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    As we wrap up 2019, we’d like to wish you the merriest of holidays. Our offices will be closed for the remainder of the year as we take some time off to spend the holidays with our friends and family. Many of us remain on call for any urgent issues. Our Customer Support team will continue to answer the tickets you submit during this time, and our scheduled regular maintenance will happen on December 25 and January 1. The maintenance schedule for Wednesday, December 25 and Wednesday, January 1 are: Start: 4:00 a.m. PST End: 5:00 a.m. PST Say safe and be merry; we’ll see you in the new year, Daevas! Warm wishes, The Aion team
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    At this point I wouldn’t care spending ridiculous amounts of Luna on the wardrobe system to keep buying more slots if it meant I didn’t have to permanently lose costumes since it seems that some skins will never be put on the store again since Ncsoft just simply doesn’t listen to customer demand and put costumes that people want to ACTUALLY buy. The costume rotation was supposed to happen every 2 weeks or something but I’ve seen some ugly af costumes up for a month at a time that NO ONE buys, and I have some costumes on my characters that I won’t even touch because I haven’t seen them being sold for in years so I don’t want to risk never seeing them again. It’s already such a dilemma for me seeing which costume I have to delete from Luna just so I can use another...
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    Excuse everyone... how did I miss this post? Here...
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    @Cyan Why is our BCM so empty and what happened to our skin rotations? Why doesn't luna have skin crafting anymore ( and no im not taking about the light/dark follower)? What happened to all the crafting of skins including Phantom Tiger, Fungie set, Prowess set. Can we get an update on the skins in Gold Sand Traders. Skins in instances dont even drop anymore that would be nice t have back (a.k.a IDD) The game is literally dying of skins, the broker is empty and some of us play this game because of the wide selection, people will empty their wallets to collect them and you guys take them out of game without saying a word. Is it a budget thing or are you guys just wanting people not to spend money in bcm? The skins being picked out for the monthly updates are god awful and really the only thing i have bought in these last few months were the bear ears you guys just released Can we get some kind of response regarding this since so many posts are being made about this topic. MAKE AION PRETTY AGAIN!
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    Next thing, forced DN transfer to KT and closing of DN. Meanwhile they will continue to have bad prestige bonuses, no EC, no 7.2, no events that engage you, no skins. See I am not even complaining about maps gone, instances deleted, essencetapping being obsolete, crafting being ridiculous, because this is developer's issue, not NCWest. So I am mentioning their wrong doings. But NCWest took a decision at 6.2, no good events, emptiness and stale environment. They want this game closed. They actually wanted this game closed since late 4.x, early 5.x!
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    ... Please quit making these vaguely promising remarks on the forums and then following it up with posts like today's. It would have been so easy to just say changes were being made to the event. (It only lasts for 2 weeks and obviously wasn't play tested or you guys would know about the boss HP and hammer drop issues but whatever.) I know what you said yesterday wasn't a lie but it still feels like such a slap in the face when EVERYONE is eager to hear about changes and updates regarding EC, 7.2/future patches, Luna retuning, housing/guestblooms, or even skins. No one cares about this event!!! It is a lame casual event with lame casual rewards! Like, okay fine. No EC news. You know what would tide everyone over in the meantime? Make the Luna wardrobe bigger, and add more skins to the BCM and in-game stores. More and more players are getting their endgame gear but no one wants to skin over it with one-time only costumes that we might never see again. I'm glad we got wintery skins and mounts on the BCM, and the cute animal hoodies from the event bosses- it is a good start. BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH. Step. It. Up.
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    Sad thing is there is a community however dwindled it may be that are openly willing to find this game even in the crap state it is in. I'm past dreaming of a better day for this game my gameplay lately has been on the forums watching the snowball gather size and speed as it rolls down hill
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    People might spend more and they'd make more money if NCsoft did what they said they'd do when 6.0 dropped. When the servers returned, we got to see a brand new and butchered black cloud market. Only a fraction of what was originally on it was still there. A lot of people were posting about it and the official response we got here on these very forums was that the thew BCM would be like this for a little while until they migrated everything over (like all the costumes, furniture, other cosmetics, etc.) This turned out to be a lie. NCSoft decided to try to create artificial scarcity (and thus demand /buying incentive) by using the same "rotation" strategy for their cosmetics that other more popular MMOs do. They only put a few items on it at a time and leave them there for months. The other problem is that they keep putting up things no one wanted before and still don't want now. They're also trying to sell things that used to be available in game for kinah or arena insignias. They have to be actively trying to kill this game. I absolutely cannot think of any other explanation for why NA Aion is being mismanaged so badly. Even ****ing Gameforge is doing better at this point and that's crazy to think about.
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    Well, I can kind of imagine Cyan's thought process. Cyan hangs up his stocking, puts milk and cookies out for Rudolph, and gets ready for bed on Christmas Eve. Then he remembers Aion (my apologies if Cyan is not a he) and how he hasn't logged in and written the mail for tomorrow morning, but he thinks about the ungrateful complainers on the forum and says to himself "nah, it'd spoil the spirit of Christmas, so I'm going to bed."
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    Its also the social aspect. I cant tell you how many hours I happily lost sleep because I was having fun with friends regardless of content. It has taken me a very long time to recognize how badly the game itself frustrates people. Ive even stopped asking people how I can help them because I know I cant fix what they are upset about. Yeah! Let me fix that enchant rate for you! And now I stay in touch out of game with many people and it just leaves the game feeling emptier for me.
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    Damn, this thread was great.
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    I think those of us who are still here are the people who are just apathetic to the state of the game. Like, it doesn't anger us anymore. We're just like "eh whatever" about literally everything. I think we MUST need to have that outlook to be able to stay.
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    ah yes it sure was nice when ppl would cap and hog katalam/danaria/abyss forts for months without end, stacking billions of kinah and thousands of pots and distributing them across their selective legion members, 95% of the faction never even knowing about their existence uwu for the faction !!!!!!!!!!!111 it's cute that you're all nostalgic and leave out the poisoned part of the fruit that are earlier patches... barracks glide hacks ? the hoards of permawow gunners ? quest items going into your main inventory ? all 4 previously socketed manastones removing themselves if you failed the 5th cuz you cheapened out on feli socketings and were keeping the single one you could afford for the 6th slot ? composites failing to socket ? not getting the tune you want on io/dr weapons after your 3 allotted retunes ? farming Idian Depths for 2hrs straight and only getting enough idium crystals to go IS twice ? stigma shards ? having to unequip the whole stigma tree, stigma by stigma, if you wanted to change specs ? not being able to see elyos behind you on the compass map ? invasion loot drama because loot was number-limited but the factions were not ? you and 22 other ppl failing EB because of 1 person when you were supposed to get 3 more runs done that same day ? being unable to catch up to 5-stars/generals unless you literally used all your playtime to run EBs back to back because they all scrolled multiple EBs every day since months and you didn't have that kind of time ? new players being confused as SHIT about what piece of gear gives offensive VS defensive stats when enchanted (some ppl clearly are still confused) ? non-existent gear sets, having to use the g a r b a g e macro switch unless you had AHK/gaming mouse ? people that could go above the gear cap as early as 4.7 (january 2015) with stones rarer than a blue moon ? mounts being lowkey rare until Luna was added (July 2016) and let's not forget Pandaemonium not having a direct teleport from the entrance to the brokers until somewhere in 5.x ? fun fun fun if you're not enjoying the game in its current state, put your addiction on ice and quit.
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    Demaha map becomes a timed instanced multi-server zone, same to Lakrum and I think Katalam (the map) too. There are also no sieges in Lakrum or Demaha in 7.5. The "new" end game maps will be Gelkmaros and Ingison... again. There will be a specific area of siege contribution in Gelk/Ingi too, now now there Ele get your fingers ready for the 7.5 post where you want the Gelk/Ingi siege contribution area to be bigger so you can get credit while you essencetap near the town.
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    Devilnest you afked in a demaha siege and still got credit, I give you an "E" for effort, you totally missed the point here bruh!
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    The only idiot in this thread is.. well. You get the picture. Most everyone in this thread, aside from yourself, comes to the forums to help those that ask. This is necessary since LFG is full of trolls and Support is useless. Here on the forums people can often get a straight answer.. even if it isn't the one they want to hear. You started this thread to ask NCSoft to change the area of contribution because under a very specific set of circumstances, you couldn't get credit. Not getting credit at sieges is a problem as old as the game is. Way way way back in the first abyss sieges, there were times when a dominated faction couldn't get close enough to a fort to get credit. Back then, dominate factions couldn't get credit because the dominated faction wasn't getting close enough for them to get credit. Even back then, when this was a sub game, frustrated people bought and paid a sub for a second game in order to bring their own enemy character in to sneak it into the credit area to get credit for the sieges. Every single fort has had this issue in every single patch. So asking Korea to change things isn't going to work. Not that they can't, but they certainly won't. So helpful posters came to your thread to offer you suggestions on how you could change your own game play (since that's something you can control while NCSoft is something none of us can control) in order for you to get siege credit. And what have you done? Pooped on them. Like you do in every single thread you start here. You accuse the others in this thread of scaring those that need help that they won't get from Support or the player base at large. The person who is actually scaring away posters is you and your accusatory tone. Anyone that doesn't automatically roll over onto their back and surrender to your self-delusional idiocy is vilified by you and I am personally really sick of it. The population of our game is getting smaller and smaller. The last thing any of us should do is poop on those very few people who actually are trying to help players. Consider that before you attack next time, alright?
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    I never wrote I do not care enough to bother to post, nor did I ever say posting is a waste of time though. Now lets start a constructive conversation where you will make more irrelevant conclusions based on what people never wrote
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    Really??? you want us to answer you that question?? because....well....you know, we have lives and it would take us a while to choose the best ones you have said in your more than 600 posts
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    Please no merger. We already have Arkaida on KT-E. We don't need Ele to come over and add to the entitled bitching.
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    Who even cares if it got fixed? Only one week left in this event anyway. So oh good, 5 extra hammers to get 2 whole stellium! We need 7.2 info. At LEAST a proposed date. Danaria server is in such a sad state. It's hard to form groups because people are bored and/or just don't care about the game because they think NCsoft doesn't care.
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    Fvck yeah, 5 whole manastone fasteners!
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    Today marks 4 full months without EC.
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    Wassup with that update on Evergale Canyon... @Cyan
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    In conclusion, the skill ceiling required to master a sorc is much higher than other classes. Most players would prefer instant gratification than persevering with a class that requires fast reflexes, reaction and skill. Sm, on the other hand is a broken af class designed to cater for the mentally disadvantaged people. Fact is no one likes SMs.
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    You can bind to obelisk in Stellusia, take the flight transporter. You will also find Icerunerk there.
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    @Aieryn-DN I have all but quit Aion...I let my Prestige run out and I hardly log anymore. I dropped I think a few hundredish on the snowball event. I was not elated with the results nor horribly disappointed but the game's support is just depressing. I don't know any MMORPG I have played recently with such horrendous support. I am not pointed a finger at anyone or Witch hunting but as a whole for it to take not weeks but months to implement fixes in a MMORPG is unheard of. The lack of relevant updates and details on pertinent game statuses if disheartening. I have played since the game was released and road the wave from when we got monthly subscription rewards that gave little thank yous to those supporting the game. So many hopes that got crushed. Will I quit entirely...probably never. I won't lie and say something that absolute. I just will truly free to play until I get something if anything that I find worth the money again.
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    Nobody with actual decision making power at NCsoft gives a flying nyerk about Aion, especially in NA, and it's quite sad.
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    Hey @Aieryn-DN I hope your move smooths out and you and your daughter start the new year out on a good foot in your new place in Illinois. I have sorta half given up on reasonable timelines or updates. I guess just wing it and try to find somethings to help you hold on lol. I have personally began playing WoW and looking into other alternatives. Sad but I am almost ready to retire from this game. Almost
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    I doubt we will hear anything until after the 1st of the year now.
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    I hate the dude who says, "Stay vigilant, even in Lakrum." BRO IT SHOULD BE *ESPECIALLY* IN LAKRUM BECAUSE IT'S A SHARED PVP MAP. Smh...
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    Real easy to get to lv 80 now (luna, campaign, blue quests) AP gained from those pvp accessories is now abysmal compared to what you can earn now in (herelym mine) + pvp instances. You can still trade in old relics for ap at sanctum though.
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    Ohh, you didnt like my meme?? im so sorry... not, and dont come to tell me that I cant explain it with logic, we really do not have the time and much less the will to explain it to you again, @Aly-DN, @Cheesecake-DN, and a bunch of other people have tried unsuccessfully to explain the logic of the sieges and you are simply infatuated because the sieges are not the way you want them to be. there, another useless meme for you.
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    No, because those pleople come here, post it once or maybe twice and then realize that NC is not going to do the change, while you have said the same thing in different topics, over and over again, some people have told you what to do to get credit in the zone (including myself) and you basically have said no and want to get credit your way. And now because things didnt go your way, you created this topic, it was fogotten and then two months later you did your "UP" post, if that is not bitching for you, i really dont want to know what you do when you are actually doing it.
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    Ouch. Guys, ever heard of toxic passive-aggressive relationships where one side is either too coward or too smart to tell you to GTFO, but even though they don't exactly spell it out for you (and why should they spell it out when they can enjoy your money and other resources while you wonder and linger), but their actions or lack thereof put the writing on the wall rather clearly. At this point, this is the choice: stay, pour your time and money into a black hole ( @DevilNest-KT , no! ) and be neglected at best or mocked as seen in OP screenshot, or accept that it's long over here, and devote your gaming time and money to a game worthy of your resources and developers who deserve them and who care about their product and their customers, in that order.
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    That would be true if the shield could withstand more than two attacks, something that is not so, the shield does not last the 5 seconds described because the melee classes with two skills take it away. And it still only effective again phisical attacks, not magical attacks.
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    Ladies ladies... calm your uteri down. I admit Henry Cavill is one of the best looking actors in the world but this is the problem, he is way too pretty-boy to play Geralt. Look at a professional cosplayer nick named Maul. It is weird that block buster movies are rarely believable of the actual franchise while cosplayers are more dedicated Look at his acting as well.
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    Yes they deleted the game to revamp it and now they bring back everything that made it bad. Godstones and proc items favor sins, gunners and generally classes that hit a lot of skills in a short time. By the time a sorc casts one big ulti skill, an assassin has done like 20 skills so he has 20 times more chances to proc something based on attacks.
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    If anyone finds this thread in the future, please read the first post. I am no longer being tech support for this game. It's been fun, but I'm tired. If you have any tech questions, feel free to make a thread in General Discussion. Hopefully there will be someone left who can help.
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    Yea PCs will always be better but that is kind of the reason why Aion is in such a sad state. Even mobile games are 100% out performing Aion in terms of being an MMORPG. They stopped getting as much money because they ruined Aion themselves and took 0 responsibility for it and tried to shaft the players. If you look at every other game out their including random 20 year old games like Age of empires 2 to name 1 and a recent release of archage unleashed to name another the developers took responsibility and worked on fixing broken mechanics with-in the game. Ncsoft's idea of fixing the game was to take feedback from the players and figure out how can they make people spend more on their game and have those spending players defend/justify playing Aion. To their credit they did it great. Spending players were defending for a while till they ran out of things to spend on for the most part.
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    no offense but get outta here with that mobile gaming bull PCs will forever be better
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    Hello, I want to transfer the mounts in my account to my other character. But I can not put into the warehouse is prohibited, please make your mounts account special so I can use all the characters in the same account. Do this in minions. Because it's hard to do the same thing with every character. This change encourages the arrival of new players. Have a nice day, make it easy.
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    On your "weird Asmodian base flying up in space there. I found no way of getting there": You can get there by jumping from the lighthouse. You can only enter by going around to the right and entering between the flags, otherwise there's a barrier to movement and you end up falling. The NPC up there is Kandu and he says "did you come here from the Pandora Labor Agency? I hope you receive fair compensation for your efforts" To which all you can do is say "I could always use more." There is nothing in aioncodex or Google on this, but Pandora Labor Agency is new. Anybody know where to get the quest?
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    Chanter is a very versatile class and, as such, there are many ways to play it. The info I will give you below is just my opinion. It's not necessarily what's right for you or another chanter! Hopefully some other chanters will also give you their own advice and you can develop your own play style. My pve dps and healing sets are pictured below. Stats are buffed with Instigation and food/xform, but no 4k dp buff or Blessing of Wind on the dps set and no heal boost buffs on the support set. The dps set is endgame gear as it is all red and 3 of the pieces are the new red gear; the heal boost set is mid-level gear. I mention that because if you are just focusing on FM right now, you won't have this gear yet, and that's okay! Just work on getting your purple pieces. Once you are mostly purple with just 2-3 golds, you can start running PF to try to get some red pieces. Once you have your red pieces from PF, you can start to do Stellin Lab easy mode to get the other red pieces. ** Note, if you have geared friends to carry you, you can do that stuff sooner. *** Second note, I only talked about pve gear since you were talking about pve, not pvp. Use duplicate stigmas to enchant to +4. From that point on, I recommend using the Stigma Enchantment Stones so that you don't break your stigma back to +0. I would recommend you take a closer look at Leaping Flash. It didn't use to be super useful because it was a charge skill. Now, it is almost insta-cast and it has a shorter cd. It's a guaranteed knockdown that hits a decent amount of damage, and it is now viable in pvp too since it's a very fast cast. I also highly recommend you take another look at Blessing of Wind. It is an extremely op skill that will boost your dps a lot. Here are the stigmas I use: I use this set-up any time I am in a group. The vision, Word of Instigation, is very op for all physical classes. I highly recommend using this set-up when you're with a group because you will boost everyone's dps a lot. The only exception is if you're in a class full of magics. Magic classes do not benefit from Word of Instigation. I use this set-up when I am by myself: Sometimes I will use this set-up if I don't need to be boosting group dps, but still need to have a 20k heal (Healing Burst) on hand just in case. Or I might put something else in place of Mountain Crash, just depending on the situation. I will always use Blessing of Wind in any situation that I can though, if I don't have to be Instigation spec. In my opinion, a chanter is a jack of all trades. I won't take a heal-only chanter or a dps-only chanter in a group if I'm on another toon. It is my belief (again, others will have other opinions) that a chanter should be able to dps, shield, buff, and heal. That's how the class was designed. If you have a cleric, great, you should absolutely be dpsing (and buffing). However, if the cleric disconnects or dies or whatever, you should be ready to start healing immediately. You should be able to discern when your group needs to be shielded, when clerics need to be helped, etc. Chanter requires a lot of spatial awareness. You have to be the kind of person who notices a lot. All of that said, again, this is only my opinion! You should absolutely play the class in whatever way you feel most comfortable. This is a game after all, and games should be fun. As a note though, you won't be able to main heal endgame instances without a heal boost set and proper support stigmas. So if that is something you think you might want to do, I'd recommend getting some heal boost accessories and your missing heal stigmas -- Elemental Screen and Word of Life. Also, you will need the Daevanion skill called Rejuvenating Spell (get from weekly Aetherforging craft/events/GoldSandTraders/shugo in instances). It looks like/does this:
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