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    I know that this topic will probably be closed because there are other discussions about the same issue going on, but wtf is the matter with you guys? Seriously. How do you expect to make money off of costumes if we can't see them? I have this amazing glowing-white dress that I can't see because 95% of the time I'm a freaking goat (or whatever is that Rotund transformation). Come on now. It's been 4 months. Want to milk some money? How about sell the transparent scrolls for the same price as normal scrolls on the kinah shop, and then put ALL OF THE SKINS THAT YOU POSSIBLY CAN on the cash shop for 200-400 NCoins? Of course that it wouldn't be your only income, but I for one would be buying a few skins that I love.
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    Honestly, i see that things and turn into tears knowing our region dont make a good event since the Pumpkin one. I know its all RNG based, but damn.. look at the rewards. in before im only geting Transparent scrolls and berdin on Heart Breaking event.
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    This month preview : More of the same! Character transfers in 2025 We don't know how to put transparent scrolls in-game Enjoy the "core" game! PS: next maintenance gonna take 14h to fix typos in skills and we gonna break a lot more thing while doing this. STAY TUNED.
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