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    100% agreed! I absolutely love being with my legionmates, and helping out new players is also really rewarding. What ISN'T rewarding is grouping up with others for an instance or World Boss and not getting a single thing for your trouble! As far as the idea of PVP-centered events, I think that would be a fun change of pace, as long as you offer an alternative for the part of the community that does not want to PVP. There's no point in excluding players from events because they are simply not geared or do not wish to get steamrolled by the opposing faction. On that note, I think group PVP is much more exciting, so make sure there are event quests that can be completed solo OR in a group so players have a choice. When it comes to rewards, I would jump at the chance to earn Ultimate Enchantment Stones!!!
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    @Kibbelz I would like to make a suggestion concerning Events. In the future, when we have Events that are directly connected to World Bosses, could we please have Auto-Alliance active like the [Daily/Union] Enraged Asmodian/Elyos Guardian Deity General quest? Its very disheartening when your own faction excludes others from participating in World Boss hunts, especially when an Event is on the line. Also I just want to echo what @Rag-DN said in that we really need incentive to work together in events and to encourage players not to AFK during group activities that rely on one-another. Oh, one other thing. Because it is insanely hard to get an Ultimate Transformation (and you might as well just lay down on the ground if you come up against an enemy player with one)... I think it was great that Ultimate Potions were a possible reward in this current event and I would like to request that they continue to be included as Event rewards.
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    Can we keep the 1 kinah retuning npc for 7.7? so those new stuff doesn't cost 500m+ to get the stats we need?
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    Agree so much with you, I dont care if some players abuse from it, I just want to have fun doing pvp, since 90% of the server just do pve content
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    Raging Inferno is good for brain-dead dps when you can be close and continuously spam it for added dps output. Even in pvp you can still use Advanced Frigid Wave because it still acts as an instant debuff helping bury silence, but in all other cases it is a ranged skill with slow so it could help as well.
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    Pretty sure everyone here will agree with me: Getting you off this forum.
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