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    Another day, another dollar not spent on skins because nobody can see them
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    we need an update, we do not have it in the store yet for the players
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    What's the point to buy a skin if you can't see it? #GiveMeMyNormalAppearance
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    @Cyan would it be possible to have the pvp windows and siege put back an hour? 11 PM EST for siege and 10 PM EST for PvP windows is just way too late for most weekday people. Moving it back an hour would be best. Thanks.
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    Right, so first and foremost: Or failing that- because heaven forbid anything on the Gold Sand Traders get updated- consider making transparent scrolls the result for when the dolls break. Regular transformation scrolls aren't any kind of reward and I'm just... trying not to think about the stupid gems being included on the rewards list. Transparents as the event consolation prize would be decent
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    Is this because you boys nerked up the faction balance more than it already was? Oh who are we kidding? You've never cared about balance. Also I have some of the most exclusive skins in the game and they're sitting in my warehouse gathering dust. Why? BECAUSE I CAN'T SEE THEM! You want us to spend $$ on the BCM? Then give us something worth buying. Give us TRANSPARENT SCROLLS by the nyerk-ton and load the BCM with skins. Not just a select rotation - ALL OF THEM! Let us buy the Legendary Daevanion skills. I'm certainly not gonna get them in game. Even when the shugo bothers to show up it doesn't drop anything. *flips desk* ...... ok. I'm calm now..... maybe...
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    We'll be launching the update with "6.7". There will be further information coming next week such as previews and other details.
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    One of the biggest community complaints in past patches is the rampant p2w. They mostly remedied this by excluding pvp upgrade stones from the BCM. Seeing pvp stones pop up on the BCM now is upsetting. I rather they didn't add pvp related items to the BCM at all, but if they feel the need they should keep the price high.
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    When are you going to come to the players?
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    Aion 2009 - 2011 Aion 2011-2015 Aion 2016 And Aion 6.0 D a m n i really love aion!
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    We full support you Cyan whatever makes you happy go for it!!
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    Cyan is a him. Cyan doesn't have a team. Gideon has a team and the team consists of one person.. Cyan.
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    I believe when Cyan said "new event," he meant we'll be getting an event, not that it's a new, never seen before event. I think it's just a miscommunication there.
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    This event again. Snowball event version 2..0 Mechanics just like the snowball event and let me guess. The same rng the snowball event we had not too long ago where +10s were basically a dream and you ended up with the minimal rewards. Nifty
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    Riot time.. I'm not spending a dime on BCM until you listen to us. And I suggest you do the same thing.
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    Daylight Savings Time and the way it's handled in this game is a massive nyerk you to the East Coast with those who work regular office hours.
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    Was going to say this. It takes a minute or so for that mob and portal to spawn. So just ignore Tiamat and wait. Don't attack her when she has the reflect buff on.
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    For those who was asking about rebalance on other regions.. there is(Its absolutely not garantee that NC West gonna do the exact modifications): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iy6K6XlvgKo5h1dxpEFojaUTp_EtcoYMSAOIxR3fUPE/edit?fbclid=IwAR0Q8LiuyAKYQ09yEjdIQjU2BJ2t-LqAhOTVlbTZ4tuQVefH7L927ykidXs#gid=805010206
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    I have no issues with the Devs basically stating they won't honor the Daylight Savings time change, but it seems like the instances and sieges in the evening are an hour late. If they would shift them an hour earlier, I believe everyone would be happier. Current: 8 PM Server for instances during the week 9 PM Server for siege during the week Suggested: 7 PM Server for Instances during the week 8 PM Server for Siege during the week No change for weekends or middle of the day...but then the Daylight savings doesn't screw over 1/2 the US for these American servers...
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    Stop right there YOU have a challenge as DN asmos? seige took maybe 15 minutes last night to flip to asmo, unless I’m wrong we hadn’t had the fort in several tries whereas you had successfully defended several times. now what about Divine? Not one single successful Elyos attack in weeks. Now what was your point again?
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    Be aware, guys, that the +10 doll has a chance to drop 10 Berdin's stars. Boyfriend got it and sent in a ticket because it wasn't on the rewards list. Support replied back that it IS an intended reward, just wasn't included on the list. Smh...
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    The point of the buff isn't to win the fort *every* time. With level 4 buff your side always wins. No need for even level 5. Would it be nice to not have to fight against a buff? yes.
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    NC, you wanna make sales on BCM. How about getting your staff starts playing this game cuz apparently they don't know anything about it. You can't make sales if your salesperson( whoever is in charge of BCM) doesn't know the products. Stop listing stupid items on BCM, they are OVERPRICED. they look stupid, unprofessional, and disconnected with the game. Only idiots and newcomers (if there's any) will buy them Advise: You might wanna add AION gaming experience as a requirement to your hiring process. YOUR EMPLOYEES DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT THIS GAME = LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM
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    @Cyan Please, can you give us some news about the discolored eye bug? I can't believe its been almost six months since this bug occurred (all the way back in Oct.) and still half my characters have a black-out eye. I am feeling extremely discouraged.
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    Unless of course you're on a faction that is having a issue getting upgrade materials due to being dominated. So you don't easily get better stones, because ancient stones are available to anyone and everyone. Basically putting legendary PVP stones on the BCM at a VERY reasonable price but at a limit per week, which they could easily do- would be reasonable.Lets' say 10 legendaries per week for $10 US per account, non- tradeable, non storeable in account warehouse etc....
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    See, the thing is that Korean Aion is built around their BCM. Gear progression is tied to it. They can buy a bunch of legendary stones, contracts, miniums, etc at reasonable prices. The fact that NA hasn’t fully implemented that into their BCM isn’t because they are respecting N.A. players wishes of not making the game p2w, it’s because the moment they do, players will outpace the progression they want to limit you to and people will quit much sooner because content patches are far and few in between. People need to come to terms with what Aion is now, microtransactions centered around recycled pvp content. They’ve modified it to fit their “mobile game” strategy, which as we all know is centered around microtransactions. The real gripe with NC West should be pricing and Product availability in the BCM. It’s atrocious. Make it like what it’s meant to be and charge reasonably for it. It will make the game overall more enjoyable.
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    this thread is a rollercoaster and i'm totally here for it
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    I prefer to uninstall this game than to see gameforge with the rights tof this game lol
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    Mr Burns would say: You'll see the Statue of Liberty wearing lederhosen before you'll see Germans running my servers! Well, who knows? NCwest and Gameforge had their times. Don´t forget that a lot of people came here years ago cause Gameforge was doing a really awful job. And they started Aion 6.X even worse than us. No kinah at all, overpriced things, P2P game.... And I don´t think is Cyan fault. He is just the face that NCWest throw at us so we can complain with somebody. It works like big companies and call centers. You have a customer support and you can complain, but with somebody that has nothing to see and can´t do a thing with that. Meanwhile the true people responsible for this, is relaxed and unknow.
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    Can we get a shoutout to the gathering buffs given out in this event when gathering is gone from the game except in Pernon? lmaoooo
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    I will no be supporting AION or NCWest even if this means the death of this game. As much as I love this game and i keep comming back to it. But enough is enough. The GMs and devs do not listen to us. Nor do they answer to our pleas. These people don't deserve our hard earned money. They dont respect us so why should we care? Please join me in this strike. Please leave a comment if you plan to join me and not buying anything on BCM including the 30 days pass. Show NCWest we r serious with out actions and wallet.
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    I demand to be able to see the skins I spent real-life money on.
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    Any change to the pricing on the PVP stones on the BCM? The current pricing is unreasonable.
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    EK died faster than BR? SHOCKING. No merge. Please. For the love of Aion. Don't destroy the other servers because EK was a mistake. Instead, please give the EK players 2 weeks to transfer for free to either of the other servers. After that period, force transfer all Elyos to DN and all Asmos to KT. Or force transfer all Elyos to DN outright and all Asmos to KT. And then just close EK. @Cyan
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    LFG is being used by characters as low as lvl 10 now, which takes a few minutes to make. I have been bombarded by kinah sellers that make lvl 10 toons and LFG that "hai frend, sorry to bother you, pleze buy kinah have a good day" or something. They make a lot of characters, I block them all, and report them for kinah selling. But they keep making new characters over and over again, and they make them all together, before you can block one, there are like 10 more to come and spam you. You also HAVE to block those because they will use them for at least one hour before they delete them and make a new char. I see they vanish from my block list so that means they delete the chars since everyone has them blocked. Previously the min level to use LFG was lvl 20, heck bringing that back would at least make it harder for them to spam us. Suggestion: Give us the ability to hide messages from people lower than a level that we will choose. There is an option "hide messages from players lower than 10" which is probably the most ridiculous thing ever, since characters lower than lvl 10 cannot use LFG nor whisper anyone as far as I know (unless they changed that too). In the tab options we can choose what chat to show or hide in every tab, so why not offer us client-side way to stop looking at chat and text from people that are lower than a level that we will decide? If this is too much, at least make LFG possible after lvl 30 or 40 or something. Real players would need 1 hour to reach lvl 30 and communicate, kinah selelrs would have hard time making a lot of alts to spam since they would get blocked instantly.
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    I know it's not nice, but if NC were to put the scrolls for that pricing, you'd be paying for the scroll stats and not to hide your appearance only (since it's same price as a regular scroll atm). IMO it would be just perfect since we don't have old scrolls anymore, it's the only viable option.
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    actually here we are mixing 2 topics P2W: A game is P2W when with some amount of money you can get things that free players can´t and that will make the player with money to win against the free player even if the free player is "better". In Aion P2W is not brutal, but exist. With enought money you can do all the instances you want and improve your chances of getting gear. You can do a lot of PvP content increasing the amount of enchanment stones and that will result in a better gear. It is not brutal cause even the people with money, still need to play and will require a lot of time. And the free player will require more weeks or months, but will be able to get the same. But P2W elements in Aion are real. The AP ress stones removed but we have something similar with lunas, Instance pack removed but with more lunas we can buy unlimited extra entries, Even those expensive ancient enchantment stones are part of it. A lot of people was so happy about 5.X cause they thought was the end of P2W but some of us were more critic about this. Overpriced items on BCM: Something that in some way was an issue since many years ago, but used to be in minor items in the past (like some skins for 640 NCoins that were obtainable in some NPCs for almost nothing). But some time ago the people responsible for the managment of BCM apparently lost completely the notions about the game, how hard to get some items are, or even the needs we have. Since then we started finding in the store some important items with prices that are not related at all with the game. Those 10 ancient PvP stones cost almost the same than 2 permanent mounts. Yet we can obtain those stones just completing the quest in 2 camps. But there is not way to get a permanent mount ingame now. So something that we can get in 20 mins cost $42, but something that we can not get in any way ingame, cost $25. We used to have an easy way to compare prices when the broker had a lower tax. But a lot of times we saw items with simlar prices on BCM but ingame, in the broker, one costed 10 times the amount of kinah that costed the other one. But this happens when the people who make the game, does not play the game. To be honest I think It could be so easy to estimate the right price for everything in BCM, but nobody is doing the right thing. For that reasson probably most of the items in BCM are never sold. And I bet they do not even understand why.
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    I'd argue that buying Luna and prestige packs is just as much p2w, should they just eliminate all of that from the bcm also? How long will the game last if they are making no money? I totally see your point but the argument as a whole doesn't really make sense for keeping the game up and running. And whether you agree with buying pvp stones or not I think somebody from NC needs to justify that pricing because its crazy.
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