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    As title say UwU i just came back from a looong break and i really want to catch up, and this buff of 300% and drop rate of 150% gave me good things, please extended until the end of exp event UwU Thank you so much ♥
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    Imagine telling us you care and all you do is put p2w stuff.... Imagine releasing the worst event ever done in 11 years and saying I hope you guys enjoy it ... Imagine making an event where everyone just steals the loot from each other and saying you care about the community... Imagine releasing an event that features the usage of auto-hunt functions and saying that you don't want that feature in your game... Imagine telling your player base that you're going to release new transformations, but nobody cares about it because you guys only sell it from your store... Imagine telling people you care about their feed back and the next move you do is put their feed back on your store but not in the game... Imagine lying non stop to people who put food on your table... You guys should be forced to play the game so maybe you will know what you're doing to us ... That should be your punishment !!! Shame on you !@Kibbelz @Loki
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    This is a help to those that do not have 12x ancients to combine and wanna try the luna crafted transformation boxes. Overview: Crafted 100x boxes with the 75% recipe, I had 22% fails so that was good. Got 340x contracts from the 100x boxes Got more than what I needed in ancients directly and by combining for the event. Details (if you are not bored to read): I am going to be the guinea pig for everyone, but before this take some advice: From now on never combine your transforms unless we have a promotion event. You never know what the next promotion will need. In your main account, when you do lunas on main char and alts, never fully deplete your luna's lights, always leave enough luna's lights for future needs. You can always turn your luna materials into luna at any time you want, but if you need to craft something out of the blue or a new recipe, you need to have accumulated materials. -- So back to the subject, I had an alt in my account that had a ton of luna materials that I never turned into Luna. So I was waiting for him to get the transformation recipe, I used the 75% because it worths far more, I calculated my failure was close to 22%, so that counted as a 78% recipe, but the 75% recipe uses half the material of the 100% recipe, so it is a win situation with less material you get more boxes. I made sure I would craft 100x Luna Transformation Boxes to draw statistics. I could craft more but they were more than enough it seems. Opening the boxes can give you 2x, 4x, 6x or 8x contracts, so I assume these are the only amounts you can get from one box. The amount I got in the end was 340 contracts out of 100 boxes, o that makes it 3,4 contracts per box. -- My Goal was to get more ancient contracts to get the 12x ancient combine promotion event reward. And although I already had 5x ancient doubles, I ended up with a ton more which were more than enough. LASTLY: If you have 12x ancients you can combine 2 times with 6x contracts per time. This supposedly will give you better chance at getting a legendary and you still count towards the reward for the event. If you do not have 12x double ancients, you can always combine 2x at a time, because you combine 2x and thus register as 2-combined for the event, but you end up getting one back because you will always fail to upgrade, effectively you lose 1 and register 2 in the event. Thus you need 7 double ancients to get the 12x combines registered Attention: that would work if you ALWAYS fail the 2x ancient combine and get another double ancient. If you get a legendary lucky you but you need more ancients for the promotion event reward. If you get a new ancient that you didn't have you still need more than 7. Below you will see the videos of the procedures. @TheSecretCowLeve-KT you can draw statistics. Along with the average of 3,4/box, you can also see how many times I got 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x contracts (the video is sped up but you can easily check the chat log, I have it with seconds registered so it is easy to track. How many of each tier I got by opening the 340x contracts (too bored to check it, I'll update the video description if you make your statistical data) How many successful upgrades and fails I did with 6x normal and 6x greater. The ancient ones were done 2x and they all failed.
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    I came here to leave my dissatisfaction with this last aion anniversary event, almost 1 month ago I was making materials in my 12 characters only in my main I made 608 coins, and 220 coins in each alt which gave me a total of 275 attempts and I didn't I got a final contract, there were people who closed the contract on the first day of the event, in short I lost several hours of 28 days for nothing @Kibbelz
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    This was by far the worst event,because there was no middle term on rewards ... either win a transformation or a bunch of nonsense crap - exp extractors,3 minimum,consumables and outdated accessories... i was surprised to see how many people was in the dream world 24/7,making almost impossible to finish a dumb quest that rewards you nothing... i was not expecting a transformation but it would be nice to put some different rewards like legendary stones or even daevanion marks... in the end,95% of the playerbase just lost 30 days? in a boring place afk jumping lol
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    I, too purchased the same pixel to be able to make a combine. If the hanbok legendary combines didn't count it should have explicitly stated that as being excluded for the event as I obviously would have chosen differently. From the news page: "The second part of our fall events will be the release of a set of four new Legendary transformations called the Hanbok Pixels!" "If an account consumes 2 Legendary transformations via combination, they will receive 1x Autumn Harvest Superior Transformation Pouch (limit 3 per account). This prize will be awarded regardless of the results of transformation combination." Seems pretty clear to me.
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    So we didn't get the auto-hunting feature because they don't want ppl to focus on solo play??? Well while I admire that sentiment if they truly didn't want to push players to solo play they should re-vamp the reward systems for siege cause everyone knows you get better credit going solo if you are geared then if you go with a group. Same thing goes for farming XP, you get more faster XP solo then in a group. Same for farming kinah, you don't share the loot, therefore it's more beneficial to solo instances.... I agree that NCsoft should focus on community, but with the majority of mechanics in the game at the moment, it feels like the only way to to really become successful is to be selfish or a solo player for the most part.
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    The survey is to compensate for all the players who didnt get the transform, and to just make the community happy. This is what we need
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    @Kibbelz thank you for providing a better solution in a short turn around time. I apologize for the overly negative feedback that you received attacking your character or intelligence when you're clearly just trying to be fair. I commend the grace you're able to handle these kind of situations and maintaining an open form of communication with the community.
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    Wow... I hate to think that one of those 300 people that got it for free are a big spender and spent alot of money to get some more pixels to complete collection bonus. I mean that is a completely awful way to treat a big spending customer that way. Who cares if that player got a free one if they spend the kinda money some players spend. And what if someone got it free and lost an entire week of progress cause they didnt want anything else on the event NPC and didnt farm any needles or honey, thats completely unfair. Its not like NCsoft gave any warning that they would take back the free contract. So how the heck would those players even know. They could have at least given warning early so that players would still know to farm the event to get back the free contract. Or give the survey with a number of free HoneySongyeons to make up for any lost progress from event... @Kibbelz @Loki
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    At this point, NCsoft should just give one selectable Hanbok transformation to every account which was not able to claim one in the 30 minutes before they removed the NPC. That's really the only viable solution that won't leave people feeling upset. Then reset the free key on the BCM so we can grind out a second 50-Honey transform if we want to do so (many will want to for collections).
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    The pine moon lover being solo loot is ridiculous considering they spawn for only 2 hours every day. Maybe if they spawned through out the day making them solo loot would make sense but right now it just makes it impossible for those with low gear to even have a remote chance at those moon mobs. Please change it
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    Agreed, there is really no reason to limit this stuff. If you're showing up and participating in the event you should end up with something to show for it. Alliance loot would help this event become a community-building opportunity, rather than a dividing one.
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    I know where they are now ty. Definitely not pvp faction v faction but faction v itself because the spawn rate and solo loot is STUPID. @Kibbelz @Loki Please change solo loot to alliance loot because this is dumb making people fight for these needles. You guys just recently made a statement about more group play. This isn't group play, this is causing stress to my legionamtes because we don't want to fight against each other and others to kill 1 stupid moon. Thank you. Group Play > Solo fighting
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    Do a rollback or give everyone free legendary contracts,cause some ppl get ot and the rest cant get it cause u removed the npc
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    Can we keep the 1 kinah retuning npc for 7.7? so those new stuff doesn't cost 500m+ to get the stats we need?
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    These weapons are also useful in some pve situations. For example, some melee classes in PFHM 2nd boss have to follow the boss around the room if someone is kiting, and it can be hard for those classes to effectively dps the boss at that time. Would be nice for new/returning players to be able to access these weapons.
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    Pretty sure everyone here will agree with me: Getting you off this forum.
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    Could anyone from NC please explain to me and the Aion community the reason to promote many items as of recent and the past on why alot of these items are advertised as a "bundle" but yet only give a single item or go on to state a single item is given: EG: Ariels's Apostle transform shard bundle...... 1 shard per 'bundle' Experience mark bundle..... 1 mark per 'bundle' Lugbugs boon single use ticket bundle..... 1 ticket per 'bundle' highlighting single here?! Dimensional hourglass bundle...... 1 hourglass per 'bundle' Ultimate Etium bundle.... again 1 etium per bundle etc etc What is the point of only giving 1 item in a labelled bundle apart from using the complex English language as a marketing strategy. for those who may be confused a bundle is multiple items not singular but can be confusing when they label a bundle of manastones for example.... which has the entire selection yet you can only choose one! see the possible confusion?!
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    what they need to do is allow us to do a selective retuning in the real sense of lets say as a cleric u retuned and got 3 out of 4 prefered stats but now u want heal boost but instead u got mp...I think they should allow us to just select the mp stat n just reroll the mp stat cycling through the only remaining stat rather than having to rng the other already needed 3...thats how selective retuning should work...
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    This event was definitely a massive ball drop. For 11 coins the machine should've always spit out something useful. Like the Ultimate Potions was not a BAD IDEA but it was executed in such a stingy fashion that it was absolutely insulting. It should've given 5-10 potions a pop, and at a more common drop. Minium was not even a bad drop; but just the amount it gave out was SO worthless. 100 Minium would've been a lot less insulting. Stigma enchants WERE nice but such a rare drop too. The experience extractors was just crappy; the machine should've dispensed experience marks instead, that would've been okay, especially at 5-25 pieces at a time. Legendary Contracts and Ancient contracts should've been in that machine as consolation prizes at very least for not getting that ulti. No one would've been too pissed if they didn't get an ulti so long as they were decently compensated OTHERWISE for their efforts. The whole point of an Anniversary event is for the game and company to be GRACIOUS to your players, and ya'll bungled that to all hell. You turned into a grind fest with all or nothing rewards, largely NOTHING for people who spent a lot of time on this event. It's really crappy. Ya'll are living here in the states and know we're still living in a different time than we did in 2019, lol, more people than ever have LOTS of time for video games because stuff is shut down, this is SUCH an opportunity for game markets to expand and recoup lost players and truly, there are not a lot of decent MMOs out there. As terribly as the decisions made with Aion are, there is still a workable and fun game in there, but NCWest is largely the factor driving away players, not the actual game! People want to play, but ya'lls management is so terrible, that it drives so many players away!
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    The pay to win gear inequality is an issue, but I think the real problem is the developers are obsessed with gambling, almost everything has to be a game of chance with a high percentage of failures. That's creates a negative vibe, doesn't matter if it's saving enchant stones up for months only to have them fail and you go backwards in enchant level, or the inability to do camps because there is always an opponent with +15 gear waiting to gank you, usually a sin in coward mode. Those failures also make a negative mood. It's happy moods that make people come back for more, not negative moods. Perhaps the devs, and marketing people, need to read up on the differences between cortisol, and dopamine?
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    Of course, 90% of ulti trans .. they got p2w, of course, even though others also tried. You are embarrassing, and the last event you can put yourself into ..... 1.Playing this game has become depressing, 2. nothing can be done .. just count your own deaths, 3. no balance in the game ..., 4. I'm not going to give you all my wages. 5. The owners of this game have become way too greedy and have ruined this beautiful game
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    That Gm Crown need to rename his name for Gm Clown...
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    Hello, everyone.. good news! Support maybe saw my topic here, and reopened my friend`s ticket only to ensure and clarify that they made a mistake on the information, and the Pixel DO COUNT for promotion. Good lucky for everyone!
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    This is your issue. First time I read it, it is like a confirmation to stick to the pland with the restoration token. You meant you want to keep your restoration token and not use it.
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    @Ele-DN They had to take the npc down bc they had to figure out a solution maybe it wasn't a fast enough solution for you but almost everyone if not everyone is happy with the solution so why do you need to be that person still QQ'ing?
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    Ncsoft be like yo we got 2 choice 1- Give everyone the transformation contract free cause already free from the event right !?!? 2- Let take the transformation back so we got 300 more people on map kill stealing each other to get they transformation again... BTW WE CARE ABOUT THE COMMUNITY @Loki @Kibbelz
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    This is an incredible outcome, because it proves the team CAN restore legendary transformation, they just DONT WANT TO. I mean about when we fuse unintentionally 2 or more legendaries and want to rollback, like we do with minions using our tokens. Like, believe or not, I was sleepy and fusioned 3 legendaries thinking they was ancients.. opened a ticket and they said it was IMPOSSIBLE to revert transformation fusions.. with your post u prove that they not only CAN revert, but the time the fusion was made is irrelevant for them to do it.. incredible.
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    Kibbelz that's quite frankly a terrible solution. You should just provide everyone the contract instead of removing it from the players who already got it. For example I got 2 of the clever hanbok pixels and then combined, and then got a different contract (valiant) from the shop. What you're trying to do is going to be way too complicated and it's not going to end up well. You can only get 1 contract from the event anyways due to the key only being available once.
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    @Loki @Kibbelz Title and Poll. So far on day 1 of this event all I saw was griefing, infighting, and rubbish talking over these solo loot mobs. This is uncalled for and unnecessary if your team supposedly wants to move away from solo play. Thank you. It is uncalled for my legion mates to get put through strife over some dumb event mobs.
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    Tomorrow is Sunday and we will get the NPC bug. This ↑ Also this:
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    This event is a little confusing, especially with the Moon Rabbit NPC still removed from game, but if you're ONLY interested in getting the [Event] Locked Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contract Selection Box (4 Types) for your account, do not upgrade your [Event] Honey Songpyeon at the Arnev NPC. (The 700k and 7m upgrade options) Once the little Moon Rabbit NPC comes back, you will see you need 50 [Event] Honey Songpyeon to spend as currency for the Pixel Xform contract. The upgraded baskets you have a chance to get from paying kinah [Event] Small Honey Songpyeon Basket (700k) and [Event] Ornate Honey Songpyeon Box (7m) give their own set of prizes (should you choose to open these, i wouldn't though) and are also used for the quest "Moon Rabbit's Happy Autumn Harvest Gift Box" which requires 10 [Event] Honey Songpyeon, 5 [Event] Small Honey Songpyeon Basket and 2 [Event] Ornate Honey Songpyeon Box. Once you have the those items, the quest turn in gives [Event] Moon Rabbit's Happy Gift Box. The Moon Rabbit's Happy gift box gives you ALL of the following : [Event] Gourmet Star Outfit Legendary Blood Mark 25 Ultimate Blood Mark 10 [Event] Ultimate Katalam Reward Box Hope this helps and saves people some kinah/frustration.
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    :sigh: This is just really, really sloppy work @Kibbelz, know you're not the one doing the coding but. . . The Producer's Letter was a slap in the face to say that ya'll don't want to kowtow to the 'vocal minority,' when it's more like everyone is sick of it, but they're tired of speaking up and being ignored. This is just the latest mess up. Additionally, the event Lugbug has items on it you can't do. Today asked for us to kill thirty mobs in Katalam. It's Wednesday. Demaha is up. So, we can't get the daily done; I suppose tomorrow Lugbug will want us to kill 30 mobs in Demaha. The point awards are going to be pretty important with the fact that Pine Lover Moon is a solo kill, and the spawns are sporadic and few with many people competing in a very short window. Ya'll wanted us to group up and this is how you do us? Besides the short window, it's at an awkward time for A LOT of people. That's just crappy, it's really frustrating. If it has to be a solo kill, those mobs should be spawning all the time. What's the point of it anyways? There are only so many rice flours we can get unless you really want to spam instances. This is a ridiculous element to the event. Remove it or else make multiple windows. Possibly could be OK if ya'll did every other hour on the mobs to prevent the Gankapalooza that's happening now and also how you're keeping people from even doing the event in multiple ways, but honestly, the only thing worth it in this event IS the legendary selectable, and you can only get it once per account, so let people get their stuff and not be frustrating them. A game is supposed to be fun, not frustrating to this level because of incompetence. Multiple text errors; saying mobs are in Demaha. They're not, they're in Inggi and Gelk; that's terribly confusing for new players being told to go here and there's nothing. This could be a decent, clean event to get people caught up to at least the point of a Legendary Xform that fits their class, but once again it's been bungled. Compensation is due to all players, and things need to be fixed ASAP.
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    besides making it group/alliance loot please make them available at 2 times a day
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    Easy Fix, restore the NPC give everyone enough of the materials to do a legendary turn in. Make Aion Fair again?
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    This is a needed item to participate in pvp it would be a great addition to add to events to allow newer players and rerolls to catch up. There is NO WAY to obtain these items in game right now so if you didnt play during 7.0 - 7.2 you're at a severe disadvantage. This would be a great item to add good suggestion dmob.
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    Nobody asked for this to be honest and I don't find the reason. In the site it says that you will be able to see twitch videos and streamers... nope, this is where you stop, if we want to go to social media we can do it. This looks like you are trying to make the launcher like EPIC games where it is not just a launcher but a promotional and advertisement platform and social media. We are old school grumpy mmorpg players, we won't like this for sure.
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    most of these complains about p2w can be resolve by removing the RNG or increase it significantly. It really break your spirit when you spent months of hard work (playing a game = work) only to failed and all your resources destroyed. It makes the game less enjoyable. All these endgame features (skills, s minions..) are only attainable through p2w. We are playing a party of 6 full Sov + katalam accessories and get rolled by a single ulti transform cleric and it really affect your ability to enjoy the game
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    Great post Seiss! I'm all onboard with what you said. Maybe the community of the game can lift the game up with good feedback and positivity.
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    Omitting the auto hunt system was the right move. The problem with the game community is within the players. Players that run pass a dungeon without waiting for the rest of the group or dismissing a new player that gets lost. Players that don't bother to be polite in game, don't bother helping others with questions and only complain about how the are not getting what they want, when they want. Luckily not everyone is like that and there are some great people I encountered in game. I hope you guys realize that this game is free. You don't have to buy anything from the BC store. Giving the producers a hard time will not fix your frustrations. Take it easy and enjoy the game content, otherwise why are you playing it? This is for everyone including me.
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    They need to nerf the kill quest limit. Do they really expect people to kill 1200 mobs daily, let alone 7k mobs in a week? It's pretty ridiculous tbh
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    at least they giving us some reasoning behind the decision, which is kind of something, but then they go copy/paste events from elsewhere that you need auto-hunt function to do....
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    Lets start off by saying this. Im glad they came out and spoke publicly about the auto hunt situation, and made an official letter for it. Not just plopping it on the forums where people may not even see it. I would also like to add, I understand why the auto hunt feature isnt in the game. It gets rid of the entire grindy aspect of a MMO and is just an afk type thing. Now, some negative things on that. In my opinion, a large portion of the player base that complained about it wasnt complaining about the fact we dont have it. But more so, the issue that it takes an absurd amount of time killing 1500, 7000 mobs for two quests that dont give rewards worth it. From what I saw, people didnt like how many mobs, and the amount it took to complete the quest. For only 25 Event Coins. I do wish there was discussion about what they are working on to better the player base, like RNG issues, Ultimate Transformation issues, Combining Contract Issues, Etc. I guess we just have to wait and see whats going to come in the future for that. And for the final part of the letter, the transforms. Why are we adding more transforms to the game when 85% of the player base doesnt even have the ones currently in the game. Are these legendries or ancients, commons? If theyre new legendries, that means more collection buffs, more legendries to get in a contract. Which is nice in the end, but at the start... I own 2 legendries, ive combined ancients and haven't gotten 1 legendary. I cant be trying to combine and have a chance at getting ANOTHER legendary thatll have no benefit to me, because I dont own its partners for the collection, and its not an extra so i cant combine for an ultimate. If more and more contracts keep being added, they need to be easier to get. I mean Jesus, people are farming for the next 8 months for an Apostle transform... Ultimate/Legendary contracts need to be a more common item in events, if were getting more and more transforms. Currently I have a 2/29 chance of getting an extra legendary, by the time I get an ultimate contract ill be six feet under. This anniversary event would of been a great way to put an ultimate contract at a fixed price. You could of put an ultimate contract in the merchant for 400 anniversary tokens. Something that not a lot of people might go for, but some will. It causes a lot of grinding, by doing the daily quests and the minigame and the daily quest rewards. And therefore people arent complaining about the rewards in the event. You could put the worst rewards in the world in that vending machine, but in my opinion, if theres even a single ultimate contract for a fixed price.. then the rewards are amazing. I want to make it clear, i dont mean anything hateful but this is genuinely the perspective i have currently on these changes. Yes, im glad that major issues in the community are being recognized, but theres still a lot of things left in the unknown.
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    At this point I'm pretty certain its obvious that the event ludbug quests were meant to be done with the auto hunting system that was never introduced to NA. Why has nothing been changed? Only people with no form of life can literally sit there and complete those quests. @kibbelz do you guys care about the game or have you all decided the game is dying anyway so you might aswel milk the p2w players for all the $ before its completely shut down. And for God's sake can we please make legendaries easier to farm, this is ridiculous...
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    Thank you all for your comments. ilikeskins-DN I will consider your suggestions, except for Guild Wars 2 because it is an NCSOFT product. About BDO, it's true. There are many similarities with AION and everything is fine. I'm used to it, however, the game is infinitely superior and I can finally invest in my character's appearance within an adult, mature context that hasn't been emptied and bombarded with elements that don't make sense. What discourages me at AION is all this focus in the opposite direction of the community. They ended the trade, made the broker useless, turn the game childish, ended the professions, ended the wars in the sky. They removed the interesting content, put an end to the mounts. They ended the story. They made PVE obsolete and PVP unbalanced. We were forced to use the transformations and the transformations made all investment in appearance useless. The affinity that people had with your character ended. They destroyed cooperative behavior and encouraged individual behavior. Guilds have lost relevance. The need for strategies, unity and leadership has disappeared. The ranking is died, the sieges is died. The game became a game of chance and full of bizarre content. Everything fails. The game is no longer uniform. It has too many BUGS and gives the feeling of being abandoned. A figure that sums up today's AION is a winged alligator sitting on a car in an undefined world. If you prefer, a sheep mounted on a chicken or a zombie facing a blue ghost of water written AION. What AION is? Is a medieval wold, futuristic may be? Is a battle between angels and demons. Magicians and Dragons? No more. Does anyone there still remember the name, "tower of eternity"? What is mean? Does it make sense to you? For me, the entire content of AION is now disconnected. The spells imitate a bowling ball and cause HIT KILL to an 11 year old FULL DARK TALON +15 in the PVP. Then... Nothing else makes sense. It is as if you threw a fruit with pizza, ice cream, cement, metal, clay, urine and feces in the blender. Would you drink? I cant any more.
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    lol, you really want the solution ? Follow ncsoft mentality. Pay to win. Ncsoft did everything to push player to buy in BCM. I started to play Aion on gameforge in 2012 ... At this time, the only thing you were able to buy in BCM was candies, skins, pets, ''prestige pass'' and keys for chest in tiamat eyes (gives you AP to get ranked, but chest wasnt ez to find and you needed to farm them.... GP was not existing at this time). I saw the whole evolution of Aion. In 2012-2013, beginning of 4.0, we had bloodmark gear and was still able to kill player in great general geared +15. The damage dealt wasnt so high, nobody oneshooted. You were able to do it but you needed gameplay. The game was fun and a bit ''hard''. A brain was needed to play Aion. Nowadays, you need money. Nowadays, the only gameplay is dealing so high damage you don't need to think what to do. 100% of times I go PVP, ALL players, overgeared or not, DON'T KNOW HOW TO COVER A SILENCE. W --- TTT --- FFFFF. I have 50k HP, they ONE hit me at 46k to 75k !?!?!? How a game evolved so badly in this way ? The last 4 years, me and my husband stopped Aion 3 times because we were so frustrated. Playing without buying in BCM was impossible. Enchanting failed a lot, we stopped to PVP because it was totally unplayable with pvp base gear (and we just abandoned the idea of having stigma +9). Our both plumes exploded with temporing solution we farm so hard. With the Lakrum patch and the new gear system, we were unable to get a +15 on ancient gear while pay to win players were still soo overgeared. Why ncsoft punish so hard players who doesn't pay to win ? And now here we are, we came back one month ago, pvp is still unplayable, enchanting is still awfull but you can now have free stigma enchant stone and others enhancement objects but you need to farm in korean mode. Aion is now garbage, the game is dead and NCsoft clings to pay to win player and give them rewards. The game is totally unbalanced and stupid. The only thing I can tell you is take a free prestige pass 7 days, create 12 characters lvl 10, farm luna each days, play the luna dice game, sell all you win. Good luck
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