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    Hello everyone, We wanted to give an update on the issues regarding Evergale Canyon. We have disabled this instance for the time being until we can work out the issue with the development team. We are also investigating to determine the full extent of the exploit's impact, and will be following up appropriately. Thank you to the players who have reported this, and to those who made efforts to avoid abuse of the exploit.
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    The 3 atreian transformation essences are literally garbage. The amount of luna you would waste for them is too much to even bother. And yes having to type "confirm" to throw that garbage away is irritating.
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    Hello, We're investigating this with the development team and I don't have a comprehensive answer for you all right now. I will tell you that regardless of what happens, the Luna will not be removed so don't worry about that. We should have an update for you all shortly. Thank you.
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    I hear people on this forum complaining about other people all the time. I'm honestly sick of it. It's so annoying. Do you people realize that this forum doesn't even matter? If you whine on this forum it's not because you're intelligent, it's because you think you're more important than you actually are. Bitching on the forum isn't even hard anymore. In fact it's way too easy. My friends and I already have seen all the forum bitching possible. I see basically everyone already crying on the forum about other people. If you're having trouble not crying, you're probably just dumb. Maybe try not whining?
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    Oh boi oh boi. No one gives a rats ass for your income dude. At all. Like, really. Nor about how much your family business is worth. Not even if you are breathing at this point. I mean that and I'm sure that support thinks the same right now. Create another account and start over (not really since you are going to p2w anyways) was the best advice ever.
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    everyone's complaining about you ruining shit how about 1 damn reply on that, just gonna go blind when everyone's outraged??? @Cyan nyerking trashy ass community manager. pretty much confirms that you guys are just nerfing shit to shut down the damn game. i don't give a nyerk if this gets me banned on forums, noone nyerking replys on forums from ur team anyways. atleast then ill know u nyerking read that shit , u trashy ass pepega CM .. look at any other damn mmo and nyerking see what their cm's are doing. everytime u get shit for actual shit u do u guys hide till next week only to post some more trashy nerfs. next thing you'll do is just say "keep it civil or we will ban u/ ignore u" where the nyerk is reply when we are civil u a$$holes. so much nerfs for no nyerking reason. id/ad/ec not being everyday and we having 3 times less runs than any other region idd having less cds than any other region even rankings gave useless gold ingots that noone fkin needs xforms having shitty stats xforms durations being nerfed so u have to buy more scrolls events nerfed so if you dont p2w u cant get max reward like old days example End of world event,Shugo event where if u didn't p2w u wouldn't have enough for best reward no matter how hard u tried. even on that end of world event u got our hopes up with scrolls that we were supposed to get maybe we could get those scrolls on main and get 1 damn xform but no, that got nerfed into boxes instead. then we had 1 good thing luna crafts , which got nerfed again as it reduced ur sales a bit then we had 1 good event that u could get good shit from and now this nyerking nerf so u cant get shit unless u p2w again, even damn bags inside are fkin rigged opened like 50 + alchemic bags only to get 3-4 essences on my alts. are you even getting payed?if they are holding you hostage to nerf this shit just say it. are you doing this cuz u are nyerking sadists? @Cyan@Cyan@Cyan@Cyan@Cyan@Cyan@Cyan@Cyan@Cyan@Cyan@Cyan lets not forget this are the people controlling the development of this game, they die to normal mobs.
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    Why. Please, I am asking with complete sincerity: what was the reasoning behind this change? I've actually enjoyed this event, and made more progress in one week than I would have with months of grinding in 6.X; the only thing that would have improved it further would be making the coins tradeable and able to be stored in the Account Warehouse, which many of us have requested. Instead the decision has been made to make Cauldron Coins entirely character locked? As if it hasn't been bad enough opening my daily box and getting untradeable resources like Ultimate stones, fragments, Daevanion boxes, and contracts on alts- now we can't even trade the coins to select our prizes? People were happy, active, and making progress. The economy was moving around for once. Transparent scrolls are readily available. This is probably the best event we've had since the flower farm, and you're doing your best to ruin it all. So yeah, I'm asking- why?
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    @Cyan@Gideon Hey since they added a new patch to the Korean version of aion that allows players to transfer Fighting spirit fragments and enchantment stones through account warehouse. Could you do us all a solid and just add that to our version now instead of 12 months from now. thank you
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    Prestige Case is giving old crafting items and generally needs updating for 7.0. Daishunerk's Game of Fate (luna) is giving old crafting items and generally needs updating for 7.0. Aterian Passport generally needs updating. These transformation essences can be "purchased" for free from the BCM. Also, they take a "confirm" to even throw out.
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    If gear doesn't matter why did you waste any time or effort into getting the best gear possible. Just stay in the free Lakrum gear and destroy transformed Great generals all day.
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    That's because deep inside you (and I, honestly) know that it's completely possible it did happen... because we've seen some nyerk happen. Also, it always amazes me how people get away with things and blab about it to others (or decide to upgrade their compensation gear that they shouldn't have had in the first place) and then all of a sudden everyone and their mother knows.
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    any elyos around need die (Only DN-A people will get that lol.)
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    Step 1: exploit EC and get lots of upgrades Step 2: lose most fights Maybe just spend your time eating more donuts.
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    You'll be unable to create new characters if you lose your Prestige status (if you have over 8). But the characters you created you can play with no issue. Some people have stated it already in this thread just clarifying.
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    We've checked the enchantment rates and have verified they weren't reverted nor are they incorrect. To be double sure we've verified for both PvE and PvP, and checked against logs from both servers.
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    Hey guys, dont do this very bad thing, here are the steps to do it, but dont do it
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    IDD isn't a endgame instance anymore and we can't get anymore IDD scrolls from the siege so, why we only have 1 - 2 runs =.=? you still nerfing the game, again , again and again. please restore the IDD entries to 4-5 like a normal region. ty
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    Am I missing something? Isn't it already level 10?
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    We're still investigating this and have identified there is indeed something odd going on. Once we narrow it down we'll see who has been impacted and handle them at that time.
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    And again for the people in the back (and by "people in the back" I mean you, because your reading comprehension isn't amazing) I wasn't being rude or offensive. I made a comment about your current situation that has been clearly upsetting you. You've been ranting on here for a couple of days now, being verbally abusive to customer service, and in the end getting nowhere with it. So yes, I would have started a new account and been playing the game I like. Also, I would be participating in the three events that are currently going on, and at least having fun while waiting for the situation to be resolved. Also, I don't care how much money you make - generally the only people who care about how much money they make are people who brag about it on forums Might shock you, but I have a job that pays quite well and I'm very good at it. So not to worry, no jealousy on my end regarding you and your family's riches. Keep making that money bud! And if you ever get your account back you can keep paying for the servers so the rest of us can play too lol.
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    ... you should make it greater for prestige pack holders. The chances of a non-prestige pack player to get a coin from instaces are near zero. The Challenge Boxes are pretty rare too. You should be creating EXTRA ways for prestige pack holders to get those coins, not nerfing the normal way of aquiring one to regular players and make it a "ok" drop rate for prestige. thats it 10th anniversary event? for who? correction: and making it ok*
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    Having done customer support work (not for NCsoft): If you start cussing at me, my will to go out of my way to help you goes goodbye. I'll help you, but I won't go Disney service for you. Seriously, even if you are mad and frustrated, you have to keep a cool head. No one wants to deal with some colossal douche of a customer who is just cussing them out for something that isn't their fault/they can't control. They're not getting paid near enough for that.
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    You are -kidding- me. Aion just keeps getting worse and worse..
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    You get caught not just exploiting but mega-extraordinarily-honorable-mention-massive-douche-canoe exploiting and your answer is to post a list of hackers? What exactly is your point? That these people are worse than you? Like.. seriously?
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    You're assuming a lot of things, Healing. I know plenty of people (myself included) who have limited time to play and just want to get their runs done.. win or lose. These people have been complaining in game and on the forums because they don't want the "help" of getting kicked. They just want to finish their runs. There are times you get in and don't even have the time to type "Please don't kick me" before you get kicked. Also there are times when our league could absolutely -win- and people are so focused on getting kicked that they don't play. This weekend I actually saw someone say that they would only play if they were kicked and returned with their entry intact. A win became a loss. You might be surprised at how many people are -not- abusing this bug and have known about it from the beginning. Maybe they are worried about punishment. And maybe they don't want the gear enough to essentially cheat. @Cyan I don't know what kind of punishment you can met out or at what bar you would set for determining what might be an innocent use of an occasional extra run and what is an outright exploit. But you all need to know you have players running upwards of 20 EC runs each time the instance is up. You all screwed up with the coins for this event. Don't screw this up, too. You all failed to fix this when you first found out about it. Damage has been done to the fairness of your game. Punish the top exploiters. Restore our faith in this game.
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    It's pretty weird that all the threads reporting it haven't been taken down; usually even posting about these exploits is a big no-no. :1 And I'm super annoyed at all the people I've seen insisting that "everyone" abuses the EC bug, as if that means NC shouldn't penalize players for it. Like, I honestly don't care how many of you are doing it, it's still cheating the system. I hope y'all get temporary bans or all the rewards deleted from your inventories- but it'd be surprising if NC so much as removes the ability to EC kick again. Sigh.
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    Good Job kicking the pug ally`s from your Valli/Top Tier League with 1/4 boss hp!
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    It translates to: Do try to become a better player, low-class Roman citizen.
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    Jesus dude you need to get laid.
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    My deepest thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this patch of Aion. In less than 3 weeks of launch, you have killed the population. Today is reset day and nobody is bothering to log in anymore. Reset day is suppose to be the main day people log in. So lets name off a couple things you've done wrong so far, shall we? You took away a perfectly good event that got people kinah, fragments, stigmas, to gear up because you decided it needed to be "fixed" You AGAIN messed up enchantment rates SO BAD to the point people cant even get an ancient piece to 15 with legendary stones (trust me ive tried) The rewards in KBF are bugged, people are receiving items that aren't even a thing anymore in the game IB is so buggy that people constantly get stuck in "invisible boxes" forcing them to log out and may have to lose their run because of it It took you 3 weeks to finally decide to fix Divine Siege like that wasn't a major issue in this patch ??? We have no active GMs that play the game anymore, contacting support is like talking to someone in a language they don't understand, its pointless Vandal free gear/skin was suppose to be given out the 28th, its now the 4th of September same with extra slots for prestige soooo yeah not surprising I'm sure there is a lot more to add but in 3 weeks this is all that has happened. So thank you for killing the game once again, I hope you have to shut down the 2 remaining servers you have cause there is no more trying with you guys anymore~
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    It is almost time for you to think about the things you plan to include in the game, how it is possible that the prestigious daily gift can be obtained in the store in the production window. It is time to offer the services for which people pay ... It is time for you to wake up and put in new content, you still have a community which has hope that the aion returns to its GOLD time
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    Yea notice how if you have a bug like your eyes not matching everyone comes flooding to the forums to complain BROKEN game QQ. Then when a game breaking bug allows everyone to spam an instance it is all hush hush LOL.
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    Don't worry this game is pretty dead so all the top players who farm every spawn for now will have their weps by the next few weeks then you'll get your turn. Also, who's greedier? The undergeared players who expect the tryhards with 10x their aion gameplay-time, gear, money spent on the game, dps and effort to carry them for some of the most sought out weapons in the current patch? Or the tryhards who don't want to share with undergeared players who don't care about the drops nearly as much and won't use them as often or maybe even as effectively? Think about it! Let's say you're a sweaty Aion tryhard. You play Aion 10 hours a day, as opposed to some filthy portugal casual who plays 1 hour a day (at that point are you even a true Aion gamer?). If this 1 hour a day player gets it, then in the next 10 days he will have a possible total of 10 hours of weapon usage. Meanwhile, the sweaty would have 100 hours of possible usage in those 10 days. By that math it only makes sense that the sweaties should get the drops over the casuals. Maybe sweat more and go outside less then you too could join the top legion and get your chance for the drops. Or you could complain that they won't hold your hand, like a babyback b*tch You are man. You are powerful beyond measure. You have the ability to become an Aion master and carve your name into the Aion history books. Are you going to be an alpha legend who will be talked about for generations to come? Or will you choose to be a beta and never make anything of yourself on Aion? You just have to believe in yourself. Realize you are a vessel of love. Love yourself enough to put in the work/effort into becoming a real Aion player. Then maybe, just maybe, you will get a drop off a world boss.
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    How do you think people get geared so fast? It is not by competing with other geared players for bags that is for sure.
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    Hi all, The Vandal Gear Pack will be extended until after we've received a fix for the additional character slots (won't be this week). We've been working with the development team but still encountering the issue. We'll let you know the extension date once the issue is fixed. Thank you!
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    So 1 NPC that is needed to continue inggy campaigns crew member Sibylle. this is needed to start the quest that sends you to a dredgion that puts you to kill the captain that leads to inggy. well if you cant complete this you cant do inggy quests and theres not enough dark blue quests to get to the level to skip past inggy at all. Can we please get this fixed i was hoping maybe in like 2 hours of finding this problem i get off and it would be fixed or something no I would have been passed 70 if this bug didnt exist and its kind of upsetting. This bug affects pretty much any new players, new characters or anyone who has not started all aboard yet. when you search for the npc theres no existence of this person at all. sorry if theres a little rant in there its just really upsetting when a game breaking bug like that just slips through and gets away.
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    Hey I just logged in successfully! Must have indeed been a bug. Thank you both.
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    Hi, what about these guys? not posting everyone, I guess a lot of people turned their hacks off already.
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    You lost me with just that, the only skill that lost the stun effect was Flames Waltz, we still have Arcane Thunderbolt, Freeze, Frozen Shock, Summon Whirlwind, Volcanic Wrath and Shifting Magma. And i assume when you said less silence you mean the silence duration went down from 7 seconds to 5, honestly 2 seconds is not a big deal, besides NC added to the silence skill the effect of bind, which is a big help in pvp vs melee clases. If you want to quit the game, go ahead, do it, but at least say reasons much more credible than those two.
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    yes yes interesting, keep going
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