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    Hello everyone! As the title implies it's my time to take a bow and say farewell to you all as tomorrow is my last day with NCSOFT. I'm not one for being super sentimental but I just wanted to say that my time over the last several years has been a large learning experience for me as this was my first gig in the industry. Sometimes it was overwhelming, other times it was stressful, and of course it was fun. All of you reading this have varying opinions, experiences, and thoughts about many different things. I leave you in the good hands of Hime and the other members at NCSOFT. I encourage you all to continue sharing your feedback with the team here at NCSOFT West, constructively of course. Thank you for being along for my ride and I am sure I will see many of you again. Cheers, Cyan/Justin
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    Thank you all for the best wishes! It's been almost 4 years since I started and time moves too quickly sometimes. At the very least let's hope I didn't set the bar too high on the weekly maintenance images. Don't forget to send any and all bugs to Loki (Actually you should probably send a ticket in and be as detailed as possible).
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    Gentle suggestion to stop making 30 Day or 7 day things your rewards. It doesn't feel like a reward when you're forced to use it. I understand you want to prevent hoarding but if you work to gather enchantment stones only to have them disappear before you have the gear you want to use them on, it is less rewarding than it is frustrating. Offering a Dragon Carpet Mount sounded really cool, a way to remember the beginning of the patch but - nope only there 30 days and then it's gone. Back in the day it was fun to remember events with items you could only get at that time. But now it's like everything just dissolves and feels very cheap and temporary. You beat RNg and get a plastic surgery ticket but oop - nope! it will disappear out of your inventory so you better change something now! It kinda defeats the purpose of a reward when it's just gonna annoy the person you're trying to reward. I don't know how much control you have over this but I hope enough to make a change.
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    Thank you and we've looked into this. The player in question does not have the mentioned items nor is there any history of the request in question.
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    Calm Down, Alt Who Probably Lives With His Parents. At least he had a job...
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    I've seen many conversations on LFG regarding the coming changes in gear for 7.5, just sharing some info I've gathered. 7.5 is seemingly a patch for people to catch up, while it introduces a number of new gear sets none are better then the current BiS Ultimate Dark Talon/ Ultimate Sovereign. There are Extreme sets which can potentally be much stronger then current armor/weapon, but these are very difficult to obtain/enchant. That is only the case for Weapon/Armor, the patch introduces new Accessories/Feathers that are better then 7.2 BiS. They also don't need to be enchanted. I won't go into detail below on 7.5s BiS Acc/feathers, but they are obtained through PvE PFHM. IDDHM and the new instance Altar of Ascension. If you already have the Royal Heart accessories you have a head start on the rest. Here is a comparison of some of the easier to obtain Acc/Feathers against Dark Talon/Sovereign HP 21428 ATT 4967 ACC 9113 CRIT 2039 M.DEF 5096 P.DEF 5096 Description: Full Ultimate Dark Talon/Sovereign Accessories/Feathers +15 with Perfect rolls (includes bonus PvP/PvE att/def) How to Obtain: Same as 7.2, Sovereign Accessories/feathers no longer drop. Is it worth it?: If you don't already have the full set in 7.2, probably not. Only classes that roll other stats like Heal Boost/MR/EV will benefit from these until they upgrade to Burning Altar. *If you are currently working on these you should probably reconsider, imo the only accessories worth enchanting now are the Starlight acc, since they can be upgraded for considerably less materials in 7.5 if enchanted to +10. HP 19091 ATT 4130 ACC 8468 CRIT 1770 M.DEF 4865 P.DEF 4457 Description: New Genesis Crystal/Titainium Coin Accessories/Feathers How to Obtain: Genesis Crystals can still be obtained from Lakrum camp quests and various new daily quests (you'll need 4270 crystals for the full set), Titanium Coins can be obtained from various activities in Gelk/Igg. You can potentially get the set quickly by farming named mobs all over Gelk/Igg. You can also stack Genesis Crystals on alts now so you can purchase it on day 1 of patch. Various named mobs all over gelk/igg also have a chance to drop these. Is it worth it: Only for alts and new players, certainly better then Risiel. Genesis Crystal set comes with fixed DPS stats (above) while the Titanium Coin stuff can be retuned. The Titainium Coin set can be used as new Clerics heal boost set until they farm Burning Altar Accessories from Altar of Asenscion. You can also choose to use the Genesis Crystal set as a placeholder till you upgrade to katalam/demaha since you can extract the items afterward for Fighting Spirit Fragments/Manastone Fastners (going to need alot of these) HP 21074 ATT 5047 ACC 9285 CRIT 1974 M.DEF 5653 P.DEF 5197 Description: New Katalam Blood Mark Set, Demaha Stellium Set How to Obtain: After flipping all connected Garrisons (ex. 701,702,703) shugos will spawn selling acc/feather boxes. Each set of connected garrisons spawn different shugos selling different boxes, you are limited to purchasing 1 per week of each box, but they are account warehouse tradeable. You will need 642 Blood Marks for the full set, you will also need to be lvl 5 Fame in Katalam. In Demaha you can purchase an RNG box at Altars for 100 Stellium. The box has a chance of giving you 1 acc/feather box or any other number of items. The box has a limited weekly purchase limit. Also has a chance to drop from world bosses in Demaha. Is it worth it: If you already have full +15 Dark Talon acc/feathers, no need to resocket a whole new set just for 100 or so more attack. If you are in anything below Ultimate Dark Talon, YES. The set is PvPvE and you can mix and match pieces from Demaha/Katalam. You can farm Blood Marks now, but you will still need to lvl up your Fame and that may take a bit. The boxes in Demaha can be purchsed as soon as the Altars are captured. There are a number of other accessory sets that fall inbetween the genesis crystal set and katalam set including new craftables and drops from easy/normal mode dungeons. These of course are more time consuming to get. Hopefully this info can help some of you while preparing for 7.5.
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    Funny fact about myself, we had it like 2~3 times already since 6.2 launched and whenever we had it, I always already had my items tuned the hard and expensive way (up to 200m per item). I was never able to take advantage of the 1 kinah retuning event.
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    I'm super glad that this issue is getting fixed at least, but I really hope more furniture gets added... In general, we're all hungry for cosmetics! Mounts, emotes, motions, skins, and furniture getting added to the game or BCM would make the playerbase a lot happier. For furniture specifically, I'd like to see A L L of the bundles/sets made available, not just Breezy and Valentine's day. Don't get me wrong, they're a good start! But that's what they should be: A Start! Camping, Club, Eastern, Solorius, and Harvest Revel used to be craftable in Luna and we'd all love those back, even through the BCM if not Luna crafts. The unique partitions from Sanctum/Panda shops, crafted furniture, and guestblooms were deleted almost entirely in the 6.0 patch- there's only a fraction of the old crafts that we can get from housing NPCs. For NA in particular, we're missing the brand new Antique Golden and Cloud furniture sets, as well as these cute additions: Please @Cyan, we are ready and willing to throw money at this game for cute furniture and skins! P2W events will always be divisive, but literally no one will be unhappy about adding cosmetics to the cash shop.
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    I cannot believe that the server has been bugg for more than 4 hours and that the GMs do not deign to give a damn answer to the comments on the forum when it is their job to be aware of the server which should be in "optimal conditions" which It is a clear sarcasm with the lag and mistakes of this update, there are several GMs (@Hime @Gideon) who are practically non-existent the only GM who was serious with his work and was aware of the community was( @Cyan) which no longer He accompanies us more, his attention to the players is missed and his terrible memes on maintenance days.
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    We appreciate your due diligence on the matter. We have checked, double checked, and tripled check for your sake, nobody on the server owns the necklace nor has it been given out in any way by our support teams.
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    I mean she couldn't even if she wanted. Apparently, he is "hidden" in Pandaemonium and ignoring whispers as per @Rook-EK's video earlier in the thread.
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    For Asmodians For Elyos Gelkmaros (Homeland) Silentera Canyon Inggison (Enemy land) Inggison (Homeland) Silentera Canyon Gelkmaros (Enemy land) Daily Quests Weekly Quests FEXP / FXP / Renown Points Some Monster Stats (HP, Physical Defense, Magical Defense) Fame (Renown / Glory) Level Rewards
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    Did you hover your mouse over this items and take screenshots individually? on all his shiny items? This image shows what a shiny necklace could have been but it would be better to be able to see that. He most likely closed his details now.
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    1. The model wasn't a placeholder. I had corrupted game files and it loaded the default npc model and I didn't feel like recording it again. The best I could do at this point was to show him in a thumbnail. 2. The story of the quest is: Irinin is looking for siel's relics. What he found was something that felt close to the relic that controls time (the one israphel tried to use in 3.0 to go back in time) but wasn't it. Turned out it was a device (the clock thing) created by Jotuns in the image of siel's relic but this one could only show the future. When you touch it, you see the most probable future where Apsu crowns Inanna as a new Dragon Lord. She then turns to a dragon and kills everyone.
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    wtf was that? I'd give you a C+ for this fanfic
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    The problem is that a lot of words seem to be getting lost in translation or NCSOFT doesn't even remember what gender have they applied to their characters. A similar issue happened when during 3.x and 4.x patch during Tiamaranta, a book described Tiamat's rise to power and in the book it mentioned Tiamat as "he", yet we see it's female. Same thing happened with Ereshkigal at first, everyone thought it was male, but nope. It would be actually a nice things to see a same-sex relationship in the game (I mean, even FFXIV has done it), but homosexuality is still very taboo in Korea, so who knows. We'll have to see.
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    ...Aly just confirmed she is an "insider". SHE WORKS FOR THEM. Good luck Aly, your new adventure begins.
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    Rip Cyan Good luck buddy! You'll be missed!
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    Soscerers: ...are we a joke to you?
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    What's the point of making the drop table for the Sovereing's gear not class only, Bastion Of Souls instance is a 1 player only based and the normal drop is just for the class that is doing the instance making the drop not trade time available or 1 time pass on gear that is not for your class make it a nightmare you guys should let us being able to trade the gear via warehouse at least.
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    OH MY GOD dude you talk like you’re trying to save the world of Aion from the evil hands of BIG MISTAKE!
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    Yes they are the same ultimate manastone socketing supplements that the pet stormwing gave us (which I happen to still have) and it is the same to the BCM item Flawless Manastone Socketing Supplement Box you get for 480 coins. you just have to select the ultimate one. Now I haven't tested it, but people told me you get the item you need to activate the event.
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    All motions should be added permanently in BCM and make the m brokerable. Let people choose what they need and throw money in your faces man.
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    You are not actually locked out, it is just an error. You have to try slow single clicks and try clicking enter instead of double clicking the character like you usually do. It is super annoying though.
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    finally, Time for an updated version Red Code Event since we are in quarantine. (updated 7.3 major healing potions are welcome and needed)
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    I completely agree with you that NA should get the same entries. I also think NA should get treated the same as its counterparts but I don't think this will happen idk why but NCwest just doesn't care for this game thats evident from the lack of attention we get and the state of the BCM. However we can all hope for the best.
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    Hello, Aion Team, Love the game. Temporary cabinets should be added to Aetherforging or daily Luna crafting. Players need a way to get back items that are still in expired cabinets. If the matts are easy to get, then re-crafting a cabinet every 30 days would give players more storage. Increase the size of Studio Housing. Studios are there own instance. It should not take much effort to double the size of a studio and allow for more decorations. Offer more decorations on BCM.
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    When Aion: Awakened Legacy arrived back in 2018, players had inquired if some of the furniture we used to be able to craft in Construction could be moved to another NPC. Fortunately, @Cyan responded positively by saying that they could add missing items to other portions of the game. And they did! <Guestpetal Exchanger>(s) now sell a small portion of the items we used to be able to craft in Construction under a new tab called Craft Furniture. (see below) Now, two years later, I recently got in touch with Support and inquired into an old NPC that used to be located in the crafting studio area, called <Construction Merchant>. As you know, that area is blocked off and we can no longer access the NPC. This NPC was the only one who sold the following items: 1. Brown One-layer Window 2. Brown Two-layer Window 3. White One-layer Window 4. White Two-layer Window 5. Fine One-layer Window 6. Fine Two-layer Window 7. Brown Partition 8. Dark Brown Partition 9. White Partition Support verified that "...As of now these NPC's no longer sell these items and they are no longer available in-game." I think it would be great if these items could be added to another NPC, like the Crafted Furniture was, so we could be allowed to buy them again. There really is no other NPC that we can buy windows from, which is both shocking and disappointing 😦. @Cyan I hope you don't mind me "invoking" your name, but it would be great to hear from you on if this could be made a possibility 😊 Players, please give your support! I am also going to add a link to my friend's suggestion of adding Cabinets to the BCM, as the two are related to Housing. (Please read and reply here)
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    @Hime we're getting tons of server DCs on DN, can we restart the server? Thanks,
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    Firstly, I'm on KT and benefit from the extra resets from this constant disruption. You guys here on KT messing around with the DN people that come to the forums demanding a reset should chill. They are right, for the last 4 weeks the KT server has had to be reset due to what I'm assuming is a massive memory leak on our host/cluster. It's getting worse and worse as 4 weeks ago it would start doing it by Tuesday night where we are unable to click NPCs to teleport, use broker, stigma master, etc. Every week since then it starts happening sooner and sooner. Now it's happening on Monday mornings by noon CST. In the next couple weeks, it may start happening on Sunday nights or potentially more when the new patch content hits and takes it's toll. Right now there is an event where you can get the best PVE gear including weapons which only a few grps can clear BE Normal Mode to get and even then the drop rate is super low as usual. To say that it's ONLY PVE and it's no big deal is not right either as come May 27th, PVP accessories change where having multiple free runs of PF Hard Mode to get your Earrings, Rings, and Belt (neck isn't obtainable yet without some kind of exploit I believe or plethora of stellium and luck to unlock plat atk and def cubics). These pieces WILL be the best for the slot come next Wednesday after another easy upgrade. So the more free runs, the better for those that can't consistently reset with Luna/Scrolls. I certainly am mostly indifferent to DN players and don't particularly care about what goes on on that server but on this issue at least I wholeheartedly agree with their plight, if this was happening to them we all here on KT would be in an uproar. @Hime going forward, you guys need to bounce BOTH servers in the event of ANY kind of issue where resetting one of them is warranted. And I mean for ANY kind of issue where one of them have to be bounced. Monetarily it's unfair and disproportionate. And from a game playing point of view, it really is a disruption and potential advantage regardless of how slight leading into the next patch. To be fair, because KT keeps getting disrupted and DN isn't getting benefited, you guys should just compensate both servers with a sovereign weapon and armor box for 1 toon. It's not our fault for the disruption and it's not their fault for them being left out either. The reset benefits everyone and gives them a bonus advantage even if it's just PVE, that helps in Katalam and other cross-server instances where the 2 servers can compete for World Boss and other PVE content that drop PVP gear or mats. 4 weeks of resets is already an extra 20 runs of PFHM without having to spend kinah, luna, or bcm coin. Also, the reset also allows you to re-buy the 5 PVP and PVE ancient enchantment stone boxes using Genesis Crystals as well as the Lebo Potions of Protection and gives you a free 10k shield. I buy 3 of the protections on my main and 3 on ALL my alts and put in account warehouse to give to my main which is easily over 15 more. I get about 30 a week now with the resets and people competing in Crucible Spire get another chance to practice or get into top spot to get the buff.
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    i mean NO! ncsoft very very bad! pls fix katalam we can't play with so many bugs
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    I'd say the player knowingly intending to defraud Support is deserving of a ban, they knew exactly what they were doing when they requested an item that isn't available in game. Support on the other hand... need a smack upside the head.
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    You can choose one (either ninja/hovering) from the new/returning player box. It's a pink quest given by Rasis in Pandaemonium. Have to be inactive for 30 days or new account. The Ninja Set is also sold in the BCM and is trade-able so you can purchase it from another player.
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    Cyan thx for your work and for bearing with us all these years, we will miss you !! now as a goodbye can i repost my fanfic GideonXHimeXCyan pretty please?? i will post it on off topic section no one will see it there don't worry
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    Man, take a seat and stop making assumptions. Here:
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    ran 6 bos use luna for one no drop i think the drop rate is pitiful but when i run fm i got lucky but i notice its always a class roll that im not currently playing
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    If you were here in 5.8 you will understand, but talking without having the experience of dealing with the lead and some followers from NOD now BM makes you not suitable to post... since you were not there and did not suffer all the agony. And trust me I am well aware there's a lot of good ppl in BM; but there's a lot of hypocrites to and leeches, and at some point you will see it...... unless you become like them, as many have done; and all the effort I pot into the ranting is to try and help the server since I do care for it...... I do have a sentimental value for these game since there ppl her I know now for yeeeeears, and to see a few messing with them and killing the server aggravates me.
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    Exactly. Booteranerk Ultimate Manastone Package is sold in BCMfor 6400 coins and you have a 3 limit per account.
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    Bruh we literally have TWO completely free, hella good events going on right now. But sure, go off.
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    Server back and everything is reset ^^
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    My greatest wish at this point would be for them to revive housing. I know it's just a small aspect of the game, but it gave me something fun to do that was stress-free. Even if Korea doesn't care about housing anymore (or at they don't appear to), it doesn't mean NCWEST shouldn't care. It's not like we're asking for the moon, we just want the items we once had back. Please check out my thread 👈 if you would like to see cabinets and other housing items added back to the Black Cloud Market!
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    I still can't even believe that the temporary cabinets were never added back. Fortunately, I knew they were going away with the 6.0 update, so I had removed my items from my temporary cabinets. But I feel bad for people who have old/valuable items in cabinets that they cannot open any longer.
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