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    Hello, We're investigating this with the development team and I don't have a comprehensive answer for you all right now. I will tell you that regardless of what happens, the Luna will not be removed so don't worry about that. We should have an update for you all shortly. Thank you.
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    The 3 atreian transformation essences are literally garbage. The amount of luna you would waste for them is too much to even bother. And yes having to type "confirm" to throw that garbage away is irritating.
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    I have to say that that is the most tryhard level of tryhardness that I've ever seen. Ever. My dear shugos, man! I don't even... Wow.
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    I mean both from your EC post. Obviously someone higher up is just a total wanker for keeping the information from Cyan so he can not give it to us. It comes down to do you believe cyan is issue or is this a company issue. I believe this is a company issue all their games have the same problems with support and slow intel on issues with-in the game.
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    Prestige Case is giving old crafting items and generally needs updating for 7.0. Daishunerk's Game of Fate (luna) is giving old crafting items and generally needs updating for 7.0. Aterian Passport generally needs updating. These transformation essences can be "purchased" for free from the BCM. Also, they take a "confirm" to even throw out.
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    Hello everyone, We have discovered an issue allowing players to use kisks in an unintended way during siege and bypassing intended game mechanics. We have escalated this issue to the development team for a fix, but in the meantime we will be doing the following: Removing any kisks that may exist in the fortress for sieges. Monitoring the sieges for any other abuse. Please remember that abusing any bugs can be considered an exploit and may incur further action. Thank you.
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    Here is the video. Vandal is the first two skills (orange finger and pink hearts):
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    @Cyan@Gideon Hey since they added a new patch to the Korean version of aion that allows players to transfer Fighting spirit fragments and enchantment stones through account warehouse. Could you do us all a solid and just add that to our version now instead of 12 months from now. thank you
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    There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, October 16, 2019 from 6:00 a.m. CDT / 11:00 CEST. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours. Changes Routine website and server maintenance The Returning Heroes event will begin and last for two weeks. You can find more details here. The Upgrade Arcade will return for two weeks. You can find more details here. GP seasons will reset. Transformation times will be increased by 2 minutes for Greater, Ancient, Legendary and Ultimate transformations. Greater transformations now last 10 minutes. Ancient transformations now last 8 minutes. Legendary transformations now last 6 minutes. Ultimate transformations now last 4 minutes. An issue where Kisks could be used in the Demaha Fortress boss room will be fixed. A bug where some geography in Lakrum was missing a texture will be fixed. A bug where Vandal stigma skills did not receive the cooldown bonuses from enchanting will be fixed. A bug where some quests would not update when defeating the Weakened Mutated Daeva in Stellin Development Lab will be fixed. Extendable weapons from Demaha will no longer have their appearances transferred to another item. The Shugo Sweep button will be removed. A bug where the Returning Heroes Treasure Box Key had the wrong levels in the description will be fixed. A bug where the Vandal's Ultimate Divine Pandora armor was mislabeled as Mystic instead of Martial will be fixed. Some text where Arcade Tokens were referred to as Coins will be modified. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Maintenance Images of the Week
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    Seems the whole community is being penalized for those that are exploiting sieges and who exploited EC.
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    See Spreadsheet According to Crucible Spire leaderboards, Vandals / Painters are clearly overpowered.
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    This mount (Wind Flower/ Floating Petal) is currently available at random from the level 1-75 Lugbug Weekly reward: Lugbug's Mount Box (7 days) [item: 190120075] I've been hoping to get this mount in NA for years, and I'm really disappointed that a) it's only for low level players b) it's a 1 in 4 chance c) it lasts 7 days. @Cyan Please have the permanent version of this mount added to the BCM or make it obtainable elsewhere in-game [item: 190100217]
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    You just need to take someone with you that has a key, then everyone can open the chest. It's to encourage players to take noobies.
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    I dunno............. Yes, the game has a lot of problems and it is going on 10+ years old now. Cheesy, Aly, I agree with most of what you both say above (this thread has some really long posts, too long for me to quote anyone, lol). Oh and Cheesy, that was a very aggressive post, and I read thru it all too. I also have been giving the forums a wide berth lately mostly due to a lot of personal chit I got going on right now, my move to Illinois, Doctor & heath issues, etc, and have only checked in from time to time to see if anyone needed help. As for 7.0 I have to admit that I am enjoying it a lot more than I did 6x (Y'all know how I felt about that one). 6x was an abomination that ripped away 90% of the game I love. But whatever, moving on....... How many times have I seen this thread posted by the same OP, many, and that even is an understatement. I think this person just likes to argue so I usually ignore their posts altogether. Dunno what made me click on this one, lol. Neleth is just being Neleth, lol. We've been here forever so I know the two of you know that. And lastly, while I forgot which one of you said it but your exactly right. I know this because I've seen it and have been saying it for a long time now too: 'Korea only cares about Korea.' Korea gets what Korea wants and the only way we might, I say might, get things or changes is because Korea already has them and loves them. Wishing everyone a Lovely day............
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    It's been a very long time, yes. Since I know you didn't bother to read my original wall of text to you, I'm going to do it again anyway because I like pain and want to procrastinate on my homework: I don't like 7.0. I don't like it, but I like it more than 6.0. What we got ported over to us, though, has been one big gobbly gooky mess of bugs and exploits to where the game is all but unplayable, and there's nothing Cyan can do about it to make Korea care. They don't care, Neleth. We make them very little money on a game they don't care about. Korea's not going to listen to you just because you made the same post again. They're not. They haven't in ten years, let alone the last five. Almost every change made to Aion has been because Korea complained about it first, not because this one annoying ass poster made the same post for the 30th time this year. Aion's not going to survive, with or without newbies, Neleth. The game isn't designed to survive. 6.0 was released in Korea to draw in a new, f2p playerbase, which it succeeded at, at least for a while, but 6.2 brought utter ruin to the players in the West...because we're not the priority. We have never been the priority. 7.0 is designed to keep the existing playerbase/whales, not to suck in new ones, even if painter/vandal was some shiny new class made to draw attention to the game. 6.0 was supposed to bring the newbies, not 7.0. All the changes coming to 7.0 aren't because of NA or even EU. They're things the home playerbase wants. How many people do you think play in NA, Neleth? Hint, it's not very many. How many changes do you think they're going to make for the NA playerbase? Hint, they've done maybe one, and that was keep transformations account unlockable. How likely do you think it is that Korea would invest in a 4.0 server with modern changes, using up a lot of resources in their Korean studio for such a task, for a playerbase with only a few thousand people? Hint, it's 0. Any 4.0 server of any kind is going to be as a private server run by a private individual. Neleth, how many community people do we have? Hint, it's 1. Who is the producer? Hint, a guy who doesn't play the game. Who is the community person? Hint, it's the guy who's working on Blade & Soul, too. How many resources is that, Neleth? Knowing that, how likely do you think it is that NCsoft would do something with their lowest-performing IP that would require them to shift more resources to? Guild Wars 2 is doing better than Aion, Neleth, and GW2 doesn't have p2w. It is literally entirely skins and cosmetics and chairs and musical instruments and extraction tools and really cool APIs and a playerbase that still has content creators and a pretty decent story and a rock concert meta event and the devs kinda listen to the community and...and it's performing better than Aion, with it's hardcore p2w. GW2 had an event at PAX West this year to advertise their next storyline. B&S was handing out free skins + the chance to win a $250 gift card at PAX West this year (want one? I have a stack). B&S is doing merch contests. GW2 is doing merch contests. Those are the two games NCsoft cares about in the West, enough to invest in events for them. Going back to Aion, we know approximately what changes are coming. We're several months behind Korea, and we get a near copy/paste of whatever they get (only with more bugs and a game Support team that is utterly clueless (props to the other Support teams, they've always been great to me)). That's what we're getting, Neleth. It's whatever Korea's getting with optimistically a few tweaks...that aren't necessarily better for the playerbase (transform stats/duration nerfs, etc). It's what's been happening since beta, and it's really hard to get any custom changes for our region (on/off rifting buffs weeks, for example, back in 2.X). 90% of the changes to the game have been because/for the Korean playerbase, and it's been that way since 2009. It's not going to change for the X000 players we have left. Your post isn't going to save Aion from MXM, Lineage, Exteel, City of Heroes, Wildstar, Tabula Rasa, or any other NCsoft game's fate. If anything, Aion is eventually either going to go maintenance mode or close. All you're doing is making what little remains of the forum playerbase do a double facepalm every time you post utter nonsense under the guise of trying to either get attention for your personal self or sound smart or cleverly draw attention to the same point you've made across TheSameDamnThread(tm) for months by phrasing it just slightly differently enough for it to initially pass under Cyan's radar. tl;dr: Any changes to the game are made because the Korean playerbase wants it. Aion NA has no resources dedicated to it. Aion is lowest performing NCsoft game. You don't think, Neleth. You really don't and you attack anyone who disagrees with you. Go play something else that doesn't perturb you so much. And now for side note things: Most of the people in this thread are people I've often disagreed with on things, sometimes vehemently so, and it's interesting to see what brings us together. You've won there, congratulations. And I've been really chill about the forums lately. I've tried to stay hands off and just watch shit happen, if I load up the forums at all (mostly to check for if someone's having a problem I can help with), but, damn, there's a point where Cyan really needs to step in and I think you've reached it...again. You attack and have attacked anyone who disagrees with you on this, even if they have a well thought out argument to counter you...again. So, yeah, congratz. You drew me from my lair to get the most aggressive post I've leveled at another player in years. I don't bother clicking on most of your threads, so it's not like I'm going out of my way to harass you, and I don't even hate you, but, for nyerk's sake, Neleth, it's time to stop and go play something else.
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    @Cheesecake-DN That must be the most aggressive post i ever seen you do.
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    It's a money grab, something created to force old players to start a new toon from scratch, and therefore spend lots of money on them, since they can't attract new players. That's why it's strong, otherwise it would be underplayed like pretty much every class created since 4.0. They simply took the concepts of the necromancer from other korean games, and made it kawaii. Not much thought or originality, just straight out cheese all over.
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    I think player dissatisfaction has more to do with how the game is managed than it has to do with aesthetics and mechanics. Players are fairly good at adapting to what they're given, but NC seems to be constantly stacking the odds against us. Even 6.0 wouldn't have been terrible had we be given exactly what Korea had, but they deliberately made our version significantly worse and continue to do so even now in 7.0. If they want to retain their player base, the quickest and easiest solution would be to simply give us what Korea has and then roll out slow, incremental changes to the game instead of massive changes like they did with 6.0. Also, you need to stop referring to ArcheAge as a success story when it comes to game revivals; that game has changed publishers multiple times and "Unchained" hasn't even been released yet.
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    Hahah i know title sounds pretty funny, but alexxha is asking Cyan to Ban bots. Btw there are bots in Demaha now? Coz the only bots i remember that still remain in Lakrum are at Devastated Coast and only 2 Aprietas Shift + K vas a la pestaña de actions donde esta el retorno de emergencia y hay un Skill para reportar bots. Tambien puedes mandar ticket a support con los nick de los bots. Quien sabe tal vez les den ban. Y en que zonas encuentras bots?
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    KT is elyos dominated no? Tbh dominating factions means nothing anyways so long as you can get a competent group together and hinder the other faction then they will more than likely ally up with you for the sake of progression rather than fight against you.
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    I feel a disturbance in the force
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    I'm sure we will all hear about this one !!! 1 for the books !!!
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    Watch them just shut off dema sieges now because they have no fix once again. We have went weeks without EC now and still no update. They may of just turned it off to try and slow down the mat gain even though they already have a fix. The reason for bug abuse is probably because NC just money grabs and does nothing to fix anything so people just take what they want. Why would you continue to support a company that takes and does little to even read your concerns and keep you updated.
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    Thats wrong, arena preparation time before the fight starts is 130 seconds, while pop waiting time it's 120 seconds, so even if you wait till 0 seconds to press enter the enemy still have a couple of seconds to dodge. What they do is to take advantage of the reconection system. @Aly-DN @Arhangelos-KT going to explain the trick for you guys to pull it of successfully you need a couple of things: to have set the fast start up (to avoid the long loading bar) a chronometer or alarm set at 150 seconds, and windons Task Manager open before hand. So when you get a pop you don't wait at all, you instantly press enter, then you quickly alt tab to your task manager and terminate the Aion process, then you log in back again, but as you forced your DC in the loading screen, you will appear outside of the Arena and you will get a system message that permits you to re enter the instance server, but you don't click enter yet, you need wait for your chronometer. This way they can avoid to lose entries in empty arenas, as if there is no enemy to fight, the server transfer will just Fail, but if there is an enemy you will get inside after the preparation time ends so your enemy can't dodge you. @Ele-DN what you can do next time this happens, its just to instantly leave the arena, as you have the ''Bonus Time'' in your favor the amounts of competition points you lose should be a lot less.
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    You think? Let's see. We had people bragging about exploiting EC on the forums. We were told something was going to happen. A month later we are still waiting. Do you honestly think that anyone at NCWest cares that people are exploiting in seige? The only think painfully funny here is that once again we are told something is fixed and it isn't.
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    I'm (and probably most of the players are) still waiting for any update on Evergale Canyon. Has this 'investigation' been started yet? If not ill start and finish it for you now: Kicking people from EC gives 1 entry to the instance Joining same EC after being kicked does use an entry Getting kicked again from same instance still restores 1 entry Profit RESOLUTION: Disable kicking (AT THE VERY LEAST TEMPORARY DISABLE KICKING UNTIL THE ISSUE IS RESOLVED) This is unacceptable that the prestige pass CLEARLY states that I will be receiving something that I am currently not getting. As well as this, from my recent support ticket I was angered by this sentence: "We are waiting for an update from our Devs regarding the fix or compensation." So if they fix EC we get no comp, if they cant fix it, we get some form of comp? TLDR: DISABLE KICKING, ENABLE EC
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    Vandal / Painter's Color of Gravity / Portrait of Gravity skill has internal name of PA_Dark_DrawingBlackhole_G3 (Asmodian) or PA_Light_DrawingBlackhole_G3 (Elyos). They summons Black Holes on the ground! The Black Hole NPC has internal name of Pa_N_Dark_DrawingBlackhole_G3_NPC. The Black Hole uses two skills: Pa_N_DrawingBlackhole_Pulled_G3 - Color of Gravity / Portrait of Gravity Deals 2400 Physical Damage Inflicts "Pull" Snares the target by 90% AOE: 10m circle, max 8 targets Pa_N_DrawingBlackhole_SkillATK_G3 - Color of Gravity / Portrait of Gravity Deals 3400 Physical Damage Additional +10000 damage vs. Asmodian Daeva, Elyos Daeva AOE: 10m circle, max 8 targets
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    For example... 1. the “invisible box” that you get stuck in very often 2. the crashing 3. waiting 10 min if no enemy team...reduce this time? Please do something. These have been annoyances for months!
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    I've had this happen in the past often enough to where I was pleasantly surprised recently when it did not, in fact, happen. Sending an e-mail to support as Cheesecake already advised should get it sorted out pretty quickly. Unfortunately they don't ever want to tell you what the problem that caused your account to be flagged is, so go figure. My best guess is something about the region, choice of email provider and the number of recently created accounts, but it's just a guess.
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    Current market seems to mostly want more instant gratification things like LoL and Fortnite, whether because of time and other real life commitments or other scenarios, I don't know, but I don't blame them. MMOs are a time/money sink.
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    That is the height of false. NCsoft does not autoban accounts unless there's a massive excess of accounts made all at once from that IP. Gameforge, however, tends to autoban North American IP accounts, and you have to contact them to get it unlocked. Why your account got locked for suspicious activity, I don't know. The email you need to send to is support@aiononline.com per https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/articles/205041165-Aion-Account-Block
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    Wow, Cake. So many words, but I did get through them all. 100% agree. @Neleth-KT.. saying, "I love Aion" doesn't give you a free pass to poop on others. We all love this game or we wouldn't still be here after years and years of hopes dashed and more and more poop shoveled on us. Slow down. Calm down. Take a breath and really listen. NCSoft doesn't care about Aion NA. At all. Of all of their games, NCWest puts the least amount of work into Aion NA. It's always been the joke that we are the red-headed step-child at NCWest. It's funny because it's true. We have had occasionally had employees who loved us in all our ugliness. Employees who have reached out and gone the extra mile for us even though most of them were pooped on by our toxic playerbase in repayment for their efforts. I adore each and every one of these employees for trying. But the reduction in staff members has taken its toll. With that being said, nothing we say or do here is going to have any effect on gaming systems designed in Korea. Occasionally our reports here will get us a bug fix. OCCASIONALLY. But actual changes to how the game works? Not going to happen. Accepting that helps so much. From there we each need to decide if staying here is worth it. If it is, then we take this game as it comes to us. No more flailing around. No more frustration. Just play and enjoy playing the game we love until its shut down. If it isn't worth it, shake the dust from your feet and walk away. Lastly, the very last person you should attack is Cheesecake. Without her so many technical questions here would go completely unanswered. You might not be aware, but for the longest time she maintained her own online storage of the complete game where players could go and download files that were corrupt in the official download. I don't think it's exaggerating to say that a good quarter of the player base has at one time or another leaned on her for technical assistance. Assistance that they should have been able to get from Support, if our Support didn't freaking suck. And what has she received for her dedication? The fact that she has to play under an anonymous name so she doesn't get harassed in game by the very people she's helped. So maybe try, "Thank you, Cake" rather than telling her to shut up. Okay? Grr.
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    To the first, yes. You aren't happy now. You won't be happy later. Pretty much end of discussion. As to the second, I do not agree that too much was deleted. Leveling is perfect right now exactly as it is. They did a very good job of streamlining the process and making all the rewards relevant.
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    Wow, you really need a chill pill lmfao. - What should be the reward? the crappy quest gear you're talking about? - Quest gear is enough till you're lvl 80. After that, you need to run instances and/or gather frags for PvP gear. - All blue quests (or 95% at least) need to be done to go to max level - I would, lol - No, but a newbie CAN run FM and sell duplicates for 2m a run. - Yea? lol? I use the lvl 1 skin AND use a Sunburst hat and orb because I like the design - I have never seen a group wipe over 5 times in 7.0 - You literally say to open a master server e v e r y s i n g l e d a y. I'm not opposing you, I like the game, I don't like our management. If we had better management, the game would be far better. It's the weekend, Neleth, relax.
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    Given how bad quality control has been since 6.0, it's basically guaranteed that any past content they revamp will be brought back broken in some shape or form
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    This 1 kinah retuning buff is F I R E. A++ to whoever had that idea! <3
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    Can you add these weapon skins to the BCM please. Daru Cipher-Blade https://aioncodex.com/us/item/102101001/ Burlesque Cipher-Blade https://aioncodex.com/us/item/102150084/ Panda Aethertech Cipher-Blade https://aioncodex.com/us/item/102150077/ @Cyan@Gideon I'm @'n you because she could so i want to as well :cI
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    Deadly Blast was deadly. Everything checks out. Working as intended. 100/100. But yeah the mob density is a bit silly. Fighting the enemy faction is one thing, but fighting the framerate is far less entertaining.
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    I imagine it's frowned upon to say "That was pretty fu c k ing bad" from an NCsoft employee, lol. Yes Human Resources, pretty much the police force of any corp would definitely get a hold of that lol.
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    Panda Power Wheels is quite cute. Apparently there is also a Cat version that comes in two colors that we have yet to get. I want a kitty ride =^.^= Cheese Cat (unknown name)
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    how shitty my gear is tyvm
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    Few tips for you. You have to start moving as soon as you see Ice Bladed Arrow starting to be cast. You have to be outside of the circle around 50% of the cast. This has always been the case with Aion boss skills; they're going to hit you if you're in range at the 50% cast mark. Sometimes it gets me if I'm in the middle of an animation, but you can also anticipate this skill. It comes after the one skill that makes the outsides of the room a one-shot zone. I had been having this issue a lot after doing this instance just fine for a year and a half. Then I realized last night it's because I need to put my weapon away. So hit shift+Z or wherever you have that bound and put your weapon away before you try to jump-glide. I've found the bosses will reset if they go for more than a few seconds without being attacked. For example, I will duo FM and if the other person dies on the jump-glide, I am going to keep attacking the boss until he does the shield and summons the pods. THEN I will resurrect my groupmate.
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    @Cyan Will Karunerk's Workshop ever get updated? (The Luna crafting) We used to get new skins/mounts/furniture/pets etc. every couple weeks in 5.8, but now we've only have the same Dark/Light follower skins and breezy furniture for months. Not even NEW like brand new never before seen skins, just new as in different and not the exact same things for months at a time. Is there any chance for updating it on a regular basis again? It would also be nice if we had access to guestblooms for armor/weapon skins again too.
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