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    While I agreed prices needed to be raised they went way to far by doing 25 times higher. 10 times and untradeable would of been more then fair as such I have decided to support the majority in the community. Prestige Pack canceled https://imgur.com/1USx0hp
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    Dear Community, It is time to take a stand against NCWest and show them that is not appropriate to disrespect their player base as such...Any company that has disrespected it's player base in the past and received public punishment from the community as whole. Not just from their player base but from other Developers, Companies, and publishing companies. I am asking that all current players, those quitting, taking a break, and those simply unsubbing. "Please refrain from 40 days of any purchasing or subscriptions that will go towards supporting NCWest." NCWest employees have purposefully shown a lack of respect for its player base by ignoring, purposely imposing a flawed designed event (The exact same thing went through with Aion Korea. Handed down to NCwest to repeat,) and continuing forward with its plan to syphon off the player bases hard earned money. Let me tell you what Is not hard earned...their job. Because all they need to do is pitch a block of code written "once" and sell it repeatedly. Their job, currently, should be hard earning because they are dealing with a community that is offended and enraged at their lack of respect. With the opportunity to perform hard work to make a hard earned living. But, instead they chose to ignore and persist with their own plan, as if we are mindless enough to simply follow. They are acting as if they are thieves; They lie, ignore, and persist... 40 days I am asking of the community. We need to stand together and make ourselves truly heard. For 40 days cancel your subscriptions, refrain from purchasing from the black cloud, and let other communities know of what is happening. Publishers should be petitioned to perform a report for the gaming community. Other developers should get wind of how things have progressed in Aion. What NCWest is doing to milk its community. Other publishers have been punished for a game being abused as such....It was not only the gamers who caused change, other developers stepped in and voiced their concerns, companies pressured others to check themselves....all because practices such as this eventually lead to government censure which the gaming community does not want. (This is a whole new topic to explain but fits with in with the abuses NCWest has been practicing.) We cannot allow this to go ignored. If anyone has paid attention to @Cyan's last post it basically stated too bad so sad new events are coming stay tuned and be ready to pay.... NCWest has ignored us and is going to proceed forward as if nothing happened. As if we are not important to keep happy. Go! read her most recent post, understand that we have been blown off, they are showing us they have no respect for any of us, and it is time to show them who really is in control.
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    Shout out to @Cyan For posting this today was able to cancel my prestige subscription before my next payment date which was tomorrow
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    Wrong and strong NcSoft. I have had a Prestige Pack subscription uninterrupted since its inception. I have supported you as a company through thick and thin even when I probably should not have, but I can no longer condone your absolute lack of interest in working with your community. This atrocity of a decision to not review your price list after so many valid arguments were presented is absurd. The glaringly obvious lack of game knowledge shown by your staff is inexcusable. Prestige Pack cancelled. http://imgur.com/a/VtF37
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    No changes in prices? Lame. My reaction exactly.
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    u're Kidding, right? In the past I took your words as plausibe and reasonable words (most of the time). But now I can't agree more with ppl that call you and the others who play "Aion forums online" the NCsoft templars LOL #justsayin'
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    If these prices actually go live, you are going to be causing a large amount of your already small player base to quit-- especially with the arrival of new content, new games in that of Archeage, Bless Online, FF15 etc. When this Tia Eye event had first opened, it had rejuvenated a lot of players' hopes in this dying game. There was finally a way to reach end game gear, to gear out alts, to enjoy a nostalgic part of Aion's past. There was a PvP aspect to the event, and a PvE aspect as well. People were FINALLY GETTING TO ENJOY YOUR GAME FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME. A bug was later found where mobs could be looted as a league, and instead of fixing the issue and changing it so that prices remained but loot was allowed for Group only, you guys decided to allow the bug and readjust the prices later. HUGE MISTAKE. These prices you guys listed here is THE biggest "nyerk you" to every single player who partook in this event, spending their time to farm and grind these past few days. Yes, it was a choice, but it was a choice INFLUENCED by the ORIGINAL listed prices made by your team. The original prices had encouraged a lot of players to sit through painful mindless hours of grinding as an opportunity to finally experience the game on an even playing field compared to those that "pay to win" Yes, people had known that the reason the NPC was taken out and the event was allowed to run was due to you guys monitoring the event, recording the coin intake per player. You guys failed to realize, however, that although there were people who grinded this event, there were also casual players who only have limited amounts of time to log in and play, let alone farm coins, and even some who took time off to participate in this event. Did you guys even ask yourselves: How long does it take to get "X" amount of coins in an hour? Would farming "X" amount of coins for "Y" price be a sustainable and fair process? Is mindlessly farming/grinding even enjoyable gameplay? Seems like the only things you guys are good at are: screwing with your player base, pissing everyone off, and shitting all over your own game. Good luck, should've left this shit game sooner instead of being hopeful that it would ever get better!
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    Just give us the stupid prices so we can decide if we want to keep farming or log off till 6.0 or forever
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    Gideon, This may sound like a long rant but I just decided I am going to try and summarize what the player base is thinking at least from my perspective from what I have heard and seen playing the game. I am a long time player since beta and release and I have seen many ups and downs but right now the game is in a state I have never seen before and I implore you that you should consider taking a look at both servers asap. Eye farming especially fatties is done. There are about 35 on Asmo Danaria in eye half of them are afk at the break out the other half are either solo or small man running around looking for chests farming a mob here or there or looking for an elyos to kill which is just as rare. I have been told KT is even worse. The only time players show up in a sizeable force is for sunyaka spawn. There is no way anyone can meet your prices now and very few players are running pvp instances like IDl OW and KBF. Evergale has less than half the players queuing for it and half the premades are gone. We get it the prices had to be adjusted but it was your companies' lack of testing and quality control that allowed that to sneak by in the first place and the player base is pissed because you ninja removed the npc. Then instead of fixing the league alliance loot you let it continue for days with a vague promise of higher item prices while the players mindless grind not knowing how beneficial it will be or wasting the time. Most speculated you would raise them anyways but the prices you determined are ridiculous and when your player base expressed this and came up with legitimate counter fixes that were fair for all it seemed like they were ignored and not even considered much less no one talked to the player base or communicated to find a middle ground. The players including myself understand it was an unacceptable bug but the way you handled it and have treated and communicated with your own player base is unprofessional and downright shameful. You lost their trust and respect and all at ncwest should be concerned because when this happens on a large scale its very hard to get that player base back once you lose it and it seems like certain doom for the game which none of us wanted but it maybe what it deserves at this point if there is such a gap between the devs and the player base. Players are pissed and rightfully so. Their concerns have gone unaddressed for a long time now and that is before this event. The gear gap between p2w players and none gets wider every day. If you read these forums even some p2w acknowledge this and encourage you to let the casual players start to catch up. Every patch has brought more and more pay 2 win to aion going back to tempering and break through 20+ enchanting plumes bracelets minions. It is just nyerking out of control at this point. Players want to bridge the gear gap and have fun again not get face rolled by the p2win super teams in 5 seconds flat. The game feels more and more like a second job and not a fun pastime to relax to. You sell stuff in your store or in your events like lock box keys that give out dated rewards (Silverine tokens or Vinderchinerks combination tool!) that are 3-4 years old and useless. When brought up I have been seeing the same support quote about addressing it and updating it in a future patch..really? 3-4 years old and outdated and still waiting. We know 6.0 is coming and we know it is huge changes because Korea players had enough of similar crap and nckorea is trying to appease them it boggles the mind that you would release the same content that irked so many players there without adjustments hoping for a different result here? The player base lives for events now because most feel its the only way they can try and catch up and lately it has been one fiasco after another. The old highly regarded events too have seen your 'touch' nerfing them like adding shit rewards *58 enchantment stone dust or black stones that are nerfed to hell or lets see +3 manastone bundles to snowball event and giving grove. Plus if you were lucky to get a +10 snowball you seemed to have a 3/4 chance of getting utter garbage and don't get me started on giving groves atrocious rewards and the few good items like omega tempering was like really hitting the lottery if you received one. Also we have been asking for relevant rewards for over 6 months like level reduction stones and what we see them on 2 of 16 boards in shugo sweep and that means spending a lot of die hoping to get one which is likely to just fail. I also want to mention that there should be more windows for Evergale because there are many that cannot participate because of their time zones. and many still struggle to do frozen monolith but that begs the question why the hell is a mat to upgrade pvp gear comign from a pve instance? You took gp away from IS and Eb and I agree with that but come on there has to be more and better solutions for ways for the players to get their soul stones like more pvp quests perhaps or put them in pvp instances? In summary players want to bridge the severe gear gap and they want to enjoy the game not feel like they are working a 2nd job that doesn't pay. So many players have come back to enjoy the eye but now so many of them have already given up with a more negative view of the game and company then they had before. This needs to be addressed because you aren't getting new players and a game without new players is doomed as it will lose more and more of the current ones. Thank you for reading if you see this and I hope the company can make better smarter decisions moving forward by actually communicating and listening to the player base and please test your product before releasing it.
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    I think something important is being buried in this thread. This event was screwed up from start to finish. No doubt. Why? NCWest set the prices on that first day assuming group loot for the fatties and did not realize that the loot was actually league. That's where the problem started. So how did that happen? Lack of testing. Lack of communication with Korea as to just -how- the event worked. Lack of attention on the part of whoever has the job of putting in events for Aion. All three? Everything that happened after resulted from -someone- not doing their job initially. Something got missed and the players are paying the price. If this had been the first time something like this happened, I honestly think the player base could shrug it off. But the fact that we have shrugged things like this off over and over and more and more frequently, as @Tyd-KT pointed out, seems to be the last straw for much of the player base. -This- is what needs to be addressed. I believe the core issue here is that there is not a single person that works only for Aion. Every other NCWest game has that one person who watches over it. Babies it. Makes sure it gets what it needs. Every game but Aion. Almost as an afterthought, someone glances at what is coming down the pike for Aion and rubber stamps it. Think about the merge. We were promised a custom experience and ended up with the vanilla merge from Korea. We started having events where the rewards were obviously unchanged from the vanilla from Korea. When we complained we were told that would not happen again. I remember one event where we were told 100%, the rewards were changed and made current! What we actually got were the vanilla rewards and BoS wings. (Adding one set of wings is not updating the rewards.) Few people were downing BoS normal mode when NCWest put -all- the Harvester's gear in the pumpkin event. The top tier (at the time) PvE gear raining from the skys before the top tier groups could earn it. Did the person who added that gear know how good it really was? Know that few groups could earn it? I really don't think so. The purple glowy extendables were added to Luna before there was any way to get them in game.. making them totally pay2win. It's as if the person that added them didn't realize how OP they were. This happened -again- with the Caeus's gear. At least those were pulled out, but did the staff not learn their less the first time? Things are changed in game and the player base is not being notified. We point out bugs and they aren't fixed for ages. The Prestige Pack has been giving the same rewards for over a year.. some of them are no longer relevant. Support is using cut&paste answers from years ago that are no longer relevant. I could go on and on. People have mentioned the last stream where the staff didn't seem to know how to use the UI. This actually proves the point. That doesn't happen on the other streams. There is always one person that sits down and is totally comfortable in the game environment. Why? Because that's their game. That's their baby. They know all about it and make sure it gets the attention it needs. That's what we need. Please. @Cyan. @Hime. @Gideon. Will you please take this to your superiors. Show them the reports about players canceling their subs. Explain to them that mistakes have been made because Aion does not have it's own, dedicated staff member. You are all good people, but your attention is divided. Aion needs not just -some- love. But all the love and attention of -one- person.
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    If you don't do something like this then ncsoft will never get the point across that they need to change their ways. We are their customers you are suppose to keep the customers happy while remaining profitable but right now it seems ncsoft is only concerned with the profitable part. If you allow them to keep ignoring the player base concerns then what makes you think they will have a reason to change how they operate because they will know the players are just gonna take any crap they server to them. I enjoy this game too or rather I did but it has reached the breaking point and if it is to have a chance of continuing then these concerns must be addressed NOW.
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    We are gather here today, to pay our respect to a game, that died way to soon! It was a beautiful and amazing piece of art, and it was strong, but the the force was dark in NC West, and it dimmed the light of Aion! No we lay to rest the last shred of respect y'all had left! GG Let's bow our heads in a moment of Silence
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    Aion team be like: *post the bomb on the forums* *log out to avoid the nyerkstorm coming from the community* *login in the next day and pretend nothing happened in the forums*
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    as someone who has dont 5+ FM a week, Dredge every day, EC quest every day........and is nearly done every part of the new equipment I don't see how 5 coins per soulstone is a bad thing? 1: More people with more gear = more competition = more fun, lets face it aion is not about skill its about gear. 2: You still require AP/Spinels to upgrade the gear. It costs about 20-25 million AP to complete a whole set with at least one weapon and about 1500-2000 spinel medals JUST for the upgrade cost not even the original 75 abyss. 3: More people with more gear = higher demand for Omega/Tempering/Feli and those are frequently a reward in p2w events/BCM so why not??? 4: uhhhhh 6.0??????? Dx 90% of the game is getting removed/changed in the next patch so why would it matter if people got equipment now? gear shouldnt be this hard/expensive to get.....considering how powerful it is everyone should have easy access to it now after two months. at the very least everything on that list should be 50% of the current prices and the titles/spinel coin gear may as well be removed due to relevance.....
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    Wanted to fit more but I had to improvise. Enjoy.
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    We need more people to pledge to no longer spend real money on Aion! We need more people to inform their friends & cancel their subscriptions! Refrain from supporting NCSoft and its subsidiaries entirely for 40 days!! We need to make this go beyond Aion! Spill over into other forums! Get the community involved! Give NCWest the publicity it craves, give them the recognition they so desperately want, and let the community know we have a developer who has chosen to take the route of robbing the community. Thieves will lie, persist, and ignore! This is NCWest & we cannot allow them to get away with it! I'm sure everyone has noticed a few magical things happen over night. Some very nice buffs and a load of goodies within the black cloud. Needless to say this was called out. Notice how we have not been responded to? The lack of respect that is shown for us. NCWest will simply tempt us to fail and prove we are not worth their effort. Their form of response is to show us what we want and get us to hand them the cash. To them it doesn't matter that who you are as an individual, it doesn't matter that the entire game mechanics will completely change In just a few months. They plan and bank milking the current system for all it is worth until it no longer has value. We need to prove to them that they cannot get away with this guys. Read into the obvious attacks they are handing out to us. The slap in the face we have all received in the past 48 hours with one simple rotten response from someone who feigns to show support to the community. Ultimately telling us their plan will move forward and nothing else will change. It is not only our community that is feeling the neglect! We need to spread the word, inform the gaming community what is happening here, learn what others are going through, and become involved in publicizing developers actions. We need to post on our twitters, facebooks, if you stream inform your community, if you do tutorials on youtube get the information out there, and become a force for creating a need for the community to be respected as a whole and as individuals. I will not blindly support this developer! We as a community need to stand strong!
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    I have played since beta, this is total rubbish what has been done to the eye rewards a 2000% increase is just a big F-U to the players. I too join those with canceling my Prestige, guess it's the only they will get the message.
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    Lol looks like we wasted our 1 time community outrage card on Johngunmad, and now NCwest will ignore us for another 8 years.
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    What freaking players were you guys basing this off of? Jesus christ! I mean come on, this is a little outrageous. Even the people that were doing 3 fattie spawns back to back would have to farm for an hour for about 30 bags which equals 90 coins.... so abit over an hour per Commander Soulstone assuming you are a hardcore farmer.... Smallest piece takes 39 soulstones to upgrade...so you would have to farm for 40+ hours straight just running in a circle to get 1 piece of gear upgraded.... I mean seriously... WTF NCsoft...this is a bit extreme, NORMAL players do not have that time to waste doing a NCsoft version of Nascar (Which lets face it, no one enjoys doing.....and I mean NO ONE).... Can you guys please consider just putting prices at a lower rate but adding an Item limit purchase PER day per toon or even just make all the items EVENT tagged so their not tradeable? I think that would be more feasible and fair then this event that will basically kill off the rest of the game content...which it already has been doing.
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    Hi all, we're currently looking into the connection issue for Danaria. Hang tight!
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    Who are you to decide to punish people from boss run when the boss is for everyone? Punish those who don't do anything, but not those who roll on the items regardless if it's for skin collection or stats. Some people are stats > skins, and some people are skins > stats. You're no one to decide what people should do. The boss is available for everyone just as are the items. The event is here for another 2 weeks, and after that, I'm sure we'll get the event again before 6.0 hits. Mocking @Bryos-DN is also your cup of tea now? And my personal favorite People have no use for skins? What? What's this, Aion 1.9? How is that any different? You're punishing whole legions and people part of those legions who might actually need the item for stats too. You're just as bad as KT-E.
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    Naturally there's a lot of fuss with the current 'situation' over the Eye, but we are NA. Complaining is what we do. Complaining helps neither the company, nor the players. So here's a nice solution to this mess. Step 1: Release the NPC with the current listed prices from Hime's post (that everyone is complaining about). >>> This will let players spend the coins they worked so hard for (AFK, of course, but still, it's time) at the price NC sees fit Step 2: Change the loot from the fat mobs to be GROUP only, with un-tradeable rewards, making the mobs in the eye drop Platinum coins instead of Gold coins. >>> Per the @Gideon (Hear the community) post The community voted Group loot as the most desireable change. Changing the coins to Platinum coins instead of Gold (or whatever name you want to give them) will disallow stockpiled coins to be used for the old prices. Step 3: Keep the Eye open until 6.0. >>> As mentioned by Gideon previously, the main reason the event was taken down was due to the unintended economical impact, and the fact that the prices and loot as they were would disadvantage any player who could not participate permanently. This addresses that. The ultimate effect of this - Players will be in the Eye, forming groups as strong as they can to compete with each other AND to PVP against the opposing faction. Players will not be hoard-farming on alts, zombie'ing the mobs, etc. Eventually, since the rewards would be untradeable, the stronger and more dedicated groups would stop farming the mobs, the weaker groups would have a chance to catch up. Weaker players would still be able to catch up in the off-peak hours. For NC - Most of the kinah floating around the economy would be gone prior to 6.0 (Enchanting costs) making players more likely to spend money as they would not receive as many gold bars. As players could farm manastones easily, the price of Mythic Felicitous suppliments would skyrocket, causing many of the players who need kinah to see the price as "Too good to pass up" - buying ncoins to sell suppliments. And most of all, you'd still have players left by the time 6.0 comes out. Hopefully more people will agree with the solution and +1 it, and with any luck get it pushed forward so everyone can be happy. Or at least, as happy as the NA player base can be. Personally I may still play the game regardless of any changes, however I will not (now, or ever) spend any more money towards the company if a decent solution is not reached. - Lingerie, DN-A and formerly SL-A.
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    Ok, i'm very unhappy with NCwest and Aion. 6.0 was a good hype but 6.2 killed the vibe entirely. I'm not hiped to the next patch anymore. I also truly dislike the enormous gap between players in the curent patch; see ya in Bless guys. good luck
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    What if they nerfed SFT in the middle of the event, because too many players was running it as well? Yes Blame the people who nyerken play their game, that is so obvious, why did no one think of this?
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    You may aswell remove the Event since no one is going to do it at this point
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    The 5 stages of grief: 1) Denial 2) Anger 3) Bargaining 4) Depression 5) Acceptance Shame OP is still stuck on stage 1. Can't wait for stage 2, should make for entertaining reading.
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    This person will be removed from Musicians for Hire once @downaria is over. We don't support this kind of griefing. Sorry, Optimis.
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    What it's like when the enemy team finally catches up to you
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    Hello everyone, There's a change of plans for the third and fourth weapon pieces. We will not be adding the weapon pieces to the merchant as I stated above. Instead, after the event ends (next Wednesday - 4/11), we will be granting the items to all players who obtained the the first or second weapon pieces. For each weapon piece you obtain you will receive the following: First Sunayaka Weapon Piece: Second Sunayaka Weapon Piece (x1) Third Sunayaka Weapon Piece (x1) Fourth Sunayaka Weapon Piece (x1) Second Sunayaka Weapon Piece: First Sunayaka Weapon Piece (x1) Third Sunayaka Weapon Piece (x1) Fourth Sunayaka Weapon Piece (x1) Thank you!
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    When you try to jump and glide in every other game- bonus points if you die from the fall damage
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    I keep watching the dev tracker for posts about "Hey sorry we screwed up" or... gosh.... really anything communicating the nonsense the community has had to deal with lately. And nada. And so for I won't be spending my bonus on NCCoin. That's new for me. Normally when I have some mad money I wanna play the event or buy some skins. Instead, I used the money to buy other games which is another something I almost never do. I absolutely love Aion and because of the state of NcSoft's treatment of the player base my money is going to new places. I wonder if I'm alone in this...
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    You need to stop now. Your first mistake was admitting you don't mind throwing your wallet at your monitor when you are in the bcm because it let us know where your thoughts are coming from, along with every post you make. Just to clarify that not all people like you ,think like you're thinking right. We get it you are happy with the way things are because it suits how you play. We get it you don't care, you're essentially selfish in your thoughts. You are so biased at this point it's so silly. For the last time and I'll put the point of the complaints in a different colour so you don't keep repeating. People are not angry because Ncsoft isn't allowing them to farm 4000k temperings for free. People are angry because they were different suggestions in a thread with far better ideas than what they did which was to basically say "We don't want you to gear up at all for free. We want you to buy those items from us. Made even more evident with the quick addition of the power up event which you probably love. I don't hate anyone that p2ws. It's their money and we are happy money keeps the game alive but at some point enough is enough. If you enjoy pvping and killing people in 5 seconds because they can't compete with your gear okay good for you. If you find that engaging competitive pvp, good for you. At the end of the day they are still a lot more f2p people and when they leave the game will still shut despite donations to the online store. At least this way it dies by the hands of us the players and not Ncsoft deciding one day they have enough money time to cut our losses and leave.
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    Boycot this nyering bs of milking our money right after scamming us. I would have spent $300 easilt for these omegas and temperings, but i took a vowe not to give ncsoft anymore more money. Curious what you guys' responses are
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    Orn finds out about the new measures taken by NCwest the feels i really loved Sarpan and Tiamaranta The_original_Quote_here
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    very disappointed with this game Prestige canceled.
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    Great job guys! Your efforts on making players migrate to another game was a complete success! Please, don't forget to turn off the lights.
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    @Cyan So when is the announcement that NA servers are shutting down?
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    LOL, you crazy people used their own time requested time off from work to do this to make sure they dont have to farm the rest of the month. what do you know nyerk. blame yourself because you didnt put your time on it to farm it like everyone else, this event now is un-rewarding. I honestly wish good luck to whoever came up with this decision, just ruined the fun for everyone. All people want is to get ready for next patch is that too much to ask? well enjoy your juice NCWest, i hope you guys made the right choice to bring more players to the game.... NOT
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    U guys are talking something wrong about it. we actually started with 32 ppl and we almost got 75% of sunny health with ourselves also fighting against some asmodian ppl. when the suna became less than 20% most people came near the boss and tried to get in the alliance. Why do we have to put people who did not even help when we were recruiting and posting on lfg tho.
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    Ok so lets gives the first 2 - 4 years of Aion as a good job to NCWest. Now lets go on to the remaining years, we have been waiting how long? I would say this is the best action, Aion dies now or NCWest realizes people are canceling subscriptions and avoiding purchases and "immediately" respond. Lenalyn hun, its time. Do you honestly think at least a day of no purchasing would strike a problem with NCWest management and cause a response? Imagine a week.....So please 40 days or until NCWest makes amends....it is time to stand up for your respect!
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    those new prices are nyerking higher than the expected. Most people was expecting the prices to be 10 - 12 times more than before. But 20x - 25x more is mindless! Not everyone can zombie farm coins in the eye. We have to work and school. 1 Soulstone for 100 coins? must be a joke! LOL
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