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    There is a master server already, it's Katalam. Danaria is nothing! Just kidding, I was trying to be witty. But no, as others have stated that server was removed in the Korean version and there are no plans to release it here.
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    Please for the love of this game....hope the rewards have changed. It was absolutely disgusting for how your staff managed the reward list of the Giving Grove event. Outdated items everywhere, almost everything irrelevant. Please have your team pay attention to what players need and not to troll them with useless garbage. It's a good game, but you guys are the ones spoiling it without making good decisions.
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    We'll be uploading all the entries to an album so everyone can see just like the wing design contest!
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    For the record, I think it is beyond ridiculous that the playerbase has to rely on itself to solve these types of issues. Clearly, despite everyone's best efforts, our temporary fixes to get Aion up and running again are falling short. @Cyan I hate to point fingers, but as you are the most active representative we rely on, I am asking you to please converse with the team and make them aware that the issue still remains. A large number of players have contacted me recently looking for instruction. I took it upon myself to try and help these people, but it should not be my responsibility. We need the Aion team to take another look at the problem and give us some answers so we can get Aion up and running again FOR ALL. Thank you
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    Talking about Toxic environment, imagine if there was a dozen Neleth on the forum creating useless threads everyday...
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    I agree that in 5.0 they literally removed everything that worked, they tried to revive the abyss and it is a dead zone once again. It is partially due to the fact that teleporting to that massive thing is made hard on purpose, people just think twice having to go to abyss for anything. Katalam and Danaria were amazing maps with everything they offered, fast pad pvp, camps for the quests that were relevant, and amazing sieges. Tiamaranta with the daily mini sieges and Tiamaranta Eye which could give you exclusive pve for a day, another amazing feature. And lastly Idian Depths, a really tight area full of people, trying to lock the enemies to make it a safe zone. Those things worked and they got removed before they expired. Meanwhile I still haven't been in the whole Norsvold map (I am an Asmodian), I have been in Illuma once or twice since I loath rifting and the other maps kept are literally useless for anything other than those who go there to do the instances, and only because they kept the instances to those maps. Heck they kept Silentera Canyon which was the most useless map since it was implemented, they never even tried to revamp it and it is still there. ~~~~ For 6.0 the only thing I disagree is making everything soul bound, removing the trading ability and limiting the economy of the server. That could literally mean death to NA Aion.
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    https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.5_Update 6.5 just launched on korean PTS and it includes 2 new Daevonian Skills for each class and one 18-player instance where we're finally fighting Ereshkigal (btw, I don't think we're going to deafeat her hehehe). You can find a good part of the patch notes already translated by Kelekelio on aion powerbook
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    Regardless of your feelings on the subject of the topics being made, I would like to remind you all to to conduct yourselves kindly on the forums. If you come across a thread you feel either needs to be moved or removed, please report the thread and we will see it. Contributing to the post with negative comments doesn't help and only makes a potentially rule breaking thread worse. After all, we're all here to play Aion and should enjoy discussing nearly all aspects of it. Thank you.
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    We tried aggressively telling her to stop it to where she deliberately makes a mockery of anyone who tells her to stop, so now it's pad the postcount time. Or maybe Cyan will finally have a chat with her about spamming in General Discussion that which should be posted elsewhere.
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    I know the question about the shields will come up, so I'll answer before anyone asks! There was only a "skin" version of the Wave Song weapons, which we used when we added those to the store several weeks ago. Since there's no skin versions for the Sea Feast, we've just added the items to the store. The shields for both of these sets exist as non-skin versions and we will be adding them early next week. The names the shields currently have are not final and will be updated in a future maintenance. Thanks! ^~^
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    @Neleth-KT can you please stop spamming the forums with low content threads?
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    Hi all, We've gone ahead and switched the store items for the Mastarius and Veille sets to the skins versions instead of the armor versions. This will allow you to skin the item to your current gear unlike before. If you purchased the previous armors and would like them switched to the skin versions now offered please contact our support team and they will swap them out. Thank you!
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    Little update for you @Neleth-KT: This is Minion's fee in 6.0 patch. And i'm going to drop these now that you brought it up @Vantheria-DN...possible locations of bandits, go ahead and share them around so people are aware of it(I guess these might be included in our patch notes but whatever).
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    And if the rewards don't change is it possible for us to chop those three trees and make a 500% XP bonfire?
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    We can say the same for (almost) every thread Neleth had done the last months. At this point I'm not sure if he/she wants a high post count or just has some attention issues.
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    @Neleth-KT, come on. I understand you have been very busy working on that forum post count which probably doesn't leave much time for distractions, but surely you've managed to catch a glimpse of typical lfg content before?
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    You could have simply pointed out that the person is constantly abusing alliance/coalition guidelines and left it at that, but you chose to escalate. You don't help your own case by constantly using inflammatory language and trying to disparage the person at every turn when making your point. It's almost as if you're egging on the admins to warn/ban you. If you have a point to make, state it within forum guidelines and leave it at that. Leave the animal comparisons and ethnicity out of it as they contribute nothing to your message and only solidify the case for hiding your posts from public view.
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    You get less XP in a group. Leveling is so fast that no one groups up for it except to duo Besh Temple from 53-65. At 66+, you can get instance/instance XP farming groups. Many legions start accepting players at level 70, and getting to level 70 takes relatively little time. Few people randomly duel. That's one of the first options I disable when I make a character. I don't like duels, and I especially don't like random duels. PvP is at higher levels. PvP is functionally disabled from 1-65 by being on the fast track server (where you level faster to get to endgame so you can play the game). The game has a hostile playerbase, but you really don't get introduced to all the personalities until 66+, lol.
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    NYC has some cool stuff. It's just way too crowded. Not a Peeve: They're letting me do stuff in this new position. Emails and support tickets. Peeve: I'm legit terrified, but I know I'll get used to it and become more confident.
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    Would it be possible to add certain 5.0 crafting materials to events ? They're nearly impossible to farm (bosses with 12M HP that reset for no apparent reason every 30s... or the other option, 6-man/alliance bosses that drop outdated weapons) and are needed to craft the Prowess set added to aetherforging in 5.8 (Heart of Frost update). I mean the Natural Magic Stones (Blue 152012708, Green 152012709, Purple 152012710 & Red 152012707). They also come as an untradeable bundle that gives a single one of them randomly (Natural Magic Stone Bundle 188055470). Otherwise (and even better), please add the bundle as a drop to instances... like Frozen Monolith for instance, which already drops another component needed for the craft (the Hecalites).
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    Imho, the problem with 4.8 was it removed active, popular zones, not that it removed a small handful of instances. 6.0 removes redundant zones (though I have a fondness for Illuma/Norsvold and wish it was Cygnea/Enshar going away instead). People don't even look at many of the low level instances these days. Their loss won't even be noticed by currently active and new players. Skins will still exist and NCsoft might even sell the ones we can't craft/run/etc for. Korea isn't changing that anytime soon until/unless they add them to aetherforging in the future. 6.0 brings a ton of changes I do and do not agree with, but deleting dead zones and dead instances and streamlining the game isn't a bad thing the way removing KataDan was. I get that, to you, AM/EF/Kahruns/LeatherShoulders was a big deal (and Kahruns was added to aetherforging in a recent patch), but I think, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't what stabbed the shit out of Aion for the playerbase as a whole in 4.8. Skins were the least of our problems in all the 4.8 changes.
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    So like right now, most of us dont even bother running aoe. If they remove kinahlimit I would probably run it like 20 times a week with dual client, + coe 1b +supps with dual client. What do you think will happen with kinah? And trust me there are alot of players you dont even know about who farm alot, and if they did remove the cap , economy would be not the way it is.
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    Basic concepts dont become complex just because you think they are. Except it alredy did on 4.5-4.9..... Doesn't mean it wont cause inflation, after all everyone would like to have a money printer at home.
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    Yes, they did. The Master Server was never a good idea in the first place anyway.
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    Mace/Shield only works at lower levels because gear isn't locked to specific classes yet. When you get to end-game, it isn't viable because gear either get class locked or the options are severely limited (e.g.: very few maces with attack speed), so you'll eventually have to transition to Sword/Shield. You should always have a Greatsword as the DPS is generally higher than Sword/Shield. Haven't played Templar in a while, but you should primarily be attacking with Greatsword and only swapping to Sword/Shield to execute guaranteed block skills (e.g.: Provoking Roar) or going into shield stance. As for what stats to focus: At low levels, Crit and Attack. At higher levels, Accuracy, Crit, then Attack. Because Precision stones give you Accuracy, Crit, and M.Acc, you shouldn't have any trouble getting required minimums. Endgame you should be looking at about 1k Crit and Attack, and 4k Accuracy as bare minimums. You will almost certainly exceed this. Get used to gear swapping and weaving as you'll be doing it often. Also learn to time your skills and use your buffs appropriately, e.g.: dual furies right before your highest DPS skills or avoiding Reroute Power when you're getting your head smashed in Good luck. I always felt Templars have one of the steepest learning curves, but in the right hands, they're downright godly.
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    I... don't like crimson touch (it is good, though)...but I really don't like the lolita one. I'm not surprised they chose it, but I'm disappointed in the same breath. The rewards were also phenomenally terrible. 50 luna for great costume ideas? 150 for the winner + five copies of their costume? Ouch. Can't wait for the dump truck of salt when the other entries are posted. Congratz, Prototype and the other winners! Your works are all nice, even if I don't like the style.
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    Do you really need to make such a thread? If you have all needed proof, please submit a ticket and report this player. No need to make such silly threads on the forum since it won't lead to anything.
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    There will be an unscheduled maintenance period today, Thursday, June 7, 2018 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. - Changes - The Gray Wolf merchants will be restored to their previous locations. Fixed an issue where some event instances could be incorrectly accessed. Be sure to follow @L2andAionOps for server updates. Thank you for your patience!
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    The cooldown for the flight is just an extension to the fact that all the skills in Aion have a CD. But especially in some PvE maps, it's just pointless. I remember being hit with some condition before gliding in Gelkmaros to go in Udas, and falling to the ground. Or tranformed into a statue in Morheim around FT: falling down into the lava (at least that fall was fast, since I was heavy like a stone). Also around the Salintus desert, mobs can hit you while you're flying, so better to kill them before gliding. I always smile when I come back to Aion from GW2, where there's no cooldown for the gliding, and you can perform a lot of accurate maneuvers to land exactly where you want. Aion is just too old. I hope they will update it a bit though.
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    I was on my Elyos on DN and I saw him the other day in Iluma actually.
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    I was waiting for someone to say this. People act like we only ever do things in this game to get something out of it. Sometimes we do things because we simply like doing them and/or to hang out with friends. Someone told me I don't "need" BoS because my main has had full Master Harvester for months. A) I'm trying to gear my favorite alt. But B) I LIKE HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS. It's the same with Evergale. Even if you already have 80AP on everything, it's fun to hang out with 23 of your friends all at the same time. Some people forget the real reason we play games: because we LIKE to and they're FUN.
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    GenericuserX is the predefined name everyone got after new forums and merge (in your case, the latter).
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    Wow I have to say this rewards received is beyond terrible. No comment on the event itself most of us know this event its an old one and it is what it is but after 13 runs and if you are lucky to get more than 2 keys a run to find every box is a ancient crown and either golden wing marks or fragmented spinels and the best thing I received was a level reduction stone then it really feels like a true waste of time.
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    -Do CoE/BoS getting easier to complete ? If yes do they still dropping Apollon and Harvester gears ? CoE will be 3-man insta, BoS gonna be 6-man, they somewhat gonna be easier to finish, but no more apollon or harvester drop -Do Apollo/Harvester stats get update to match new formula in 6.x ? enchanted harvester gonna be exchanged with new 6.0 armor, apollo gonna be useless -If not then quest/free gears will be better ? you'll get basic gears from quests, they gonna be good enough to survive at the beginning -What if you done all cygnea/enshar quests (the zone that suppose to get you to 75) will you be able to get new quests ? Do all quests reset ? we'll have completely new quests so... -Plastic surgery still usable in 6.x ? if yes is it still tradable ? if plastic surgery can't use then what's method to change appearance ? ticket system is over, we can "buy it" as a service in the new "wardrobe system" with kinah -What's going to happen to PvE attack/defense ? they do not longer working as percentage but rather flat damage ? we'll still have them other than that https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.0_Update_-_UI + https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.2_Update
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    It's barely June. Stop with the conspiracies.
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    Better than if it stops here... :<<<
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    rubbish your pve HP set already, in Frozen Monolith you're just shooting yourself (and your support healer) in the feet every single AOE (so possibly 100+ times per run). Everywhere else except possibly Coe 1st boss it's completely unnecessary once you've ran the instance a few times. Or better yet, unsocket the HP stones and replace with Knowledge stones (even +6 do the job and you're MB capped everywhere, including FM, with just XXXX MB) and use the set for dpsing. You can still do fine in FM with Apollon's armor, Grey Wolf accessories and Harvester/Master Harvester staff. For a HB set, you'll want Occupied Rentus Base set (mythic version) or Purified Hyperion (there was plenty of boxes on brokers at one point) socket with ancient +5 HB stones (blues are fines). If you're confident that you won't be attacked, you can also use your HB set in PvP to heal much stronger in times of need. To get it out of the way, for PvP dps you need a AP80 (Prime Commander) set with Knowledge 10~12 and some Precision if you plan on killing clerics. You can debuff all classes except cleric (and SW but which SW has a MR set amirite) and reduce their MR significantly to do damage if they have a MR set, however against cleric you will simply need 4k+ MA with Sac Power; you can make secondary pieces to switch out with Precision if you want a pure knowledge set for dmg of course. But PvP dps really isn't a priority if you're almost exclusively supporting because the amount of AP80 sets you need is a bit out of control. You can have two physical dps counter sets, Block and Agility set. First off for Block you will need Boundless Hope or Glory, both hard to get and a tad pricey to socket for the amount of use you can get out of it nowadays. The PvP defense on Boundless is considerably lower than on the AP80 which will get you destroyed if you don't block, so you will need Health 12s and an AP80 shield, ideally over +20 because the amount of block you get from that is insane. Mace can be Peitan's or any 65 one with Block 33s. As for Agility, you will need AP80 pieces and an AP80 shield (+Peitan's or any 65 mace socket Strike Resist 22, also called "Physical Critical Resistance" 22) socketed with Agility 10~12 and some pieces socketed Power 10~12 for the Physical Defense. There are also a few people using lvl65 mythic Bloodmark pieces instead of the AP80 pieces socketed with Power hitting up to 2.2~2.3k SR but with much lower phys def, which is effective against enemies socketing extra Precision for the crit but otherwise losing out on a big amount of PvP defense. One alternative to the AP80 shield for Agility that I have to mention, although I strongly believe it is a superb waste of kinah, is the Celestial shield. I'll quote Hinotori from an old thread for that: As for magical dps counter sets, you can also have two: Will set (usually full will 10~12 or nearly full, hitting up to 4.1~4.2k Magic Resist) which will help with resisting CC, silences and many irrelevant skills as it is RNG-dependant, however Will is an amazing stat which will also give you critical spell resist, keeping your enemies from doing a ridiculous amount of critical hits (their crit spell will be significantly lower because they need a certain amount of Precision to even hit you at 4K MR, which keeps them from socketing extra Knowledge and stacking the crit spell from it to ridiculous numbers). The second set you can consider is a Magic Suppression set. Mildly outdated, this set reduces your enemy's incoming damage on you however it will have low PvP defense (same problem as with the Block set) compared to a Will set because it will be mainly composed of level 65 pieces (lvl 65 mythic Bloodmark cloth) apart from AP80 chest and pants (to maximize PvP defense) socketed Knowledge 10~12. Maces for these sets are the same base as previously (Peitan's or any lvl 65) socketed with MR 19~20 and MS50 respectively. Forgot to mention headgear for each of these so I'll just dump them at the end; Noble Coliseum Champion (bought from the Marchutan Priory/Kaisinel Academy, there's 10 NPCs in a lost room and it costs some crucible insignias, can buy those off brokers or enter group crucible for 10s and 350 insignias per day per character just for entering) or Archon Brigade General (lvl 55 AP eternal cloth, can be much cheaper and simpler than the other) for HB (you want this for the free concentration, and no don't use essence points in Agility in PvE for 10 concentration, use your points in your healing skills instead), AP80 for PvP dps, Boundless Hope or Ahserion plate for Block, AP80 for Agility, Operation soldier's (or Cheerleader Hairpin if you can get your hands on it) for Will (arguably AP80 could possibly be better with higher PvP defense but? unsure), AP80 for MS (you want the crucial PvP defense from this one) or Cheerleader Hairpin. Obviously for all of these sets (apart from pve where knowledge 6~7 is pretty much fine), you can use archdaeva stones that aren't +12 and you'll get lower stats, but they'll do the job... generally. +10 stones are fine for the immediate moment but you'll want to replace eventually, so instead of paying twice I'd just go +12 right away. Lowkey sorry if this is overwhelming, but you can check back and browse through the post if eventually you want to gear up to that point. Just want to reinforce that you do not need all of these sets even though they can be useful; I'd concentrate on a Will, Agility and HB set for starting out, then if you feel the need to branch out, try PvP dps (1v1s) and see from there.
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    I'd like to see you actually try this and survive longer than a few seconds...
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    The extra stigma slot, which becomes 2 extra stigma slots in an upcoming patch. Stigmas are also the only item you can upgrade now, keep and still use in 6.x- everything else will have to be replaced and refarmed.
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    That's not how it works. How that person chooses to behave and portray herself on Facebook is completely irrelevant HERE. If you take issue with her Facebook posts, report it there. You don't carry that over to a separate forum and try to retaliate by spreading hate messages or trying to use it as a means of banning her. As far as her post goes, it doesn't show any evidence of wrongdoing, only that she's blocking people over toxic behavior, the same thing you're doing. Pot meet kettle. Listen, I understand where you're coming from. There are tons of people abusing the system and getting away with it, and it's a major issue for all players. But all you're doing is stooping to their level when you start throwing epithets and using inflammatory language when calling them out. My point stands: if you want people to take notice of wrongdoings and not get the thread closed or banned while doing so, do it within the guidelines laid out by the admin. You have no one else but yourself to blame if this thread is hidden or you get banned for your posts. Two wrong don't make a right. You don't break laws in order to enforce other laws.
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    It's too late. We can't spell it correctly now; we've gone too long. WE'RE IN TOO DEEP.
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    Most gears were untradeable before 5.0 and no one complained. Kaisinel/Marchutan sets were the only tradeable things I remember when it came to gear. Player-to-player trade is removed. Personal shop is also removed. All new gears will be untradeable. What's gonna be tradeable (meaning broker only or legion wh) Stigmas + skill books (Daevanion books) BCM Skins Manastones Aetherforging mats Pre 6.0 items such as eternal/mythic armor and weapons (which end up being useless, but used as skins) Armor/weapon gear skins (drops from mobs) are not tradeable. → You will not be able to store kinah in your account warehouse or legion warehouse anymore. → Any kinah currently stored in WH will be forever deleted when 6.0 hits, which is recommended you share it between your toons or place it on your main.
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    I used Voltric's fix and it worked for about three days. Today I launched Aion and the game crashed on character screen. Now XIGNCODE3 is being blocked again! I deleted the path I made for the launcher and re-did everything listed above. Aion is still not launching! I restarted my computer, checked for updates that may have been applied today (there were non) and I am now at a total loss. Why are we not getting any Support for this?
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