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    I came here to leave my dissatisfaction with this last aion anniversary event, almost 1 month ago I was making materials in my 12 characters only in my main I made 608 coins, and 220 coins in each alt which gave me a total of 275 attempts and I didn't I got a final contract, there were people who closed the contract on the first day of the event, in short I lost several hours of 28 days for nothing @Kibbelz
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    This was by far the worst event,because there was no middle term on rewards ... either win a transformation or a bunch of nonsense crap - exp extractors,3 minimum,consumables and outdated accessories... i was surprised to see how many people was in the dream world 24/7,making almost impossible to finish a dumb quest that rewards you nothing... i was not expecting a transformation but it would be nice to put some different rewards like legendary stones or even daevanion marks... in the end,95% of the playerbase just lost 30 days? in a boring place afk jumping lol
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    what they need to do is allow us to do a selective retuning in the real sense of lets say as a cleric u retuned and got 3 out of 4 prefered stats but now u want heal boost but instead u got mp...I think they should allow us to just select the mp stat n just reroll the mp stat cycling through the only remaining stat rather than having to rng the other already needed 3...thats how selective retuning should work...
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    This event was definitely a massive ball drop. For 11 coins the machine should've always spit out something useful. Like the Ultimate Potions was not a BAD IDEA but it was executed in such a stingy fashion that it was absolutely insulting. It should've given 5-10 potions a pop, and at a more common drop. Minium was not even a bad drop; but just the amount it gave out was SO worthless. 100 Minium would've been a lot less insulting. Stigma enchants WERE nice but such a rare drop too. The experience extractors was just crappy; the machine should've dispensed experience marks instead, that would've been okay, especially at 5-25 pieces at a time. Legendary Contracts and Ancient contracts should've been in that machine as consolation prizes at very least for not getting that ulti. No one would've been too pissed if they didn't get an ulti so long as they were decently compensated OTHERWISE for their efforts. The whole point of an Anniversary event is for the game and company to be GRACIOUS to your players, and ya'll bungled that to all hell. You turned into a grind fest with all or nothing rewards, largely NOTHING for people who spent a lot of time on this event. It's really crappy. Ya'll are living here in the states and know we're still living in a different time than we did in 2019, lol, more people than ever have LOTS of time for video games because stuff is shut down, this is SUCH an opportunity for game markets to expand and recoup lost players and truly, there are not a lot of decent MMOs out there. As terribly as the decisions made with Aion are, there is still a workable and fun game in there, but NCWest is largely the factor driving away players, not the actual game! People want to play, but ya'lls management is so terrible, that it drives so many players away!
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    Simply disappointed with my loss of time trying to still be lucky with the RNG of that game, longing for when aion was something similar to meritocratic, where even though it was repetitive to do something you knew you could do it, but some spoiled the game with ideas futile to put these transformations as something ultra rare. I tried more than 25 times on each character of mine, I have 12 characters on my account, I did all the weekly lugbug, daily, quests, I missed work to try to get this transformation, I clicked more than 300 times and I didn't get the ultimate transformation ! NCSOFT I feel like an idiot for continuing to play this game. Really ,I think I tried, but I can't accept or understand why I couldn't get what I wanted. one thing.
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    The pay to win gear inequality is an issue, but I think the real problem is the developers are obsessed with gambling, almost everything has to be a game of chance with a high percentage of failures. That's creates a negative vibe, doesn't matter if it's saving enchant stones up for months only to have them fail and you go backwards in enchant level, or the inability to do camps because there is always an opponent with +15 gear waiting to gank you, usually a sin in coward mode. Those failures also make a negative mood. It's happy moods that make people come back for more, not negative moods. Perhaps the devs, and marketing people, need to read up on the differences between cortisol, and dopamine?
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    Of course, 90% of ulti trans .. they got p2w, of course, even though others also tried. You are embarrassing, and the last event you can put yourself into ..... 1.Playing this game has become depressing, 2. nothing can be done .. just count your own deaths, 3. no balance in the game ..., 4. I'm not going to give you all my wages. 5. The owners of this game have become way too greedy and have ruined this beautiful game
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    Can we keep the 1 kinah retuning npc for 7.7? so those new stuff doesn't cost 500m+ to get the stats we need?
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    Halloween event starts this week? @Kibbelz @Loki
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    @Kibbelz Can we have Omega boss in Silentera canyon back? Making renown in SC is very hard for the lack of questing. Omega was a good source or renown points. Please ! Or maybe you have plans for making renown more accessible in SC?
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    Instead of screaming at us in multiple threads about the same thing (when we are only players, not CMs/GMs, and don't owe anyone a reply), why don't you try using the search function here on the forums? From CM Loki:
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    The thing is there will never be a classic Aion in the form players want it because there is not enough money in classic Aion. Let me get in to this further because as someone who would love a classic Aion server the reality is that they simply do not have the player base. WoW P-servers at the time of the WoW classic announcement had well over 150,000 players(not exact numbers but there is a few articles on it) actively playing on P-servers that only increased with the hype of WoW classic coming around and people were testing leveling methods and so on. Aion P-servers currently especially those pre 3.0 have less than 1000 players and NA servers have less than 300. Keeping an eye on all the servers and the fact that you see the same names on all P-servers, Aion currently has less than 5000 people world wide interested in classic Aion gameplay. There is nothing they can really make p2w in classic w/o making people quit the server, A subscription fee would not bring enough $'s so it is a lose lose situation. NCsoft have no real guarantee if you could get a petition going and get 50k to sign up then they may change their mind.
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    This is a help to those that do not have 12x ancients to combine and wanna try the luna crafted transformation boxes. Overview: Crafted 100x boxes with the 75% recipe, I had 22% fails so that was good. Got 340x contracts from the 100x boxes Got more than what I needed in ancients directly and by combining for the event. Details (if you are not bored to read): I am going to be the guinea pig for everyone, but before this take some advice: From now on never combine your transforms unless we have a promotion event. You never know what the next promotion will need. In your main account, when you do lunas on main char and alts, never fully deplete your luna's lights, always leave enough luna's lights for future needs. You can always turn your luna materials into luna at any time you want, but if you need to craft something out of the blue or a new recipe, you need to have accumulated materials. -- So back to the subject, I had an alt in my account that had a ton of luna materials that I never turned into Luna. So I was waiting for him to get the transformation recipe, I used the 75% because it worths far more, I calculated my failure was close to 22%, so that counted as a 78% recipe, but the 75% recipe uses half the material of the 100% recipe, so it is a win situation with less material you get more boxes. I made sure I would craft 100x Luna Transformation Boxes to draw statistics. I could craft more but they were more than enough it seems. Opening the boxes can give you 2x, 4x, 6x or 8x contracts, so I assume these are the only amounts you can get from one box. The amount I got in the end was 340 contracts out of 100 boxes, o that makes it 3,4 contracts per box. -- My Goal was to get more ancient contracts to get the 12x ancient combine promotion event reward. And although I already had 5x ancient doubles, I ended up with a ton more which were more than enough. LASTLY: If you have 12x ancients you can combine 2 times with 6x contracts per time. This supposedly will give you better chance at getting a legendary and you still count towards the reward for the event. If you do not have 12x double ancients, you can always combine 2x at a time, because you combine 2x and thus register as 2-combined for the event, but you end up getting one back because you will always fail to upgrade, effectively you lose 1 and register 2 in the event. Thus you need 7 double ancients to get the 12x combines registered Attention: that would work if you ALWAYS fail the 2x ancient combine and get another double ancient. If you get a legendary lucky you but you need more ancients for the promotion event reward. If you get a new ancient that you didn't have you still need more than 7. Below you will see the videos of the procedures. @TheSecretCowLeve-KT you can draw statistics. Along with the average of 3,4/box, you can also see how many times I got 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x contracts (the video is sped up but you can easily check the chat log, I have it with seconds registered so it is easy to track. How many of each tier I got by opening the 340x contracts (too bored to check it, I'll update the video description if you make your statistical data) How many successful upgrades and fails I did with 6x normal and 6x greater. The ancient ones were done 2x and they all failed.
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    And that's just a quick search. There were definitely many more.
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    People under level 40 get help from high levels? When? You turn level 40 within the first hour you play aion by doing the campaigns. Let me re-write it: Players shouldn't be able to use LFG until they turn 40 76 level, after the revamp on how fast and easy you turn level 80 now. Or at least give us the chance to block players' chat from the level we choose to block.
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    I agree with you and i wish there would be more ways to get this weapons other than camping bosses for hours and then being lucky with roll. So ya, either way it works for me! @Falcy and Steefy - Agree with you guys too, but since it exists I wish to get my stuff too you know... @Kibbelz - Counting on you
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    Hilarious to see 2-3 months old characters get them on their firsts tries. Then everyone is wasting their time because the rewards list is from 7.2.....
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    World bosses changing the row of the game exclusively is wrong by itself. I am not against their existence at all, I think they do add something more for this dead game, BUT it shouldn't be the only way to get Dazzling gemstones and higher runes or the weapons. There has to be other ways to get every possible content in other means, even if it takes more time and effort. It should be possible, and please sans the RNG if they implement another way.
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    The prestige coins are supposed to be given, this is what I see on my account now that my prestige is over (and I won't be renewing it for quite some time unless it starts worth it again). so apparently when you have prestige it might bug and not give those.
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    I don't have any advice regarding your computer issue, and that indeed sounds awful, but just wanted to make sure you realized that you can also get the pants in Benirunerk's Estate easy mode. So make sure you do those CDs each week. Good luck with your computer problem. Maybe someone else can help out with that.
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    The Dream World was such a beautiful map, but I was disappointed that the fun music only played on the bridges, nothing displayed on the cinema screens, and the NPC vendors had so very little to offer. When I first read about the Fashion and Consumables merchants from other regions, I was excited! I was expecting a bunch of skins and useful items like stigma enchantments, daevanion essences, enchantment stones, gold bar food, and refinement stones. The fact that they only had one motion and one skin, and shards and basic food was really lame. The vending machine gambles were also pretty lackluster- the only good consolation prize was the stigma enchants, and everything else was pretty garbo. I get that that's the standard, and I didn't think everyone was gonna get Ulti transforms from the machine but come on, I think we all expect better from the anniversary and Christmas events in particular. The best part of the event was probably Ttakji, the tile minigame, since that actually required people to be active and competitive for a few minutes. And the unique motion is really cute, I am glad I invested in it at least.
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    Can we keep the 1 kinah retuning npc?
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    That Gm Crown need to rename his name for Gm Clown...
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    Hello, everyone.. good news! Support maybe saw my topic here, and reopened my friend`s ticket only to ensure and clarify that they made a mistake on the information, and the Pixel DO COUNT for promotion. Good lucky for everyone!
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    @Kibbelz was the event coin bundle removal from the lugbug missions in the recent patch deliberate? Now you only get event coins directly on the character and they cannot be traded through account warehouse. Also it looks like you only get 5 event coins whereas the bundle gave you a chance to get up to 100 event coins
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    I would suggest to "upgrade" Aion back to version 4.7!! Or at least to open an Aion Classic Server...
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    So i've had multiple friends both new and old try to play Aion this patch and they all have the same issue...the game is not scaled properly... For example you can grind from 0 to 80 in about a day but when you hit level 80 you're only sitting on maybe a few million kinah. Not even enough to buy your stigmas, pots, scrolls, shards, transform scrolls, or basic needed things to actually play the game without being completely carried. The Accorn items are so horrible it's not even funny, seriously how is a potion that only heals you for barely over 100 hp/MP suppose to be efficient at all with how big our HP has been scaled? The Riseil gear is also pretty worthless unless it's enchanted up once you hit level 80, but enchant stones are nearly impossible to come by these days and you only seem to get ancient stones from now and then. Plus remember, you have almost NO KINAH, so how are you even suppose to afford enough Bobonerk coins to even do anything when just one bundle of them will cost you 1/5th of your kinah you gained getting to 80. Let's not forget that the mobs no longer drop kinah in the game...and rubbish items NPC for next to nothing..... Broker fee's are unbearable for new players as well.... Seriously, I'm not asking for event here for returning players and new players... the game is just broken for new players and makes them all just feel the only way to even get into the game is to buy an account or buy kinah.... NCwest, fix this please! It's beyond alarming and depressing. You guys should WANT new/returning players, but the way the game is, it def does not feel like this. P.S. I truly challenge you to make a new character without getting help from your main account. See how frustrating and difficult it is.
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    lol, you really want the solution ? Follow ncsoft mentality. Pay to win. Ncsoft did everything to push player to buy in BCM. I started to play Aion on gameforge in 2012 ... At this time, the only thing you were able to buy in BCM was candies, skins, pets, ''prestige pass'' and keys for chest in tiamat eyes (gives you AP to get ranked, but chest wasnt ez to find and you needed to farm them.... GP was not existing at this time). I saw the whole evolution of Aion. In 2012-2013, beginning of 4.0, we had bloodmark gear and was still able to kill player in great general geared +15. The damage dealt wasnt so high, nobody oneshooted. You were able to do it but you needed gameplay. The game was fun and a bit ''hard''. A brain was needed to play Aion. Nowadays, you need money. Nowadays, the only gameplay is dealing so high damage you don't need to think what to do. 100% of times I go PVP, ALL players, overgeared or not, DON'T KNOW HOW TO COVER A SILENCE. W --- TTT --- FFFFF. I have 50k HP, they ONE hit me at 46k to 75k !?!?!? How a game evolved so badly in this way ? The last 4 years, me and my husband stopped Aion 3 times because we were so frustrated. Playing without buying in BCM was impossible. Enchanting failed a lot, we stopped to PVP because it was totally unplayable with pvp base gear (and we just abandoned the idea of having stigma +9). Our both plumes exploded with temporing solution we farm so hard. With the Lakrum patch and the new gear system, we were unable to get a +15 on ancient gear while pay to win players were still soo overgeared. Why ncsoft punish so hard players who doesn't pay to win ? And now here we are, we came back one month ago, pvp is still unplayable, enchanting is still awfull but you can now have free stigma enchant stone and others enhancement objects but you need to farm in korean mode. Aion is now garbage, the game is dead and NCsoft clings to pay to win player and give them rewards. The game is totally unbalanced and stupid. The only thing I can tell you is take a free prestige pass 7 days, create 12 characters lvl 10, farm luna each days, play the luna dice game, sell all you win. Good luck
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    Nostalgia isn't a good reason to return to a game. Bringing back things that people liked (areas, instances, skins, etc.) may draw them in for a short period of time, but if the game is still a tidy-bowl of pay2win, gear disparity, RMT and hacks, players just aren't going to -stay-. Consider Aion runs an event to bring old players back. They push some combination of "the good ol' days" and hand out some free things. So old players log back in and walk around and smile. Until they get slaughtered in .25 seconds by a hacking, whale in +587 orange-omega gear that pulsates rainbows as they manage to hit the nub 328 times in those .25 seconds. And then they remember why they quit in the first place. Aion is just a tough game to leave and return to. It didn't use to be that way. AP was still ap and kinah was still kinah and gear was still gear. Then the devs screwed up ap and added GP and then screwed that up and then screwed up kinah and tried to fix it a little and screwed it up more and then they reworked gear but quickly fell into the same trap that gear was in before they reworked it. I think everyone that has ever played Aion misses it to some extent. Even if they haven't played for years and years. The game just hasn't aged well. It's laggy. It's not as beautiful. With the advent of f2p, the game systems have been changed to make money rather than be balanced. It's very hard to catch up. As the population falls, the players get more and more toxic. As the toxicity gets higher, players become more and move insular which is less welcoming to new and returning players. The higher-ups at NCSoft don't really care beyond their bottom line. NCSoft isn't a gaming company run by gamers. It's a gaming company run by business men and women. They want to make money and just don't understand gamers. Case in point.. if it got out that Aion was banning hackers, NCSoft would take an immediate hit to their bottom line. BUT.. in time gamers would return to the game because they wouldn't have to deal with people whose skill came from a program and not from them personally. If Aion went back to only selling skins/emotes/furniture/dyes/etc (and tons of them!), removed enchanting and all the extra RNG doodlie-dads aside from maybe mana-stones. If Aion got rid of transformations and went back to just letting us make scrolls. Simplified things. If Aion banned every hacker, reworked the game so it was harder to hack and continued to do ban waves on hackers. Then -maybe-, the game would become popular again. Without a total rework of not only the game, but the culture at NCSoft.. Aion isn't going to become a thriving game again. It will remain a nitch game and one we all love. But it isn't going to grow.
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    Well I'll share my feeling about gameplay a bit I was happy about stigma change in 4.8 most it was the moment that Aion became truly freedom of choice to have any skills u want and linked stigmas were merely extra skill that ain't required you can have support stigma mixing with dps stigma and be best of both world that making support stigma unique it was something that making support classes really shinning while dps classes like sorc can have aoe sleep storm without sacrifice dps it was like a skill dream came true. But as time progress Aion making linked stigma more and more important I feel like I was forced back to certain type stigma this is really bad move and now that direction hasn't changed,support classes are forcing to choose between dps and healing completely no more hybrid there's a way to balance gameplay instead making buffs passive(cleric) instead giving magical attack you can give pve/pvp attack instead or more heal boost but negative pvp attack/defense there's alternate way without ruining everything I wish our skills can be like when 4.8 stigmas were renewal,I like my freedom I like to do whatever I want without being bind to anything,I like the concept of traps affected by magic boost and everything there's no need to destroy fun and force everyone to be certain type.Magic smash doesn't need to be change to physical it could be 4th chain for templar,greatsword could have magic stats like when AC dagger had magic boost.I mean diversity make everyone different instead of trying to streamline everyone. I believed the fun isn't about effective builds or classes it's about diversity and allow us to do whatever we want no matter how silly it's. Too bad 4.8 was foreshadow by destruction of maps and considered the downfall of Aion. Still if 6.0 didn't happened we will probably never know what good things we had Well still everything can be rebuild again if we be patient enough
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    You have me curious to what that would entail lol. A big thing NCsoft needs to do to retain their population is increase the availability and attainability of kinah. It'd be nice if they brought back player to player trading (literally every other cat has it; why did NCK remove it?). Has the drop rate and attainability of gear and stones improved? Add more skins that every other region has, to the BCM and the ingame shops. With the exception of the trading, I like to think everything else is plausible. To bring people back, though? We know what we're getting next. We haven't even gotten the entire 7.5 patch yet (I need someone to get the Tiamat ult transform, so I can spam screenshots of it). I don't think what's up next will draw old players back and get them to stay. And Eltnen definitely won't bring them back.
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    It's very evident and clear that majority of players are buying kinah now days from reading threads on the forums and just watching LFG. I havn't yet personally but I can't say I blame people for doing this, making kinah this patch through gameplay is near impossible! There's a few ways to get items to sell on the broker for a little kinah, but that doesn't last long and involves a lot of lucky RNG. It's either that or make 1,000,000 alts to farm Luna daily and pray for a Kinah box craft...which tbh is not that fun. Here's what I suggest: Raise the kinah droprates from mobs inside instances Increase the white item values to something manageable Increase Kinah rewards for Siege participation Add Kinah bundles to World Boss Loot tables (Make it 1 per participant)
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    Welcome to Aion. The game where it is better to not play then play. Legitimately worse than mobile game mechanics.
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    Strongly agree with these suggestions, kinah generation through non-luna methods is far too low. We live in a world where old methods of kinah farming were obliterated in the name of denying bots an easy source of income only to have luna, an even more bot-friendly kinah generator, rise in its place. I'd rather go slap a million rubbish mobs for whites to vendor than coordinate afk luna instances on 6432256 accounts .
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    A bunch of us really, really miss the old AION, the way it used to be, with all those incredibly beautiful areas, towns, villages. Please bring it back. We all miss it so very much, we aren't into the PVP, especially me, I am into PVE all the way. Of course I am a slow gamer and like to take my time and enjoy the scenery. But damn, we miss AION more than any other game in existence...and it breaks the heart that all that was taken away from us. Some of us sunk a bit of money into the game, and would again if you brought it back, the way it was. I mean really ...altgard, morheim, desert garrison, all those inredibly EPIC parts of the game.....is sorely missed! Thanks, Naomi
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    You know things are going downhill badly when even Neleth rejects a Classic server post
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