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    For people who don't have time to watch the stream at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/467646917, here are some screencaps of the things they showed of some importance. Not pictured, but noted: - Transformations will remain account-wide; will not reduce to server-only like in other regions - No mention of transformation times being restored to 10 minutes, so probably not happening - Character slots will be expanded to 13, but only for Prestige holders (extra characters will not be deleted if you let Prestige expire) - We will receive up through the KR patch of Dec 26, 2018 New cubics screen -- 5 levels of new platinum cubes, gold and silver cubes also expanding to have 5 levels (currently have 3 and 4 respectively): New PVE instance Stellin Laboratories will have 4 entries for regular players, 5 for Prestige. Arena of Tenacity will have 1 entry; will NOT be part of the season: New equipment menu will show the gear you have and the gear you should/could aim to get after it along with a description showing you where/how to get it (2nd screencap): New Lugbug's Missions will have both daily and weekly tasks that will grant rewards: The new shared Elyos/Asmo map called Demaha: New gold ingots tab of Gold Sand Traders; adds returning gear: New kinah tab of Gold Sand Traders; prices rise by about 20% so stock up before the patch; new minion contract stone replaces the 2.5mil kinah we pay directly to the minion tab to use minion functions (not tradeable): New currency Stellium can be used to buy things or used directly to get a 150 pvp attack buff for 10 minutes: New Tide's Embrace buff: Enchanting your main six stigmas to +12 will grant you an extra greater/blue stigma slot (no mention if we will get the event which makes +9 a safe spot for enchanting):
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    Here it is the healthy Aion Classic server that Neleth recomended to me
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    I'll be posting something shortly. Hang tight.
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    This isn't anything weird. I think most of us oldtimers were surprised that a big patch like this bringing so many changes was going to be as quick as was initially posted! A few hours delay is -nothing- compared to some of the cluster-f-s of the past! Anyone else remember when we had to download the patch in pieces from some player's private upload? lol
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    Idk about y'all, but I'd rather it take an extra hour than be a shitshow when we log in and they have to immediately shut it down to fix something. I mean that will probably still happen, but at least this lessens the chance.
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    LOL na version of patch is so messed up, weird and nerfed that they dont even know how to make patch notes for it ! @Cyan
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    imagine white knighting to ncsoft lmfao, are you looking at same forums i've been looking at for past year? there has been hell of lot of constructive suggestions , spams , asking/begging for features that any other region has. guess what none of those ever worked even tryed submitting suggestions via tickets , only to get robot response. these guys couldn't care less about aion, if you are a cm u gotta atleast understand the game a little to communicate what community is saying to developers. this dude hasn't played game in probably years if you watched livestream you would know that. you are out of your mind if you think ncsoft company or any of their employee is worth white knighting for since 6.x.
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    @Cyan Next week is Mark of the Vandal, and I have a very important question: Are we finally getting more character slots to go with the new class? We are discouraged from having more than one account (which is one reason why opening more than one client was disabled), so in order for us to create a Vandal we are going to need more character slots. Please answer.
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    I feel bad for players that have left Aion but can't let go and actually login to the forums to make sure that everyone knows they have quit which apparently means that everyone else should quit too. Aion! Why can't I quit you?!
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    Count on ME , you know i w8 for this more than christmass day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Considering servers are in Texas and Office in California pretty sure most everything being done from Texas and no need for them to be in office in California. also like every patch they do gets delayed when maint last night said 3 hrs and 45 mins I laughed and said if up by 12 my time be surprised. Now 12:15 and expecting another while longer
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    Season being removed from Arena of Harmony. I guess that means no reason for people to queue against their alts for multiple 1st place winners anymore lel.
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    COE and Mirash will be gone tomorrow. You might try to get in a few runs today before that happens. But starting tomorrow, FM and BoS will be the new lowest 80 dungeons.
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    Boy no. Not KT's fault y'all had to merge. Not fair for them to lose their names after they had just lost them when SL and BR merged.
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    Hmm I just think what I do miss from the past here's my list. Weaving -Yes I actually miss weaving I used to out dps players that more geared than me with weaving it was fun to dps race against people who has better gears than me but that fun was gone oh well. Luna skins -I made multiple characters and multiple accounts and dress them with luna skins it was fun. Original crafting not Aetherforge -It was actually fun to craft skins and easier to level craft than Aetherforge. Tradable gears -I love to buy gears and gearing my alternate without going actual instances save ton of time. Dyes from gathering -Yeah those cheap dyes need to come back I don't know why delete them. Camps in Katalam and Danaria -So many camps to do and escape if it was camping by Asmos getting basic pvp gears I know Laklum is same but the map is too small no place to escape much. ORB instance -The best source for purple stones for enchantment quick and easy. Ability to see my characters without paying extra for transparent scrolls -No one like to see their characters transformed into something that isn't them. Kahrun Daily/Weekly and Raksang group instance. -It was fun to recruit Alliance just for kahrun boss and racing dps against Asmos and group Raksang was the best killing time instance. Farm AM/EF for skins -Primal Spirit skins are the best instance skins that ever made.I used to farm them 6 months non stop everyday.It's really fun to play with a alliance. Tiamatruntra's Siege -It was fun to race dps there to get the most medals and it's a quick siege. PvP in Eye -It was funny to run in a group to chase a group of Asmos then if we reached their guards Asmos chase us back. Farming mentor quest to buy mentor skins. -I need to pay newbies to help me on quest to get skins lol but it was fun. Events that actually give good rewards -We don't have that in 6.x for long time already.No gears or good skins given. Farming manastones guestblooms that actually profitable -It was the best guestbloom to farm and giving best money if you got magic boost/crit strike. Miss when crit strike soft capped was 500 -Yeah I love it when my skills/attacks crited and I love to see it happens all time. Miss cheap manastones that allowed you to reach capped easily -Hate 6.x for making it so hard and expensive to get stones we want. Miss 12 stigma slots -It had more freedom than our currently 6 and doesn't take all money to +9 them to get more slots. Level 65 unicorn abyss skins -Yeah they're awesome I wish they will return with headgears somehow. When all BCM still had all skins. -I love to buy any skins anytime I want not just limited sale. When Cyan actually listen to us what we want to rotate next week. -He just no longer do that. When we had preview what coming each month. -He just doesn't do that too. When we had Atheria Atlus -It gave us a reason to run instances that nobody normally run. When Ncoin got hacked and a lot of cheap skins on broker -LoL it's just a joke When broker fee is not crazy like this and we still can trade things. -Really no one like broker fee atm. Can't think anymore if anyone got more to add feel free
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    @Cyan @Hime are we having the new launcher for 7.0 update?. Cuz we are the only game th8at ahcve not migrate to the new NC Launcher, even Lineage 2, and older game is using it. Is just a thing of... showi some care for the game like the other ones.
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    Let's keep this in perspective, alright? This event started. There was something wrong with it. The prices in gems for the prizes were too high if you kept in mind that there were only two instances giving gems. After about a day and a half of the event, the staff decided to double the gems dropping from those two instances. That was definitely a good move. We can agree on that? To compensate for the change in the event, we were told that everyone would get 2 chests and a reset scroll. So now we run into a problem because some people had already run their 4/5 runs of each of the two instances and would be missing out on a lot of gems. They literally would be missing out on 8 chests. (10 they would have had if they waited to run their instances minus the two they would get for free.) So the staff decides to give out chests equal to the number of runs players actually ran on as many characters that had actually run them. So basically every single player got every single chest that they would have gotten had the event been set up this way from the first day. We are being told that the tool that would have provided everyone -extra- chests is broken. Keep in mind those are extra. That right now everyone has everything that they actually earned. But no one is getting anything extra. Now I think it's fair to say that the event should have been set up two give double the chests from the first day. That that was a mistake by the staff. But I don't think it's fair to say ding the staff too hard for not giving the bonus items. That's my opinion. You have to admit that Cyan replied to 5 threads yesterday and one of them was to answer actual questions about 7.0. Maybe this is a turn around and we will be getting more attention? Let's hope.
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    The thing is tho, Hime nor Gideon log the forums EVER, how will they ever see this is about them? Tagging Cyan will MAYBE (better than 0% chance) make him tell Hime/Gideon that hey, the game is in a really bad place and the forums is showing us feedback and what to do. The stream wasn't good, it CLEARLY showed how out of touch they are with Aion
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    <Cheesecake's Legion Best Legion> now recruiting.
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    @Sexy-DN: I'm not going to argue with you or start a debate because that is the last thing we need right now. There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism either. All we are asking for is you word it a little differently so as not to sound like a rant. Also, as has been pointed out your placing blame on the wrong person. Point the finger at the real culprits and we'll have no problem. And lastly I must add that writing code is a little more in depth than a "copy and paste," as you put it. I've had classes for it and many things computer/software related so it's not that simple.
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    Hi: A few months ago I made in Google Calendar a Schedule for myself based on an old spreadsheet that Megaphone use to make, so I could also get alerts while playing Aion or doing else. Fair warning is in Spanish but I've subtitled it in my perfect (not) engrish It's basically me showing what I made and explaining how to set it up for the ones that had never used a Google Calendar. If you don't use this kind of calendars I've also updated that old spreadsheet so you can also Bookmark it and use it as reference. Aion's Schedule 6.7 spreadsheet Since next week we are getting the 7.0 patch update with Altars and new siege times I will be updating the calendar's file as soon as I get the patch notes. On that note, I would like to ask @Cyan if you could clarify something that you guys mentioned in the live stream, are Altars going to be vulnerable only once a day? not twice like in EU/KR? I truly hope some of this is useful to you as it was for my friends and if I got any time wrongly just tell me. Lots of love, Zeyra
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    Interesting thread. I've been invested in sorc lately and enjoy seeing information/content and opinions on sorc and one thing I've noticed is that this kind of criticism on the class is a commonality across multiple regions. It's not just a bunch of NA bads complaining because they suck despite what some people seem to think (as evident in that other sorc thread under pvp discussion). Sorc is consistently ranked at or near the bottom of the totem pole. You go on the EU forums and can easily find many posts about how sorc sucks now. That 7.0 class tier video linked earlier in this thread ranks sorc as the lowest and has multiple comments about sorc's current situation. The tier list some guy in another recent thread I forget took from some Koreans ranks sorc low as well. Man even the Russian skillcapped sorc god I look up to said that after 6.2 sorc isn't doing well in pvp. Sorc is just in a bad spot lately pvp-wise. Any experienced sorc who reaches endgame-level gear/skill will know this after playing against other endgame-level players and seeing how much it takes for a sorc to even get a kill on pretty much any class these days. Yet when you mention any of sorc's legitimate problems this patch there's always an idiot to tell you "just git gud noob rubbish stop crying jajaja, sorc is strong and op, I saw this video of this Korean sorc who beat this underskilled player this one time in this patch that isn't even in our region yet". eksdeeee It just doesn't feel like sorc is properly updated for the current patch/meta compared to other classes, both cooldown-wise and damage-wise. Even getting a proper aetherhold after RS is down isn't nearly the death sentence it used to be due to how nerfed the sorc aetherhold damage skills are compared to old patches. Remember when you could delete 60%+ of somebody's hp without using your big burst cds if you caught them with an aetherhold and no RS? Any sorcs here remember when popping wintry actually stopped people from hitting you? Or when you could easily play off absolute zero with somnolence? Not to mention how many 1v1 matchups used to be sorc-sided and just aren't anymore, most notably bard, SM and cleric. Sorc used to counter these so well. You used to have to be paraplegic to lose to cleric as a sorc in 1v1 yet now clerics (and bards) can just run around trolling you until you literally run out of skills to burst with. And SM used to get bullied by sorcs. I remember back when SM needed to be on point with the 40m wing root combo to have a chance (outside of the contract+instafear auto-win rotation). After 4.8 when that was nerfed SMs needed to get a perfect spirit wall to win a good sorc. In 5.x they could throw out the need for skill by tacking on a msupp set and tanking a sorc's entire skillbar. Well now there are no msupp sets so it should go back to being sorc-sided right? Nope. On top of the auto-win instafear rotation they now have an almost instant fear shriek. Another auto-win rotation to use. Oh and let's not forget that if you get your magic rush stripped and don't burst with at least magic rush + flame fusion on a SM then you auto lose as they will survive your entire rotation due to how tanky they are this patch with their vision buff or BG. Yet it just takes them one fear then they can bury silence/fear chain u to death. Sorc's most winnable matchups in 6.x are vs glads and gunners in full CD duels, both of which sorc loses to in arena lol (well the true best matchup for sorc is other sorcs tbh). I do arenas every week on my sorc and it's rage inducing at times. You don't even have the toolkit to continuously outplay competent players, especially when you have absurdly long cooldowns and it takes your entire kit to get a kill while most other classes have nonexistent cds or can at least get kills with their basic cds. Never had these problems while playing SM, bard, cleric, AT or even ranger. It's not even necessarily that this class is 'hard to play' or all that complicated. It's just underpowered, so to get decent results you have to overcome that outplaying others hard. Sorc just sucks donkey balls in any pvp format besides full CD 1v1 duels and even then sorcs have to play really well and earn their wins. Meanwhile certain other classes can just spam their buttons and win, thus the memes.
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    So, for our ten year wedding anniversary, we're doing a rewedding in the style we wanted back in the day, but we'd had to do a religious wedding for my parents. Going full nerd with it. "Mawwage is what bwings us togetha todayy." Costumes. Etc. I'm thinking of having the harpist play this at some point during the wedding: See who notices and gets nervous. Legit excited.
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    Listen and.. ..then what? There's a number of issues with Aion right now that are worth harping about, but I sincerely don't think that it's a fine time for suggesting complicated overhauls for general boss mechanics. The amount of community feedback that gets passed along to where it matters and then actually gets addressed is so tiny, that it is absurd to muddy that tiny stream with wild hypotheticals. Unless the purpose of the thread is just to speculate for funsies, in which case, please, label the damn things appropriately. It's frustrating when the state of the game is like a house on fire with pretty much the kind of shouting about fire hydrants and water you'd expect, but then someone decides to voice a very important suggestion that the landlord should really replace the carpets because that would do wonders for the dust mite issue.
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    you get access to some exclusive legion npc and 1 legion weekly quest per altar, to gain Stellium coins. There is still plenty of ways to gain the coins outside top legions. So don't panic, also the most important material still is the Fighting Fragments and you can farm them now and they will be easier to get in 7.0 with the changes in genesis crystals.
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    It’s 5 Euros, but you need the gold pack to play in the EU. You don’t get LFG or the broker in the EU without the gold pack and only have two character slots. Essentially, you need the gold pack to play the game. You can buy prestige for 1 month (hell even the free trial), create your characters in the additional slots, and then not renew it, while in the EU you need it to play the normal game.
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    Gameforge also requires you to have a sub to use the extra character slots, so that is hardly a reason to start over since the two publishers are doing the exact same thing. Having recently played EU Aion, I would say there are several points in NA Aion's favor. First, it is much easier to get transformation contracts in NA. EU can get 2 free from the BCM every few days where in NA they have a chance to drop from the final boss in all instances. Also, EU's transformations are server wide and not account wide. Meaning if you unlock a transform on any character on your account in NA, that transform will be available on every character on your account; while in EU that transform is only available on the characters on the same server. Second, luna is craftable in NA. It's true that EU's luna costs for things are much lower, but we basically get free luna just by afking luna dailies and weeklies. Lastly, EU is unplayable without a sub. It's true that you can buy their gold pack with kinah, in a patch where kinah is so much more difficult to come by that's not as helpful as it once was. In NA, you can 100% play the game without a sub and use every function of the game. Being perfectly honest, Gameforge does a much better job communicating with their players. I can perfectly understand why NA players are frustrated and may be considering a change. I guess my point is that the grass isn't as green as you think over there.
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    To be honest I think it kinda is a must . If you saw the stream everything except gold ingots are going up in price on the gold sand traders. So giving us a full 10 min transform will in their words give us a better player experience just like how they choose the patch. Transparent transform scrolls changed from 200 K to 250 K, and reg scrolls increased too. Shard bundles go to over 20 K. People allready short on kinah making things more expensive not gonna help that though I do know kinah making in 7.0 is bit easier
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    Honestly, the stream was a disaster. Why so nervous? Just play the game then you won't feel the need to be nervous. Know your product. It's not hard. Most of us already know much, much more than what was shown in that stream. That said, I wasn't expecting anything fenomenal. We all knew it would be kind of a bad stream. They didn't show us enchantment rates, didn't speak of transformations times/stats (we've been asking for those since day 1 of 6.2), no word on transformation scrolls being cheaper, no more skins and motions in the shop. I mean, idk. It's just sad.
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    We gotta look on the bright side here. We now know the game will be open till 2050.
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    The community is great at sharing information here, I also forgot to make a thread. Tomorrow's stream will be focused on showing various things from the update. And, I will say this bluntly. Please don't come to the stream and act uncouth as the moderators will just ban you from posting for the day. Thanks everyone
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    They're going to be mad at KonkersGG for actually announcing the livestream of an aion update on the official aion forums. If they wanted us to know about it they would have told us!
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    anyway arena is a lie, it's just a matter of dodge ppl and fight only when u know that u can win, so I won't waste my time on this joke lol
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    Will the more cosmetic items from luna crafting ever be cycled out for new skins/furniture or even different permanent mounts? Or will everyone end up in full Breezy houses wearing Dark/Light Follower gear until the end of time?
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    Yeah I saw that in the patch notes and it became clear it was overly abused lol
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    @Cyan Where is our survey that we are suppose to receive? We only received the ice gem chest that was suppose to be additional to our other survey. Event is ending soon. "We're still having issues with out survey tool and will be sending out the surveys as soon as we can. Additionally, we will be distributing an additional Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chest for every run you did prior to us updating the event. This means if you ran Mirash Sanctum and Cradle of Eternity 2 times each, you'll be getting 4 boxes."
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    I didn't imply that. I just said it can't be constantly in use. The point here is.. play smarter. That can be taken as a rude thing to say, but it actually applies here. You know that people have seeds. You know they will be able to see you. So just play smarter. Don't buff up within chat range of your target. Or do buff but from the edge of your target's chat range and force them to use their seed, run off using mau and then come back and attack them before the cd is over. Hide isn't a get-out-jail-free card like it is for assassin, who actually risks a lot more than a ranger since they have to be up close and personal with their target. If you want sin skills then roll a sin. Don't complain because you aren't a sin.
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    In 7.0 manastones will be craftable, useless manastones can be transformed into crafting mats for manastones and the outcome of a crafted manastone will be an untradeable one. BUT crafting a manastone can proc to produce a tradeable version or even better proc to get a legendary or ultimate manastone (and since it is proc version it should also be tradeable but we need to check this), so sooner or later ultimate manastones will be much lower in price since a ton of people will be crafting those.
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    A fully sandboxed game is a free world game with just the players interacting with the terrain, mobs and other players. For example Black Dessert online has no dungeons at all, it only has never ending grinding in an open world and some world bosses and some areas that have something like sieges. To get anything you need to either craft it yourself, or get it as a drop or buy from someone else who crafted it and items also seem to have like "infinite" possibilities for stats etc. That is a trully sandboxed game world. An single rpg game is like Diablo, you only have one path, a predetermined path to progress in game, sure thing you can spend time killing the whole stage again to get more money and items etc, but progress wise you are predetermined, you simply walk the storyline and unlock cinematics and higher stages. MMorpg is a massive multiplayer online role playing game, so it kinda has the values of an open world thingy going on, with classes and roles but also has instances and to get the end game content you have a pretty static way of doing it. For example in Aion you can get end game pvp gear one way only via genesis crystals and enchants and pve items via pve instance dungeons. ~~ Back to the subject, I do not like saying the phrase "Aion has so many problems and this is none of the important one so why talk about it" because numerous times I have made suggestions that later on they were implemented, maybe not because of me, but when you give simple feedback, eventually ti is done. So whatever someone has to say in forums for making the game better (according to them) should be expressed. BUT although I do not like saying this phrase, the anomos loot, and every loot in game, is kinda a game mechanics. The fact that the top dps group/alliance/league can get the drop is almost "working as intended" and is not problematic at all. I do not find it flawed that a specific group with clerics, chanters, dps and tanks can overcome everyone else in DPS and win the loot (same group every time maybe). Like how can people abuse anomos drop? You really have to be in an alliance with the highest dps, and that includes clerics to keep everyone alive, buffers to keep the buffs high and dps classes. And it is not capped with specific players, it is literally open to EVERYONE so if someone wants to get it, he has to be the best. I almost do not see a flaw here. If a person from that premade OP alliance ninja loots, people from that alliance can easily simply kick that person forever from anything in future. The solution you are asking is way too elaborate and most people don't see what it solves. ~~ Let me show you what a simple solution is to anomos ninja looting could possibly be: 1) Make the item non tradeable the moment you loot it, this way alts cannot roll for it to give it to whoever their friend is. 2) Make the loot possible to a class that has the ability to use that item, so people cannot roll for their friends' behalf unless they are the exact same class. ...there, a few simple solutions that almost solve the majority of Anomos looting lament, without a super complicated mechanics for contribution.
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    That won't be a problem, I will make a new account and have 8 free slots. I'm trying not to buy anything from them (BCM) since when they put the transformation scrolls in the game.....I hate not to be able to see my character as I made it. Transparent scrolls should be useless or free.
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    PLEASE. PLEASE. Bring those to us. This is a MUST.
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    +1, I hope that they tell us in the tomorrow's live-stream, no point of hiding it till patch launch day, something that they should have an answer for by now....
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    Odds are they're focusing their attentions elsewhere because Yoon told them to do so. Believe me, if NA Aion was a priority for NCSoft/NCWest, they'd make a conscious effort to keep us engaged. Look at how every other version of Aion (just the game and their events, not staff engagement) is better in comparison to our own. This isn't what NCWest decides, it's simply what's given to them by Korea, which is why they always have to wait for response if anything goes wrong. All this talk about going over people's heads is just going to turn low level employees into scapegoats for poor decision making from the highest levels of the organization. Guarantee they're just going to give you a canned PR message about how they're going to do better with no real results coming from it.
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    People said the same during the Tia Event. NC's reply was to put Omegas and Temperings up for sale and guess what, a good chunk of the community instantly did a 180 and started buying them in heaps. I wouldn't have high hopes for this since hypocrisy is a thing and they know it. I'm honestly starting to think they've already set a deadline for when Aion PC is set to shutdown, and are just trying to bring it about quicker while trying to squeeze out some last bits. People supporting the game or not may not make any difference anymore at this point.
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    You have to learn from the master:
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