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    There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, June 19, 2019 from 6:00 a.m. CDT / 11:00 CET. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Changes Routine website and server maintenance The Steel Rake Fortress will continue for 3 more weeks. The recipe list for Luna Crafting will be updated. Recipe costs have been reduced. Several cosmetic and functional items will be added. Added a recipe to the Special Tab to convert Luna Materials back into Luna at a reduced rate. Added recipes to morph Luna Materials and a new item, Transformation Essence, into Transformation Contracts of Normal, Greater or Ancient rarity. Normal and Greater contract boxes give a choice of contract. Ancient gives a random transformation. Transformation Essences can be obtained for free from the Black Cloud Marketplace, in the supply section. There is a weekly limit per account. Luna Materials will drop from bosses in end game instances. The the consumption and chest rewards for Munirunerk's Treasure Chamber in the Luna Shop will be updated. The Gold Sand Traders will be updated with new items. Several purchase limits have been increased and some prices have been reduced. Prestige Case contents will be refreshed. Prestige daily login rewards will be refreshed. They include bonus Transformation Essences. New prestige quests for Herelym Mine and The Veilenthrone will be added. The quest reward for Steel Rake Fortress will be changed to give out Still Shots instead of Ice Gems. Ice Gems will be removed from player inventories. Affected players will receive a game mail with the appropriate number of Still Shots within one week. GP will be reset and players will be awarded Gold Ingots. For more information visit here. Changed the Steel Rake Fortress reset item available from the Gold Sand Traders so it cannot be brokered. The version on the Black Cloud Marketplace is unchanged. Fixed an issue where it was possible to get stuck in terrain in Steel Rake Fortress. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Maintenance Images of the Week
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    Thanks to those that have left feedback so far. Keep sharing it and it will be sent up!
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    Very nice VERY NICE VERY NICE The GST is still low on skins compared to KR but at least it's only slightly better. The fact you added Ancient xform for craft is a GOOD choice you've made. I was about to quit Aion overall. AND LOOK! Furniture, wallpapers, other skins in Luna for craft! Now that my friend, is some gud shit.
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    After going thru all changes, I am overall very happy with all the changes to the luna. I expected you to stick it to us for the luna mat to luna recipe but I for one find that recipe very cheap and a great deal though I rather save all my mats for kinah boxes but it does present options on resetting instances on characters that I would never actually buy luna on. The only recipe that seems way off to me is the ancient transform recipe. 25 luna lights to craft just an ancient is ridiculously high amount which might have been more in line with the game at the launch of 6.0 when nobody had ancient transforms but we are well past that point.
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    On BNS its 400 Ncoin for a character slot i would pay that easily
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    bUt aLl tHe pEoPle iN tHe tOp 30 aRe gEaReD pLaYeRs tHeY cAn'T pOsSiBlY bE fiXiNg tHeiR mAtChEs ????????????????
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    I know that you are upset about the way things are run in Aion these days. I think everyone is. But passive aggressive posts won't help. They just give you a reputation which will make everything you say easier to over-look. You have good ideas, Neleth. Don't ruin that by posting things like this. Gratz on your 1000's post though.
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    A lot of the people on my friends list these days are new and returning players- so I feel like something about 6.0 is drawing people in, and keeping them around. Using transformation scrolls is basically the same as using a bunch of scrolls in previous patches; I know I would use casting, running, crit spell, and strike/magic resist at all times in 5.8 so having all of that (and more) in one scroll is pretty handy. And personally I don't mind the transformation system because so many people were using fennec fox candies in previous patches and didn't look like themselves anyhow. What I really super appreciate is that you can use transparent scrolls to get all of those sweet candy-esque stats, but with your lovingly designed character in action. I pretty much only use the regular scrolls if I have a candy popped underneath it. (Would rather look like Veille than a fat panda y'know.) Transparent scrolls still aren't as cheap as I wish they were, but they've been increasingly easy to acquire. I stockpile a lot from running Luna instances on my alts, and the latest maintenance has made Lunas more worthwhile to run than ever. All this to say- I really hope you and your friends give 6.0 another try, and see how you feel after getting some higher tier transforms unlocked and popping a transparent scroll to utilize 'em! (Seriously, the high running speed from Legendary transforms is so freaking fun, I promise you you'll love it! )
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    there's literally another thread about this right below your thread. exact same topic??????
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    NA Luna Crafting Recipes (2019-06-19) Alternative version (No links to item database site)
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    Well feedback is basically we need a lot more skins in luna and GST and cheaper transparent scrolls ty.
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    @Cyan Just a suggestion ..but there are 11 classes in the game at the moment and we can only have a max of 8 characters per account. Can we at least have a max of 11 character slots so we can have 1 per class for the people who enjoying having alts ? This is only gonna get more painful when painter comes out and i have to delete another toon to make one
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    The luna upgrade is dope af, dude. Thanks for that huge upgrade! <3
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    Still would cost less than farming legendary transforms on a different account tbh
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    Am I seriously reading a thread where leathers are complaining about fear when a sin has 4 or 5 resists and ranger has 3 and both of them can literally stun lock cloth classes to death. Remove shock to early gg stun lock. Remove shock too late dead from damage gg. Do you know how hard it is to counter strategize against the resists, damage and remove shock baits? What next? I swear if an AT comes in here complaining about anything I am so never looking at another pvp thread.
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    Aside from the class displayed right under their names, you can clearly see who actually played a SM recently and fully, and who did not. Those who didn't really like to hype it up, and it shows. Idek why there are leathers here complaining with their 3+ resists that takes 4 whole seconds to burn off with our 2.2 atk speed. Jeez, I wish I had 3+ evades. Lmao, like I really wish SM are as OP as this thread is making them. @NCsoft Maybe start by making our fears affected by cast speed, because they aren't.
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    Because effort. You must be new here.
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    The one being stupid is you You can literally end up with a sm in less than 3 seconds by simply using shadow walk and ambush adn you are complaining because the SM can use the fear skill on you just to counter attack you Next time you see a SM, use one of your hide skills, get close to it and ask them nicely not to use the fear skill on you because is not fair.
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    This is pretty much how I feel about Veilenthrone ^ I never got to run Dragon Lord's Refuge back in the day 'cause I was too new and didn't have the gear or know-how for it, and I think that's okay. Tiamat was a Dragon Lord, of course you had to have the best of the best to take her down. And the same goes for Ereshkigal and Veilenthrone- it's not necessarily about the loot, but rather the story and challenge of the instance. What's wrong with having challenging PVE content for a change, when everything else gets nerfed into the ground? It's something exciting to work towards, for me at least! Also, super disappointed in everyone's attitudes. -__-; Gearing up for PVE is a such a ridiculous mix of luck, networking, skill, and time- and yes, often money. So the people who complete VT don't need to act snooty like it's sooo easy peasy for anyone to do, and people who haven't yet shouldn't try to downplay the effort involved.
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    I have never understood this way of thinking with respect to the skills of the other classe, such as the SM's fear, that is a big advantage for them in pvp, of course it is, just like hide is for sins and rangers, or the ability of clerics chanters to be able to heal themselves, Each class has something that gives them an advantage over others, you just have to learn how to minimize that advantage and maximize yours.
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    >ranger >whines about cloths Who's hurting you?
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    Sir i'll make you probably most nice suggestion ever, since you have kaisiniel which allow you no limit casting and attack speed and you feel spiritmaster is so op delete your sorcerer and make this class then learn a Little about how fear cast times cold down and duration efect work then talk in fórum (I mean the one need to test class is you no the person that design class cause you know nothing). My second suggestion if you feel your sorcerer is paper and need an improve dont talk rubbish about my class please sir just make a post where the main matter is your class. From now thank you.
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    Yes. Both genesis and compensation (winged) gear turn into the same gear in 7.0 provided they're +15 ultimate.
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    but the problem is with your, not the instance, people simply go in to get what they are looking for, those who want only the stones, get the ones they can get, either one, two or all, and then leave or stay afk if they need the ap, and if this happens in your groups, make sure it's a group that does all the run and not just parts of it. and with what you say about harmony and discipline, it's a completely different problem, because here their acctions affect a third person (something that does not happen in dredge) who went in just to find out there is no opponent and get no reward of what should be a victory by default. The solution to this problem is in your hands, and if you do not see it that way, then you already have two problems to solve. Greatings and have a nice day
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    Have you guys ever thought on a class change ticket?i believe switching to an entire new character would be difficult, but how about in between specializations, such as sorcerer being able to switch to Spirit master and vise versa?, would really love it being implemented in a future, thanks.
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    I'm hoping with enough complaints from Korean players that transformation look will be a option like you can turn it off .
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    Is that gender assumption in 2019. Kidding just entertaining myself continue.
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    I have a question for you @Cyan: when are the game developers going to fix the issue with the Breezy Furniture set? Both cabinets have the same description of Simple 3-drawer Cabinet. They are supposed to be part of a set, yet their descriptions make it impossible to use together. One of the cabinet descriptions should be changed to Convenient 3-drawer cabinet; that's how the Camping set and Eastern set cabinets are split up.
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    Ele 0 Balaur kills in every screenshot GG afkers lmao You should be able to solo kill ur Logistic side, and with some luck have chances to steal bridge with your DP ressurection skill while the enemy team is busy with barracks and gravity
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    Afking 30 mins for $.50 worth of stuff too op for some people... You can also get one contract from the bundle too.
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    This isn't a bug, it's a feature to keep people from abusing the competition ranking system. For example: if someone logs multiple toons during siege from the same account/client, only the one that is logged in at the time of siege ending will receive credit towards the competition ranking. They can send in a ticket to support to get siege rewards and GP but it only will count for their Abyss Rank. This is to protect people who genuinely dc or have emergencies that prevent them from getting siege credit despite prior participation. But if it counted for competition ranks as well, there would be many more players trying to abuse the system and claim multiple ranks for the seasonal rewards.
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    please add this mount it's so pretty :c Wind Flower [item:190100217]
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    That's per toon though, so theoretically someone could get upwards of 3k luna in a week since Luna is shared across the entire account.
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    It is a very good move to use less materials for many recipes and also add more recipes to luna. An even better suggestion would be to either get more recipes daily (not just 5) or be able to select from all recipes. The random recipe appearance doesn't encessarily serve anything other than "I am going to wait a few days/weeks before I get the recipe I want"
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    Hello everyone. Panesterra was an unfinished chapter in my time of Aion, and recently it has finally come to an end. Many of you know me from my Siel Log I started way back in the day, and I similarly started one for Panesterra. The forum updates died off, but I kept true to this record of fights, albeit much less detail. Below you will find the effort of nearly four years compiled together. You won't see all the uncounted hours of faction meetings and diplomacy, or the details of the fights, but maybe while you scroll, the dates will jog some of your memories into remembering the good times which were had, and the memorable battles fought. Out of everything I want to acknowledge the leads who were a part of this Coalition with me. The beginning ultimately set a precedent for the acts to follow. Great appreciation from me to Jakie and XYZX for staying with it until the end. Kahrun: Fencer, Zhule, Legaccy Tiamat: Sethos, Screamz, Jakie, XYZX Israphel: Feelix, Kimyura, Redhyn Siel/Beritra: Iczel*, Teacoffee, Teaj, Tshirt, Waffles, Puddles (*SL only) Thank you. Blood for Blood; Faith and Arms. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mezcFRsbCe6xMfQ0QQl3AO6Tn8Lq8CjbWlgE99-5-xI/edit?usp=sharing
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    Thank you for the Luna Shop upgrade @Cyan It was really needed.
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    @Motionless-KT Here we go. First screenshot shows you the warning. Which isn't about the acolyte, but does warn you that she is reflecting. Then a quest pops up. It directs you to kill the acolyte. He appears to your left as shown. Here he is close up. Kill him and enter the portal. Inside is a dragon. Kill that and leave through the same portal. When you get out, you will notice that Tiamat's reflecting buffs are gone. Kill her. Win.
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    Dang, Aly, did you pee in their cheerios or something? Cyan, Hime, Gideon, I want shirts/sweaters please! *grabbyhands*
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    BnS, Lineage 2 and Aion will eventually share the same launcher, which is what Korea has. Even on KR, it requires login before entering the launcher, so that won't change. Aion is last because Aion is least of their concerns for improvement.
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    The amount of abject joy in this thread is really heartening.
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    I haven't watched the videos of DN-A tackling VT because I'm avoiding spoilers like the plague (I missed out on the hype for beating Tiamat and Beritra, I'm quite determined to experience my Ereshkigal battles to the fullest!) so I don't know who all was in the instance. I was mostly trying to address the common attitude people have towards both PvP and PvE endgame content ("I or So-And-So did X, so everyone can do X and if you haven't you're just bad/lazy/rubbish lol") and assumed people chiming in about how VT is no big deal were involved. Apologies since apparently they weren't! Basically just want everyone to give credit where it's due and play nice~
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    This is the bottom line for everything. It's a good suggestion, Neleth. Unfortunately it requires effort.
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    I gotta say, Neleth, I may not always agree with your ideas, but I do appreciate your passion for this game. If only NCsoft shared that passion!
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    27 dmg... REPORTED! defence hack! Nerf temp plz
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    The Lore pregression is usually presented a little bit later in the form of yellow quests. No need to do instances. Eventually will be nerfed anyway, just like all the others.
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    Hi there, Simple question; have you played SM before? If yes; how long ago was it, cause honey 3.0 was a long time ago... I am asking because, indeed fear is a strong asset, but as my fellow SM partner is saying, SM’s damage is mostly overtime and many classes can remove the said dots in a heartbeat. Any SM opening with insta fear is probably very weak and dookie and I disrespect that as much as you. That being said, fear has been getting nerfed a lot in the last patches and will be more nerfed in 7.0. In compensation, they are increasing the damage done by our dots and some of them will now be undispellable which I look forward to. Our dispelling abilities have been nerfed to the ground too since we can no longer strip consumables. I read that you complained about shackle of vulnerability, which increases casting speed. Whoever has that in is built to counter you, you might want to use illusion there. Also you might want to blink to remove chain of earth. You might want to use curse of weakness, it used to screw our class over. (Not sure if that skill has been changed sorry) Also our pets are very weak and by having it on it removes our core stigma which makes us weaker. Just trying to give you decent pieces of advice here. Everytime I see a post like this I’m like “here it is again” because the hate toward SMs feels so sooooo deeply cultural into this game that it doesnt surprise any SM players anymore. People are bitching about being CC’ed for literally 5 minutes while our fears actually do not (and never did) last for that long. Meanwhile ATs can bury their dots and stun you for longer than my fears last. Same goes for good rangers and basic sins. Just saying. Anyhow, I hope you get better against our class and maybe we can fight each other in a near future. Cya😇🙋🏻‍♂️! ps: being disrespectful to SMs will get you insta feared and curseclouded in a 1v1 just saying💕.
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    Ok, have you actually touched the class? Pet shield that last for 20s is useless now because Pets are so outdated, they die in 2 hits; they still have pre-80 stats. Our linked stigma buff (recently from 1min cd to 3 min cd -- gg if you die/get stripped) is the ONLY buff we truly even have at this point, unlike sorcs and almost every other class which can stack buff bars so tall, they reach the moon. You think fear itself is OP; sure if AT has it. Sure if ranger or sorc or sin has it. Because they have high burst output that can kill you in a few seconds. SMs don't. They didn't pair DoTs with fear together without a reason when they made the game. An equally geared sm cannot possibly kill you in a mere few seconds, even if you just stand there. Also, maybe you should seek mentorship from a good sorc. I've had sorcs that rekt me even when I jumped them once they manage to throw in a sleep. Sleeping is literally your golden ticket to setup if you know what you're doing. I've lost 75% hp the moment I wake up from sleep with a silence buried. Your mobility isn't the best (welcome to the mage club) but it doesn't mean your class can't pvp. Edit: If you're blaming more than half the classes for being "broken", maybe you should reevaluate your class choice; clearly, you're not very proficient at it yet.
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    1. There are none. Sadly, kinah is very, very hard to get in this patch. You can join the "afk kib farm" alliances and farm ancient kibrium to sell and/or you can kill mobs around the map for guiding stones to sell. Those things both sell very well, although they don't sell for a lot individually. 50 ancient guiding stones will only net you about 1 mil kinah. Other than that, sell rare event items that you are lucky enough to receive, although again, this is quite hard as the events we receive nowadays are terrible. If you have any old, tradeable skins, that will get you some kinah as skins are hard to acquire in this patch. 2. Your first pve gear will be gold/ancient, and you'll receive it from either Cradle of Eternity and Mirash Sanctuary or by doing the camps around Lakrum which give you genesis crystals that you can then use to buy Bloodsworn gear from npcs in Lakrum base. Once you are in mostly that gear, you can start doing Bastion of Souls and Frozen Monolith to start working on your purple/legendary gear. Red/ultimate gear is the top tier.
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    Forthyn, Thank you so much for sharing. My favorite siege in the game, and some of my greatest siege memories ever. 100 vs 100 made for some amazing triumphs, and some tough losses, but always exhilarating fights. Equal numbers also meant that sadly, many did not get to experience the siege at the height of its importance, the glory days. I don't think people realize how much time and effort, on and off of the battlefield, went into keeping the Asmo coalition together and on the right track for so long. From maintaining representation on the siege team, to the faction leaders communication, to the rules, the meetings, the administrative stuff, the overall and weekly strategies, and of course, the never ending politics and dramas. Watching us go from the underdogs, outmanned and outgunned, getting better each week, to total Asmodian domination was nothing short of astounding, and I have no doubt that had it not been for your stalwart leadership and unwavering support, we would not have come full circle. It was XY and myself's pleasure to see it through with you, even though that last siege was by far the toughest. You are the absolute last person deserving of a loss on the final Panesterra siege stage, especially after having had OUR backs all those years. In the end, nothing can erase what's represented in that spreadsheet: great memories, great accomplishments, and great times with some great leaders. Asmodae owes you a debt of gratitude. Thank YOU!
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