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    As title say UwU i just came back from a looong break and i really want to catch up, and this buff of 300% and drop rate of 150% gave me good things, please extended until the end of exp event UwU Thank you so much ♥
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    Imagine telling us you care and all you do is put p2w stuff.... Imagine releasing the worst event ever done in 11 years and saying I hope you guys enjoy it ... Imagine making an event where everyone just steals the loot from each other and saying you care about the community... Imagine releasing an event that features the usage of auto-hunt functions and saying that you don't want that feature in your game... Imagine telling your player base that you're going to release new transformations, but nobody cares about it because you guys only sell it from your store... Imagine telling people you care about their feed back and the next move you do is put their feed back on your store but not in the game... Imagine lying non stop to people who put food on your table... You guys should be forced to play the game so maybe you will know what you're doing to us ... That should be your punishment !!! Shame on you !@Kibbelz @Loki
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    So we didn't get the auto-hunting feature because they don't want ppl to focus on solo play??? Well while I admire that sentiment if they truly didn't want to push players to solo play they should re-vamp the reward systems for siege cause everyone knows you get better credit going solo if you are geared then if you go with a group. Same thing goes for farming XP, you get more faster XP solo then in a group. Same for farming kinah, you don't share the loot, therefore it's more beneficial to solo instances.... I agree that NCsoft should focus on community, but with the majority of mechanics in the game at the moment, it feels like the only way to to really become successful is to be selfish or a solo player for the most part.
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    Tomorrow is Sunday and we will get the NPC bug. This ↑ Also this:
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    Pretty sure everyone here will agree with me: Getting you off this forum.
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    Nobody asked for this to be honest and I don't find the reason. In the site it says that you will be able to see twitch videos and streamers... nope, this is where you stop, if we want to go to social media we can do it. This looks like you are trying to make the launcher like EPIC games where it is not just a launcher but a promotional and advertisement platform and social media. We are old school grumpy mmorpg players, we won't like this for sure.
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    most of these complains about p2w can be resolve by removing the RNG or increase it significantly. It really break your spirit when you spent months of hard work (playing a game = work) only to failed and all your resources destroyed. It makes the game less enjoyable. All these endgame features (skills, s minions..) are only attainable through p2w. We are playing a party of 6 full Sov + katalam accessories and get rolled by a single ulti transform cleric and it really affect your ability to enjoy the game
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    Great post Seiss! I'm all onboard with what you said. Maybe the community of the game can lift the game up with good feedback and positivity.
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    They need to nerf the kill quest limit. Do they really expect people to kill 1200 mobs daily, let alone 7k mobs in a week? It's pretty ridiculous tbh
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    at least they giving us some reasoning behind the decision, which is kind of something, but then they go copy/paste events from elsewhere that you need auto-hunt function to do....
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    Lets start off by saying this. Im glad they came out and spoke publicly about the auto hunt situation, and made an official letter for it. Not just plopping it on the forums where people may not even see it. I would also like to add, I understand why the auto hunt feature isnt in the game. It gets rid of the entire grindy aspect of a MMO and is just an afk type thing. Now, some negative things on that. In my opinion, a large portion of the player base that complained about it wasnt complaining about the fact we dont have it. But more so, the issue that it takes an absurd amount of time killing 1500, 7000 mobs for two quests that dont give rewards worth it. From what I saw, people didnt like how many mobs, and the amount it took to complete the quest. For only 25 Event Coins. I do wish there was discussion about what they are working on to better the player base, like RNG issues, Ultimate Transformation issues, Combining Contract Issues, Etc. I guess we just have to wait and see whats going to come in the future for that. And for the final part of the letter, the transforms. Why are we adding more transforms to the game when 85% of the player base doesnt even have the ones currently in the game. Are these legendries or ancients, commons? If theyre new legendries, that means more collection buffs, more legendries to get in a contract. Which is nice in the end, but at the start... I own 2 legendries, ive combined ancients and haven't gotten 1 legendary. I cant be trying to combine and have a chance at getting ANOTHER legendary thatll have no benefit to me, because I dont own its partners for the collection, and its not an extra so i cant combine for an ultimate. If more and more contracts keep being added, they need to be easier to get. I mean Jesus, people are farming for the next 8 months for an Apostle transform... Ultimate/Legendary contracts need to be a more common item in events, if were getting more and more transforms. Currently I have a 2/29 chance of getting an extra legendary, by the time I get an ultimate contract ill be six feet under. This anniversary event would of been a great way to put an ultimate contract at a fixed price. You could of put an ultimate contract in the merchant for 400 anniversary tokens. Something that not a lot of people might go for, but some will. It causes a lot of grinding, by doing the daily quests and the minigame and the daily quest rewards. And therefore people arent complaining about the rewards in the event. You could put the worst rewards in the world in that vending machine, but in my opinion, if theres even a single ultimate contract for a fixed price.. then the rewards are amazing. I want to make it clear, i dont mean anything hateful but this is genuinely the perspective i have currently on these changes. Yes, im glad that major issues in the community are being recognized, but theres still a lot of things left in the unknown.
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    Thank you all for your comments. ilikeskins-DN I will consider your suggestions, except for Guild Wars 2 because it is an NCSOFT product. About BDO, it's true. There are many similarities with AION and everything is fine. I'm used to it, however, the game is infinitely superior and I can finally invest in my character's appearance within an adult, mature context that hasn't been emptied and bombarded with elements that don't make sense. What discourages me at AION is all this focus in the opposite direction of the community. They ended the trade, made the broker useless, turn the game childish, ended the professions, ended the wars in the sky. They removed the interesting content, put an end to the mounts. They ended the story. They made PVE obsolete and PVP unbalanced. We were forced to use the transformations and the transformations made all investment in appearance useless. The affinity that people had with your character ended. They destroyed cooperative behavior and encouraged individual behavior. Guilds have lost relevance. The need for strategies, unity and leadership has disappeared. The ranking is died, the sieges is died. The game became a game of chance and full of bizarre content. Everything fails. The game is no longer uniform. It has too many BUGS and gives the feeling of being abandoned. A figure that sums up today's AION is a winged alligator sitting on a car in an undefined world. If you prefer, a sheep mounted on a chicken or a zombie facing a blue ghost of water written AION. What AION is? Is a medieval wold, futuristic may be? Is a battle between angels and demons. Magicians and Dragons? No more. Does anyone there still remember the name, "tower of eternity"? What is mean? Does it make sense to you? For me, the entire content of AION is now disconnected. The spells imitate a bowling ball and cause HIT KILL to an 11 year old FULL DARK TALON +15 in the PVP. Then... Nothing else makes sense. It is as if you threw a fruit with pizza, ice cream, cement, metal, clay, urine and feces in the blender. Would you drink? I cant any more.
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    100% agreed! I absolutely love being with my legionmates, and helping out new players is also really rewarding. What ISN'T rewarding is grouping up with others for an instance or World Boss and not getting a single thing for your trouble! As far as the idea of PVP-centered events, I think that would be a fun change of pace, as long as you offer an alternative for the part of the community that does not want to PVP. There's no point in excluding players from events because they are simply not geared or do not wish to get steamrolled by the opposing faction. On that note, I think group PVP is much more exciting, so make sure there are event quests that can be completed solo OR in a group so players have a choice. When it comes to rewards, I would jump at the chance to earn Ultimate Enchantment Stones!!!
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    @Kibbelz I would like to make a suggestion concerning Events. In the future, when we have Events that are directly connected to World Bosses, could we please have Auto-Alliance active like the [Daily/Union] Enraged Asmodian/Elyos Guardian Deity General quest? Its very disheartening when your own faction excludes others from participating in World Boss hunts, especially when an Event is on the line. Also I just want to echo what @Rag-DN said in that we really need incentive to work together in events and to encourage players not to AFK during group activities that rely on one-another. Oh, one other thing. Because it is insanely hard to get an Ultimate Transformation (and you might as well just lay down on the ground if you come up against an enemy player with one)... I think it was great that Ultimate Potions were a possible reward in this current event and I would like to request that they continue to be included as Event rewards.
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    Can we keep the 1 kinah retuning npc for 7.7? so those new stuff doesn't cost 500m+ to get the stats we need?
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    Agree so much with you, I dont care if some players abuse from it, I just want to have fun doing pvp, since 90% of the server just do pve content
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    This is a needed item to participate in pvp it would be a great addition to add to events to allow newer players and rerolls to catch up. There is NO WAY to obtain these items in game right now so if you didnt play during 7.0 - 7.2 you're at a severe disadvantage. This would be a great item to add good suggestion dmob.
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    Raging Inferno is good for brain-dead dps when you can be close and continuously spam it for added dps output. Even in pvp you can still use Advanced Frigid Wave because it still acts as an instant debuff helping bury silence, but in all other cases it is a ranged skill with slow so it could help as well.
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    I will be honest I always get excited to see what the new events will be! But since youre taking suggestions I would be delighted to offer some ideas! Halloween: CANDY! yeah, you know that sweet stuff that gives just a little kick to your stats? We used to have sheep and polar bears and tigers and penguins! Someone took the fun out of candy when they turned it into crappy transformations but lets fix that, shall we?? Since candy stacks with the transformation I would use them when doing a new instance or something I struggle with to give me a little extra help. There is no way to generate more of these in game so that would be fun! You could even add some new ones! I was always fond of those damned lamia back in old Danaria that had silence, reflect and could hit you from so far away cosmetic candy: Once upon a time when we had to level several crafts we would use a cosmetic candy to cancel the animation of the craft and speed up the process. But those of us who still have a small stash of them enjoy how funny it is to run around as a little mookie with no skills. Or put on a frozen agrint candy and go stand out by Lakrum fort just to see how long I could stand there as a tree before I got murdered lol. Or the nights we would /walk through lakrum on a sight seeing tour while we afk'd for event items. This is the big reason I was sad it became a timed map, but I digress! You get the point! C A N D Y! Thanksgiving: This could be an event where you get rewards for how many food/ drinks your character consumes. Or even put a NPC in for us to feed by getting event food from bosses in instances. Rewards could be done by server/faction for hitting milestones in addition to individual rewards as the NPC gets fed. Or you can make turkeys spawn all over the maps and rewards for those people who find them and click to send them home.. kinda like lugbug. Christmas: I propose a gift exchange for all daevas! could make it similar to the stormwing we had this spring and the presents get better as you upgrade it more. And of course snowballs! But please make them tradeable again. The untradeable aspect of this game should really be put to a vote for the players so you guys could see exactly how much we all dislike that function! Or perhaps the Daeva Dash! Racing towards presents at the end of a team obstacle course. Most of us really loved it and would do it on several toons a day because the rewards were that good! (and they could be put in account warehouse to feed our mains). Just please keep an eye on the completion times this time. There was a group of hackers before finishing in less than 15 secs, before the other team could even hit the first checkpoint for any points at all. Winter: Long cold nights seem bleak without light! We had a mission a long time ago in Heiron where you clicked pillars and lit them. We could do the same, but instead make it a faction event. Maybe add 12-18 pillars across the map and each faction would have to pvp to secure their pillars and light them all at the same time. Add survey rewards for pvp kills. There really arent enough pvp events Valentine's Day: I propose Amarah's love letters! Make tradeable valentine cards that say positive phrases. Trade them to another player to get a new phrase, and when you trade it to someone who has never been in your legion or on your FL then it has a higher chance to evolve. After a random number of trades it would turn into a box of chocolates with a reward inside for being a kind daeva <33 Spring: AETHER BLOOMS! Has always been the best pvp event this game has ever offered. Hands down! I just realized what time it is and I may have made myself late for work lol. You get the idea! Lets do something FUN and have some adventures. This is a GAME! I dont want to put in the same number of hours I do at work for medicore emotional rewards!
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    That is all that is relevant. Whereas the reverse is true of Aion, and the size of the game populations reflects that. Even on the level of game performance- Aion definitely isn't better than Eso for many people, especially if PVP is considered. .
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    Happy Birthday Aion After dealing with the all the NPCs not working on KT (big surprise) and then waiting through the downtime of another emergency maintenance (why did we even get one Friday just to have this all happen again the day before weekly maintenance?) I was finally able to log in. When I went to start on my event dungeon runs on all my toons, I was met with this nice gift: All the progress I made on every quest, on every toon, is wiped to 0. Most of them just needed one last run to be 30/30 hammers for the weekly. Who else got this nice present?
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    agree with that! If you want to disable a function intended to farm things that became essential to character progress like cubics (and its the only way to farm it for now) at least add more ways to get it because no one will be killing 7000 monsters in gelkmaros to get 2 event points and 50 completely random cubics
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    It's weird that SkyBuff, in particular, doesn't realize the benefit of an ulti xform. A chanter with ulti xform is just... insane. Being cast-speed AND attack-speed capped at the same time is such a huge difference compared with having to switch between legendary attack and cast speed xforms and STILL only being attack-speed capped, not cast-speed. Ah well. Maybe they'll get it when they get a freebie ulti potion and try it out.
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    I'm glad we don't have the auto-hunting feature. I agree with the points that Gideon brought up in his Producer's Letter regarding it. BUT. That doesn't mean there aren't a vast amount of things which can still be improved upon.
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    Excuse everyone, I made two more yesterday I forgot to upload them. It is never too late tho. Here:
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    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my post. I don’t post but I feel like I need to add my voice to the conversation about how things are with Aion. Over the years I have watched this game change, and I try to find elements that I like and focus on them to make the game fun for me. With that said, I love that we are seeing more interaction with the community. It did surprise me to see an actual producer letter, because I’m trying to remember the last time I have seen one for this game... it’s been many years, to say the least. However, I do feel like this letter is trying to say something, but to me it’s really not saying much. Ok auto hunting.... I was hoping for more about current state and future plans. But I hope that we will see more letters that will address what’s going on with the game. Like the letter said, this is a mmo, and the changes that have been made to me don’t feel like an mmo, but more of a messed up rpg, with pvp and wannabe pve. Aion was my first mmo love back in 2009, and I still can finds things I like, but a lot that I don’t like. I really hope that @Kibbelz you can keep up this communication and we see more impactful changes that reflect what the user base brings up. I know not everything can or will be done, but what changes are made are impactful. It has been brought up that NC west has more control over events and what’s offered as rewards, and I would love to see you guys flex those muscles more then currently. Make me want to play the events and not worry that the pug group I am in will fail, or have to pray that rngesus will answer my prayers. Events should be engaging, and should be worth the time put in. The game is on life support and I really hope that we can find solutions that will draw plays back and create something we can further enjoy. What I am saying is nothing new. So many people have expressed their thoughts and hopes and hates, that you could really create a pretty big book with the comments. To close things up, I do want to say thank you @Kibbelz for what you have done so far. It seems you are making old wheels move again for this game. Keep up the hard fight.
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    Omitting the auto hunt system was the right move. The problem with the game community is within the players. Players that run pass a dungeon without waiting for the rest of the group or dismissing a new player that gets lost. Players that don't bother to be polite in game, don't bother helping others with questions and only complain about how the are not getting what they want, when they want. Luckily not everyone is like that and there are some great people I encountered in game. I hope you guys realize that this game is free. You don't have to buy anything from the BC store. Giving the producers a hard time will not fix your frustrations. Take it easy and enjoy the game content, otherwise why are you playing it? This is for everyone including me.
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    Yeah, like joining a pug group for certain instances and rolling for one item, and most of the time not getting anything in multiple runs. Not counting statics, but no one does anything past pfhm first boss and almost no pugs for aoa nm because 99% of the community doesn't have any of the requirements because of how low the supply of important resources are. stigmas cubics enchantment stones and for new clerics/healers, KT accs are rubbish. and the worst part is having 1 kinah retuning for nothing to retune except bursting accessories and thats literally only for statics. 7.7 comes with accessories with the SAME defense and attacks as current KT accs but can retune and by then we (certain classes) would need to spend unnecessary shit ton of resources because of how stupid the system is for new gear. Group game play? no, not when pure dps classes are rolling for these classes where the current accs aren't even fit for them(healers).
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    Ok Michael first get some shit together o_o First your letter is nothing but bullshit it's like nothing you have in your mind to tell encourage players to playing this game anymore. What you should do is announcement closure of servers then relaunch Aion 3.x or 4.6 whatever you want and refund people who spend ncoin on Aion 10% what they had spent in their history.You can sell things like 100% manastone socketing,EXP boost,Skins,No soul sickness items when dead but never tempering solution or omega. I'm sorry for people who paid or paying so much for your +15 stuff and ultimate transform but your fancy stuff is not going to help you get easy kill on someone anymore because all normal people left only whales against whales now.I believed everyone can see what waiting at the end.You win in an empty world where nobody left. For finance reason your sale is even lower than 5.8(The turning point where Aion went full p2w) now and much lower than 3.x and 4.6 era. All p2w don't work anymore and your whales going to save your game theory is proven that they're shit. If this situation doesn't convince NCsoft and current players to accept then nothing will.Your brains got radiation poisoned and turn you into feral deveas that lost ability to reason with. With love Michael do something right once.
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    Confirmed and now we need a whole week worth of the anniversary +300% buff to compensate. Wrong day to do the reset.
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    Here is to hoping the 300/150% gets extended for a week :D.
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    I respect everyone's opinion and think that what doesn't work for me can work for other people and that's fine. For me, NCSOFT's last big mistake was the adjustments at SIEGE. SIEGE was the last breath of a good time. This is over and as a result there is no reason to buy a prestigie pack anymore. Why? Because the NCS reduced participation in fortresses from seven to three with a drop in score (GP) in a ranking that is periodically deleted. ING and GELK went from being a PVP SIEGE to becoming a PVE SIEGE. That's because NCS removed the score from the opposite race. This certainly had a side effect. Transformations have become useless at SIEGES. The next step will be to end RESHANTA. Dissatisfied with the changes, NCS forced players to purchase a ticket to enter KATALAM and another ticket with 20BM to enter PRADETH and SILONA (valid for 7 days). However SIEGE has been reduced from 4 days a week to 2 days a week and even if you enter PRADETH and SILONA, get ready. This SIEGE is limited, does not score or scores very little (GP). In addition, these fortresses do not have a BUFFER and for that reason only ASMODIANS will obtain the fortresses every Thursday and Sunday. Summing up. NCS destroyed the SIEGES PVP and then they appear on the forum asking what they need to do to improve the game. What about this? Stop destroying it. It is good to remember that the fact that the two fortresses are in the hands of only one race is the result of another mistake of the past. It was the incentive that NCS gave to ASMODIANS that generated this distance between Elyos and Asmodians. It was not a natural process. I say. Creating distortions is an NCS specialty. This happened with the new races (SONG, GUNNER, VANDAL and etc). NCS encourages the creation of a new character with a race that is too strong and then needs to reduce the DPS of those races (NERF). This generates imbalance and then demotivation because if you deliver a product and then remove the people are dissatisfied. I'm sorry, but today I can say that AION is bad because of NCS. Your wrong choices, wrong decisions, lack of focus, wrong priorities, abandonment of the community, etc. This last NERF in SM was too much for me. I think the next step for FEAR will be a 100% healing BUFFER on your opponent. You smiled? I'm laughing too, but it's not a joke. It is true. You can disagree with me on several things, but let's agree on one thing. This community is incredibly persistent. It is impressive to think that this game is still alive after 11 years with so much incompetence in updates. About this. I've been thinking. I used 40 stones on a STIGMA +9 and finished with my STIGMA +9. So ... Do I like to suffer? Am I here at AION to get angry or to have fun? That is the point and that is what people should ask themselves before making a decision. Mine is that I can no longer dedicate myself to disappointment. I will play any game as long as it is good and fun. A hug for everyone.
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    After 11 years of AION, I decided to try Black Desert Online and I'm enjoying it. Unfortunately I will not appear on AION as before. I must eventually login until I finally lets go. I am usually persistent and stubborn, but there is a limit. If NCS hadn't destroyed the base of the game or if my SM wasn't so obsolete, I might not have been writing now, but unfortunately the way how, I play and what NCS promotes, does not converge anymore. I am a single character player while NCS wants its customers to have multiple characters. The NCS creates situations, content, events, etc. to encourage variation by destroying dedication. While dedication move to died its value, variation creates anomalies (hakers and cheeters). Nowadays nobody cares about losing their account. If you lose your accont, do another one is created and in a week you have a stronger character than an honest 11-year-old veteran. In this last event, the players who achieved an ULTIMATE transformation are all those who have multiple accounts. Whoever is dedicated to just one character, danced. This is not a criticism. It is just a fact. This week I went to pick up tents in Lakrum and found a VANDAL. We created a group, but while I killed an NPC VANDAL killed the other four with a basic set. It is 11 years of dedication against 60 days of any player and yet he has more DPS than me. Summing up. A game is good when it is fun. When you get angry and get frustrated on a daily basis it is because this game is not so good. Fortunately in other MMO's I won't be a transformation. My character will be exactly what I customized it to be. It's time to try new things while,6 you place a glass on your keyboard's space bar, in all your accounts, to pick up any item (almost always bad) when it should be possible, playing. So see you soon!
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    This and you don't need to do the living world stuff.. Personally Gw1 story is far better so when episodes go live I am like "Meh". Maybe Gw1 spoiled me. They better bring back Ritualist or I am booking a flight and bringing a large pitch fork and torch to Anet's head quarters.. Sorry to see you go because I remembered I tried to save you in Lakrum once from that DN ranger who recently got Marchutan in the other p2w transformation event. Couldn't save you because you weren't that geared and then I ran around, kept healing myself and it took him 5-10 mins to kill me in full heal spec. I wasn't as geared either but the guards ccing him to hell helped with my survival. I agree with you that sm isn't all it could be because you aren't geared. Fully geared sm is god tier. I also myself am thinking about moving to Gw2 permanently because it's clear us f2p people will not be looked after and will continue to be food. I got killed 5 times by a full geared Marchutan sin and kaisnel gladiator camping the the camp in the middle. Left all the times to do other camps and they kept coming back. +15 stigma skills hurt..
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    Shainygirl ....... Kunoichi (usually in Velia 2) Shainy_Dom ...... Tamer (usually in season 2) The RNG is good both for enchanting and for getting equipment, and the good thing is that you have to fight to get it. There are a lot of professions and the accessories and armor can be shared between characters of the same family, etc, etc. for now in Aion I will do the basics and continue on Divine (a great memory). I hope to meet you Ksara in BDO. A great pleasure.
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    I did a couple runs earlier and have more things to add. The reason for glad/sorc following the temp pulling mobs is so that the mobs are killed in "order" The ones first lured if killed early would then spawn again in the rotation the temp is pulling them. I don't think its game breaking in Vault, but other instances like SFT and others does help a lot. To save some time, the temp should begin pulling mobs when the boss is around 75%. If done right,(above) most of the mobs should be up by then and only needing to do 70-80% of the room. When doing rangers, glad and sorc has their own ccs. The temp should get 99% of the agro but sometimes theres one or 2 stragglers the glad/sroc needs to take care of.
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    GW2 hasn't been royally corrupted by NCsoft yet. >_> It's still largely Anet's game. There are some really shitty decisions with it (certain story content behind paywall if you didn't log in when the episode went live, but you can still get around that by grinding gold and exchanging it for gems and buying the things that way), but it's not a p2w fiasco. They also just announced the next expansion for next year. So don't trashcan it just yet because NC publishes it. ESO also isn't too bad. Elder Scrolls just isn't something I'm all that interested in, but it's definitely not a bad game. It's probably worth checking out, too. BDO is just the same song as Aion with a slightly different tune. But definitely enjoy it while you are.
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    Temp should always be the one pulling, Glad and sorc follow attacking behind the temp and not use any freeze/root skills. Glad and sorc should always be ON boss when its up. When pulling mobs, you only need 70-80% of the room, just enough points for the next boss to come up. When rangers are up, temp should be moving back and forth getting agro from mobs that spawn near, and be ready to pull mobs thats on the sorc/glad.
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    Exactly this. Don't only DP the bosses. Are you all rounding up all of the mobs and bringing them to the front and killing them all? It sounds like you're taking too long to kill the rubbish mobs which stack up your points. The bosses spawn after a certain number of points are reached.
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    The trick lies in how the sorc and glad uses their DP skills. Most dps players have no idea how to properly use it. You want to use it so that the DP AoE not only hits the boss, but also a stack of mobs. Therefore, you constantly generate DP for maximum dps...
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    Could we have this checked as soon as possible please? Couse I just had a 4 minion combination fail and had to use one of my restoration tokens, and i know a bunch of people that also had multiples 4 minion combinations fail in a roll, for something that should be 70% chance I'm getting more success with enchanting stigmas that are in theory way lower rates than this. If you could check this for us it would be much appreciated and I guess I'm gonna wait for your answer before I waste another restoration token with some success rate that is not as it should be as of right now. thanks!
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    I don´t know if a new launcher was really required. Some players are new, but others saw so many of those unnecesary changes and usually some bugs and some days waiting them to be fixed. on the other hand, there are some things that really require a change. I totally would like to have a "reconnecting" function in Aion when something fails or you lose for few seconds your connection. Also would be really nice to have some kind of quick log in after a send log or a suddenly crash. I know that even 10 secs can be a lot in a middle of some battles. But some minutes having to open the launcher, reloging, waiting for a complete files scan, pin.... I saw that in other games, some of them so smaller than Aion and it really changes everything.
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    GF doesn't even use a launcher, if you get a dc in game you simply hit "relog" and it is right where you were left. We do not even need/want a launcher to begin with. It only brings more unnecessary steps and it doesn't serve a single purpose other than bringing potential bugs or hustle. We should load a client and then log into it, if we get dc we should be back to login screen and be able to relog instantly. Closing the client on a dc, is so pre-2010 era. And remember, the launcher is nothing but a regional nerf, other regions don't even have launchers.
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    Any help is welcome, however these discussions and changes in my opinion are temporary. The secret to a good recipe is the combination of the ingredients. What was taken from AION was the ingredients. You removed an important part of the game. NCS Korea changed the essence of AION and it certainly reduced the number of customers. Falling revenue is a trend. See what you (NCS US) did with SIEGE. NCS US destroyed SIEGE's PVP. SIEGE decreased. It is obvious that the revenue plummets. SIEGE is the only motivation for several people. There should be more and not less. I say. It doesn't make sense to hold a meeting if you don't take the customer's opinion into account. It makes no sense to hold a meeting if you remove the vital elements of the game. I really want to help, but it is difficult. Many players talked about several things and all was ignored. I can give many examples, but NCS are you listening to me? For example. Thinking about new players. They want a mount. They want a tiger, but the NCS has removed that from the game. Why did you take that out of the game? You should have created a way to get any mount and you shouldn't take that out of the game. Currently the missions in the game do not offer anything. You will only achieve something with the events. So, there are only players on AION when the event is good. This is ridiculous. You also get something with NCOINS, but that makes AION => pay to win. The player should be able to get resources by doing missions, but missions offer nothing. So the players have no goal. There is no reason to play. There is no reason to do arenas, there is no reason to do groups. ID, IB, PF, AD, IDD and etc. It is all superficial or difficult. There are almost no groups in the LFG. The problem is this. AION has lost its essence. What's the point of having wings if you can't fly? Air combat is over. The transformations have destroyed the cosmetic and appearance of your player. Having many characters became an advantage so your MAIN lost relevance and meaning. Having a strong class is another big mistake. So NCS tries to compensate for that with NERF and that creates demotivation. Some classes are suffering NERF since AION 4.0 and continue to this day. As a result, the game became very unbalanced. Never has AION been more unbalanced than today. I am FULL DARK TALON +15. I'm dying before I can even count to two. I think that AION needs to gain momentum. The Cooperative game needs to come back. There needs to be motivation to play. We need to recover the sense of group, of union, of mission, of league, of lead, of purpose. This is not difficult. More one sugestion: Imagine if during the week you completed all IDDs, ID, PF and etc. and in the end you would get a chest with an important item. Example: A mount of your choice or a legendary transformation. This is an example of motivation and movement. Play with objetive. I will stop here. I don't want this text too big. Others can help as well. I hope that NCS reads my topic. I'm tired of being ignored.
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    Probably coincidence... my reaction to the new launcher.... what is that for?
  48. 1 point
    Uhhh..and now it also seems that with this launcher we can't open a 2nd client??????booooooooooo.......
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    This is my immediate reaction, too. I haven't downloaded it yet - but just going on their track record, I expect bugs and B.S. They can't fix the mountain of years-old problems they already have, and decide to add a new layer of complexity so they can have more things that break that they can't fix.
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    lol, you really want the solution ? Follow ncsoft mentality. Pay to win. Ncsoft did everything to push player to buy in BCM. I started to play Aion on gameforge in 2012 ... At this time, the only thing you were able to buy in BCM was candies, skins, pets, ''prestige pass'' and keys for chest in tiamat eyes (gives you AP to get ranked, but chest wasnt ez to find and you needed to farm them.... GP was not existing at this time). I saw the whole evolution of Aion. In 2012-2013, beginning of 4.0, we had bloodmark gear and was still able to kill player in great general geared +15. The damage dealt wasnt so high, nobody oneshooted. You were able to do it but you needed gameplay. The game was fun and a bit ''hard''. A brain was needed to play Aion. Nowadays, you need money. Nowadays, the only gameplay is dealing so high damage you don't need to think what to do. 100% of times I go PVP, ALL players, overgeared or not, DON'T KNOW HOW TO COVER A SILENCE. W --- TTT --- FFFFF. I have 50k HP, they ONE hit me at 46k to 75k !?!?!? How a game evolved so badly in this way ? The last 4 years, me and my husband stopped Aion 3 times because we were so frustrated. Playing without buying in BCM was impossible. Enchanting failed a lot, we stopped to PVP because it was totally unplayable with pvp base gear (and we just abandoned the idea of having stigma +9). Our both plumes exploded with temporing solution we farm so hard. With the Lakrum patch and the new gear system, we were unable to get a +15 on ancient gear while pay to win players were still soo overgeared. Why ncsoft punish so hard players who doesn't pay to win ? And now here we are, we came back one month ago, pvp is still unplayable, enchanting is still awfull but you can now have free stigma enchant stone and others enhancement objects but you need to farm in korean mode. Aion is now garbage, the game is dead and NCsoft clings to pay to win player and give them rewards. The game is totally unbalanced and stupid. The only thing I can tell you is take a free prestige pass 7 days, create 12 characters lvl 10, farm luna each days, play the luna dice game, sell all you win. Good luck
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