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    As we wrap up 2019, we’d like to wish you the merriest of holidays. Our offices will be closed for the remainder of the year as we take some time off to spend the holidays with our friends and family. Many of us remain on call for any urgent issues. Our Customer Support team will continue to answer the tickets you submit during this time, and our scheduled regular maintenance will happen on December 25 and January 1. The maintenance schedule for Wednesday, December 25 and Wednesday, January 1 are: Start: 4:00 a.m. PST End: 5:00 a.m. PST Say safe and be merry; we’ll see you in the new year, Daevas! Warm wishes, The Aion team
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    At this point I wouldn’t care spending ridiculous amounts of Luna on the wardrobe system to keep buying more slots if it meant I didn’t have to permanently lose costumes since it seems that some skins will never be put on the store again since Ncsoft just simply doesn’t listen to customer demand and put costumes that people want to ACTUALLY buy. The costume rotation was supposed to happen every 2 weeks or something but I’ve seen some ugly af costumes up for a month at a time that NO ONE buys, and I have some costumes on my characters that I won’t even touch because I haven’t seen them being sold for in years so I don’t want to risk never seeing them again. It’s already such a dilemma for me seeing which costume I have to delete from Luna just so I can use another...
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    Excuse everyone... how did I miss this post? Here...
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    Next thing, forced DN transfer to KT and closing of DN. Meanwhile they will continue to have bad prestige bonuses, no EC, no 7.2, no events that engage you, no skins. See I am not even complaining about maps gone, instances deleted, essencetapping being obsolete, crafting being ridiculous, because this is developer's issue, not NCWest. So I am mentioning their wrong doings. But NCWest took a decision at 6.2, no good events, emptiness and stale environment. They want this game closed. They actually wanted this game closed since late 4.x, early 5.x!
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    ... Please quit making these vaguely promising remarks on the forums and then following it up with posts like today's. It would have been so easy to just say changes were being made to the event. (It only lasts for 2 weeks and obviously wasn't play tested or you guys would know about the boss HP and hammer drop issues but whatever.) I know what you said yesterday wasn't a lie but it still feels like such a slap in the face when EVERYONE is eager to hear about changes and updates regarding EC, 7.2/future patches, Luna retuning, housing/guestblooms, or even skins. No one cares about this event!!! It is a lame casual event with lame casual rewards! Like, okay fine. No EC news. You know what would tide everyone over in the meantime? Make the Luna wardrobe bigger, and add more skins to the BCM and in-game stores. More and more players are getting their endgame gear but no one wants to skin over it with one-time only costumes that we might never see again. I'm glad we got wintery skins and mounts on the BCM, and the cute animal hoodies from the event bosses- it is a good start. BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH. Step. It. Up.
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    Sad thing is there is a community however dwindled it may be that are openly willing to find this game even in the crap state it is in. I'm past dreaming of a better day for this game my gameplay lately has been on the forums watching the snowball gather size and speed as it rolls down hill
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    People might spend more and they'd make more money if NCsoft did what they said they'd do when 6.0 dropped. When the servers returned, we got to see a brand new and butchered black cloud market. Only a fraction of what was originally on it was still there. A lot of people were posting about it and the official response we got here on these very forums was that the thew BCM would be like this for a little while until they migrated everything over (like all the costumes, furniture, other cosmetics, etc.) This turned out to be a lie. NCSoft decided to try to create artificial scarcity (and thus demand /buying incentive) by using the same "rotation" strategy for their cosmetics that other more popular MMOs do. They only put a few items on it at a time and leave them there for months. The other problem is that they keep putting up things no one wanted before and still don't want now. They're also trying to sell things that used to be available in game for kinah or arena insignias. They have to be actively trying to kill this game. I absolutely cannot think of any other explanation for why NA Aion is being mismanaged so badly. Even ****ing Gameforge is doing better at this point and that's crazy to think about.
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    Well, I can kind of imagine Cyan's thought process. Cyan hangs up his stocking, puts milk and cookies out for Rudolph, and gets ready for bed on Christmas Eve. Then he remembers Aion (my apologies if Cyan is not a he) and how he hasn't logged in and written the mail for tomorrow morning, but he thinks about the ungrateful complainers on the forum and says to himself "nah, it'd spoil the spirit of Christmas, so I'm going to bed."
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    Are you here to help with Evergale Canyon?
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    Demaha map becomes a timed instanced multi-server zone, same to Lakrum and I think Katalam (the map) too. There are also no sieges in Lakrum or Demaha in 7.5. The "new" end game maps will be Gelkmaros and Ingison... again. There will be a specific area of siege contribution in Gelk/Ingi too, now now there Ele get your fingers ready for the 7.5 post where you want the Gelk/Ingi siege contribution area to be bigger so you can get credit while you essencetap near the town.
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    Devilnest you afked in a demaha siege and still got credit, I give you an "E" for effort, you totally missed the point here bruh!
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    The only idiot in this thread is.. well. You get the picture. Most everyone in this thread, aside from yourself, comes to the forums to help those that ask. This is necessary since LFG is full of trolls and Support is useless. Here on the forums people can often get a straight answer.. even if it isn't the one they want to hear. You started this thread to ask NCSoft to change the area of contribution because under a very specific set of circumstances, you couldn't get credit. Not getting credit at sieges is a problem as old as the game is. Way way way back in the first abyss sieges, there were times when a dominated faction couldn't get close enough to a fort to get credit. Back then, dominate factions couldn't get credit because the dominated faction wasn't getting close enough for them to get credit. Even back then, when this was a sub game, frustrated people bought and paid a sub for a second game in order to bring their own enemy character in to sneak it into the credit area to get credit for the sieges. Every single fort has had this issue in every single patch. So asking Korea to change things isn't going to work. Not that they can't, but they certainly won't. So helpful posters came to your thread to offer you suggestions on how you could change your own game play (since that's something you can control while NCSoft is something none of us can control) in order for you to get siege credit. And what have you done? Pooped on them. Like you do in every single thread you start here. You accuse the others in this thread of scaring those that need help that they won't get from Support or the player base at large. The person who is actually scaring away posters is you and your accusatory tone. Anyone that doesn't automatically roll over onto their back and surrender to your self-delusional idiocy is vilified by you and I am personally really sick of it. The population of our game is getting smaller and smaller. The last thing any of us should do is poop on those very few people who actually are trying to help players. Consider that before you attack next time, alright?
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    I never wrote I do not care enough to bother to post, nor did I ever say posting is a waste of time though. Now lets start a constructive conversation where you will make more irrelevant conclusions based on what people never wrote
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    Really??? you want us to answer you that question?? because....well....you know, we have lives and it would take us a while to choose the best ones you have said in your more than 600 posts
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    Please no merger. We already have Arkaida on KT-E. We don't need Ele to come over and add to the entitled bitching.
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    Who even cares if it got fixed? Only one week left in this event anyway. So oh good, 5 extra hammers to get 2 whole stellium! We need 7.2 info. At LEAST a proposed date. Danaria server is in such a sad state. It's hard to form groups because people are bored and/or just don't care about the game because they think NCsoft doesn't care.
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    Fvck yeah, 5 whole manastone fasteners!
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    Today marks 4 full months without EC.
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    Wassup with that update on Evergale Canyon... @Cyan
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    In conclusion, the skill ceiling required to master a sorc is much higher than other classes. Most players would prefer instant gratification than persevering with a class that requires fast reflexes, reaction and skill. Sm, on the other hand is a broken af class designed to cater for the mentally disadvantaged people. Fact is no one likes SMs.
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    You can bind to obelisk in Stellusia, take the flight transporter. You will also find Icerunerk there.
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    @Aieryn-DN I have all but quit Aion...I let my Prestige run out and I hardly log anymore. I dropped I think a few hundredish on the snowball event. I was not elated with the results nor horribly disappointed but the game's support is just depressing. I don't know any MMORPG I have played recently with such horrendous support. I am not pointed a finger at anyone or Witch hunting but as a whole for it to take not weeks but months to implement fixes in a MMORPG is unheard of. The lack of relevant updates and details on pertinent game statuses if disheartening. I have played since the game was released and road the wave from when we got monthly subscription rewards that gave little thank yous to those supporting the game. So many hopes that got crushed. Will I quit entirely...probably never. I won't lie and say something that absolute. I just will truly free to play until I get something if anything that I find worth the money again.
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    Nobody with actual decision making power at NCsoft gives a flying nyerk about Aion, especially in NA, and it's quite sad.
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    Hey @Aieryn-DN I hope your move smooths out and you and your daughter start the new year out on a good foot in your new place in Illinois. I have sorta half given up on reasonable timelines or updates. I guess just wing it and try to find somethings to help you hold on lol. I have personally began playing WoW and looking into other alternatives. Sad but I am almost ready to retire from this game. Almost
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    I doubt we will hear anything until after the 1st of the year now.
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    Lets see here... 1. EC......enough said 2. 7.2....? 3. Outdated prestige box items 4. ID invisible box glitch...luckily most people dont have to do this unfair buggy instance anymore 5. Events that keep nobody engaged...Snowman event broken....fixing hitboxes over loot distributions? Why? 6. Server transfers...bugged lugbug quests 7. Not enough content....most people are geared and you took out most zones.....cant we at least have shard wars back?:/ (you destroyed your game, literally) 8. Dredge....more like “grab n go” now 9. BCM items limited and not what everyone wants....thought you would want to make more money 10. and the biggest one....COMMUNICATION!!! You lack this, you don’t care, everyone leaves! We all have our ears wide open but aren’t hearing anything. At least tell us if something is going to be delayed. At least we would know about it instead of being left in the dark Please feel free to add to this list, as I’m sure these are just a FEW of the problems found in Aion right now.
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    Hi all! Back to the game after a break since 4.0. I am playing vandal now and have no idea what the best tuning stats are. I am thinking attk speed, accuracy, and crit. Is this right? What are ideal numbers for pvp? Thank you!
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    There is a nice thread here on the forums about farming skins in 6.0, but much of the info is outdated since it’s from 6.0. I’ve been doing a lot of skin farming lately, so here is a bunch of info about current old skins available. I am only listing the skins that are farmable for level 80 toons. There are other skins inside some of these instances, but they cannot be passed to a level 80 toon because they are inside of ancient/legendary gear boxes. For example, the final boss in Esoterrace drops a box of legendary gear which is the Abyssal skin; it can only be looted by the toon which killed the boss. If you bring in a level 80 toon, it can loot everything else on the boss, just not the equipment box. Rentus Base also drops the old Vasharti gear and weapon skins, but again, they are in a box and are not passable to level 80 toons. How to create a proper group that will allow a level 80 toon to loot the skins: Your “skin farming” toon will be within 10 levels of whichever instance you are farming. For example, if you are farming in an instance where the mobs are level 27, your toon will need to be no higher than level 36. You will need two toons in the group: a level 1 on a separate account and a level 37/45/whatever on your main account. Your level 1 toon should be in the group the entire time, regardless of how much switching you do for other toons to loot. Your level 1 toon can just sit at Ishalgen or wherever. Bring your level 37 (or whatever) toon inside the instance by itself (while in group with the level 1) and kill mobs/beat the instance. Note: If white skins drop on the regular mobs, go to character screen with your level 37 toon -- DO NOT LEAVE GROUP -- and switch to your level 80 toon. The *regular* mob loot despawns within 5 minutes, so you must be very fast on those. Loot it on your level 80 toon and then go back to character screen and switch back to your level 37 toon. Continue the instance. After you kill the final boss in the instance, you will probably have a 15-minute wait period (see notes for each instance below for exceptions) before you can loot on another toon. So kill the boss and then go to character screen -- again, DO NOT LEAVE GROUP -- and switch to your level 80 toon. Bring it inside the instance (the level 1 should still be chilling in group with you) and wait by the boss until it becomes lootable. As a general rule, your level 1 toon should always be in the group from start to finish. Do not ever make it leave or you risk the group falling apart and you being kicked from the instance before you're done looting. ** When you enter lower level instances, such as Haramel or Lower Udas Temple, select “Enter with my squad” or some such phrasing; don’t enter the instance in the solo mode. ** Frostforged Gear Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Wind or Earth Where to get: Haramel, Alquimia Research Center, Kromede’s Trial Level your farming toon needs to be: 6-32 Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and Hamerun, the final boss; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: The mini-boss mob that prowls around outside of the Haramel entrance also drops one piece of this gear, and it is also passable to level 80 toons in the same way, so make sure to kill him before you actually enter the instance. The drop rate is much lower in Alquimia, so I recommend just keeping your toon at level 9 until you’ve collected all the pieces you need from Haramel before ascending to level 10. Malefic Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Starspark Where to get: Fire Temple, Bakarma Fortress, Taloc’s Hollow, Esoterrace Level your farming toon needs to be: 31-51 Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and bosses; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: FT drops a different, non-Malefic shield, which is called Starspark like the other Malefic gear, but it’s not the Malefic shield. I’m not sure what it is, so I included a picture of it. FT also has a chance to spawn Vile Judge Kromede as the final boss and she drops the old Kromede weapon skins, but several of them are the extendable versions, so they cannot be skinned onto level 80 weapons. FT is the best/fastest/easiest way to farm these Malefic skin pieces. Infinity Shard/Hyperion Gear Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Heartwave or Aegis Where to get: Lower Udas Temple, Rentus Base, Beshmundir Temple, Dragon Lord’s Refuge, Tiamat Stronghold Level your farming toon needs to be: 49-80 (recommend waiting until 52 for Udas Temple because Besh at level 49 is almost impossible) Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and bosses; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: The cloth version is the special songweaver version; does not have the sorc/sm version of cloth. There are both leather versions – regular and special gunner. All pieces are available, including the hats. The mace and shield can also be found. It’s possible the other weapons are around, but I haven’t seen them in about a dozen runs. In Dragon Lord’s Refuge, the skin is on Calindi, not the final chest. (There is technically also one in the chest, but it's not passable to other toons.) Calindi’s loot timer is 15 minutes, so you can finish the instance before you bring in your level 80 toon. Lower Udas Temple is the best/easiest/fastest way to farm these skins. Tiamat Stronghold Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Ancient Drakanfire Where to get: Tiamat Stronghold Level your farming toon needs to be: 71-80 Type of loot: Ancient weapon box How to get: It is found on the boss, Tahabata. They are not passable between characters as they are inside boxes, but you can just run the instances on your level 80 toons since Tahabata is a level 71 mob! Special notes: These DO have the red glow on them! You must actually bring a 2nd toon inside the instance with you. Just holding the group is not enough. For some reason, the weapon box only drops from Tahabata when at least two toons are inside the boss room. Unfortunately, since they are inside weapon boxes, you will get the "best" one for your class. For example, as a chanter, I am given a box with a staff; I don't get to choose a mace or shield instead. Fallen Poeta/Kroban Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Helio’s Where to get: Open world Lakrum/Demaha, Bastion of Souls, Primeth’s Forge, Stellin Laboratories Level your farming toon needs to be: No level restriction as long as you are strong enough to kill the mobs Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on regular mobs; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: They were called Volcanic in 6.x patches. No image of all the weapons together; google "Aion Kroban weapons" for images of them individually from Aion Powerbook. Blood Mark Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Lakrum Protector Where to get: Yellow/dark blue quests when you first enter the Lakrum map Level your farming toon needs to be: 76-80 Type of loot: Ancient gear How to get: Quest rewards Special notes: The white version shown above is the Lakrum Protector pve gear; the gray version (not pictured here) is the pvp gear. Harvester Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Ancient Nighthaze Where to get: Bastion of Souls, Frozen Monolith Level your farming toon needs to be: 76-80 Type of loot: Ancient gear How to get: They are found on the bosses. They are not passable between characters as they are inside boxes, but you can just run the instances on your level 80 toons. Special notes: None OTHER SKINS YOU GET WHILE LEVELING, BUT NOT PASSABLE TO LEVEL 80 TOONS: - Level 1 starter gear – “Old” – original starter skin - Level 1-9 gear – “Apprentice” – Fabled Kahrun skin – Looks like: https://66.media.tumblr.com/148477c525121e325526c504aa2dfdf3/tumblr_pevjsom1Dg1rjzgqyo2_250.png - Level 10 gear – “Traveler” – Siel’s Forgotten skin – Looks like: https://www.daevasreport.com/images/multimedia/screenshots/3-0_screenshots_armors03.jpg - Level 10 wings (yellow quest) – “Verdict” – Norsvold starter wings (assume Elyos get their Iluma version, but not sure) – Looks like: https://aionpowerbook.com/preview/wings/wing_q04a_1.jpg - Level 10-20 gear – “Verdict” – Ceramium coin skin (white) – Looks different for Elyos and Asmos - Level 20 purple weapons – “Dundis” – same as Verdict - Level 20-40 Gear – “Adjudication” – Ceramium coin skin (purple) – Looks different for Elyos and Asmos - Level 40-55 gear – “Indomitable” – Eternal Kahrun skin – Looks like: http://cmsstatic.aionfreetoplay.com/armor3.jpg - Level 50 purple weapons – “Lakeanimum” – unknown blue/black (similar to Beritra skin, but not quite the same) - Level 50-74 Gear and weapons – “Sunburst” – Danuar Sanctuary skin – Looks like: https://www.daevasreport.com/2013/05/07/aion-4-0-danuar-shalter-gear/ - Level 60 purple weapons – “Roaring Kirrin” – Hyperion skin – Looks like: https://live.staticflickr.com/8690/16989487461_a678e15206_b.jpg
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    Sorry Ally but no, she doenst, as @Arhangelos-KT said, she took our words, and twisted them in a way she is the only can understand them in her little world. Keep doing what you alwys do @Ele-DN I hope that one day the god Aion will give you your whim and get the contribution you want.
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    Hello there, I'm seeing a lot of people being mad because EC isnt fixed yet.. you said you were going to give compensations, right? like 4 months of rewards as compensations? You better give us compensation every week on reset, cause its getting annoying, such progress could be made for everyone, we could even build 2 characters. Do something to compensate right now... I can already feel the dissapointment from the compensations coming. Listen to your community... that's the key to success.
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    The biggest troll times I've ever had was while everybody was still new to the game and quite new to 2.0.... Wintry Armor + Barrier of Severance into a whole ally during siege. Tune playing in the background "Let the bodies hit the floor".
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    Good to hear from you Weevy "Please don't call me Weezy" Wonder! It is worth logging in for: 1. the Altar sieges in Damaha (8:00pm server time) Join an ally if you can, but we get credit for just following an ally in then kill gate/mobs/boss. then maybe we have time to rush to another Altar and get credit for that one too. 2. get one of the five daily quests for <Receive the Stellin Problem-Solver Reward> /where Asharunerk (Elyos) we do not have to do the quest right away. Get one quest per day, but then do all five on the 5th day if we like. The five quests reset the very next day after we hand in the 5th quest (we do not have to wait for Wed reset) 3. the three "kill five mobs" quests [Weekly/Group] The Demaha Desert Altar Operation /where Medena [Weekly/Group] The Demaha Plains Altar Operation /where Zerona [Weekly/Group] The Demaha Volcano Altar Operation /where Lorina We can do each quest 3 times, nine total, per week it will be a grind if we solo, a group of 3 or 4 is much faster we can hand in the quest anywhere (we do not have to go back to the NPC) then one in the group can share it. so in a group we can do 3 quests back to back to back. 4. from the Gold Sand Traders window buy <Bobonerk’s Coin Bundle> do not open a bundle unless we need to. the bundles stack better in our cubes. we use EXP to use <Bobonerk’s Coin> to get <Bobonerk’s Gem> we use the gems to get enchantment stones 5. There are a lot of <Genesis Crystal> quests in Lakrum we use Genesis Crystal to buy PvP gear and extract gear to get <Fighting Spirit Fragment> we use <Fighting Spirit Fragment> to upgrade PvP gear; however, it looks like the next big patch will make it easier to get <Fighting Spirit Fragment> (maybe) go to the new map, Red Katalam do the new quests to get some kind of new coin use those coins to buy PvP gear and extract that gear New patch should be soon-ly-ish. late Jan or early Feb All of the above is to get <Stellium>. we need <Stellium> to buy Etium and other things....We are all addicted to it. MayBlue
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    Also: ...you don't have any fix man, you will wait for it to get auto fixed when we get 7.2. So the conversation now is when are we getting 7.2?
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    If anyone finds this thread in the future, please read the first post. I am no longer being tech support for this game. It's been fun, but I'm tired. If you have any tech questions, feel free to make a thread in General Discussion. Hopefully there will be someone left who can help.
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    Yes kind of like truth through a joke. Because we are all at the state of "whatever happens, happens" literally. Even if they keep EC closed for another 6 months, we will simply accept it, and if anyone mentions EC now, people will be slightly mad at the person, not at the fact EC is closed or that we still don't have 7.2 that apparently solves EC problem, because we accepted the situation and we accepted the fact that complaining about it will have no effect. It is the same reason why people don't even bother asking why the hell we still don't have 7.2. EC will be back when we get 7.2, and we will get 7.2 when NCWest decides to deal with it, no matter how much we ask for it or not or whether we complain or not.
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    Yea PCs will always be better but that is kind of the reason why Aion is in such a sad state. Even mobile games are 100% out performing Aion in terms of being an MMORPG. They stopped getting as much money because they ruined Aion themselves and took 0 responsibility for it and tried to shaft the players. If you look at every other game out their including random 20 year old games like Age of empires 2 to name 1 and a recent release of archage unleashed to name another the developers took responsibility and worked on fixing broken mechanics with-in the game. Ncsoft's idea of fixing the game was to take feedback from the players and figure out how can they make people spend more on their game and have those spending players defend/justify playing Aion. To their credit they did it great. Spending players were defending for a while till they ran out of things to spend on for the most part.
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    no offense but get outta here with that mobile gaming bull PCs will forever be better
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    Its all about RNG. I used four last night and got two pieces to +15.
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    Hello, I want to transfer the mounts in my account to my other character. But I can not put into the warehouse is prohibited, please make your mounts account special so I can use all the characters in the same account. Do this in minions. Because it's hard to do the same thing with every character. This change encourages the arrival of new players. Have a nice day, make it easy.
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    It doesn't hurt to ask. Though be prepared for them to tell you that (a) it is working as intended or (b) you have to stay in the gp zone and not die to get max credit.. because Support.
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    1. Yes, there are things your old toon will have that you can no longer get. So I would keep it. That said, any gear it has is absolutely useless. Keep it for skins if you want, but you will need new gear. 2. I'd say KT is slightly more populated than DN now, but probably not by much. KT is Elyos dominated; DN is about even, but maybe slightly Asmo dominated. 3. To catch up to top players? Several months -- and that's if you're really dedicated. If you haven't played since 5.x, you are very far behind as we are currently in 7.0. P2w does help, but you will still need to grind out instances (both pve and pvp). 4. Endgame instances are all 6-man except one which is 18-man. Not many people do the 18-man one though as its rewards are a bit outdated. Those who do it only do so for the Prestige weekly quest which gives 2 ultimate enchantment stones. Two of the endgame instances can be soloed/duoed/trioed, depending on group gear/set-up. Another can be trioed or 4/5-manned. It just depends on how geared everyone is. 5. Aion is not very well-supported by NCsoft anymore. Those of us who still play do so because we like the game, have friends we want to hang out with, etc. We can tolerate its problems because of the joy we still find in it. You will have to make that decision for yourself. Give it 1-2 weeks of playing, and by then, you should be able to tell if it's still worth playing for you. Good luck.
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    On your "weird Asmodian base flying up in space there. I found no way of getting there": You can get there by jumping from the lighthouse. You can only enter by going around to the right and entering between the flags, otherwise there's a barrier to movement and you end up falling. The NPC up there is Kandu and he says "did you come here from the Pandora Labor Agency? I hope you receive fair compensation for your efforts" To which all you can do is say "I could always use more." There is nothing in aioncodex or Google on this, but Pandora Labor Agency is new. Anybody know where to get the quest?
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    Chanter is a very versatile class and, as such, there are many ways to play it. The info I will give you below is just my opinion. It's not necessarily what's right for you or another chanter! Hopefully some other chanters will also give you their own advice and you can develop your own play style. My pve dps and healing sets are pictured below. Stats are buffed with Instigation and food/xform, but no 4k dp buff or Blessing of Wind on the dps set and no heal boost buffs on the support set. The dps set is endgame gear as it is all red and 3 of the pieces are the new red gear; the heal boost set is mid-level gear. I mention that because if you are just focusing on FM right now, you won't have this gear yet, and that's okay! Just work on getting your purple pieces. Once you are mostly purple with just 2-3 golds, you can start running PF to try to get some red pieces. Once you have your red pieces from PF, you can start to do Stellin Lab easy mode to get the other red pieces. ** Note, if you have geared friends to carry you, you can do that stuff sooner. *** Second note, I only talked about pve gear since you were talking about pve, not pvp. Use duplicate stigmas to enchant to +4. From that point on, I recommend using the Stigma Enchantment Stones so that you don't break your stigma back to +0. I would recommend you take a closer look at Leaping Flash. It didn't use to be super useful because it was a charge skill. Now, it is almost insta-cast and it has a shorter cd. It's a guaranteed knockdown that hits a decent amount of damage, and it is now viable in pvp too since it's a very fast cast. I also highly recommend you take another look at Blessing of Wind. It is an extremely op skill that will boost your dps a lot. Here are the stigmas I use: I use this set-up any time I am in a group. The vision, Word of Instigation, is very op for all physical classes. I highly recommend using this set-up when you're with a group because you will boost everyone's dps a lot. The only exception is if you're in a class full of magics. Magic classes do not benefit from Word of Instigation. I use this set-up when I am by myself: Sometimes I will use this set-up if I don't need to be boosting group dps, but still need to have a 20k heal (Healing Burst) on hand just in case. Or I might put something else in place of Mountain Crash, just depending on the situation. I will always use Blessing of Wind in any situation that I can though, if I don't have to be Instigation spec. In my opinion, a chanter is a jack of all trades. I won't take a heal-only chanter or a dps-only chanter in a group if I'm on another toon. It is my belief (again, others will have other opinions) that a chanter should be able to dps, shield, buff, and heal. That's how the class was designed. If you have a cleric, great, you should absolutely be dpsing (and buffing). However, if the cleric disconnects or dies or whatever, you should be ready to start healing immediately. You should be able to discern when your group needs to be shielded, when clerics need to be helped, etc. Chanter requires a lot of spatial awareness. You have to be the kind of person who notices a lot. All of that said, again, this is only my opinion! You should absolutely play the class in whatever way you feel most comfortable. This is a game after all, and games should be fun. As a note though, you won't be able to main heal endgame instances without a heal boost set and proper support stigmas. So if that is something you think you might want to do, I'd recommend getting some heal boost accessories and your missing heal stigmas -- Elemental Screen and Word of Life. Also, you will need the Daevanion skill called Rejuvenating Spell (get from weekly Aetherforging craft/events/GoldSandTraders/shugo in instances). It looks like/does this:
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