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    Based on player feedback regarding the siege schedule change: What works best for you? Would you like it earlier? Later? If choosing "Other" please list what time works best for you. I will keep this poll open for two weeks, and I will send the results to our teams. Ultimately we want you guys to have Sieges available at the best possible time.
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    Why weren't we even given a survey? Why is it that the schedule just changed out of nowhere? Siege time will be at 12 am on the east coast. This is supposed to be NA server, yet people in NA aren't getting reasonable times.
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    Fortress sieges 8 PM is better for all. @Kibbelz
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    Ncsoft needs to acknowledge the numerous posts complaining about the stigma rates or lack of and listen to the player base. Other regions all got the +12 safe spot naturally and permanent and not as an event. Is that the case with NA 7.5? All other regions stigma events had a rate increase from 20% to 30% or 35% for their events. We had two events and no rate increase and the players are annoyed on how difficult this is especially considering outside the storm wing event how hard it is to collect stigmas and at the same time the chance is so damn low to succeed. The rates should be changed asap to something much higher and the price on the bcm dropped drastically or add another event to get multiple stigma stones since most everyone who had a small stash saved from the last event have blown through their 100 stigmas to see little gain. Players are very annoyed and frustrated as evidenced by the number of threads and posts. Do something that doesn't impede game progress for once but helps it because if every other region can do it WHY CAN'T (WON'T) YOU?
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    People complaining about siege being later, but wanting it to overlap with altar siege is the dumbest thing I've seen on forums.
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    I regularly help recruit for sieges, so I note how many drop off and how many tell me that they have problems due to the current time ALREADY being late. Now you want to make it even later???? Personally, I'm located on East coast NA, and I work, so siege times are difficult as it is. This is going to make it EXTREMELY hard to attend. New players now don't see what we used to have: - East and West coast servers - GONE - support for timezone changes (Daylight Savings)- GONE - surveys for siege time changes for our region- GONE Now we don't even get a basic justification. Just an announcement that is basically " it's changing- take it or leave it" and which many people can miss. Really? Has it gotten THAT bad at your office, so that you cannot communicate with your community in a more positive way?
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    This is stupid, this is a NORTH AMERICAN SERVER. Now siege will be at midnight for the east coast...
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    Agreed..wtf..seiges were already too late as it is..this is ridiculous...
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    Yeah I just heard about this item, it recently became available in EU I think? I've sent the item info to our teams, so hopefully we can also use this item soon.
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    Welcome! But please don't send away @Loki. We all really like him because he's so active.
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    At the very least, make +6 a safe spot to help new/returning players. They can easily go from +8 back to like +2 because there is no safe spot between 0 and +9. Several of us are privileged/lucky enough to have at least a few +15 stigmas, but then there are even more people with +4 stigmas. There is no middle ground anymore, and the disparity is too great. It's not fair to new/returning players.
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    Thank you for putting up a poll.
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    I miss when they did survey back in the days asking for siege schedule.
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    Sorry I was misinformed, it's like OPs link says. It's not fixed yet, but they are removing the point reduction until they can resolve the issue. (So enjoy it while you can!) Tomorrow!
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    Unfortunately I can only investigate bugs with the game code. Can you please send a ticket to support with as much information as you can provide for this issue? Also, @Violy-DN I know how you guys on DN feel. I have brought this issue up previously, but I will bring it up again now that this restart issue has resurfaced. x_x. In lighter news, there will be Luna resets coming to Red Cellar this week.
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    All these years and I finally got mentioned in a post! I am basically e-famous now!
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    Patience, Justice, Madness, Tenacity etc etc, those final tags are just to identify wich type of transformation they enhance, the extra skill they give its random, you need to manually look for the skill its usefull for your class, not for the tags. For a Defensive Cleric: Support: Critical Hit Damage Reduction This works like old Strike/Spell Fortitude, reduces the crit multiplier of the enemy hitting you. For example, Magic classes have 1.5X multiplier, if you have this Rune +0 their crit will be 1.45X Support: Increased Recovery This buff is always active and improves Heals received by a % according you your rune enchantment, this works only to the heals the user receives, is not going to improve heals on your party members. For the third rune you can pick wich one you like more, i think these are the best for defensive cleric. Boost: Immobilization Resistance Penetration Boost: Reduce Speed Resistance Penetration Boost: Blindness Resistance Penetration To help land some quick CC against enemies with resistances, like Glad, Temp, AT, Gunner. For a DPS cleric just go with 3 attack runes Attack: Attack Increase ( 5% chance to gain 400 attack) Attack: Critical Hit Increase ( 5% chance to gain 800 crit ) Attack: Additional Strike ( 10% chance to do X damage ) Works similar to old elemental damage godstones so the dmg is different from class to class i do like 23k dmg on PvE, 3k dmg on PvP you can look for info on Aion Powerbook https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=runestone&go=Go
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    3 hours of maintenance for no changes? LOL
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    So little perspective from One side. The legion One is the product of multiple legions coming together for a goal (Blue Bird\Valiant\Pass the salt\Top Tier\dystopia\Pacific market\Saint\ and many more) we got Canadians\Brazilian s\Portuguese\spanish\chinese\koreans\EU\ with their fair share of language barriers. From the time I log in my life is filled with people complaining or someone's Ego pissing someone off, but when it comes to us getting together to get something done we're nyerk good at that. if DN-e can't do that it's not really our issue. On top if that how does DN-E benefit if every world boss they had to compete with 150 to 192 people on around 7 Gems. You might get 1 to 3 because obviously we will favour inviting our server over yours. Not saying this to discourage you but instead of complaining might need to compromise with your fellow DN-E on what you want to do.
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    Tehre was a mob that was supposed to give 4,9k kinah and instead it was giving 49m kinah, some people found it and have been killing it non stop (god knows for how long).
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    On Elyos KT LFG: 2020.06.05 11:30:15 : Jigz: wut 2020.06.05 11:30:15 : Perico: O.O 2020.06.05 11:30:24 : Chase: WHAT 2020.06.05 11:30:30 : ZOMO: FK NCSOFT FKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 2020.06.05 11:30:30 : Faisca: wts[@item:188710269;ver8;;;;;]500m 2020.06.05 11:30:31 : RanduIg: lagggggggggggggg and me packk 2020.06.05 11:30:31 : iona: Noooooooo?????? 2020.06.05 11:30:49 : Jigz: i forgot to burn my FM 2020.06.05 11:30:54 : fckallshitgames: server so lag he think its still wednesday 2020.06.05 11:31:22 : RanduIg: 8 DAYS LAGGG NICE NCSOFTTT 2020.06.05 11:31:28 : SpectreKzn: as always ,they sleeping on the job with there fingers stuck up there backsides 2020.06.05 11:33:42 : Theressa: rollback lol 2020.06.05 11:33:48 : Bale: sever going down ? 2020.06.05 11:34:04 : AJMD: y in 20min 2020.06.05 11:34:20 : Bale: okay ty 2020.06.05 11:34:27 : Takami: de q es el mantenimiento? 2020.06.05 11:36:34 : Bolsonalo: hey why server going down ? 2020.06.05 11:37:05 : irvy: no power 2020.06.05 11:37:16 : DivineDaniel: I hope they fix all Ping and graphical clipping issues. Dear Aion, please thoroughly test all areas, before releasing content to the players. I am just the player, but you make the game. We love Aion, 2020.06.05 11:37:20 : Bolsonalo: after this update im very lagged 2020.06.05 11:37:24 : nescafeclassic: hidden monsters rush after maint xD 2020.06.05 11:40:03 : Unistall: q onda , mantenimiento? no joda 2020.06.05 11:41:23 : Chocapic: nunca suben bien el servidor xd 2020.06.05 11:45:19 : Louisey: Thnak you first? 2020.06.05 11:45:22 : Unistall: oh nono 2020.06.05 11:45:30 : Slideshot: haha, maintenance is to fix glitch. players found mob that's supposed to drop 4,949 kinah but drops 49,949,000 kinah and have been spam killing it and have made billions. LOL. i read in forum 2020.06.05 11:45:56 : Emper: O.O 2020.06.05 11:46:01 : Slideshot: wish i knew about this and which mob 2020.06.05 11:46:36 : Bolsonalo: which mob? 2020.06.05 11:46:59 : Taurenchieftain;1.0000 0.6941 0.6941]: [pos:Location 2020.06.05 11:47:25 : Slideshot: no one will tell :( 2020.06.05 11:48:13 : Slideshot: they still killing it, 2 locations apparently 2020.06.05 11:48:24 : Bolsonalo: where 2020.06.05 11:48:55 : Slideshot: 2 locations somehwere iningg, and same in gelk 0.o 2020.06.05 11:49:07 : Tochiwa: ? [kvalue:0;Limited Edition;str] - Recruiting active players, whisper or apply. 2020.06.05 11:49:16 : Bolsonalo: run all map and tell us 2020.06.05 11:49:59 : Slideshot: hahaha 2020.06.05 11:52:14 : Taurenchieftain: anyway they will rollback 2020.06.05 11:52:27 : Bolsonalo: to 27 may? 2020.06.05 11:52:42 : Naaka: anyone know why server ll down? 2020.06.05 11:52:49 : TrinityStar: they fixing buggs and lag 2020.06.05 11:53:24 : Bolsonalo: they will rollback to may,27? 2020.06.05 11:53:31 : Slideshot: haha, maintenance is to fix glitch. players found mob that's supposed to drop 4,949 kinah but drops 49,949,000 kinah and have been spam killing it and have made billions. LOL. read in forum 2020.06.05 11:54:10 : Taurenchieftain: please rollback to 5/27 lol because I didnt do anything at last week 2020.06.05 11:54:14 : Slideshot: they still killing it, 2 locations apparently 2020.06.05 11:54:56 : ZOMO: all instances reset ? 2020.06.05 11:55:06 : TrinityStar: prob 2020.06.05 11:55:43 : TrinityStar: im sure they will take back all that kinah fro mthe players who abused the glitch lol 2020.06.05 11:56:18 : RanduIg: FIX LAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 2020.06.05 11:56:57 : RanduIg: 8 DAY LAGG NICE NCSOFT 2020.06.05 11:57:11 : Bolsonalo: rollback to 27/05 please 2020.06.05 11:57:17 : Takami: q rico lag 2020.06.05 11:57:22 : Unistall: esa quejas de gente con 1 mega de internet :v 2020.06.05 11:57:34 : ZOMO: q ricooooooo takami lindo 2020.06.05 11:57:47 : Takami: hacete coge zomo :u 2020.06.05 11:57:52 : Aoke: todavia hay gente con 1 mega?'O.O 2020.06.05 11:57:54 : Yuzhi: takami manco 2020.06.05 11:58:00 : RanduIg: gente idiotab habla 2020.06.05 11:58:01 : Bolsonalo: zomo nylo te quieres mucho 2020.06.05 11:58:16 : ZOMO: nylo no se fue con corona virus ? :v 2020.06.05 11:58:25 : Tochiwa: ? [kvalue:0;Limited Edition;str] - Recruiting active players, whisper or apply. 2020.06.05 11:58:25 : Takami: ai tienes oportunidad zomo 2020.06.05 11:59:20 : Bolsonalo: rollback to 27/05 please 2020.06.05 11:59:29 : ZOMO: jajajaja si creo q si 2020.06.05 11:59:37 : Tun: stfu with ur roll back 2020.06.05 11:59:55 : Perico: i cannot find on forum 2020.06.05 11:59:58 : Cynical: ? delete all your 15 stigmas yay 2020.06.05 12:00:06 : Bolsonalo: ? 2020.06.05 12:00:35 : PeteroUnico: soy nuevo para que sirve esto [@item:186020150;ver8;;;;;] 2020.06.05 12:00:47 : Unistall: nice name 2020.06.05 12:00:57 : Bolsonalo: rollback to 27/05 please ??? 2020.06.05 12:01:00 : ZOMO: bye mancos 2020.06.05 12:01:00 : Aoke: pense que se les olvido el reset xD ahi va 2020.06.05 12:01:02 : TaengBaho: NOOOOOOOOOO 2020.06.05 12:01:16 : Takami: jajajaja 2020.06.05 12:01:17 : Tochiwa: Oh my god? Real life for a hour and half.. *anxiety kicks in.* 2020.06.05 12:01:19 : Taurenchieftain: delete all of who made 15 with free stigma stones 2020.06.05 12:01:21 : Unistall: lpm q lo pario , no me dropio las cajas e minuin vault 2020.06.05 12:01:29 : Bolsonalo: bye bye stigmas +15 roll back to 27/05 2020.06.05 12:01:37 : TaengBaho: im not done farming 2020.06.05 12:01:46 : Takami: me alegro
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    We can certainly make the request especially after we sort out this latency situation. Thanks!
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    Man, enjoy that ice cream with tuna and quinoa.
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    oh my god, did Loki or Kibblez change his post because that's fooking HILARIOUS. Farmers tuna and quinoa loooooool
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    Greetings Daevas, I'd like to introduce you to Kibbelz who will be stepping in as Aion's community and content manager. You've already seen Kibbelz on the more recent website articles and he's familiar with Aion from working on Aion: Legions of War and working closely with Gideon and I. Please give him a warm welcome as you'll be seeing him around!
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    Bruh... were you born like this or it took practice?
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    @Loki you're one of the best things ever to happen to Aion, thank you so much!
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    @Loki @Hime @Kibbelz please re-evaluate this time. If anything, siege should move back an hour from 9 PM server time. Moving it later an hour is just a terrible idea. And weekend sieges should be moved to 6 PM server time. Thanks,
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    " In exchange for your BCM enchantment stones" Why don't you guys just straight up put the armor/weapons on the BCM... it's no secret this is a pay2win event. Screw the rest of the players.... Also...moving siege time to later is probably the dumbest idea you guys have ever had.
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    Cant even attend sieges as they are now, an hour earlier would have been preferable.
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    WTF do you think only americans play? Why change Siege schedules?
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    We NEED to be able to re-seal the slot and re-open it hoping to get the one we need, or use a specific (BCM maybe) scroll that regambles it or at least it gives us the type we want. I am willing to spend some money on this as long as I can get rid of the pure RNG that engulfs this broken mechanic. I have made FIVE Dark Talon plumes so far hoping to get an attack slot... and all 5 of them are support which is utterly useless. 5 Dark Talong Plumes is like 100m AP wasted and a ton of enchants, manastone fasteners and materials. Some of my Cruel Demaha feather accessories have a +2 slot which means if you put a +5 rune, the slot will give another +2 making it a +7! And that is also totally random and there is no way to re-gamble the slot hoping to get a better one. I am shocked they made such a game breaking feature totally RNG related and impossible to alter the outcome once you got it. As if it is not bad enough that enchanting Runes and Gems is not cancerous enough, we now have to get 5 items of each type hoping to get the slot we need and fail!
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    Would be good if u stop with the xenophobic commentaries by here, to begin with. Also, this post is a completely bullshit. Even if it was true, false or whatever, everyone is free to play whenever they want.
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    It's ehhh on the runestones, but the gemstones? Yeah. The RNG of it makes regular gemstones worthless because there's no way you're going to have the rng to get 5 of your 6 slots to all be the same color to be able to activate the skill. Legionmate used one of his restore tokens yesterday to be able to re-open a gemstone slot. Sadly, he got the same color he had before. But, that's at least an option if you have restore tokens. (Reminder: Restore tokens reset tomorrow, July 1st!)
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    For Asmodians For Elyos Gelkmaros (Home map) Silentera Canyon Inggison (Enemy map) Lakrum Demaha Crimson Katalam Inggison (Home map) Silentera Canyon Gelkmaros (Enemy map) Lakrum Demaha Crimson Katalam red katalam, dumaha Daily and Weekly Quests Renown FEXP chart (known so far) Open World Monster Stats (known so far) Renown Level Sales Daily and Weekly Limited Sales
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    Hello, First of all adding this event instance on a permanent basis was one of the very good idea NA has put forth, it's a little bit of everything for everyone that actually likes to put in the time to farm, that being said, could we have an updated reward list to match 7.5? For example the transformation contract box is 10 Type only and although that was the norm back when this was added, we have a lot of new legendary transformations now, I'm sure a new box can be added to reflect the current situation, maybe even add gemstone/runestone fragments. I hope this will be at least put forth to the development team for discussion. Thank you.
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    you guys could at least fixed the 8 hour pin issue this maintence lol i mean come on its been happening since this patch hit
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    That sounds very like from first hand personal experience, doesn't it? Your BG germ/mrfrank took stigmas enchantment stones, summon World boss scrolls and kept for himself and his circle of minions If you weren't invited, you aint good enough, just peon. (Summoning bosses to kill within a small group of friends). Having all that paralyze weapon boxes( he was even trying to sell each para weapon box for $100 cash ( RMT) to players), all those shining gemstones that he is selling on broker under the name( CubicOne) and having dazzling gemstones sold to players instead of giving to own legionmates who got him the summon boss scrolls from altar before. While he sells kinah for real life currency $( RMT). However, Big Mistakes/Nod still alive ain't it? lelelelel.
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    me entering this thread, prepared to read the D R A M A
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    DevilNest is correct and for Asmodian players the level 76 mob is Queen Alukina and is located in Alukina's Palace in Beluslan. She dropped 10 acorn bundles and they give random number of acorn, my Asmo got 22 of them and my Elyos got 25 of them so it looks like more than 1 per bundle. You can farm those skins with by defeating this mob until you have enough acorns to buy whatever you are interested in. You will see where the mob is by the red icon for bosses on your map.
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    I have to admit...I kind of like Loki....
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    I don't know for how long we have this, but I didn't know about it untill a few minutes ago, so lets spread the info! There is a new currency at Beluslan, called Accorn, and its used to get some goodies that are useful for leveling, including equipement, and I noticed there are some interesting skins. Each village in Beluslan (and I assume Heiron too) have 1 or 2 shugos that trade the accorns. First, there is Kahrun skin at Kidonrun's Then, at Kistenian's there's the same old white skin - that I forgot the name - from the previous patch. And this plate helm that I really like (it changes the hairstyle) At Hoarfrost there is the crucible c1 skin At the watchpost, the crucible c2/ 5.X arena skin and also the old crusader (pvp token - I don't remember the name of the elyos version) wing skin and finally, at Besfer's, the old bm skin + Kahrun wings Now the sad part is: Couldn't find accorn quests that lvl 80's can do in order to farm for the skins, even though I have checked the "display low level quests" box at game options :((((( But for those with low level toons that would like to get some of these skins, go for it
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    Hey. There's a rant incoming, and it's not personally directed at you! I got tired of shelling out the money to host and maintain the files for NCsoft, especially for no reimbursement of any kind. I started feeling like my kindness and devotion to the game were being brutally taken advantage of (even if through no fault of Cyan or Hime). I was putting in hours at a time of being unpaid Support for a multimillion dollar gaming company because I like solving problems and I genuinely wanted people to try out the game, even if I didn't like it anymore. Like, the hours I'd put in put me well beyond the "volunteer" category. Probably 1500-2000 or so of my posts here are based on helping people, and I'm not exaggerating. I also don't play anymore. I tried 7.X, and I didn't enjoy it at all. I pretty much only log onto the Aion forums for the fun of it because I was practically married to this game for 10 years and didn't just stop helping Cyan/Hime out when I could even after I quit. The final thing that killed it for me was having several of the people I'd helped turn around and attack me. If I'd been getting paid for my efforts, that would have been whatever, but I wasn't. I was being nice and helpful, and that was what I got in return. Ouch. So, it's nothing personal, but I'm only going to do something for Aion if I really feel like it, and redownloading the game, zipping the files, finding my login for that google account, signing up for the subscription for the 100GB google drive, uploading everything, and making the right files sharable + bringing in the correct links to the forums is so far from something I feel like doing, even if I'd love to help you out. Here's a picture of an imperfect, but very tasty oreo cheesecake to make things better:
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    And i quote And yet still no pack? @Hime
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    It was a thing for awhile on rotation where we Bonus XP/AP/Drop Rate Buffs were given each weekend. Each of these would still be relevant especially to truly new players that need to try and bridge the huge gap between them and their peers/rivals. XP is needed to craft Experience marks so this is beneficial to all. AP buffs would benefit the newer player with a significantly smaller AP pool. Lastly, Drop Rate buffs DEFINITELY would be appreciated by all. These are simple things that would give people things to plan and look forward to. You all have done some very good things for the community in the past and it is not forgotten (at least by me). @Hime @Loki
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    @Hime @Loki THANK YOU for bringing Shattered Abyssal Splinter back! But the number of itens you can purchase using Abyss Fragment was reverted to the first time this instance was added to the game. In a later mini patch the number of Daevanion Essences you can buy using fragments was increased to 3 per week, not 1. EDIT: I saw the first post and you're aware of it. thank u anyway!
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    I sent a ticket to Support as Hime said and as a reply I got them telling me to try lots of programs and they were also asking "again" for explanations tath I had told them already! I am "NOT" installing any new things on my PC, I told them that my computer was okay before the update and I have no problems what so ever with other games, and that I won't use any of the programs they said I should try to get the lag away. It is their problem if we have such massive/horrific lag, not my problem. If they do not fix it I will leave AION because the game is impossible to play, easy solution. I could not believe that they are trying to make me the cause of the lag!
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