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    Take this from one of your best customers: 1. Y'all do not know what you are doing with the store, items stripped we use to have access to and now released like it the first time. Stupidity level 10 Solution do your job and give a true Korea store. 2. Discounting individual items, Stupidity level over 9000 Solution: Discount coin, Buy 8,000 get 10,000 3. This event is horrible. Prices are more screwy then TIA Event (Which y'all dropped a nuclear bomb on) Stupidity level Unknowable So high there is no number for it. Solution: STOP CHANGING PRICES! LET KOREA DEVS HANDLE IT ALL< STOP REQUESTING CHANGES>, you don't know what the heck y'all are doing to this game. 4. The gear grind only matters to people that are not already in Ultimate. Since I am, in full ultimate pvp and pve, I am fine, others are not. Solution: You can tackle this two way, First Stones become a standard mob drop, the rate of success is garbage so it isn't like that will hurt anything. Or you can Fix item 1, and MAKE A STORE worth spending money in. 5. IF this was all done on purpose my only conclusion is y'all are trying to kill this game, either by pure ignorance of the actual game we are playing, or poor management decisions. Solution: Poll us more, ask us more questions, forums etc. Or continue doing what you have been doing and well y'all will be searching for new employment. Now General thoughts and concerns. 'all Y'all have created yet another time sink, this one was much worse then anyone before it, Y'all have release a statement that event will be limited do the content. WHAT CONTENT I CAN SOLO ALMOST ALL OF IT! Seriously wake up before your player base quits. Y'all really need to focus on the state of the game, how and why we play this game, and what will keep us playing. Learning what will make us spend money is probably a good plan for the longevity of the game! Also let me clue you ostriches into the world above the sand. The simple fact is there is nothing worth buying on the store, not even Keys for the lock boxes, since the 150 dollars spend on junk, will only net you enough coins to buy one minion, and that minion sells for 500m-1bil, DO THE MATH, have some very basic exercises in house to conduct even the basic understanding of what drives a person to play a game, IT IS REWARDS DUH. I have already stopped playing non siege days to play minecraft, if the state of the game doesn't improve your are looking at the very close sunset of NA Aion. My conclusion is that y'all are destroying the game, store, and community, due to mismanagement, and carelessness. The facts are simple to understand, the affects are instantly seen. This isn't a threat either this time, which is why I choose a public forum instead of bugging y'all in petitions. There is no threat of no more money for y'all, its just simple there isn't anything of value to obtain from the store, short of the transformation scroll, once I obtained Sheba the worth to continue disappeared. Y'all need to wake up now, before it is too late.
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    Dear NCSoft, Back in 2011, I was introduced to AION (1.9 if I can remember) by Co-Workers. I had never played an MMORPG before! Tried WOW but wasn't my cup of tea. I was a 1st Person Shooter. Installed it, grinded to lvl 10, went to Verteron and popped my wings, grinded to LVL 25, entered the Abyss and NEVER TURNED BACK! I remember saying "I CAN FLY" ... then I remember saying "I CAN FLY AND FIGHT!" It was an exhilarating experience for me and 1 I will never forget. Everyone ranted and raved about this MMORPG that included "FLIGHT" and "COMBAT IN FLIGHT" https://www.engadget.com/2009/09/06/everything-aion-flight-101/ http://www.tentonhammer.com/guides/aion-flight-facts https://www.alteredgamer.com/aion/41531-why-daevas-fly-and-flight-mechanics/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aion_(video_game)#Flight https://venturebeat.com/community/2009/10/09/aion-preview/ Now let's Fast Forward to 2018 - 10 Years Later since AION was launched, AION 6.2 - Awakened Legacy The #1 factor that has made this MMORPG different than ANY OTHER MMORPG ON THE MARKET IS - "FLIGHT" - and in the LATEST, MOST RECENT, "LIKE A MONTH AGO" PATCH ... (OTHER THAN DIVINE SIEGE, WHICH ISN'T REALLY A FLIGHT SIEGE IN COMPARISON - THAT ONLY LASTS 1 HOUR ON 1 DAY A WEEK) YOU TAKE "FLIGHT" AWAY? I'm no expert here, well i'm a 20 year marketing expert, but who made the decision to take away the most NICHE INDUSTRY differentiating factor of the game? NCSoft, don't take my word for it, why don't you ask the player community how they feel about Flight in General and Flight Combat. I know if that Survey came across my screen all my answers would lead towards ADDING FLIGHT BACK. We as Daevas have WINGS ... LET US FLY !!! Thank You for your time. "FLYING WHENEVER I GET THE CHANCE TO" Pyxlbomb - DN - "Lumiel 4 Life"
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    Ok where to start . QUick math with MechEagle , so .... 3 daily quest who give 50 , so 150 by day + prestige 10 every hour for 3 hour so 30 , so basicly 150 + 30 = so 180 everyday , you need 1350 for a bundle , so basicly you need 7.5 days , so 8 days to get 1 bundle . so if you are the underdog faction basicly you cant get the special boss so you only get 1 bundle cause the event last 2 week . so basicly the faction who own the server got all the crafting mats from anomous boss w/e is name ( sorry i dont know is real name cause my faction never kill it ) and now the faction who own server will get extra enchant stone from event boss , and more bundle than losing faction ....... Sound legit !
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    NC will kill the game. How long until we wait for answers? It's ridiculous what you're doing. We have a community full of people wanting the good of the game and you @Cyan do not give due attention. Average online players have dropped dramatically and what do you guys do? AN EVENT OF RIDICULOUS AND UNUSUAL SHIT. I'M ABANDONING THIS GAME AND I'M SURE THAT A LOT WILL GO ABANDONING TOO, FOR WE KNOW THE END THAT THIS TOTALLY DELETED STAFF WILL TAKE US. Goodbye and good luck to anyone who stays
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    we don't want it lowered we want the original prices lmao
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    Hello all, First off, I would like to thank you for bringing light to this issue. Second, we would like to inform you that the item in question has been removed from the player. We have also checked the servers to ensure that no other player has received any of these items, and this was the only instance of it. This was not a situation of our GMs handing out items to friends and family; it was an error made that shouldn't have been made in the first place. To be absolutely clear, this was not an issue made by Cyan. It is never our attempt to "pull a fast one" as we all know the Aion community is well-established and well-informed on the general happenings. We thank you for your vigilance.
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    I will tell you exactly why your responses to our problems are BS. You state that you are having discussions with the developers, but you never tell us what the developers' side of the conversation is. Why is that? Why must we be kept in the dark on what their responses are to our concerns that you say you are discussing with them? A discussion is a two-way street, but all we hear from you is that you hear us and supposedly pass up to the Devs what our complaints are. Do you not see how incompetent it looks when you are never able to tell us what the decisions are on our complaints? If you are having a real discussion with the Developers, you could tell us what their decisions are. Well, unless you are not actually having a discussion with them. I am inclined to believe with the way you give us feedback, that you really have no clue what they are going to do. Truth be told, I am willing to bet that there are no discussions actually being had, and instead all you are able to do is pass up our complaints and remain in the dark about what may be done. If that is the case, just be truthful and say you told the Devs and now have to wait to see if they will do anything. This intentional misleading on what is actually happening concerning our issues only makes the company either look incompetent or worse trollish.
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    No Events.. No change enchants Rate... Let's wait until the population that decided to come back to play, give it up again x.x Please pay attention to your players, every day we give several tips on how to improve, the longer it takes, the fewer players keep playing ty
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    Well, well, well. I'm probably gonna be rude here, but I'm gonna say to you @Cyan what my Clients say to me on my job, cause this is YOUR JOB not your Hobbie. I'm officialy stopping to spend money on the game to keep it alive, not because I'm trying to be the Fattie boy that dont wanna let other kids play with his ball because he is not on the team, but because I PAY FOR A SERVICE YOU GUYS ARE PROVIDING AND ITS nyerk BAD! Yes! Your service on Publishing AION is bad! Is very very bad! On my job if we suck on it, we get alot of unhappy messages to spend the holidays with them on our heads. So this is my message to you and your team. You guys need to do your jobs, this is not your hobbies, you are getting a nice CHECK on the end of each month to keep your things running and keep your very UNHAPPY clients, ur COMMUNITY, Happy! So thats the thing, I'm gonna do what my Clients do to me on my country when I make stupid decisions and make them very unsatisfied with my JOB to you. I hope other players realise that, this game is a service, and you can say how many times you want that is a FREE service, but it isn't. We pay because its the only way to keep it alive. U need us as much as we need you, and the thing is... If you don't know that yet, your client wants the thing that he is PAYING FOR to be good, it dosnt matter if make sense, if he wants stupid stuff, he is the one that make your company a BIG thing or a Small thing no one cares. SO RESPECT US! @Allplayers Hope all of you do the same thing, hit on the pocket, so they have a reason to WORK harder to get their money. Ur are the boss, not them. If it was ur client who was unhappy, and u needed him to keep ur business, I know for sure that ur would be moving Earth, Sea and Sky to make it better. Thats all. Respect ur Client NCSOFT, this is not a DONATION game, this excuses don't glue anymore.
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    Did you know you don’t have to mock a guy that’s only handling customer responses and feedback on just the forums? Did you know that this guy is just trying to do his job and people behind the scenes force him to say what he says now? If you want to be an actual funny comedian, maybe you should take some classes first. A true response from @Hime or @Gideon would be better instead.
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    I know you guys have a small team at NCWest and I sympathize with you there. But it's just confusing from a user standpoint why some of these issues are allowed to exist. I myself work full time at a tech start up with 5 others. We spend a long time hashing out each new feature we choose to develop. We are users of our own product so we are able to think from a users point of view; And when its pushed we receive a very large percentage of positive feedback. As for negative feedback, we listen to every bit of feedback we receive (Remember, listen does not mean implement) and decide if its worth considering. Now how does this differ with NCWest? It seems to me that you don't look at your product as a user. I'd assume you all play Aion, atleast I really hope you do. Now how do you, as a player, feel about the first event in a month having it's best reward being a single enchantment stone after hours and hours of play time? Especially when chances are it'll fail to enchant anyway? If your answer is anything other than "I think the event sounds like a waste of time", you need to become more involved in your own game. This is why I don't believe you when you say you're monitoring our feedback, or if you are, I don't believe "monitoring" means anything more than acknowledging that we have feedback. Actually listening to feedback these past months would result in the sorry excuse for an event to have never happened. Do you think my company would launch a feature if literally all of our research showed it would vastly upset our userbase? No, of course not. You can't tell me you went into this event with a positive outlook. ----- I'd also love to see NCWest become more transparent as a company. An example of this would be PUBG Corp. They admitted they were royaling nyerking up and launched an entire campaign called FixPUBG that was greatly accepted by it's community. At the moment you have been giving us politician answers. Beating around the push and essentially leaving your frustrated, yet loyal community in the dark. Theres tons more I could talk about and could even hop in discord if you guys need a consultation or something... Clearly I and everyone else here are very passionate about this game annd we just want it to be at it's best.
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    Anyone can get a link from aioncodex and throw in lfg, that doesnt mean that this person really have that item.
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    Kinah should be storable in your account warehouse. That way it can be accessible to all your OWN toons. I don't think it's fair that we have to use the Brokers to move our own Kinah in between our own characters. I get why the parameters of trading Kinah were changed because of the gold sellers but why do we have to suffer for their stupidity. Especially if you want to make a new toon and be able to obtain items through the Sands Marketplace and or other NPC items.
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    Hi all, We're investigating this issue and will be taking action as needed. To clear something up, while it is true that I do play the game on EK, my character and account do not have access to the sort of systems that can grant items nor was this done by myself. Feel free to continue discussing as you would like but please keep your comments civil. Thank you.
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    I can't tell you what's coming exactly or when it's coming but we're discussing lots of stuff with the development team. I mentioned last week that the maintenance happening tomorrow was not going to contain anything special due to the holiday over here. Normal processes will resume next week and you'll be seeing an event early December, I promise.
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    Greetings Daevas, Here's a list of changes occurring during the November 14 maintenance. For detailed maintenance information please go here. Instances Transformation Contracts now have a chance to drop from the bosses in the following instances: Infernal Drakenspire Depths Primeth’s Forge Mirash Sanctum Cradle of Eternity Bastion of Souls Frozen Monolith Fixed an issue where several instances were incorrectly modified by the Prestige Pass. In all cases, the higher value is now applied to both Prestige and non-Prestige players. Fixed an issue where the Flesh Lump in Contaminated Underpath could not be looted by players higher than level 75. Fixed an exploit with the boss fight in Primeth’s Forge. Quests Prestige Quests are now available from Shugorobo, who now spawns with the other Prestige NPCs. Fixed a typo in the quest Beritra Battle. Fixed various text issues in some Enshar regional quests. Fixed an issue where the wrong race was mentioned in the Gelkmaros campaign quest Moving Forward. Character Fixed an issue where Magic Resist and Magic Defense were referred to by incorrect terms in character and item stats. Magic Defense reduces the amount of damage from magical sources. Magic Resist provides a random chance to resist magic spells entirely. UI The "Show only today's sieges" checkbox of Kutana's Teleport Station has been removed, and all teleport options will now be displayed by default. Fixed an issue where the rewards listed on the Luna instance UI were incorrect. Fixed an issue with cut-off text in the mailbox. Fixed an issue where some advanced graphics engine options were cropped. Fixed an issue where the UI for unlocking Manastone slots did not display the amount required. Item Fixed an issue where some [Event] Tempering Solution and [Event] Omega Enchantment Stone items could not be exchanged at the merchant in Pandaemonium and Sanctum. All instances of Feather equipment have been updated to Plumes. Updated the descriptions for Plastic Surgery and Gender Switch tickets on how they can be used. Fixed an issue where some Transformation Potions had outdated names or with Transformation Potions. Greatly increased the amount of Kinah provided by the Kinah Bundle available from Luna crafting. It now gives between 5 million and 100 million kinah. A bundle containing 1000 Shards is now purchasable on the Gold Sand Traders twice per week, for 3,800,000 kinah. The Transformation Scroll Bundle available from the Gold Sand Traders has had its contents replaced with 10 Transparent Transformation Scrolls. The price (3 Gold Ingots) and purchase restrictions (1/week) are unchanged. Skills Mass Immortal Shroud's tooltip has been updated to reflect its correct functionality when used on a party member. Added a missing % sign in the Pledge of Earth skill. Fixed an issue where the Aethertech’s Trauma Plate Trigger would not apply the PvP damage reduction effect. Siege Fixed an issue where the Marchutan and Kaisinel’s Protection buffs did not correctly apply their stats to players. Reduced the amount of GP required to maintain rank to 800. Increased the amount of GP acquired from sieges in the following situations: Victory at Divine Fortress Victory at Lakrum Fortress (attackers only, defender GP is unchanged) Defeat at any siege Localization Fixed an issue where Veille and Mastarius transformations had incorrect terms. Fixed an issue where Tejhi were referred to by an incorrect term. Fixed an issue where Bollvig was renamed to Rasberg. Fixed an issue where Dragon Lord would appear as Balaur Lord. Misc Fixed an issue where Dye Plants in the housing areas were not providing items to characters higher than level 70. Fixed the Ancient Crown exchange NPC summoned via summoning stones. Loading and ending screens have been updated.
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    Change the requirement to old requirement, +10 and you can purify, or -5 levels on purification. +15 is ridiculous and neigh impossible to achieve for most players, in effect most players are stonewalled behind RNG. What progression? You can drop 200+ stones on an item and not have it +15. Those same 200 stones would still be able to net +10 in most cases which translates into progress if it could be purified. Nearly a month in and with most players being stonewalled at yellow +10 is pretty absurd. One would think that at least one ugpradeable piece would make sense.
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    @Cyan I'm interested in how far your skin sales are plummeting and if it's worth not just putting up transparent scrolls for kinah. People take great pride in how their character looks and your answer is a an hour a week if we want to use xforms? (and don't tell me using an xform is optional this patch)
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    So, the new Skill database is out, and I was mining the changes on priests! I think they did relevant changes on the priest classes, because during 6x patch both Cleric and Chanter are able to provide support while causing insane ammounts of DPS. Also, Chanter lost his ability to boost Magical Status, and the price for cleric to be DPS / Support is a bit higher now. Check out: Cleric Benevolence: Increases Healing Boost by 400. New effect: descreases Magical Attack by 400. Splendor of Recovery: The skill no longer provides the Heal over time effect. Ripple of Purification: Removes up to 5 abnormal conditions cast on you and up to 6 group members within a 25 m radius of you, and also recovers 5979 HP. New effect: Additionally recovers their HP by 1383 every 2s for 14s. Word of Destruction: The skill no longer reduces Healing Effects on affected targets. The skill no longer requires DP to be used. Cooldown reduced to 2m. Sacrificial Power: Increases your Magic Accuracy by 1500, Magic Attack by 1000, and Magic Crit by 1000, in exchange for losing Healing Boost by 1000. Active Skill. Salvation: The skill is back to Cleric list, and costs 2k DP. Same effect as before Saving Grace: No longer heals. The skill increases Magic Defense and Physical Defense by 500 for 30s. Enfeebling Burst: No longer deals damage. The skill descreases the target's Physical Attack and Magical Attack by 500 for 30s. Chanter Word of Inspiration: The skill no longer affects the whole group.The skill no longer gives Magical Attack status. New effect: Self buff. Increases the caster's Physical Attack, Accuracy, Crit Strike and Healing Boost by 500. Protective Ward: The skill no longer costs MP. Requires 2000 DP to be cast. New effect: Shield duration increased to 20s. Healing Boost increased to 500. Word of Instigation: The skill no longer gives Magical Attack status. Increases the group's Physical Attack, Accuracy and Crit Strike by 500. Stamina Restoration: New effect: Restores 6081 HP and 6081 MP, and for 10s, boosts the caster's Healing Boost by 300. Ressonant Strike: Cooldown descreased from 2m to 30s. Debilitating Incantation: New effect: descreases the target's Magical Defense and Physical Defense by 500 for 15s. Curtain of Light: The skill no longer provides the Heal over time effect. Cooldown reduced from 2m to 1m30s. Block capacity boosted to 30000 HP. Healing Conduit: Healing effect was greatly increased, from 81 to 500 per hit. Numbing Blow: Base damage increased by 100%. Word of Wind: The skill no longer requires DP to be used. I think the changes are (mostly) nice. They kinda ressurected Ascension Spell with the new effect of Word of Inspiration, and I love it! +500 Healing Boost? wooooooooooping! But Protective Ward becoming a DP skill is bad I will mark some priests I know in this thread, I hope you like it guys @Vantheria-DN @Jella-DN @Hinotori-DN @Bryos-DN @Edmond-KT @Aly-DN @XOliviaX-DN @Gabe-DN @Capa-KT
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    Ereshkigal, really is powerful. She appeared in Atreia freezing a Gladiator and all her men (video), but the worst was yet to come. She froze the ranking and all possibility of progress of the players. Destroyed maps, instances and much of what you could do in AION. From the arrival of Ereshkigal (6.2) No one else will take up to the ranking. It will be impossible to win GP. In addition, she froze all items. Whoever got a Ultimade + 15 outfit was happy, but can not make progress on that. Whoever did not get this equipment got in an even worse situation. The player now can not go beyond +14 and has an Ancient set or at most some Legendary items. Ereshkigal also froze the Luna. No more mounts, clothes, furs and items for your home. Eventually you might win a red, temporary car, but that's just a joke with you in a world that once made sense. The trade in Atreia was also frozen. Nothing you win could be marketed. You will not be able to sell your new items because the economy has frozen even among your own characters. The Kinah has been reduced and limited around yourself. The cold spread by Ereshkigal was something so intense that all the Daevas were transformed into pets or creatures out of context. Soon, all the beings that inhabited Atreia lost their visual identity and the ability to fly freely in a meaningful way. The cold also reached the arenas that were reduced and turned into a space for frustrations. Without the condition of advancing your character, the arenas are a demonstration of the imbalance of classes where there is the giant and the fly, but the best are the awards that give at most enchanting stones that serve to fail and leave you really bored. The Crucibe Spire has become something incredible. Now there is a predetermined time to end where you will face much more powerful creatures that did not allow your MP recovery before time runs out. Thus few will be able to pass the 5th round and the awards will be as bad as those in the arena. The power of Ereshkigal also transformed everything that was Archdaeva into Daevanion. Where the boxes will always be random and repeated for who got the 200 gold ingot. A really creative and brilliant way to amplify your disappointments. Well well well... Welcome to the new AION. Feel free to be disappointed.
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    I'm going to list all the problems I have encountered that I have noticed so far and comments. They aren't really in any particular order, just as I remember. These will include some previously mentioned hot topics. Please keep the comments G rated. Compensation Gear. I think this is a problem, unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to allow players to catch up. I believe that is the intent of 6.5. Soo, the only thing I have here is can we have 6.5 sooner please? Enchant Rates Rather disheartening and annoying. Again, 6.5 patch thing. Skins I know the focus is on transforms. But I really hate many of the starter set skins (haven't gotten the later ones). I would love to have skins back available. Possible places to get add them include: Luna Craft, Lifekeepers (E)/ Veilbreakers(A), BCM (obv.), crafting, and the GST. Golden Sand Traders Skins Please expand this. Most of the skins there are awful. I believe you have stated you are working on it. I'll be waiting. Golden Sand Traders Shards and Transparent Transform Scrolls A step in the right direction, but as mentioned extensively, these prices are stupid. I am not even interested in either of those, and I still think those prices are dumb. I think this is a relatively easy fix too. I think when you update the Gold bar shop on 12/5 would be a great time to implement these changes (you are updating the shop, right?). GST Shard bundle Asmo character does not have them on the list to buy. Elyos character does (same account, different server). Siege Lag Dunno how much you can do about this. but getting 300 to even 8k+ ping in the US is ridiculous. If you can do something about it, it would be much appreciated so I can fully participate. Glory Points As of right now, glory points are really stunted. I know you guys have done some to fix this, But as stated before, the only progression is through people not meeting the requirement. and it almost seems like that requirement is being at most if not all sieges. I agree that GP should be PVP only, but I think the current gains are not enough. My personal opinion would be to completely reset GP and maybe increase the gain so competition is better. (JFYI not even an officer). Siege Timings I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for "US game. US target", but really, it's more than that. Siege is the only source of conquerors gemstones that I know of and a major source of PvP Enchant stones. It's kinda kneecapping the non-US population in a way, and I bet there is a fair amount of people in that group. It would be worthwhile at looking into modifying siege times and/or occurrences as I think it would benefit a significant portion of the playerbase. Do I think it's easy? No. You have to juggle like 10 timezones at massively different times. I do think it would be worth a try, however. PvP Enchantment Stones The rate of acquisition of Legendary/Ultimate stones is appalling. I don't think I've seen an Ultimate PVP stone yet honestly. I know there is an upgrade exchange coming in 7.0. But that's a long way off. any chance we could get that sooner? Make ancient PvP stones more relevant. Additionally, you could increase the acquisition rate in PvP activities. Dredge Rewards. As much as I like bum-rushing for the stones, I would prefer it to be different so the actual focus is on the instance, not rushing to X for Y reward. My thought is to move the rewards back into completion rewards. Naturally award more for winning. Heck, even make an extra bundle for defeating the captain. My thought is 1 dredge bundle for losing containing 1 random enchant stone bag(contains multiple stones) and maybe a conquerors gemstone, 2 dredge bundles for winning (same contents), and lastly a guaranteed legendary stone bag for killing the dredge captain. The last bag would not be a lootable drop, but again an end of match reward. This is in place of current lootable drop rewards. AP acquisition would stay the same. Crafting Levels 60/160/260 Why is there not a craft for these levels? It makes x40-x80 excruciating nearing x80 (like 12+ crafts per level.) Is this better than 5.8? Yes. Were materials more available in 5.8? Arguably yes. Crafting material availability With bots around, it is harder to get materials now. Plus needing 5 per codex is kinda annoying. Especially when it then takes multiple codex per craft and multiple crafts to proc. Add in the extra price of the scrolls required to craft and it gets expensive fast for not a lot of payoff. Could I request a lowering of materials needed for codex? I understand it's not supposed to be easy, but if you are levelling Aetherforging from 0 it's can take quite a long time. Crafting Stone Disenchanting/Upgrading 2 higher stones for 1 lower stone? really? this should be the other way around or the typical 1:3 ratio we used to have. Crafting Purpose. It seems it's really only for the ultimate placeholder pvp gear and maybe legendary pve gear (until you get instance gear). Can we get more useful crafts that will mean something? Screen Splashes Cubic Lab could be smaller, but is otherwise fine. All the chat and screen splash spam from people getting stuff from instances, plussing and upgrading is annoying though. Especially since it's the ENTIRE server. I don't care what xXProfightsXx or whoever got from IDD today. I'd rather it not pop in front of me, especially since PvP is common in Lakrum. Please? This is similar to the Abyss crap last patch, just less frequent and less prominent. (if your name is xXProfightsXx, I'm not singling you out, I just picked a name) PvP instance timings and entries. More please? I know there are big windows, but with the amount of AP you need to upgrade and to get Fighter Fragments, it would be nice to be able to do PvP instances more. Lifekeeper/Veilbreaker coin requirements. can we get these lowered please? Grabbing the legend wings/bracelet/plume would be nice if it wouldn't take literally months to do. (assuming an average of 10 coins a day, that's 70 days or 10 weeks PER item on average). Ultimate Kibrium availability I don't know how often the World Legendary Boss spawns, but I've only seen it once and I don't remember when. It does award a fair amount of Kibrium for defeating it, but considering both factions are fighting for it, it would be nice to have a second way to obtain it (luna dice doesn't count). Oh, and don't put it in high end instances, that would defeat the purpose. Luna Weekly might be a good spot to put it. Something to consider. Minium For those that have Grade A or B minions, I feel like lower grade minium is basically useless. Considering you can get B grades from instances, upgrading C grades is...kinda useless in my opinion. I would like to see if we could get an upgrade exchange. As for rates... not entirely sure. maybe 10:1? Guestblooms Make guestblooms available again. I wouldn't think it would be too hard to reimplement the vendors (since some still exist) and update the rewards from the Guestblooms. Housing Item Availability As has been mentioned, previously available housing items have disappeared with the patch. It would be nice to be able to get them again. Kinah is fine. Petals is only fine if you fix getting guestblooms. Teleporting to Lakrum Why is the house port only one way? I would also like to have the Academy port be both ways again too. Eye bug. Would be nice to have this fixed. I understand you are working on it. Just don't make it an NCSoon™ please. Invisible Walls/Terrain Glitches There are glitches in the terrain that cause seemingly nothing to act as if it is an invisible wall until you jump over it. The most annoying is the Lakrum teleport pad elyos side. I have encountered this in the Temple of Records once or twice as well. Super Saiyan Idle Animation. (IDK what it's actually called) Firstly, the base animated stance looks like the character is trying to poop. Hilarious in a way. Secondly, holy nyerk is it annoying. Especially when there are multiple people on the screen that have it. At a minimum can you make it NOT shake my ENTIRE screen? Thanks! I'd appreciate not having the glow/whatever have such a large footprint as well. Lakrum Mob Availability I believe the spawn rate was increased already, but it's still pretty bad in some parts. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I would be agreeable to a small increase in density of mobs or an additional increase in spawn rate. Luna Rewards are still wrong. Luna Blessing was removed a while ago.. Mount Availability Being able to get permanents without going through the Luna Dice roll/BCM would be nice. Things not saving to skill bars Namely pets and minions, but I have been having issues with things not saving when I move them or put them into my skills bars. Will add as I find more. Do I expect these all to be fixed? Nope. But I can at least bring them up. Also @Cyan, have you considered starting an FAQ of sorts?
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    Oh boy, where do I even begin. I know this event. It's the first event you get when 6.0 update launches, for some reason we get it 6 weeks later. It's a terrible event because it relies on open world to catch the mob, which has an extreme random spawn location, with a 5-10 minutes spawn time. This event is the most useless one, I never finished it on either KR or EU server, knowing the area will be camped by the opposite faction (oh hey, don't forget you compensated Ultimate gear to people! Good luck with that one) I still don't understand what's up with the Shards. Do you guys think this is something very special and extremely needed in game so much that is has to cost 4m kinah for 1000 shards? I can farm that amount in 1 CoE run, so why would I even bother to buy it from GST. The team is clueless, and so are the Aion Devs. You know the issues, you guys purposely made a forum thread about all the issues, but you guys should just close it down considering none of our opinions and provided proofs will change any of that. It's a waste of time to provide feedback when it's going to be completely ignored.
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    Been gone a while. Nice to see that theory-crafting, completely clueless forum posting still exists. Ahh, consistency.
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    There are 16 Leader mobs total. The respawn time is around 3min 25sec. Also in hopes of ending the overwhelming amount of greed, the mobs can be looted in a group/alliance/league. Every member will get 1 Ancient Kibrium and 1 Bronze cubicle bundle.
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    Hey guys just like to thank Mochigirl for the strats today, we did much better than the last few weeks and it worked out!! go Elyos!! see you lads at the next siege, watch your six! looked like an even number of asmos and elyos today and the elyos won as expected!
  29. 5 points
    Thank you Mochigirl for the leadership and the elyos for the great victory today! I knew we could beat them asmos even though numbers are 1:2! Good job!
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    I talked to several people about this and this subject is present in various topics in this forum. We know that AION is a Korean game. We know that NCSOFT can not change the mechanics of this game, but we're not asking for a change in the mechanics of the game. We are asking for an adjustment that NCSOFT can make. 1) We want the transparent transformation to be fixed in the game and at no cost to the players. I will explain the reason for this: We are DAEVAS. This is the theme of AION. We are not PETS. We are not penguin, sheep, tiger, mouse or any other animal or creature. We are angels with wings. If I can not be part of the essence of this game, then this game has no future. If someone wants to be a pet. Be a pet, but that choice must be optional. People should have the right to choose. I am a human character. I spent several hours adjusting every detail of my AVATAR's face and body, so I do not want to be another creature. AION is not ZOOTOPIA. 2) Now. We can't take more GP. Please. There must be another way to win GP. Today is just SIEGE. We should win GP doing PVP, arena, IDL, anything that depends only on ourselves (individually). It may be a crumb, it can be 1GP for every dead enemy, but that is something because the GP is one of the biggest incentives in the game. Without the GP there is no incentive in AION. 3) OMG. Change the character's default speed to something like the old scroll. After you transform you can adjust that speed and give it its proper addition, but let the character walk in an acceptable way. My character was so slow that I can not play. I will become a turtle and I do not want to turn myself into a PET to do something so basic. This is a fair request, so we will make a decision. We have decided that we will no longer put money into this game until NCSOFT responds to this topic. Even if you do not agree with our idea, I suggest that you support this initiative, because the initiative is about your right to choose. We AION players need to be together for NCS to listen to our complaints. It is very easy for them to ignore the customer when there is apparently no consequence. Support our cause. We will continue to talk to other people on social networks and out of the game. Give your support. Let's demand a position.
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    I just wanted to jump in here quickly again and say thanks for the continued feedback. Today's patch isn't all that we've been discussing with the development team. We will be changing the Shards price in the Golden Sand Trader and we're discussing lots more with the development team and here internally. This includes everything from PvP enchantment stone availability, Transparent Transformation Scroll availability, mounts, and more. Due to the US holiday next week there likely won't be much of an update but keep sharing your thoughts.
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    Are pvp enchantment stones (any grade above ancient) going to become more readily available to the common playerbase, or are the majority of players (who didn't previously purchase stacks of tempering solutions from the cash shop last patch) going to be stuck in yellow gear forever? Your plan to have Aion be more "free to play" is invalidated by the fact that Players needed to have previously spent a lot of money last patch in order to have any kind of viable compensation gear this patch Players need to purchase luna in order to reset pvp instances for the chance to get legendary pvp enchantment stones. I personally don't care if it's a cash shop item, luna craft item, instance drop item, or if there's some sort of "x amount of ancient stones to 1 legendary stone" upgrade vendor, I'm just sure the majority of the playerbase want to be able to progress further in the game than yellow gear. ty for coming to my ted talk
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    Really appreciate the effort Cyan! In the end the effort is all that matters! Really liking the changes and bug fixes! I must say I am impressed! A couple suggestions however I think is important to address!!! 1. Powershard fix = very bad!!!! Powershard = easy to get!!! But problem is time!!!! Powershard in korea = very cheap!!!!!!!! Please reconsider!!!!!! 2. Transparent scroll fix = very bad!!! Transparent scroll limit weekly is very bad!!!! Bad!!!!! Not good!!!!! Transparent scroll need to be in kinah shop!!!!! No limit!!!! Same as normal !!! Or else single mom angry!!! angry = no money = no income for ncwest = lose job = very bad!!!!! Final suggestion: have meeting in the morning!!!! I think meeting for this happened at 4 am? Not good!!!!!! Morning meeting with brain good!!!!!
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    2000 shards a week for 7.6m kinah... that's a testament to how clueless NC is. Whether it's KR or NA who made this decision, it needs to be revised. An end game boss currently can take up to 7000 shards per player depending on class. What is 2000 per week going to do when we have at least 5 bosses (4 PF + 1 IDD) to do? And that's not to mention pvp.
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    Selective retuning seems just a bit overpriced atm. It it was 5 luna per reroll(equivalant to korean rate) you would make more money off people getting rubbish stats rerolling to get perfect ones than you would if someone did it once or twice to get decent stats at 120 luna. In korea ultimate retuning it's just 7 cents per reroll 2$ for an ultimate piece of armor per reroll of stats and not guaranteed to be 100% perfect. 1$ for a legendary piece of gear even though that is a complete waste of money. 50 cents per reroll on ancient gear which is an even bigger waste of money.
  36. 4 points
    ... too bad nobody is actually there to see it. Why is it set up only in the capitals? Sanctum/Pandemonium is just a ghost town nowadays.
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    Dear Ncsoft, nyerk you! nyerk your Math! nyerk your RNG! I dont need to break it down for you, I am sure most people would know how your calculations are nyerked up. I do not believe you do any calculations. I think you use the RNG algorithm to determine cost of items (whether it is bought with kinah, gold ingots, or with event items). You either have no control of what you can do, or you have absolutely incompetent decision makers. If you have given up on this game and just waiting for it to implode, just say so already! You don't need to nyerk people off before you do that. I get that you want to make money from the game. It is a business after all... Just fix your shit to make that money. Look at your Daishunerk's rewards! you've got to be dry fking me if you expect me to pay for this shit. I spent thousands of dollars in attempt to get a legendary transformation. When I finally get one, it is not even for my class. Get your shit together and unnyerk yourselves. Something that might help you: Play YOUR nyerking game! actively play your game without giving yourself top shit. start from scratch and play. It will help you understand the community when they complain about something. Do some calculations and check if it is at all possible to get max gear with current drop rates and success rates for this patch. I would LOVE to see your best and worst case calculations (assuming 100% siege attendance, burning every CD, and 100 daily completion) that is for the try-hard portion of your community. Tell the community what your plans are to address their issues. Don't just provide a general statement! It sounds like, "Sorry about your experience! We are discussing your concerns with our development team. Here is a link to our forums. Next time you have something to complain about, please go cry there along with other players. We know there is always one dumb ass who will support us there without having to defend ourselves". Kind regards!
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    We are already in a series without events and an update that would bring the growth of the game, is very different from its origin! A rewarding thing would be the pvp stones if they worked at the correct rate. When the player takes 7 days to get it, (and fails his incantations continuing without progress). Sadly, a game that has a lot, is crumbling and falling apart with this horrible administration we are going through and the news that is pulling us away.
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    https://aiondb.ru/items/188071041.html It contains 1 stone. Also let's take a look at one of the possible rewards already in the game files, but nowhere to be found in our "rewards" list.
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    GP has been a hot topic so far in 6.2, and after considering the many various thoughts and opinions I've heard, I think I have come up with a possible solution. But first, putting all opinions aside here are the basic facts: 1. Unless the gap between players' rank happens to be tiny, it is impossible to rank up unless the people already above you from previous patches happen to give up. (KT/DN) 2. GP can only come from siege, resulting in the removal of all non-sieging xform players. (KT/EK/DN) 3. After a short while the ranks on all servers will plateau; the top 100 will be the same top 100 for the whole patch and nobody has a chance to try and move up. (KT/DN) In order to maintain a ranking system that prevents PVE GP hoarders from blocking access to siege Xforms, while also making it possible to rank up if a player should choose to do so, I would propose a system wherein GP rewards are added back into PVP instances for additional GP gain, but in order to maintain an Officer Rank of any kind a player must gain a minimum amount of GP from siege. Either that or a minimum siege attendance would be required. Something like that which would make it impossible for a player to maintain an xform rank while not participating in the sieges as is intended for those high ranks. This would allow for new/returning players to have their chance to rank up while keeping the benefits of the 6.2 ranking system. It is, so far, the best alternative I can think of and I would love to know any input any of you might have. @Cyan @Gideon @Hime I don't think I've seen any of you comment on the GP rank situation beyond the lowering of the required monthly GP, and I would love to know if the concerns players have about ranking up have reached your ears yet Thank you all for your time ♪
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    This is no longer the same game in anyway. All crafting is now gone. Gathering is gone. Aether tapping is gone. Verteron, Eltnen, Theobomos ... Illuma ... gone. I played at launch for over 2 years and returned a number of times. Recently it has been a year of playing. It was much fun. Scrolls, potions, rez stones, all forms of financial interaction between players is GONE. How can you call this game Aion anymore when you are not even allowed to remain looking like the character you created and played to 75 unless you use an item the makes your transformation invisible? This is not an mmoRPG anymore. What role am I playing when all my choices and efforts and abilities to act on my own are taken? Pay to REZ? Pay for a bonus stat in a dungeon that is not even needed? No trading? I hit 80 in a day and quit. I cried a bit. I really loved Verteron and the temple grounds. I knew many secret places that were just private memories in a world I had partaken in for a good 8 years off and on. Murderers!
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    NCS appear to think we still have flying according to the information they give on the website, when you go to the 'About the Game' page it says: Ascend into Battle Soar on your own wings! Flight adds a new aspect to combat, quests, exploration, and harvesting. Windstreams in high-level zones allow you to travel faster with unlimited flight time. Fight spectacular one-on-one and group battles, and engage enemies in both PvE and PvP combat. Use combos, skill chains, counterattacks, and stunning aerial tactics to defeat your foes. Looks like false advertising to me, flight adds a new aspect to quests? Exploration? Harvesting? Not any more it doesn't! Fight spectacular battles and engage enemies in both PvE and PvP combat? Do they mean Divine siege? Welcome To Aion Take flight as a winged warrior in the middle of a massive war in Aion, a stunning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game What is worse they are still giving flight prominence as a game mechanic when it literally no longer exists, more realistic would be: Welcome To Aion Take flight as a winged FURRY TOON in the middle of a ONCE A WEEK war in Aion, a stunning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (as long as you like roleplaying as a cartoon character or have a penguin fetish)
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    Gotta say they've alot of information: Aion 7.0 First Info. New region -natively named "Deumaha"- catters to Beritra, indeed. Means "darkness" and used to be the land of Apsu (Beritra's supposed lover). Guess, given all the core meanings to the character, very likely we are going to finish that Dragon Lord plotline next. https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/4505-7-0-First-info/?postID=81649#post81649 New map is really packed and seems it'll call for a alot of action all around. Many of these "altars", "artifacts" close to each other What looks to be the new "Beritranish" armor looks really like Nier: Automata meets Venom/Black Spiderman meets Batman Credits: Xanoa @GF Aion forums - Linked above.
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    Can confirm the rates are absolutely atrociously garbage. It doesn't help the fact the little availability of legendary and ultimate stones makes things difficult. Maybe add them for Genesis Crystals exchange? Or better yet, launch 6.5 already, fix the rates between +10 and +15 and we're good to go.
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    I started to play AION just because I could fly, I wish I could fly at least close to the towns/city without any time limit. I made a songweaver just because I could fly without any timer we songweavers had a nice skill for that. If we could fly everywhere free, no timer, we could go everywhere and the teleporter would go out of business Obvious no fighting when flying but it would be fun... fun.... and more fun.
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    That's the most probable answer. Someone who spends a lot pestered Support until they gave him exchange gear. Though I agree that that should be taken from him ASAP along with any other exchange gear that was erroneously given out to people on the fresh start server because that 100% delegitimizes the whole idea of the EK server. Poorly done, NCWest. Really really poorly done.
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    We were outnumbered every single siege yes, but not even 2:1, so don't start with 3:1 or 4:1 please. And @Spirithq-KT you, like many others, misunderstood how the buff works. Currently, asmo buff loses 1 level by successful defense. When it will be gone, elyos will start gaining buff levels starting with level 1.
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    So first of all thank you for the interest put in having those things changed @Cyan. But I would like to let you know one or two things that I personally think are critical. - BROKER FEES : Oh MY God. I was expecting a fix for this by so long and I was SO SURE you would have do something about it, but you didn't. Cyan this is SO important. If you want to keep your fees higher than 10% i'm ok with it, I don't mind about how much kinah I need to waste to seel an Item, but the ITEM needs to be SOLD. Put all the fees to be paid at the end, when you already sold the item at least, because like this, I literally waste SO MUCH money, for nothing. The source of money now, it's just nothing. I pay more broker fees, that what I earn from farming or selling. This is CRAZY and must be taken care of, seriously. - THE EYES COLORS BUG : please, PLEASE, fix this bug, because it's been so much time now that you are aware of it and we keep playing those deformated characters, which we really don't like, do something about it. Please. - POWER SHARDS : I mean, I think that it's not a secret that the price was incredibly high... On different regions you can find that bundle for less than 20k Kinah, how can it be more than 3kk, when the ways to farm Kinah here are so few now? I mean, I could understand it if I could do 400 - 500 kk daily, I could buy 50k shards with no effort. But who the hell would buy those in a situation like we have now? - TRANSPARENT TRANSFORMATION SCROLLS : It's nice to know that we can buy one hour weekly of transparent transformations. But it's not enough Cyan, I do appreciate the effort. But it's not enough. We want to look as our character is supposed to look, and we have not to pay for that. We MUST have a choice. You can do whatever you prefer, creating a permanent Transparent scroll which you can buy for 10 $ (or so), putting them for the same price as Transformation Scrolls in the Gold Sand Traders. I don't know, whatever you want. But please, do something about this, because the WHOLE community is asking you to hear them, it's not just someone. Nobody likes to be a sheep, while pvping. That is sure. - PVP Stones : You gave a whole purple / orange gear to those who had profit from last 5.x events and you're not giving us ANY CHANCE of upgrading our gear to battle them! PLEASE, this is the main point I would like to let you focus on. WE NEED to have more ways to improve our gear and drop PVP stones. We can't fight with people fully geared, they didn't even have to buy it or to farm it out. They just are GODS on earth, I literally give them 900 with Glacial Shard on my sorc. WE NEED to be aligned with them or to have a possibility to reach their gear status. Otherwise PVP is useless on this server, because it becomes unbalanced between players that had everything ready and those who didn't. Please, again, do consider some of my suggestions. Have a good day and thanks for your work!
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    I know this has already been mentioned a number of times in this thread, but what the flippity flip. This is what we want, this is what we should've had from the beginning, what are you guys gaining from making it so incredibly expensive.
  50. 4 points
    Wow whichever dev decided to make these changes is a complete.......JESUS CHRIST 1. 1000 shards for 4m kinah TWICE PER WEEK? ARE YOU ACTUALLY STUPID? You can earn that much in just 2 mins of farming. 2. 10x Transparent Scrolls A WEEK? WHAT? FOR MOST PEOPLE THAT'S ONLY AN HOUR...WHO PLAYS AN HOUR A WEEK? 3. Events hello? I need them legendary stones.
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