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    @Cyan @Hime looking at other region of SAME event, we see our huge different on reward https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/188072053 Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone Ancient PvP Enchantment Stone Fighting Spirit Fragment this is just a few. After almost 8 month of patchs we STILL havent got a good event for gear pvp. At begin of patch u said u wouldnt have this kinda event due to how patch works,but most of the p2w players have got their pvp gear full ulti around +10 to +15. While the normal players even with red gear its low enchantment, duo to the lack of content to get it. Could u guys add those to the event? Or add on next event? With a decent prize on npc. Take in mind RU-EU to make those events please. Because lately ours is kinda meh compare to them thank u for ur time
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    I doubt he intentionally did it. Most likely he landed wrong page...
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    There used to be a thread before where people would post skins they wanted in the BCM and sometimes the person in charge of it would actually add some of them. I didn't feel like necro'n the old post so I made a new one. I would like it if some (or all) of these made it into the BCM (or events, tbh): Elroco Hat - [item: 125040235] Eli's Uniform - [item: 110901645] - This was in there before, please re-add it. Eli's Hairstyle - [item: 125045876] Fishing Penguin Hat - [item: 125046002] Roly-poly Festival Hairpin - [item: 125060094] Sunseeker's Beachwear - [item: 110905163] Butterfly Gem Outfit - [item: 110901788] Small Butterfly Wings - [item/112000157] Eastern Gothic - [item: 110901131] Light Follower - [item: 110901770] Light Follower Lace - [item: 112000145] Moonlit Hanbok - [item: 110901732] Punk Rock - [item: 110905125] Striped Ballet Dress - [item: 110900137] Scarlet Waltz Dress - [item: 110000070] Scarlet Waltz Gloves - [item: 111000111] Scarlet Waltz Skirt - [item: 113000071] Scarlet Waltz Drapery - [item: 112000137] Scarlet Waltz Boots - [item: 114000111] Scarlet Waltz Hairpiece - [item: 125046158] Hippo: [item:190120077] The BCM is really lacking. Please do something about it. Thanks.
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    Hello, just to give everyone an update on these 2 quests. We're going to be swapping the resets for the quests (request was sent to the developers to swap it, so we are waiting for them to implement it). So the PvP one will become daily and the Lakrum Base quest will become weekly. Thank you.
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    There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, June 19, 2019 from 6:00 a.m. CDT / 11:00 CET. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Changes Routine website and server maintenance The Steel Rake Fortress will continue for 3 more weeks. The recipe list for Luna Crafting will be updated. Recipe costs have been reduced. Several cosmetic and functional items will be added. Added a recipe to the Special Tab to convert Luna Materials back into Luna at a reduced rate. Added recipes to morph Luna Materials and a new item, Transformation Essence, into Transformation Contracts of Normal, Greater or Ancient rarity. Normal and Greater contract boxes give a choice of contract. Ancient gives a random transformation. Transformation Essences can be obtained for free from the Black Cloud Marketplace, in the supply section. There is a weekly limit per account. Luna Materials will drop from bosses in end game instances. The the consumption and chest rewards for Munirunerk's Treasure Chamber in the Luna Shop will be updated. The Gold Sand Traders will be updated with new items. Several purchase limits have been increased and some prices have been reduced. Prestige Case contents will be refreshed. Prestige daily login rewards will be refreshed. They include bonus Transformation Essences. New prestige quests for Herelym Mine and The Veilenthrone will be added. The quest reward for Steel Rake Fortress will be changed to give out Still Shots instead of Ice Gems. Ice Gems will be removed from player inventories. Affected players will receive a game mail with the appropriate number of Still Shots within one week. GP will be reset and players will be awarded Gold Ingots. For more information visit here. Changed the Steel Rake Fortress reset item available from the Gold Sand Traders so it cannot be brokered. The version on the Black Cloud Marketplace is unchanged. Fixed an issue where it was possible to get stuck in terrain in Steel Rake Fortress. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Maintenance Images of the Week
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    Thanks to those that have left feedback so far. Keep sharing it and it will be sent up!
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    Thought I'd post some screenshots of the items I'm asking for. Sorry for the huge images, if I was home I would make them smaller instead of linking from Powerbook. Elroco Hat: Fishing Penguin Hat: Butterfly Gem Outfit: Eastern Gothic: Light Follower: Moonlit Hanbok: Punk Rock: Striped Ballet Dress: Scarlet Waltz: Hippo:
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    we need permanent mounts, those of 5 days are very limited, they should put back the mounts of the moon at least
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    "What the hell happened to the appearance of the Blade & Sou-- oh never mind, wrong forum."
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    Very nice VERY NICE VERY NICE The GST is still low on skins compared to KR but at least it's only slightly better. The fact you added Ancient xform for craft is a GOOD choice you've made. I was about to quit Aion overall. AND LOOK! Furniture, wallpapers, other skins in Luna for craft! Now that my friend, is some gud shit.
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    bUt aLl tHe pEoPle iN tHe tOp 30 aRe gEaReD pLaYeRs tHeY cAn'T pOsSiBlY bE fiXiNg tHeiR mAtChEs ????????????????
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    Those are not the EU rewards... EU rewards were pretty much the same, they got some extra temporary Pirate costumes and their mount was only 30 days (for 600 coins) while ours is seemingly permanent for 3000 coins.
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    This is an actual screenshot of the Kaisinel transform as it is presented in-game.
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    fOr yOuR InFoRmAtIoN We sAvEd kT SeRvEr, Be gRaTeFuL!
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    I beg your pardon... you've already been compensated for losing your chosen name. Original KT players should not be punished.
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    Aw, EK is upset about their names?
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    After going thru all changes, I am overall very happy with all the changes to the luna. I expected you to stick it to us for the luna mat to luna recipe but I for one find that recipe very cheap and a great deal though I rather save all my mats for kinah boxes but it does present options on resetting instances on characters that I would never actually buy luna on. The only recipe that seems way off to me is the ancient transform recipe. 25 luna lights to craft just an ancient is ridiculously high amount which might have been more in line with the game at the launch of 6.0 when nobody had ancient transforms but we are well past that point.
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    @Cyan Just a suggestion ..but there are 11 classes in the game at the moment and we can only have a max of 8 characters per account. Can we at least have a max of 11 character slots so we can have 1 per class for the people who enjoying having alts ? This is only gonna get more painful when painter comes out and i have to delete another toon to make one
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    On BNS its 400 Ncoin for a character slot i would pay that easily
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    I have never understood this way of thinking with respect to the skills of the other classe, such as the SM's fear, that is a big advantage for them in pvp, of course it is, just like hide is for sins and rangers, or the ability of clerics chanters to be able to heal themselves, Each class has something that gives them an advantage over others, you just have to learn how to minimize that advantage and maximize yours.
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    I would LOVE the following: Rentus Base skins Rebel Sorcerer’s / Spiritmaster’s / Bard’s Rebel Ranger’s / Assassin’s / Gunner’s Rebel Cleric’s / Chanter’s Rebel Templar’s / Gladiator’s Please get these up ASAP. I always loved The Reian Tribe style <3
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    Also Hair Ribbon: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/125040082 . The accessory that has been in the game since 2.5 and has shown up in the stores everywhere except ours for ???reasons???. Gives your character a neat braid, like so:
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    Can't wait for all the calls for a new server for 7.0 cause, "Taiwan did it!" Followed by NCWest indeed opening a new server after initially saying they weren't going to. Followed by said new server dying in 2 weeks. Followed by frantic calls for a merge. Followed by a merge. That's what I'm looking forward to.
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    Some people noticed that NC changed their AS terms, and some points of the text includes "hints" about IP changes.. what usually occurs when you share your account, but also when you use a Ping Reductor, or simply use a Notebook connection on different networks. I've made this post to turn public the question because this kind interest tons of players. Since May early, we have been banned due the ping reduction program usage. I'm guess everyone understand this is necessary and some bans are for real to prevent people of boting, hacking, gold selling and whatever. But all this stuff tell us that since now, this rules gonna be implemented drastically, and we gonna start to have more incoming account bans. @Cyan can you please give us a follow up about this??? This KINDA sounds like NC telling everyone outside of USA (or far away from servers) that we can't play this game anymore.
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    Yea, I got a GM response pretty quick and they are going to send my character one. ! So instead of being declawed with a black eye...I will just be declawed..Ehehe
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    There was even stuff to do in 5.x and that's considered a bad patch lol. 6.x just takes the cake on the crap scale.
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    Good lord. Some people have never scrubbed toilets or worked retail or waited tables, and it shows. If you receive a formatted response to a ticket that you feel doesn't apply to your situation, usually all you need to do is offer a follow-up reply with additional information regarding your unique circumstances. You can also request speaking to a senior GM who might have a more in-depth understanding of the game. There is never ever ever any excuse to yell or swear at or deride an employee who is just trying to do their job as instructed. Like, there's a long, long precedent of cosmetic items in Aion being character locked; I've heard so many stories about players wanting the old event exclusive pets and Wonder Girl dances on their new mains and the answer is always a no. It's actually super nice that this skin got moved over- especially after your little hissy fit- so here's hoping you said thank you or at least think the raw emotional release was worth it. 'Cause customer support teams will absolutely make note of your account if you're a jerk, and your future tickets are gonna get moved to the bottom of the queue at this rate.
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    For sure they saved my wallet lmao! Selling shiet X 3 more expensive now to those compensated rich boys, going to hit 5B soon btw WTS Pure_Void_Dragon_King's_Weapon_Box 16K Ncoin special offer for Ereshkipaypals
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    I agree. Mounts should be permanent. And furthermore, Mounts you buy from the BC Store should be account wide. In nearly every other MMO I play when I buy a mount with real money I only need to buy it once, then maybe (only in some) pay for or earn a small unlocking fee then it can be claimed by any character I have on the same account. Aion is the only MMO I play where this isn't so, and mounts are per character only. This practice has always seemed unfair to me as I mostly use the same mount/s on each character and have had to buy the same mounts over and over again for each of them. One of which is no longer available since 6.0 release tho I hope it will be added back in at a later date
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    Of course, it's such a useless waste of materials! Also I don't like the way they look - NONE of them! Please give back permanent and beautiful mounts, such as Sharptooth Voidtracer (+Ripper, Bloodletter Mauler on BCM), Sleek Hovercycle, Unicorn, Executioner's Steed, Afterburner, Chromanimbus.
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    Let's just make sure that we all have this straight. You rolled on EK.. the -new- server. EK folded. To compensate you for everything you would lose (names included), you were given: 50x Transformation Contract (62 Types) [129 NCoin/contract.. total 6450 NCoin] 1x Ancient Transformation Contract (18 Types) [approx 17 runs of the current event - 2720 NCoin] 1x 30-day Prestige Pass [1200 NCoin] 1x Daevanion Skill Box (10 Types) [approx 25 runs of the current event - 4000 NCoin] 10x Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones [2100 Ncoin] 10x Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones [5x 10 Anc PvP Stones bundle - 17000 NCoin*] 3x Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stones [3150 Ncoin*] 3x Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stones [25500 NCoin*] 5x Stigma Enchantment Stones [935 NCoin] 250,000,000 Kinah 250 Gold Ingots [325,000,000 kinah**] 4,000 Luna [4000 NCoin] * not including the kinah cost for other materials to morph ** would take a normal player almost 3 months buying 3 each day Despite being given over $750 worth of NCoin items and over half a billion kinah worth of other items, you are going to pitch a fit because you can't call yourself BoatyMcBoatFace? Are we understanding this correctly?
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    A lot of the people on my friends list these days are new and returning players- so I feel like something about 6.0 is drawing people in, and keeping them around. Using transformation scrolls is basically the same as using a bunch of scrolls in previous patches; I know I would use casting, running, crit spell, and strike/magic resist at all times in 5.8 so having all of that (and more) in one scroll is pretty handy. And personally I don't mind the transformation system because so many people were using fennec fox candies in previous patches and didn't look like themselves anyhow. What I really super appreciate is that you can use transparent scrolls to get all of those sweet candy-esque stats, but with your lovingly designed character in action. I pretty much only use the regular scrolls if I have a candy popped underneath it. (Would rather look like Veille than a fat panda y'know.) Transparent scrolls still aren't as cheap as I wish they were, but they've been increasingly easy to acquire. I stockpile a lot from running Luna instances on my alts, and the latest maintenance has made Lunas more worthwhile to run than ever. All this to say- I really hope you and your friends give 6.0 another try, and see how you feel after getting some higher tier transforms unlocked and popping a transparent scroll to utilize 'em! (Seriously, the high running speed from Legendary transforms is so freaking fun, I promise you you'll love it! )
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    there's literally another thread about this right below your thread. exact same topic??????
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    NA Luna Crafting Recipes (2019-06-19) Alternative version (No links to item database site)
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    Aside from the class displayed right under their names, you can clearly see who actually played a SM recently and fully, and who did not. Those who didn't really like to hype it up, and it shows. Idek why there are leathers here complaining with their 3+ resists that takes 4 whole seconds to burn off with our 2.2 atk speed. Jeez, I wish I had 3+ evades. Lmao, like I really wish SM are as OP as this thread is making them. @NCsoft Maybe start by making our fears affected by cast speed, because they aren't.
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    The one being stupid is you You can literally end up with a sm in less than 3 seconds by simply using shadow walk and ambush adn you are complaining because the SM can use the fear skill on you just to counter attack you Next time you see a SM, use one of your hide skills, get close to it and ask them nicely not to use the fear skill on you because is not fair.
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    As I have already attested, you CAN finish with at very least 2 min left with a full CoE/Mirash geared character, saving all shugos and killing the last boss. I did it on Cleric, TEMPLAR and SW with CoE gear +2/+5. Read carefully what I said about how to do it and it's doable with every character. The only thing i haven't mentioned is that it's safer to clear near the fuel thingy first before going up to kill the boss. Clear the mobs on the area where you are going to jump down to get on the robot first, lock the tower so the mobs don't spawn anymore, then move up to lure the boss. It's important to clear all mobs that may aggro on the way so you don't have to worry about any mobs other than the boss. Another thing to note is that the mobs don't aggro other mobs on the top of the platform, they only aggro on YOU. So you can pull the bosses using some ranged dot/debuff (if possible) and the mobs near it wont aggro. Do not hit the boss once it's out of the room it spaws, or else it will reset instantly.
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    This is not saying that you can get 3 extra manastone slots, it is saying you need to enchant to +15 and open all 3 manastone slots to promote to the next level.
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    Ahh just logged into the game. Was trying to purchase extra steel rake bonus entry game with gold ingots. It doesn't allow us to buy. Nothing happens when you click purchase
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    OMG! I wasn't aware we were talking to someone that pays a whole $15/month! Damn, son! You are keeping the lights on for all of us! Everyone step back! Mr. Whale McMoneyBags is making demands! GET THIS MAN A NEW SERVER JUST FOR HIM WHERE HE CAN TAKE ALL THE NAMES RIGHT NOW! P.S. In all seriousness. You might want to save your $15 and put it away for a computer that isn't a toaster.
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    Asking a third time isn't gonna make it happen. Your six months on a mistake server doesn't erase someone's potential ten years of a name. You got compensated handily for your loss. +1 to post count.
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    Once you have your slaves working the bosses you can alt tab every 15 to 19 minutes and loot 6 corpses so its 99% afk
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    I know, but I shared the case because this is part of several changes that are happening with the game and as a result the AION is getting empty. It is likely that someone at NCS will tell shareholders that AION is empty due to changes in the gaming market, but that's not it. This is not true. The AION is getting empty because the decisions made by Korea and NCS go in the opposite direction of what the community wants. Let me give you examples: Everyone said, asked, suggested, insisted, shouted, cried, begged, and even humiliated themselves for the NCS to provide an alternative to the transformations and to reduce the price of SHARD, but all were emphatically ignored. Most customers do not want these transformations. The transformations definitely disfigure the AION. They have destroyed the cosmetic system and visual connection with the game, with everything that makes you unique. We all want to be unique, we all want to be recognized, different ... So most do not want transformations, but if transformations are inevitable because of Korea, make it optional. Offer the <Transparent Transformation Scroll> free or with many hours of CD. Understand this now. What the customer wants is what matters. What the customer wants is what needs to be done. Everyone agrees that AION was by abandoning the original theme in version 6. The AION today is like the BATWOMAN video. A real disaster. Why? When you go to the movies to see a Ninja movie, martial arts, you expect to see the Ninja in martial arts fights and not a movie about ballroom dancing. You will not go into a comedy movie to see a drama movie. You do not go to a barbecue or a club in a suit and do not go to a swimsuit graduation. Is this so difficult to understand? We are not PETS, we are DAEVAS. Angels of Wings. If you de-characterize a work. If you destroy customer expectation. If you divide your audience, the chance of your business becoming a failure is enormous. People have been asking for a lot of things for a long time and the worst has happened. With each new update we have a bad, negative surprise in the game. You do not believe? Let's remember ... First came the 6th version with several horrible changes. End of the Broker, transformations, spells that do not work, imbalance and etc. The game had already been decharacterized with the change from the adult theme to a children's theme. We had the inclusion of different classes like Gunner and Aether, then came the animations and bizarre skills that distort the game. They implemented the arenas, pets, minios, transformations, ridiculous mounts and unbalance of the classes. Difficulty leveling (level 75), item destruction while enchanting, and so on. Worse .... End of the SIEGES free, organized. Weakening of the cooperative game, of the legions ... No more leaders or organization. As if the content errors created by Korea were not enough NCS needed to collaborate negatively. There were several bugs that started with first merge and followed up on each new update, but I'll shorten the story. When the AION 6.0 came to NCS gave a set (Ultimate) to several people creating an even greater distance between players. Some became OVP and they were without objetive in the game whereas the majority of the players needed to look for this new set that was almost impossible to obtain because of the incantations. In fact, they keep trying until today. If the discourse of version 6 was the return to the origins and the balance. What happened was the opposite. The AION had the biggest imbalance in its entire history. AION is no longer a question of skill but of GEAR. NCS should not have given anything away. There was already an equipment difference in version 5.8. I know that many do not agree with me, especially those who have received the (ultimate) equipment for free, but when you run a business you need to look at the whole and not at the individualities. If any decision in a business is.. divides the community between liked and disliked, if there is such a break near 50% or most are next to those who do not like then your business is on the wrong way. My God, this is so obvious. Either you do something that pleases the absolute majority or you are on the wrong way. It's simple. Another problem. Every new update on AION is a problem. Because? Because we know that something bad will happen. Nowadays we are absolutely sure that the next UPDATE will make AION worse. It is for this reason that many defend the return of version 4.x. Unfortunately instead of NCS focusing on the problems of the game and the players' request what did the NCS do? Let's pull in memory ... It unnecessarily opened another server, increased the difficulties in the instances, nerfou some classes, created a GP and AP BUG, reset the ranking, decreased the development and support team, became more rigid and harsh, banned players using Proxy and etc. I ask you ... It is good to this moment in game? The game is falling, people are leaving, so what is the meaning of these actions? Why are they banning people using Proxy now? You see, I've been here for 10 years, I've always used a proxy and I've never been banned in my entire life. Why now? Well, If you like this game... We need to be realistic, we need to speak the truth. FACT: The changes made by Korea and the NCS decisions (in the USA) are together destroying the AION community. People are abandoning the game and if we do not talk about it at some point it will be too late. I saw that last quarter revenue remained at 12.xxx, but maybe the next quarter is even worse. The change in NCOINS purchases for up to 12 hours is absurd. If game management continues in that same line of decisions soon AION will no longer be financially sustainable and then it will be END GAME for everyone. I believe that by the end of 2019 there will be a merge between KT and DN. Whoever stays will see ...
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    It's not a matter of -can- get you banned, it will get you banned irreversibly. No matter what you do, they will lock your account forever and likely erase it if you do a charge back
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    Ok, have you actually touched the class? Pet shield that last for 20s is useless now because Pets are so outdated, they die in 2 hits; they still have pre-80 stats. Our linked stigma buff (recently from 1min cd to 3 min cd -- gg if you die/get stripped) is the ONLY buff we truly even have at this point, unlike sorcs and almost every other class which can stack buff bars so tall, they reach the moon. You think fear itself is OP; sure if AT has it. Sure if ranger or sorc or sin has it. Because they have high burst output that can kill you in a few seconds. SMs don't. They didn't pair DoTs with fear together without a reason when they made the game. An equally geared sm cannot possibly kill you in a mere few seconds, even if you just stand there. Also, maybe you should seek mentorship from a good sorc. I've had sorcs that rekt me even when I jumped them once they manage to throw in a sleep. Sleeping is literally your golden ticket to setup if you know what you're doing. I've lost 75% hp the moment I wake up from sleep with a silence buried. Your mobility isn't the best (welcome to the mage club) but it doesn't mean your class can't pvp. Edit: If you're blaming more than half the classes for being "broken", maybe you should reevaluate your class choice; clearly, you're not very proficient at it yet.
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    But he saved our server, and that takes precedence over seniority!
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    Gideon running away when he sees us with our pitchforks on the forums.
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    Had a sorc on DN-E win the anomos bow yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised if they vendored it tbh. Personally I don't think we should get an event for these weapons, you're talking about the only extendable weapon in this patch. It should be difficult for melee classes to get. The last thing I want to see is the cancer of every glad on the server having an extendable weapon.
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