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    I also wouldn't start playing in a classic server because although some old patches were enjoyable, they still lacked the content. It was a new game and we simply loved to get new things, it is like our child memories, we always think we had a ton of fun when we were children, we keep forgetting that we hated Sunday evenings when we knew tomorrow it was Monday and we had to go to school and that the whole week was a struggle. Developers took the bad turn at the end of 4.x and early 5.x and then they kept noobing every new patch, 6.x was garbage because it deleted 90% of the game, 7.0 was garbage because it brought a retarded op class, and the future patches are still going to be garbage. Their game changed never really made sense, up to this date I never understood why they kept taking the wrong path. All mmorpgs have an expiration date and some of them lasted already way too long. Aion is one of them. The game makes me fell "limited" whatever that tells you, I fell I have a ton of limits to the game both from content and class imbalance.
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    if u P2W ur lucky will be like %0,00001 to find ur weapon so GL guys
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    I think the point of the event, in the minds of the devs, was that players would grab enough horns to do their daily craft and then leave.. allowing others to grab their horns and so on. But the devs, once again, show that they don't understand human nature.. or at least human nature in the West. I think anyone could have told them that players here would run out and grab every single freaking horn they could.. cooldown be damned. Why? Because they could. Imagine if this event had gone as the devs obviously thought it would. Easily double the number of crafts each day would have been done. Meaning that double the amounts of procs would have happened and so double the amount of people would have completed their sets and been able to place the extras on the broker for those who either weren't lucky with their procs or who weren't geared enough to grab mobs from others to buy. Instead we have people, like yourself, bitter that they hoarded all these horns that are now pretty much useless. Hopefully at least you were able to craft your set, because the chance that you will be able to buy what you need is pretty close to zero.
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    No, they are not. They have the same success rates as other purple gear. It is reasonable to go from +10 to +12 with gold stones. After that, I recommend purple stones until +13 or +14 (depending on how lucky you are). Then I recommend an ultimate stone to go from +14 to +15. These purple Veilbreakers wings are no longer worth the grinding -- tbh, they never were, even back in 6.x. Only do it if you really like the skin. The ancient wings you get from FM are just as good AND they can be retuned. Yes. You will need purple stones to do so. It is a morph recipe (shift + K) that we all have. You do not need to do anything special to get the morph recipe. You will need a few other crafting materials in addition to 5 purple enchantment stones; you can either grind out those mats yourself or buy them on the broker. Additionally, if you are in a legion which often conquers altars, you have chances for special NPCs to spawn at those altars. You can use stellium to buy ultimate enchantment stone tickets (70 stellium) which only use 5 purple enchant stones (and no other materials) to morph into ultimate stones. Here is some commentary about current leveling of aetherforging: They are gold/ancient wings. They are retunable with kinah. I'm not logged in right now to check, but it's not a lot. Like maybe 50k-100k kinah per retune. You can try as many times as you want. Note, if you wait until next week (Dec 18th), we will have a special event NPC which gives you a buff that makes it only cost 1 single kinah to retune gear, no matter how many times you try! On ancient gear, you get two optional stats, and they are random. So when you retune, you will come up with 2 random stats. If you try again, it will be 2 stats again. Could be the same, could be different. You just have to keep retuning until you get the 2 you want. (Fyi, purple gear has 3 stats; ultimate gear has 4 stats.)
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