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    I really like the events which we actually have to PLAY to earn prizes.. and also, the ones with group involved to incentive the team work. I would like to see more events that make u clear instances to get some kind of coin to buy rewards and buy stuff with 100% of success, NO RNG INVOLVED like the craft one. Also, make those events truly rewarding, with the most expensive prize to be something really wanted, like legendary transformation contracts and +15 Stigmas! Like, do a way to make players farm in every instance for like 2 or 4 weeks to buy the top prize! And make them constant.. people like to do events. Other games like Final Fantasy XIV never have a single week without events. In other hand, I know we need p2w events, because we are a f2p game, but NEVER, EVER.. do a p2w event without a f2p event running as well. It's VERY discouraging for the majority of the players. The last decision about transformation was good.. make it a permanent mechanic, but don't wait like 6 months to deliver another transformation promotion.. make one each 2 months, for example. Also, try to do something similar to stigmas, like.. if u fail 300 stigma enchant from 0 to 9 or 9 to 12 on a event with stigma enchantments, let the player have a +9 or +12 stigma.. incentive the new players For now is the only things I can remember about events.
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    First: Events that add 150 PVE Buff is not cool, actually, it's a punch in the face. Second: We need events that can be really rewarded, we need ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATIONS, STIGMAS,OLD MOTIONS, PERMA MOUNTS, SKINS, ETC!
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    As title say UwU i just came back from a looong break and i really want to catch up, and this buff of 300% and drop rate of 150% gave me good things, please extended until the end of exp event UwU Thank you so much ♥
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    Yeah, world boss events are absolutely useless for 95% of the playerbase and should not exist, period.
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    In addition to the important items listed above (transformations, stigmas, etc) that we need in events, could we also get an NPC from whom we can purchase skins and motion cards with event coins? We beg, beg, and beg for old and rare skins, but we continue to get the same ones rotated on the BCM -- very rarely at that. We almost never have the motion cards rotated. I've been asking to literally give NCWest real money for the Dragon's Set motion on the BCM for nearly a year now, and it has not been put up. Others have been begging for the Red's Basket for Granny motion card, and we haven't seen that one in over two years now. An NPC to purchase these cosmetic items in an event would be much appreciated. An example of this being done in the past was actually in last year's 10th Anniversary event. (https://www.aiononline.com/news/10th-daevas-day-event-celebrations) It had the Fashion Robot which had the fairy wings , Swing Dance card , and some other cosmetic items available for purchase with the anniversary coins we received. I really enjoyed saving up to purchase those two items.
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    There should always be.... EXP buff and Drop buff.
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    @Kibbelz @Loki good afternoon you already asked this question a few days ago all the players said that they wanted the ultimate select transformation event but you engnorou us and put it on the website to sell and profit .... now will the poor players be able to have an ultimate select transformation too?? @Kibbelzbe fair it puts an ultimate select transformation event for us free to player
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    Everything is working as intended.
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    I think you guys do a pretty good job on frequency with events but I'd like to see more care taken with which events you decide to pair together (this applies to concurrent shop specials/deals too). As has been mentioned a few times here already, do not run entirely (or almost entirely) p2p events without running something substantial that is mostly f2p. Since you guys aren't too skittish about running multiple events at once, this shouldn't really be a difficult thing to do. Just sit down and ask yourselves which group of players (New/Returning/Active) the event appeals to and, if one or more groups isn't impacted by an event, run one alongside it that hits the rest of the groups. It doesn't have to be perfect but I think you guys have heard a lot of moaning when this stuff isn't taken into account at all. Also, on this point, don't skimp on events that ask us to be active out in the world/instances. Afk events are fine as long as we also have something pulling us out of town, a lot of Aion's strength as a game is found outside the confines of whatever town we're in and we already have a ton of daily activities that ask us to be mostly afk. Give us reasons to be active. (Psst, this means run some PvP-centric events that aren't solely based on world bossing), Rewards. I'd like to see a lot more of the fringe stuff that's mostly restricted to world bosses find its way into events sporadically. It's okay that it's rare but the idea that anyone outside of a very select few could possibly end up with a t3 Imbued weapon is nonsense. Extendies need to find their way back into circulation as well though I think, if my memory serves, we are getting new ones soon-ish. Still, those need to be available again. As for transformations I keep seeing a ton of people just directly asking for Ultimates. I don't really care how it happens but Legendaries need to be vastly easier to come by which should, in turn, give us far better access to ultimates. We all have collections to complete that require essentially the entire roster of legendaries and ultimates and virtually no way to even begin to get that done. You've made it clear with previous posts that these are intended to be rare and difficult to get, that's fine. But with the rates we have, I could get a legendary for free every week and have a terrible chance of seeing an ultimate for months. Our current rates break down to 1/2 a month. That's crazy. Monetize the roster, not everyone's first ultimates. tl;dr Legendary Transformations should be on essentially every event reward list for how critically important they are. Lastly, a little feedback on this little buff shugo we've got in instances. 150 attack is fine for something like Primeth's Normal but if your goal here was to encourage players to try new instances even if their gear maybe isn't quite up to par, this buff needs to be a lot higher in stuff like AoA or the HMs. Like, it's fine but it basically amounts to nothing. People who couldn't do it before probably can't do it now, and those who could still can. Instead, look to run events that promote people to go for their first clears on stuff (specific HM bosses/AoA/etc) that get the community into a more active place for helping each other reach their endgame goals while giving newer players a taste of the more difficult content. Give mentor-ish bonuses, first clear bonuses, etc. Other games do this with fair frequency, look to them for some examples of how to shape your PvE community into a more healthy version of what we have now.
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    @Kibbelz @Loki needs ultimate transformation event!
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    So we didn't get the auto-hunting feature because they don't want ppl to focus on solo play??? Well while I admire that sentiment if they truly didn't want to push players to solo play they should re-vamp the reward systems for siege cause everyone knows you get better credit going solo if you are geared then if you go with a group. Same thing goes for farming XP, you get more faster XP solo then in a group. Same for farming kinah, you don't share the loot, therefore it's more beneficial to solo instances.... I agree that NCsoft should focus on community, but with the majority of mechanics in the game at the moment, it feels like the only way to to really become successful is to be selfish or a solo player for the most part.
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    Imagine telling us you care and all you do is put p2w stuff.... Imagine releasing the worst event ever done in 11 years and saying I hope you guys enjoy it ... Imagine making an event where everyone just steals the loot from each other and saying you care about the community... Imagine releasing an event that features the usage of auto-hunt functions and saying that you don't want that feature in your game... Imagine telling your player base that you're going to release new transformations, but nobody cares about it because you guys only sell it from your store... Imagine telling people you care about their feed back and the next move you do is put their feed back on your store but not in the game... Imagine lying non stop to people who put food on your table... You guys should be forced to play the game so maybe you will know what you're doing to us ... That should be your punishment !!! Shame on you !@Kibbelz @Loki
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    How much fun is it being one shot killed by Asmos who run the maps for the most part, There is no balance and little fun PVP anymore. I can play Aion if there are no Asmos around to one shot me, but why play a game when you cant PVP with Asmos anymore? I never understood how you could ruin a game with so much potential, We can not fly and PVP anymore, you removed so many maps, no more fun Seiges etc, etc.
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    @Loki @Kibbelz why do you guys do this to us. This is why I have trust issues
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    We need ultimate transformation
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    Totally agree with @Nyali-DN. I really like the new launcher since we can see ongoing events (with their full description), and it just looks way more pleasing to the eye than the old one. I haven’t had any issues with double clienting (yet, I guess?) so I don’t have a problem with it.
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    Totally Agree with this! As buff events, we need 1 kinah retuning back! Its very expensive roll status of ultimate gears! As rewards we can have more options to get Legendary transformations or Gemstones/Runestones too.
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    Bring back the hatching egg permanent...
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    I can't see that anyone who doesn't work for NCSoft can truly know the details of their business model, nor do we know exactly how many people pay, nor how many people pay absolutely nothing. I can say that not a single month has gone by in the last 11 years where I have NOT paid- so I have hardly failed to contribute to the ongoing game maintenance and support. Now, I would consider myself someone who actively supports the product however I am not all willing to sink 3 figures or more just on ONE item, and then in future continue to sink money because there WILL be more money sinks in order to remain competitive - and this is from someone who is fairly well geared- just imagine a new or returning player? and your statement about "catering" to F2P is fairly nonsensical because you answer yourself- without F2P the game WILL shut down as no one wants to just be cannon fodder for some spoiled whales. It's very similar to what happened to the perma-rifting twinks way back, people left in droves. The population is too low to sustain losses. There are alternatives to Aion. Contrast this with another game that I play where everyone pays a modest subscription $20 per month and the shop consists mostly of vanity items like skins and mounts. Those mounts are available, by the way to ALL characters on my account , are permanent, and are reasonably priced. The population in this game is waaaaaay larger and queues pop for multiple instances all the time - and yes, the game is stable and with regular patches and the content is incredible.
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    So if we combine 6 times with 2 legendary, if we fail we get another legendary, does this legendary we get by failing counts towards the other combinations? How can we keep track of how many failed legendaries we used?
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    lol yeah this is why free to play players will never want to play this game
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    So Kibbelz... Where have you been lately? You seem to have vanished from the forums except for the very original copy paste maintenance post. What happened to keeping in touch with the community? What happened to this: In my opinion as a CM, you should be in touch with the community be it serious topics or even silly things. Just your presence would quell a lot of things. Some acknowledgement or even a simple "ok" would be better than your total silence.
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    Silentera elite mobs have lower defense than Ingg/Gelk elite mombs (11,209 vs. 13,400) while having similar HP and XP (for grade 5s - some Ingg/Gelk grade 4s with lower HP and XP)
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    They need to nerf the kill quest limit. Do they really expect people to kill 1200 mobs daily, let alone 7k mobs in a week? It's pretty ridiculous tbh
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    at least they giving us some reasoning behind the decision, which is kind of something, but then they go copy/paste events from elsewhere that you need auto-hunt function to do....
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    Lets start off by saying this. Im glad they came out and spoke publicly about the auto hunt situation, and made an official letter for it. Not just plopping it on the forums where people may not even see it. I would also like to add, I understand why the auto hunt feature isnt in the game. It gets rid of the entire grindy aspect of a MMO and is just an afk type thing. Now, some negative things on that. In my opinion, a large portion of the player base that complained about it wasnt complaining about the fact we dont have it. But more so, the issue that it takes an absurd amount of time killing 1500, 7000 mobs for two quests that dont give rewards worth it. From what I saw, people didnt like how many mobs, and the amount it took to complete the quest. For only 25 Event Coins. I do wish there was discussion about what they are working on to better the player base, like RNG issues, Ultimate Transformation issues, Combining Contract Issues, Etc. I guess we just have to wait and see whats going to come in the future for that. And for the final part of the letter, the transforms. Why are we adding more transforms to the game when 85% of the player base doesnt even have the ones currently in the game. Are these legendries or ancients, commons? If theyre new legendries, that means more collection buffs, more legendries to get in a contract. Which is nice in the end, but at the start... I own 2 legendries, ive combined ancients and haven't gotten 1 legendary. I cant be trying to combine and have a chance at getting ANOTHER legendary thatll have no benefit to me, because I dont own its partners for the collection, and its not an extra so i cant combine for an ultimate. If more and more contracts keep being added, they need to be easier to get. I mean Jesus, people are farming for the next 8 months for an Apostle transform... Ultimate/Legendary contracts need to be a more common item in events, if were getting more and more transforms. Currently I have a 2/29 chance of getting an extra legendary, by the time I get an ultimate contract ill be six feet under. This anniversary event would of been a great way to put an ultimate contract at a fixed price. You could of put an ultimate contract in the merchant for 400 anniversary tokens. Something that not a lot of people might go for, but some will. It causes a lot of grinding, by doing the daily quests and the minigame and the daily quest rewards. And therefore people arent complaining about the rewards in the event. You could put the worst rewards in the world in that vending machine, but in my opinion, if theres even a single ultimate contract for a fixed price.. then the rewards are amazing. I want to make it clear, i dont mean anything hateful but this is genuinely the perspective i have currently on these changes. Yes, im glad that major issues in the community are being recognized, but theres still a lot of things left in the unknown.
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    I dont know whats the purpose of having our feedback to ur shitty system of managing the game is for when you gonna trow a shitty event that doesnt even have any good things with it.. once again you fail being a good productive game.. congrats to the team with the less braincells who have to copy an EU event and trow it with less of the rewards and stuff .. congrats YOU ALL SUCK AS A MANAGEMENT Next time dont ask for our goddam- opinions if you are not really interested and you just wanna act like you fking care
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    You sir/mam/other are unlucky at being lucky. It is a rare condition that only few people in the world suffer from.
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    Jesus, calm down with the personal attacks. This is actually a decent event. Nothing amazing, but not bad either. But even if it were terrible, that doesn't give you a free pass to insult people so rudely. Smh, child...
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    its not just one.. they are many tools.. but it ncsoft want to stop bots/hack they can do it.. they have a database with statistic, they know how the kinahs moves.its normal for 1 guy to have 500millions kinahs.. but when it goes over the billions, something is going on. average price on broker, etc.. they know it. but they dont give a *****. Hackers.. they are many ways to implement antihack system.. Lets say that u can report in game some1 that u think is doing hack. and then some1 else report the same guy. The system automatically start collecting his data on server, cooldown, attack speed, running speed, buff, ping, etc. they dont need a person to ban the guy.. the system automatically can do it.. if the guy goes out of the parameters. But how i said.. they dont want to do it.
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    Waiting for an anniversary event with free Ultimate Transformations
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    I'd like to see more of these thrown at us as well, don't mind the oblivious loon that was rude to you. I also had about 1k of these in my inventory when I came back a few months ago. Used every. Single. One. Because obviously temporarily boosting your xp gain by 100% is a useful thing in an XP Mark-based progression system . More Repose! More Berdin's! More Amulets!
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    Difficulty of maintaining renown level: Easy: Gelkmaros for Asmodians Inggison for Elyos Lakrum Katalam Medium: Demaha Hard: Silentera Canyon Inggison for Asmodians Gelkmaros for Elyos
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    Spending marks on those potions is a complete waste.
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    Because BnS got it last year, so they were asking if ours is going to change too. All they did it add Aion to the launcher next to BnS and Lineage. Dunno why people make such a huge deal about the new launcher... It's just a launcher!
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    I remember when people were asking about the launcher because Blade and Soul got it in March 2019. So it was just a matter of time to see Aion getting added to it. Nothing really changes, which is good! As for the social media aspect, it's just an add on. If you wanna use it, do it, if not, it's whatever. *shrugs*
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    @Kibbelz good afternoon i think now and time for ''the ultimate transformation event'' for everyone!! @Loki
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    So many items could be introduced in events, I'll try to list some I have in mind: Ultimate / Legendary Enchantments at a fair price; Ultimate Selection Manastone box at a fair price; Pre-enchanted Paragon equipment box; +15 Selection Stigmas box; Imbued Weapons; Legendary / Ultimate Selection Box with Renown Tonic; Daevanion Essences and Selection books at a fair price; Rank S minions; Legendary Transformations (maybe even Ultimate at a low chance, since you guys love rng so much T_T); Crimson Katalam skins with skills; Cubics! Put them to drop in sacks (not talking about monster ones); Cute Skins / Mounts. Also, we could have like a day in the week that has increased success in enchantment rates for equipment, daevanion skills, stigmas, transformation combinations, etc. like in a rotation - each one in a different day, or week. This sort of system would make the players want to farm more, play more (and even buy more from the store). And like Bjorn said, NEVER, EVER.. do a p2w event without a f2p event running as well. It's VERY discouraging for the majority of the players. Make a way that all players can get things done, either by partially paying for it or working hard. Sincerely, I liked the Ice cream event for its simplicity. Did I wish we had better prizes on the npc sell list? Yes. But it was for everyone. Now, when I see an event that is badly RNG based or World Boss based, I just don't wanna participate anymore, I know I'll probably not get it, and I get discouraged. I'll try to get more ideas later. Thank you for asking for feedback.
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    I don't agree with you because there is no game as amazing as AION. The problem with AION has always been management. It was never the GAME. If AION had good managers it would be bigger than World Warcraft. It is the de-characterization, infantilization and trivialization of AION that made it weak. In the hands of a company committed to the customer, AION would be one of the biggest games in the world.
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    I apologize if this sounds harsh, but that is like saying the guy who bought $1000 worth of merchandise from a store two days before a blowout sale deserves the same discount the guy buying today gets. Unfortunately, this is a business and if they want to introduce a new promotion or giveaway they can't worry about making everyone who participated in an event a month ago whole. Besides, wasn't the Joker event back in April? 😐
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    Some people just like to spend their entire in-game time flying around the flyable zones.
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    Guys, we've had the transformation system so long. It will be 2 years in October. TWO YEARS. Ultimate transformations should not be a pipe dream for 95% of the playerbase.
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    Jesus lmao. Firstly, it actually seems like you do more Lunas than I do. I only do Luna on 1 or 2 CHARACTERS per day. You do an entire account? Who's the Luna botter now? Secondly, duh, of course they want more money. They're a company, not a charity. Thirdly, I have a good career and can spend money on video games as I please, not that it's relevant to the conversation. Sucker.
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    Imagine thinking you got NOTHING in return LOL. You got stuff in return just not what you wanted. Imagine paying for a chance at what you really want 4 times LOLOLOL. Keep supporting the server kind soul we appreciate your donations.
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    Meanwhile on Taiwan Servers... Event page: http://tw.ncsoft.com/aion/event/200812_chocolate/event.aspx It is clearly an auto hunting event Maybe it's better to keep that out of NA servers
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    We decided to extend ranking tests till next Wednesday. Patch 7.6 just arrived and we want to be sure that it didn't break anything. We have some minor bugs to fix and some features to finish, but overall ranking system is working well. You can see current progress on website. Recently we have added: 1. Graphical representation of skills rotation. It can be found under icon 2. Recently uploaded sessions. It can be found under icon 3. Short guide which explains how rankings work. It can be found under icon 4. "Show more..." option under top 10 leader boards which opens full ranking.
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