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    Based on player feedback regarding the siege schedule change: What works best for you? Would you like it earlier? Later? If choosing "Other" please list what time works best for you. I will keep this poll open for two weeks, and I will send the results to our teams. Ultimately we want you guys to have Sieges available at the best possible time.
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    Why weren't we even given a survey? Why is it that the schedule just changed out of nowhere? Siege time will be at 12 am on the east coast. This is supposed to be NA server, yet people in NA aren't getting reasonable times.
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    Fortress sieges 8 PM is better for all. @Kibbelz
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    People complaining about siege being later, but wanting it to overlap with altar siege is the dumbest thing I've seen on forums.
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    I regularly help recruit for sieges, so I note how many drop off and how many tell me that they have problems due to the current time ALREADY being late. Now you want to make it even later???? Personally, I'm located on East coast NA, and I work, so siege times are difficult as it is. This is going to make it EXTREMELY hard to attend. New players now don't see what we used to have: - East and West coast servers - GONE - support for timezone changes (Daylight Savings)- GONE - surveys for siege time changes for our region- GONE Now we don't even get a basic justification. Just an announcement that is basically " it's changing- take it or leave it" and which many people can miss. Really? Has it gotten THAT bad at your office, so that you cannot communicate with your community in a more positive way?
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    This is stupid, this is a NORTH AMERICAN SERVER. Now siege will be at midnight for the east coast...
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    Agreed..wtf..seiges were already too late as it is..this is ridiculous...
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    Thank you for putting up a poll.
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    I miss when they did survey back in the days asking for siege schedule.
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    Sorry I was misinformed, it's like OPs link says. It's not fixed yet, but they are removing the point reduction until they can resolve the issue. (So enjoy it while you can!) Tomorrow!
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    Yeah I just heard about this item, it recently became available in EU I think? I've sent the item info to our teams, so hopefully we can also use this item soon.
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    Unfortunately I can only investigate bugs with the game code. Can you please send a ticket to support with as much information as you can provide for this issue? Also, @Violy-DN I know how you guys on DN feel. I have brought this issue up previously, but I will bring it up again now that this restart issue has resurfaced. x_x. In lighter news, there will be Luna resets coming to Red Cellar this week.
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    All these years and I finally got mentioned in a post! I am basically e-famous now!
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    Welcome! But please don't send away @Loki. We all really like him because he's so active.
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    KT people are like "who are these people, neverheard of them". This whole post sounded like a Kardashian yahoo paid post. Like nobody knows what they do for living and nobody cares who they are but they need to maintain a D-list celebrity status to pay their next channel bags only to get featured again in paid posts. If anyone is THAT gullible and pays real life money to leaders just so they can hang out with them, then they deserve it. I have never in my life given a single F for anything that has to do with status. Whatever requires you to belong to a zerg was never in my radar. Anything I did, was done in pure solo lone-wolf mode. Saved me a ton of drama.
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    I didn't do siege for 2 months or something anyway bc too late for some ppl as it is right now for EU players like me and 500 more that was already at 6 am , so if now is late for NA too, isn't more better to split this in half and give us 2x time per day something like altars,so anyone can have a part of it, and only the most actives players can be on top to lead us? Also too much p2w stuff again , pvp becoming only run and die, bc of stigmas/transforms differences and more stuff , if all the f2p will leave there will not be any que for pvp stuff or anything to do just afk on the main city bc you cannot play a game with 10 players only. Thats just an opinion i thinking already to leave that after idk 10 years of NA Aion , so i dont care to much just reply here:))
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    @Loki you're one of the best things ever to happen to Aion, thank you so much!
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    @Loki @Hime @Kibbelz please re-evaluate this time. If anything, siege should move back an hour from 9 PM server time. Moving it later an hour is just a terrible idea. And weekend sieges should be moved to 6 PM server time. Thanks,
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    " In exchange for your BCM enchantment stones" Why don't you guys just straight up put the armor/weapons on the BCM... it's no secret this is a pay2win event. Screw the rest of the players.... Also...moving siege time to later is probably the dumbest idea you guys have ever had.
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    The time change is preposterous. I would heartily endorse moving siege an hour EARLIER. My husband already has to sleep in a separate bedroom 4 nights a week so I don't wake him up....
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    if you are more of a GM who doesn’t play, we have 7 sieges at the same time, with this schedule we’ll have fewer and fewer players. u have time to change it
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    Cant even attend sieges as they are now, an hour earlier would have been preferable.
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    WTF do you think only americans play? Why change Siege schedules?
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    Please stop making us love you this much.
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    Would be good if u stop with the xenophobic commentaries by here, to begin with. Also, this post is a completely bullshit. Even if it was true, false or whatever, everyone is free to play whenever they want.
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    Patience, Justice, Madness, Tenacity etc etc, those final tags are just to identify wich type of transformation they enhance, the extra skill they give its random, you need to manually look for the skill its usefull for your class, not for the tags. For a Defensive Cleric: Support: Critical Hit Damage Reduction This works like old Strike/Spell Fortitude, reduces the crit multiplier of the enemy hitting you. For example, Magic classes have 1.5X multiplier, if you have this Rune +0 their crit will be 1.45X Support: Increased Recovery This buff is always active and improves Heals received by a % according you your rune enchantment, this works only to the heals the user receives, is not going to improve heals on your party members. For the third rune you can pick wich one you like more, i think these are the best for defensive cleric. Boost: Immobilization Resistance Penetration Boost: Reduce Speed Resistance Penetration Boost: Blindness Resistance Penetration To help land some quick CC against enemies with resistances, like Glad, Temp, AT, Gunner. For a DPS cleric just go with 3 attack runes Attack: Attack Increase ( 5% chance to gain 400 attack) Attack: Critical Hit Increase ( 5% chance to gain 800 crit ) Attack: Additional Strike ( 10% chance to do X damage ) Works similar to old elemental damage godstones so the dmg is different from class to class i do like 23k dmg on PvE, 3k dmg on PvP you can look for info on Aion Powerbook https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=runestone&go=Go
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    The way this poll is looking (as of today) 10:00 PM EST seems to be the happy medium. If they bumped up Altars to 8:00 PM EST, with an hour in-between, that might work out well. Anything after 10:00 PM EST is just too late for the East Coast.
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    Sorry bro, but i have bad news for you... You will still get 2 shoted with vanilla On Lmao
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    yeah guys i know everything is better with some drama on it, but these are just Katalam passive skill skins like they are available for FREE since august 2019...
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    Stopped doing sieges last year about June because of how early it is for my area (I am in Europe). I am only here to say thank you for making such a poll and giving people a voice. You are a breeze of fresh air to be part of this community.
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    What I find interesting is an extremely p2w event comes with a change no one asked for. The sieges.. Someone in Ncsoft has a Masters in Marketing and specializes in damage control lol.
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    Can we maybe split the siege time into 2 different times, say inggy/divine/gelk siege at one time and the prad/silona seige an hour later? this might actually create a situation where one of the cross server forts actually gets captured?
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    I understand the altars are at a specific time, and I do not want them to overlap, but for right now I just want to know when the players would like the sieges to occur.
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    Both me and @Kibbelz want the best player experience we can get for you guys. We've created this poll, please let us know what time YOU as a player wants for siege. Sorry no bots allowed.
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    ^^^ Just throwing support behind this. Talk to us, take the feedback from this thread and throw out a survey in game to get a real impression of where the bulk of your players land on siege times. Sieges are supposed to be for us and are a critically important element of Aion that should be scheduled in such a way that a maximum amount of players can attend with strong consideration given to the simple fact that this is a North American server. Keep it the same or bump it an hour earlier (imo).
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    Players: Siege is too late can we move it an hour back, A lot of people have to get up early to work in the morning or get to class or their kids to school. NcSoft Employee1: Hey many players are asking for an earlier siege time what do you think about that? NcSoft Employee2: Siege time should be adjusted lets do an hour later! NcSoft Employee1: Ok that sounds legit a great Idea Players: WTF we ask Siege for an hour earlier and you make it an hour later.
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    As some people have already said, this change is putting siege at midnight for the east coast. No already get a lack of sleep on siege nights because I love going to siege and need the rewards to advance my gear as a returning player. Please if your going to change this, move it a hour up! I know this means that altar siege will have to move up on Sunday, but siege times have varied on weekends before just do it again.
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    There is something very wrong with this game administration. U are just killing the own server. Never listen to the feedbacks, and still remove profitable way to make things. Came back cos it was great like 4.0, but now I feel its moving to 5.0 again, then once again Im leaving, just like mostly.
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    shut up retard, for the majority (which is what should matter) an earlier siege is better.
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    This siege time is really ridiculous! Worst than having all sieges at the same time... We need a Siege schedule again, like old times, when everyone in everyplaces of the world could make siege... Example: If we have a fortress in Gelk and another in Ing at the same time, and after some hours have the others, the siege on these maps will be more competitive and fun...
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    @Loki Katalam is bugged once again, npcs can't be targetable!
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    Here is what, we will call magic resistance the MR, and magic defense the opposite of magic attack because it might still exist in confusion at some translations. I would put MR + HB + m.def + p.def if possible because m.def and p.def are also quite big numbers in the optional stats and that gets into the dps formula of the enemy. Some people will argue that HP is better than p.def or m.def but I personally can't understand how having 80k HP with no defense is better than having (lets say) 65k HP with a ton of defenses. Maybe I am looking at this in the perspective of a sorc which 15k HP is nothing unless I have defense because that can easily be one hit! P.def and M.def matter because every single hit you get is less dmg than without them. Treat p.def and m.def as damage reduction. when your MR fails, then your p.def and m.def takes over. It is not like HP optional stats is THAT huge that makes a difference. Here are some example of how p.def vs HP can be in Dark Talon set in their maximum stat possible. Helmet: 206 p.def/m.def, 898 HP Main armor: 206 p.def/m.def, 1317 HP Leggings: 206 pdef/m.def, 949 HP Boots: 206 p.def/m.def, 658 HP Shoulders: 206 p.def/m.def, 658 HP Gloves: 206 p.def/m.def, 658 HP Total p.def/m.def = 1236 HP = 5138 Having +5k HP is nothing, it is like half a hit from many classes, but having +1236 p.def and +1236 m.def is literally like taking 1236 p.attack/m.attack from the enemy! The accessories do not have p.def or m.def option. So in this case you have MR + HB + HP +something else, that something else could be M.attack so while you are in defensive mode you can still hurt a little more and make sure you enemy will slowly die, or put M.acc so you know nothing will be resisted by your enemy. This might be relevant in 1v1 in arenas. ~~ If you were talking exclusively for 1v1 in arenas then having 1 set with MR +HB +HP + M.def for mystic classes and one set MR + HB + HP + P.def for physical classes would have been a far better scenario. But that is like a pro gamer goal, those who care enough to be in top ranks of arenas.
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    I think we all appreciate the direction made to preserve the +12 safe spot even after the event. It would have separated us from every other region, for the worse. Admittedly blunt, I say this with respect for everyone working at NCSoft NA, as I do genuinely appreciate the efforts made by all staff even though corporate isn't always healthy. The jobs you and your peers hold will be NCSoon™ gone. The push to ensure we are regionally equal at a +12 safe spot was amazing, but in our region, we need more to ensure stability. Without it, the revenue won't be there. It's very clear that NCSoft isn't after profits, or to make money, as their entire business model suggests another story. I'd advocate a safespot after every +3 levels, until +15 for stigmas. I'd also suggest a wide variety of other things for the game and the community, but I know the current authority and limitations are vastly different than that of when the game launched. I know what authority and abilities the NCSoft Staff had in the past, but not now. I'm not assuming you can do much of anything, but for the sake of yourself and your peers, I ask for you and your team to push for more regional changes to accurately fit the player-base. There have been positive changes for the direction of NCSoft NA, and I'd like for us as a region and a community to continue that. Also respect for the Mr. Freeze ;)
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    Giving us an actual stigma enchantment event would help, one with increased rates. I already have my full gold stigmas, but essentially locking everyone out of getting them that didn't get it during this event is bad for the game.
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    I support: 1) Add windows that were sold at a construction NPC back. 2) Add other previously crafted items to sale at some merchant, or looted at Agrint, or at Vintage quest - everything we had! 3) Add the purple Surfinder mount we used to loot at Agring, back!! 4) Return the Wingfeather Guestbloom that we used to have collected crystals for, at Agrint, or give the possibility to get this skin anywhere in the game, cause we lost this skin (Noble Pernon wings) and it's not even available on BCM! Some characters need it who previously skinned it to other wings without Luna and now have upgraded wings but have no skin, please make it possible to extract appearance, maybe for money, or simply make this skin available anywhere! New characters may also need this skin! 5) I would like to have guestblooms again! I have some guestblooms remaining from old times, but no more Furniture paint guestblooms, it became impossible to get Furniture paints anymore anywhere, please give it back! 6) I consider Housing as an important part of the game. People still buy houses. Pernon is the only location (for Asmo) that has changing weather! I enjoy when there is snow, it's my favorite weather! I enjoy gliding from 7 Peaks above 5 waterfalls at snow in night, sprint on the sea shore on the West and South and record video, it's beautiful! Fighting is far not only thing we need in the game! 7) Please return the other furniture that disappeared: Harvest Revel, Club, Eastern sets etc!
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