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    Hi, i've been testing the kinah adquisition during last months on the new patch, and since the enchant rate provide more posibilities to upgrade gear, also this demand more kinah, also the housing feature started late decemberthe payment for maintance again, and also the retune of new superior gear is everytime more expensive, even enchant items consumes kinah wich i found completly ridiculous. So the couple ways to get kinah are really not enough and withthe time this will be taking more and more weight into the game. Months ago in the EU server of Aion, they imtroduced a custom change for extra kinah from all instances, and it really helped players, i truly believe we need this change, and even we need more ways to recover the kinah movement in the game, becuz every week is harder and harder to sell stuff in the broker, because people is running out of kinah for real. Kinah bundles are not even worth at all, they not even a sure craft, and the chance of get more than 5 million is really low, this must be improved. The Broker tax the the core problem right here, cuz it's literally killing the new economy model of the game, we need to fix that for real. We even have less items to generate kinah like skins from ingame like Innocent Aris or Cat weapons from guestblooms, or even the lucky kinah heartbloom from the housing was also a good way to produce kinah pasively. BCM is not really helping too, the store right now is a shame, completly empty of worth items to buy or resell for kinah, you took off most costumes (specially the good ones), the motions, the mounts and the pets should have been replaced for minion contracts in the BCM too. So as conclusion fixes for kinah issues in the game in na are: 1.- More kinah from instances like EU did. 2.- Kinah bundles with better chances to get more than 5kk, and maybe low the quantity of items needed to craft. 3.- Low the broker tax before it end up annihilating the game economy for once. 4.- Maybe include kinah reward in other stuff like Pvp Instances and Sieges. 5.- Bring back the housing feature that aloow players to farm ingame skins Innocent Aris and cat Weapons with Guestblooms and the Lucky Kinah Heartblooms that just prosduce extra kinah everyday. 6.- And i believe is the most important, give us decent BCM, with worthly items to buy (or sell), and no just skins we used to get easy with kinah in sanctum or from Luna. I entered the Aion RU website store, and i felt shame when i entered,they have almost every single skin that Aion has ever released able to purchase wheveer you want.... it's so frustrating to wanna buy stuff in the BCm and not found anything that really worth. I wanted to buy the Cute Sheep mount during last weeks of 5.8 it was for 1600 NC coins, i rather to save some money for 6.2 and now is not even in the store, and the only mounts in store are even more expensive, beeing "not that good". Please @Cyan i know you guys have a lot, A LOT of pending fixs and many stuff that is in "soon" state, but i wanna make sure you guys know about this really important problem.
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    So basically Hime's and Gideon's comment during the 6.0 patch preview about "updating GST eventually" was a lie. If transparent scrolls are going to be as taboo as the damn shards, I'm already gonna pack my things.
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    whachu think about a lil mergie merge eh my boys lol eyes off the app games for a sec boys lol EK not looking too hot i know aion is the worst performing game for ya company but come on help a brotha out would ya slap on a event that doesn't reward skins from 6 years ago will ya haha a lil sumtin sumtin for the boys come on now haha just a lil code here and there haha couple lines chu know wat imsayin put that transparent scroll on the kinah shop lol come thru wit it my dawgie not too hard to keep this game runnin brotha u don gotta do much haha come thru wit it thankth
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    We have said it so many times so far, that BCM items should be brokerable, there are people willing to spend ingame money for transformation contracts for example, but can't, while there are people willing to buy transformation contracts from BCM and then put them in broker. NCSoft will be selling more People who can spend more real money for ingame currency would buy more items to put them in broker And free to play players can buy everything they want with extra work to get the kinah needed. Everyone wins and most importantly the game doesn't die out.
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    I know that this topic will probably be closed because there are other discussions about the same issue going on, but wtf is the matter with you guys? Seriously. How do you expect to make money off of costumes if we can't see them? I have this amazing glowing-white dress that I can't see because 95% of the time I'm a freaking goat (or whatever is that Rotund transformation). Come on now. It's been 4 months. Want to milk some money? How about sell the transparent scrolls for the same price as normal scrolls on the kinah shop, and then put ALL OF THE SKINS THAT YOU POSSIBLY CAN on the cash shop for 200-400 NCoins? Of course that it wouldn't be your only income, but I for one would be buying a few skins that I love.
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    THE ISSUE tl:dr at bottom Since the update, PvE has been very unrewarding and very luck dependent. The instances themselves are fine (boss mechanics, difficulty etc) but the loot is a major problem. Primeth’s Forge (PF, 6 people) and Infernal Drakenspire Depths (IDD, 12 people), the only instances that can drop PvE ultimate gear, have a CHANCE to drop said gear (I’m not sure of the exact %, but it is definitely too low). I don’t understand NC’s logic behind this, as all instances in the past always dropped something. Primeth’s Forge Me and my static group have done PF every week (4 runs, total amount is around 48 runs) and so far, there has been: 1 (!) ultimate cloth 3 ultimate leather 2 ultimate chain (the first 2 runs) 5 ultimate plate Our group composition is not the best for sure, but the drops above are plain stupid. We had to do over 20 runs for just 1 ultimate drop, how infuriating is that? What can be done? Copying off 5.1-5.3 CoE mechanics (particles dropped from bosses, traded said particles for end game gear), why can’t this be the same with PF (with untradeable particles to block abusing alts)? 1 particle for each member in the group, need 7 or so particles for pauldrons/gloves/shoes, 8 for leggings, 9 for tunic, and 10 for wings/plume/bracelet. This way, it still has that “hard work” feeling to it, while not making the person feel like they’re running to get disappointed, as they’re working towards something. Infernal Drakenspire Depths This one is MORE dumb, because there are 12 people (usually) each run, since IDD drops accessories/weapons, even with a “perfect” alliance (1 person/class, one class would have to have 2 people) 6 people will roll for a physical accessory, 6 people will roll for a magic accessory (if it drops, of course). Many people now do 6 man IDD (better chance at rolling), and my friend only has 2 IDD pieces (1 was handed to her), while she has been doing 6 man IDD for 10-15 runs. What can be done? Pre 6.0, Drakenspire Depths dropped 1 box for each person in the alliance, which either had a mythic (ultimate in 6.2) or eternal (legendary in 6.2) item, for the said persons class. Why can’t this be the same thing for IDD? Everyone gets something, and at least you won’t have to roll against your friends. tldr: PvE looting sucks right now, you can: PF: Add particles at final boss loot, 1 for each person, they trade particles for ultimate gear IDD: Old DD loot mechanic @Cyan I am expecting an answer for this
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    I've realized theres a cycle that I and any other player trying to enchant their gear is most likely going through during this patch. There are only a couple of items in the game that are important, and they are used to acquire way too much of the content. Ancient Guiding Stones Ancient Kibrium Fighting Spirit Fragments AP Kinah Whatever part of gear progression you're doing, you need to use a combination of these mats. Morphing a Legendary PvP stone costs fragments which cost kibrium, guiding stones, kinah and AP. Then you use your PvP stones to enchant your gear. To be safe, most people will use Ultimate PvP stones to get +14 or +15 on their legendary pieces. These cost 25 frags each along with 5 legendary stones, so 50 frags total Eventually your gear is +15 and its ready to upgrade. To upgrade you again need fragments and AP. By now you've already spent hundreds of fragments and millions and millions of kinah for just one piece. Now you need hundreds more for the upgrade. This means more kibrium, more guiding stones, kinah, and AP. This is the process for just 1 piece getting to Ultimate+0 Adding the morphs was a great improvement, but its not quite there. My suggestions: Create more ways to receive fighting spirit fragments. An easy and effective way could be adding them to the PvP daily quests around the map. Even 5 fragments per quest will result in the map booming with PvP and incentivize players to venture onto each other's sides of Lakrum for more than just camp weeklies. Add fragments to the rewards for pvp instances & sieges. Same reasoning as above. This will be another incentive for players to participate in these parts of the game. PvP content should reward mats used for PvP gear. Fixing the dredge meta while we're at it. Currently dredge is not pvp or pve. Its just training, killing the 2 or 3 bosses you get while the enemy gets the other 2 or 3. MAYBE you end up pvping for 1 or 2 fights. A way to help dredge could be adding a chance for each room's boss to drop stone bags, not just the set ones that currently drop them. This is force teams to go throughout the level to maximize their drops. Adding fighting spirit fragments to the winning team would also incentivize teams to continue fighting for the victory after the important bosses have died. Give normal mobs a small (10%) chance to drop Ancient Kibrium. Currently the standard for Kib farming dual boxing 2 accounts and running back and forth from mob to mob. This results in 4 kibrium every 4-5 minutes and the most dull MMO experience you can think of. If normal mobs could drop kibrium, players could have some flexibility. FFS please buff the amount of kinah we receive from white drops. Considering the only real way to make money is selling mats or crafted items, and we all those mats as stated above, the playerbase is slowly running out of kinah. Giving white drops an actual value like that used to have will help with this issue and allow us to buy those crafting mats a little easier. @Cyan I'm really Interested in your thoughts on these and if you think its possible to see any of them in the future. These suggestions shouldn't be too intense for the development team and the results would be phenomenal for the community.
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    Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to buy the sports skill cards that were only available in that one event a year ago.
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    > Spend 30 min to 1 hour or more creating a fantastic character for yourself > Always hidden behind the transformations
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    Something needs to be done about this game, they expect you to waste your entire life getting one simple thing, or else pay. .
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    Yes, everyone loves to do 50 runs to be rewarded with nothing but minium. Sounds about right.
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    Hi guys, I'm here to ask why you in the last time bring to the game skins, and u don't bring them complete, most last skins are separated parts with shoulders, giving some extra detail, but for example the new Mafia skin you just put on the store, you just put the Chest and the Hat, but that skin own their own Shoulder accesory wich make the skin incomplete and exposing your armor shoulder the one doesnt fit with the skin. Just like i Show in the next photo. For the 6.2 release you offer us to register in a bundle that comes with a skin for free, skin that also own an shoulder accesory wich was nto included in the bundle, and we can't get from anywhere.... So.. please include the skins complete, and no just the Jacket, for in store skins or free skins, plase show some care for the game.
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    I'm not going to spend a single cent on a game that's putting the most basic and important item in the cash shop due to their greed. If they do that, it's going to nyerk off a lot of people.
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    There are a lot of things worth complaining about in Aion, chiefly: how over the last decade this game has become noticeably worse, while the other games created in the meantime have become much better. However, AP acquisition is not an issue. You’re worried about it taking 6 months of consistent play to reach full endgame gear? That... sounds about right. I’m trying to think how long it took us to reach full endgame gear in 1.X, 2.X, 3.X, and 4.X... I don’t have the numbers in front of me but 6 months in an MMO doesn’t seem that long at all. I mean, shit man in 5.X some of us had to farm that alliance world boss (Ferson?) everyday for 6 months just to get our WEAPON, let alone a full endgame PVP set.
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    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask about thoughts regarding a "pity counter" for the RNG mechanics in Aion (such as enchanting, crafting, etc.). For those who are unaware of what they are, pity counters are systems implemented by game companies to basically guarantee success (loosely defined) for RNG related mechanics after an individual fails to succeed after many, many attempts. For instance, in Hearthstone, which is a digital "trading" card game, players must add cards to their collection by opening card packs. The rarest cards are called Legendary cards, and have a fairly low chance of dropping from card packs. But, if individuals continuously open packs without receiving any Legendary cards, the probability of receiving one begins to increase, until after whiffing 40 packs in a row, there is a 100% chance of receiving a Legendary card. Such a system rewards players who are willing to commit time and money into a game that they enjoy. No matter how unlucky you are, you can still progress in that game; in Aion, this is not always the case. The nature of this patch seems to be "grind hundreds of enchantment stones a week and throw them at a piece of gear until eventually you succeed 5 times in a row," or "spend hundreds of millions on crafting materials and hope that you a 1/5 chance, three times in a row." Though these materials are readily available in game, there is such a low probability of succeeding with any given set of five enchantment stones or *set of all materials required to craft items*, that the system naturally lends itself to a larger separation between the really lucky and the really unlucky than there should be. Furthermore, when the RNG rates are so low in certain areas, it is downright demoralizing to fail time and time again. Last patch, it took an average of just under 400 ancient stones to get an ancient piece of gear from 10 to 15. But when you failed going from 14 to 15 with your 300th stone, it would still take another 400 stones on average. Yes, I know that doing such wouldn't have been a smart idea, but I'm just trying to make a point. The worst feeling for me is failing to upgrade 6 or more legendary masterwork pieces into ultimate masterwork items in a row. You've spent hundreds of millions for nothing, and your prospects of actually getting that critical success are still the same as they were before you tried to upgrade those pieces. This just happened to me (both yesterday and today) which is partially what motivated me into writing this text wall. On the flip side, just a few weeks ago, I bought a single legendary masterwork item and got a critical success, instantly netting me about 600 million kinah. When the system is so skewed, it feels less like you're playing/grinding/paying for a video game and more like you're trying your odds at the lottery. At it's core, Aion is simply not as fun as it could be because it's based on chance instead of skill or hard work. You get instantaneous dopamine rushes followed by gambling anxiety and depression instead of sustained delayed gratification. When you succeed, you feel good, but really it was just because an algorithm arbitrarily decided to let you succeed. When you fail, you feel terrible knowing that there was literally nothing you could have done to prevent it. This is why I feel as if a pity counter is absolutely necessary if this game is to survive. A pity counter would reward players for continuously trying and working hard to progress through the game. Perhaps the critical success rates on crafting could approach 1/2 or even 2/3 after 8 or more failed attempts. Maybe there could be a quest that allows you to choose a PF piece after you've killed Frigida 20 times. Even if the initial success probabilities on systems like enchanting and crafting were decreased slightly to keep the averages the same, this would at least make it feel like something is in your control. I don't really know where I want to end this so I'll just leave it at that. tldr; When playing Aion, it feels as if everything is under the control of RNG, making the game inherently less fun and less rewarding. A pity counter would fix this, making grinding, and even failing, feel as if you're making progress. This would motivate more players to spend more time in the game and be more willing to spend money on it.
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    Seriously do something about the BCM, its lame, it have aoprund 4-6 skins that are not even worth to buy, is really unabelievable that we have to ask you to put something to waste our money in your game.... and the Gold Sand Traders skin tab need to be improved SO MUCH....
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    What about update skins and mount in gold sand shop or luna ? and more accessible transparent transform scrolls ?
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    Each suggestion in this post is really good, and needed, is urgent to fix these kinah issues before it's too late. i don't know if you really read the entire post, becuz nothing you have mention in yours have any sense with Chibiusa's suggestions, nobody here is asking for free stuff and billions of kinah like 5.8 and before, we just need and adjustment to make kinah entry enough sustainable to keep people in the game, for let them do what the game requires you to keep enhace your character and maintain the daily consumables properly and other features avaliable for a good use.
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    so..things are no longer tradeable, then everything needs to go through the broker. Shugos are charging way too much kinah and broker fees are making people broke. since shugos are stuffed with kinah and getting fat, can you lower down the fees before Obesity hits? Crafting, buying supplies, enchanting, teleporting. everything costs kinah. The ways to make kinah are kinda limited, don't you think? plus heavy fees?
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    I don't think he's a troll. Just really dumb.
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    No merge, it's a tedious process. Enable free transfers out for players to KT/DN for a while then force transfer the rest of people to KT.
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    ? wtf? you're saying its okay to be dissapointed EVERY SINGLE RUN? if you actually read my post i said you can get ONE piece of gear per 2 weeks. I can't think of ANYONE who thinks like you, they absolutely need to NOT make progression harder, because if it keeps going like this, the pve population will be long gone before 6.5. I play in Korea and done those quests, it is not a easy quest mob, you have to kill over 100 mobs COUNTLESS times to get just 1 piece of LEGENDARY gear, please get your facts right
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    Don't forget classes that share sets like cloths and 99% of the times there is x2 cloths per group.
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    Maybe a nice improvement can be do in those instance like we had in the past with instances like Tiamat Stronghold. In that instance every boss had a chance to drop something. And we had 7 of them. So the average was like 2-3 eternal items each run. All of them to be rolled between the players. In those instances each boss has a chance for some type of item. Some gave boots, others gave weapons... So at the end was a RNG thing, but still with more items at the end. But maybe the other problem here is that we have so few options now. The game is really small. Back on 3.X we had 2 endgame gears from instaces (TS and Forest-Manor), 1 gear from tokens (kahrun), 1 from craft and 1 Daevanion. All of them good ones and with some small differences. Now we only have 1 from instances and 1 crafted (and the crafted one can not be tuned and is not so good). I think we just need more content. Like more maps and more instances and some new coins, maybe more crafts.... mmmm... well we need all the erased content back maybe
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    This year marks 10 years since I started my little (at the time) project I like to call Aion Maps Project. While playing AION China OB in 2009, I decided to make a quick and dirty tool to help me and my guild with locations of gatherable materials across the maps of Aion. At the time I didn't care much about how it looks, but more that it was quick and showed the maps as needed. I stopped playing Aion in 2010, but continued coming back to my project from time to time to change or add few things. In 2015 I decided to create a good UI for the project so it doesn't have that 90s sloppy look and thus version 5.0 was born. It is now 2019 and version of project has been updated to 5.3 (and I have not been playing the game for 9 years) and somehow my project outlived many Aion-related websites like AionSource and even the original Korean site that I took data from is no longer there. I am not sure how many people still use my project in their daily Aion adventures, but to those that do I say thank you as I never expected this little side tool of mine to become popular You can still visit and use the tool at https://aionproject.ml
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    haha good idea i think merging all 3 servers into one is a good start, and if you actually want to make money from the cash shop, please let us spend money!!! plenty of people will buy legendary pvp enchantment stones $1 each if you just put them on the bcm!!! no one wants to buy skins either when you cant see them because transparent scrolls for a month cost more than a legendary transform!!! tl:dr server merge!!! money = PVP enchantment stones!!!! transparent scrolls for FREE!!!! skins no!!!!! events with rewards that arent the same as the last 5 and useless yes!!!! daeva dash event with pvp enchantment stones/fighting spirit fragments and ap yes!!!!
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    Another good point. Prestige users aren't getting any bonus plus with one person only getting a box combined with the amount of crap rewards you guys thrown in (1k shards really? 2 ancient pve stones? 2 berdin stars? A B rank minion contract!? 5 transparent scrolls lol! and a heavy stigma box! I mean seriously whoever keeps littering the events with these crap rewards obviously does not play this game) Why would anyone in their right mind buy event stuff off the store when the odds are highly stacked against them to get anything useful but this junk. This is like a copy paste of the last 2 event rewards table. I get it ncsoft doesn't want players to get ahead through events like in the past but if you want to make money you cant put all this crap in it and expect the player base to be content with this selection. the rewards table should be closer to the following: It should be an A rank contract, 100+ transparent scrolls, Multiple of the new stigma stones that don't break on fail, 15 Anceint pve stones 5 legendary pve stones, some pvp stones, Shards and stars should be removed off the list. Maybe add some small luna boxes, some new motions and skins, reset scrolls for like dredge, IDD and PF. Fighting spirit fragments. These are some of the things the players want.
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    @Cyan any answer about transparent transformation scrolls? we have many weeks without answer. its really disappointing play an mmorpg without see ur character. this make a big problem for the game too. because no real appearance of our characters = no buy ncoins for skins.
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    Art dump! Still working on Cheesecake's character......Not because I can't finish it faster but because I get distracted with other things and mental health has been up and down as well. ;/ But it should be finished this month at least.(I think)
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    Don't worry man, we have XignCode for that, it's the best o the best anti-cheat program on the market right now.
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    What this shows is that NCSOFT is losing money. Lineage 2 stays good because of their release for a classic server. Mobile games will be their main source of income at one point, but technology advances faster and it’ll die off eventually. Omer from MMOs.com commented few months ago about Q3 earnings, said that “Wildstar or Aion will shut down, Wildstar being probably first.” It was very easy to see that and he wasn’t wrong either. Point is, Aion one day will not survive in the West, specially US because people stop seeing the need to waste money on a game where it gives you zero joy or satisfaction for your efforts.
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    @Valedia-DN I have zero trouble finding groups for things. I am not the best cleric nor am I the most geared nor do I spend tons of cash. I am not the easiest person to get along with nor do I run about making friends hither and yon. I don't like hackers. I hate egos. I don't go out of my way to make enemies but I am absolutely certain that some people on my server have me blocked. I join groups. I make groups. I get things done without kissing a single ass (unless it's an ass I really like.. but that's another story altogether) or being anything but who I am. I have heard of you. Not from first hand experience but because people have told me about you. You say your issue is with people that have accounts in both factions and that you have alienated people over this issue that -you- have. That's important. It's -your- issue. You do realize that, right? The player base of Aion in NA is really small. There are only two real servers. (EK doesn't count.) It was easier to play both races when there were many servers and you could spread them about. With only two choices, many people ended up with their opposite race accounts on the same server as their main race. So? Are you worried they are spying? One second while I put my coffee down and have a good laugh. Seriously? What the hell is there to spy about? Right gate or left gate. With a wide open plain between them. It's not like you can't -see- which way the enemies are coming and you have tons of time to run along the wall to get to the correct door. It's not like old sieges where there was actual strategy or fake outs. Untwist your undies and try and relax. You know what's nice about playing both races? You come to realize that your "enemy" is just another player just like you. I remember my first Elyos buddy. We chatted. Played together. And when we would see him out and about we either wouldn't attack one another or would fight and then laugh over who beat who. It was really nice. Super nice. We liked him more than we liked a lot of our own faction! So maybe just keep that in mind. I admire your fortitude in playing a game where you 100% loathe the way the majority of the players around you play. I can see that that would be lonely, though that loneliness is by your own making. Keeping all that in mind.. the game doesn't need to change.
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    OK, well let's use an analogy.I could register for a marathon.Instead of running it, I get in my car and drive to the finish line, and beat the fastest runner in the world.Well, what do you know- no one one thought to write that down in the rule book!Do I feel anywhere as good about that win as when I actually run the marathon? No- that win is meaningless. Just as the meaningless "wins" that anyone says are OK since they aren't against "the rules" - as if a game will clearly explain all the exploits- they will not and never do. Typically - if it seems like an exploit it like IS an exploit. The fact that you aren't getting caught is NOT "all that matters". Funny, the people who use exploits usually write longest walls of text in order to try to convince others (and likely themselves) that it's OK, and that they aren't hurting anyone, but it really isn't OK to "screw over" anyone and exploits DO have negative effects. on others - that other faction isn't a bunch of NPCs. . The fact that I recognize that I am interacting with actual human beings means that no, I won't leave my morality out of this. Maybe you haven't fully grasped the full details and aspect that you aren't just interacting with NPCs?
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    Guys, guys, they got this alright, they’re discussing stuff 98% of the time.
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    This is just plain cruel. May as well just remove that portion of the GST unless you have an alternative way to acquire the missing skins we cannot get since 6.2 started. And you have to DISCUSS Transparent Transformation Scrolls? There is no discussion to be had. Put them on the GST or severely reduce the price of them on the BCM.
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    Also Hime said "no new servers will be created" some months ago, and few days later with the update to 6.2 Ereshkigal server was created. Hime and Gideon are totally absent here. They have no clue at all about Aion. They just participate in few things cause they think they are cool. Do not pay so much attention to nothing they say. Our only contact here is Cyan. I remember we complained a lot a year ago about how forgotten our game was. I think nobody imagined that can be even worse like now. No updates, no events, no fixes, Now it seems that we really do not have people working here. Just Cyan with some post and nobody else. They really need to put some effort fixing some things. A lot of issues are still in the same way than the first weeks in 6.2. Some rates needs to be checked. We still have that bug in the eyes! And also I do not see why is so hard to add some more events. It does not need to be a super complicated and complex one. We can even enjoy some buff´s weekends, like crafting, drop or experience. We can have some weeks with extra entries for some instances. We used to have small events some years ago and was nice. Not every event need to be like the snowballs or alchemist.
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    We really need to start seeing progress on the bug list. Months later and the eye bug is still alive and well and loot pets don't work. You would think these would have been fixed straight away. Are they still bugged in the Korean client? Agreed about the BCM and the Gold Sands Shop. Variety is going to make you money! How about adding the skill skins? That's something we can see even transformed, too.
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    Peeve: Realizing I can't fully retire because I have to match Bryos's post count. Cheesecake is still the unofficial tech support for Aion. I'm freaking using this in my resume now, gdit.
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    3 hour maintenance for nothing! Not fixing anything the players are complaining about for months! When are you going the fix the eye problem? When are you going to fix the pet loot problem?... etc
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    I think it kinda sucks that NC doesn't care about the lore anymore, right now it's a complete mess. It was quite a good idea with the Archdaeva, just executed poorly. What sucks even more is that they kill off Ereshkigal in 6.5 when she barely got her show even started.
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    So BCM has the Infernal Diabol Egg (30 days) going on. The purpose of that pet is to poop out AP amulets when fed. That's all fun and neat, but what does one feed it? Unless I have missed another source, the Plain/Crispy/Savory/Sweet/Sour/Spicy Healthy Pet Food (item ID 182006413 - 182006418) that these sorts of pets require is no longer available from any NPC in the game. @Cyan, is it possible to make the pet food available somehow or are they doomed to starve for 30 days until the sweet release of death?
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    I think the broker fees are most of the problem, they soak up too much of the server economy. The devs set the fees way too high, if it was halved it would still be way too high, that's how much they got it wrong.
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    I don't know how often you get kinah bundles from your daily luna, but I've only been lucky enough to craft two of them since they were introduced, and both times I got no more than 5mil kinah. Now, if every kinah bundle that popped up on one of my toons had a 100% guarantee not to fail, perhaps I too could be a billionaire. But alas....
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    And please please please.. if you could lower the cost of changing stigmas.
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    Amen to this. OP has a lot of really good suggestions @Cyan and @Hime from what I understand, the producer wants us to advance in this game from playing it, however it hasn't been well optimized as yet in terms of the economy. It really must be a struggle for the truly new players. I agree with a lot of OP's suggestions- they are aligned with this patch- players would have to actually play the game to make kinah. I would definitely increase the kinah from instances, reduce enchanting and broker fees, plus I would convert some existing quests into repeatable quests. There really are too many sinks and not enough sources. By the way, I am aware that there are some sources that can make some people quite wealthy- but that's quite restricted and in some cases not even available to some factions right now. Personally, as long as the game insists that I pay to look like my character, I no longer care about skins. Come to think about it- that's a lose-lose - NC is losing because I damn well won't pay any kinah let alone BCM for skins, and I miss out on part of what I used to enjoy.
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    It is not possible to like this post enough, we need a Kinah faucet and fast.
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    Alright, playing the game again after 2 months, I'm gonna give you some constructive criticism here, and I do hope you take it into consideration at least. Improved enchantment system finally helps a lot of players catch up to the whales with exchanged gears. Shard finally brought back to their original price after roughly 2+ months. Took us a while but we're here. The current event isn't that great but I rather have it than nothing for 4 weeks straight. Maybe an event every 2 weeks would be fair? I LOVE the idea of morphing the PvE/PvP stones, but it could be adjusted just a little, specifically Legendary to Ultimate morph. There is definitely something wrong with the Daevanion Smugglers. After doing 12 FM runs on 3 different toons, we came across it 4 times and in all 4 times it dropped nothing. Empty corpse. It's very frustrating and I believe that's unacceptable. You can improve this by either having it spawn much more often or remove the idea of empty smuggler. I shouldn't be forced to level up alts, gear them a little and run instances in hopes I get one spawned but end up with nothing. Getting Daevanion skills shouldn't be such a dreadful task, in Russia they have decreased the skill box in their GST from 200 to 50. Maybe we can try something like that too? Even if you log in every day to buy your gold ingots, you'd need approximately 2,5 months to gather 200 to buy the chest and get the same skill again. I've had that happen. I know you're aware of this, but you do need to adjust Luna pricing. Yes, 10 Luna = 10 Ncoin which gives off this Korea vibe, but in truth is, we're 10 times more expensive than ANY other region. Bring back PvP enchantment stones to Luna craft or add up permanent mounts and/or skins. Speaking of skins, update the GST skin list and bring back the original Korean version. We get Korean things that's p2w but not the skins? That's how you know we're off terrible.
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