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    @Cyan if sales are tanking because everyone is making free luna then you should start listing things on the BCM that people want to buy like highly requested skins that are from 4.0 that NA never even got (where's the flower mount??). The transparent transformation scrolls still require a steep price reduction to be a justifiable purchase for the average player, if you can manage that then you'll have more people investing in the few skins that NA have re-added to the BCM since wiping it with the 6.2 patch. If you look at KR, EU, RU servers ALL OTHER VERSIONS OF AION HAVE AN ABUNDANCE OF EASILY ACCESSIBLE TRANSPARENT SCROLLS. Oh and uh UPDATE THE PRESTIGE VENDING MACHINE TO MAKE PRESTIGE WORTH PAYING FOR The items in the machine, besides the 1 title card and overpriced cosmetics, are completely out of touch and irrelevant. Instead of offering single transform scrolls for a RIDICULOUS 500 Prestige Coin here are three things that are actually relevant in the game: Fighting Spirit Fragments (and no I don't mean 500 Prestige Coin for 1x Fighting Fragment, I mean reasonably priced). Specific A-Grade Minion Contracts (like the ones from the Lockbox vending machine). - These would be (rightfully) more expensive. Stigma Enchantment Stones. Additionally, lower the Prestige Coin costs to reflect the current patch. If you ARE going to commit to removing the free random luna material box then make the one in prestige cost 50 or less coins instead of 500. The transformation contract bundle should be, like, 10 prestige coins given how widely available for free it is. There is zero consistency with the pricing / availability of items in this game. Give people a reason to pay for this game, please.
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    Hello everyone. We're still having issues with out survey tool and will be sending out the surveys as soon as we can. Additionally, we will be distributing an additional Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chest for every run you did prior to us updating the event. This means if you ran Mirash Sanctum and Cradle of Eternity 2 times each, you'll be getting 4 boxes. Thank you!
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    For people who don't have time to watch the stream at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/467646917, here are some screencaps of the things they showed of some importance. Not pictured, but noted: - Transformations will remain account-wide; will not reduce to server-only like in other regions - No mention of transformation times being restored to 10 minutes, so probably not happening - Character slots will be expanded to 13, but only for Prestige holders (extra characters will not be deleted if you let Prestige expire) - We will receive up through the KR patch of Dec 26, 2018 New cubics screen -- 5 levels of new platinum cubes, gold and silver cubes also expanding to have 5 levels (currently have 3 and 4 respectively): New PVE instance Stellin Laboratories will have 4 entries for regular players, 5 for Prestige. Arena of Tenacity will have 1 entry; will NOT be part of the season: New equipment menu will show the gear you have and the gear you should/could aim to get after it along with a description showing you where/how to get it (2nd screencap): New Lugbug's Missions will have both daily and weekly tasks that will grant rewards: The new shared Elyos/Asmo map called Demaha: New gold ingots tab of Gold Sand Traders; adds returning gear: New kinah tab of Gold Sand Traders; prices rise by about 20% so stock up before the patch; new minion contract stone replaces the 2.5mil kinah we pay directly to the minion tab to use minion functions (not tradeable): New currency Stellium can be used to buy things or used directly to get a 150 pvp attack buff for 10 minutes: New Tide's Embrace buff: Enchanting your main six stigmas to +12 will grant you an extra greater/blue stigma slot (no mention if we will get the event which makes +9 a safe spot for enchanting):
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    Hello First of all, sorry for my english, not my first langueage. This thread is gonna sound as i tell you how to do your job @Cyan, but wanted to share a couple opinions about communication and timing, and how bad it is rn from the Ncwest side. There has been a series of bad communication problems going on about the patches, and the topics inside it. Mayor example was the luna craft reduction added to the removal of the free gift every day: 1) The reduction is not that bad since alot of f2p players were doing almost the same as paying players which would break the sustantibility of the server BUT the way of communicating this change was really bad: first of all you should have said that this luna craft was in testing , and developing in the first place, this would reduce the pressure from lowering the rates later. having a system added with "subject to change" its an easy way of not having negative efects later cuz of nerfs. 2) Explain to the community why are doing things, some people can deduce that reducing luna was necesary because was removing the need of buying luna at all, etc, but not all thinks the same way. 3) Removing the gift that gives "1 random material a day" , whitout any reason, it looks like you just want to annoy players removing free stuff(which was a really small free gift every day to be taken care off). 4) TIMING about this patch... you are removing/nerfing this features the same day as the EU servers gets a mayor update, also not showing any indication of if we are gonna get 7.0 at all( that last post about "announcements about what happens with 7.0" was rly vague, which adds up to the problem. Also having a really shitty event at the same time as EU gets a mayor patch makes people just leave the server to check new things, or another guames just because its "annoying" to play here. This was the first example i got, and which ilustrated my point, but this problem has been going on for months of patches. You are not obligated to talk to the community about the decisions, but would help a lot. Saying "we are taking feedback, and redirecting to the developers" doesnt mean you are hearing the community, it feels like an automated message at this point. Greetings Guitarra
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    This. When we got the luna update, everyone was kinda shocked at our good fortune to be getting 40 luna from that craft. Players were really happy. Seriously happy. Happier than they have been about anything in a very long time. Activity on the server picked up, too. Usually by Monday there were no groups for anything. But since people could easily craft enough luna, they were running instances the whole week and not just the first few days. As Van points out, it's not like the 40 luna was a surprise to NCSoft! You guys knew the number. Suddenly you think it was too high? Which makes me wonder if you all actually -looked- at the number or did you just add it right out of the box from Korea without looking at it first? And that I can actually see that having happened is what makes me sad.
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    This is gonna upset a LOT of people
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    Luna reset costs for Mirash and CoE: Reset Count Luna cost Cumulative 1 80 80 2 80 160 3 80 240 4 100 340 5 100 440 6 100 540 7 120 660 8 120 780 9 120 900 10 140 1040 Reset counts and costs resets daily.
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    wtf are you talking about boi? End of The World was the best event we got from 5.x patch. I got more than 100 omegas and 100 temperings, loads of +12 Manastones and Caeus Gear and my farm was just regular. I know hardcore players who got 5x - 10x more loot. We're the only server across all overseas Aion servers that NEVER got Fighting Spirit on event loot tables. this is a BIG shame. I think they should add it, it wont make people cancel the prestige pack they have, sorry
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    How to nyerk the entire community off in just few sentences 101: a book by NCWEST
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    We just can't have anything that we enjoy, can we? Good job, NCsoft.
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    What is the point of removing the free daily material chest, what the heck. No one is going to be happy about these changes.
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    Does this mean DopDingapdom will be up for grabs?
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    Here it is the healthy Aion Classic server that Neleth recomended to me
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    It sucks! Some of the rewards are fine but NcSoft needs to do the math with the amount of gems received and many of the prices on items. Only 2 instances to get gems...No beforehand info on the event either. More proof of how much ncsoft listens to player feedback and how they continue to mismanage this game.
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    @Cyan Okay. I've tried to collect my thoughts, and I'm about ready to start bringing my questions, concerns, and complaints to the BNS forums and subreddit because god knows the Aion team doesn't pay attention to us here. You said on stream that there are meetings for Aion- I have my doubts. This event was a pretty horrible PR move. Your playerbase is already unhappy. It's not the worst event ever, even considering how lame the 6.0 events have been. But you absolutely should not have named it End of the World. First of all, it's not the end of the world in the way 4.8 and 6.0 were; the only things deleted were two instances. It's a lazy lazy name. And we all have very strong associations with what an "End of the World" event entails; everyone was at least hoping for another very generous event that would help prepare us for the next patch and encourage progress with our PvP gear. Getting another run-of-the-mill lousy 6.X event is expectation subversion of the worst kind. What were you all thinking? Which leads me to this: How careless is the NCWest team? Have you all forgotten that you changed Luna to be a 1:1 with Black Cloud Coin? Luna resets cost 80 and 100 Luna, and you're listing rerun scrolls for 140? I don't even want to bring this up because the way things have been going, I expect Luna reruns to be disabled. But I can't stand seeing how out of touch you all are. Like, we already know that you and the other team members don't have any clue what goes on in other regions. This has been stated outright in regards to things like EU'S Gold Sand Shop changes after their initial GP reset. But you all need to start paying attention. Before 6.0 dropped, everyone was saying not to bother with compensation or crafted gear, because the Genesis Crystal gear is superior. I was upset to lose my multiple sets as a cleric, and contemplated making just two for PvP. Joke's on me, because I haven't even finished one set. You know why? Because every other region has more generous means of acquiring Fighting Spirit Fragments. Of course people in EU, RU, TW, and KR would say Winged Champion is garbage; they all get to invest in Cloud War/Firebrand equipment. Their events and quests give them Fighting Spirit Fragments! Their open world loot rates for crafting materials weren't nerfed to hell and back! NA has yet to experience even a single event that gives Fighting Spirit Fragments, and this is why the only people in full Ultimate gear are in at least a mix of Winged Champion, crafted, and Cloud War/Firebrand- if not full Winged Champion. And these players will continue being leagues ahead of the people who don't have compensation gear, because they will be converting their sets into the new 7.0 gear before the rest of us. This event was a chance to bridge that gap. It was the chance. And now it's gone, because I'm pretty sure someone is holding the dear sweet moms of NCWest at gunpoint saying, "Don't you nyerking dare give those NA players any skins, transparent transformation scrolls, transformation contracts, Legendary/Ultimate PvP stones, or Fighting Spirit Fragments- or else!!" I am joining others in their protest; I have no intention of renewing my prestige at this point, because the work of the NCSoft team for Aion is increasingly sloppy, with no awareness of the game's climate or care for the playerbase. We all see the way BNS gets taken care of, and this? What we get for Aion? It is downright disgraceful.
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    Hello everyone. We're going to be making the following changes for the event: You'll get 2 Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chests instead of 1 per run. As of reading this post (12:18 pm PDT) this is in effect. A sellable version of a Cradle of Eternity Bonus Entry scroll will be added to the Black Cloud Marketplace for 140 Black Cloud Coin. Due to an issue with the Bonus Entry Scroll for Mirash Sanctum that will not be added to the Black Cloud Marketplace. We will also be issuing a survey to all level 76 or higher players (redeemable once per account per server) that contains 2 untradable Mirash Sanctum Bonus Entry Scrolls and 2 Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chests. Edit: We've sent out an additional Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chest to all players that ran these instances for every run from August 7 until August 8 when the event was changed. This is in lieu of the Survey we originally stated would be sent out. Thank you.
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    Hello everyone. We're going to be making the following changes for the event: You'll get 2 Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chests instead of 1 per run. As of reading this post (12:18 pm PDT) this is in effect. A sellable version of a Cradle of Eternity Bonus Entry scroll will be added to the Black Cloud Marketplace for 140 Black Cloud Coin. Due to an issue with the Bonus Entry Scroll for Mirash Sanctum that will not be added to the Black Cloud Marketplace. We will also be issuing a survey to all level 76 or higher players (redeemable once per account per server) that contains 2 untradable Mirash Sanctum Bonus Entry Scrolls and 2 Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chests. Thank you.
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    Dear NCSoft staff, thank you for the event. But I'd like to ask if there's any possibility to recheck the amount of gems that are required to buy a legendary contract, it's not possible to get 1.200 gems with only 2 instances available. I know you guys can do it and it happened once when we had that flower event so please... think about it. This could motivate all the community to keep working hard on gear and we would have more active players. And we are still waiting for the event info on the website.
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    That mad about a video game event eh? Classy
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    @Cyan Please for the love of aion stop giving us excuses to be constantly disappointed in the aion team.. we’re not asking for free legendary contracts like kr but 1200 gems for an unselectable legendary contract? Please stop driving away potential newcomers and the og’s & and actually put some real thought into the game.. Everything seems to be so rushed everytime; it’s totally fine if the maintenance is a couple more hours, i just want to see you guys put something together that everyone in the community will appreciate and take our suggestions into play BEFORE you go and throw something in. I really want this game to strive, i really do. Even if the higher ups don’t really care about aion anymore if you really care for the game try a little harder and prove to them that aion still has potential to bring in great revenue.. mad love for everyone hang in there guys
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    A wall of text that noone asked for and was not needed to be posted.
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    Painter version: I hope I didn't space the dots too far apart.
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    OK so here goes. I know lot of you on the Dn side that are asmos probably don't like me. That's ok. I truly do appreciate all the players here. Including all the people I talk rubbish to. We are a unique group of people. This game is dying in a way we haven't seen before. I'm not sure what the answer is to save it, as many people smarter than me have posted very articulate posts pointing out all the short comings. It seems all of this stuff falls on deaf hears and the absolutely abhorrent company that host our escapism from life isn't willing to address those very specific requests. So in lieu of the death of this game and it's servers I'd like to give a big shout out to all of you for participating in this game I've enjoyed for a very long time. Tsukiyumi, Euphoria, Darksaphira, FatBad, Apa, DMob,Tales, Bruce, Extreme, Gregg, Yukina, Loaly, AND ALL THE REST I DONT HAVE TIME TO MENTION, FOR REAL AS PEOPLE THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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    That's not the way Neleth works. Whatever pops into her head gets posted. So at some point this morning, this is how this thread came about. Neleth: I think I will have Cheerios this morning. Did I already put sugar in my coffee? Meh. Can't hurt to add a little more. Oh! Need to remember to buy more Tide at some point today. Laundry is over-following. Hmm. I hope NCWest doesn't change the name of the Painter to something else. That Vanetheria is such a dirty bird! That cloud looks like a unicorn! Speaking of unicorns, what would have happened at we never had 4.8? Does anyone else smell cookies?!
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    @Cyan For NCsort, angering the community is like a sport, right?
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    Ncsoft apparently is not reading the feedbacks ..
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    @Cyan are you going to reply to the community? you, NcWest are just making ppl less and less interested on keep playing. No one expected you to give the luna craft, ye that was great, raised our moral a bit. Now you start taking this from us and no tease/news about 7.0. No good event, no nothing... why ....
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    Im the owner of pekpek. I have been playing Aion for 20 years and I'm a war veteran from WWII. Very disrespectful to try to take the name from me.
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    I feel bad for players that have left Aion but can't let go and actually login to the forums to make sure that everyone knows they have quit which apparently means that everyone else should quit too. Aion! Why can't I quit you?!
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    At least turn on some server xp/drop/ap buffs. They'd be far more useful for 'the end of the world' than a 2 instance limited cooldown event. @Cyan
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    Hi @Cyan, like @Sidorovich-DN said on the weekly maintenance post this event is about the instances that are getting deleted right? Qubrinerk's Cubic Lab is a instance that's not available on 7.0 so it should be giving out the reward right? Are you guys going to add the reward there too?
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    For the love of our Aion life, please make this ice gem account tradeable. This would address all the problem about this event. Please @Cyan hear us out on this.
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    Cyan, this is really good, but still. theres low chances to reach that 1200 gems. So plz, try consider either decreasing the prices or increasing the way to obtain the gems. Also about this, most of the active player, already burn their entries. Should be a reset entry. Plz consider this as well. P.S: all the people in the forums and in game, are actually player that are in love with the game. After 10 years they keep playing. Im kinda new, ive been playin since Aion turn from 4.8 to 4.9. And yes thats how new i am. And im still here because i love it... You guys must remember the times before the server merges... Game was almost empty of popullation and u guys can deny that. The merge, events and updates at that time (5.0-6.0) has increased the population again. We all for sure wanna continue playing this game, but dont this to all of us... pls, hear and take notes of your community and execute them. Thx u
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    Don't lie please... EU charges 200 euro for each legendary contract also no idea why people here think GameForge its better... From EU forums LMAO
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    Being the last time we'll have Mirash and CoE just removing the limit on them would be nice . let us run them till we can't stand them anymore. This would also solve the other issue with the price of the rewards.
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    the gear gap was caused by being able to +314 items. now every one in the end can only have +15. max gear is max gear
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    Hi guys, as you may have noticed the web page went out and was taken down shortly after. This was due to an issue with the page and it will be coming back tomorrow with all of the accompanying information so hang tight! Thanks.
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    This slow down in logins is normal at the end of a patch. We've had this happen prior to every major patch. So that doesn't bother me much. What does bother me is, as @Nyali-DN points out, there are things that have been broken or desperately need changing from 6.x that haven't been addressed yet. And that we only see information from NCWest on Tuesdays prior to maint is really worrying.
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    So "wongweaver" isn't gonna be its name? :< Vandal/Vandalist?
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    [Youtube] [AION 7.0] Changes to Instances [Youtube] [AION 7.0] Changes to Crafting [Datamine] 7.0 Cubic stats [Datamine] Tier 1 and 2 gear enchantment stat boosts
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    I propose 'Splotchinator' because whatever that class is, it can paint neither a picture nor a fence, so a Painter it clearly isn't.
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    @Euphoria-DN I did not know that thanks tho And @MetalPhantomEvil-DN honestly pal this is a post about respect for the game regardless of personal feeling so if you cant get on board with that you shouldn't be playing at all and truly don't understand what this game is about.
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    Tbh I fully expected a nerf of some sort. Taking away the free daily boxes feels almost petty though.
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    I agree that it is better than nothing. My issue is the constant nerfs in this game. They should have had the foresight to see that they were giving us too much. Don't give us something and then take it away.
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    Please @Cyan, if anything at all @AriaTheMelodious-DN has a great post here. Please start an official constructive feedback thread and work with the Team to actually put stuff in this game for both paying and non-paying customers. There are so many amazing suggestions by the community that if implemented could potentially bring a lot of satisfaction to current and new players. Please listen to your community.
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    Okay. I know this is your idea of a "joke" because you know this thread will be shut down but I'll still say this isn't funny nor the way to address anyone. If you truly want to know how to stop seeing their posts you know you could have put this is a far better way. I'll be one of those who will say I don't agree with a lot of things Aly says but everyone has their own opinion. Come on man.. This was just unnecessary.
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