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    (also is there any ETA for 6.5?)
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    While we are on the topic of transparent transformation scrolls, I would like to propose this image for next week's maintenance pictures:
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    @Cyan @Gideon Make it happen, give your players a reason to spend real money on cosmetics. People of Aion, please take my image and begin a new era of shardposting--I mean, scrollposting. [EDIT: Direct link for the image: https://i.imgur.com/k9WKZ8m.png pass it on]
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    @Cyan Ditto -- I feel like you all(Whoever is in charge of making changes to Aion's in game problems) are missing an important message from the community about the transparent transformation scroll. Aion has such vivid and creative ways to customize characters. There are SO MANY of us who cannot stand the way the transforms look, and have been communicating this issue to you since the patch released. We don't want to be stuck with them 100% of the time. How do you not realize this is a staple of the Aion experience???? Why is it you cannot put a affordable ('new/average player affordable' not 'real cash shop only player') quality of life improvement like this into the game? We're not buying transparent xform scrolls out of your cash shop--we prefer to spend it on the contracts, costumes, and alternative ways to get kinah. Why is it you(Whoever I am sure its not an individual, and this message is not for one person either) at NCSoft taken this piece of the game away from a majority players and only made it available to those who can afford a scroll that is often ten times the price of the regular scroll, and made it far less accessible to everyone??? I don't know what the Korean player base says about the transforms, but so many do NOT like having to wear the same old xform skins day in and day out. Put your old armor skins you took away from us on the cash shop, allow us to run around in transparent scrolls, and watch your cash flow better! I am constantly explaining to new players they won't be able to enjoy their character customization at all until this is fixed. I am literally embarrassed to introduce my friends to this game on the premise they will have to spend the first part of their gaming experience in Aion as something like a penguin or polar bear. Even the legendary and up are acquired taste and rob the player of being able to be THEMSELVES in appearance. Come onnnnnnnn lets gets some news on this and let us enjoy our toons again the way it was originally designed! All it would take is affordable and readily available transparent transform scrolls! Why why why must we fight so hard for something like this????
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    Another day, another dollar not spent on skins because nobody can see them
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    I know that this topic will probably be closed because there are other discussions about the same issue going on, but wtf is the matter with you guys? Seriously. How do you expect to make money off of costumes if we can't see them? I have this amazing glowing-white dress that I can't see because 95% of the time I'm a freaking goat (or whatever is that Rotund transformation). Come on now. It's been 4 months. Want to milk some money? How about sell the transparent scrolls for the same price as normal scrolls on the kinah shop, and then put ALL OF THE SKINS THAT YOU POSSIBLY CAN on the cash shop for 200-400 NCoins? Of course that it wouldn't be your only income, but I for one would be buying a few skins that I love.
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    we need an update, we do not have it in the store yet for the players
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    What's the point to buy a skin if you can't see it? #GiveMeMyNormalAppearance
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    It's cute that you think I hate you. You amuse me, like a court jester. Bow before your queen, peasant.
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    I thought it was pretty heartless of them to let go of Gaile Gray In any case, it's poor taste to wish unemployment on anybody, even if you dislike them. We don't know what kind of restrictions Gideon (or any of the employees that interact with the community for that matter) had in doing his (their) job. I fault poor decision making by leadership for everything that has gone wrong with NC's games in the past few years. It's unfortunate that employees and players alike have to deal with the fallout.
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    @Cyan would it be possible to have the pvp windows and siege put back an hour? 11 PM EST for siege and 10 PM EST for PvP windows is just way too late for most weekday people. Moving it back an hour would be best. Thanks.
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    Right, so first and foremost: Or failing that- because heaven forbid anything on the Gold Sand Traders get updated- consider making transparent scrolls the result for when the dolls break. Regular transformation scrolls aren't any kind of reward and I'm just... trying not to think about the stupid gems being included on the rewards list. Transparents as the event consolation prize would be decent
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    Is this because you boys nerked up the faction balance more than it already was? Oh who are we kidding? You've never cared about balance. Also I have some of the most exclusive skins in the game and they're sitting in my warehouse gathering dust. Why? BECAUSE I CAN'T SEE THEM! You want us to spend $$ on the BCM? Then give us something worth buying. Give us TRANSPARENT SCROLLS by the nyerk-ton and load the BCM with skins. Not just a select rotation - ALL OF THEM! Let us buy the Legendary Daevanion skills. I'm certainly not gonna get them in game. Even when the shugo bothers to show up it doesn't drop anything. *flips desk* ...... ok. I'm calm now..... maybe...
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    EK died faster than BR? SHOCKING. No merge. Please. For the love of Aion. Don't destroy the other servers because EK was a mistake. Instead, please give the EK players 2 weeks to transfer for free to either of the other servers. After that period, force transfer all Elyos to DN and all Asmos to KT. Or force transfer all Elyos to DN outright and all Asmos to KT. And then just close EK. @Cyan
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    since the bcm has released ancient pvp enchantment stones for the rates below: https://imgur.com/a/pipAkHq I'm officially opening my shop. For the low price of 2000 black cloud coin, I will guarantee you 12 ancient pvp stones or at least 1 legendary pvp stone and 9 ancient pvp stones. My store is open Mondays,Thursdays and Sundays Just PM me ingame and we'll sort out the details Thank you NCSoft for helping us players with great bcm deals
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    They have nothing on their store TO buy, lol.
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    This price and being unlimited would be such a blessing.
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    Oh my god are you AirMax? Didn't you whine enough in lfg? Just quit already jfc.
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    Tbh, the game isn't great and it is very horribly programmed but if you didn't make it to 80 (and played as level 80), you haven't experienced the game yet, which makes all this you posted irrelevant.
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    Mad cuz Bad? Lmao Leveling to max lvl its so easy in this patch and mirash sanctum got nerfed lol you just need to understand the mechanics of last boss but i guess that its too hard for a crybaby. Lucky us you alrdy unistalled and nobody will lose their time trying to help you.
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    We'll be launching the update with "6.7". There will be further information coming next week such as previews and other details.
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    Hi... Can we please have some sort of morph to morph Grade C Minium to B Grade and if its not too much trouble Grade B to A. At this point we have nothing to do with Grade C minium. And for crying out loud...Please remove Major minion contracts from events
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    One of the biggest community complaints in past patches is the rampant p2w. They mostly remedied this by excluding pvp upgrade stones from the BCM. Seeing pvp stones pop up on the BCM now is upsetting. I rather they didn't add pvp related items to the BCM at all, but if they feel the need they should keep the price high.
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    =-.....Said enough last week.....-=
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    When are you going to come to the players?
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    With all due respect a lot of that behavior is born out of frustration of not being heard for months at a time. We aren't asking for the world here. We just want to be able to see the characters and gear we created and worked for. The xform system is almost universally hated. It is shocking that there has been so little feedback from the development team about doing ANYTHING. We've been waiting since the patch began. We're even willing to buy the scrolls at a discounted price (which honestly I think is more than generous) More and more people have all but stopped logging in at all. I really hope the game survives to the 7.0 patch. 9 years is a long time to invest in a game and I don't want to give up entirely but... it's getting so difficult to find the silverlining ... and it's been like that for a very long time. I just wish the powers that be would be more open with us. I know it's not your fault Cyan. You just have to be the messenger for people who don't care to give a good message (if any at all)
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    From Aion Powerbook: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Craft/155204147 It's a lvl 1 Aetherforging recipe, takes 100 genesis crystals + 6 items that cost 480k AP total. It's limited to 1 craft per week as those 6 items are a limited sale from an npc. The skill you get is random (https://aioncodex.com/kr/item/188071258/). Both the box and the actual skillbook are untradable.
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    so suicide is funny to you what an odd concept. Nice to see another post just filled with intelligence.
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    If you mouse over the persons name you can choose to ignore them.
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    Give us transparent scrolls, make craft gear tradeable. I should be able to safely transfer an item I made between two characters I own without someone using bot scripts for broker to get my crafted item. I shouldn't have to risk kinah for this, do something NCsoft because I tried asking support for help regarding this and they tell me to suck it up. No one people at NCsoft are getting laid off, because a lack of care to the community that supports this game.
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    It should be no surprise that this thread is locked. It's fine to post feedback and have other discussions related to the game. However, when people are wishing for, and advocating for having individuals lose their job that's when it crosses the line. If you have feedback on what's available or other related topics you're free to post them in a constructive manner and it will be shared with the rest of the team. Thank you.
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    Or, here's a thought, how about $0 for allowing us to see our own f$&king characters as we originally created them? Who in their right mind is going to pay $10+ on a single one time use costume when their toons will be hidden behind some God awful furry costume illusion which can't be hidden UNLESS they purchase a special scroll that hides it for them for more cash? Wanna know why your business model is failing here in the west NCSoft, (besides making monumentally stupid decisions like this furry costume scroll disaster among others)? It's simple, western gaming tastes are different than eastern gaming tastes. Had you actually invested time and money into figuring that out, (which I thought was the whole point of NCWest), perhaps your aging games wouldn't be so close to collapse. So much for "listening to your western players and catering to their specific needs" . You ignore us...we ignore you. Taking things out on your underlings who's only crime was following your asinine orders to the T will solve nothing. You'll continue to copy paste Korean patches over to the West and hope we simply adapt, but we won't. Western players will continue to reject your ideas, and continue to leave in droves and not until the end will you finally see the error of your ways. Oh well, live and learn. Though in your case, I won't be holding my breath waiting for that to happen.
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    > Spend 30 min to 1 hour or more creating a fantastic character for yourself > Always hidden behind the transformations
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    With every merge, every single person on each server gets thrown under the bus. Why should those on EK be any different? Mergers are hell. They hurt everyone. Which is why EK should never have been created, but here we are. So join in our hell. We will cry together. Tissues for everyone!
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    Aion 2009 - 2011 Aion 2011-2015 Aion 2016 And Aion 6.0 D a m n i really love aion!
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    Riot time.. I'm not spending a dime on BCM until you listen to us. And I suggest you do the same thing.
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    Oh, nothing new? Guess I'll just continue playing Apex Legends and Titanfall 2. Poor Cyan though.
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    Valedia, last time I remember, you said you wouldn't talk on forums but here you are again, talking BS. Unless you're gonna stick with the topic of weekly maintenance, leave. Claiming you don't have a personal problem with me but accusing me of spying is something I do not easily forgive. Sides? It's all useless. You're part of the problem of the toxicity that's on DN-E. You're a disgrace. If you want to continue this petty talk, PM me, but I suggest you stop accusing people of random shit because you're upset people have fun with whatever's left of the game.
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