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    This statement is also reflected in you thinking that your climb to General and ability to maintain said rank - or some kind of xform rank - is more important than the GP gained by others. In this hypothetical server merger, you say "GP reset" like it won't upset the many over the few. You are the few. I don't even have xform rank, but I do not want my GP reset regardless. Moreso than my own GP, I do not want the GP of others reset - they earned their GP, they stuck with the game, they didn't bail to other games (or servers). The amount of upset players, and the potential losses the game would suffer as a result, are not worth "25 EK players" being happier about their rank potential. Get over yourself.
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    I dont really want a server merge but something has to be done about this server. Just give everyone a free transfer and never talk about opening a new server ever again!
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    I have some hopes for 6.7 being the uber-patch that delivers the fixes promised, so this is more of an optimistic post than a protest. Nevertheless, the people want what the people need;
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    Right? Those amulets are absolutely useless. Better used in open world grinding for ancient guiding stones.
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    WTB march 20th BCM items (new hairs)
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    There was a 1 hour delay, it should be now @Xrozz-DN
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    Are just garbage. This is supposed to be a North American server but the times are just awful for most of us playing in the US. Lets say you're in the EST timezone, early window 2pm-4pm (so lost of people at work or school). Late window 10pm-4am (so around time to go to bed for people that work or go to school). Who the f*u*c*k thought these times wouldn't be complete shit? we're talking siege not starting until 11pm EST on tuesday/thursday. Even for me in the Central time zone it's pretty shitty. The early window is over before I even get out of work, and I end up staying up late if I want to complete all of the pvp instances/siege.
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    I totally agree here! For me these times are now to late so I end up missing dredge, sieges and IDL and basically can't build up AP's almost at all. Change these times as fast as possible.
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    For attack, all you have to do is attack the gate until it goes down and you get credit. Not max credit, but credit. So that can be helpful if you live in a time zone where it's sleep time during siege and you can only be on for a few minutes. Of course, that's only for attack siege. Defense siege is a bit murkier when it comes to credit.
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    How is 40 people getting number 1 reward for Arena of Harmony not an exploit that's blatantly being abused to get more ultimate stones then what the game was intended for. The system was clearly designed so that only 1 person gets top 1, 2 gets top 3 reward, 7 gets top 10 reward. NCsoft you cannot allow this blatant nonsense to continue and something needs to be done about it Also give us transparent scrolls already, fix the game. I am seek of repeating myself, we want to look at our characters we designed, not have 6.5. Also lower the kinah cost for a transformation contract, 9.9million kinah is unreasonably high and it should be reduced to the cost of a gold bar to reflect the true value of the contract.
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    With every merge, every single person on each server gets thrown under the bus. Why should those on EK be any different? Mergers are hell. They hurt everyone. Which is why EK should never have been created, but here we are. So join in our hell. We will cry together. Tissues for everyone!
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