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    Hey, look, it's the visual representation of XIGNCODE.
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    I was in the Asmo premade that was up against you. I actually saw Elyos who were near me and actively trying to kill us suddenly disappear. Not everyone you kicked was afk... Not cool, man.
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    Hey guys, we got a change from the devs to have the Ice Picks and Ice Blocks changed to party drop which we are aiming to get out this Wednesday! Thanks ^~^
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    So, @Cyan, we already filled 6 pages with both questions and suggestions to change the compensation scheme. Many players are trying to decide what to do with their current gear in terms of aiming for the best compensation they can afford (ie: trying to +27 their stuff to get something better than a rubbish yellow set that will get them 3-shot against anyone in purples/reds, enchanting extra pairs of accs, etc), if you then decide to change the compensation scheme (hopefully for the better) then they may have just wasted billions that they could have invested in other 6.0 preparation things (stigmas, kinah hoarding for gold bar compensation, aetherforging, etc). Prepping for this things often takes weeks (if not months) of kinah/material/enchant hoarding, so can we get a timely answer that doesn't happen 2 days before patch day?
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    Master Harvester are/were the best accs for support classes considering the stats, if you don't know what you're talking about, please don't comment~~ Until 6.0, pvp accs aren't actually the best accs for supporting, nor were they in the previous patches afaik. Yes, you will rubbish the gear pretty fast, but that's 2 months straight where you get utterly destroyed in 4 shots by those who got their gear to 25~27. And you can't hide away in FM/EC vs pugs 24/7 in this patch, you will actually need pvp gear to go outside to farm camps, unless you can afford to play in the middle of the night when no enemy is around. Hence why Koreans fled to new servers instead of dealing with the gear exchange bs. It's so much more fun to pvp when everyone has the same/similar gear.
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    Gonna have to side with no here. Do not give us a new server, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Kahrun released at free to play was good for few years until it started to bleed players till it became borderline dead. Beritra released with the Failed Steam Launch all that happened was players from active servers rerolled on the new server and played for a bit before many decided to go back to their other characters on other servers and borderline killed Beritra. So while I understand the want for a new server due to gear gap the only way even jokingly it may work is to merge Katalam and Danaria like Capa mentioned and then have a fresh start server. We know players are going to reroll from the existing servers onto new one and we would be in the same spot as those other 2 failed new servers. The big population increase will not last and people will come back and go as they have done with every big patch in Na. Heck Kt-e have been on these forums asking to nerf the UA forts because they can't get enough people to make go fast what do you think will happen to populations on existing server with a new server? So while I understand the reasoning for asking honestly the NA community has allready proven that fresh start servers won't work and the majority of the players who play on it will be rerolls not new players and that causes a whole different problem.
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    The next update for Aion is, as you all know, quite intensive. It should be no surprise that we are hard at work on it and looking at ways to more easily adapt it for our region. We're not ready to announce anything yet, but when we do we show you all. As the weeks go by you'll see more from us and we have a lot up information planned. You guys are very eager for more information and excited to see what's coming and it's great reading through all of the posts. Stay tuned~
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    The problem is not having them not release a specific date, but rather the lack of communication with their playerbase. There's no posts, or info or even hints when it's coming. EU already said it's September or October, Russia already released their exchange list for items, Japan is getting new patch next week, but NA is the most neglected. Most of the people here just want some sort of light shed on this, but complete radio silence is what frustrates the players, therefore finding other flaws in the company to release their anger on, aka Kumuki in this case. We're just tired of being ignored.
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    I only have 1 question for you Cyan, I REALLY hope you can answer this even if you can't answer the specifics. This gear conversion rate is an exact copy and paste from kr's 6.0 conversion rate. I am pretty sure EVERY other region had their rates proportional to the level of difficulty it was to actually obtain these enchantment levels. For example, Japan did not have any enchantment events like in KR where your gear doesn't drop down if you fail an omega, and you can potentially proc +3 etc, and so their conversion rates were significantly reduced to match. I'm sure its not hard for you guys to have access of those rates as references cuz it took me like 20 minutes to find them and I don't speak a lick of Japanese. SO. My question for you Cyan: did na arrive at this conversion rate after consideration of all the factors I have mentioned, or did you guys decide on this rate because you're just lazy and clueless and never played the game yourself and you don't even know that its actually statistically impossible to obtain a +35 in the na aion economy and you guys simply copy and pasted the rates from kr cuz you just don't care enough? Thanks!
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    Where else are you going to stand and do /wings?
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    na aion dead need 6.0patch NOT EVENT
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    Sound very OP. Maybe this skills gives the opponent a debuff, so when the enemy tries to read that description, they become confused, so you can kill them.
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    I did - and "proof". He did it while I was recording video. But he's already posted this thread basically thumbing his nose at Cyan and her coalition abuse rules thread; he goes so far as to be openly smug about forcing everyone into a cd. It's pretty obvious he believes/knows they won't do anything to him.
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    *slips manipulative dreams into Cyan's sleep* Natural Magic Stones... Natural Magic Stones... Natural Magic Stones...
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    I will forward this along. Thank you @Sun-DN!
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    Honestly this is the best post in this thread. You are gonna get some gear to help you in new patch progress and get the new gear. Sure some of the most geared players day 1 will have better gear but that is not stopping you from progressing and getting better gear in game. A patch is meant to play not be finished gearing day 1 of patch so get to work :-) They have been saying that for like 8 years yet here we are.
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    Hello Daevas, below is a list of items you can obtain from Kumuki's Daring Rescure. You can find full event details here. Poppy's Gift Box Gray Wolf Mark (x5) Spinel Medal (x4) Major Ancient Crown (x3) Major Ancient Goblet (x3) Major Ancient Goblet (x6) [Event] Danuar Relic Box (x4) Poppy's Trust Box Poppy's Letter Poppy's Letter (x5) Poppy's Letter (x10) Poppy's Trust Box [Event] Provenance Weapon Box Shining Prime Royal Captain Weapon Chest Shining Prime Royal Captain Armor Chest Pure Void Dragon King's Weapon Box Masterwork Apollon Accessory Chest Transcendent Thunder Dragon King Weapon Chest Essence Core Feline Hood Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) Major Blessed Augmenting Box Noble +10 Manastone Bundle Bright Water Dragon King's Weapon Box Brilliant Fire Dragon King's Weapon Box Prime Royal Captain Combat Wing Chest Greater Mythic Supplements Bundle Poppy's Letter (x30) Poppy's Letter (x50) Poppy's Letter (x60) Poppy's Letter (x100) Ember's Shop Major Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) Major Blessed Augmenting Box [Event] Essence Core [Event] Essence Core Solution Bright Water Dragon King's Weapon Box Brilliant Fire Dragon King's Weapon Box Prime Royal Captain Combat Wing Chest [Event] Omega Enchantment Stone (7 days) Greater Mythic Supplements Bundle [Event] Shining Archdaeva Cooking Bundle Level Reduction Stone Soft Kitty Shield Poppy's Trust Box Distorted Sunayaka's Weapon Box Fluffy Rabbit Shield +12 Manastone Bundle Ember's Shop Costs:
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    People are upset because unlike other regions where the exchange was tailored to what works, ours is a copypaste from Korea. One might consider the inclusion of gear that doesn't even exist on the NA version something of a subtle hint that this was handled with somewhat less care than might be preferable.
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    https://imgur.com/a/Z0jIca6 여기가 한국 서버냐? 한국은 +3강 이벤트도 했었고 돌파 키나도 0원 들어가게 했었다. 여기도 그렇게 이벤트 하던가 일본과 똑같이 보상을 바꾸던가 북미서버 보상이 저따구면, 궁극템 맞추려면 북미는 3년 걸리겠네 날이 덥다고 더위 먹으셨어요?
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    This is completly insane! The RNGs should be like +25, +20, +15, +10 and +5, who: +25 Puryfied Prime/Harvester gives u a +5 Ultimate, +20 a +0 Ultimate, +15 a +10 Legendary, +10 a +5 Legendary +5 a +0 Legendary.. whoever have a +0, takes a +10 Ancient. And those how have Normal Prime or Harvester, a +5 Ancient. Everyone who had tested the Russian Server know that the Status Differences between those above are ENORMOUS, but fair if u are judgind a "gear replacement".
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    The Master wings are a bit.. special. We're talking to the dev team about them. No equipment is being removed. If you have any of the current equipment on the list, you'll have it forever. You'll get get the new equipment added to your inventory.
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    http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=2919 http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=2921 http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=2922 http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=2918 http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=2917 That is a large amount of ban's despite majority of them being bots there is a large amount of actual players in the mix as well.
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    During this week, MMORPG.org has revealed that NCsoft is looking for more professionals to work on its new AAA Game, and all evidence indicates that the project is nothing less than Aion 2. The site MMO Culture also released an image with all the necessary details to apply for the available positions, the image also shows Aion 2 classified as PC + Next Generation Console MMORPG. sources: https://mmorpg.org.pl/news/zobacz/ncsoft-pracuje-nad-next-genowym-pc-mmorpg-to-najpewniej-aion-2 https://mmoculture.com/2018/07/aion-ncsoft-is-now-hiring-for-new-next-generation-mmorpg/
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    No freakin' thanks. Once said new server's populations recede and disappear into the aether, (and they will), those left will have to be merged into Katalam and Danaria. Meaning...another round of name resets and housing losses for all. Man, some of you peeps must suffer from short-term memory apparently. I can guarantee you that would kill what pop is left in this game faster than any potential shitty patch.
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    You’re comparing oranges with apples . 6.0 is going back to the basics . This is the time when me and hundreds of other veterans were in . 6.0 is going to revive aion the same way it did for Korea . Korea was as dead as aion is right now before 6.0.
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    Whats the reason not to give us good events to incentivize players to come back sooner than you announcing 6.0 the day before it releases? How hard is it to just enable the eye and change the rewards? Are you guys paid so little that you can't be nyerked even considering something like this or is there a more complicated reason? LOL NOT THAT YOU'D TELL US ANYWAY AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT LOL
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    @Blyte-DN the objection regarding minions is in part because devs made a point to (mostly) get rid of godstones with 6.0. This idea was well received. However, they then decided to reintroduce the function, but now in the form of minions. This made players unhappy because minions had already been criticised for being very strong and the back and forth made them such again, but in a way that involved an additional layer of disappointment. As for storage - Aion doesn't let you unlock all that much of it. I personally enjoy keeping my stigmas, skins, crafting nonsense and other types of things on separate characters. My storage spaces are cleaner for it, and I know where to find what without having to root through 12 pets. The awkward trading restrictions are going to make moving trivial things around more cumbersome. One can argue in favor of paying for convenience, but one should also take into account that there's really not that much storage space we can buy with real money either (for characters that aren't newly created, that is). The thing about RNG... Aion always has some RNG involved in progression. What changes is how it manifests. Used to be that manastones would explode, this changed. Instead, enchanting got harder. Then skill boosts. Then enchanting, but differently. Same jello, different mold.
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    Drawing Cheesecake's character. I started last year and kind of abandoned it, but I really want to finish it now! When I look back it's nice to see the changes I've made in terms of shading. (Neither of them were/are finished btw) Something I made for a friend from WoW, not Aion related, but whatevs.
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    This issue won't go away, because NCWest is a direct subsidiary of Korea, they're limited to what they can post or what info to publish. Remember how long we waited for new forums? Same issue, different story, although we did manage to get the new forums after like 2-3 years, NA's website is the true testament of how much neglect we suffer, and how long we're now waiting for it to update. Your best bet and option is to never have high expectations here, you'll be less disappointed. Korea doesn't care about NA, because Innova and Gameforge flood them with money.
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    How is there ALWAYS someone who does this every time we get an xp buff. A 300% buff equals 4x xp. Why? Because we already get 1x xp by default. So add 3x to that and voila -- 4x.
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    Another mini and prob my last for a while since I've got some big projects atm ^^'
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    " 1. Characters will no longer disconnect for no reason during gameplay." Sitting here trying not to LOL.
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    Crafted gear is second best (first one being the instance drop like DD hard mode and Prometon Workshop) as of 6.2. Just don't forget we will be swarmed by bots again and NCWest might nerf world drops. If you can't get your gear exchanged, just remember you can exchange Omegas and Temperings at an NPC in Sanctum/Pandaemonium, that is, if NA will include that NPC. No NPC, no exchange.
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    Fas is the new new-thread-attention-nyerk for the forums.
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    Feels like I just read an official piece on Aion lore. Prideful Elyos doomed by their own arrogance. Life imitates art, or the other way around?
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    I personally believe a new server is the better choice. However i am not talking about a permanent server here tho i believe a server with a timer(2 months) would be perfect for what Aion is in need of at this point in time. This gives the new players(if any) and returning players a platform where they can get use to the game again while not giving the current active players any incentive to re-roll on to the new server in fear it may be the better one to play on.
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    今日我們針對「利用組織、集團式外掛行為進行遊戲不法獲利者影響遊戲營運」的帳號, 進行違規帳號鎖定作業,共計永久鎖定1373個帳號, 1373 bot farm characters account locked permanently 並針對以下接收不法獲利帳號,進行暫時帳號鎖定, 請以下帳號來信【1:1諮詢】,同意刪除不法獲利之基納金額後,在開啟帳號。 The following accounts that have received illegal Kinah (i.e. purchased kinah from bot farms) have been temporarily locked. For owners of accounts temporarily locked in this way, please submit a 1-on-1 petition and agree to delete such illegal kinah in order to unlock account. 伺服器 Server 角色名稱 Character Name 接收不法獲利之基納 Amount of illegally obtained Kinah received 鎖定原因 Reason of account lock 利用組織、集團式外掛行為進行遊戲不法獲利者影響遊戲營運 Running illegal organizational/group-type 3rd party program in game causing negative effects of game server operation 鎖定天數 Account lock duration in days 永久鎖定 Permanent lock So basically all the permanently locked accounts are all bot farms. Except the following players, the rest of the bots all had gibberish name using only English characters. 饭饭饭丶(Simplified Chinese, bot from mainland China?) 老佛爷 (Simplified Chinese, bot from mainland China?) 帝丷 The real players who bought botted kinah gets their purchased kinah deleted if they desire to continue playing.
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    Only master server merged with pandemonium on KR and that's cause the devs said the spirit/idea of the master server was integrated into the design of 6.0. So in 6.0 master server was converted to a useless normal server with no reason to play on it so it merged. There's still the original 3 live servers and 2 new ones. KR was saved by 6.0 with a 6x population boost 1 month after launch. Ofc ncsoft has failed to release anything good after and population is only 3x now with a big drop this month. 6.0 doesn't work without a new server and if NCWest is the only region not to release one not only is it a sign that the game is officially dead here BUT all the flaws in 6.0 that a new server covers up will be seen so much sooner :). Dying games need gimmicks, other games do fresh starts and try to feed off the player boost. 6.0 hype is the first time I've seen Aion mentioned outside of Aion circles in a LONG time. Who cares about a website when a returning/new player has to deal with being literally 2 shot for 3-6 months. 6.0 is a pvp patch btw, the pvp is the majority of the content. Who in the nyerk is masochistic enough to be veteran fodder for that long? Not even in good modern games would people deal with that. Even if the server merges into KT/DN 3 months down the road, you will still retain greater than 0 players which is a massive improvement to the bleed out that will continue till the lights are shut off.
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    Until it's inevitably dead just like Kahrun and Beritra were? I know the gear gap is extremely shitty, but another server will just be dead within three months and we'll be back at square one, albeit with a server we have to flip a coin to decide if it's Katalam or Danaria it'd be merged with. I don't have a lot of glowing optimism that NCWest will somehow manage to get and keep a bunch of new players, especially since their version of advertising is "word of mouth." We're still using the same site from 2011, and it still has the new player tips guide up that has nothing to do with the current patch. Korea had going f2p to carry them with new numbers...we don't.
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    I know as a AT we can use any emote as well but not while on bastion with idle ones and wish NcSoft can change it so we can be on bastion with emote going on idle like say cutie dance or socialite etc. Most AT rather be on their bastion just in case if a unexpected encounter and think it would look epic with a big ol 80's cell phone on me
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    Hi @Cyan, i would like to know, if there is any chance to able the housing script edition in game while we wait the next update, just to have something else to do in the game, i believe i speak for each housing lover in the game, we are so tired of can't edit scripts in game, and is really annoying to save a script in deposit, close the game, open the lbox_archived.xml and there edit the sciript without even reach to see the result until reopen the game, and do this everytime we wanna add some script to our home is really driving me crazy of tired. Please it's so sad that we can't enjoy properly all the features of the game at this point. PLEASE! Thank you for read. P.S: PLEASE!!!!
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    Regarding events, 2 bad 4 u. As for the size of the patch you downloaded, I just updated mine and it is nowhere near as big as you described. Maybe the patcher just detected something off in your client and replaced stuff? Mine was just around the usual 5 MB
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    @Cyan This isn't really the problem though, I think it's fine if the event items drop directly instead of having to open bags. The huge glaring issue to me is that the picks are a drop only for one person in the group instead of shared like the blocks are, and how the bags were. So you end up with many people snagging the ice pick simply just because they looted a boss first (either on purpose or accidentally)- and when the drop isn't even a guarantee, it leads to a whole lot of frustration and resentment all around.
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    I'm with you! What instances characters level 60 or lower should do? puff, bring us kumuki please!
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