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    The next major update for Aion arrives in just a couple weeks, with amazing improvements to almost all major game systems and features. Aion: Awakened Legacy brings a refreshing and simplified experience for Daevas old and young, promising to create a streamlined and more enjoyable experience regardless of your experience with the game. If you’ve never played Aion before—or if you’re looking to return—there’s no better time than with this update. Visit the Aion: Awakened Legacy update page to register your account to receive a free Awakened Gala Gift Pack to help your Daeva take its first steps in the new update.
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    I made a research on the powerbook to find out if/where some skins will drop after the update and made a list for the fellow skinwhores! Some of these are low level instances and I have no idea if high level characters can drop something from them or if any of these can be traded from an alt to your main. I also have no idea about the drop rates, and I only looked at instances, idk if you can get these or other skins through quests, tokens, world drop or anything else (if you do, please let me know!) Here's the list: Haramel - Deft Counsel skins Aetherogenetic's lab / Alquimia Reseserch center/ Kromede's Trial - fabled Kahrun skins Fire temple / Indratu Fortress / Draupnir Cave / Taloc / Eso - Malefic skin Esoterrace - Abyssal and Yamenes weapons skins (!!!) Beshmundir Temple - Stormwings skins Dragon Lord's Refuge - Ophidan skins Rentus - Vasharti skins and weapons (like those from OccRB) and Hyperion skins (cloth is the songweaver version) Drakenspire Depths - Malefic weapon skins Tiamat Stronghold - Tiamat skins (helm skin is the eternal version from quest) and Tiamat Spectral wings Mirash Sanctum - IO skins (cloth is the songweaver version) and SKAFIR WINGS (and Ancanus for elyos ofc) Cradle of Eternity - IO skins (cloth is the songweaver version), Apollon and Atreia wings Bastion of Souls - EB skins (cloth is the songweaver version) and Harvester skins Frozen Monolith - EB skins (cloth is the songweaver version) and Harvester skins Infernal Drakenspire dephts - Beritra and Fallen Poeta skins and a new one Promethun's Workshop - Beritra skins and a new one P.s.: I was simply looking to the skins, not the grade of the gear btw. Source: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Instances Feel free to add anything that I might have missed
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    The event was designed and tested so everything should be working as intended, and it was designed to be a little more generous than usual.
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    Hi , i created this poll to make AIon tema how important for players is to have a new and uopdated website, with information of all classes and the game for new players, due old players can handle to go other unnofficials websites for information, but we also need to bring new players and they really need to find that info in the official website. If you think this is true express on the poll, and if not.. you are free to also vote. However i really hopes the Aion team ( @Cyan and @Hime) consider this and can do something for the 6.2 Patch release. I beleieve there is many people in here who would love to help with promoting and many other social networks job and website too.
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    We'll have more information on that and other items, systems, and economy changes in coming articles. No, plans for new servers or merges currently.
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    Very good questions. We are updating to 6.2, and of course, already planning for 6.5. In regards to new website, maaaaaaaaybe. I can't say much until I'm physically building new articles for it! It will be different, of course catered for our economy. We will have more information before launch on all the items, system changes, and economy changes.
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    Let’s have a small story time, shall we? Kinda wanted to have a clickbait title so people like Cyan or Hime can check this out. So it’s Sunday afternoon, close to evening, and it’s pretty chill at my workplace, no customers or guests for hours, so it was fairly nice. My coworker decided to sit down and watch League of Legends stream on his phone when he suddenly asked me, “do you play any games?” To which I replied, “why, yes, of course I do, I play Aion.” He started searching the game in google and of course, came to the NA website. I’m not sure how to describe this, but I felt ashamed and embarrassed, he wanted to learn the classes and stuff about the game but everything is so outdated, it just wasn’t appealing to him enough. He used the unofficial wikia page to learn about the Songweaver class, Gunslinger and Aethertech. I guess that’s a nice way to attract players, ain’t it? Deep inside I wish I had shown him the EU website instead first, but the NA just wasn’t that appealing I guess. This has been talked on and about for so long, but this is a prime example that even if the website is old, it should be updated with the latest info about classes and patches. I got interested in this Classic server for Lineage 2, and dang, that website is so smooth, fast and very simple to navigate, no dead links, all crystal clear regarding classes and different paths, so I started playing it, because it was appealing even if the game is from 2004. Even Hime is their Senior Community Manager too. So, why or how is that? WildStar has less players and is now shutting down but I guess it’s Carbine Studios who took care of the community? I’m not sure why Aion is so neglected. I guess it kinda does make me feel better that there’s drama on L2 forums for lack of communication from NCWest just like here lol.
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    I am also playing on one of the "new servers" in EU. Just like Beritra, for the first week people would take anyone to any instance. But today people began checking gear. "Geared" is appearing more and more often. People laughing at others for not having gear and people crying that they aren't geared enough. It took a week. For the first sieges there were alliances and leagues.. yes. More than one league. Today for Lakrum there was -one- alliance in LFG. The legion I am in had enough people on for an alliance+, but only 8 people joined the alliance. You get more GP solo, just like before. And suddenly the geared people didn't want to risk their GP by taking along someone with lesser gear. It took a -week-. I guarantee you that that thriving server will be a ghost town in a few more weeks. Vets will return to their old servers and the new people will have left for other games after being locked out of content by those vets. 6.2 will bring people out. Lots of people. They will play and test things out and some of those people may actually stay for awhile. But most will play a few weeks and move on. A new server will be left in a state like the two old ones.. a handful of die-hard players chugging right along. It isn't fare to anyone to have to go through another server merge (loosing names and houses and ranks) because there will be an increase in players for a short period of time.
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    Oh yea. That baby is getting overhaaaaaaaaaauled.
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    Hi! I introduce myself, I'm Elano the creator of the website LFStrat.com and the LFDatabase. I play this game since 2009 and I love helping players. I currently play on Urtem one of the french servers so on this topic i'll try to explain things about the 6.2 and also how to be ready for the 6.2, what Gameforge didn't told us etc... 01. The 6.2 Update The 6.2 is a big deal and will change everything you know about the game. The leveling is easy and you can be lvl 80 in 6/7 hours (2 days if you're really slow). If it's like Gameforge we didn't got the helper NPC we got on the PTS (it gives you some ancient stuff so you can kill mobs at lvl 50 +), it's going to be hard if you have rerolls lvl 68+ because the new stuff is EVERYTHING! The old stuff like Apollon, the prime commander and the harvester are totally useless! The only things you can keep at first are the boots (for the speed) and the gloves (for the speed) otherwise take the stuff you will have from the quests/missions/compensations. 02. The kinahs gate Again if it's like EU servers, most of the things you got in cube/warehouses etc. will not provide any compensations you can already sell ALL your crafting materials because on EU everything from craft were automatically sold for 0 kinahs! If you have kinahs in your warehouse, put everything on your main! It's important because on EU, if you had kinahs in the warehouse everthing got transformed into gold bars but not compensate into kinahs. Because yes kinahs in the cube are transformed into gold bars and some of it is transformed into new kinahs so you can take teleports and buy things. But not the kinahs stored in warehouse! If you have kinahs in legion warehouse, everything is transformed into gold bars and everything goes to the Legion owner! Gameforge fixed a bug on EU that nerfed the amount of kinahs we can have buy selling with the cube instead of the merchants from 20% more kinahs to 5%. If NCsoft does that, you will be in trouble. In Korea their premium give them up to 500% more kinahs via cube selling. In EU we don't have any bonuses with our premium so right now we are f*****. In NA I don't know what your going to have in your 6.0 premium or if it's going to be nerfed or not. So just be prepared DON'T waste your kinahs this is one of the most important thing in 6.2! - Here's the kinahs I got from my crafting materials and all the things I forgot to sell before 6.2: https://www.casimages.com/a/hESLN 03. The enchant stones and enchant rates At first, you will have lots of ancient echant stones PvE/PvP don't waste them you can only have them once! After the first round of quests you'll have to farm the enchant stones by doing a lots of dungeons and dredgions. The legendary and Ultimate enchant stones are extremely rare! Don't waste them on the stuff they compensate you with it's better to wait until you have the genesis crystal stuff. The enchant rates are really bad, if you have the same rates we got on EU/KR it's bad! You need 70 to 150 enchant stones to put 1 piece of ancient stuff +15 even using legendary stones on ancient stuff is bad. 04. The sneaky nerf In 6.2 they got rid of the wale mounts in Oriel/Pernon so you can't buy basic mounts unless you go in the Cash Shop, same for auto-loot pets. 05. The magical craft (Aetherforging) Aetherforging is very important in 6.2! You need to be ready if you are not 300 you'll have to master it and if you don't like to farm it's going to cost you a lot of kinahs! Also it depends on your server population/bots? But be prepared! 06. The compensation stuff is not the answer Yes they give you some stuff and it's great at first BUT it's not everything! The stuff they compensate you with is not the best stuff at all don't waste your manastones/enchant stones on it! Farm the new genesis crystal stuff (PvP), because at the end Ultimate genesis will always win against ultimate compensation. 07. The dominated faction If you are on the dominated side of your server be prepared to loose ALL your ranked players, for the moment the GP you got in RvR are not enough to stay in the rank list so you will looe your star off. transformations etc... Right now we have a lot of problems in EU 6.2 and the main topics are: - The kinahs problems - The luna expensive material crafts - The transformation contracts (very very very expensive and no way to have them unless you cash shop) - The dominated factions (all deranked not enough GP) - No more "free" mounts/auto-loot pets for new/returning players - Bad EU premium (mostly useless features or totally bugged features) You can ask me any questions you have about the 6.2 and i'll try to answer them. Best regards, Elano.
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    Hi, i play aion from the launch in NA, and i have purchased tons of Nc coins in all this time, during the last year i tested some other games and i realized that the cash shop was kinda different in a good way, we Nc coins packs for 400 NC Coins = 5 USD, 800 NC Coins = 10 UDS, 1600 NC coincs = 20 USD and on and on until the 20.000 NC Coins = 250 USD max. Other games normally when u buy more coins, you get a little extra more, so the more money you spend, the more you get compared to the lower prices. Its would be amazing and im 10000% sure you would sell A LOT MORE NCoins if you edit the NC coins packs nearly this way: (Just like most profitable games have their stores) Im sure the NCwest games would have even moire players if you do this really worth change. Because.. let's be honest, its really dumb that the 400 NC coins pack make a value exact the same as the more expensive packs. I really hope you consider this. P.S: THE PICTURE IS EDITED BY ME FOR SIMULATE A GOOD CHANGE FOR NCOINS PRICES TO BE SIMILAR TO THE MOST POPULAR GAMES.
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    So... This must be a troll, a joke or bait, right? Ha ha ha... ... ...Maybe not. Ok, lets clear this up. All of the stuff that is dropping from this event will be either useless or exchangeable (except for Berdin Stars, but cant complain about having more of them). Having them made more common not only allows people to go "Wow, maybe I could try and temper my Caeus set and enjoy its temperance skill or get a better equipment compensation". Not saying that you NEED the compensated gear, for the patch, but having a nice set ready does help. It kind of evens out the "gap". That said, even if you wish to just save up your resources and wait for the update to exchange it for the good new stuff, then you will have players who will have an easier time gearing up for 6.2 content. Not only that, but high rewards also make the event attractive. This is less about economy, and more about the general community, but during the duration of the event, people will have fun doing old instances again. The few weeks before an update are pretty low on action, as you might have noticed, but these types of events are a nice hook to keep people active even during this "break" most people desire to take.
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    This just made me laugh. A whole 3 (not even transparent) scrolls. I know it's too early to judge, and it's nice to have a release date, but it should've been Transformation Contracts.
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    I'm not going to rehash out any arguments for or against it after multiple threads of the same thing. This is something Hime answered the other day:
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    Which is completely backwards. \Why spend the time to design your character, and buy (real money) or craft skins, in order to hide it with what many people consider silly animal characters which ruin any immersion? Previously, we had candies, which were fun, and sometime imaginative- but they were temporary. Now, why should we pay in order to hide what we want? It makes no sense. Character design is a core aspect of the game, always has been. As several people have pointed out previously, the transparency feature should be a toggle, just like helms are. This would appeal to everyone. There are other ways really to make money, even in a F2P game, wiithout having such a poor player experience.
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    Came here expecting cute pictures. Disappointed.
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    Please , enough with the merges, and we don't have the population for new servers.
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    yes, because that gala pack with 3 potions is really going to go a long way when we are moving at a turtle speed. NOT. How about giving every player ONE good transformation CONTRACT (not a lousy white or green, but a decent one) suitable for their class? Just ONE.
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    Then start to work in advance for the next one: A10n
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    Dear Aion community, To introduce myself for those who don't already know me, I have been a member of the Aion community and have been playing the game since the BETA days back in summer of 09'. Needless to say, I am your Gandalf to the community and game, and therefore YOU SHALL NOT PASS without reading this thread and perhaps putting your two cents in. Being a veteran, I have been through every patch and expansion of this game ever since it's release. The pattern with my playing was consistent throughout the first few years from BETA days to 4.x days, with no breaks taken, and after that I would play the following major expansions/patches for a few months and then take breaks in between until the next expansion would come out. Some of you might ask yourself, why? After having a lot of time to think about that question, the answer is rather simple. The game itself was so much better back then than it is now. However, I say that with a grain of salt, as 6.0 has so much potential to get this game back on its right track. A lot of factors go behind the reason why the game deteriorated over the years, and I'm only going to list the few that have made the biggest impact on the game. The primary reason is the significant decrease in the Aion player population. What people need to stop and ask themselves is why did we get a drastic drop in our player population? The reason once again involves many factors, but the main factor that influenced the deterioration of this game's population and the game itself is NCsoft. Without going into very specific details and deviating what the true point of the topic is, NCsoft has had our fingers pointed at them many times in the past with their decision making and thus consequentially their deterioration of the game. NCsoft has made this game a grind fest from the moment this game released, to now, pretty much giving away free end-game gear through events and P2W purposes. And then you ask yourself why is the game so dead? Or why do people play the new expansion for a month or two and end up quitting? North Americans aren't used to grinding in games and we are mostly driven by instant gratification, and thus why we use our wallets so much and expect NCsoft to give us events with free end-game give aways. When this game released, as it was a true Korean game, and all their games require grinding for months on and on, people raised a lot of questions. Will the grinding kill the Aion NA population as the NA population is not used to grinding in games? Everybody thought it would, and as a matter of fact everyone got scared when they saw a significant drop in the Aion population within the first month of its release. But did it kill it? No. All it did, was weed out 1) the people that seek a thrill of a new game and end up quitting a month or two later anyways, and 2) the weak minded fools that would have quit anyways whether they got killed multiple times by the opposing faction, failed crafting an item, or etc. The grinding of the game at its release made this game's population stable and strong, and it has been that way until NCsoft started deviating from that model and how Korean's continued to run the game, to their own means of screwing it up. Now with every expansion, NCsoft gives us about one month to enjoy the content, in the meantime which they implement P2W methods for people to get an advantage in, and then about a month later they make the end game gear within that expansion easy to get through things such as events. And then we ask ourselves why do we have such a big turnover rate in the population and why do our veterans, such as myself, come back to the game and end up leaving 2 months later? It's not because we are weak minded fools like I previously mentioned the crowd that was weeded out at the release of this game. It's simpler then that. I get all my end-game gear through logging in for events, meaning I don't have to even do an instance or pvp to do so like I did back in the day, which makes me have a full geared character in just two months, and then I can't even enjoy it because the rest of the population does the same... they only log in for events and avoid actual pvp or doing instances, which leaves me as someone who has reached end-game with literally nothing to do. The reason why MMOs are addictive is due to their sense of progress. This game went from a grind model which implemented exactly that, a sense of progress over the months/years of playing, and thus a low turnover rate because people would actual stay around knowing how much hard work they put in to reach end-game and still have things to do then such as pvp/pve, instead of just logging in to do the event on a daily basis. With the release of 6.0, the leveling to 80 could be done in a day. While I'm all for the idea of grinding to get your levels, I think that idea only works with the release of a new game and it's first few expansions. But when a game such as Aion has been around for almost a decade, leveling quickly to the end-game level is the right way to modify the game to attract back veterans and new players. To give you an example, once I heard 6.2 released in EU, I went over to try it, only to start leveling the first few levels and almost being like "Why am I going to level to 80, knowing that I am simply using this as a trial to see how this expansion is and I will be playing my regular toon in NA when it releases there". But instead, seeing how easy the leveling was, I reached level 80 within a few hours and was able to enjoy the end-game content the game provided. Why is this significant? Because it attracts veterans and any players that have played in the past without being discouraged that they have to start all over again and have a long way to go. This also applies to completely new players that want to try the game, and would already feel motivated to further progress knowing that they've reached the end-game level in a matter of no time. Furthermore, 6.0 is a brand new expansion like no other expansion we have had before. Other expansions would give us increased level caps, new pve/pvp instances, and rather minor, but still significant, upgrades in armor/weapons/accessories we would have to work for. This expansion gives us that, and much more. Not only does this expansion revamp the whole system in terms of enchanting and manastone socketing, but it also gives us a whole new beginning. Our previous pve/pvp gear are not usable and because of that we all start off on even grounds with the new pvp/pve gear that's provided in 6.0, and we all go through the same progression. We all start off with 0 kinah. This is the only time in Aion history where an expansion has revamped the system to the point where everybody starts of on the same grounds. Theoretically. Practically, we have ways to prepare to give us major advantage when 6.0 releases. I for example, prepared in the way that my current kinah would translate into thousands of gold bars and supplies that would translate into thousands of legendary PvE/PvP enchantment stones. That in itself will give me a major advantage over anyone that is not doing anything to prepare for it, or especially someone that is about to come back to the game after a few expansions without the opportunity to get a head start like I can or especially a new player that wants to start this game and would already feel discouraged not only having to learn the mechanics of the game but also to fall behind in such a little time of the release of the expansion. With that said, we have a great opportunity to start this expansion on the right note. On one hand, two factors are at play here to make this expansion great. One, the weight falls on NCsoft to make sure they don't screw it up like they have done with the previous expansions, and this goes in the terms of giving us the end-game content through events and P2W methods, where for example we would get the ultimate xform in just a month or two. And two, giving the returning players and new players a new server for a new revamped system that we see for the first time in Aion history. To shut down all the negative comments right away, I'm just going to say a few things. I personally have spent over $10k+ on this game. Some of you will say "but then you sound like a hypocrite bashing on this P2W system and preaching for a grinding game?". No. Just no. If I'm given the option to buy my way to the top, I will take it, because the competitive side in me doesn't want me to lose the advantage as it would be lost if I was to do things like a gamer would without having money to spent. With that said, keep in mind that I have already spent so much on this game, both time and money, have end-game gear, and have so much prepared to give me an advantage in 6.0... and I am still rooting for a new server to give everyone a fair start and a blossoming new economy and player environment. Additionally, being the P2W player that I was, I am still rooting for an expansion where NCsoft hopefully won't implement as bad of a P2W system as they have in the past few years so we would actually have to experience the content and instead of swiping our credit cards. Having tried the new server in EU with the expansion of 6.2 and seeing a population of about 100 level 80 players on each side, you'd be surprised by how much PvE and PvP is happening as this whole new expansion bottle necks everything to one zone. With that said, our servers have 200+ level 75s of each side of each server, so if anything you guys will shortly enough complain that there is too much PvP in the new map if anything. The new server would take away some players from your current population, sure, but it would still leave you with a pretty big population to play with. Up to now, with the 5.x expansion we can easily say that the game is dead because there is so much content and so many maps that no one is doing, but with the 6.x and the same population you will only see how live things are and how much more crowded things are than they are now. My point is, a lot of you might fear that the release of a new server might take away from your population, but trust me when I say, you won't notice the difference, and if anything, you'll complain how crowded the zones are with the current population. Last but not least, some of you will bring up Beritra as a main argument point against implementing a new server. Beritra was timed completely wrong. Once again something we can blame NCsoft for. They released a new server during a time that we can't even call an expansion. If anything it was a major patch, but it wasn't an expansion such as 4.0 and 5.0 were. The only reason they called it an expansion was because they took away a few zones, merged a few servers, and gave it very minimal extra content compared to other expansions. The timing of it was completely wrong. Mind you, the expansion if we can call it that, only implemented a few extra dungeons and just an extra one or two pve/pvp sets. The idea of a new server was just an idea because people wanted a fresh start just because and they used the excuse of the merges and a new patch being a reason for a new release. All in all, the new server was doomed to fail a few months after as it did, and thus requiring us to further merge it into other servers shortly after. This however, is a completely different ball game. Not only like I previously mentioned is this expansion a whole revamp to the system and is the biggest expansion we have seen in Aion history, but it also gives us a sense of equity with the way that it is revamped, which is the perfect time to implement a new server. So the people that have been preparing for 6.0 with stocking up on kinah and tempering solutions that will translate you into thousands of gold bars and legendary PvE/PvP enchantment stones, should all stick to your current servers and have that equal advantage once 6.0 starts. The people that are just coming back to the game now or are completely new, a new server would give all fairness to the game and it would be a server to cherish and play on blissfully. This is directed towards NCsoft mainly (Hime most likely to be the middle man). With proper advertising for the next month, you would be able to gather a ton of new players and have a ton of others return that previously played, and I can guarantee you, nothing attracts people to return or start a new game than a new server. In this case, both the Aion community and NCsoft would benefit from it. Aion community from an influx of people in their population, making it more live, and NCsoft with a bigger income due to an increase in the population. So let's start off 6.0 on the right note, and let equity with the release of a new server deviate this game back on track. Cheers, Unbeatable
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    ^ Don't be one of those people who takes off work on Wednesday and then gets mad when maintenance lasts 9 hours.
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    I always preface "I play Aion" with "It's a bit outdated and neglected, but..."
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    Plays NA servers Is mad that NA server maintenance is in the middle of EU day, but doesn't understand it's early ass in the morning for the actual market the NA client belongs to Are you really kidding me? There's Gameforge if you want EU friendly times.
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    I think I'm speaking for everybody here, but Prowess set should remain as skin in 6.2. People have been asking for months for the magical stones to drop from events but NCWest kinda failed us on that So, @Hime or @Cyan, can you do that for us? Pretty please I love the cloth version omg
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    I'm not going to get disappointed, ill be happy since everyone, hardcore or not, has a chance to catch up on
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    Omg, it's October. Sorry! I don't mean to be a slacker, but I'm working on a lot of things right now. I'll have Cyan draft a more formal post tomorrow, but look forward to: End of the World Event Power Up Week (last one) All Boosts Week Pumpkin King's Haunt and of course... Aion: Awakened Legacy (6.2)! Get the word out!
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    If you have a ticket in your inventory, those light up and you click on them. Easy peasy. NOTE: There isn't an appearance change NPC any more. I looked everywhere on the Elyos side as the EU characters that I hadn't touched since 2012 had plastic surgery tickets in their inventory and looked horrible after the graphics updates.
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    Cyan is on vacation, but maybe. Maaaaaaybe. NCSOON™️
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    @Cyan Can we please get this skin! KR Got it for their anniversary in 5.3 Item: [item:110901548] Stately Daevanion Jacket / Ornate Daevanion Jacket [item:111101966] Stately Daevanion Gloves / Ornate Daevanion Gloves [item:112101910] Stately Daevanion Pauldrons / Ornate Daevanion Pauldrons [item:113101973] Stately Daevanion Trousers / Ornate Daevanion Trouser [item:114102007] Stately Daevanion Shoes / Ornate Daevanion Shoes [item:125045991] Stately Daevanion Hat / Ornate Daevanion Hat
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    The Aion: Awakened Legacy update arrives on October 24. In the meantime you can read up on the item and system changes coming with it here.
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    1) Yes, at a reduced success rate compared to legendary stone on legendary gear and legendary stone on ancient gear. 2) Not 100% sure for our region but on the PTS I tried the [Event] omegas that were exchanged were the ones from Luna. 3) The cubics you get are random yes. They come with a certain type like eagle bear whatever, eagle can only give 1 stat, like MR for example, bear will give HP, etc. Once registered, you can't remove them in any way. You can combine bronze and silver types (5 bronze:1 silver, 5 silver: 1gold) to make gold, depending on the grade they give slightly higher stat per cube and per number of registered cube of the same type and same grade. extra about cubics: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Cubic + the instance that drops a bunch of them, 7 runs per week the npc spawns randomly at the camps https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Kubrinerk's_Cube_Laboratory + cubics are also cross-account so if you get your lab runs done on your main, you can do the 7 runs on your alt (even if undergeared, it's like luna/events gear doesn't matter) and you'll get extra cubics (once they are registered) for your main too
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    Sheesh Cyan get it together. I just clarified this and I am sorry for being misleading. You will receive both Kinah & Gold Ingot bundles (seperate bundles that will contain the Kinah and Gold Ingots) stored in the warehouse that you can only withdraw so if you do happen to leave it in there, be sure to withdraw it on the correct character.
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    Then they shouldn't have taken their precious "break during 5.8 because what you do during 5.8 doesnt matter".
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    It won't be delayed because the date is already set. Worst case scenario, the update will last about 12 hours (like on EU lol). I can relate to a certain degree, I had all this time to prepare myself but I got lazy, and now I'm paying the consequences. Trying to speedrun through some of this stuff but it's not that easy.
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    It would be nice if we could sell the unused supplements before the update. Any chance to deactivate the limit just for the next week? Please! It's well known how hard will be to obtain kinah in 6.x
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    Crafted Vs. Exchange Stats Crafted Exchange Attack 12885 12938 Magic Acc/Acc 9965 10351 Magic Defense 9882 9867 Physical Defense 8980 8947 HP 31810 30481 Crit Spell/Strike 2920 1747 Bonus PvP/PvE Attack/Defense 1318 1648 *This comparison was done using cloth gear, magic accessories and a spellbook. Does not take into account class specific passives and weapon combine bonuses. While this focuses on cloth the attack/accuracy/hp/crit/bonus pvp/pve stats are the same across all classes, with the exception on dual wielders. This is an attempt to help players during this event (is exchange gear worth it?) and to dispel some rumors that keep floating around ( exchange gear is crap and 3rd best/below crafted). In order to calculate how much attack/defense you have you need to add your base attack/defense + bonus attack/defense, in this case: Crafted: 12885 + 1318 = 14203 Attack 9882 + 1318 = 11200 Magic Defense 8980 + 1318 = 10298 Physical Defense Exchange 12938 + 1648 = 14586 Attack 9867 + 1648 = 11515 Magic Defense 8947 + 1648 = 10595 Physical Defense Token Gear (perfect rolls) 13251 + 1648 = 14899 Attack 10055 + 1648 = 11703 Magic Defense 9135 + 1648 = 10783 Physical Defense I did some basic calculations (sorc v sorc) using the new damage formula and a player in full exchange set does around 15-16% more damage to a player in full crafted set. Not taking into account manastones and class passives. Interesting note, with the way the new attack defense stats work it isn't always better to wear pvp gear for pvp or pve gear for pve, for example a full set of +0 ultimate pve gear will be better then a full set of +15 ancient pvp gear. Sorry for any mistakes, since can't edit
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    Doodled a spooky witch Ereshkigal
  38. 3 points
    I used over 30 stigmas on a +7 stigma and it ended up at +5. I traded it to a friend and he got it to +9 with only 6 stigmas. RNG, my friend.
  39. 3 points
    It's different for our region! We're going to have some more economy focused information coming out as we approach the launch of the update so stay tuned.
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    Why are the people who are currently playing the game so against a new server? I keep seeing the "my population is going to go down" and "its just gunna die in a few months anyways" arguments, but you realize that any returning/new user that was interested in this patch is going to be HIGHLY turned off on the idea of starting on an old server? I myself have friends that wanted to return to the game but WON'T if there isn't a new server. You people who have been abhorrently against are being selfish and it is only going to hurt you in the long run because NCwest will make significantly LESS money and there will be LESS people returning to the game overall because you don't want your old servers to have population dips (even if it is temporary?). You basically want the game you've been playing for years to die lol.
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    @Hime Yesterday, Gameforge had the bad idea of applyng on CASH SHOP ( Kaisinel Transformation Potion), today more than 90 players have already gave up on the game, i beg to you guys to not put that on game, it is suposed to bring joy and a fair nice play.
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    Agree with you here. Once we actually played instances to get gear with that horrible RNG, but still, we kept trying. The moment everything became obtainable on the broker/with luna, there was no need to actually play the game anymore. Farming events with alts and camping the broker became the main activity. I've never seen so many players online and yet afk/still like in Aion. However, a new server doesn't mean that NCW would change behaviour. This is something deeply linked with the game's management, it won't be magically solved with a new server. Maybe only with a new publisher. The fact that there will be less contents/maps, it means that the people that quit Aion because interested in the lore/exploration/PvE, won't stay much longer after coming back to check (if they will ever do it). There are less maps to explore, less dungeons to run... if you already left the game because it's boring, I don't see why they should stay afterward. The PvP might be more interesting, I give you that, but you won't recover most of the playerbase lost with just packing all the players in 1 single map. About Beritra, iirc, it was opened because NCW tried for the second time to advertise the game through Steam. They expected a lot of players (like they/we expect now from the 6.2) but they didn't arrive. Almost all of them were veterans who re-rolled on the new server (exactly what would happen now opening a new server). I don't think Aly was complaining for the gear check itself. The point is: you want to open a new server for the new/returning players, right? Not for the veterans like you that want to reroll (like for Beritra). Then you should realise that these more casual players have a slower pace than the average. Soon they will realise to be cut away from several contents + there will be less contents in general = why keep playing? +1 for Kahrun, I agree. Though, the game was different back then. The game still had good contents and there were active players when Kahrun opened. You can't expect that a new server will be as successful just because it happened once. She didn't go mad. She just stated that even after few weeks, this magical bubble of a "fresh start" already vanished. That's usually when returning players quit again. It's like when there is a new event: everyone gives it a try and play it. After 1 day, you already see in LFG "Rank S, only experienced" and casuals stop running them. There are too many elistists and toxic players in Aion nowadays, if you don't give casuals/returning/new players something meaninful to do, only the same old players will keep playing after a couple of months. And for them, a new server is pointless. NCW has been lucky is its lazyness, to be able to see how things are developing on EU side. Just look at the recent comments: https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3752-YES-or-NO-6-2-Brand-NEW-SERVER-OPEN/?postID=70826#post70826 Players are complaining that the old servers are now empty and a merge is required.
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    Been playing on Aion EU for past few weeks (even before 6.x). This is what i found: 1. Old free +10 armor pieces - not so good when questing 6.x - you'll notice it when you are doing rather low dmg. Better to swap out to the new free ancient armors. I kept it in my warehouse as its a nice skin. 2. The questlines are more streamlined so its quite enjoyable. Haramel is now between levels 1 - 10 and you do it once. No more mindless repeats unless you really like it. Taloc is at least not painfully boring now.. its quite straightforward. Bakarma is now a solo instance. You can use Berdins while questing 3. Most scrolls are either exchanged or if its marked with a cross, when you throw it you'll get some kinah or transform pots. The scrolls from Atreian passports are not deleted. You just use it until it runs out. Old pots are still useable but i find that they are not as effective since HP has changed so it heals not so much (but at least its still healing some of your hp) 4. Old manastones like white stones were still in the bags. So you will need to sell them off 5. The transform pots while the shapes are irritating (think polar bear for so many levels), are still better than the present scrolls. Many of them increase multiple stats eg, 1 transform pot can have + atk speed & + casting speed & + run speed & + crit spell or + crit strike & + MR etc etc Plus, it lasts 9 minutes 6. Lunas no longer give skins. What I see so far are rewards like enchant stones, chest of kinah, some sort of mount ( a car?).. all sorts of new stuff 7. Daily Luna no change as far as I see. One change seems to be that even if Big Fatty breaks down 1st barrier, you still get S rank. Weekly luna has some changes. Now those Mechanerk ball-like robots (not the blue or yellow ones but the ones in groups) will keep spawning until the boss dies. 8. The new free armors at various quest points, use the skins from Aion. Hence, you will see Kahrun's armor set, you'll see the old mithril coin quest armor set etc, i think around level 40+ the white, dropped armor has Malefic armor skin 9. Currently kinah at my 40+ levels is harder to come by... almost like 1.5. Most mobs do drop stuff like transform pots, food, drink or pieces of armor, new enchant stones, stones to open the armor slots etc but they sell for very little. 10.Its nice to do all the Campaign and dark blue quests as they will give all the free armors + accessories + weapons+wings and bracelets 11.Minionites drop from mobs. They are differentiated between various grades 12.Tutorial quests will give transform pots 13.Level 9 and level 55 seem to be major levels. You cannot proceed unless you do (Asension quest for level 9) or complete the final Campaign quest in Gelkmaros for 55 (i think that's the Kill Tiamat instance)
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    Nope there should be no new server of any type. Classic or Regular the population cannot handle it and the na community has allready proven can't support them. IF get a huge population spike then consider it but until the community can show by having a bigger population no need for a new server of any type.
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    Yeah, if you did that knowing 6.2 was coming Soon(tm), NCsoft thanks you for your donation.
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    You can do 1-80 in 8-14 hours.
  47. 3 points
    We'll have more information later on that. Is there something in particular you're thinking of? As much as I would love to blame Cyan, he had his vacation planned before our announce. That's a good question. I know with some instances the gear will be updated to the relevant 6.2 gear.
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    @Aly-DN You're exchanging opinions with a guy who thinks that being a longtime player = you produce sensible arguments (and can conveniently ignore any valid counter-arguments you don't agree with), and who resumed posting here days after he announced leaving for this godly 3.0 private server he found. Oh right, I should say the "real Aion". Just letting you know.
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    It is a bit hypocrite to be calling others hypocrite. Wasn't EU the region where you guys had two community "riots" (which achieved nothing) and the involved people are still playing and now buying transformation contracts despite promising they'd all quit? If NA isn't any better than EU maybe you can explain why EU didn't get safe spots on gear/accessories despite receiving a copypaste of KR's exchange rates, why they didn't get Power-Up events for Accessories/Stigmas, why their 5.1 launched with a heavily nerfed version of the Luna Shop in which permanent mounts and many outfits were missing, or why the only decent events EUs has had have been the hand-me-downs from KR/NA. Unless you're going to convince me that GF's custom events like the halloween one and the recent "spend 6+ hours a day waiting for mobs due to bugged respawn times" were actually not that bad. Bottom line, we're all suffering. NA is pretty bad, but at least on here you don't have to pay or grind a dead game for a month minimum to get access to its core features like broker, /3 and mail.
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    6.2 is going to come, there is nothing you can do about it. There won't ever be a legacy or master or w.e server that quenches your thirst for the "good ol days". Not a single one of your complains will change anything, they'll continue to operate however they want until the day this game shuts down. Either accept that or quit and don't come back.
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