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    If NCS removed the mounts from Luna (something that was good), do you expect them to actually do it? What is the purpose of having old items, any cosmetic, if you are a creature all the time in the game. Forget it. There are no more DAEVAS, there are PETS. We are all PETS now. We have Useless Wings because we was DAEVAS... Now... Just PETS.
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    No disagreement there. NCsoft's policy on what is and is not tradeable is pretty detestable.
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    I flat out REFUSE to use transformations. I do what I can in game without them. And they won't break me with transparency scrolls either. I use one if I absolutely have to to complete a campaign quest but only if needed for this. I didn't spend over an hour in character creation with each of my characters getting the perfect look, so that I could throw it away and look like some silly very poorly rendered cartoon animal. And I miss the Abyss, I miss Flying. Right now there is only 2 places left in game where you can fly if your Asmodian like me: Drakenspire in Enshar, and Belusian around the fortress. This is pathetic having experienced what this game once was (I've been playing since release). Also, they'll never sell me an outfit from the BC store until they fix it so they won't take our manes away. Our manes are all we have left that make us unique. Without them we might as well all be Elyos. Just putting how I feel out there.
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    And I agree with you on that. The thing is it was not clear who was affected in NCsoft's POV. I'm ok with it, though. I've got plenty of other rewards and I'll probably reroll either way. Always loved Templar. The only thing that still bothers me is the fact that I won't be able to trade the gear that I'm ready to craft on my gladiator to my templar (Templar has no craft). I'll have to use the broker and lose millions of kinah pricing things for their usual price to avoid being fked by NCsoft. Either that or level craft on the templar too! Mind you I already have craft at 300 on my ranger and glad (leveling it on the glad was a mistake, but it was cheaper because of the EK buff). Hopefully it will be fun!!! Thanks!
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    Comon man, gladiator is talking. He knows better.
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    Just like it was our choice not to roll on EK, it was your choice not to participate in activities during the bug.
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    Only cheaters use it. This is something that they can use to transfer Kinah without using broker and paying extra fee.
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    please put SELECTABLE anomos weapon boxes [item:188071720]. The game is beyond dumb to play with ranged classes having perma 12.0 speed and designed for melee classes to have extendables not run around like idiots because a cleric is holding W. If you dont have slayer form on an assassin or an extendable on glad/temp even with 12.0 speed you actually can barely hit people, please have them in the next event like provenance weapons in 5.x . Anomos has been killed 4xx times since 6.2 and only about 5 polearms and 0 greatswords exist (as far as im aware) across the 2 (and a half) servers, thats not even obtainable really considering even if you do kill the boss you're rolling a 300 and losing any extendable to a sorc who cant even form a coherent sentence in english, the weapons are needed to play the game more than ever, and even KR realised this making extendables basically free in events starting in 7.0 so please give them out for next to nothing now. PS. daeva dash as an event next
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    They took YOUR advice. You are not NC soft GM. Let them quit. Those 30m AP and ultimate stones wouldn't get them anywhere.
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    So from the main image, lower right is the new pvp arena where you can enter for free and practice duels! Finally... Red Catalam is the CROSS SERVER location that can fit up to 2k players (1k each faction). No obelisks. No limits on who can enter. Catalm bases now will have up to 5 stages of conquering and some of them are divided into groups. At last stage there will be raid bosses that drop good loot. The new weapon, is the weapon that randomly spawns at multiple locations of Katalam and anyone can loot it. This weapon is the best weapon of new patch and has big impact on the siege. Weapon disappears after leaving Katalam. New Katalam drop, by killing mobs in Katalam you can loot special chest that contains PvP gear (pre enchanted, ultimate/legendary/ancient grade). Its required to have a special key (drops from bosses) to open the chest. P.S. Pretty sure will be nerfed in NA. New PVE set that will match stats of the PvP set added in 7.0. Weapons can be dropped in new instance as well as being crafted with the mats dropped in new instance.
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    NCSoft should make AION, with some variations, a solo game for PC when they will decide to shut it down. Just for the people who like/liked to play Aion so they will continue to play it to their heart content. I would be happy to pay for it because I really like AION.
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