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    bUt aLl tHe pEoPle iN tHe tOp 30 aRe gEaReD pLaYeRs tHeY cAn'T pOsSiBlY bE fiXiNg tHeiR mAtChEs ????????????????
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    This is pretty much how I feel about Veilenthrone ^ I never got to run Dragon Lord's Refuge back in the day 'cause I was too new and didn't have the gear or know-how for it, and I think that's okay. Tiamat was a Dragon Lord, of course you had to have the best of the best to take her down. And the same goes for Ereshkigal and Veilenthrone- it's not necessarily about the loot, but rather the story and challenge of the instance. What's wrong with having challenging PVE content for a change, when everything else gets nerfed into the ground? It's something exciting to work towards, for me at least! Also, super disappointed in everyone's attitudes. -__-; Gearing up for PVE is a such a ridiculous mix of luck, networking, skill, and time- and yes, often money. So the people who complete VT don't need to act snooty like it's sooo easy peasy for anyone to do, and people who haven't yet shouldn't try to downplay the effort involved.
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    Because effort. You must be new here.
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    The Lore pregression is usually presented a little bit later in the form of yellow quests. No need to do instances. Eventually will be nerfed anyway, just like all the others.
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    Ok. I went ahead and made a video on how to kill bosses using the robot. May take a while for youtube to process.
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