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    Unforgiving RNG. Examples: 1. The endgame pve instance bosses are difficult (obviously) and required special cubics. Some of them are doable with just the gold and silver cubics. However, others would be much more accessible by the general public if we could get platinum cubics. To buy the platinum cubics with in game currency is pure RNG and VERY overpriced. We could spend so much in game currency and get the cubics we don't even want. (Solution: Either lower the price or make the bundles selectable and/or put selectable cubics bundles on the BCM for a fair price.) 2. We spend months collecting A-rank minium to slowly level up our A-rank minions. We get 4 of them to the highest level and then try to combine for an S-rank minion -- only to fail. Months of work down the drain. (Solution: Increase the percentage of success and/or make A-rank minium fall from the sky AND A-rank minions.) 3. We spend hours each week inside PFHM and IDDHM, attempting to get those accessories, and when we beat the bosses, it is RNG if there will even be an accessory inside the box. The percentages are low -- probably a 20% chance to get the accessory. And THEN, when we finally DO get the accessory, we have MORE RNG to try to get the correct runestone/gemstone, thus possibly resulting in hours wasted in these instances. And that's for those of us who can even BEAT those bosses; many people cannot. (Solution: See above notes about platinum cubics and/or increase the RNG percentage for getting accessories and/or give us the item that allows us to retune runestone/gemstone slots.)
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    Okies @Kibbelz. Remember you asked for this. MULTI-POST WALL ‘O TEXT INCOMING! Shaid essay time. First off, I would like you and the rest of the team to take a few days, make brand new an account and actually PLAY THE GAME! Nothing any of the players can tell you about the game will hammer home how broken AION really is quite like experiencing it yourself. (And don’t even think about rolling the painter class. You can lick the keyboard and still win with that class. It’s designed to make established players want to reroll.) It has been made painfully obvious that the NC staff doesn’t play AION and Support is so clueless that it’s not worth the time or effort to report problems. We’ve been on the back burner for waaaay to long. Private servers have a larger, healthier playerbase than retail and that should worry you. All right, now let’s dig in. 1. EXP Experience marks are a major currency. If you can’t gain experience you can’t get marks. No marks, you can’t buy things you need to progress. EXP has been nerfed so hard that running an instance won’t fill the bar even if you kill everything that moves. Regular instance mobs and open world mobs are a joke. No one farms them beyond the daily/weekly quest requirements. They’re moving scenery at this point. · Solution: Un-nerf the EXP on everything across the board. Slap a couple of extra zeros on the end of it and it will instantly be more satisfying for players to go and do those quests and instances or spend more time just killing mobs. 2. Loot Tables Mob drops are in a word: Garbage Mobs either drop nothing at all or nothing worthwhile. They need a full overhaul. I throw out or vendor, for miniscule amounts for kinah, pretty much everything that drops. · Add Cubics to every loot table and crank the chance up so players can actually get these and not just by spend three hours grinding in front of Gelk/Iggy forts for the chance to just get ONE when we need hundreds for the tiniest stat increase. · Kinah. If it has pockets, it should drop kinah. · Mana stones. All grades. I have only seen Ancient drop from Named mobs and Ulti boxes from Hidden mobs. No one wants to socket Ancient manastones in their Ulti gear. · Enchantment stones. Even if these are just Ancient or a few Legendary it would be nice to go out, do the daily/weekly quests and get a few extra stones (that will probably break anyway.) · Gear. Random, Ancient, crap stat, rubbish gear pieces that we can DE for whopping amount of Fasteners we need to unlock and upgrade our gear. Or sell for kinah. · Crafting Materials. Magic crystals, ‘cause where do you even get them anymore? 3. RNG I think I need to address the elephant in the room before we go any further. The RNG in the game is awful, just awful, and much like corn syrup – it’s in nyerking everything. · Gear drop after beating that really tough instance boss – RNG · Socketing Manstones – RNG · Enchanting your gear – RNG · Retuning your gear - RNG · Gemstone sockets – RNG · Enchanting your Stigmas – RNG · Enchanting your Skills – RNG · Getting a Runestone or Gemstone for your class - RNG · Crafting (not that anyone does) – RNG · Events – RNG · Minions – RNG · Transforms – RNG And this is just scratching the surface. It’s a problem. It’s such a problem the developers over in Korea added items to the game to SELL to us or make us grind for, just to fix the problem. (Deava Essence, Socketing Supplements, special “no fail” enchantment stones, transform selection boxes, ect.) Stop, just stop. Take a serious look at the rates. Ask yourself if, as a player, you would be willing to work for hours, weeks or even months only to have it literally blow up in your face or end up worse than where you started. The answer is no. And it’s one of the big reasons player retention is so low. · Ticking up the success rate a couple of percentage points on everything – everything, everything – is what’s needed. 4. Transformations Oh good God, this Zootopia nightmare. If you want to be competitive in PVP you need an Ulti transformation. Period. If you want to just feel like you’re not moving in slow motion or slapping mobs with a wet noodle you need a Legendary – FOR YOUR CLASS. White transformation contracts should NOT cost 12 Million apiece at this point. White and green transforms and gold transform shards should drop from Open world mobs, instance mobs, instance bosses or be daily/weekly quest rewards. Combining 6 transforms for white, green, gold should not have them *poof* into the aether and ya get nothing. (See section 3. RNG) Legendary transforms are so normal in Korea that they added the Halloween themed ones to the game. Meanwhile NA players flounder.
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    hang on. My potato is messing with me... 5. Minions S rank is supposed to be the end game norm however, even the most basic A-B rank contracts are difficult to get. I haven’t seen an A Rank in months. I’ve resorted to combining my B’s to get A’s. And after MONTHS of grind only to have it all *poof* out of existence when I fail on the S Rank combine. Seriously, all that work down the tubes at the click of a mouse and now you have no Minions. At all. · Better avaliblitly of basic named (NOT KERUB) Minions · The return of at least one A Rank Minion when S Rank combine fails. · A way to morph or upgrade Minium C-->B -->A 6. Kinah Since the introduction of 6.0 all of the game systems are designed to suck kinah out of the economy. Well it worked. It worked so well that the economy is broken. New players struggle to pay for the most basic things like teleporting and binding. If you make the mistake of unlocking more inventory space, you can’t pay for teleport and now you have to delete your character and start over. The only consistent way to gain kinah to continue to feed the massive currency sink is to... · Luna Crafting kinah boxes with tons of alts · Use Third Party Programs · RMT Put ways to make kinah back into the game and reduce the fees or the economy will continue to crumble. a. The Broker The fees are obscene. You get robbed coming and going. No one lists things on the broker unless it’s super overpriced. Then there’s the risk of having items “sniped” by bots. · Ban the bots · Reduce the fees 7 Cubics Basics Cubics are very difficult to get. Just to increase my HP at Bronze level I need 300. Where do you get them? They’re locked behind RNG (Section 3). A mob might drop 1 after hours of grinding or I might get 1 out a pouch at the end of an instance or I can grind Titan Coins and pay and I might get 1 from a pouch. That is extremely slow for even the most basic progression. Then there’s the “new” Platinum Cubics which you can’t get in-game. I’ve only gotten these from surveys. And the Ereshkigal Cubics... again can’t get them in-game but they’re still required to do the instance. · I would like to see a better way to get Cubics and the return of the NPC that lets you exchange for higher grade Cubics like we had in 6.0. Currently she only exchanges Eresh Cubics... that you can’t get... *face palm* 8 Trading Items The inability to trade is extremely frustrating. I don’t want to give items to anyone else most of the time but it would be nice to slide that HB manastone through the Account Warehouse to my Chanter or a MB to my SM. Otherwise I have to risk the broker bots. · More items Account tradeable 9. Events · Fewer P2W Giant Marine Mammal Only Events · No more New Player Only Events – It feels like you’re snubbing your loyal veteran players when you do this. We just make 50 new alt accounts in order to get the rewards. You’re not really getting “new” players. We’re just working around your event roadblock. · BCM Sales Are NOT Events · More events that engage the playerbase and encourage them to go out into open world and run instances to get the rewards. I’ve always been fond of hidden cake, shugo capsule, and floating flower events. · Event Instance drops for EVERYONE in the group/alliance. Don’t make 24 people fight for one drop. · Rewards that benefit everyone. Stormwing event is an excellent example. Everyone loved it. Do that again. 10 Cheating Do something about the Hackers. They are rampant and have been for years. I would like to see punishments for cheating that feel like you give a nyerk about the state of the game and aren’t weighted against how much said cheater threw their wallet around. 11 BCM I haven’t given NC a dime since 6.0 rolled out and the pitiful state of the BCM has a lot to do with that. There is thread after thread, literal pages of us, on our knees, begging for updates and items. Please go read them. · S K I N S !!!! (We are skin-whores. We wanna look purdy.) · Mounts · Pets · Housing items/furniture And that’s just the cosmetic list. 12 Communication I want clear, consistent communication. · Don’t just ninja a maintenance post every week and run away. I know it’s tempting but don’t do it. · Don’t hide information on one of the twitter feeds. Post it here as well. · Facebook – do you even use this anymore? · If you don’t know something say “I don’t know.” Just be honest. · Don’t NC “soon” us. We have memes for that. · Ask our opinion – especially before major changes – either here or with in-game surveys. We like to feel like were being listened to and are contributing to how you make decisions. Ok I’m about exhausted and I’m sure I missed a few things. Anyway, here’s your cookie for reading the whole thing.
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    Guess I will get the ball rolling! My top three.. Hackers Pay2Win Too much RNG/Poor RNG
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    Started 7.5 from a fresh character with absolutely nothing. 1. Access to permanent transformations. New players can't reliably do anything at all without atleast a legendary grade transformation. Limits new players to mainly open world content for months UNLESS they pay 50 dollars for a contract in BCM. 2. Cubic system needs to be more accessible and easy to farm. Base statline cubicles are completely inaccessible in the game because of disgustingly low drop rates that are an insult to game experience; if you did not play in previous patches, you're already at a permanent stat disadvantage compared to older toons. Boss cubicles are fine... only if a new player has consciousness that they need twelve characters on an account to run them regularly. 3. Daevanion skill enchantment. Daevanion essences and skillbooks should permanently be on the BCM and be dropped more frequently in instances. They always start with healthy drop rates at the beginning of patches, but with each nerf GMs put out, they become more inaccessible by playing the game normally. Many people who even upgrade these skills abused events with hundreds of alts OR they are kinah buyers/bots. 4. Minions. Same complaint as everyone else. Why are we spending 2 months for a CHANCE at an S rank minion? 5. Kinah acquisition. Actually playing the game by running instances is less rewarding than AFK lunas on 50 billion toons for kinah. I'm very surprised GMs don't understand kinah sellers have been milking the crap out of this for months(years?) now. 6. Prestige(subscription). A 15 dollar sub turned to a required pve stat check for instances. Doesn't give access to anything else special and needs a complete revamp 7. Stigma enchants. Pure cash grab... similar to all other problems above but much, much worse 8. Manastone grind. Crucial part of everyone's gear, but everyone is fighting for loot right on these. Ingission/gelk dredgions and world bosses drop 1 for entire groups and alliances. Only one person will get rewarded while the rest just fall behind. Many instances need gear with entire armor sets socketed with manastones...
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    Right now my biggest gripe with the game is the inability to reroll runestone slots. I've opened countless wings / bracelets / plumes trying to get an attack slot and have yet to get one from either farming bloodmarks or opening cruel demaha. I understand its all RNG but ffs 30 + acc open and nada... Kind of a joke IMO
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    This is exactly the problem with the game right now, TOO MUCH RNG. P2W players can't continue because it's a rabbit hole for money and F2W players can't catch up because the chance is simply too low to get nice stuff. The progression model has become from 1%, 2%...75%...100% to 1~100 in one try with 1% probability. IMO S rank minion is not that hard to obtain since the success rate is relatively high comparing to the ultimate xform and enchantment success rate plus there are tokens for restoration. Can't agree more with the other two examples where end game content(aka new stuff since 6.0) is purely unfavorable to those who are unlucky: 4. One of the best things we can get from weekly lugbug is <Legendary Memory Shard> which can combine into a legendary transformation contract along likely every two months. After grinding weekly lugbugs hard for 2 months straight and finally got the contract, opened it, and obtain a transformation which we already have. Then we pray for a combine and wanting to get a new one(either new legendary or ultimate) but an existing one is always the result (The RNG to get new ones is too low). Two months of weekly lugbug for nothing
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    The current xp rate is a joke , we need to have better xp from quest and farming mobs in open world. Farming xp marks at the moment is a full time job it shouldnt be so hard to fill a full xp bar. Maybe add regular xp to quests that only give renown xp atm that would help greatly and it would feel more rewarding
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    1. Luna retuning cost has been too high since its been introduced 2$ a retune is absolutely insane 2. Platinum cubics are impossible to get and an important factor in the game especially for PFHM 4th boss and the new instance that eventually comes in 7.7 Having platinum cubic that is easily obtainable will allow even players who are not the greatest to run instances that are too difficult for them 3. Are new apostle transforms even obtainable atm can they be gotten by combining or is it broken like when we got the new transforms back in 6.2
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    End game content standpoint 1) Ultimate Transformation (even put the pot in BCM for 20-80 nc coin each) 2) A rank Minium (it takes 2 months worth of resetting daily to have a CHANCE to get an S rank) 3) Platinum cubic (It's been introduced to the game since 7.0 and there are NO WAY of obtaining it other than pity 10 cubic a week) I cannot stress this enough, Ultimate transformation. People enjoy the game a lot more when you're fighting someone with equal footing
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    There's a lot to be said here so going to keep it simple. Team should play the game for a month or so, start from scratch and try to progress to end game. Know the game and that will get the team all the feedback they search. Thanks
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    There's no need for compensation and it reeks of a mindset that drives me absolutely bonkers: "I have a nice thing. But if OTHER people have the nice thing... it takes away my nice thing!" Like. No. No it nyerking doesn't. More content is being made more readily available to the rest of the playerbase, that's all. Everyone with a +15 stigma setup has enjoyed the benefits from having them all this time- nothing will take away the instances you've cleared, the dps races you've won, the PvP battles you've fought and come out on top for. They're experiences and gameplay the +15 crew got to have earlier and longer than anyone else- that's your "compensation."
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    Okay so I can't be the only one who thinks this but isn't it extremely hard to gain experience and farm exp marks? The previous patch we gained a lot more exp from quests and we also got double exp events often and tons of events that gave tons of Berdin stars. This patch has been around for over two months and we haven't had a solid event yet. Its cool and all that we have renown boosts but why get higher renown when you can't afford the the rewards of higher renown? Every week we can buy 8 legendary apostle transformation shards with renown rewards. If you buy 4 that costs 60 EXPIERENCE MARKS... if you buy all 8 thats 120 marks per week!!! I talk to people who play all day and they make about 10 to 20 marks a week. I was farming in udas and they removed the mobs so I can't sit and farm all day. So then I started to farm SAS and I reset every day on my main about 8 times until it cost 100 luna per run to farm exp marks that way. Now that SAS is gone too there is nothing else I can farm to make a decent amount of experience. I understand the gms don't get the mechanics of the game and whats going on but really when its this hard to progress in this game it makes me less likely to play.
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    @Shaidessa-KT - That was well written, excellent job! You're exactly right, there is RNG at every corner of the game. Sadly, this is 100% intended and planned. They create problems to sell you the solution. Failed enchanting your Daevanion skill to +14? Are you all the way back to +10? No worries! Check out our BCM shop, you can buy our Daevanion Essence which prevents your skill decreasing levels if you fail. Wait, wait are you having trouble socketing that last manastone slot? Has it failed 20 times on you and wasted your Ultimate Manastones that you farmed so hard for? Well, we have just what you need Daeva! You can buy our Manastone Socketing Supplements which guarantee's your socketing for only 480 coins! Your goldsand shop, crafting, and NPC potions aren't healing enough? Well, look no further, we have 20% heal potions in the shop! Ultimate Enchantments stones rare to come by? Fast, hurry, check out our BCM shop for a limited time only we have Ultimate enchantment stones and they're only $7.00 each!! Don't miss this chance, nyerk, nyerk *Enchantment success is not guaranteed* Young Daeva, have you wasted countless accessories and ornaments trying to get the gemstone and runestone symbol you're wanting? You've come to the right place, we have just what you're needing! For a stellar deal of 3.5k NC coins you can purchase our Rebirth Manastone Fastener which resets your gemstone or runestone slot! Goodluck Daeva! All the RNG is planned and designed so they can sell you items so you can actually make progress in the game. Ncsoft your method to increase revenue by all this RNG bullcrap is not working. Your BCM prices are insane, and your P2W events are even too expensive for the whales. We're in the middle of a pandemic and you're charging $1,000 for skins. Cmon....seriously? You're so out of touch with your player base. You're driving off loyal customers by the droves, and scaring off any potential new customers. Just look at your forums, it is entirely embarrassing 99% of threads/posts is the playerbase begging for change, and mentioning hackers running rampant on your servers. What do you think potential new customers think when they see this? They RUN! Aion had its lowest sales ever in Q4 2019, and the 1st quarter of 2020 is not looking good either. Private server's populations are growing strong, and have more players than actual retail servers. It won't be long until you're down to only 1 server in NA which is really sad to see. I think most people will agree with me on this when I say, we're unable to invite our friends and family to play with us. I would be so embarrassed to invite anyone to play here. The price to be able to actually play and compete is so insanely high its absurd. You could spend $200-$500 just to get 1 Legendary Transformation and not even get the transformation you need for your class! It's not causal player friendly at all. What other games charge these prices, what other games have such rigorous RNG system? It's no wonder people are sticking with battle royale and MOBA games. Right now your casual players are being suffocated and buried alive. The only ones making it in this game are the whales, and the hackers who farm Luna all day using "Ice Cream". In 7.7 update....players will be able to run (4) clients at a time. THIS IS NOT what players want. We want to be able to play on our main character and be able to reach end gear playing casually. We don't want to have to play on 10 accounts and have 100 alts chars to be able to progress, that is just ridiculous. It would be nice to actually have a chance to try out other classes but that is impossible it's already insanely hard to gear up 1 toon. Like several users already suggested play your own game from scratch fully f2p and see just how difficult and grueling it is for your players. Your whales will eventually get bored when there is no one left to fight. Even with the cross server you can barely find any pvp on Demaha. On Lakrum it's mostly full of ungeared people farming, and they die in 2 hits...the fight lasts for like 30 seconds and then you're back to running around the map 10-15 mins looking for an interesting fun fight. Right now It's very very boring. Things look gloomy right? But you still have a shot at surviving a few more years and increasing your revenue. Here's what you do - Number 1. Listen to your player base. Enchantment system Increase enchantment success rates for Stigmas, Daevanion skills and Armor. Remove the decrease of level when you fail. Let's stop punishing players for failing, you already lose your rare material that should be enough punishment. I think the Minion enchanting system is awesome, when you fail it sucks, but it sucks ALOT less knowing that your minion doesn't decrease its level and you have a higher chance to succeed next time. It's really great, and I would use this system across the board. You fail combining 2x legendary transforms? Well, you have a higher chance to succeed next time. It provides a great motivation to keep going on, and not giving up and quitting. BCM shop You must lower your prices in the shop and update it. You have to make it affordable for the average USA citizen and your foreign players. A lot of people don't mind blowing $20-$200, but they don't like flushing their money down the toilets and watching their items fail and decrease in level only to be worse off then when they started. *We have two new ultimate transformations arriving soon Ereshkigal and Tiamat, 98% of the population doesn't even have Kaisinel who was released in 6.0. I suggest adding the following items: Random Legendary Transformation Contract - $25 Selective Legendary Transformation Contract - $40 Random Ultimate Transformation Contract - $75 Selective Ultimate Transformation Contract - $100 The Style, Housing, and Mount section needs updating...this should be a huge source of revenue for you guys....but you gotta add nice stuff in there. I would have bought the Fairy dress and other costumes already. Prestige should be your main steady income - However, it needs a huge update and better rewards. Here are some more bonuses Prestige can provide. 1. Increase in enchantment success rates by 5% for Prestige players 2. Add repeatable quests for Prestige players with good rewards such as -Experience Marks, -Stigma Enchantment Stones, -Ulimate Enchantment Stones -Transformation Contracts - 50 types with higher chance for ancient/legendary. -Gemstones and Runestones with a chance to get dazzling/shining/normal.\ Kinah 3. Update the Prestige Vending Machine with current items and reasonable prices. 10k Prestige coins for 1x Ultimate Enchantment stone is not okay. Kinah Kinah is the main currency in game yet it's insanely hard to get. Your Renown vendors sell 5 million Kinah bundles for 5 Experience Marks. We need an extra 0 added to the end of that Kinah amount. It's just not worth while, Exp Marks are very difficult to get and we need them for other items to progress in the game. The trade broker fees are to high, lower the fees! Increase Kinah rewards amount from Altars and Siege by alot, 200k Kinah is nothing. Crafting There is nothing good to craft anymore, so you can't sell anything valuable. The 20% Mysterious Potions , Mysterious Serums, Mysterious Healing Potions, and Mysterious Food should all be craftable and sellable. There are no beautiful armor sets to craft anymore, all the craftable baluar sets were removed which is just a shame. They should have been kept, and new ones added every patch. This way a great way to make kinah selling remodels and also very fun to craft. Gemstone/Runestone Let players select which type of slot they want on their accessories and ornaments when they open them up. You can still sell the Rebirth Manastone Fasteners. Players will want to change and play around with their build and will need this item to reset the type of slot. Also, once we gather 100x of the gemstone/runestone shards we should be able to select which one we want or at least get one for our class. Experience It’s difficult to obtain Experience Marks.I suggest lowering the amount of Exp marks required for some items sold by the Renown vendors. Increase XP gain from mobs and re-add XP to quests. We also need XP for <Bobonerk’s Coin> to morph Legendary/Ultimate Stones. Adding a weekend XP/AP boost would be very nice. Enchantment Stones/Transformations/Stigma Enchantment We need more methods in game to obtain these items. I could go on and on, but I think that’s enough for now.
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    there are not that many people who "got it legit", and they have had plenty of time to enjoy it. there are many, many more players who "purchased" accounts with kaisinel on them. also having kaisinel, fighting people who do not have it, is extremely boring. the players who have it will have more fun playing the game when it's challenging
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    Hackers. Kinah acquisition. Access to Ultimate Transforms. Second half of 7.5. Skins. There are like 600 skins in this game (mild exaggeration), and players haven't gotten to get most of them in NA.
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    1. Ulti xforms , its a neccesary item for this game and to be competitive 2. Open World drops like GF, sometimes when u are bored u wanna do something but .... theres no content to do 3. Make PVE worth it. Add Kinah and useful items to the drop in some instances that no one does (Stella,BE, etc) examp. in GF those instances can drop leg, ancient transf shards 4. Legendary Breath of Tranformation. let us buy one for free every month not every two months since we can buy legendary shards now in lakrum lvl 8 5. EXP, we can't even farm enough exp to craft marks of exp , imagine to craft bobo coins ... 6. add new recipes to craft new items ... (sanctity potions and refinement stones 7.5 items) 7. Events , we need more events , sadly aion is a old game that only good events can keep it active
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    I want to see events that give Ultimate Transformation Contracts. There's a huge gap between people who simply got lucky and got Ultimate off of 2 combinations and the ones who got it by spending tons of $$, and the people who are still stuck with Legendary Transforms. It's been almost 2 years since the system got introduced, yet the majority of the playerbase that plays daily still has Legendaries. Even an event with a good amount of Legendary contracts should be enough. Also I really hope we'll get Rebirth Manastone Fasteners ( [item: 166418001] ), it's such a good item to have and an amazing QoL improvement. Personally, I know a friend who has 2 Starlight Bracelets with the Runestone slot he doesn't need, meaning he has to go get the Bracelet and materials again and hope to get a good slot. Finishing off, these are some good rewards to include: Daeva Skill Boxes/Daeva essences, Refining Stones/Sanctifying Potions, and Shining Gemstones (Choosable), and dare I say Dazzling Gemstones
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    I tried with x540 [Event] Balaurea Crafting Request or 54 attemps (180 BCM Legendary Stones) for the "+15 Stigma Selection" i was expecting to get at least 1 crit since i know the rates are low but I GOT NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, like for real? chances are low but this seems impossible to get.... Events are supposed to make things easier not to exploit players items or kinah trying luck on things that will never proc, from 54 attemps nothing what's the % of crit of that? less than 5%? Like yeah the rate is low but it's an event give ppl some hope at least one crit every 30 attemps so they keep spending and farming, not like this, literally felt i throw 180 stones (35m each) to the garbage.
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    I felt this post in my S O U L.
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    sounds like a challenge, I accept. pistol at dawn? 1v1 bro?
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    There are hackers on both sides and you aren't much better considering you ninja stole (class roll and you aren't a Cleric) the paragon cleric legs from Rag a week ago then bailed and won't respond to the players asking about getting them to those who rightfully should have them. Pot meet Kettle.
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    for the people here trying to explain OP the minion mechanics just don't waste your time ... HelliosRed is just worried about his minion turning into a color that doesn't match his toons color theme lol Don't worry Hellios, you are safe, your minions won't turn yellow by themselves 2 years already... but i will never forget the guy who got several Rank A minions but no, he just wanted a C rank lmao
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    The event page does not tell you how long the event will last @Kibbelz Also, the transformation AND the enchant stones should be LEGENDARIES, not ANCIENT.. its easier to get ancients by fusioning luna transformation contracts than get it on this event (apparently)
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    You get banned for False Report Abuse
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    Just to say, your name @Kibbelz doesn' t show in the Dev Tracker, would be useful if it did ! Also all of you, Loki, Hime, and kibbelz should write everything in blue its easier to spot you guy's comments. Just puttin' it out there !
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    well i think is no mistery anymore lol, we have many precedents to already be aware that each new patch brings new Tokens/Materials, making each previous currency less and less useful. Silver Medal < Gold Medal < Platinum Medal < Mithril Medal < Ceranium Medal < Spinnel Medal < Ridium < Etium < Dickium Providing very poor exchange ratios like medals, or no exchange at all like Ridium. Also to be fair we can check for new changes at Databases and Korean official page an be prepared beforehand, the thing is that the patch 8.0 that probably will bring new tokens doesn't even exist in korea yet, so burning everything in this event will be a Blind Bet. At 7.0 Aion Taiwan got this event, where they could use their 6.0 materials to buy useful things (with a weekly limit) would have been pretty cool for us to get that too =S @ pics provided by @TheSecretCowLeve-KT <3
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    Imagine burning all our stock now and get nothing trolled by Rng, then comes 8.0 asking 2k Fighting fragments per piece to purify our Dark Talon LOL
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    I try 10 times the +15 one just get food, nice event
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    its 80% proc to kinah box. i just crafted about 550x and got 440x kinah boxes. the 10x craft to proc to +15 stigma is a joke, dont do it. the 60x craft to +9/+12/+15 will almost gurantee a +9. this is NOT an event, its just rubbish method to remove Ultimate Etium and Fighting Frags out of inventory.
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    @Kibbelz can we lower the proc rate on the kinah boxes for the craft for the event, over 90% of the proc into kinah
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    This guy is great, I really hope he doesn't get burnt out anytime soon. I can't remember the last time I was actually hopeful for the future of this game.
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    So funny that people think they are entitled to compensation. If you read the Korean patches, you would see that when 7.5 hit the stigmas 20% went to 30%. NA held it back on purpose to milk the p2w people to let them get an advantage, which you got. They knew all along it would create imbalance but they were ok with it as long as the money flowed and it did. Now in order to stop players from being frustrated and continue to play their dying game..they have to change to make them stay. Who would of thought?
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    I was amazed! It's been a long time since I've seen the ncwest team listen and do something that people comment on the forum! Congratulations on this initiative and don't forget to reduce the absurd difference for new players, always aim to increase your customers
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    Good post. So here is the thing. I have been playing Aion since 2009. I have witnessed one hell of a lot in this game. I have stuck with it because Aion has always been my game. I tried different games, but always came back. @Melodiosa-KT's bolded comment above pretty much sums up this whole thing for me. When I saw this thread go up, I pretty much thought.. nothing is going to come of this. I posted first with simple needs. Hacks, pay2win and RNG. I have watched people post lengthy, well thought out posts that address all three. (Though by far, RNG seems to be most people's main concern.) I have seen some other issues, like @Itzmin-DN's post above that talks about Support and their ginormous suckage, that also need addressing. But it all boils down to this. Will NCWest take our concerns to NCSoft and get things changed. After more than a decade of hoping that something will be done, I don't have any more hope. I imagine Kibblez coming in all idealistic and innocent and actually believing or thinking that he can do great things for Aion. Pull our game out of the dumpster it has been in for years. But I have seen new employees start just like this in the past and it never quite works out. They come in with all these good ideas and intentions to start a dialog with the players and change things. And then the company -and- the players beat them down and nothing.. ever.. changes. I'm watching what happens, but I have no hope. Hope in Aion just leads to disappointment.
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    After reviewing all 5 pages of other comments, here are some things I would like to add. First and foremost - *Give us a shader/opacity option for the chatbox. Finding a color that stands out from the surrounding environment is often difficult. My eyes aren't what they once were and I don't like having chat disappear into the background. This could be solved by having a slider for setting the opacity of the chatbox. *Minium conversion : 10 C = 1 B, 10 B = 1 A, 10 A = I think you get the idea. Click and combine. *Furniture and permanent mount crafting. Shall I tell you my sob story? SURE. I faithfully did my Luna's everyday and horded up hundreds of craft items while waiting for the permanent craftable mount to come up in the list (unicorn or maybe the big chicken). It never did. And then you (NC) removed them. Gone. I don't even recall seeing the info that said you were dropping them, they just no longer were. I cannot adequately express to you my frustration when I figured that out. Eventually I got over it, but wow. That was a definite 'thanks for nothing' moment. Also - I do not play a 'fantasy' game to drive around in an MG. A temporary one, at that. No. And yes, I derive a lot of enjoyment from fiddling about in my house with furniture. Which is no longer available. I do not understand this. *Ages ago, in a server long merged, I remember the CM's being ingame demonstrating new outfits and dyes that were coming with a new update. This was fun. I would LOVE to see Loki, Kibbelz, Hime and anyone else CM/NC spending some time with us ingame. Yes, I am aware of exactly what I'm asking. So let's keep it sensible. 30 minutes, per server, per week, per CM, per faction. Random timing so people who can't be ingame at the same time have a chance. Yes, random people will heckle you with ridiculous, unachievable demands. But perhaps, some of the more thoughtful players will be able to interact with you directly and that would be nice. Or, you could just spawn some goodies for us, or a raid boss that everyone who does damage gets the rewards dropped into their inventory (nice rewards please, not nonsense we don't need), or just be a presence that says 'NC isn't ignoring you!'. *BCM inventory vs. ingame item acquisition - Yes, please add things to the BCM for those folks who want to drop some RL coin. Speaking only for myself, I don't have a lot of disposable income at the moment, so I can't justify it. Therefore, whatever you put on the BCM should also be available by some means or mechanic ingame. Naturally, because you want to make money to pay your salaries, building rent, etc - the BCM should be more readily available. Blessed Lumiel knows, I can grind for items. Because I had little else to do, I harvested enough drana for the WHOLE FREAKING PANDORA ULTIMATE SET. If I ever see another drana, I'm gonna have an out of body experience. That said, if I knew I could grind some kind of currency (Luna perhaps? Gold ingots?) and then buy BCM items ingame, that would be nice. *As an addendum to the above, please make skins transferrable more than once. I foolishly skinned a nice set onto my Pandora Legendary not realizing this system had been changed. Now I have a useless set of armor in my warehouse with a skin I don't want to lose. This is yet another entry in the 'How did this change even make sense?' category. *Which brings me to this point - it would be nice if you included the community when it comes to some changes. No, I don't expect to be included in everything and we all know you cannot please all the people all the time. But things like arbitrarily changing the siege time without a word? Honestly, who promoted that as a 'good idea'? Until the siege time changes in game, or until time changes in November - I won't be at siege. * Fiddle factor. There is so much 'stuff' to fuss with ingame, I genuinely can't keep track of it all. Much like a post recently about converting enchant stones showed, there is just too much minutiae to fuss with. Go here, talk to that guy, get this item, then go here, talk to that guy, convert this to that, then talk to this guy on this other map. What? No. I don't mind chasing down random spawning NPCs, or hunting random spawning doodads (Miragents reference) but this is just silly. Give us NPCs that simply convert a number of 1 thing into something else. You could do this for enchant stones, minium, cubicles...what else... *Why not have gemstones shard assembly sometimes produce a Shining version instead of having to collect both types. I haven't even gotten involved with the runestones and purification or sanctification or whatever. Inventory space is always at a premium. *More account warehouse tradeability - Titans coins, Genesis Crystals, Gemstone/Runestone shards, other things I haven't thought of that make sense. I have a disturbing number of Genesis Crystals because I'm not a PVPer but I do get bored so I do the Lakrum camps. Maybe offer the Legendary and Dark Talon available for people who farm up obscenely disgusting amounts of (quest) inventory clogging crystals? LOL. Or, I can just keep converting them to manastone fasteners, which is probably the better idea. *The whole Elyos vs Elyos vs Asmos vs Asmos effect. I'm speaking (typing, anyway) about the mega conglomerate legions that formed when Demaha opened. While I was ambivalent with it in general, it very quickly became evident that it was no longer Elyos vs Asmos. In order to achieve a superior item infighting, nastiness and exclusivity became prevalent between members of our own respective races. This is most regrettable. I would much rather see ALL elyos (and asmos) supporting and helping each other to achieve greater results together. And finally - *The feeling of 'Have To Do'. These days when I login, there is a feeling of 'I must get these things done or else I'm falling behind'. Luna daily. Luna Weekly. Minium Vault. Abyssal Splinter (when its open). Jaburunerk's daily for a Experience thingy. Lugbug dailies. Lugbug Weekly because that is the only way I can get Legendary contracts. Demaha stellium. Katalam marks. Renown. Event objectives (if its an event that pertains to me). It all starts to feel like 'YOU MUST LOGIN, BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T, YOU'RE A FAILURE'. And I find I run out of time to do anything else very quickly. Its become work. It wasn't work before. I used to rush home from my office, grab dinner and a beverage of choice and spend the rest of my evening gaming my face off. There was so much to DO. Do I level crafting tonight? Which type? Essencetapping? Aethertapping? Oh, Legion run in Tlabs! I need to work on Campaign quests! Argh! Leveling Essencetapping means doing that quest to harvest a Shining Diamond, Saphhire and Ruby or whatever! Or do I go check out those quests in southern Eltnen or Heiron? Rifting party!!! Find the teleporting Shugo with asmo only outfits! Why are these Miragents quests so difficult!!! Damn you, Hot Heart of Magic! Abyss siege, let's go! Quests that were interesting (why are the fountains in Eltnen drying up) vs. quests to get more items to buy more gear to get to 'endgame' (there is no such thing in an MMO until the server shuts down) and then to have to do it all again when the armor calculations change. Yes, technically many of these things are still happening, but there's this feeling of demand instead of opportunity. I guess I want things to do ingame that are not gear related but that offer some reward. Remember the boss in southern... was it Heiron? You had to get onto the invisible pathways that ran between islands... I barely remember this it was so long ago and I only managed it once. Who remembers maps that were blank and that filled in as you discovered more areas? Anyway. Thank you for reading. See you all out there somewhere! ~Sheyrena~ Defender of the Cake
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    I firstly just want to say thanks to Kibbels for extending an olive branch to the community. I think sometimes it helps to have a fresh set of eyes to see what others may not and with that, I'm hopeful we can make some positive changes for everyone. A very safe observation I make is that we have a relatively small group of players doing the heaving lifting, in terms of supporting NC's revenue. That's why the cash shop prices are so incredibly high. Because clearly people with more dollars than sense are buying those items and this means the prices are catered to this minority and is why prices appear very high for the majority. Hence all the P2W comments here. How do we solve that? Well, we need a broader player base and lower shop prices. The problem is that we've already scared off anyone who's bothered to play and anyone who hasn't played, surely hasn't heard great things of late. So, unfortunately, we're currently stuck in a stalemate. NC won't take a hit to revenue overnight by simply lowering cash shop prices. So they're stuck with a dwindling player base of 'whales' whilst the new/returning players just aren't sticking around long enough and no one here can blame them. That been said, I do think with a bit of strategy and finesse on behalf of NC, we can slowly begin to turn this around. For example, the player population always peaks during a new patch or even during a good event. This would be an opportune time for NC to take a small risk (think of it as an investment), betting on the fact that if they lowered cash shop prices, more people would be willing to spend their money, thereby increasing the share of players who are invested in the game whilst also keeping NC's revenue at least steady. From there, NC would really need to hold onto their new players by properly committing to better, ongoing management of the cash shop by catering for the majority and not simply slipping back into complacency once again which would only result in the current status quo. An increased player base, with the majority of the players invested, would result in a much fairer and more enjoyable environment for all players. Some Issues (ones I know NCWest can change) EXPERIENCE - Yes, I know we can socket a runestone which gives us an extra 20% XP or 30% if you have Jesus like RNG and can enchant it to +5. But still, 30% of not much, is still not much. We really need SAS back or at least in the meantime please turn on those 'active' XP buffs which we've previously seen turned on/off very easily without having to reset the servers. 100% extra XP minimum. ideally, 200-300% because I just killed a random lvl79 mob which gave me 377k XP (with Prestige Pack 30% XP buff, no rune buff), and yet it takes 175mil exp to make one Experience Mark. I would have to kill 477 mobs in order to make just one Experience Mark... I could maybe do that on my +15 sov geared chanter in an hour, assuming I downed a couple of ritalin beforehand. But if you're an average geared player, it's probably going to take you at least two hours. Like, it's just so ridiculously impractical that it's no wonder people don't grind. Please, please consider adding to the GST 'Icerunerk's Special EXP Extractor'. These extractors only use HALF the amount of EXP to make an Experience Mark, compared to a standard extractor. DROP RATE / PVP - While you're at it, throw on the drop rate buff too. We need people in the field farming. Currently, the open world is a barren wasteland of dropless mobs and PVP is a distant memory. This would go a long way to make grinding a rewarding experience again because people could finally farm their cubics as well as the added challenge of PvP. SELECTIVE RETUNING - These prices were implemented in patch 6.0 and have not changed since. Please for the love of god, reduce the cost by at least half or preferably more. This is a HUGE opportunity for NC to make extra revenue. But currently, you're limiting yourselves to a minority of whales who are the only ones who can afford this feature. If you actually lowered the cost, you'd sell more. Simple. This would also assist in the issue of closing the gear gap between the haves and have nots. Also while you're at it, please find a way to remove MP from the retuning stats. No one's purposely tuning this stat UPDATE LUNA RECIPES - These haven't been changed for who knows how long. There's actually a couple of good recipes currently in Luna such as Transformation Contracts, Legendary enchantment stones and Kinah bundles. But the rest needs an overhaul. We used to be able to craft permanent mounts, housing stuff plus many skins. Consider consulting with the community about would they'd like to see here. PRESTIGE - As many others have already mentioned, this needs a revamp. One extra instance run for an instance we can't even complete because we don't have boss cubics ain't really cutting it anymore. In fact, one of the current prestige quests asks us to kill Singing Krishka who is the boss from an instance which was deleted around a year ago (Mirash Sanctum). I really liked all of Kahime's ideas on this. SKINS - Skins are the prime, low hanging fruit that doesn't affect game progression. The skin nuts in-game would give their firstborn for more skins. Would it really kill someone to push a few buttons and put them in the BCM? NC is leaving money on the table every week because of this. CUBICS - - Make gold cubics brokerable again. Yes, they were actually brokerable in 6.0. - Aioncodex says we can exchange higher grade cubics into lower grade cubics. Can you please install this feature? I'm assuming it's just a simple NPC installation. eg x1 gold cubic = x5 silver cubics. - We also need a realistic way to obtain platinum boss cubics. Nuff said. Divine Soul Healer for Ing/Gelk - We had them in Lakrum and then Demaha. Why can't we have them now? It's just a quality of life thing. But once you've had it, it's so hard to go back and it just adds to the frustration of dying. At the very least put a training dummy next to the obelisk so we can use leeching skills to heal up. Make the Gold Sands Trader available in instances and cross-server - Is there actually a reason why this can't be done? I can't tell you how many times I've run out of shards mid-way through an instance or halfway across Lakrum's map only to have to leave and return just to buy them. There's more but I'm tired now
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    They're PvE based around dungeons and raids, with the open world (still PvE) maps feeling more like pretty filler material. The PvP part is a whole separate part of the game and is an afterthought, and I never bothered with it when I did play. It's a PvE game. That's what it markets itself as. Also, Shaidessa nailed everything that needs look at in Aion. I didn't realize how much more RNG there is now than there even was in the past. Everything is RNG, and it shouldn't be. Aion doesn't need to be a mobile-game-turned-PC gacha. Many of my RL friends quit because they couldn't compete against the wallet-warriors, no matter how much time/effort they put in.
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    Oh.. almost forgot: - CUBICS: We are supposed to defeat Frigida at PFHM right now on this patch, but is IMPOSSIBLE without Platinum Cubics. And they are near the impossible to obtain. We dont need platinum cubics obtained by events, we need platinum cubics droped AT CUBIC INSTANCE. Also normal cubics is a very important feature nowadays, and we need the old cubics (attack, defense and etc) to be easier to obtain.. what about including them on the cubic drops at instances??? Thanks for hearing us.
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    Most of what I wanted to be improved is already here. but anyways 1. Add more in-game ways to get Stigma Enchantment Stones. For now you can only get like 10 enchant stones per week/per character IF you level up your renown to lv.6 on every character you have, wich is annoying and a bit hard. You also have to save lots of kinah to buy gold ingots and/or hardcore farm exp for experience marks for that stones, wich is also difficult. On top of that, enchanting Stigmas are too hard, the rate is something like 20% so you need 100+ for each stone if you ever want to catch endgame. European Aion just added Stigma Enchantment Stones on their prestige shop, it costs 200 prestige coins, that was very nice. 2. Add more in-game ways to get Daevanion Essences. Now that Abyssal Splinter is gone, the only way to get an Essence ingame is leveling your renown to 8 (!!!) and spending 30 experience marks for one single Essence (LOL this is ridiculous). 3. Add events where players can get Extend Weapons. Come one, they're not a big deal for now. There's no way to get them in this patch. 4. Add more ways to farm exp. You can spend your day killing <Big Game> mobs or doing LUT, yet you won't have enough exp to catch up the necessary Experience Marks to buy Daevaion Skillbook, Daevanion marks, stigma enchant and other stuff. Removing exp from instance mobs was a very bad move. Exp farm is poorly implemented in this current patch. 5. At this point, having at least ONE ultimate transformation shouldn't be a big deal. Since transformation collection was added, ulti transforms aren't the final goal of having transformations anymore. They're game changers and all, but you need a ton of other things if you want to stick with the end game. Bonus: I don't like how this patch is overflooded with things you need to enchant, casual and free to players are living a true chaos. Maybe this is the most unbalanced patch since the days of 5.8? Thats pretty bad. We have to enchant/farm Gemstones, Runestones, gear, stigmas, daevanions, minions, cubics and 7.7 will add ANOTHER TYPE of accessory to farm and enchant wich if pure RNG again.
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    1. ultimate transformation event ( many players need it and waiting it ) 2. stigma enchant event ( many players need stigmas event again ) 3. S rank minion event ( many players still use A rank ) 4. wb weapon box event ( many players if they are not in BIG legion they can't have wb boss weapon they can't kill any wb in this game ) ALL WE NEED THANK YOU ! PLEASE DO SOME USEFULL AND TAKE OUR FEEDBACK ! WE CAN P2W BUT WE WANNA SPEND MONEY ON WHAT WE REALLY NEED.
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    RNG!! RNG is the BIGGEST problem in the game. That's all :3
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    its a numbers game too , alot of times the asmos just get steamrolled by the shear number of elyos going after the wb's. so in the end by the events end , the ele faction will end up with the majority of the wep's im sure. cant say were not trying, just most of time dont have the numbers.
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    Need more cube space too.
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