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    Based on player feedback regarding the siege schedule change: What works best for you? Would you like it earlier? Later? If choosing "Other" please list what time works best for you. I will keep this poll open for two weeks, and I will send the results to our teams. Ultimately we want you guys to have Sieges available at the best possible time. Edit: Poll is now closed. Most popular request is "7:00PM PST - 8:00 PM Server time - 10:00PM EST". Data has been sent to the teams and we will update (probably in a new post) as soon as a decision has been made.
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    Unforgiving RNG. Examples: 1. The endgame pve instance bosses are difficult (obviously) and required special cubics. Some of them are doable with just the gold and silver cubics. However, others would be much more accessible by the general public if we could get platinum cubics. To buy the platinum cubics with in game currency is pure RNG and VERY overpriced. We could spend so much in game currency and get the cubics we don't even want. (Solution: Either lower the price or make the bundles selectable and/or put selectable cubics bundles on the BCM for a fair price.) 2. We spend months collecting A-rank minium to slowly level up our A-rank minions. We get 4 of them to the highest level and then try to combine for an S-rank minion -- only to fail. Months of work down the drain. (Solution: Increase the percentage of success and/or make A-rank minium fall from the sky AND A-rank minions.) 3. We spend hours each week inside PFHM and IDDHM, attempting to get those accessories, and when we beat the bosses, it is RNG if there will even be an accessory inside the box. The percentages are low -- probably a 20% chance to get the accessory. And THEN, when we finally DO get the accessory, we have MORE RNG to try to get the correct runestone/gemstone, thus possibly resulting in hours wasted in these instances. And that's for those of us who can even BEAT those bosses; many people cannot. (Solution: See above notes about platinum cubics and/or increase the RNG percentage for getting accessories and/or give us the item that allows us to retune runestone/gemstone slots.)
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    Hello everyone! As the title implies it's my time to take a bow and say farewell to you all as tomorrow is my last day with NCSOFT. I'm not one for being super sentimental but I just wanted to say that my time over the last several years has been a large learning experience for me as this was my first gig in the industry. Sometimes it was overwhelming, other times it was stressful, and of course it was fun. All of you reading this have varying opinions, experiences, and thoughts about many different things. I leave you in the good hands of Hime and the other members at NCSOFT. I encourage you all to continue sharing your feedback with the team here at NCSOFT West, constructively of course. Thank you for being along for my ride and I am sure I will see many of you again. Cheers, Cyan/Justin
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    Okies @Kibbelz. Remember you asked for this. MULTI-POST WALL ‘O TEXT INCOMING! Shaid essay time. First off, I would like you and the rest of the team to take a few days, make brand new an account and actually PLAY THE GAME! Nothing any of the players can tell you about the game will hammer home how broken AION really is quite like experiencing it yourself. (And don’t even think about rolling the painter class. You can lick the keyboard and still win with that class. It’s designed to make established players want to reroll.) It has been made painfully obvious that the NC staff doesn’t play AION and Support is so clueless that it’s not worth the time or effort to report problems. We’ve been on the back burner for waaaay to long. Private servers have a larger, healthier playerbase than retail and that should worry you. All right, now let’s dig in. 1. EXP Experience marks are a major currency. If you can’t gain experience you can’t get marks. No marks, you can’t buy things you need to progress. EXP has been nerfed so hard that running an instance won’t fill the bar even if you kill everything that moves. Regular instance mobs and open world mobs are a joke. No one farms them beyond the daily/weekly quest requirements. They’re moving scenery at this point. · Solution: Un-nerf the EXP on everything across the board. Slap a couple of extra zeros on the end of it and it will instantly be more satisfying for players to go and do those quests and instances or spend more time just killing mobs. 2. Loot Tables Mob drops are in a word: Garbage Mobs either drop nothing at all or nothing worthwhile. They need a full overhaul. I throw out or vendor, for miniscule amounts for kinah, pretty much everything that drops. · Add Cubics to every loot table and crank the chance up so players can actually get these and not just by spend three hours grinding in front of Gelk/Iggy forts for the chance to just get ONE when we need hundreds for the tiniest stat increase. · Kinah. If it has pockets, it should drop kinah. · Mana stones. All grades. I have only seen Ancient drop from Named mobs and Ulti boxes from Hidden mobs. No one wants to socket Ancient manastones in their Ulti gear. · Enchantment stones. Even if these are just Ancient or a few Legendary it would be nice to go out, do the daily/weekly quests and get a few extra stones (that will probably break anyway.) · Gear. Random, Ancient, crap stat, rubbish gear pieces that we can DE for whopping amount of Fasteners we need to unlock and upgrade our gear. Or sell for kinah. · Crafting Materials. Magic crystals, ‘cause where do you even get them anymore? 3. RNG I think I need to address the elephant in the room before we go any further. The RNG in the game is awful, just awful, and much like corn syrup – it’s in nyerking everything. · Gear drop after beating that really tough instance boss – RNG · Socketing Manstones – RNG · Enchanting your gear – RNG · Retuning your gear - RNG · Gemstone sockets – RNG · Enchanting your Stigmas – RNG · Enchanting your Skills – RNG · Getting a Runestone or Gemstone for your class - RNG · Crafting (not that anyone does) – RNG · Events – RNG · Minions – RNG · Transforms – RNG And this is just scratching the surface. It’s a problem. It’s such a problem the developers over in Korea added items to the game to SELL to us or make us grind for, just to fix the problem. (Deava Essence, Socketing Supplements, special “no fail” enchantment stones, transform selection boxes, ect.) Stop, just stop. Take a serious look at the rates. Ask yourself if, as a player, you would be willing to work for hours, weeks or even months only to have it literally blow up in your face or end up worse than where you started. The answer is no. And it’s one of the big reasons player retention is so low. · Ticking up the success rate a couple of percentage points on everything – everything, everything – is what’s needed. 4. Transformations Oh good God, this Zootopia nightmare. If you want to be competitive in PVP you need an Ulti transformation. Period. If you want to just feel like you’re not moving in slow motion or slapping mobs with a wet noodle you need a Legendary – FOR YOUR CLASS. White transformation contracts should NOT cost 12 Million apiece at this point. White and green transforms and gold transform shards should drop from Open world mobs, instance mobs, instance bosses or be daily/weekly quest rewards. Combining 6 transforms for white, green, gold should not have them *poof* into the aether and ya get nothing. (See section 3. RNG) Legendary transforms are so normal in Korea that they added the Halloween themed ones to the game. Meanwhile NA players flounder.
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    Ok my last post was deleted because there were some "unsavory" things said but the truth needs be out there - now I know our NA Team can't do nothing because let's face it, we do not have a true NA team for Aion that can make anything or get anything going for the community. In short if its not happening in korea its not happening here....but either way here goes again. The nice way. @Cyan Last week there was a conversation about events during the covid-19 crisis. Many people are on lockdown forced to stay inside their homes and find ways to entertain themselves during this time. AFK Events & Purchase Event's give no reason to "actively enjoy and P L A Y the game." (Emphasis on the verb *play) While the "world" is going into a financial crisis again, this time with people trying to avoid getting sick, spreading disease, losing their jobs, and trying to cope with this disaster. NCSoft has once again failed to take note amongst its base as a developer of entertainment. Performing Immoral tactics as to blindly syphon off their community's emergency funds. The majority of games that I am currently playing have developers enacting events in this time of need in order to keep their respective communities hopes up that, during this crisis as a whole, we will get through this. They are producing content rapidly in regards to their COVID-19 responses to keep players "actively" engaged within their worlds. Meanwhile, our situation as a community and around the world has once again gone ignored by NCSoft. During this time it would be sound to suggest to my community to take caution. The world is going through a financial disaster and countless jobs are being affected. While some have yet to feel the reverberation of the disease, take worry because it is a chain reaction and it will spread. It is one thing to support your game developer's for doing a good job and there would be reasons to spend money on entertainment during these times of need. Mental health just so happens to be a valid reason as well and entertainment can sustain that for us. But as it stands, NCSoft is doing no such thing worthy of being supported at this juncture. Referring back to my initial paragraph - if its not happening in Korea it's not going to be happening here. I believe it's safe to say NCSoft will not be on our side during this depressing stage. They've repeatedly expressed a goal deceptively snagging players funds in the past. Today, that goal remains paramount, as the company is during this time releasing an event (or lack thereof) in form of purchases. Those of you familiar with the rewards in purchasing understand the magnitude of the release of this event. But why release it during a time of financial crisis? Why not postpone it? Is this not a time that would make a transaction such as this "immoral." Personally, I've seen and understood the tactics implemented time and again from NCSoft. I avoid it as much as I can because If I support it in this form, it'll never change nor will it ever get better, and NCSoft will never truly consider "me, the player which is also "you." The outside world may not understand what's going on here but we do. We understand the magnitude of releasing an event such as this in our world and normally we would all try to jump in and get a piece. But many of us are caught up in the corona disaster that has taken our jobs, restricted us to being at home, and desperate to remain hopeful that we will make it through. If I was to bring it to terms of the outside it would be relatable to someone purchasing all the hand sanitizer and price gouging everyone else back. That's what NCSoft is doing right now in this moment. Instead of building faith and focusing on its player base by helping them get through this moment in time. They are instead choosing to purposely hunting down every form of available coin with little effort given to keep it form themselves. This event tomorrow, in the sense of creating the actions it takes to complete from purchasing, selecting, and using the item is only a matter of minutes. By paying the software developer to create a purchase button (20 minutes) , to create an in game item (5 minutes), paying an artist to design an ad to post online (4 hours), a translator to translate ( and by translate the name of the item and the purchase in the store that's really not a lot so lets say 5 minutes,) and these people get paid lets say $30/hr (being generous.) Total time spent to get this up and running for NCSoft was literally chump change that any one of us could have paid for! 4 hours and 30 minutes times $30 per person involved dollars (being generous here again on purpose.) NCSoft spent literally spent less than $600 to get this going for the sole purpose of syphoning off hundreds of thousands if not millions from its community during a disaster period. Now if the outside world understood that do you really think this strategy of NCSoft would be ok during this time? That's a serious thing to consider and it says a great deal about the future of this company when considering playin a new title. Their morality, reliability, and ideals become painfully and seriously clear. The intent here is malicious. More than me making this post, my previous post that got deleted, or the several others who began attacking NCSoft on the forums recently. There's nothing I can say or do that will cause NCSoft to act. I just felt the need to get it out there and let these people know there's better. There are companies out there that will watch out for you, take care of you, and work for you. NCSoft has stopped "working" for me a long time ago....I wont quit yet, I do thoroughly enjoy the game (not all of it though) the sad thing is this game was huge and had great potential but it was NCSoft's own greed that ran it down into the ground. Some of what's great still exists and calls to me... So I have questions that I ask myself..... Is it worth it for me to financially support this company in a serious form? More importantly is it "WORTH" it for me to "ATTEMPT" to financially support NCSoft when the world is in a financial crisis? Is this going to be a "sound" investment for me to allow myself to put into NCSoft? Will NCSoft be there for me when I need its entertainment the most? Did the investment pay off? Will remember NCSoft the next time its name is placed on a new title? For now I see no reason to invest in NCSoft even with something so small as prestige...I need to be ready where ever this crisis takes me. @Cyan this is who you work for - this is how you make your living - off our backs. The players. We give NCSoft our support - you work for NCSoft because of us - the players. Can you really sit there and tell us there ain't a damn thing you can fight for? Is there nothing you can get done for us? Can you truly call yourself a "community manager?" Because right now there's a lot of hopelessness and doubt in the community for the entertainment (or lack thereof) we receive and we need someone whos going to manage to keep us afloat. Only the community can punish, educate, and teach NCSoft. I hope someday NCSoft learns that there more money to be made investing in its players then solely expecting its players to invest on them.
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    Hello, As of this afternoon, we have suspended and permanently closed accounts who were found to have participated in abusing the Evergale Canyon exploit. We have extensively reviewed each account and their actions; the accounts that were suspended or closed knowingly participated in the exploit. As such, our decisions here are final and we will make no exceptions. Evergale Canyon remains unavailable as we work with the dev team to address its issues and will bring it back as soon as we can. Thank you!
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    hang on. My potato is messing with me... 5. Minions S rank is supposed to be the end game norm however, even the most basic A-B rank contracts are difficult to get. I haven’t seen an A Rank in months. I’ve resorted to combining my B’s to get A’s. And after MONTHS of grind only to have it all *poof* out of existence when I fail on the S Rank combine. Seriously, all that work down the tubes at the click of a mouse and now you have no Minions. At all. · Better avaliblitly of basic named (NOT KERUB) Minions · The return of at least one A Rank Minion when S Rank combine fails. · A way to morph or upgrade Minium C-->B -->A 6. Kinah Since the introduction of 6.0 all of the game systems are designed to suck kinah out of the economy. Well it worked. It worked so well that the economy is broken. New players struggle to pay for the most basic things like teleporting and binding. If you make the mistake of unlocking more inventory space, you can’t pay for teleport and now you have to delete your character and start over. The only consistent way to gain kinah to continue to feed the massive currency sink is to... · Luna Crafting kinah boxes with tons of alts · Use Third Party Programs · RMT Put ways to make kinah back into the game and reduce the fees or the economy will continue to crumble. a. The Broker The fees are obscene. You get robbed coming and going. No one lists things on the broker unless it’s super overpriced. Then there’s the risk of having items “sniped” by bots. · Ban the bots · Reduce the fees 7 Cubics Basics Cubics are very difficult to get. Just to increase my HP at Bronze level I need 300. Where do you get them? They’re locked behind RNG (Section 3). A mob might drop 1 after hours of grinding or I might get 1 out a pouch at the end of an instance or I can grind Titan Coins and pay and I might get 1 from a pouch. That is extremely slow for even the most basic progression. Then there’s the “new” Platinum Cubics which you can’t get in-game. I’ve only gotten these from surveys. And the Ereshkigal Cubics... again can’t get them in-game but they’re still required to do the instance. · I would like to see a better way to get Cubics and the return of the NPC that lets you exchange for higher grade Cubics like we had in 6.0. Currently she only exchanges Eresh Cubics... that you can’t get... *face palm* 8 Trading Items The inability to trade is extremely frustrating. I don’t want to give items to anyone else most of the time but it would be nice to slide that HB manastone through the Account Warehouse to my Chanter or a MB to my SM. Otherwise I have to risk the broker bots. · More items Account tradeable 9. Events · Fewer P2W Giant Marine Mammal Only Events · No more New Player Only Events – It feels like you’re snubbing your loyal veteran players when you do this. We just make 50 new alt accounts in order to get the rewards. You’re not really getting “new” players. We’re just working around your event roadblock. · BCM Sales Are NOT Events · More events that engage the playerbase and encourage them to go out into open world and run instances to get the rewards. I’ve always been fond of hidden cake, shugo capsule, and floating flower events. · Event Instance drops for EVERYONE in the group/alliance. Don’t make 24 people fight for one drop. · Rewards that benefit everyone. Stormwing event is an excellent example. Everyone loved it. Do that again. 10 Cheating Do something about the Hackers. They are rampant and have been for years. I would like to see punishments for cheating that feel like you give a nyerk about the state of the game and aren’t weighted against how much said cheater threw their wallet around. 11 BCM I haven’t given NC a dime since 6.0 rolled out and the pitiful state of the BCM has a lot to do with that. There is thread after thread, literal pages of us, on our knees, begging for updates and items. Please go read them. · S K I N S !!!! (We are skin-whores. We wanna look purdy.) · Mounts · Pets · Housing items/furniture And that’s just the cosmetic list. 12 Communication I want clear, consistent communication. · Don’t just ninja a maintenance post every week and run away. I know it’s tempting but don’t do it. · Don’t hide information on one of the twitter feeds. Post it here as well. · Facebook – do you even use this anymore? · If you don’t know something say “I don’t know.” Just be honest. · Don’t NC “soon” us. We have memes for that. · Ask our opinion – especially before major changes – either here or with in-game surveys. We like to feel like were being listened to and are contributing to how you make decisions. Ok I’m about exhausted and I’m sure I missed a few things. Anyway, here’s your cookie for reading the whole thing.
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    Guess I will get the ball rolling! My top three.. Hackers Pay2Win Too much RNG/Poor RNG
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    I really like the events which we actually have to PLAY to earn prizes.. and also, the ones with group involved to incentive the team work. I would like to see more events that make u clear instances to get some kind of coin to buy rewards and buy stuff with 100% of success, NO RNG INVOLVED like the craft one. Also, make those events truly rewarding, with the most expensive prize to be something really wanted, like legendary transformation contracts and +15 Stigmas! Like, do a way to make players farm in every instance for like 2 or 4 weeks to buy the top prize! And make them constant.. people like to do events. Other games like Final Fantasy XIV never have a single week without events. In other hand, I know we need p2w events, because we are a f2p game, but NEVER, EVER.. do a p2w event without a f2p event running as well. It's VERY discouraging for the majority of the players. The last decision about transformation was good.. make it a permanent mechanic, but don't wait like 6 months to deliver another transformation promotion.. make one each 2 months, for example. Also, try to do something similar to stigmas, like.. if u fail 300 stigma enchant from 0 to 9 or 9 to 12 on a event with stigma enchantments, let the player have a +9 or +12 stigma.. incentive the new players For now is the only things I can remember about events.
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    Started 7.5 from a fresh character with absolutely nothing. 1. Access to permanent transformations. New players can't reliably do anything at all without atleast a legendary grade transformation. Limits new players to mainly open world content for months UNLESS they pay 50 dollars for a contract in BCM. 2. Cubic system needs to be more accessible and easy to farm. Base statline cubicles are completely inaccessible in the game because of disgustingly low drop rates that are an insult to game experience; if you did not play in previous patches, you're already at a permanent stat disadvantage compared to older toons. Boss cubicles are fine... only if a new player has consciousness that they need twelve characters on an account to run them regularly. 3. Daevanion skill enchantment. Daevanion essences and skillbooks should permanently be on the BCM and be dropped more frequently in instances. They always start with healthy drop rates at the beginning of patches, but with each nerf GMs put out, they become more inaccessible by playing the game normally. Many people who even upgrade these skills abused events with hundreds of alts OR they are kinah buyers/bots. 4. Minions. Same complaint as everyone else. Why are we spending 2 months for a CHANCE at an S rank minion? 5. Kinah acquisition. Actually playing the game by running instances is less rewarding than AFK lunas on 50 billion toons for kinah. I'm very surprised GMs don't understand kinah sellers have been milking the crap out of this for months(years?) now. 6. Prestige(subscription). A 15 dollar sub turned to a required pve stat check for instances. Doesn't give access to anything else special and needs a complete revamp 7. Stigma enchants. Pure cash grab... similar to all other problems above but much, much worse 8. Manastone grind. Crucial part of everyone's gear, but everyone is fighting for loot right on these. Ingission/gelk dredgions and world bosses drop 1 for entire groups and alliances. Only one person will get rewarded while the rest just fall behind. Many instances need gear with entire armor sets socketed with manastones...
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    Right now my biggest gripe with the game is the inability to reroll runestone slots. I've opened countless wings / bracelets / plumes trying to get an attack slot and have yet to get one from either farming bloodmarks or opening cruel demaha. I understand its all RNG but ffs 30 + acc open and nada... Kind of a joke IMO
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    So we ask you guys for an event that we can actually do while people are stuck at home, not being able to work, some ppl losing their job, not able to go outside and you tell us we get one, right? CANT EVEN PARTICIPATE W.O SPENDING MONEY! Like you know there are people who are not making any money atm, jobs closing and shutting down and you pull this stunt to try to get the rest of our money. So while ppl who usually do spend money on this game cant even spare any because of this situation, you are gonna make this event p2w only to those who still have their jobs or those who can still work rn which is only a small few. But no its fine because we get the snake event that has the same rewards like last patch... Honestly disappointed and disgusted by NCWest even thinking this was a good event.
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    Making <Grade A Minium> Tradeble in account warehouse would be 1 of the best changes that could be done this patch Also Crimson Katalam ( Red katalam ) you can only get (180 mins from hourglass) wasn't it like 360 for every right region? I could be wrong idk
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    First: Events that add 150 PVE Buff is not cool, actually, it's a punch in the face. Second: We need events that can be really rewarded, we need ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATIONS, STIGMAS,OLD MOTIONS, PERMA MOUNTS, SKINS, ETC!
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    Hello all, Many of you have reported periods of high latency experienced while in game. Since your report, we have been actively troubleshooting the issue. As we work on identifying the causes, we need more information from you if you are experiencing this issue. If you haven't done so already, please open a Customer Support ticket with the subject: Latency Issues and include the following details: Server Character Name Who is your ISP Geographical Region Screenshots of in-game '/ping' check Time of the '/ping' checks and associated lag spike What you were doing when lag spike occurred Thank you and please bear with us as we get to the bottom of this issue.
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    Perhaps try exercising some self control and not spend money?
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    Agreed. The fact that the administration still hasn't punished those that abused the EC bug is outrageous and just another example of the poor administration of this game. Oh.. wait.. (The irony of a serial abuser complaining about the pay2winners is precious.)
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    As title say UwU i just came back from a looong break and i really want to catch up, and this buff of 300% and drop rate of 150% gave me good things, please extended until the end of exp event UwU Thank you so much ♥
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    Yeah, world boss events are absolutely useless for 95% of the playerbase and should not exist, period.
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    In addition to the important items listed above (transformations, stigmas, etc) that we need in events, could we also get an NPC from whom we can purchase skins and motion cards with event coins? We beg, beg, and beg for old and rare skins, but we continue to get the same ones rotated on the BCM -- very rarely at that. We almost never have the motion cards rotated. I've been asking to literally give NCWest real money for the Dragon's Set motion on the BCM for nearly a year now, and it has not been put up. Others have been begging for the Red's Basket for Granny motion card, and we haven't seen that one in over two years now. An NPC to purchase these cosmetic items in an event would be much appreciated. An example of this being done in the past was actually in last year's 10th Anniversary event. (https://www.aiononline.com/news/10th-daevas-day-event-celebrations) It had the Fashion Robot which had the fairy wings , Swing Dance card , and some other cosmetic items available for purchase with the anniversary coins we received. I really enjoyed saving up to purchase those two items.
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    they ninja edited the event but forgot the title LOL
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    This is exactly the problem with the game right now, TOO MUCH RNG. P2W players can't continue because it's a rabbit hole for money and F2W players can't catch up because the chance is simply too low to get nice stuff. The progression model has become from 1%, 2%...75%...100% to 1~100 in one try with 1% probability. IMO S rank minion is not that hard to obtain since the success rate is relatively high comparing to the ultimate xform and enchantment success rate plus there are tokens for restoration. Can't agree more with the other two examples where end game content(aka new stuff since 6.0) is purely unfavorable to those who are unlucky: 4. One of the best things we can get from weekly lugbug is <Legendary Memory Shard> which can combine into a legendary transformation contract along likely every two months. After grinding weekly lugbugs hard for 2 months straight and finally got the contract, opened it, and obtain a transformation which we already have. Then we pray for a combine and wanting to get a new one(either new legendary or ultimate) but an existing one is always the result (The RNG to get new ones is too low). Two months of weekly lugbug for nothing
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    The current xp rate is a joke , we need to have better xp from quest and farming mobs in open world. Farming xp marks at the moment is a full time job it shouldnt be so hard to fill a full xp bar. Maybe add regular xp to quests that only give renown xp atm that would help greatly and it would feel more rewarding
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    1. Luna retuning cost has been too high since its been introduced 2$ a retune is absolutely insane 2. Platinum cubics are impossible to get and an important factor in the game especially for PFHM 4th boss and the new instance that eventually comes in 7.7 Having platinum cubic that is easily obtainable will allow even players who are not the greatest to run instances that are too difficult for them 3. Are new apostle transforms even obtainable atm can they be gotten by combining or is it broken like when we got the new transforms back in 6.2
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    End game content standpoint 1) Ultimate Transformation (even put the pot in BCM for 20-80 nc coin each) 2) A rank Minium (it takes 2 months worth of resetting daily to have a CHANCE to get an S rank) 3) Platinum cubic (It's been introduced to the game since 7.0 and there are NO WAY of obtaining it other than pity 10 cubic a week) I cannot stress this enough, Ultimate transformation. People enjoy the game a lot more when you're fighting someone with equal footing
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    There's a lot to be said here so going to keep it simple. Team should play the game for a month or so, start from scratch and try to progress to end game. Know the game and that will get the team all the feedback they search. Thanks
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    Go ahead and post your Baby Stormwing art and screen shots, let us never forget the best event and pet we've ever had! Taken too soon from us....
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    I actually like the update for the most part. Allow us to trade non-brokerable enchantment stones and Manastones through account warehouse. Actually give us the item that allows to make ancient and legendary contracts for the Lugbug quests. Give us Leibo’s blessing Item to complete one Of the Lugbug weeklies, currently missing from Gold Sand Traders. Fix evergale, and give compensation to those for missed entries to those who didn’t abuse it. Give us a permanent +9 and +12 safe spot for stigmas. Make the Altar fortress siege battle (the one where the guy spawns at altar 10) more rewarding, some etium is just meh. Fix Lugbug issues for the people who transferred. Bring back enchantment stone drops and number of items dropped in IDD/PF, or raise the weekly quests to how be completed how many times we can enter the instance per week. Match number of entries with Prestige as other regions (4 for IDD, the Manor ones). Give us guaranteed red drop in the instances that have it guaranteed in other regions (IDD, PF, etc). Lower amount gems needed to morph a stone to 5 for legendary and 25 for ultimate, and make it 5 ancient stones to morph into a legendary, instead of 10. Remove the cap on enchantment stones boxes from Genesis Crystal NPCs.
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    Seriously the sense of entitlement of this community continues to amaze me to this day. You literally just have to log in and sit afk for 6 hours for 20 days, don't have to do a thing in game and you get rewarded with something free. You know the exact same thing many people complained about in ec people afking getting rewarded so we need the kick back? You can't do it on every toon oh well you still get something free for doing ZERO. So not rewarding multiple toons on an account for doing nothing but afking works for me. I mean the only thing should complain about in this event is the fact that we were not told this at the start of it. I get it makes little sense to have the event be character based but the bcm item is account based but seriously the fact people still think this company wasn't going to do something like that is surprising. Anyways my 2 cents if you don't like it don't login it really is that simple. You can still get free enchants( 7 days or Not) and frags so not a total loss. Don't get free stuff people complain, they give you something free for doing nothing people complain. Just like in Real Life if something sounds to good to be true it probably is. If you are that naive I know a warlord who has 2 million dollars to give you just send me your banking info so I can send it to you. :-)
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    Imagine telling us you care and all you do is put p2w stuff.... Imagine releasing the worst event ever done in 11 years and saying I hope you guys enjoy it ... Imagine making an event where everyone just steals the loot from each other and saying you care about the community... Imagine releasing an event that features the usage of auto-hunt functions and saying that you don't want that feature in your game... Imagine telling your player base that you're going to release new transformations, but nobody cares about it because you guys only sell it from your store... Imagine telling people you care about their feed back and the next move you do is put their feed back on your store but not in the game... Imagine lying non stop to people who put food on your table... You guys should be forced to play the game so maybe you will know what you're doing to us ... That should be your punishment !!! Shame on you !@Kibbelz @Loki
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    @Kibbelz @Loki good afternoon you already asked this question a few days ago all the players said that they wanted the ultimate select transformation event but you engnorou us and put it on the website to sell and profit .... now will the poor players be able to have an ultimate select transformation too?? @Kibbelzbe fair it puts an ultimate select transformation event for us free to player
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    Okay so I can't be the only one who thinks this but isn't it extremely hard to gain experience and farm exp marks? The previous patch we gained a lot more exp from quests and we also got double exp events often and tons of events that gave tons of Berdin stars. This patch has been around for over two months and we haven't had a solid event yet. Its cool and all that we have renown boosts but why get higher renown when you can't afford the the rewards of higher renown? Every week we can buy 8 legendary apostle transformation shards with renown rewards. If you buy 4 that costs 60 EXPIERENCE MARKS... if you buy all 8 thats 120 marks per week!!! I talk to people who play all day and they make about 10 to 20 marks a week. I was farming in udas and they removed the mobs so I can't sit and farm all day. So then I started to farm SAS and I reset every day on my main about 8 times until it cost 100 luna per run to farm exp marks that way. Now that SAS is gone too there is nothing else I can farm to make a decent amount of experience. I understand the gms don't get the mechanics of the game and whats going on but really when its this hard to progress in this game it makes me less likely to play.
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    @Shaidessa-KT - That was well written, excellent job! You're exactly right, there is RNG at every corner of the game. Sadly, this is 100% intended and planned. They create problems to sell you the solution. Failed enchanting your Daevanion skill to +14? Are you all the way back to +10? No worries! Check out our BCM shop, you can buy our Daevanion Essence which prevents your skill decreasing levels if you fail. Wait, wait are you having trouble socketing that last manastone slot? Has it failed 20 times on you and wasted your Ultimate Manastones that you farmed so hard for? Well, we have just what you need Daeva! You can buy our Manastone Socketing Supplements which guarantee's your socketing for only 480 coins! Your goldsand shop, crafting, and NPC potions aren't healing enough? Well, look no further, we have 20% heal potions in the shop! Ultimate Enchantments stones rare to come by? Fast, hurry, check out our BCM shop for a limited time only we have Ultimate enchantment stones and they're only $7.00 each!! Don't miss this chance, nyerk, nyerk *Enchantment success is not guaranteed* Young Daeva, have you wasted countless accessories and ornaments trying to get the gemstone and runestone symbol you're wanting? You've come to the right place, we have just what you're needing! For a stellar deal of 3.5k NC coins you can purchase our Rebirth Manastone Fastener which resets your gemstone or runestone slot! Goodluck Daeva! All the RNG is planned and designed so they can sell you items so you can actually make progress in the game. Ncsoft your method to increase revenue by all this RNG bullcrap is not working. Your BCM prices are insane, and your P2W events are even too expensive for the whales. We're in the middle of a pandemic and you're charging $1,000 for skins. Cmon....seriously? You're so out of touch with your player base. You're driving off loyal customers by the droves, and scaring off any potential new customers. Just look at your forums, it is entirely embarrassing 99% of threads/posts is the playerbase begging for change, and mentioning hackers running rampant on your servers. What do you think potential new customers think when they see this? They RUN! Aion had its lowest sales ever in Q4 2019, and the 1st quarter of 2020 is not looking good either. Private server's populations are growing strong, and have more players than actual retail servers. It won't be long until you're down to only 1 server in NA which is really sad to see. I think most people will agree with me on this when I say, we're unable to invite our friends and family to play with us. I would be so embarrassed to invite anyone to play here. The price to be able to actually play and compete is so insanely high its absurd. You could spend $200-$500 just to get 1 Legendary Transformation and not even get the transformation you need for your class! It's not causal player friendly at all. What other games charge these prices, what other games have such rigorous RNG system? It's no wonder people are sticking with battle royale and MOBA games. Right now your casual players are being suffocated and buried alive. The only ones making it in this game are the whales, and the hackers who farm Luna all day using "Ice Cream". In 7.7 update....players will be able to run (4) clients at a time. THIS IS NOT what players want. We want to be able to play on our main character and be able to reach end gear playing casually. We don't want to have to play on 10 accounts and have 100 alts chars to be able to progress, that is just ridiculous. It would be nice to actually have a chance to try out other classes but that is impossible it's already insanely hard to gear up 1 toon. Like several users already suggested play your own game from scratch fully f2p and see just how difficult and grueling it is for your players. Your whales will eventually get bored when there is no one left to fight. Even with the cross server you can barely find any pvp on Demaha. On Lakrum it's mostly full of ungeared people farming, and they die in 2 hits...the fight lasts for like 30 seconds and then you're back to running around the map 10-15 mins looking for an interesting fun fight. Right now It's very very boring. Things look gloomy right? But you still have a shot at surviving a few more years and increasing your revenue. Here's what you do - Number 1. Listen to your player base. Enchantment system Increase enchantment success rates for Stigmas, Daevanion skills and Armor. Remove the decrease of level when you fail. Let's stop punishing players for failing, you already lose your rare material that should be enough punishment. I think the Minion enchanting system is awesome, when you fail it sucks, but it sucks ALOT less knowing that your minion doesn't decrease its level and you have a higher chance to succeed next time. It's really great, and I would use this system across the board. You fail combining 2x legendary transforms? Well, you have a higher chance to succeed next time. It provides a great motivation to keep going on, and not giving up and quitting. BCM shop You must lower your prices in the shop and update it. You have to make it affordable for the average USA citizen and your foreign players. A lot of people don't mind blowing $20-$200, but they don't like flushing their money down the toilets and watching their items fail and decrease in level only to be worse off then when they started. *We have two new ultimate transformations arriving soon Ereshkigal and Tiamat, 98% of the population doesn't even have Kaisinel who was released in 6.0. I suggest adding the following items: Random Legendary Transformation Contract - $25 Selective Legendary Transformation Contract - $40 Random Ultimate Transformation Contract - $75 Selective Ultimate Transformation Contract - $100 The Style, Housing, and Mount section needs updating...this should be a huge source of revenue for you guys....but you gotta add nice stuff in there. I would have bought the Fairy dress and other costumes already. Prestige should be your main steady income - However, it needs a huge update and better rewards. Here are some more bonuses Prestige can provide. 1. Increase in enchantment success rates by 5% for Prestige players 2. Add repeatable quests for Prestige players with good rewards such as -Experience Marks, -Stigma Enchantment Stones, -Ulimate Enchantment Stones -Transformation Contracts - 50 types with higher chance for ancient/legendary. -Gemstones and Runestones with a chance to get dazzling/shining/normal.\ Kinah 3. Update the Prestige Vending Machine with current items and reasonable prices. 10k Prestige coins for 1x Ultimate Enchantment stone is not okay. Kinah Kinah is the main currency in game yet it's insanely hard to get. Your Renown vendors sell 5 million Kinah bundles for 5 Experience Marks. We need an extra 0 added to the end of that Kinah amount. It's just not worth while, Exp Marks are very difficult to get and we need them for other items to progress in the game. The trade broker fees are to high, lower the fees! Increase Kinah rewards amount from Altars and Siege by alot, 200k Kinah is nothing. Crafting There is nothing good to craft anymore, so you can't sell anything valuable. The 20% Mysterious Potions , Mysterious Serums, Mysterious Healing Potions, and Mysterious Food should all be craftable and sellable. There are no beautiful armor sets to craft anymore, all the craftable baluar sets were removed which is just a shame. They should have been kept, and new ones added every patch. This way a great way to make kinah selling remodels and also very fun to craft. Gemstone/Runestone Let players select which type of slot they want on their accessories and ornaments when they open them up. You can still sell the Rebirth Manastone Fasteners. Players will want to change and play around with their build and will need this item to reset the type of slot. Also, once we gather 100x of the gemstone/runestone shards we should be able to select which one we want or at least get one for our class. Experience It’s difficult to obtain Experience Marks.I suggest lowering the amount of Exp marks required for some items sold by the Renown vendors. Increase XP gain from mobs and re-add XP to quests. We also need XP for <Bobonerk’s Coin> to morph Legendary/Ultimate Stones. Adding a weekend XP/AP boost would be very nice. Enchantment Stones/Transformations/Stigma Enchantment We need more methods in game to obtain these items. I could go on and on, but I think that’s enough for now.
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    Hackers. Kinah acquisition. Access to Ultimate Transforms. Second half of 7.5. Skins. There are like 600 skins in this game (mild exaggeration), and players haven't gotten to get most of them in NA.
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    I want to see events that give Ultimate Transformation Contracts. There's a huge gap between people who simply got lucky and got Ultimate off of 2 combinations and the ones who got it by spending tons of $$, and the people who are still stuck with Legendary Transforms. It's been almost 2 years since the system got introduced, yet the majority of the playerbase that plays daily still has Legendaries. Even an event with a good amount of Legendary contracts should be enough. Also I really hope we'll get Rebirth Manastone Fasteners ( [item: 166418001] ), it's such a good item to have and an amazing QoL improvement. Personally, I know a friend who has 2 Starlight Bracelets with the Runestone slot he doesn't need, meaning he has to go get the Bracelet and materials again and hope to get a good slot. Finishing off, these are some good rewards to include: Daeva Skill Boxes/Daeva essences, Refining Stones/Sanctifying Potions, and Shining Gemstones (Choosable), and dare I say Dazzling Gemstones
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    Fortress sieges 8 PM is better for all. @Kibbelz
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    I wish Demaha and Lakrum didn't use up our hourglass because it makes me feel anxious when I'm there -- like I can't fully enjoy myself because I'm too busy watching the clock.
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    Thank you all for the best wishes! It's been almost 4 years since I started and time moves too quickly sometimes. At the very least let's hope I didn't set the bar too high on the weekly maintenance images. Don't forget to send any and all bugs to Loki (Actually you should probably send a ticket in and be as detailed as possible).
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    Gentle suggestion to stop making 30 Day or 7 day things your rewards. It doesn't feel like a reward when you're forced to use it. I understand you want to prevent hoarding but if you work to gather enchantment stones only to have them disappear before you have the gear you want to use them on, it is less rewarding than it is frustrating. Offering a Dragon Carpet Mount sounded really cool, a way to remember the beginning of the patch but - nope only there 30 days and then it's gone. Back in the day it was fun to remember events with items you could only get at that time. But now it's like everything just dissolves and feels very cheap and temporary. You beat RNg and get a plastic surgery ticket but oop - nope! it will disappear out of your inventory so you better change something now! It kinda defeats the purpose of a reward when it's just gonna annoy the person you're trying to reward. I don't know how much control you have over this but I hope enough to make a change.
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    With the revamp of Luna in 6.0 and generally removing every good thing housing NPC's had, even though I wanted to improve my estate (such as adding room breakers or getting special guestblooms), I simply could not because the NPC's were bugged or just got deleted. The Breezy addition to Luna was a nice change, but I still wanted something more, so I purchased this pack from the BCM The description literally says nothing about what's included, but here's a pic for those who want to know I saw that the wall ornament was 60 days... whatever it's just one of the things and the others do look nice so I didn't mind much (there's a wallpaper below that's not on the pic). Then I go to actually register the things, and I found out EVERYTHING is a timed 60 days (excluding the wallpaper, but I didn't want to use that since I like the Breezy one) I'm.. disappointed. I'm barely interested in any Aion content anymore, but housing has remained and I would love to get an explanation from this, because the pack literally has no description of what's inside, not even saying anything about the things inside being non-permanent items. What a waste of NCoin, guess I'll just log to pay the maint fee and log out immediately
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    Is there any particular reason why the NA Transformation Contracts were adjusted so much in the first place? With the ease of getting gear from fighting fragment bottleneck getting resolved is it even necessary still for 7.2? It seems they are really unbalanced when it comes to magic casting classes like Sorc/SM and Clerics vs Melee classes whom can reach their Attack speed cap while also having the extra run speed the NA contracts provide to close the gap or escape when a quicker casted spell or 2 would've altered the fight in the caster's favor. Even if you keep the other stats nerfed as is, the casting and attack speed stats shouldn't have so much disparity. Especially since casters have a self-imposed root when a spell has any kind of cast time (and some with no cast time also roots us in place). The longer the cast time the longer we're rooted in the spot for free without any aid of a movement reduction skill from an opposing enemy. Right now with Viola (35% cast speed) + Ult Weapon Book/Orb (20% cast speed) and not counting a title and candy we're only at 55% of the 75% cap. Even with Kaisinel's 40% cast speed we're still only at 60%. With title and candy and Kaisinel you'd be lucky to bust 67%. Melee's cap on the other hand is only 50% and can exceed the cap to 60% with Kaisinel presently. Most only need Kromede to make their cap or Hamerun/Masterius +title/candy to reach their cap. Please revisit this decision for 7.2 because since 6.0 magic casting classes have had their potential damage output reduced because of increase cast times of more than 25% on average if you have Viola and an Ultimate Weapon which should be considered higher-end buffs.
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    From this post alone it looks to me like you are not much happy yourself, so you could as well follow your own advice.
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    Another note about Tiamat Stronghold, compliments of @Mytek-DN: The boss after you take the elevator in the east wing, Kumbanda, has a chance to drop the Tiamat Spectral wings.
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