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    Hi, i've been testing the kinah adquisition during last months on the new patch, and since the enchant rate provide more posibilities to upgrade gear, also this demand more kinah, also the housing feature started late decemberthe payment for maintance again, and also the retune of new superior gear is everytime more expensive, even enchant items consumes kinah wich i found completly ridiculous. So the couple ways to get kinah are really not enough and withthe time this will be taking more and more weight into the game. Months ago in the EU server of Aion, they imtroduced a custom change for extra kinah from all instances, and it really helped players, i truly believe we need this change, and even we need more ways to recover the kinah movement in the game, becuz every week is harder and harder to sell stuff in the broker, because people is running out of kinah for real. Kinah bundles are not even worth at all, they not even a sure craft, and the chance of get more than 5 million is really low, this must be improved. The Broker tax the the core problem right here, cuz it's literally killing the new economy model of the game, we need to fix that for real. We even have less items to generate kinah like skins from ingame like Innocent Aris or Cat weapons from guestblooms, or even the lucky kinah heartbloom from the housing was also a good way to produce kinah pasively. BCM is not really helping too, the store right now is a shame, completly empty of worth items to buy or resell for kinah, you took off most costumes (specially the good ones), the motions, the mounts and the pets should have been replaced for minion contracts in the BCM too. So as conclusion fixes for kinah issues in the game in na are: 1.- More kinah from instances like EU did. 2.- Kinah bundles with better chances to get more than 5kk, and maybe low the quantity of items needed to craft. 3.- Low the broker tax before it end up annihilating the game economy for once. 4.- Maybe include kinah reward in other stuff like Pvp Instances and Sieges. 5.- Bring back the housing feature that aloow players to farm ingame skins Innocent Aris and cat Weapons with Guestblooms and the Lucky Kinah Heartblooms that just prosduce extra kinah everyday. 6.- And i believe is the most important, give us decent BCM, with worthly items to buy (or sell), and no just skins we used to get easy with kinah in sanctum or from Luna. I entered the Aion RU website store, and i felt shame when i entered,they have almost every single skin that Aion has ever released able to purchase wheveer you want.... it's so frustrating to wanna buy stuff in the BCm and not found anything that really worth. I wanted to buy the Cute Sheep mount during last weeks of 5.8 it was for 1600 NC coins, i rather to save some money for 6.2 and now is not even in the store, and the only mounts in store are even more expensive, beeing "not that good". Please @Cyan i know you guys have a lot, A LOT of pending fixs and many stuff that is in "soon" state, but i wanna make sure you guys know about this really important problem.
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    Alright, playing the game again after 2 months, I'm gonna give you some constructive criticism here, and I do hope you take it into consideration at least. Improved enchantment system finally helps a lot of players catch up to the whales with exchanged gears. Shard finally brought back to their original price after roughly 2+ months. Took us a while but we're here. The current event isn't that great but I rather have it than nothing for 4 weeks straight. Maybe an event every 2 weeks would be fair? I LOVE the idea of morphing the PvE/PvP stones, but it could be adjusted just a little, specifically Legendary to Ultimate morph. There is definitely something wrong with the Daevanion Smugglers. After doing 12 FM runs on 3 different toons, we came across it 4 times and in all 4 times it dropped nothing. Empty corpse. It's very frustrating and I believe that's unacceptable. You can improve this by either having it spawn much more often or remove the idea of empty smuggler. I shouldn't be forced to level up alts, gear them a little and run instances in hopes I get one spawned but end up with nothing. Getting Daevanion skills shouldn't be such a dreadful task, in Russia they have decreased the skill box in their GST from 200 to 50. Maybe we can try something like that too? Even if you log in every day to buy your gold ingots, you'd need approximately 2,5 months to gather 200 to buy the chest and get the same skill again. I've had that happen. I know you're aware of this, but you do need to adjust Luna pricing. Yes, 10 Luna = 10 Ncoin which gives off this Korea vibe, but in truth is, we're 10 times more expensive than ANY other region. Bring back PvP enchantment stones to Luna craft or add up permanent mounts and/or skins. Speaking of skins, update the GST skin list and bring back the original Korean version. We get Korean things that's p2w but not the skins? That's how you know we're off terrible.
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    Hello all, During the January 16 maintenance we will be implementing additional changes to the enchanting system to help ease your upgrading process. Have a look below to see what’s changed. First, we’ve moved forward the higher success enchanting rates from the future 6.5 patch to our current version. This means after the maintenance some of your enchanting attempts will have a higher chance to succeed. Secondly, we’ve implemented new morphing recipes to obtain higher tier Enchantment Stones. You’ll be able to convert Ancient and Legendary PvE/PvP enchantment stones into higher tiers using the various required morphing materials found in the Morphing Substances Menu. You’ll find a new item required for these new morphs named Borunerk’s Gem. Obtaining these Gems can be done though purchasing Borunerk’s Coins with Kinah off the Golden Sand Traders. Clicking on one of these coins will remove 20 million experience you’ve gained from your experience bar to yield one Borunerk’s Gem. Also, when you open the Legendary or Ultimate Enchantment Stone bundles received through these new morphing recipes, you’ll have a chance to receive a bonus enchantment stone, or a chance to receive a bonus Ultimate Enchantment Stone when opening the Legendary Enchantment Stone Bundle. Thank you for sharing your feedback and please continue to keep sharing! We hope these changes help you on our Daevic journey.
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    Each suggestion in this post is really good, and needed, is urgent to fix these kinah issues before it's too late. i don't know if you really read the entire post, becuz nothing you have mention in yours have any sense with Chibiusa's suggestions, nobody here is asking for free stuff and billions of kinah like 5.8 and before, we just need and adjustment to make kinah entry enough sustainable to keep people in the game, for let them do what the game requires you to keep enhace your character and maintain the daily consumables properly and other features avaliable for a good use.
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    I've cleaned this thread up from the off-topic and severely non-constructive posts. We've had some reports over the last few weeks about the buff acting strange and we are investigating it with the devs, as far as the tool tips showing level 1 we've also reported that to devs and are awaiting a fix. Thank you. Let's keep the forums civil and constructive, please.
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    Personally, my main focus is Aion but I do assist with B&S for several things. Hime is everywhere as she's ms boss! So you'll see us poking our head around other games helping out, etc.
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    Sir, With the new update, it takes an average of 51 Ancient Stones to get a piece of ancient gear from +10 to +15 using ancient stones. Before the update, it takes an average of 373 Ancient Stones to get a piece of ancient gear from +10 to +15 using ancient stones.
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    @Arkaida-KT Please tell us how you really feel.
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    Maybe you are? "by defeating monsters inside select instances." Guess, u typing faster than reading. And yes, NOT BOSS dropped item So whos a dumbuss is clear for me. P.S. i'm not a boy btw, boy.
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    Really ? Really ? I think that if ncsoft gives everybody ultimate +15, there would still be people complaining in forum post.
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    Berdin's Stars exist for the sole purpose of making us laugh with our friends in Discord/TS when we're unlucky enough to get them.
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    @Cyan This is a good start to improving progression but I suggest raising the 100 coin cap as it seems to mean only 10 more legendary enchants per week. I've been super active this patch. Easily much more than the norm. I attend most sieges so I have the highest GP on EK-elyos and I do my 2 pvp instances pretty much every day with high win rate. Before this change I was on pace to be full +15 ultimate genesis crystal by March 2021. With this additional 10 legendary/week it will only reduce it to August 2020. In Korea, 3 months into 6.0 patch when 6.2 released the players at the front of the gear curve were full +15 legendary genesis crystal /+0 ultimate. 6 months in with 6.5 the norm was full +10-+15 ultimate genesis crystal. We are way behind this pace which is causing two massive problems making the population evaporate. 1) Progression is dominated by RNG. Not AP, not the other mats. I have so much AP waiting I could instantly make 6 ultimate pieces as well as huge stacks of the other required mats. The problem is all of these materials are farmable at an uncapped rate (AP gain is really bad in world pvp but it's still farmable) except the enchantment stones. So the only rate-limited resource for progression is ALSO the only one at the mercy of RNG. This is a really terrible design. For example, if using AP or fighting spirit fragments was the RNG element it would be much better because you can always farm AP/fragments harder to make up for bad RNG. But since farming legendary pvp stones are effectively capped, if you reach that cap you cannot make up for bad RNG by farming harder but instead you have to wait (AKA log off the game to try against next day/siege/whatever)... until the year 2020 or you quit due to the futility. 2) This patch has the largest gear disparity AND the most gear-based pvp in the history of the game. The difference between a full legendary gear vs full ultimate gear player is unwinnable. This is made 100x worse due to giving players compensation gear that was supposed to be temporary while everyone farmed their replacement genesis crystal sets. Again, by this time on the KR servers 3 months in fewer people were using compensation gear as they were able to progress past it in a timely manner. This patch was balanced with endgame in mind (endgame being full +15 ultimate genesis crystal). Currently, we are playing in a state that the devs didn't consider balancing. For example, heals are incredibly OP right now as healing starts off strong but scales less than damage as you approach +15 ultimate. At endgame, they converge to a point where it is more balanced. The massive difference between ancient>legendary>ultimate tiers was also not an issue in Korea because the first two tiers were not considered endgame and it was expected to progress past them quickly before the imbalance wore people down and quit. tldr: So that being said, you guys adding this system to morph legendary/ultimate stones is great. Speeding up progression is probably the biggest improvement we need imo. The only problem is tweaking this system or improving other sources of enchant stones to ensure we can reach the intended endgame in a reasonable amount of time. 100 coins -> 10 legendary enchant stones a week will not be enough.
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    they're getting 6.5 on feb too gurl... seriously? you better stay quiet. Nothing in this patch is close to reasonable when we're talking about kinah and economy
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    Are we getting some changes soon ? Like kinah gain, invisible transformation, transformation time, the new potion or something about 6.5 or 7.0
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    And please please please.. if you could lower the cost of changing stigmas.
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    Can you guys imagine a 4º server? Made for Classic Aion lovers? Wouldn't that be great? I'm not sure if 6.2 servers would survive, tho.
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    If we were going back to something, it certainly wouldn't be 5.8. If it was 4.7, I would definitively play it.
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    That was indeed the Elyos story for Fire Temple at launch. Hannet also gave you a blue weapon. And yes! The classic tragic love story of Bollvig and Myanee. There was a very sad story on the Asmodian side of a guard in Altgard, I believe. He gives you a cube/item/thing that was left with him when he was abandoned there as a baby. You eventually find his mother who is a daeva in the Vanahal district. Her parents didn't approve of the match with the guard's father so she gave him up when he was born. Don't forget the Elyos storyline where the woodcutter in Poeta asks you to steal the clothing of a "nymph" he is enamored of. You do and she attacks you and you have to run off because she was level 50 and you were level 2 or 3. You find her later in the library in Sanctum. She is a daeva and if you chose to tell her about the woodcutter she admits to being intrigued by the woodcutter. You go back to the woodcutter thinking you are making his dreams come true and it ends up that he is no longer interested. There was also a very sad davea wondering around in Santcum who's love died waiting for him and was now a banshee. You bring a locket back to him after killing her. And let's not forget about the woman (I think she was human) who is waiting outside the docks in Sanctum so she can be near to her love.. a shugo.
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    damn what kind of meds are you suppose to be on? Please start taking them again.
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    amewo hay unos portales a los costados con unos dragon guardianes si los matas desaparece el escudo de reflejo de tiamat, luego solo usa tus skills y pociones apropiadamente y ya. Hace 1 mes subi un PJ nuevo y la verdad lo pase del 1er intento no tube problemas. aca encontre un video tal vez te sea de ayuda, suerte
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    I could be jumping the gun but after logging in and seeing the morph system it dawns on me that you have totally screwed us. It was bad enough that crafting was dependent on ult kib so lesser factions were already complaining about not being able to craft but now you put morphing enchants on the same damn system so what do you think is going to happen. If we ever thought we had a chance in hell at getting Ano, that disappeared like a fart in the wind this morning. Alternative methods to obtaining ult kib better start being looked into ASAP or you might as well stick a fork in this game.
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    Have to say I agree. Well, I did some to +14 with ancients. But yeah, the rng luck just isn't on my side to get ancients to +15 without a few legendaries in the mix somewhere. That said, this update was fantastic -- very much appreciated. I was able to get every remaining ancient item to +15 (and there were a lot because I only had 2 legendaries before today) and then purify 7 of them. It cost me over 2000 genesis crystals, but very well worth it. Finally feeling some damn progress!
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    Ok, guys, after testing in some of my ancient gear toons, I think that still only worth using ancient all the way to +13, and after that use legendaries to get to +15. Some people are trying to go all they way to +15, and although it still works, I had more success and less raging using legendaries.
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    "Please disregard OP and his band of beggars. Asmodians get him and the WB as well because they make a real effort instead of sitting around on their asses and complain about it looking for free handouts instead. My guess, these are probably the same band of losers who stand either in the back of the crowd or at the outpost and complain about Elyos not pushing or getting pushed back to the outpost during sieges. I don't want free handouts, I rather see real effort get made or continue not being able to craft ultimate gear. If you find this offensive then good, quit complaining and start doing something." Gabe this was your response on the other post on the Anomos topic, what caused the sudden flip? Elyos had 170 in their league on Saturday night and if it wasn't for the absurdly long spawn time on Anomos you guys would have easily gotten it. While I don't know the situation on the other servers DN-E is definitely not the weaker faction if they actually want to show up for things.
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    (I wouldn't mind seeing transfers out with an eventual forced transfer with server shutdown, where the only people affected are EK people)
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    You have to be joking. This is 100% the silliest suggestion I have ever seen here and trust me when I say that I have seen some super, amazingly, pants-on-head suggestions over the years.
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    I would agree with a "Classic" 4.7 Server for the Gunslinger Class, like even more a "Classic" 2.7 Server and rock there with my preferred Classes. I really miss Altgard / Impetusium as well as Morheim.
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    It was maybe silly to make it, but whats done is done. Now players from EK who chose NOT to get rekt by players who had been playing and spending money for the last 3 years. But are veterans that had already quit the game for a while, which made sense for US to go on a brand new server. Players from KT and DN that dont want it to be merged because they dont want to lose their name and houses makes sense. So allowing the xfers instead would be great. Idc about houses, and i already have my name saved. All we need is to allow players to get the fk out of this server because its so dead. Aion is already dying, better of getting the veterans from EK to play on another server without having to start all over again.
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    Even if they did a 4.7 server that would be awesome too. I literally can't play this game anymore, I try several times to like it but it really isn't fun anymore and this patch really destroyed everything and there's nothing on the bcm anymore or anything.
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    No they wouldn't. This was their one good chance to take the game for a little turn to make it alive again and they did what they usually do best, destroy any chance of that. I like many of you still waste my time playing it because of the nostalgia, but with every login I realize how much of my life I'm wasting holding onto something that isn't there anymore, and that is a game that I could truly say was the best game I've ever played. Now there is much better games out there sadly. This game has come to pass.
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    What is the reason that we cannot even put most of the items or kinah on the account warehouse? It's the "same" account so I really really really cannot find a "good" reason for this
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    I can't agree more, we really need ways to make kinah this patch.
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    There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, January 16, 2019 from 6:00 a.m. CST / 13:00 CET to 8:45 a.m. CST / 16:45 CET. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. Changes Routine website and server maintenance. Fruit Harvest event will begin. You can find full event details here. The price of the Shard Bundle in the Golden Sand Traders will be greatly reduced and its purchase limit will be removed. The Enchantment System will receive some changes. You can find more details here. Morphing recipes will be added that allow for the promotion of Ancient and Legendary enchantment stones to higher tiers. Added Borunerk's Coin Bundles to the Gold Sand Traders. Borunerk's Coins can be transformed into Borunerk's Gems, a crafting material for Enchantment Stone promotion. Enchantment rates for Ancient and Legendary gear will be increased. Ultimate gear is not affected. The new rates match the planned changes from the 6.5 update. An issue where the Luna Material Box was not available will be fixed. Exchange quests for arena Victory Insignias will become available. Please note that some quest objectives may be modified in the future to provide a better experience for these quests. Local Time will now be displayed alongside Game Time and Server Time and can be viewed by mousing over the icon on the lower-right corner of the compass. An issue where the extractability of some gear was incorrectly changed in a previous update will be fixed. An issue where some Artifact buffs in Lakrum were not giving the correct stats will be fixed. An issue where some resurrection items were accessible in the Crucible Spire will be fixed. An issue where some UI in the Crucible Spire was not working correctly will be fixed. An issue where Daevanion skills could change incorrectly when a different weapon is equipped in specific situations will be fixed. Quest target mobs will be added to Bastion of Souls so the quest Eliminate Harvesters Drakan Protection Officers can be completed in one play through. An issue where the trade timer on rare loot was not displaying will be fixed. An issue where Bestial Fury listed an incorrect range will be fixed. Some item descriptions will be changed to be clearer. The message that occurs when a boost pack is close to running out will be changed. Various text and localization issues will be fixed. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Maintenance Images of the Week
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    It is not possible to like this post enough, we need a Kinah faucet and fast.
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    On 7.0 theres a region on the map and a fort with flight, pretty much like Silona was in Danaria.
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    Ok, bye, Felicia. Were you playing back when we'd just randomly lose half of our HP in Gelk/Ing, even while AFK'ing at the base? Yeah, definitely embezzlement by NCsoft with some class action lawsuits how dare they give me back my tinfoil hat uncle clyde is coming over to fix my chicken and I'm lost what is this.
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    Just had to quote my two favorite parts of these insightful posts. I dare you now to stand around in Lakrum while contemplating embezzlement and class action lawsuits and not think, "BAM! 5K HP GONE!"
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    Everything after 4.8 was a mistake and the precedent was set. It has only gone downhill since then.
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    Definitely 4.7 for a legacy server. PvP was pretty accessible due to arena gear, you had the "new" classes at the time, fan favorite maps such as Sarpan, Tiamaranta, etc are all still there, and you have the player housing from 3.0. Up to that point the game only had content added, they hadn't removed anything up to that point. We'd lose the Luna instances, a lot of skins, and some mounts but I say that would be worth it for the gameplay and revived content alone. They could always add new maps, instances, or skins after the fact if they wanted.
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    I can confirm the enchantment rates are much better than before, allowing me to +15 a lot of my ancient gear with ease.
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    Hello @Cyan i want to start this saying thanks, i'm really grateful about most of the recent changes, i really never expected for us to get the enchanment stone Morph 1 year ahead of time (as this feature is from 7.0), this is really great it will help a lot players and make the game healthier. But there is a thing i need to compain about, thing that yesterday ruined my day, completely pissed me off and i still can't get rid of the bitter taste. I and many others that do PvP instance content had been waiting this whole time, almost 3 months for the NPC that exchange the following tokens: Arena of Solitude Victory Insignia Arena of Harmony Victory Insignia Ashunatal Dredgion Victory Insignia But turned out to be a Big dissapointment. The NPC Seiran (Elyos) and Mwati (Asmodian) gives a quest that doesn't say what is the reward or what is the amount of insignias needed to complete said quest until you already acept it, wich one gets autocompleted and the insiginas removed automatically if you already meet the requirements. What is the problem? some may say. The issue is that this quest ask for 50 insignias! So lets calculate the time to complete it then, with a win rate of 70% wich i think its really high and not many can acomplish that feat, with only 10 arenas available per week, it takes 2 months to complete. Lets that sink in... 2 MONTHS to complete one single quest. You guys don't see the problem yet?? i think you will see it now. The Reward for 2 months of work it is... TA DA !!! 5 WHOLE LUNA yes my fellow Aion players you Acquired 5 Luna to spend as you please. I think i will use these Luna to get an instance cooldown reset,so it will take me only 2 years to gather those 80 Luna. Seems Fair and Rewarding! Right? For me this is beyond Insulting and even Degrading. Before making some drama in here i prefered to be descreet and just sent a Ticket to Support but... guess what? all the help I got was an advice to ''Voice my conserns in the Forums'' So @Cyan Please! can you intervene in my ticket with support? i'm not asking anything unreasonable i just don't want to throw my effort to the garbage, i just want my 50 insignias Restored and the 5 Luna reward removed. My Ticket ID is #23242548 TL;DR Seiran/Mwati NPC exchanges AoD, AoH and AD insignias. Ask for 2 months of work and gives the worst rewards in Aion history. My advice, just save all your insignias for patch 6.5 or 7.0 when hopefully rewards will be updated.
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    I remember when I leveled my alts who had very very sad gear, ultimate atrocity did tons of damage, i think i moved to the location it wasn't casted on..
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    The rewards are the same in Korea, but the difference is that with 5 Quna you can actually do some tuning in the Korean servers. Retunes cost 1-3 Quna (depending on grade). 5 Luna gets you nothing here.
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    You mean they are instituting the siege buff for world bosses? Thank god. No, because only the PvE attack/defense stats would increase.
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    @Nabi-DN You shut your mouth and complain with the rest of us LOL
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    Congrats guys, only took you approx. 3 months to fix the Shards and bring them to its original pricing. You wanted to make this particular region unique but instead made it uniquely stupid. If you want to be actually unique, make the Transparent scrolls purchasable with kinah from GST.
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    Leashing the boss would help... so neither faction can use guards to easymode and actually have to fight for it.
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    Ive done FM plenty of times. period. What message are u talking about then? Because its not the one that says "Greater or Smuggler Shuri.. wtver will spawn soon", thats for sure. If it was the case, then explain to me how come the message (shugo spawn) show up after u kill the pods and not in the beginning MULTIPLE times?
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    Prices on Elyos side (sad i know) https://imgur.com/a/c4YoaGS Now lets look the prices on Asmo side https://imgur.com/a/Pd5b6EC Ultimate Kibrium on ely side is 8000 mill ,on asmo side its 40k... was 20k yestrday
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