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    Making <Grade A Minium> Tradeble in account warehouse would be 1 of the best changes that could be done this patch Also Crimson Katalam ( Red katalam ) you can only get (180 mins from hourglass) wasn't it like 360 for every right region? I could be wrong idk
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    I actually like the update for the most part. Allow us to trade non-brokerable enchantment stones and Manastones through account warehouse. Actually give us the item that allows to make ancient and legendary contracts for the Lugbug quests. Give us Leibo’s blessing Item to complete one Of the Lugbug weeklies, currently missing from Gold Sand Traders. Fix evergale, and give compensation to those for missed entries to those who didn’t abuse it. Give us a permanent +9 and +12 safe spot for stigmas. Make the Altar fortress siege battle (the one where the guy spawns at altar 10) more rewarding, some etium is just meh. Fix Lugbug issues for the people who transferred. Bring back enchantment stone drops and number of items dropped in IDD/PF, or raise the weekly quests to how be completed how many times we can enter the instance per week. Match number of entries with Prestige as other regions (4 for IDD, the Manor ones). Give us guaranteed red drop in the instances that have it guaranteed in other regions (IDD, PF, etc). Lower amount gems needed to morph a stone to 5 for legendary and 25 for ultimate, and make it 5 ancient stones to morph into a legendary, instead of 10. Remove the cap on enchantment stones boxes from Genesis Crystal NPCs.
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    Hi everybody, I want to say thank you to everyone who's shared feedback, and to give this update on where we are on implementing some of the requested changes: Imminent Changes: Expect these to land next week. 1) Daevanion Essence Box will be permanently added to the store. 2) Ancient and Legendary Breath of Transformation items will be permanently added to the store. There will be some available for free on a once-per-month basis, and an additional limited quantity will be available for purchase. Forthcoming Changes: I don’t have a precise ETA for these changes, but the dev team is actively working on them. At the earliest, some may drop next week. Barring a major issue encountered during testing, I expect them all to be released by the end of February. 1) Transformation Stats When the transformation system first released, we lowered the stats in order to reduce the overall shock to game balance, especially in PvP. Early on, the difference between the haves and the have-nots was stark. Almost a year and a half later, most consistent players have at least a small number of Ancient transformations, and the reasons for which we originally made the balance changes are no longer relevant. With this in mind, we will be adjusting the transformation stats and durations to be identical to Korea's in an update coming soon. Note that due to the nature of our original changes, certain grades (Legendary in particular) may see a decrease in movement speed as a result of this. Our goal here is to align as closely as possible with Korea. Generally speaking, this should be a major upgrade for every transformation. 2) Minium Vault entries We will be adding the ability to purchase MV entries with Luna soon. 3) Stigma Safe level - We will be adding a +9 stigma safe level (as well as a fixed success rate on higher levels) soon. In discussion: These are being actively discussed with the dev team, however it’s still too soon to provide any further information on what changes (if any) will be occurring. 1) Enchantment Stones, Monster EXP, Cubicles, Crimson Katalam, IDD/PF ultimate drops, Quest Log expansion, Daevanion Skill bundles. If your feedback isn’t explicitly called out here, fear not! We are discussing all the patch feedback with the development team, however we are focusing first on the most pressing issues so we can improve the game for as many players as possible as quickly as possible. There are also some important things not introduced with the 7.2 patch that we are also working on, but for the sake of this post I wanted to focus on the patch content as much as possible. Keep giving us that feedback, and thanks!
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    @Cyan, I could understand this nerf for other regions because they have: -All 3 fort sieges every other day (all at the same time, so get some contri at each fort and that's 12 legendary stones per week losing every siege, more if you actually conquer the fort) -Altar sieges twice per day (double chance of getting legendary/ultimate tickets, double the stellium income to buy them) -EU has dome and dredge, both daily, 3 entries each (and working EC *cough*) Meanwhile in NA: -1 fort per day -1 altar siege daily -2 entries for dred every other day -2 entries for id every other day -Non working EC for 4+ months So if you're going to copy & paste those nerfs into our 7.2, what about you also copy paste their siege/pvp instance schedule so we're not trying to survive with less than half the amount of enchant stones every other region has?
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    Is there any particular reason why the NA Transformation Contracts were adjusted so much in the first place? With the ease of getting gear from fighting fragment bottleneck getting resolved is it even necessary still for 7.2? It seems they are really unbalanced when it comes to magic casting classes like Sorc/SM and Clerics vs Melee classes whom can reach their Attack speed cap while also having the extra run speed the NA contracts provide to close the gap or escape when a quicker casted spell or 2 would've altered the fight in the caster's favor. Even if you keep the other stats nerfed as is, the casting and attack speed stats shouldn't have so much disparity. Especially since casters have a self-imposed root when a spell has any kind of cast time (and some with no cast time also roots us in place). The longer the cast time the longer we're rooted in the spot for free without any aid of a movement reduction skill from an opposing enemy. Right now with Viola (35% cast speed) + Ult Weapon Book/Orb (20% cast speed) and not counting a title and candy we're only at 55% of the 75% cap. Even with Kaisinel's 40% cast speed we're still only at 60%. With title and candy and Kaisinel you'd be lucky to bust 67%. Melee's cap on the other hand is only 50% and can exceed the cap to 60% with Kaisinel presently. Most only need Kromede to make their cap or Hamerun/Masterius +title/candy to reach their cap. Please revisit this decision for 7.2 because since 6.0 magic casting classes have had their potential damage output reduced because of increase cast times of more than 25% on average if you have Viola and an Ultimate Weapon which should be considered higher-end buffs.
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    While there are several good suggestions I think the one that will benefit everyone, new players and old, would be to allow all enchantment stones and manastones to be account tradeable. With the nerfs put in place this patch getting these items are much harder and this small change would allow more gameplay because all characters on an account then become playable. On a personal note I would love to see all skins available all the time on the BCM. This would be such a money maker I honestly can't fathom why its never been this way. But if not all skins then at least put the full set of old Drakenspire Depths skins on the BCM please.
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    -Please put all skins from EU gold sand shop in NA gold sand shop. -All skins in BCM I don't understand why this does not happened yet -If this possible please add luna crafting skins back and move essential stuff like kinah box,manastones,stone etc to special craft. -Bring back old skins that got deleted in 6.0 as event skins such as daevanion skins,mentor,forturneers or any instance skins that got deleted regularly. -Reopen the shops that got closed during 6.0 that were selling dyes,clothing. -Add dye petals to gathering in new maps. -Make all white items tradable and brokerable and can remodel unlimited time. -Selectable daevanion skill box permanent in gold sand shop and tradable. -Luna craft for legendary transformation. -Lower price of transparent scroll in gold sand shop. -Add new guestblooms to housing providing items such as new manastones,stigma enchantment stones,transparent scrolls,transformation contracts,luna.abyss points,selectable daevanion skill books. -Bring back old instances as event instances. I hope you will implement all of this @Cyan
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    1) Need to have way to get stigma lvl +15. - In Korea, they had stigma event from time to time that it increases the success rate to 30% every lvl from +9 to +15. - Also it had safe spot at +9 and +12. - I believe each stigma enchantment stone cost around $1 when Korea put on their shop for promotion. - It is forcing pay to win and I know NC West want to minimize p2w by setting price so much expensive that no one even want to try, unless players are so rich (Korea's luna ress and selective retuning price = around 4 quna which is nearly $0.50 USD, I believe). I liked idea but it failed because it doesnt do anything but having more gap between f2p and p2w players. - For stigma part, Advanced Stigma that just came out from this patch, player needs those sadly and badly because Korea designed game thinking majority players going to have it. - Skill balance that we will get on next patch are mostly about Advanced Stigma. (Imagine you guys update game but no one in game even have +15 stigma yet) 2) Need to have way to get more Minium. - Players need A rank minium alot so that they can make A rank minion lvl 4 to try combine to get S rank minion. 3) Change transformation stat back to original one. - Just stop changing things for nothing, there is reason if original game developer made like that. If you want to change core part of game, it is better to share your opinion to Korea so that they develop game in that way at first, rather than you guys customize things just for NA server 4) Fix EC or at least compensate what players missed until now, and keep working on "finalizing" thats been here for months. 5) Need to have more Daevanion Selection Skill box. - Same as stigma part. Also it must be the selection one, not the random one. It is not 6.0 or 6.5 patch anymore. - and Daevanion Essense as well. 6) Put more skins on BCM. - There are many good skins in game source file but why do not put anything? (Company can get extra money from players) 7) Swap the reward between Arena of Discipline and seasonal GP ranking. - Right now, AoD rank gives Luna and GP rank gives PVP enchantment stone. I think it is better to be opposite way. - Korea server gives Quna for both seasonal reward, but I wouldn't recommend because having Quna reward for AoD also brought many abusing issue (duel client and queue until they pop same time and win) I like the fact that chance to get minion S got buffed here and luna buff inside instance became cheaper. I would like to see more changes so that both company and players are happy about it.
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    @Cyan '' 2 Legendary Breath of Transformation '' this item does not exist in the game please teach everyone so we can farm our legendary transformation
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    And what about the compensation? That only takes Gideon sitting down and handing it out. It doesn't require testing or Korea or finalizing. It just takes DOING.
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    You can probably skip down to the last paragraph. This is why i say NCsoft just did not know how to adapt with the times. They fail to see what consumers want and need in this day and age where everything is available to obtain somewhere on the interwebs. I am going to say it...despite reluctantly not wanting to due to broken record but PA(BDO creators) simply understand what consumers want. When BDO started going down hill they did not shut off they had regional meet ups they met up with content creators and featured partners for ways to improve BDO. They spent millions but got back 100s of millions all due to just listening to what the player base wanted. Not only this featured partners got to meet and greed with the actual OC story developer regional managers and so on and got to have hours of discussions with them 1 on 1. Yes not in a group setting come meet us they got legitimate hours worth of time with the developers of the game. NCsoft on the other hand when 5.X went turned the game to shit they kept milking and milking then half assed the ohh we are sorry what was it you wanted. The conclusion they came to was we wanted more cash shop bottle necks and less new content to enjoy the game. Do you remember seeing/hearing about the EU meet and greet? How long did that last? A day? Half a day?. NCsoft could not get out of there fast enough. I think it has nothing to do with Aion being the lowest money maker. B&S gets barely any attention, A few extra posts per week is not devoting time to said product. Wildstar despite not being an NCwest product but was featured on the website had 0 shits given about it. GW2 has hit the same lack of communication issues you can tell by how frustrated and often the community are bring it up recently and with their 2020 roadmap i think it was made people even more upset with the direction. All these issues are stemming from the mother company which is NCsoft.
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    @Cyan Why is our BCM so empty and what happened to our skin rotations? Why doesn't luna have skin crafting anymore ( and no im not taking about the light/dark follower)? What happened to all the crafting of skins including Phantom Tiger, Fungie set, Prowess set. Can we get an update on the skins in Gold Sand Traders. Skins in instances dont even drop anymore that would be nice t have back (a.k.a IDD) The game is literally dying of skins, the broker is empty and some of us play this game because of the wide selection, people will empty their wallets to collect them and you guys take them out of game without saying a word. Is it a budget thing or are you guys just wanting people not to spend money in bcm? The skins being picked out for the monthly updates are god awful and really the only thing i have bought in these last few months were the bear ears you guys just released Can we get some kind of response regarding this since so many posts are being made about this topic. MAKE AION PRETTY AGAIN!
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    Hello all, Please share your feedback with the 7.2 update here. Whether it's something you like, dislike, or like to see changed - post it! We'll be rounding it up and sending it over to the development team. Thank you!
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    In the meantime, besides getting Blood Marks, you should absolutely try to get these done every week on your main character too Collect at least 600 Genesis Crystals per week so you can: Buy 5 PvP Enchantment Stone boxes Buy 5 PvE Enchantment Stone boxes Craft 1 Daevanion Skill Extra Genesis Crystals: buy PvP gear to extract for Fighting Spirit Fragments Collect at least 120 Stelliums per week: Buy 5 Legendary Enchantment Stone tickets Buy Silver Cubics that include Physical/Magical Attack Get AP by using up all your Herelym Mine entries 480,000 needed to buy Daevanion Mark of Knowledge Get EXP for extraction Use up all your Luna instance daily and weekly entries Save all Luna materials on your main(s) for the 75% success Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone boxes Do the 4x2 Lakrum 20-mob quests that award lots of EXP Also gives: Genesis Crystals Grade B-C Miniums Bronze Cubics that include Physical/Magical Attack Burn all your PvP battlegrounds entries (Dredgion, Idgel Dome, Evergale) Get additional PvP enchantment stones. Each bag is 90% chance of 3x ancient and 10% chance of 1x legendary Legendary and Ultimate Etiums AP Grade A-C Minium Do NOT quick entry if at all possible! Make or join parties similar to "ID Yolo" or something Participate in fortress sieges Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones Genesis Crystals
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    HealingSquid meme unlocked. Here:
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    We did not get the correct reward amount for coin_pvp_02 (186000414) and wrap_pvp_battle_result_reward_01 (188071553) to the amounts listed in the announcement exceed the max_stack_count of 10,000 and 100 respectively. Please send out additional mails to affected players with: coin_pvp_02 x10,000 coin_pvp_02 x4,000 wrap_pvp_battle_result_reward_01 x32
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    SELECTIVE RETUNING is a important thing when u are making a gear, usually we need 20 - 30 luna tunes per piece to have decent stats. we have to retune 17 items.... every piece has 4 stats to retune.. 17 (pieces) * 30 (AVG selective retunes per piece) thats 510 selective retunes, every selective retune (only on ultimate gear) is about 160 510*160 = 31 600 lunas . almost 400$ to have a set with decent stats, and we need to retune at least 2 sets ( pvp and pve gear)... so 2 sets = 800$ . so unfair for an necessary feature... WHILE IN OTHER REGIONS IT COSTS around 0.2 cents per selective retune in NA it's almost 3$ @Gideon @Cyan can u consider to lower the selective retuning please . xpecially now when new/old ppl can get new gear for alts/main from red katalam and new meta is have multi gears. ty.
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    We're coming up on half a year with no EC. As of today that's 61 entries into EC or 122 if you've had Prestige the whole time. Rewards for losing EC were 6 Legendary Etium, 3 Ultimate Etium, 182k AP and 1 Battlefield Combat Support Box. (A-C Minium Bundle, Kerubim Minion Contracts and Enchantment Stone Bundle) 5 months of losing every single EC would earn you: 366 Legendary Etium, 183 Ultimate Etium, 11.102.000 AP and 61 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes. 5 months of losing every EC with prestige the whole time: 732 Legendary Etium, 366 Ultimate Etium, 22.204.000 AP and 122 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes. Rewards for winning EC were 12 Legendary Etium, 6 Ultimate Etium, 364k AP and 2 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes. I want to say we got 20 Fighting Spirit Fragments with the update like in ID/IB/KBF but it's been so long I honestly don't remember if we did. 5 month of winning every single EC: 732 Legendary Etium, 366 Ultimate Etium, 22.204.000 AP and 122 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes. (Possibly 1.220 Fighting Spirit Fragments) 5 months with active prestige: 1.464 Legendary Etium, 732 Ultimate Etium, 44.408.000 AP and 244 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes. (Possibly 2.440 Fighting Spirit Fragments) None of those are particularly small numbers... If the bans were given out and we had received no compensation and EC was put back up immediately I would have been ok, but at this point like I mentioned - it's been almost half a year without a major feature of the game. I hope when we finally receive compensation they don't under-deliver and I'm praying they don't give it to the people responsible for us losing EC for so long. (And thank you @Capa-KT for previously listing the EC rewards)
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    - put the previous DROP RATE ( Legendary PVE stones xpecially), theres no reason to do PVE anymore, unless u wanna complete the new campaign - increase the time we can play in katalam - put new recipes to craft Daevanium Skills and stigma stones - We can't farm enough exp to morph <Bobonerk's Gem> and the new items from katalam that needs EXP too, so why u nerfed the grind of exp from mobs/instances? give us back the previous amount of experience from mobs/instances - we need more events, EU has at least 1 event every 2 weeks - LET US reset the new instance Minium Vault, we can only farm minium A / S from that instance .... so how ppl gonna get a minion S? farming 1 year ? thats insane - reduce the retune cost .... we dont have events like in EU with billons of kinah to farm ... retuning each piece here is painful , an ultimate accesory can be almost 500kk - theres no way to farm platinium cubics, let us farm platinium cubics put it as drop in some instance this patch is really funny but we need to change some things
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    Worst Patch Yet. 1. No way to gain xp, there are some quests for very small amounts but it's not nearly enough. No xp = no gems = no morph stones (6.2 all over again) 2. How exactly do we get pve enchantment stones? Because it seems right now we just don't. (meaning no gear progression for pve and nobody that isn't already geared is going to ever be able to do the end game stuff) 3. Evergale Canyon is still broke.... lol.... and no compensation 4. Cubics for every End Game boss is pants on head retarded, I have to grind, to be able to run the instance to grind for gear? While getting no xp, or enchantment stones from those instances? Oh and to boot the kinah fodder drops were nerfed too! 5. Siege GP mobs.... this is beyond dumb, Siege is literally going to be all the top geared people rushing GP mobs at lakrum, then farming balaurs in Demaha siege the entire time for rank. It's pure PVE your way to rank again. 6. Also 3 sieges with this population? LAWL 7. Instances, it seems most of the instances you need very high dps but most of that seemed to be supplied by Vandals, there doesn't seem to be anything to offset Vandals getting nerfed in terms of being able to have the dps for those instances.
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    -Reopen crafting zones and NPCs selling basic crafting materials so people could leveling craft faster and cheaper. -Add old housing furniture and old housing weapons to Aetherforge. -Add craftable transparent ancient and legendary potions for people to use as an alternative to transformation contact. -Add guest petals shop where we can buy housing furniture including stigma enchantment stones,enchantment stones,manastones,transparent scrolls and random daevanion skill books. -Add fountain village quests to spawn NPCs that selling enchantment stones,manastones,transparent scrolls and random daevanion skill books with guest petals. -Upgrade stats of crafting gears to matching instance gears or slightly superior. -Add old instance skins to Aetherforging. -Category Aetherforge into Weapons/Armors/Housing/Skins/Misc instead all in one category. -Add a new item craft mannequin and use character creation to make one and can decorate in your house with any skins just like you put on your character. -Expand furniture limit +10 to studio/house/mansion/estate/palace -Remove cd from guest blooms to 0.1 second. -Change all charging skills to cast speed. -Option to speed up luna instances to 3x so people don't waste time all day in luna and saveable setting. Thank you
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    We need more ways to obtain Minium Rank A and Rank S Possible fixes? -Add morphing recipes to upgrade lower rank miniums to higher ranks. -Make minium account tradable so we can at least farm it with our alts too. -Make the new instance "Minium Vault" resetable with Luna. 2 entry per week to get 300 minium is nothing when we need 14.000 Rank A minium to just attempt a combination for Rank S with a decent rate, but even that can fail and we can lose 1 year of work in 1 second lol.
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    @Cyan More quest slots please. I've run out of quests to delete and still don't have enough space. It was a problem for me when I was in the new region trying to pick up quests, and having to decide what to delete while in a war zone. Better yet, just make the quest log unlimited.
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    Telling others not to derail a thread after coming into it and posting useless nonsense. 200iq.
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    If this is what she meant, then I guess we just found the reply to her whenever she wants to complain that she didn't get contribution while she was afk knitting or something. But then again I remember telling her indirectly this, and she replied "good thing for a dying game". You just can't win against Ele, she has all the answers, even google asks her for answers some time.
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    I think those of us who are still here are the people who are just apathetic to the state of the game. Like, it doesn't anger us anymore. We're just like "eh whatever" about literally everything. I think we MUST need to have that outlook to be able to stay.
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    Next thing, forced DN transfer to KT and closing of DN. Meanwhile they will continue to have bad prestige bonuses, no EC, no 7.2, no events that engage you, no skins. See I am not even complaining about maps gone, instances deleted, essencetapping being obsolete, crafting being ridiculous, because this is developer's issue, not NCWest. So I am mentioning their wrong doings. But NCWest took a decision at 6.2, no good events, emptiness and stale environment. They want this game closed. They actually wanted this game closed since late 4.x, early 5.x!
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    There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, February 12, 2020 from 6:00 a.m. CST / 13:00 CET. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 7 hours. Changes Routine website and server maintenance The Blooming Sprout Event will continue. Evergale Canyon is now open. Characters will no longer be refunded their entry when leaving the instance. KNOWN ISSUE: Kicking players is enabled in Evergale Canyon. We will be monitoring for abuse while we work to address this issue. Characters who entered the instance while it was bugged, but were not actioned upon, will be delivered the following to their mailbox during the maintenance: 24,000 Blood Medals (terminated item exchangeable for approximately 24 million Abyss Points). 132 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes 792 Legendary Etium 396 Ultimate Etium These rewards are equal to approximately if players had entered every available opportunity while the instance was deactivated. Qualifying characters who had an active Prestige Pass at any point between the end of maintenance on 8/21/2019 and the emergency maintenance on 9/11/2019 will be delivered double rewards, as Prestige has 2 entries per reset instead of 1. Characters on accounts who were inadvertently actioned despite having used Luna to offset their additional entries were also sent these rewards. A survey will be deployed for 1 week, which can be redeemed once per account by entering Evergale Canyon with a level 80 character, with the following: 70 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes 400 Legendary Etium 200 Ultimate Etium Characters who transferred during maintenance on 12/4/2019 will have their Lugbug mission data reset. This should allow for Lugbug mission access. Compensation for affected characters is being determined and will be communicated at a future date. Stigmas enchanted to +9 or above will no longer be reduced to below +9 upon failure, when using Stigma Enchantment Stones. At +9 and above, Stigma Enchantment Stones will use a fixed success rate. Ancient and Legendary Breath of Transformation items will be added to the store. One each per account is available for free per month. One additional is available for purchase each month. Players will be able to use Luna to add entries for the Minium Vault instance. Each account will be able to create 1 level 80 character on each server between now and maintenance on 2/26/2020. To create your character, click the “Character Jump” button at the bottom of the character list on the character selection screen. WARNING: Once used, the character jump cannot be refunded, reused or restored, even if the original jumped character is deleted. Melting Hearts will begin. Collect Chocolate Hearts throughout Atreia and use them to purchase rewards, or consume them for a buff. You can see full details here. This event is a rework of the older Broken Hearts event. Broken Heart Pieces will be converted into Chocolate Hearts during maintenance. Bundle sources of Broken Heart Pieces will be modified to provide Chocolate Hearts instead. [Event] Mended Heart bundles will be modified to provide 4 Chocolate Hearts. KNOWN ISSUE: Opening [Event] Mended Heart with an Asmodian character will provide only 1 Chocolate Heart instead of 4. This will be resolved in a future update. Valentine’s Day decorations have been set up in the capital cities. Fixed an issue where Frozen Magic bundle rewards were reverted during the Return to Katalam update. Fixed an issue where Bind Resistance was sometimes incorrectly called Blockade Resistance. Fixed an issue where the Gladiator skill (Advanced) Crushing Onslaught stated a 30% cooldown reduction to affected skills instead of 100%. Fixed an issue where the Templar skills Shield Crush and (Advanced) Shield Crush descriptions had an incorrect skill name listed (changed Severe Blow of Judgement to Righteous Blow). Fixed an issue where the Templar skills Unerring Grasp and (Advanced) Unerring Grasp descriptions had an incorrect skill name listed (changed Capture to Aether Leash). Fixed an issue where the Ranger skills Heart Shot and (Advanced) Heart Shot reduced the cooldown of Retreating Slash by 60% instead of 70% as stated. Increased the initial DP cost and upkeep cost of the Ranger skills Mau’s Glory and (Advanced) Mau’s Glory. Fixed an issue where the Sorcerer skill (Advanced) Raging Inferno said it reduces skill cooldowns instead of skill casting times. Fixed an issue where the buff effect for the Cleric skills Beam of Recovery and (Advanced) Beam of Recovery was incorrectly titled Flash of Recovery. Increased the initial DP cost of the Aethertech skills Limit Breaker and (Advanced) Limit Breaker. Upkeep cost is unchanged for these skills. Updated the tooltip on the Minium Vault Zikel’s Apostle transformation skill Ferocious Leap. Made a minor edit to the tooltip display of skills that charge through multiple stages (for example, the Aethertech skill Idium Slam). Fixed an issue where Ancient Creation raid bosses in Demaha were inconsistently named with the scrolls that summon them and the areas in which those scrolls can be used. Fixed an issue where some Engraved Manastone bundles were inconsistently named. Renamed 100% Manastone Enchant Supplement Selection Box to Flawless Manastone Socketing Supplement Selection Box. Fixed an inconsistency in the quest description of [Growth] Enlisting Nochsana Training Camp Guardians. Fixed typos in some quests relating to Infernal Drakenspire Depths. Fixed an issue where some of Pernos’ dialog used an incorrect term. Fixed an issue where entering Crimson Katalam would incorrectly state “Instance Server” instead of “Battleground Server”. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Maintenance Images of the Week
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    I contacted support and their reply was a link of this topic ...... I should have seen that coming.
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    Is that any different than you transforming at the start of siege to kill GP mobs? Getting GP rank since they revamped it has always been PVE and nothing to do with PVP...
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    @Cyan @Gideon Bumping. Can you confirm or deny if there are talks internally about removing the weekly limit? I don't need a date if you don't have one, but please just let us know if it is being discussed. As best as anyone I have asked can tell, there is no replacement for this resource pool once removed (as opposed to regions like KR where $5 can buy you 100x purple enchantment stones), and this thread is full of people doing the math on the ridiculousness of it all. It is extremely universally unfriendly to all players and is actively deterring players I have known to be long-time paying customers from continuing their journey. Enchantment stones from PVP instances give x3 per ancient bundle, which means on average you'll leave a pvp instance with 6x enchantment stones -- the LOWEST amount you can get from one of those genesis crystal boxes. Once you spend whatever reserves you had from the previous patch, you're done. There is no enchantment stone grind, there is no enchantment stone outlet. You. Are. Done. Please, people of the community, do not stop talking about this until we get answers.
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    Well you remember that old crap sandwich that you used to enjoy so much? Well old sandwich is gone, new sandwich is smaller, needs you to buy condiments from bcm, but is made by the same chef using his same signature rng sauce. Good for casual play and some nostalgia, but I wouldn't throw any money at it.
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    Just use the recipe to morph your ancient stones to legendary, then legendary to ultimate! Oh wait. We don't get XP from mobs anymore.
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    The only change is that now they must use more than 1 skill (Chromatic Wraith) for kill someone.
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    NCSOFT doesn't know the nerf on transformations only affects casting speed classes.... this is SO STUPID... cause atk speed classes can reach the atk speed cap so easily, while casters we have to play with nerfed transformations... this change only has negative consequences on casters so... talk with ncsoft to have the original stats from korea
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    D, C, B Minions combination compose_tier_grade: 4 compose_info_count compose_ratio 2 1500 3 3500 4 5000 A Minions combination compose_tier_grade: 4 compose_info_count compose_ratio (KR, TW) compose_ratio (NA) 2 1500 1500 3 3200 4000 4 4900 7000 S Minions combination compose_tier_grade: 1 compose_info_count compose_ratio 2 10000 3 10000 4 10000 S Minions evolution (All S minions currently have the following evolve stats) evolve_type: 1 evolve_success_prob: 160 evolve_fail_add_prob: 30 Sources: (New for 7.2, not in previous game versions) func_pet/familiar_compose_ratio.xml USA/func_pet/familiar_compose_ratio.xml
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    @Cyan If there is one piece of feedback that everyone would appreciate. That is a response from NCsoft Aion developers(not NCwest) to the NA region about the feedback we are currently giving them. Right now i am sure plenty of people are not giving feedback simply because they genuinely believe that NCsoft do not care about our region and that giving feedback that will probably be ignored is not something many want to venture in to.
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    The satisfaction of helping someone else...
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    Me logging into the forums just for the drama
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    I'm not really surprised. Doesn't mean I didn't worry about that once I read the patch notes. I even posted this morning about it before the servers were back up. I don't think any of us are surprised about anything that goes wrong and stays wrong for months without any meaningful updates. That doesn't mean that those of us who love this game don't worry about the downward spiral we are all riding.
  43. 2 points
    First you are not sure we will get a fix that is working and secondly why not voice your concern it is reasonable to be a bit upset and want to vent. why else would you have forums for the community.
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    The guy here is posting about a bug that affects a few players only and it is making his game bad while others already have it better, which creates an imbalance. I haven't really seen you complain about a bug, and if you did I must have missed it in the sea of complains you keep writing about your needs. You complained about the contribution area, which is exactly the same for everyone, everyone keeps getting contribution except you. Instead of you trying to game up yourself and get contribution, you decided to write down the most ridiculous request that favors you. You complained about daeva dash, where you afked and your problem is you got the losing rewards because you didn't bother to take some time to get some points and then afk (something your enemies bothered to do and you had an issue with). You then complained that you entered ID and the enemies were more op, which is not a problem itself, you then twisted our words about making a premade, you made a premade, sat afk and expected to get winning rewards because this is what you interpret our advice! You made a thread complaining that after you entered a quick queue AD, the enemies were already done with all bosses and left, and then you complained that you had to afk for 20 minutes for it to finish by itself, because you didn't even bother finishing an empty AD yourself, while the enemies were kind enough to give you the winning AP. Looks like you do not have problems with the bugs but aion itself. The guy who made this post has a serious problem and it is not even the same for everyone, it affects him and a few people than transferred. It is not even like EC being closed which affects everyone, this bug affects him, not me and it is not a developer issue, it is a blatant bug.
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    Its also the social aspect. I cant tell you how many hours I happily lost sleep because I was having fun with friends regardless of content. It has taken me a very long time to recognize how badly the game itself frustrates people. Ive even stopped asking people how I can help them because I know I cant fix what they are upset about. Yeah! Let me fix that enchant rate for you! And now I stay in touch out of game with many people and it just leaves the game feeling emptier for me.
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    Damn, this thread was great.
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    Totally agree. We know things are bad. We know things are bad and are resigned to them getting worse. We realize that it's futile to keep struggling. So we just lay here and wait for the end.
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    Really??? you want us to answer you that question?? because....well....you know, we have lives and it would take us a while to choose the best ones you have said in your more than 600 posts
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