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  1. Just a quick reminder, people playing from day 1 resubbing for 30 days should be with 2 days left on their sub. Avoid troubles asking for refund... cya in 1.5
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  2. The XP mark cost is around 175M xp, and that will stay that way on 8.0. That basically means each mark is worth a bit less than 1% when level 85 is reached, considering the total xp at level 85 is around 20 Billion. Somewhere between 8.0 and 8.2, you also get extractors that allow you to get 10 marks at once.
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  3. Honestly I really agree with you. I remember playing aion when I was younger and when it wasnt p2w. I remember going into IS and being the cubic person and then wiping the whole group and jokingly pushing the blame on someone else. I remember during one anniversary a GM came on and was dropping literal gifts from the sky filled with whatever players requested (kinah, skins, armor, manastones etc.), but most importantly I remember when the game used to be fun and a real experience. It used to create friendships and was truly a break away from reality. I always knew I could log in and there woul
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