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    Hello all, During the January 16 maintenance we will be implementing additional changes to the enchanting system to help ease your upgrading process. Have a look below to see what’s changed. First, we’ve moved forward the higher success enchanting rates from the future 6.5 patch to our current version. This means after the maintenance some of your enchanting attempts will have a higher chance to succeed. Secondly, we’ve implemented new morphing recipes to obtain higher tier Enchantment Stones. You’ll be able to convert Ancient and Legendary PvE/PvP enchantment stones into higher tiers using the various required morphing materials found in the Morphing Substances Menu. You’ll find a new item required for these new morphs named Borunerk’s Gem. Obtaining these Gems can be done though purchasing Borunerk’s Coins with Kinah off the Golden Sand Traders. Clicking on one of these coins will remove 20 million experience you’ve gained from your experience bar to yield one Borunerk’s Gem. Also, when you open the Legendary or Ultimate Enchantment Stone bundles received through these new morphing recipes, you’ll have a chance to receive a bonus enchantment stone, or a chance to receive a bonus Ultimate Enchantment Stone when opening the Legendary Enchantment Stone Bundle. Thank you for sharing your feedback and please continue to keep sharing! We hope these changes help you on our Daevic journey.
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    What team? And haven't you guys been on holiday this whole time?
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    To address some questions before they're asked: Next week's maintenance will include the 6.5 enchantment rate improvements. Shard's pricing in the Golden Sand Traders will be lowered soon (either next maintenance or the one after). Additional enchantment system improvements will be coming shortly. We have additional changes coming outside of this including another event this month but will share details as they are more finalized. Thank you.
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    I and many friends, we are waiting for this day to almost 1 month, the day would be the perfect time for a patchnotes. According to all the information that Cyan has given us, in the patchnotes of 1/8 would be the date we will have information about the game's rate and improvements... Enough of paying attention to a mobile that will probably fail in less than 6 months... We want answers ... we want attention we want respect If we do not have answers tomorrow (1/8) the population of the game will be reduced once again, I do not say this by my opinion but the majority of the people who are tired of suffering without a game development, stopped in time because it can not put a item +15 So be careful what you post tomorrow, remember that we are united against this abandonment that you gave to the game Ty all.
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    It's almost as though many of us predicted this would happen, only to be yelled at by a few who threatened to quite the game were there not another server opened.
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    It's 10 Ancient for the Legendary morph and 5 Legendary for the Ultimate Morph. I took an example screenshot from the Legendary PvP morph, you'll see the rest in game tomorrow.
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    That's not how discourse works, lol. You post to a public forum, you're going to get responses that may or may not agree with you. No, all three servers should not merge together. DN and KT aren't that badly off. Only EK has pulled exactly what happened to Kahrun and Beritra (surprise!). The other two servers still have a somewhat functional population that I'd rather not combine into one megaserver any time soon. The siege lag on KT is intense any time I've gone. I don't need your other two servers added in just because your server is a travesty. All the new server was was a place for NCsoft to farm easy, short-term money from the p2w whales who blew god knows how much RL cash on outgearing everyone in the first two weeks of the server. The cover of "it's a nice place for new and returning players to roll" is the biggest troll of all time. Now your new/returning players can join a ded server or pray that NCsoft will merge them into an oh-so-geared server Soon(tm). (see how long that takes) And I guess the whales blowing up the normal people on EK until they got bored/the other faction quit is what constitutes a challenge these days. And maybe crying about being killed in cross-server PvP instances.
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    So now along with all the pre existing issues in this patch, the daily luna box is bugged again. Just posting to let you know @Cyan. P.s I think you guys should probably fix shards first though otherwise the player base is gonna start a revolution.
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    and this has been another useful post ty so much for sharing not sure what I ever would of done with my day if not for this top tier post from you. 10 of 10
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    I'm working with ancient memories here so sorry for being vague but it's under 20k from what I remember. It's not going to be anywhere near it is currently. Event items used to be removed way back in the day. We will be doing that once again for some future events.
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    Again you pick a comment of the role topic and change the subject. Its not a about blame, or what game is taking attention. Its about Aion Community. Just stop. Ppl want to be respected, for their time, for their money, for their feedback, and for been a part of a community and not a slather house.
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    Contaminated Underpath / Hell Pass Single Fire Cannon / Rapid Fire Cannon (1 Bright Aether) - Successive Shooting / Repeated Shot 14000 fixed damage 30m range Fires once every 3 seconds approximately Single target Area Antiaircraft Gun / Artillery (2 Bright Aether) - Bombing / Bombardment 25000 fixed damage 20m range Fires once every 7 seconds approximately Fireball (circle) AOE with 4m radius, hits up to 5 enemies Single Shot Aethercannon / Powerful Aether Cannon (2 Bright Aether) - Electric Shock 44000 fixed damage 20m range Fires once every 4 seconds approximately Single target
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    I hear calling the CEO and crying works well.. at least on the small scale.
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    There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, January 16, 2019 from 6:00 a.m. CST / 13:00 CET to 8:45 a.m. CST / 16:45 CET. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. Changes Routine website and server maintenance. Fruit Harvest event will begin. You can find full event details here. The price of the Shard Bundle in the Golden Sand Traders will be greatly reduced and its purchase limit will be removed. The Enchantment System will receive some changes. You can find more details here. Morphing recipes will be added that allow for the promotion of Ancient and Legendary enchantment stones to higher tiers. Added Borunerk's Coin Bundles to the Gold Sand Traders. Borunerk's Coins can be transformed into Borunerk's Gems, a crafting material for Enchantment Stone promotion. Enchantment rates for Ancient and Legendary gear will be increased. Ultimate gear is not affected. The new rates match the planned changes from the 6.5 update. An issue where the Luna Material Box was not available will be fixed. Exchange quests for arena Victory Insignias will become available. Please note that some quest objectives may be modified in the future to provide a better experience for these quests. Local Time will now be displayed alongside Game Time and Server Time and can be viewed by mousing over the icon on the lower-right corner of the compass. An issue where the extractability of some gear was incorrectly changed in a previous update will be fixed. An issue where some Artifact buffs in Lakrum were not giving the correct stats will be fixed. An issue where some resurrection items were accessible in the Crucible Spire will be fixed. An issue where some UI in the Crucible Spire was not working correctly will be fixed. An issue where Daevanion skills could change incorrectly when a different weapon is equipped in specific situations will be fixed. Quest target mobs will be added to Bastion of Souls so the quest Eliminate Harvesters Drakan Protection Officers can be completed in one play through. An issue where the trade timer on rare loot was not displaying will be fixed. An issue where Bestial Fury listed an incorrect range will be fixed. Some item descriptions will be changed to be clearer. The message that occurs when a boost pack is close to running out will be changed. Various text and localization issues will be fixed. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Maintenance Images of the Week
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    Really ? Really ? I think that if ncsoft gives everybody ultimate +15, there would still be people complaining in forum post.
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    Berdin's Stars exist for the sole purpose of making us laugh with our friends in Discord/TS when we're unlucky enough to get them.
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    @Cyan This is a good start to improving progression but I suggest raising the 100 coin cap as it seems to mean only 10 more legendary enchants per week. I've been super active this patch. Easily much more than the norm. I attend most sieges so I have the highest GP on EK-elyos and I do my 2 pvp instances pretty much every day with high win rate. Before this change I was on pace to be full +15 ultimate genesis crystal by March 2021. With this additional 10 legendary/week it will only reduce it to August 2020. In Korea, 3 months into 6.0 patch when 6.2 released the players at the front of the gear curve were full +15 legendary genesis crystal /+0 ultimate. 6 months in with 6.5 the norm was full +10-+15 ultimate genesis crystal. We are way behind this pace which is causing two massive problems making the population evaporate. 1) Progression is dominated by RNG. Not AP, not the other mats. I have so much AP waiting I could instantly make 6 ultimate pieces as well as huge stacks of the other required mats. The problem is all of these materials are farmable at an uncapped rate (AP gain is really bad in world pvp but it's still farmable) except the enchantment stones. So the only rate-limited resource for progression is ALSO the only one at the mercy of RNG. This is a really terrible design. For example, if using AP or fighting spirit fragments was the RNG element it would be much better because you can always farm AP/fragments harder to make up for bad RNG. But since farming legendary pvp stones are effectively capped, if you reach that cap you cannot make up for bad RNG by farming harder but instead you have to wait (AKA log off the game to try against next day/siege/whatever)... until the year 2020 or you quit due to the futility. 2) This patch has the largest gear disparity AND the most gear-based pvp in the history of the game. The difference between a full legendary gear vs full ultimate gear player is unwinnable. This is made 100x worse due to giving players compensation gear that was supposed to be temporary while everyone farmed their replacement genesis crystal sets. Again, by this time on the KR servers 3 months in fewer people were using compensation gear as they were able to progress past it in a timely manner. This patch was balanced with endgame in mind (endgame being full +15 ultimate genesis crystal). Currently, we are playing in a state that the devs didn't consider balancing. For example, heals are incredibly OP right now as healing starts off strong but scales less than damage as you approach +15 ultimate. At endgame, they converge to a point where it is more balanced. The massive difference between ancient>legendary>ultimate tiers was also not an issue in Korea because the first two tiers were not considered endgame and it was expected to progress past them quickly before the imbalance wore people down and quit. tldr: So that being said, you guys adding this system to morph legendary/ultimate stones is great. Speeding up progression is probably the biggest improvement we need imo. The only problem is tweaking this system or improving other sources of enchant stones to ensure we can reach the intended endgame in a reasonable amount of time. 100 coins -> 10 legendary enchant stones a week will not be enough.
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    I am finally trully happy with a maintenance since october 24th. Thanks god nc employees finally put on the effort they can on the game.
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    Holy shit Cyan, this is nyerking legit. Is there a cap per week for the coins?
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    This is a step in the right direction, thanks.
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    Then go play there? Here is the thing, Mr Expert. You may be the expert on EK, but some of us have been playing this game since launch. We have seen and dealt with a lot of really nyerk poor decisions by NCWest. Anyone else remember the "Month of Free Transfers" right after the first server mergers? The thing that was supposed to be 4 weeks of unlimited server transfers so we could check out each server and decide where we wanted to call our new homes? But don't worry! NCWest staff was closely monitoring race balance and assured us that evvvvvvverything would be just fine, even though we knew exactly what would happen. Every single freaking Asmodian would transfer to New Vizal and every Elyos on New Vizal would transfer off and the really horrible race balances would just get worse. Guess what?! Every single freaking Asmodian transferred to New Vizal and every Elyos transferred off and they locked down those transfers after one week and trapped everyone on those poop-hole, imbalanced servers.. and that was back when we had to buy the game -and- pay a monthly sub to play. How about the mergers where names were "first come first serve" and they assured us that no one would steal our names.. names that some paid extra when they bought the game so that they could reserve those names? How about when they decided to open the Beritra server because flocks and flocks of players were going to suddenly appear when they put the game back on Steam and we warned them that the server would just end up pulling players from the old servers, leaving them empty, until those players got over the new-car-smell of BR and left to return to their old server leaving BR a ghost town.. requiring yet another merge? We knew exactly what would happen with EK and warned the staff.. who assured us that they had learned their lesson and that they had no plans to open a new server. But you, Mr. Expert, got your way and open a new server they did. And then less than a month later EK players are crying about the severe pay2win and getting their teeth kicked in not only from all that legacy gear you seem so concerned with during cross server instances but also in open world with players that thought nothing of dropping $5k in a -week- in order to get +9 stigmas, 10 to 15 dredg runs every vuln and complete sets of crafted PvP gear for them and their buddies. And now you all are crying for a merge because your server population has fallen. Gee. If what happened on EK didn't effect any of the rest of us, we wouldn't give a poop. But it does. WHEN your ill-conceived server gets so tiny that it forces NCWest to consider a merge, we are the ones that will pay the price because you wanted a PTS server and apparently couldn't find the one you just linked.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said here. If they truly want to minimize the damage they have already caused, they would allow everyone to transfer off of EK for free and then close the farce server down without a second thought. Any toon that doesn't meet the deadline to transfer off could be forcefully transferred to one of the existing servers, and then given a free transfer ticket to use at a later date if they so wish. Unfortunately, NCWest has proven time and time again that they do not have the playerbase's best interest at heart. I personally do not want to see another server merge. EVER. I hate all the confusion and I detest the fact veteran players end up losing their names and houses. Obviously, if it came down to merging DN and KT or closing the game down for good, I would likely reconsider my position. However, with the haphazard way the game is being managed now, another major merge would only push us that much closer to the edge of crisis.
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    We used to have "double xp weekends" and the like way back when.. when we didn't have events very often. Would be nice to get things like that back again since we are moving to a lesser number of events. Not double xp, since leveling is so easy to do. But perhaps crafting buffs, enchanting buffs, drop rate buffs and the like. P.S. Oh! Anyone else remember 1 Kinah Soul Healing weekends? Or 1 Kinah Teleport weekends? Those could be fun, too! How about 1 Kinah Stigma Changing weekend! (a clerics dream!)
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    It will be significantly lower than it is now with unlimited purchasing.
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    They have been back in the office 2 days now so you can expect Jack shit tomorrow and Jack left town for another mmo.
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    like the title says, wtf is going on? it's like they just abandoned us without even saying nyerk you all! holidays are clearly over, there are soo many issues with the game, i dont even think they know where to begin fixing things. This bullshit "talking with the devs" isnt gonna cut it anymore. We need to start seeing some changes being implemented into the game, and yesterday!!! 3 months of shit with no changes in sight. nearly a week of luna being nyerked, and still havent even fixed that. SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR!! but ofc, we're "screwed" out of few shitty things worth crafting in luna anyway. the player base is shit, i wouldnt be surprised if they're are 200 ppl on across the 3 servers, unless it's siege time.. and even then, they just log on and half go afk, cuz there is no point in even doing anything. Reset days are a joke, within 2-3 hrs, all instances are on cd. what, they plan to $5-$10 us to death, to buy luna to do more PvE runs?... lmao..Go back to where instances reset every other day... give more entries to adrege id, something.. grow a pair, admit you nyerked up, be responsible, and FIX YOUR SHIT!! im sorry, any other company, had a product failing, and they actually cared about it, best believe their asses would be pulling overtime, extra shifts, what ever it took to fix their product, so it's selling again. you guys, are just adding fuel to the raging inferno by not even saying anything to people. when someone feels ignored by someone, they move on, they dont sit around and wait for you to give them attention, which is exactly what is happening here, ppl are leaving every day, i promise you the "new players" coming, does not balance out the ppl leaving. Sure, it was the holidays, but im pretty sure way things are going, your "benefit package" for employees does not cover 2 full weeks of paid time off over the holidays. All the "old players" that everyone is saying are the only ones keeping the game alive (me being one of them) are getting fed up with this "shell" of a game. you play for 2 hrs, and you can see this game not only in player base, but content feels sooooo "incomplete" . and it's not like they're not around. im seeing posts on the forums (dont be surprised if this one dont) getting locked. they're around. they are hiding cuz they are "ashamed" to even show face here anymore, other regions are even implementing "incentives" to try and keep ppl playing, while we're STILL LEFT IN THE nyerkING DARK!
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    Accidentally have low prices for Tiamaranta event --> NCWest fixes it within 1 day Having broken enchant rates, broken drop rates --> NCWest:... there are known issues Having no events at all, or broken event rewards --> NCWest: works as intended, we dislike events.
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    Aion needs more REAL events, not the log in with 30 toons everyday and get your free stuff.
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    Theres no official announcement about an "epic patchnotes" or something to be posted tomorrow, but yeah, I agree with the topic. I dont remember when was the last time we got a REAL patch notes with REAL changes in the game.. the feeling is of total abandonment by the staff, devs and whoever related to NCWest. Im already didnt renew my prestige since half december, and Im starting to wonder if it is still feasible to play at this rate.
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    I want to play Aion, I really do. But I just...can't bring myself to. I hate the transformation system SO MUCH. I hate how the new gear works (Can't upgrade one of my weapons because I will lose attack speed). I hate that NCsoft gave compensation gear based on what people had previously, something that's never been done in the past, for good reason. I love Aion, I really do, I've loved this game since September 2009, back when there were 200+ people all jammed into the little garden area next to the witch's in Ishalgan all desperately clicking at ribbits hoping they'd find Rae. But 5.8 through to 6.2 have just been...so -bad-. I didn't really like much in 5.X (Pandy siege, BoS and rifting were it, really. Oh, and Ereshkigal's design). And now 6.X and this GOD FORSAKEN DUMB ASS TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM. Just give me back my nyerking run/attack/crit/flight scrolls and throw out the nyerking piece of shit furry bullshit. If I wanted to see idiots running around in animal costumes I'd go to a nyerking furry convention.
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    Hopefully ncsoft's new years resolution is to remember they have north american servers and actually fix the game.
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    (I wouldn't mind seeing transfers out with an eventual forced transfer with server shutdown, where the only people affected are EK people)
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    This is how bad I feel for EK. Aaaaaaaaand it's gone.
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    Wow this is riveting, ground breaking stuff I simply cannot wait to get more info on this. I mean all treacherous spying scum need to be swiftly and firmly dealt with, clearly this is the number 1 issue in a 9 year old game. Please by all means keep us up to date on all the latest news as this top story na develops. Literally sitting on edge of my seat waiting for more. Great Job 10 of 10
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    Every sane person: "This server is gonna die in a month" *server dies in a month* EK players:
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    we need pvp enchantment stones in events yes and please thanks
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    It's to late... My entire legion has quit and the leaders have updated the legion message explaining that the patch is so bad they have moved to another game. Most people who do log in are coming just for sieges to get GP and then they log out tell next week or next siege. It was a fun game way back when but it's definitely time to put this game out to pasture. RIP AION!
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    Just to see how the new leveling is, I started a new character. As I leveled, I did get a new pair of wings from a drop. Combat stats only, no increase in flight/glide time. I agree, we do need wings with flight/glide time boosts as well as combat boosts.
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    it is necessary and important to try, we can not simply accept all of this without at least expressing our indignation, or we will continue to be treated in this way, after all, the one who is silent is because he is not bothered.
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    OK I had like 6020 snowflake crystals to combine and make 602 snowballs (had them from last year's snow ball event), I got 2x from the NPC and another 6 or something from being online since I am a prestige user. That is close to 610 snowballs. From these I got 10x +10 snowballs only, which is far worse than last years RNG. opening these gave me the below rewards. So my advice is if you are RNG lucky, go open them, if not sell those +10 prisms while they sell for 50~70m (depends on server and function) because within a week these prisms will sell for like 10m each when people realize the rewards are another joke played on us but NCFail
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    when you're that bad at pvp'ing ppl the same level as you so you go to low level areas to kill elyos with 20k hp, no pvp att/defense, and very bad stats honestly don't know why you'd do that, aion's already dying, you're basically killing off new players in DN-elyos obviously you're too weak to pvp your own lvl
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    I'm having an existential crisis with Aion. All I do is level to 80, and fart around Lakrum doing the same quests and sieges, over and over again. Is this all there is to Aion? Part of the fun I've had with Aion is the JOURNEY, not the end in itself. I enjoyed taking my time, exploring new areas, but that seems to be discouraged. It's the push to (BANG!) level up, (BANG!), level up again, until you crash into your level 80 wall. It's a shame the power gamers and twinksters insist on having their high-level toys "NOW!", instead of taking their time and enjoying the scenery.
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    I support a petition. Do we have a list of complaints and suggestions? I know how to write a business letter. I suggest we enlist the help of Cyan and Hime and keep them in the loop.
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    I think people who voted for new server already quit.
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