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    THE ISSUE tl:dr at bottom Since the update, PvE has been very unrewarding and very luck dependent. The instances themselves are fine (boss mechanics, difficulty etc) but the loot is a major problem. Primeth’s Forge (PF, 6 people) and Infernal Drakenspire Depths (IDD, 12 people), the only instances that can drop PvE ultimate gear, have a CHANCE to drop said gear (I’m not sure of the exact %, but it is definitely too low). I don’t understand NC’s logic behind this, as all instances in the past always dropped something. Primeth’s Forge Me and my static group have done PF every week (4 runs, total amount is around 48 runs) and so far, there has been: 1 (!) ultimate cloth 3 ultimate leather 2 ultimate chain (the first 2 runs) 5 ultimate plate Our group composition is not the best for sure, but the drops above are plain stupid. We had to do over 20 runs for just 1 ultimate drop, how infuriating is that? What can be done? Copying off 5.1-5.3 CoE mechanics (particles dropped from bosses, traded said particles for end game gear), why can’t this be the same with PF (with untradeable particles to block abusing alts)? 1 particle for each member in the group, need 7 or so particles for pauldrons/gloves/shoes, 8 for leggings, 9 for tunic, and 10 for wings/plume/bracelet. This way, it still has that “hard work” feeling to it, while not making the person feel like they’re running to get disappointed, as they’re working towards something. Infernal Drakenspire Depths This one is MORE dumb, because there are 12 people (usually) each run, since IDD drops accessories/weapons, even with a “perfect” alliance (1 person/class, one class would have to have 2 people) 6 people will roll for a physical accessory, 6 people will roll for a magic accessory (if it drops, of course). Many people now do 6 man IDD (better chance at rolling), and my friend only has 2 IDD pieces (1 was handed to her), while she has been doing 6 man IDD for 10-15 runs. What can be done? Pre 6.0, Drakenspire Depths dropped 1 box for each person in the alliance, which either had a mythic (ultimate in 6.2) or eternal (legendary in 6.2) item, for the said persons class. Why can’t this be the same thing for IDD? Everyone gets something, and at least you won’t have to roll against your friends. tldr: PvE looting sucks right now, you can: PF: Add particles at final boss loot, 1 for each person, they trade particles for ultimate gear IDD: Old DD loot mechanic @Cyan I am expecting an answer for this
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    I know that this topic will probably be closed because there are other discussions about the same issue going on, but wtf is the matter with you guys? Seriously. How do you expect to make money off of costumes if we can't see them? I have this amazing glowing-white dress that I can't see because 95% of the time I'm a freaking goat (or whatever is that Rotund transformation). Come on now. It's been 4 months. Want to milk some money? How about sell the transparent scrolls for the same price as normal scrolls on the kinah shop, and then put ALL OF THE SKINS THAT YOU POSSIBLY CAN on the cash shop for 200-400 NCoins? Of course that it wouldn't be your only income, but I for one would be buying a few skins that I love.
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    Hi, i've been testing the kinah adquisition during last months on the new patch, and since the enchant rate provide more posibilities to upgrade gear, also this demand more kinah, also the housing feature started late decemberthe payment for maintance again, and also the retune of new superior gear is everytime more expensive, even enchant items consumes kinah wich i found completly ridiculous. So the couple ways to get kinah are really not enough and withthe time this will be taking more and more weight into the game. Months ago in the EU server of Aion, they imtroduced a custom change for extra kinah from all instances, and it really helped players, i truly believe we need this change, and even we need more ways to recover the kinah movement in the game, becuz every week is harder and harder to sell stuff in the broker, because people is running out of kinah for real. Kinah bundles are not even worth at all, they not even a sure craft, and the chance of get more than 5 million is really low, this must be improved. The Broker tax the the core problem right here, cuz it's literally killing the new economy model of the game, we need to fix that for real. We even have less items to generate kinah like skins from ingame like Innocent Aris or Cat weapons from guestblooms, or even the lucky kinah heartbloom from the housing was also a good way to produce kinah pasively. BCM is not really helping too, the store right now is a shame, completly empty of worth items to buy or resell for kinah, you took off most costumes (specially the good ones), the motions, the mounts and the pets should have been replaced for minion contracts in the BCM too. So as conclusion fixes for kinah issues in the game in na are: 1.- More kinah from instances like EU did. 2.- Kinah bundles with better chances to get more than 5kk, and maybe low the quantity of items needed to craft. 3.- Low the broker tax before it end up annihilating the game economy for once. 4.- Maybe include kinah reward in other stuff like Pvp Instances and Sieges. 5.- Bring back the housing feature that aloow players to farm ingame skins Innocent Aris and cat Weapons with Guestblooms and the Lucky Kinah Heartblooms that just prosduce extra kinah everyday. 6.- And i believe is the most important, give us decent BCM, with worthly items to buy (or sell), and no just skins we used to get easy with kinah in sanctum or from Luna. I entered the Aion RU website store, and i felt shame when i entered,they have almost every single skin that Aion has ever released able to purchase wheveer you want.... it's so frustrating to wanna buy stuff in the BCm and not found anything that really worth. I wanted to buy the Cute Sheep mount during last weeks of 5.8 it was for 1600 NC coins, i rather to save some money for 6.2 and now is not even in the store, and the only mounts in store are even more expensive, beeing "not that good". Please @Cyan i know you guys have a lot, A LOT of pending fixs and many stuff that is in "soon" state, but i wanna make sure you guys know about this really important problem.
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    > Spend 30 min to 1 hour or more creating a fantastic character for yourself > Always hidden behind the transformations
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    Something needs to be done about this game, they expect you to waste your entire life getting one simple thing, or else pay. .
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    Yes, everyone loves to do 50 runs to be rewarded with nothing but minium. Sounds about right.
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    I don't think he's a troll. Just really dumb.
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    No merge, it's a tedious process. Enable free transfers out for players to KT/DN for a while then force transfer the rest of people to KT.
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    ? wtf? you're saying its okay to be dissapointed EVERY SINGLE RUN? if you actually read my post i said you can get ONE piece of gear per 2 weeks. I can't think of ANYONE who thinks like you, they absolutely need to NOT make progression harder, because if it keeps going like this, the pve population will be long gone before 6.5. I play in Korea and done those quests, it is not a easy quest mob, you have to kill over 100 mobs COUNTLESS times to get just 1 piece of LEGENDARY gear, please get your facts right
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    Don't forget classes that share sets like cloths and 99% of the times there is x2 cloths per group.
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    Maybe a nice improvement can be do in those instance like we had in the past with instances like Tiamat Stronghold. In that instance every boss had a chance to drop something. And we had 7 of them. So the average was like 2-3 eternal items each run. All of them to be rolled between the players. In those instances each boss has a chance for some type of item. Some gave boots, others gave weapons... So at the end was a RNG thing, but still with more items at the end. But maybe the other problem here is that we have so few options now. The game is really small. Back on 3.X we had 2 endgame gears from instaces (TS and Forest-Manor), 1 gear from tokens (kahrun), 1 from craft and 1 Daevanion. All of them good ones and with some small differences. Now we only have 1 from instances and 1 crafted (and the crafted one can not be tuned and is not so good). I think we just need more content. Like more maps and more instances and some new coins, maybe more crafts.... mmmm... well we need all the erased content back maybe
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    Honestly, i see that things and turn into tears knowing our region dont make a good event since the Pumpkin one. I know its all RNG based, but damn.. look at the rewards. in before im only geting Transparent scrolls and berdin on Heart Breaking event.
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    This month preview : More of the same! Character transfers in 2025 We don't know how to put transparent scrolls in-game Enjoy the "core" game! PS: next maintenance gonna take 14h to fix typos in skills and we gonna break a lot more thing while doing this. STAY TUNED.
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    I do not know about you all but for me, I have more fun reading the forums than playing the game!
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    Selling the mac and buying a notebook would be the best way to go about it. Not trolling. It will never run smoothly.
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    I don't know about y'all, but I only have about 10k minion contracts, so that's a super valuable event reward to me. /s
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    whachu think about a lil mergie merge eh my boys lol eyes off the app games for a sec boys lol EK not looking too hot i know aion is the worst performing game for ya company but come on help a brotha out would ya slap on a event that doesn't reward skins from 6 years ago will ya haha a lil sumtin sumtin for the boys come on now haha just a lil code here and there haha couple lines chu know wat imsayin put that transparent scroll on the kinah shop lol come thru wit it my dawgie not too hard to keep this game runnin brotha u don gotta do much haha come thru wit it thankth
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    The biggest mistake of the NCS was the transformation, I really hate this I want to see my characters the way I created them! This makes me not playing often plus the black eye bug is adding to that too! The biggest hit or what made me play since 2009 of NCS "AION" was flying, I really liked that!
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    Or just make it a box drop for each member and hope for the item you want.
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    you seem retarded, but maybe that's just an act. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. EK has 150 people playing on each side, and you're trying to justify to me that that's ok? Nothing will solve aion's problem of dwindling player base, because the problems are so deep in its roots that it is not possible to fix. The things we're asking are things a game this old should logically have. its not ok to have cosmetic items cost hundreds of dollars a week to use. its not ok for a game wiht less than 2k players on avg to be spread acorss 3 servers its not ok for the cms to lie and say oh b/c of 6.x we're gonna have fewer events when in reality they just cant be bothered investing in worth while events and simply puts on events from 5 years ago over and over if you can't see the problem then you're part of the problem.
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    So if you're prestige, combining the runs of PF, IDD, BOS, COE, and FM we should get 22 boxes in the survey right?
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    Another good point. Prestige users aren't getting any bonus plus with one person only getting a box combined with the amount of crap rewards you guys thrown in (1k shards really? 2 ancient pve stones? 2 berdin stars? A B rank minion contract!? 5 transparent scrolls lol! and a heavy stigma box! I mean seriously whoever keeps littering the events with these crap rewards obviously does not play this game) Why would anyone in their right mind buy event stuff off the store when the odds are highly stacked against them to get anything useful but this junk. This is like a copy paste of the last 2 event rewards table. I get it ncsoft doesn't want players to get ahead through events like in the past but if you want to make money you cant put all this crap in it and expect the player base to be content with this selection. the rewards table should be closer to the following: It should be an A rank contract, 100+ transparent scrolls, Multiple of the new stigma stones that don't break on fail, 15 Anceint pve stones 5 legendary pve stones, some pvp stones, Shards and stars should be removed off the list. Maybe add some small luna boxes, some new motions and skins, reset scrolls for like dredge, IDD and PF. Fighting spirit fragments. These are some of the things the players want.
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    Don't worry man, we have XignCode for that, it's the best o the best anti-cheat program on the market right now.
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    About gear... I was able to complete the campaing and reach lvl 80 doing most of the quest in Lakrum with my old harvester gear. So your old gear is not a total waste of space. You can use all the old gears that you have and some of them can be still nice skins for you. But we have a new restriction where now each class is limited to only 1 material. For example, clerics, can only use chain. So we can not wear our old cloth items. If you have a gladiator you wont be able to use leather or chain. But as a SW you already had that limitation. yet you will find your old gear a little weak soon and you will want to replace it with new items. Vantheria already gave you a lot of tips about getting new gear.
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    well what's the point of run pve instances in this game? if you have the gear of that instance what is the point? in EU you can farm some Kinah doing pve stuff but here if we are lucky and we got a item, we can farm only 1-3kk it makes no sense lol , what you can do with 1-3kk? NOTHING absoluty nothing, may buy some scrolls and food for some minutes of gameplay (woOoOow) please we need more ways to farm kinah in this boring game tk u ,AND REMEMBER what was the known issues, Yellow PVP STONES, TRANSPARENT SCROLLS, and what I just mentioned in the post etc etc etc ahhhh when 6.5? this patch has no content
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    Hell no. Yet another server to divide the playerbase again. I hope it never happens. I did enjoy 4.x the most, but that would definitely kill the other servers. We would of have 3 servers half-empty.
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    Actually I saw that a lot of peple created private-pirate servers with this idea. I saw so many advertisement from servers with 3.7, 4.0 or 4.7 versions of Aion. I started Aion on a Private (Pirate) server. Wasn´t my intention. I just googled Aion and was the first option. I learned about the game and NCSoft later. Those servers have a lot of issues, bugs and incomplete content. So Obviously NCSoft has a lot of advantage creating something like that. I guess a lot of people would love to play and old version but in the real servers. How to do about the lack of updates? well, can be an option to start from a previous nice version. Maybe 2.X or 3.0 and with planned updates going up to 4.7 in some years. Or maybe just startting as 4.0 or 4.7 or a choosen version and make the progress slower than what we had. Of course that server can not have endgame gear as rewards like we had in the past. But still can be sold a lot of skins, instance entries, prestige packs, pets, etc... I think it can be an option. A cheap one cause I guess the code is somewhere stored. Most of the bugs and issues for those old versions where already fixed. Of course that server can not be merged if fails (not the same version in the first place). But maybe is not a bad idea to take it into consideration.
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    Why PVE after you're geared??? 1. Sell gear for kinah.... 2. Pve = Exp = Morph Enchantment Stones 3. Carry and gear up your friends/legion mates 4. Gear up your alts
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    Unfortunately, the takes-hours-to-get-ncoin thing was going on pre-6.2, too. We switched to buying NCoin codes off Amazon because at least it was near instant (unless purchasing the $100 ones, then there'd be a 5-20 minute delay). And just block Valedia or stop responding to him. He's a really shitty attempt at a troll on DN-E.
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    Yea, the main reason people played Aion and put up with it was because they could make their characters look nice and run around and fight and look cool. . I thought it was stupid just to have candy that made you transform into a sheep for extra run/attack speed. Then 6.2 came out and they designed the whole game around that very bad idea. What are they thinking? The main reason I quit and was sad to go. Because I can't look cool anymore, so what's the point? I would probably still play this game if I could look like the character I created when I fight. What's the point? Just make everyone start the game and they can only pick from a dog, cat, sheep, panda, or a bunny rabbit. Maybe they had to downgrade their servers, so now it's better if everyone runs around looking like a thing that is already programmed . Seems like it. 6.2 doesn't feel like an upgrade, it feels like a downgrade.
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    He can tell how this is being developed internally or say he has no information. I'm not charging anything directly, I'm just asking about it. It's been many months since AION 5.8. Cyano is the person who carries and brings the information. He is a bridge between client and NCS. He needs to know everything that bothers the customer even when he can not help ... he can take our issues up.
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    I believe Cyan mentioned that there's no need for that anymore.
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    They already did. It failed and got deleted when 6.0 came.
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    Hey, now, evasion sets used to be the bomb! Back in 1.5.
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    agree with the Delete thing. please no more merges. We had enought of them.
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    Yeah, I did IS in full Kahrun's gear with a +10 combined blood mark weapon. lol It was plenty geared enough for the instance. Maybe they can write my paper for me that's due tomorrow...
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    This statement is just... wrong. The PvE population dies even faster if its players aren't being rewarded enough. It comes down to a careful balance between progression and longevity. Allow players to progress too fast, and they will be left with nothing to do until the next patch comes out, but focus too much on longevity by making progression excruciatingly difficult, and players will leave discouraged. The latter is Aion's current situation, only much worse. PvE progression is currently locked behind a RNG-exclusive looting system. Not only that, the RNG is absolutely atrocious. Assuming a 70% chance for ultimates to drop from PF/IDD (it's probably lower than that), there is only a 1.2% chance per run to get a specific piece of armor you need, assuming you are the only one rolling for it in your group. For the rest of your gear, it's: 1.9% for wings/plume/bracelet, 1.4% for ring/necklace/belt/earring, 0.4%-0.9% for weapon (depending on class). Again, this is assuming no one else in your group is rolling. Nobody should be forced to play the game with such abysmal progression rates. The only praise I can give Aion's current PvE loot system is that it's not as horrible as its enchanting system. But honestly, if the only positive thing I can say about something is that it's not the worst thing ever, it's probably time to change.
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    Same here The biggest mistake is transformation system,it ruined the biggest sell point of the Aion in the first place,Aion has one of the best character creation system,Alot of hairs,freely to change face,body I want to say if we can add make up it would be perfect but it's good enough for now.Luna skins from 5.0 made Aion was a heaven for a skin freak like me and 6.2 removed the best system that Aion offers to players ? By introduced stupid transformation system and removed luna skins ? I can't see anything worse than this anymore it's purely disaster plus removed tradable white make Aion right now so lame. I found out that Aion before 6.2 is perfect combination of gameplay and graphics.I tried best graphics game like BDO but it's not fun at all.My friend said it's only good for taking screenshot.I still think we should roll back to 4.0 and restart everything there by first stop Berita destroyed maps. I demand 2 things default transparent scrolls and luna skins must be in game.
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    Or just guarantee one ultimate drop per run
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    The reasons are simple. In this patch, it's not possible on most situations for people with lots of kinah to buy things and sell high. also, they need the deflation, since in korean server they can buy 50M Kinah a day from Quna shop, it would lead to huge inflation if not for those sinks.
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    is not so weird actually. with our current model in crafting and the economy... everything makes a great situation for bots. In the past we had bots collecting materials from mobs and kinah. And actually they helped a little with craftings. Was so hard as a player to collect all the spirits fragments or leather to craft something. In the other hand.... essencetapping was only suitable for real players. But was a faster way to get materials too. Maybe with new materials from essencetapping and less from mobs... this can be improved. Also, bots are lowering the prices for those materials and in that way the crafted gear is cheaper. In some way that is needed cause is really bad. there are times when I think it was a really bad investment to improve my aetherforging before 6.2. I lost so much kinah and now that gear seems to be so expensive and not so good. And without the tuning option, it is hard to use it for many task. If they manage to kill the bots... be prepared to only have 1 option for your gear (instances).
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    I feel like they ninja rolled back the enchant rates back to their rates for 6.2. @Cyan Do you mind checking this out for us, and giving us some actual transparency? The first week, the enchant rates were great, but now I'm trying to work on my chanter and get her gear to +15 ANCIENT, and I can't get anything to +11, much less even +12. There's something wrong. I've tested probably 100-200 stones between 3 pieces of gear, the highest I could get was +13 2x times. I plussed several pieces that first week straight to +15 with only ancients and NO problems, and now it feels *exactly* the way it did before. And then the enchant rate for ult stones is busted too. No comment on that either. Just some communication and transparency would be awesome! I feel for the sake of new, returning or just plain behind players, that ancient and legendary gear shouldn't reset to +10 at failures between +11-14. Also, the current enchant rate checked on, because a lot of people must be thinking what I'm pretty sure of atm.
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    Soo thats $15 for 4 stones+160frags and some extra entries (wich used to cost $5 and provide waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more entries), that's truly a great deal, the best deal in the history of aion deals, maybe ever. The other offers being worse don't make the prestige worth it.
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    6.0+ killed this game, ruined it. Some stuff sounded nice on paper but in practice it's hot garbage.
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