level 45). You can armsfuse that cipher blade with a level 45 or lower cipher blade and use it until you are level 56. If you’d like, you can try your luck in Dark Poeta starting level 48 and try to get a full set. Once you reach around 53-60 you can start doing Rentus Base and Beshmundir Temple for Eternal Gear, remember not to confuse the pieces with Chanter and Cleric chain, since you have to roll on the gear. Starting from 65 you can do starter instances like Sauro, IS and ORB to get yourself some quick and easy gear. I recommend Sauro and IS gear since ORB gear is much more expensive to socket. At 66+ you’ll be put on the archdeava track and you’ll have to start making your own gear choices. Remember to always look for chain with +Enmity. If you come across gear with no marked enmity, ensure it boosts one of your skills and/or comes with MB and Parry. PvP Gear: It’s annoying how little attention the developers pay to AT gear sometimes. Sometimes there’s chain implemented into the game, even patches after the class came out with only Chanter and Cleric versions. It’s pretty hard to get pre 5.0 PvP gear DEDICATED to ATs, but you can improvise. (Recommended Start) Mystic BM Gear – This is one of the only PvP sets dedicated to ATs. It comes with all the stats you need. BUT, it costs blood medals AND blood marks to get; which can be costly. Magic Boost Eternal BM Chain - This can be upgraded to Mystic BM Gear later. 65 AP Gear - Pretty standard for any 65 class. Level 70 Arena Level 75 Prime Guardian Skills ATs have relatively short cool downs and chains, but cool down management is crucial. Aetherlock Blade – An instant silence with a short (18 second) cooldown. Tell all casters out there to shut up and let you work. Annihilation Barrage – A gorgeous World War 2 looking attack that attacks in a fan-shaped radius, does a large chunk of damage and knocks everything within range down. Backlash – After resisting or parrying an attack, you can stun an enemy up to 20m away for up to 2 seconds! This skill is amazing, especially when immediately followed up with Steam Rush. Bludgeon – A very short cooldown skill that can chain into a 3-part chain series which does extra damage to balaur and can knock down enemies on the last hit! You can also chain into Hindering blade after the first chain; a debuff that cripples MA and attack speed – effective against all classes! Boost – Thrust yourself 15m forward. Once you reach a certain level you get another boost that chains off this one which basically gives you another 15m. Charging Activation – DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE this skill. I know some people who completely forget about this skill because they don’t see the ‘difference’. ATs, especially when used right, melt MP like ice in a volcano. With this buff activated you have a chance to recover MP with EACH attack. Chilling Wave – Fan shaped AoE which is one of an AT’s signature moves. It slows enemies down and has no target limit. A short cooldown of 12 seconds means you’ll be using this skill all the time. It can chain into Riplash with has a similar effect minus the debuff. Cinder Cannon – Who said you had to switch to pistols to shoot? You can use this skill to run and gun enemies up to 20m away. Then chain into Gattling Gun which can be reactivated twice. Electric Shock – Paralyze an enemy for a split second and cancel any cast they were in the process of. It’s just your way telling healers and casters to try another time – “Hajevan- shut the hell up”. It then chains into Lightning Tether which binds enemies in place, granting you with a temporary punching bag you can do what you please with. Embark – Mount your bastion. While it’ll always stay active while you’re alive, once you die you’ll have to reactivate it to use your bastion once more. Remember that once the skill is deactivated in any way, there’s a 10 second cooldown. Flak Cannon – Absolute garbage. I’m sorry but this is probably one of the most useless skills we have. The damage output it not nearly good enough to be considered in a PvP or PvE rotation. Basically, you can multicast damage on enemies who are in the aerial thrust state. What makes this skill even more useless is that ATs do not have a skill that puts enemies in that state in the first place. Fuel Reserves – A pretty nifty skill that gives you a large chunk of flight time. It could save your life in the abyss. Hypergate Detonation – Once you get this at 65, the whole game changes. You gain 100% HP, teleport 15m backward and make your enemies lose target of you AND always perform 3000 damage AoE damage from the spot you blew up. Always remember that this will dismount you and you won’t be able to use Embark until its 10s cooldown is off. Use it well and you can get out of any situation laughing, use it poorly and you’ll be a Bastion-less punching bag. Kinetic Battery – One of the major skills that gives ATs their tankiness. You’ll pretty much have it on all the times as long as it’s off cooldown. It’s a very complex skill so there are actually still a lot of people who don’t know EXACTLY how it works. Allow me to cut it into pieces. It is an active skill that lasts for 1:30 with a cooldown of 30 seconds. Since it’s an active skill, it cannot be dispelled by mobs or other players. While it is activated: Your shock resistance and parry go up. You block 30% of ALL incoming damage. However, you can only block up to 40,000 damage (which is more than enough most of the time). When blocking damage, 50% of the damage blocked is deducted from your MP. Think of it as using your MP to shield your HP. Example: You were supposed to take 1000 damage, but with KB up you take 30% less which is 700. 50% of the damage deducted (1000 - 700 = 300 [damage deducted] then divide 300 by 2 -> 150) is deducted from your MP (you lose 150 MP from that one attack). Kinetic Slam – With a short cooldown of 12 seconds and no MP usage, it becomes a practical and dare I say mandatory skill to use in all situations. When fully charged it can knock down opponents and do over 2,500 base Earth damage. In PvE it’s great for DPS and keeping down annoying mobs, while in PvP it’s needless to say that keeping your enemy on the ground helps a lot with bringing down the hurt. Remember that this is a charge skill and enemies aren’t always gonna wait around for you to fully charge it. It’s best used in PvP after binding your enemy with Lightning Tether or Convulsion Beam. Magnetic Wave – A fan-shaped taunt skill. While it doesn’t do any damage it helps really well with holding aggro and when used in PvP it has a chance of making enemy players target you, to keep the heat off your healers or squishies. Mounting Frustration – You’ll gain additional enmity with pretty much every skill you use. Mobs won’t be able to stop lusting over your big black bastion. Nullification Trigger – Use 2% of your MP to parry or resist one attack. When tanking this can allow you to do something Plates can’t, by being able to completely nullify large attacks instead of facetanking it. After you successfully parry or resist you can chain into Backlash and chain into Steam Rush. This is a simple PvP rotation which you can use as the start-up for deadly combos. Overdrive Trigger – A wonderful 2k DP buff that boosts your speed, attack speed and MB for 1 minute with a 1:30 cooldown. When used in Instances and PvP it can help to skyrocket your DPS. Power Flux – Another 2k DP skill that heals your MP. At its max level you’ll heal 100% of your MP. Provoking Whispers – Not as seductive as it sounds. It’s a taunt that does a small amount of damage. Recharge – Instantly heal up to 6000MP and 4000HP. Yup, it’s just as much of a lifesaver as it sounds, regardless the situation. Just use it wisely as there is still a 3m cooldown. Remove Shock – Once activated you can chain into one of either skills: Protective Shell – Replaces the remove shock’s buff effect, but increases your resistance to movement related effects, magic resist and reduces damage taken from players for 8 seconds. Uppercut – Inflict damage and knock down an enemy. Repair Protocol – Remove movement related debuffs. Good for getting out of roots and traps. Rocket Punch – One of our low cooldown main damage skills. Does additional damage on balaur and can chain into Heat Burst which does another major amount of damage (+ more to balaur) or into Flame Emission which can shoot moderate damage up to 20m away. Siphoning Slash – It doesn’t matter what you hit or how much you hit for with this attack, you will always gain 2000 MP after using it. It can then chain into Siphoning stab which gives you an additional 1500 MP, this is great to weave into your PvE rotation by keeping your MP maintained. Conversion Pulse – An awesome HP steal. It has a range similar to Chilling Wave’s and doesn’t have a target limit. It does damage on enemies within range and absorbs 100% of ALL the damage you dealt on all enemies as HP. You can target a group of weak mobs or training dummies and regain a huge amount of health. I remember using this on a large group of level 1 enemies and absorbing a total of 30k HP. Stability Thrusters – A great buff. Like KB it’s an active buff so it can’t be dispelled. It does however use 4% MP every 4 seconds for up to 30 seconds – it basically drains 30% of your MP over time. You gain up to 500 MB, 150 Shock Resistance, 300 Resistance to Movement debuffs and removes any attack speed related debuffs upon activation. Steam Rush – Once your enemy is stunned or knocked down, you can thrust yourself right on top of them as long as they’re within range and even if you weren’t the one to stun them. It’s wonderful for keeping on top of classes that love to kite (casters, rangers and gunslingers). You can Nullification Trigger -> Backlash then use this skill, it’s one of the easiest combos. Sundering Blade – Might not look like it at first, but this skill right here is a tremendous debuff. When fighting bosses, ALWAYS weave this into your rotation. It drastically reduces their magic suppression and defenses with a short cooldown of 12 seconds. Stigmas ATs have a lot of fun and flashy stigmas, some you can tell were JUST made for PvE or PvP. As you level up, some of these stigmas gain or lose their usefulness. When putting together PvP setups, you’re free to be creative and build a skill set that can help you combat your weaknesses, but I’ll be demonstrating the setup I use and why I like it; maybe you’ll like it too. First let’s lay them all out. Normal Stigmas Aether Recharge – A charge skill that gives you up to 6,000 MP with a full charge and only has a minute cooldown! Since you’ll feel drained of your MP at times, ESPECIALLY in PvE, this is a lifesaver. Aimbot Assist – Boosts your MA by up to 200 for 1m! It helps you hit those over geared players and people with MR sets. MA is always nice to have in PvP, so I keep it in my PvP spec all the time. Drillbore– This skill amazing, an AT-must have! Not only is it instant and stuns targets for 2 seconds, but it removes most shields! In PvE you can stun pesky mobs and remove particular shields from mini-bosses (some are still impenetrable). In PvP you can remove nearly all protective shield effects. This includes: Gladiator – Dauntless Spirit Templars - Iron Skin You can also remove a Templar’s Bodyguard from their protected target! Useful for when a Templar tries to protect their cleric. Sorcerer - Stone Skin and Boon of Iron Clad Spirit Master – Stone Skin and Spirit Protection Songweaver - Protective Ode and Winter Cleric – Blessed Shield, Immortal Shroud and Impervious Veil Chanter – Protective Ward Leeching Steel – For 10 seconds, enemies that attack you lose 600 MP per hit, no matter their distance! Physical classes and Gunslingers burn through their entire MP gauges if you use this at the right time; confusing them and leaving them vulnerable. Particle Whip – A charge AoE with a similar range as Chilling Wave. Has a chance to stun targets as well. Riplash – Chains off of Chilling wave. Covers the same range and does additional damage. It’s quick, effective and pretty awesome looking. It’s a freaking chainsaw on a whip. Life Support Trigger – Increase maximum MP and increases natural treatment. Steel Storm – A charge skill which does AoE damage around your selected ranged target. Decent in PvE when leveling up, but very impractical in late game PvE and PvP. Ravager Cannon – If you’re doing an instance like IO which requires a lot of AOEs, Beshmundir Temple or any instance with clusters of Balaur, this skill might come in handy. It attacks a ranged target and shoots a beam which also damages anything in between you and the target. It also does additional damage to balaur. I personally don’t use it end game, but it’s wonderful in Besh. Greater Stigmas Aethercharged Steel – Boosts attack speed and MB for 10 seconds. It can be used at the start of your rotation to quickly get off your Sundering Blade combo and Kinetic Slam (since the charge time will be decreased). Convulsion Beam – Can bind a target up to 20m away and immobilize them. They’ll be freed once you attack them but you can use this to stop people from running away and trap physical classes. Debilitating Blade – Cripples your opponents physical attack and MB. Rain of Knuckles – Chains off of Sundering Blade and can be activated 3 times. A must have skill for PvE in my opinion since it gives you some steady DPS. Mobility Thrusters – While it grants you a speed boost of 35% for 10 seconds with only a 40 second cooldown, it drops your physical defense and immobilization resist severely. Might not be the best choice against physical classes, but it’s almost harmless to you when used against magic classes. You don’t even have to use it in battle, just using it to get around is fine too. Trauma Plate Trigger – Increase Parry and Fear resist while decreasing the overall damage you take from PCs. Major Stigmas Meteor Strike – Simply a damage skill. BUT, it does a good amount damage and when used in combos can be used to burn targets quite effectively. Kinetic Bulwark – Its shield effect only lasts 30 seconds, but acts as a better Kinetic Battery – Blocks up to 80,000 damage and 50% of damage from all attacks and only deducts 10% of blocked damage from MP. It has a poor cooldown of 5m. Essence Stats - Here’s where you can get creative, I’ll bring you a more linear guide in the future once I’ve obtained more essence points, but I believe this is where you should take the opportunity to make your AT unique. The most beneficial stat would obviously be Knowledge, due to the MB and Crit Spell boosts. Precision can give you MA, but it also increases accuracy and crit strike which are stats you don’t need. Seems like a waste to invest a whole point into a stat to only get one benefit, but that’s my opinion. Skills - I recommend upgrading Kinetic Slam since it increases to over 3000 damage at +5. When the 5.1 patch comes out, this skill also becomes and AoE at +5 and does even more damage! Kinetic Battery and Stability Thrusters cannot be upgraded now, but when 5.1 comes out they can be and their effects are enhanced; so I definitely recommend you +5 those. PvE DPS When you’re fighting a boss, try to go without aetherlock blade and electric shock (I completely removed them from my PvE rotation. However, you can use them when fighting regular mobs). Start with Sundering blade and always keep it on cooldown. The debuff helps you and also helps other party members do more damage over time. Keep Kinetic Battery activated as much as you can. Disable it when there isn't much going on, or the boss is in a cooldown phase. Rocket Punch, Kinetic Slam, Bludgeon combo and Meteor Strike are your main DPS skills. Siphoning Slash combo should be used when your MP is around 40% or lower. Stability Thrusters and Aethercharged Steel should always be in constant use. These buffs help you perform sudden bursts of damage, keeping your DPS up. You can also use Overdrive trigger to further amplify your damage output. Don’t forget to keep Siphoning Shells on at all times! It’s instant and barely uses a tiny fraction of your MP – use it even when you already have the buff applied, just make it a habit because some people tend to forget it. Tanking Basically, you’re going to want to have Mounting frustration activated and weave in Magnetic wave and Provoking Whispers into your DPS rotation. Your DPS is another thing that helps you maintain focus. Being able to DPS well while tanking is what makes ATs a great hybrid class. Of course magic boost Food and Scrolls. PvP http://oi64.tinypic.com/2l96t15.jpg Completely overhauled Here’s my personal stigma setup, I use it solo or in group and never change it. It’s always worked for me so it’s burned into my system. Nowadays I sometimes switch in Aether Recharge because it helps recover MP in long pvp battles when you don't have a Songweaver in your group. You can come up with your own combination of stigmas, but I’ll usually recommend mine for the versatility. I will include strategy on fighting particular classes later. But here’s a basic rundown: Be selective of your battles, remember it’s always okay to retreat if you feel outnumbered or threatened. Sure, it’s not always the best thing to cower from fights, but taking a few moments to collect yourself and prepare for battle helps keep up your confidence and break anxiety; that way you’ll end up making fewer mistakes. But of course, this is very basic knowledge no matter what class you’re playing. Start off with Aimbot assist and Stability Thrusters to start the battle in your favor with a good and accurate burst of damage. Nullification trigger should be used when you see the enemy casting a pretty nasty skill or CC, or at the beginning of a battle to avoid early battle debuffs and activate backlash for an easy stun. Follow up with steam rush and keep your enemy pressured. When fighting a cloth or an enemy with a shield, after closing the gap you should use drillbore to get their shield out of the way. Once you close the gap between you and your enemy, you can quickly silence them and then use the electric shock combo to keep them in place. Once they’re in place and cannot react due to the silence, provided they haven’t potted and ran, quickly fully charge Kinetic Slam and knock them down – follow up with Steam Rush if it isn’t on cooldown. If they managed to start escaping your grasp before you can fully charge, use the KS at whatever stage it’s at; since it’s better to do little damage than no damage at all. Rocket Punch combo and Meteor Strike help to burst targets down. If you’re facing a slippery opponent that likes to kite, use Chilling Wave before they get out of range to slow them and make it easier for you to catch up again. You can use Bludgeon then chain into hindering blade to drastically decrease a target’s MA and attack speed OR chain into the beatdown combo and knock them down. Sometimes it’s better to keep the enemy debuffed; usually it causes them to miss and gives you more opportunities to activate backlash without even having to use Nullification trigger. Use your protective stigmas such as Leeching Steel and Trauma Plate Trigger at the right time. A tip would be to use them at the beginning of the battle if you’re not sure. You can only chain Uppercut off Remove Shock once you’re within a certain range, if you’re too far just use Protective Shell to help you defend yourself while you try to close in the gap. Use boost to close the gap or run away from enemies, just be careful not to overshoot your enemies if you’re trying to get close to them. Cinder cannon is wonderful when enemies try to run away. It can even be used when you’re closing in a newly encountered enemy to hopefully get some GS procs in, break their shield or just hurt them. Siphoning Slash doesn’t do much damage but you may see your MP dropping harshly in long battles, so don’t be afraid to use it. Depending on the situation it’s better to chain directly into Siphoning Stab for more MP or Conversion Pulse to maintain your HP. Quickly use a 4k DP jelly and use Annihilation Barrage when you’re surrounded. You can knock down entire teams that try to run toward you or simply knock them down to assist your team, the damage it does is nothing to joke about either. If you have DP remaining and you’re about to die, why not? I mentioned earlier about the use of a pistol in PvP. Basically, after using Hypergate Detonation in a PvP situation, you’ll be at a slight disadvantage for 10 seconds. However, you can quickly switch to your pistol, use a few quick skills in hope of immobilizing or slowing your enemy with a GS proc and if all fails use Green Grenade to root them. Socketing MA into your pistol helps to prevent these skills from missing, which would be pretty embarrassing. Once Embark is off cooldown, switch back to your cipher blade and resume the onslaught. Recharge, use it when your HP is near 60% -- not too low, not too high. Always keep abyss potions and recovery potions/serums since you’ll need sustained amounts of HP and MP to survive in PvP as an AT. I really hope this was able to help at least one person and opened many eyes. Oh! And when you get a chance, show off your bastion. Feel free to show off your style; whether it’s steampunk, cyberpunk, cutesy, rusty or elegant. Be sure to ask any question you have regarding using or fighting against an AT. I'm always willing to help.
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    Cyan, I asked on Aion Official FB page about the Sea Feast and Wave Song Weapon Skins as event rewards or straight from the BCM. Is there anything the community can do to get it poppin? Maybe all dress up as Asmos and Elyos in front of the Aion NA headquarters in love of Sea Fest and Wave weapon skins? Also when will all weapon skins be available to buy of BCM again including for AetherTechs! Oh and the candy Pureheart & Heartseekers weapon skins...and my friend want the watermelon daggers! Please let the Pureheart & Heartseeker weapon skins be tradeable for all the community can enjoy their unique look.
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    *Cracks Knuckles* Alright, I knew this thread was coming eventually. Time to break out the stash.
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    Words cannot properly express how utterly disappointed I am. I had everything set up and ready to go to make my final push to 74, a pretty big accomplishment for someone like me who's a hellacious slacker, but that opportunity is gone now. I don't have the luxury like some of the playerbase to take advantage of the +200% Anniversary buff when it came on last Friday. I probably got 3hours of it. (And when I say "take advantage of", boy, do I mean take advantage.) The 100% server buff was decent enough to give a nice XP push, a lot of us could live with it. But the cake buff is a sorry excuse of an appeasement; like other players, I took the cake buff before logging off expecting to utilize a server buff. Sorry, not sorry. This is just sad. I need to make it clear that what's so sad is nothing is ever as advertised anymore. You understand that, right? BUT... You know what would be awesome? +200% Server buff on Friday (I won't even ask for Saturday because I figure someone needs to be in the office to turn off the switch). You'll be taking three birds out with one stone: 1) playerbase will be happy, 2) said playerbase will buy BCM items to level (you make money), 3) NC saves face. Everyone wins.
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    I have to say that I agree with most people complaining on this topic. We are tired of random actions taken at the very last moment not according with the event / post informations. I was also planning to use these last 6 hours buff + 100% server buff, now I see the experience was halved because this buff is not multiplicative. I'm terrified by the lack of experience you guys have regarding server / game configurations, It needs to be said. It seems like you guys have nightmares when you need to change small details into the current game patch, you gotta do something about it for the sake of your community and stop covering yourself with compensations that are not even close to what you promised on first place.
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    By this you mean we get to have the Cake buff (XP & Drop) for one more week? I just want it to be clear.
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    Apparently it isn't as simple as just quitting Aion. We must quit Aion and keep posting that we have quit Aion in order to remain quitted from Aion.
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    But you sure did take your sweet time to post in here. Defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?
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    Caught 14 people doing this so far on tiamat asmo only checked twice lol probably well over 100+ people using this if we factor in other servers.
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    The error "send log" varies on each person and it's different for each computer. Most of the time, it is either because of memory overload or failure to load the memory location in the first place. What happens is that the game tries to load the graphics too fast or is unable to do so, which is why sometimes you may get it all of sudden or when you go through the door in UA (like it happened to me). Other send log errors may be related to another client-side issue. It crashes the most in SFT as there's a lot of effects and other action going on in there and the client is unable to handle it. If you, by any chance, have used a method that may have worked to decrease the numbers of crashes or temporary fix, post it here. This post will be updated. Note: Just become one method worked for person A, doesn't mean it'll work for person B. It's important to not rely on one method. Method 1 Go to Options > Graphics Options > Graphics Engine. If you have the High Quality engine, I suggest you turn the "Shader Quality" way down. The client then will stop focusing on loading the background first as fast and instead focus on loading your surrounding area first. Turn down some Water Effects and Effects Quality too for bonus. Method 2 - suggested by Hizuk-IS Go to Options > Graphics Options > Misc > And in " Display effects for" select *None*. Remember to turn this back on for DL or Spire otherwise you won't see floor effects. Method 3 - suggested by Cyan Cyan suggests to run the client in 32 bit version. In order to do so (fastest and easiest way), you need to go to your main Aion folder. The top 2 folders is bin32 and bin64. It's suggested you just move the bin64 folder away somewhere else (like desktop) and run the client again through the launcher. If it doesn't work, bring the bin64 back in. UPDATE: Currently the 64bit version has been disabled by NCWest as it's known to cause issues with the client, forcing all users to use the 32bit. The main issue with this version is that it may be laggy and/or stuttering for some users. What you can do to fix it is to bring all the graphical settings down and bringing the effects to "none" in misc settings. Method 4 - by Unlogic-IS In Graphics Settings, bring your Water Effects, Shadows and Effects quality to minimum while having Shader Quality to the max. In misc settings, set your display effects to "All" while Character detail to "Low" ________________ Q. Why isn't NCWest doing anything about this ?!?!?one! A. Because NCWest can only forward this issue to the development team in Korea, and hope for them to give a possible solution as soon as possible. Q. Do Korean players experience the same issue? A. Yes and no, the main issue starts with the game itself. It utilizes CPU rather than GPU, therefore, it explains the big fps drops in big cities like Sanctum/Pandae or Sieges. Korea has special gaming cafés with computers build mainly for heavy gaming. People at home follow that pattern and usually have no issues with these kind of problems.
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    A long, long time ago, there was darkness in the land of Atreia. The people of this land had only seen sparse XP weekend events, but never anything else. One day, the Gods showed mercy upon the inhabitants of the land and announced they were going to do a manual, God-run event on the day of much drinking in March of the year 2010. The people were to go to, in the land of Elysea, the outer dock, wearing their finest green livery. The Gods provided five green dyes for the people, and, excited, the people flocked to the outer docks at the predetermined time. They anxiously awaited the sight of one of their legendary Gods. In time, one of the Gods appeared in the form of a leprechaun, red-gold hair and beard, short, and bedecked in green clothing. He talked with the people, making corny jokes. Sometimes, he would trade gold coins with a lucky person. Mind you, dear reader, this is when coins were as valuable a currency as kinah, though they were fraught with random chance for a good piece of gear, as the days of selecting your specific piece had not yet arrived. After some time, the God announced that He needed to leave and visit His other peoples in other lands. And that is where things went grievously wrong for the people of the outer docks. The God spawned monsters of the likes of Zapiel, at least twice, and others. The people, lowly 30-40 strength people, fell before these monsters like mist before the heat of the sun. Well meaning souls would resurrect them, only for them to perish once more. A great soul debt was accumulated by many, and paying to remove that debt--costly. People were left with less experience than they'd had before gazing upon the God, as well as mere pennies in their pockets. Only a small few had the strength to profit from the monsters, and they lorded their spoils over the common people. After the God left, some of the people, overjoyed to have received golden coins, learned, to their sorrow, that they were not the coins of Elysea, but of Asmodae. They were left to beseech the other Gods for mercy to exchange those coins for Elysean coins. In the end, all that remained of the ill-fated event were tears and wailing, for so much had been lost and so few had received gold coins. The Gods went silent once more, and the event was logged in the History of Atreia as the St Patty's Day Massacre, forever burned into the minds of those who'd suffered that day. --Written this day by the hand of Cheesecake, Queen of the Cheesecake Kingdom, Lady of Desserts, First of Her Line, Unofficial Tech Support, Her Royal Fatness, Writer of Many Posts, Bringer of Woe, ... That's the gist of it. lol
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    What if I told you, that the thread is about Gameforge? You're crying about NCSoft, but you haven't had a taste of Aion EU just yet.
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