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    Hello, As of this afternoon, we have suspended and permanently closed accounts who were found to have participated in abusing the Evergale Canyon exploit. We have extensively reviewed each account and their actions; the accounts that were suspended or closed knowingly participated in the exploit. As such, our decisions here are final and we will make no exceptions. Evergale Canyon remains unavailable as we work with the dev team to address its issues and will bring it back as soon as we can. Thank you!
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    Seriously the sense of entitlement of this community continues to amaze me to this day. You literally just have to log in and sit afk for 6 hours for 20 days, don't have to do a thing in game and you get rewarded with something free. You know the exact same thing many people complained about in ec people afking getting rewarded so we need the kick back? You can't do it on every toon oh well you still get something free for doing ZERO. So not rewarding multiple toons on an account for doing nothing but afking works for me. I mean the only thing should complain about in this event is the fact that we were not told this at the start of it. I get it makes little sense to have the event be character based but the bcm item is account based but seriously the fact people still think this company wasn't going to do something like that is surprising. Anyways my 2 cents if you don't like it don't login it really is that simple. You can still get free enchants( 7 days or Not) and frags so not a total loss. Don't get free stuff people complain, they give you something free for doing nothing people complain. Just like in Real Life if something sounds to good to be true it probably is. If you are that naive I know a warlord who has 2 million dollars to give you just send me your banking info so I can send it to you. :-)
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    From this post alone it looks to me like you are not much happy yourself, so you could as well follow your own advice.
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    Funny you should talk about terms of service.
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    It's pretty amazing how far some people will go to avoid taking responsibility for their shitty behavior. The kick mechanic was always there. Exploiting it for etium was not. Neither were the mass auto kicks you mouthbreathers did to try to cover your tracks. Your sad entitlement essays made me laugh. It's mildly amusing watching you fumble around with ideas. Still, you dipshits wrecked progression is an already lopsided and dying game, bragged about it, got caught, and somehow still have a c*ntache after getting only a slap on the wrist. Y'all may get your characters back, but you sound pathetic. ...because you are pathetic. gfy
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    Hello @Cyan when you have the time to forward this request to the korean dev team i think the whole community would appreciate it since it will make life easier. 1 - Use bobonerk coins in stacks ( use 5-10 simultaneously) 2- Another use for bobonerk gem (craft manastones using bobonerk gem or gold ingots) 3- Lower the luna usage for retunning gear, 160 per try when we can get lower stats or even remain the same seems a bit too much, if we only could get only higher stats after we retunne with luna would be ok, but since that requires code changes i think lowering it's best. 4- Increase the number of entry we can use to get in IDD ( Europe have 4 for non prestige and 5 for prestige same number as pf) 5- Change the shard bundle to the shard itself on the GST shop so we don't have to keep opening bags 6- Lower the price of daevonium skill box ( even more i know) on the gold ingot shopt to 20 and a 3 purchase limit per week. I will try to think more stuff if i can to add to the post.
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    You seem more furious and annoyed than anyone else here. There are problems and bugs and issues and this is the forums that has sections for reporting bugs, discussing things, giving your opinion etc. This is what forums are for. The only complaining posts are usually those directed at RNG and enchanting items, losing xx amount of enchant stones, or stigma stones etc where people are furious. The majority of post are not "complains", players most of the time simply address the issues, the only one blatantly complaining here is you. You almost imply everyone should be happy because the company decided to go apeshit on dealing with the game so you have to eat the shit they serve you and act happily or leave. There is a 3rd option, to address the issue and make them become better which happened many times, just recently after one year of telling them how unfair it is to have so short transformation times for example (which is their personal regional nerf), they just added +2 minutes on every transform which makes a ton of difference on us transparent users. It might have sounded like a complain but in reality it was addressing the issue and it was somehow became better because we kept asking for it, not because they played the game and realized it was bad. You can continue to enter the forums and you can continue to complain about the community, or you can also go and never come back just like you said, but I am not dictating you how to enter the forums since it is your right to do so. The same thing is for everyone though, people can continue to enter the forums and continue to write what they want, and the fact you dislike it has absolutely no effect on whether others will follow your plea, same way you don't have to follow any rules the others follow.
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    hi 3 months of ugly/generic costumes on BCM no1 want. Does ncsoft not like money or? Let us skin whores be happy geez :c
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    I have a better maintenance image of the week for you guys:
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    Hi welcome to first hotel in Oriel this is the front of the hotel let's go in Welcome inside everyone this is the lobby there're singing flowers and music is awesome ;D this is spa room I'll take off my clothes aha no porn for you to see. Ahh this is so comfortable.... Mhm yes it feels good After spa treatment I must check myself if I look better what do you think ? Heh I think the treatment was splendid heh. Time to read some book wish there's an internet connection too bad for no wifi Central of the hotel Nightfall time to have some wine to drink After some drink we have to singing and playing guitar under the moon what a romance <3 My final thought about the hotel ? 5 STARS :DDDD If you wanna visit the hotel pm me in forum or pm Nalariel KT server thank you very much cya until next time
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    Either ban them permanently, or don't ban them at all, you guys just banning the exploiters temporally is not smart, because 3 days of ban won't do anything, when they come back they will still have the gear they got by exploiting. Just compensate the guys who didn't do EC, these 2 months all these players haven't gotten to progress in an instance... and all these exploiters will be back in 3 days, WELL PLAYED
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    Seems they're trying to define the game by its maps and attempting to cash out on those. They're bringing back gear breaking once again, some Plume and Bracelet things. If you remove the title of the game, you have something different in its entirety. Kinda miss the days when the game was story driven. Kinda laughable, 7.5 makes the game look like a private server in itself.
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    @Cyan can you give us back prestige box from killing last boss of instance who use to give candies !?!?!?!?
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    And just to remember, Im not trying to justify the abuse. Everyone know we have 2 runs and even if u got kicked from the run, u could just do ur 2 runs and quit. Thats the true and no one can doubt. But its So F**** up from NC to ban people, even temporaly, when 15~20% of the population abuse of HACKS and EVERYONE know that. And NC dont do ANYTHING with people who use that. This post isnt to justify about the EC ban, its just to remember everyone how NC is negligent with the game https://www.myaion.eu/Ranking/NA
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    Have fun playing with 10 ppl
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    Should've thought of that before abusing, right?
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    Agreed. The fact that the administration still hasn't punished those that abused the EC bug is outrageous and just another example of the poor administration of this game. Oh.. wait.. (The irony of a serial abuser complaining about the pay2winners is precious.)
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    I know, I know, I'm just venting ... Not like it could have been "programmed" to you know ... understand if you are a Magic or Physical class and give the appropriate transform ... you know ... that would be impossible ... -.-
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    The skins they put up on the BCM for October/Halloween were depressingly out of touch- but at least they listed something? I guess? I won't spend a dime on things like enchantment stones, but everyone will shell out for cosmetics: mounts, emotes, motions, and skins. The NPCs that previously sold the basic motion sets and emotes aren't in-game anymore and I hear people asking on LFG about this regularly. We also desperately need more weapon skins available. The current gear system is, and will continue to be, purifying into the new tier of equipment; even if you have a skin that can be used more than once (for example, I have been using the Corsair's Mace skin for several patches until now) it is lost forever during purification. There are hundreds of skins and mounts that other regions have had since 4.8 that NA has yet to see, and no I don't mean the copyrighted Hello Kitty stuff that we won't ever see- so for the love of god, please stop listing the same shitty event skins on the BCM. No one wanted the Dapper Jack skins! I was throwing them away in bulk when I got them from the event, you think people are going to pay real money for that garbage? Solorius Hat? You mean the dirt cheap skin we used to be able to buy in Sanctum, the one that is so old that the hair looks like it was rendered before the graphics update? The Solorius Tree and Candle costumes are a good start! But here are some other wintery and holiday skins people want and might actually pay for: Snowman Skin Woolwoven Scandal Retro Checkered Outfit Warm Panda Padding Fuzzy Feline Parka Warm Daru Down Harehood Feline Hood Slope Suit Red Couple's Slope Suit Sky Blue Couple's Slope Suit Iridescent Couple's Slope Suit Mafia Suit Simple Country Coat Modern Outerwear Spiffy Winter Look Resplendent Jolly Coat Frozen Aristocracy Moonlit Hanbok Refined Hanbok All Wrapped Up Frosted Ensemble Aquilon's Crystal I am just going to hope these show up in January or in the Christmas events, because otherwise y'all at the NC offices need a good bap on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.
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    We're verifying a fix we received from the development team but it is not going out with this week's maintenance. I am not promising next week but stay tuned. We are also looking at materials that have been lost because of this (for those that played nicely!) Again, stay tuned. Thanks.
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    we need new recipes to craft manastones, daeva skills, daeva essence ,stigma stones and 20% potions plssssssss also reduce the price of prestigue pass and make it like EU 5$ per goldpack. better enchantment rates for stigmas and perma safepoints wheeen I'm a dreamer i know
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    Not just soon, but soonishly.
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    Hi how're ya today ? Need to afk for 6 hours pretty bored huh ? What ? Let's kiss ? umm well... I don't know are we sure to do this really ? o_O Alright here I go.... :3 <3 lol ah well I got nothing to do I hope you guys like it
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    The issue is looking at other genre's is kinda pointless because it is a different crowd. What games do PoE have to compete with? Diablo and everyone is on the FU blizzard train still so they reap those rewards. Very similar to how PubG was when it released in the BR genre. PubG had no competition aside from the buggy games like Ark(dino riding BR) and Dayz BR mode? I think it was. Then Fortnite which was so polished and mechanically challenging to most with the building mechanic came along and stole the majority of PubGs player base simply for being a better game. Then you had Apex come along and steal more because the game ran better than PubG. While sure the game is not dead the amount of players in the BR genre is not spread around in the MMORPG genre. Then you also have the MOBAs and if you have not watched the making of LoL on Netflix i suggest you do because they had people who were keen to add p2w but they decided against it. Now we get to the MMORPG genre lets say every genre has got 300m world wide(probably more for all genres but lets go with it). It comes down to the fact that there is what 100+ games that are MMORPG's as well as many more that slap the MMORPG tag on their game for release because it gets more sales. The player base is split up so much more. The best comparison for any cash shop game is BDO. What does BDO do different to Aion? They let players be able to use their time to their advantage. If you have 10 hours a day you can make the equivalent $500 worth of cash shop > in-game currency value per week. BDO did not go we are going to gate players progression to keep people online they went we are going to sell progression and keep the core game intact. Each update past 4.pre-omega stone update Aion developers went what can we take away from players who play our game and add it in to a cash shop function. People may say tempering solutions was very p2w but it was a feature that players could easily earn in game through in-game currency because it dropped enough to always be listed on the broker. Omega stones were only on the broker due to bots who were botting in IO for the most part until the omega stones became flash sales items. 5.X took even more away with making peoples progression blow up. 6.0 took even more away by separating PvP and PvE progression/the ability to farm stones on your alts for gear and what not. Right now Aion's best progression system for new/poor returning players f2p is to not play the game. How stupid is that as a game system. Do not actually participate in PvP instances try to avoid fights as much as possible. Do afk luna's and play other games to earn currency because it is more enjoyable than fighting the teleporting bots for the 80 mobs you can kill with your gear. Wait till you get some pandora gear before lfg will take you to instances. The list goes on. This is what established players who still have billions from 5.X not really comprehending the situation they are like the game is fine. TL:DR It is not what they sell it is what they do not allow the smaller spender to do in game to progress that makes Aion suffer. P.S sorry for Wall-O-Text
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    Except this game has a lot of missing content and most of the missing content for f2p players is still in the cash shop. It's the worst f2p model you can get. It looks like a demo, the stuff is there but not achievable. It can take years to achieve most of the stuff as a f2p player. Getting your ultimate pvp gear to +15 is an insane amount of time and work and require you to buy some of the stuff from others. Same with +15 daevanion skills, as it is impossible to get that as f2p. You could probably do it in a few years but you're limited by the number of entries to instances, rng to get the shugo, rng to get past +5 without many failures. Same with +15 stigmas and S-rank minions that is coming soon. Then another amount of work is getting the right legendary transform for your class, while ultimate transformation is out of the question. Just because something is theoretically achievable as f2p players, it doesn't mean it will happen. They are literally depriving you of items so that you're never catching up with those who spend, and then when new patch is arriving you're always left behind more and more. With every patch they add something more to farm while you're still farming for older stuff. It's an illusion that is f2p. It's more like free to log in. Start the game now from scratch and tell me how far you can get in this game, spending a few hours every day. Not to mention that for years of f2p, players that paid had the possibility to get the best titles and best wings, giving you stats, or more GP from sieges. Less needed but there is inventory space and pets, something that f2p players can't get. Look at a game like Path of Exile. It's not a mmorpg but a mmoarpg. It started much later than Aion, with a few thousands players. Nowadays you find even 200k players in a queue to log in. The shop is completely cosmetics and more inventory space. The biggest moba games doesn't have to sell ingame stats items to survive. Aion is selling most of the missing game content through shop. How is that best f2p?
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    Um.. Excuse you? Guild Wars 2 would like to have a talk to you about your entire sentence. Only mode in Guild Wars 2 you need gear for is World versus World and you can get that gear from crafting or running pve instances called Fractals or just in general. So I don't know what you are on about making it seem like everyone should be grateful for a nerfed event compared to what EU got and yes I know this isn't EU. Guild Wars 2 mechanics for world bosses etc should be adapted to all games. You don't have to group up to get a drop. Once you are in the area of the boss and dps, everyone gets loot. Some of your are clearly delusional. And unlike Aion Guild Wars is actually free. Yes you don't need to spend money in Aion but you should or you will always be left far behind.
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    With both factions going at them, all Tuca's were dead in the morning release in a little under 20 minutes. Now we got legions camping potential spawns. Jake just wants an ultimate weapon to feel proud of himself, let's add more spawns /increase spawn rate so everyone gets a chance at an ultimate item this event!
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    ...why do you people call us lucky that we have a +15 set, it is not like we accidentally made it. There was literally no luck involved at least in my case. I have horror stories to say about enchanting RNG that was never in my favor.
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    Or give a Tuca Thorn in the end bosses of the end game instances like PF/IDD/SL or something.
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    Pro tip. If you want to insult someone, try to actually make sense.
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    Yeah, it's a bit rough for the Tuca horns currently. I'm in one of the bigger DN-A legions, and we formed a league during the very first spawn to test it out. But once we saw that it's rolled loot, we ended up dropping and going separately. It's sad that the event doesn't reward group effort, but meh. I'll try to farm the Tuca horns if I'm not doing anything else at the time, but I'm not going to plan my day around something that has such steep competition. I'll just have to work on Pandora for my alt's accessories and keep Frostspark and work on PFHM accs for my main. Also, just keep an eye out on the broker. Hopefully these accs/weapons will be somewhat affordable in week 3 of the event. Not worth getting frustrated about. If NCsoft could push out any sort of fix, I think it would be better to award 1 Tuca horn after being logged in for 6 hours. At least then you'd be able to attempt a few crafts throughout the duration of the event.
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    And you know whats funny absolute retards from the community were pushing for this change. They actually believed ncsoft would give 16 legendary pvp stones instead of 2 and have Governor receive 512 legendary stones instead of 10 ultimates. In their dreams I say. And now because of how deluded they all the community has lost out, and NCsoft for changing it 3/4 of the way in is a dishonourable gesture.
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    @Unbeatable-KT hope to see you post a video erasing the compenstion then.
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    You bought a prestige pass? Congratz! So did I. Difference is I don't expect anything from NCsoft knowing that they're not a good company and take the benefits as they are currently. This North American society feels so entitled to everything that it is the one of the many reasons why are Americans some of the most shittiest human beings you'll ever meet in a life time... prime example of entitlement is you feeling entitled to have EC runs compensated for the 3 months down time. If you're going to whine about buying a prestige pack and not getting EC runs out of it, which no where does it say that a prestige pack guarantees you that... then here is a solution... DON'T BUY IT. Or better yet, leave the game. Stop asking for shit that NCsoft is not whatsoever responsible to give you. Out of all games that I've played, this gaming community and that mainly refers to the regulars that are on these forums are most pathetic individuals I've ever met in my life. Some individuals on here all they do is nyerk and whine, day in day out "NCsoft this, NCsoft that". Do us and yourself a favor. Since you guys sound like a you have a miserable life already, uninstall this game and never show up on these forums again... I hope that can at least help you enrich your life a little.
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    It's actually pretty funny reading the same people comment over and over again. To correct myself, it's rather sad. What's sad is the amount of casuals that are desperate to get some sort of compensation because they've never been able to earn it on their own to taste a little bit of what it feels like to be at the top of the food chain. Realistically, I am actually in favor of all the casuals getting their T2 sets given out by NCsoft only to prove my point that in a few months when the next patch comes out, they'll be the exact same people whining "Oh upgrading is too hard... oh items don't drop enough... oh we need more stones". It's rather pathetic honestly. No wonder you guys are so far behind in progression. You blame it on people abusing this bug. But the way I see it, you're behind because you PvP more on the forums than you do in game. And then you wonder why you're behind...
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    In my opinion, they should not have banned them but just deleted all the items they got for abusing it.
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    The inconsistency is due to the players lying about specific details to make it sound like they are hard done by. The players i know who got a perma were those who spammed it(These players would of happily paid for it anyways). I abused it 2 days got 3 day. A friend did it 2 extra runs and got banned for 24 hours so all our bans line up for the amount of exploitation that was going on. Some people who got perma are playing it off as i got a 3 day ban but nyerk Aion for banning me i am never playing the game again to make it look like they are quitting instead of being perma banned.
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    I think Aion needs more things to enchant. Here are my suggestions: 1. Mounts: We should be able to enchant our mounts to +15. If you fail, the mount and maybe your crotch is destroyed. 2. Kinah: We can enchant Kinah one by one to +15. That would make 1 kinah worth 15 kinah. If you fail, your kinah is destroyed and your warehouse is destroyed. Each attempt should cost at least 100k kinah. 3. Confirmation Windows: One things this game really needs is more confirmation windows. So you should be able to enchant your confirmation window to +15 and create the same number of identical confirmation windows as you have enchantment levels. Wheeee! 4. Your Server: We should be able to infinitely enchant our servers. The server with the highest enchantment level after 6 months would get a reward (10 manastone fasteners, 1x per account). This should have a level 1 safe spot to make players feel nice. 5. Estimated Server Downtime Bonus Downtime. It's already a bonus, why not enchant it further? Successful enchantments will lower bonus server downtime by .1 second. 6. Perma Bans: What's better than a perma ban? A FREAKING +15 PERMA BAN, that's what. If you fail on this enchant, your ban only lasts a week. Wait, what the...
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    The forum is full of butthurt 1~3 post users that simply use alt account to come here and whine and wish us good luck "now that the game will die". You guys forget that abusers are what actually killed the game. Leaving the abusers to continue will actually finish off the game. There are people who are paying for that extra EC entry via prestige which is denied to them. Banning abusers has nothing to do with compensating legit players, because my game is still affected by the fact they removed a very important pvp instance. Even if they give us the losing rewards for every EC we couldn't do, it would still worth it. I am not asking for abusers to compensate me anything, they got what they deserved, I am telling the company to do something about the EC we are denied. The correct thing is to handle every legit player an EC reset scroll for every EC we were denied. Lets us at least play EC, don't compensate us anything, just let us play it.
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    I don't think we'd notice. The whole thing is kind of a mess, but hey at least it gave us something to talk about other than the enchantment rates, right?
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    The one that deserves a ban here is NCsoft. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems at least half the population abused this bug, no? This is a complete speculation, and one that most people I've talked to in the past day have agreed on. So as a company that finds it easier to just ban or suspend half the population, here are my questions that you should have taken into consideration before making such an irrational decision. 1) You bring millions of dollars in revenue each year, yet you can't afford one active person to be always online to intervene in such times? (such as shutting down the servers for maintenance and escalating to the developing team to come in and fix the issue). I've played other much smaller MMOs that intervened much faster with such issues where as you guys had a whole tropical vacation before something got done. Mistake #1 2) Knowing the fact that more than half the population exploited the bug, you decided to suspend or ban those people 3 months later rather than taking care of the problem then and there. Not only should you have had an almost immediate response and action to prevent further exploitation like I mentioned in the first point, but you waited for quite some time until you decided to do something about it, and that was to take EC out completely. The question then stands, knowing the fact that it wasn't an exploitation on a minor scale which involved only a few individuals but rather more than half this game's population, don't you think a rollback would have been more appropriate rather than ban or suspend half the population? Mistake #2 3) Instead of owning up to your mistakes of taking care of the problem, you did the finger pointing to your gaming community. Along with the finger pointing came banning and suspending of half the population. I couldn't care less about your financial stance as a company even though to be completely blunt it must be a highly uneducated person running your financial department to allow half the server to get suspended/banned and to take that big of a hit with the loss of earnings. No. What's more important to me is this game's health status as I am an active player in it. Have you stopped to think about what banning and suspending half the population would do to an already dying game one that has had dozens of servers upon release and has finally reached 2 half empty ones? Sure most of the suspended players will come back, but I can guarantee you most will also lose momentum and it would thus further promote inactivity and the game's further decline. Keep in mind, the only reason this game is still alive is because of the major patch releases and players coming back with that high momentum at the start. You've managed to kill that too. You are the root of your own demise NCsoft. Mistake #3 Here is a food for thought. If a student fails a class, who's to be blamed for the student's failure? If 90% of the people passed, then it's the student's fault (ie. not studying, bad method of learning/memorizing, etc). If 50% of the people failed, then it's the professor's fault (ie. not a good teacher in terms of relaying the information to the students, or perhaps his teaching is not to the same level as his testing, etc). Now use that analogy to this situation. If only a few individuals exploited this then sure, they are to be blamed for exploiting that bug and actions should be taken such as suspensions and bans. But since more than half the population exploited the bug, then NCsoft is the one that needs to take the blame. I'm not a judge, but with all that said, NCsoft and their staff are the ones that deserve a ban, or if anything a 14 day suspension at least.
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    I believe you have some of your answers in your word salad. I highlighted an issue that I see in your essay. Like was said before, EC was meant to complete one or two (with prestige) times before having to use luna to reset the counter before daily reset. Knowing you are completing the instance more than those afforded times without luna is a exploitable bug. Same with the luna instance in a fort prior to siege to pop out for easy gp farm, animation hacks or some third party add ons. That being said, ALL exploitable bugs should be dealt with properly and accordingly by NC Soft. We all can go back and forth dissecting words to lean in our favor or NC Soft's favor, it means nothing. Any video game is not a democracy. We own nothing in it.
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    Did germ survive the ban wave, thats my question haha. Guy seems to use all the exploits and gets away with it
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    Holy shit, NCsoft actually did something. 24-72 hours isn't a lot, but GG on the 7-14 to permas. :>
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    No need for server transfers if they're gonna merge the servers.
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    Special thanks to everyone who pitched a fit in this thread and in support tickets 800 Luna for your average 5-Star player would get you 200 fragments/40 Legendaries/8 Ultimates if you only reran ID/IB for 80 Luna each. Or, pre-fragment update you could save it to craft PVP stone boxes (1-4 Legendary stones per box). Honestly my favourite part about getting Luna as a reward was that I don't have to spend all my time afking the dailies to craft it. I was actually getting rewarded for playing the game, attending sieges, and running arenas- not zoning out and watching shows while the Luna daily ticks away. And like IJI said, I don't appreciate this change being implemented so late in the season; I was really trying hard and counting on getting my Luna rewards! Time and time again, the biggest issue is lack of communication between NC and the playerbase. Sighs all around.
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