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    I totally support this! Speaking as an old and experienced player that is now returning, the number of enchantment stones you can get per week is limiting me from going foward in the gearing up process. Cant even be competitive in pvp because the difference between +15 and +10 is absolutely non sense right now. You guys should start thinking about the new and returning players for real!
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    Rather than remove the limits temporarily or increase the amount of boxes you can buy, they need to remove the limit entirely. Just 100% gone, back to the way it was before the patch. Even EU saw that putting weekly limits on the ancient stone boxes was nonsense, and got rid of it. The weekly limit is especially punishing to new and returning players. PvE stones don't drop in open world here in NA like they do in EU, and instances no longer drop them either. Your only source of PvE stones is 2 weekly quests per instance, and the 5 weekly boxes. At least you can spam PvP instances for stones and have a chance for legendaries, but there is a similar drought of PvP ancients as well. On top of that, genesis crystals are increasingly plentiful, and there is pretty much nothing to spend them on- I've taken to wasting mine on gear to d/e for manastone fasteners here and there, 'cause why tf not :V Anyways, it has been brought up before, but please consider it once more @Cyan and remove the 5 box limits. Thank you!
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    Highligthts New Map: Layer of Time, PvPvE Zone Accessed through portals in Silentera Canyon Mobs act differently then other zones, once killed mobs won't respawn till certain conditions throughout the zone are met. Beshmundir Temple updated to lvl 80. Easy/Normal modes will be available. Path will be streamlined only 3 Named mobs including Stormwing. Normal mode will be Ranked, S - F New PvP gear : Ultimate Severe Thorn, purchasable with item obtained from various activities in Layer of Time, namely killing mobs. Doesn't require gear upgrade process (Ancinet > Legendary > Ultimate) Future gear updates expected to follow the same path (purchasing Ultimate outright) There are two ways to buy the new PvP gear, the first is always available in The Layer of Time, you can purchase boxes that will give you a piece of gear at random. The second is a random spawn around The Layer of Time map, only 1 person will be able to purchase 1 box containing a selectable piece of gear. (expect tons of griefing, yay) Player purchase record is reset daily. New PvE Gear: obtainable in Beshmundir Temple. Ultimate Sealed Storm obtainable in Easy Mode Ultimate Freed Storm: obtainable after combining 100 storm scales and 1 Sealed Beshmundir Temple Scroll. Scales are rewarded after defeating Stormwing on Normal mode, the number of scales depends on Rank (S rank rewards 71-100 scales for each party member A rank rewards 36-60 scales, and so on) Sealed Scroll can be obtained at chance from extracting Ultimate Sealed equipment, or 100% chance if extracting Ultimate Freed Equipment Ultimate Unleashed Storm: small chance to drop from Stormwing on Normal mode New craftable PvE/PvP gear, can proc gear at +7 enchantment. New Equipment item "Glyph" Obtained by combining "100 Glyph Box fragments", fragments rewarded from Lugbug missions and vendors in Gelk/Igg. Opening the Glyph box will provide 1 enchantment scroll and 1 Glyph Selection Box. Main stat is 12 different resistance values (fear, aerial hold, paralyze etc.) Can choose 1 resistance via retuning. Will have a base of 50 phy/mag def/attack, additionally 1 random stat will be added upon Identifying the Glyph. The additional stat can not be retuned and won't get any bonus upon enchanting the glyph. Glyph enchantment is 100% success rate, but enchantment stats will be random instead of a fixed bonus per level. (note* looks like you will need to enchant multiple glyphs to get optimal stats) Extracting a Glyph will give Glyph box fragments. * Update hasn't dropped yet so info is subject to change, I also may have translated things wrong so
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    I support this. Like we had unlimited boxes in the whole 6.x patch which was like 1 year. Nothing wrong happened, and it wasn't free, we had to farm genesis crystals for that. Most people do not even bother to do lakrum weeklies or urgent orders anymore because of this. If they remove the limit this will bring back plenty of life in Lakrum and something more for people to to do, to keep players busy doing things. And yes it hurts new players the most. I used to keep genesis crystals sitting in my inventory cube and only took enchant boxes when necessary. But when I learned about the limit I turned like 15k genesis crystals into boxes and got me a ton of enchants that newer players won't be able to get. Also do not forget the amount of enchants we got from pve instances in 6.x, and it only made sense, get 1~2 ancient pve enchants at every end game pve instance was at least reasonable. there is no way to make pve enchants anymore.
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    I am so nyerking glad I am not the only person seeing all the shitty tactics coming from this company and their community managers.
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    ...you know what is dumper though... you, that don't play the game, entering the forums to tell people how bad the game is (the one that you don't play), hoping they will also quit just by your word. Your posts are nothing but intellectual diarrhea, nobody will read this and quit because you want them to.
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    @Arkaida-KT Stop typing in caps, no one is taking you seriously.It looks like you desperate for attention. First of all, you cant really compare WoW and Aion just because both same game genre. NCwest(NA) just publishes the game, they dont have any control on anything. All fixes/changes all come from Korea. So you might want to spam their forum with this nonsense .Blame the Korean devs for the game being in the state it is because they dont care what western player base wants. The communication is slow between the 2 companies..... Unlike NC (NA), Blizzard has full control of their game and not to mention that pay to play model which makes it successful till to this day. If this game is stressing you out that much, maybe go play wow or something else
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    @Arkaida-KT what you are doing is Spam Nor productive criticism/suggestions --> You are writing one post after another, instead in one post all of them, so that is like spam (there are rules in many forums against multiple consecutive posts, because people post farm many times, as if having a big post count in a forum is making their existence valuable somehow) --> And also the way you write your criticism is not productive. You write in all caps, no paragraphs, a ton of exclamation marks, you use language that is offensive towards the developers (who are in Korea and they do not see this) and the GMs here (who are not really doing the best job and that is true). If GMs see this post, they will most likely ignore your post because of these: You then praised Blizzard and World of Warcraft ...NCSoft kept making far better games in looks than Blizzard, when Lineage II came out, there was no other MMORPG that had such great graphics, people were still playing runescape back then that looked like an 8-bit game. And when Blizzard made WoW which was successful because of the Blizzard universe, NCSoft made Aion. ~~ To close this, if you hate Aion so much and you love WoW and you prompt everyone to uninstall and quit Aion, then no shade or offense... I am curious why you are still here. Everyone here has played WoW and we are all here for a reason. Aion has its ups and downs and we hope it gets better and this is why we are making constructive criticism.
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