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    Ok my last post was deleted because there were some "unsavory" things said but the truth needs be out there - now I know our NA Team can't do nothing because let's face it, we do not have a true NA team for Aion that can make anything or get anything going for the community. In short if its not happening in korea its not happening here....but either way here goes again. The nice way. @Cyan Last week there was a conversation about events during the covid-19 crisis. Many people are on lockdown forced to stay inside their homes and find ways to entertain themselves during this time. AFK Events & Purchase Event's give no reason to "actively enjoy and P L A Y the game." (Emphasis on the verb *play) While the "world" is going into a financial crisis again, this time with people trying to avoid getting sick, spreading disease, losing their jobs, and trying to cope with this disaster. NCSoft has once again failed to take note amongst its base as a developer of entertainment. Performing Immoral tactics as to blindly syphon off their community's emergency funds. The majority of games that I am currently playing have developers enacting events in this time of need in order to keep their respective communities hopes up that, during this crisis as a whole, we will get through this. They are producing content rapidly in regards to their COVID-19 responses to keep players "actively" engaged within their worlds. Meanwhile, our situation as a community and around the world has once again gone ignored by NCSoft. During this time it would be sound to suggest to my community to take caution. The world is going through a financial disaster and countless jobs are being affected. While some have yet to feel the reverberation of the disease, take worry because it is a chain reaction and it will spread. It is one thing to support your game developer's for doing a good job and there would be reasons to spend money on entertainment during these times of need. Mental health just so happens to be a valid reason as well and entertainment can sustain that for us. But as it stands, NCSoft is doing no such thing worthy of being supported at this juncture. Referring back to my initial paragraph - if its not happening in Korea it's not going to be happening here. I believe it's safe to say NCSoft will not be on our side during this depressing stage. They've repeatedly expressed a goal deceptively snagging players funds in the past. Today, that goal remains paramount, as the company is during this time releasing an event (or lack thereof) in form of purchases. Those of you familiar with the rewards in purchasing understand the magnitude of the release of this event. But why release it during a time of financial crisis? Why not postpone it? Is this not a time that would make a transaction such as this "immoral." Personally, I've seen and understood the tactics implemented time and again from NCSoft. I avoid it as much as I can because If I support it in this form, it'll never change nor will it ever get better, and NCSoft will never truly consider "me, the player which is also "you." The outside world may not understand what's going on here but we do. We understand the magnitude of releasing an event such as this in our world and normally we would all try to jump in and get a piece. But many of us are caught up in the corona disaster that has taken our jobs, restricted us to being at home, and desperate to remain hopeful that we will make it through. If I was to bring it to terms of the outside it would be relatable to someone purchasing all the hand sanitizer and price gouging everyone else back. That's what NCSoft is doing right now in this moment. Instead of building faith and focusing on its player base by helping them get through this moment in time. They are instead choosing to purposely hunting down every form of available coin with little effort given to keep it form themselves. This event tomorrow, in the sense of creating the actions it takes to complete from purchasing, selecting, and using the item is only a matter of minutes. By paying the software developer to create a purchase button (20 minutes) , to create an in game item (5 minutes), paying an artist to design an ad to post online (4 hours), a translator to translate ( and by translate the name of the item and the purchase in the store that's really not a lot so lets say 5 minutes,) and these people get paid lets say $30/hr (being generous.) Total time spent to get this up and running for NCSoft was literally chump change that any one of us could have paid for! 4 hours and 30 minutes times $30 per person involved dollars (being generous here again on purpose.) NCSoft spent literally spent less than $600 to get this going for the sole purpose of syphoning off hundreds of thousands if not millions from its community during a disaster period. Now if the outside world understood that do you really think this strategy of NCSoft would be ok during this time? That's a serious thing to consider and it says a great deal about the future of this company when considering playin a new title. Their morality, reliability, and ideals become painfully and seriously clear. The intent here is malicious. More than me making this post, my previous post that got deleted, or the several others who began attacking NCSoft on the forums recently. There's nothing I can say or do that will cause NCSoft to act. I just felt the need to get it out there and let these people know there's better. There are companies out there that will watch out for you, take care of you, and work for you. NCSoft has stopped "working" for me a long time ago....I wont quit yet, I do thoroughly enjoy the game (not all of it though) the sad thing is this game was huge and had great potential but it was NCSoft's own greed that ran it down into the ground. Some of what's great still exists and calls to me... So I have questions that I ask myself..... Is it worth it for me to financially support this company in a serious form? More importantly is it "WORTH" it for me to "ATTEMPT" to financially support NCSoft when the world is in a financial crisis? Is this going to be a "sound" investment for me to allow myself to put into NCSoft? Will NCSoft be there for me when I need its entertainment the most? Did the investment pay off? Will remember NCSoft the next time its name is placed on a new title? For now I see no reason to invest in NCSoft even with something so small as prestige...I need to be ready where ever this crisis takes me. @Cyan this is who you work for - this is how you make your living - off our backs. The players. We give NCSoft our support - you work for NCSoft because of us - the players. Can you really sit there and tell us there ain't a damn thing you can fight for? Is there nothing you can get done for us? Can you truly call yourself a "community manager?" Because right now there's a lot of hopelessness and doubt in the community for the entertainment (or lack thereof) we receive and we need someone whos going to manage to keep us afloat. Only the community can punish, educate, and teach NCSoft. I hope someday NCSoft learns that there more money to be made investing in its players then solely expecting its players to invest on them.
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    So we ask you guys for an event that we can actually do while people are stuck at home, not being able to work, some ppl losing their job, not able to go outside and you tell us we get one, right? CANT EVEN PARTICIPATE W.O SPENDING MONEY! Like you know there are people who are not making any money atm, jobs closing and shutting down and you pull this stunt to try to get the rest of our money. So while ppl who usually do spend money on this game cant even spare any because of this situation, you are gonna make this event p2w only to those who still have their jobs or those who can still work rn which is only a small few. But no its fine because we get the snake event that has the same rewards like last patch... Honestly disappointed and disgusted by NCWest even thinking this was a good event.
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    Perhaps try exercising some self control and not spend money?
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    In a previously deleted thread, it was mentioned that this p2w event happened in Korea around the same time in their patch as ours now, but I don't think that's a fair comparison. There are plenty of events that we haven't gotten, or received very late- the Demaha Express event was obviously supposed to be an introduction to Demaha in 6.0 and we got it laughably late. So I think if we were going to get this p2w ulti transform event, it could have been at any time- and SHOULD have been postponed. Like, wait until compensation, bonuses, and stimulus packages have gone out and people are going back to work and are ready to splash some cash on things like Aion again. Introducing it now, when so many of us are stuck at home and out of work is just... it feels really tasteless, and bordering on malicious. "Disappointed and disgusted" is a good way to put it, Fungie. I was excited when they mentioned a supplementary event to Hungry Hatchlings last week because, as great as the rewards are, you are encouraged to stay signed in on your one toon as much as possible. Rather than another login (afk) event like Rainbow Snake, I was hoping for something more active. Kromede's Trial, Daeva Dash, Tia's Eye, and Shugo Tomb are popular requests, but I was thinking the Flower Festival would be a good option with April heralding in springtime and all. Rainbow Snake is famously unrewarding and unpopular, and should really be cycled out like Nightmare Circus at this point.
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    The fact that the point went over your head as to why people are mad about your forum post astounds me. GG though hope that everyone that bought doesn’t get ban hammer like EC over NC’s incompetent communication and programming skills.
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    How about you go nyerk off, if they are going to remove something like this where many players are saving up the currency for bigger items there should at the very least be a heads up or the NPCs left in place for some time to allow people to use the event currency that they put their time and energy into farming.
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    Guys, if you don't like the event, just don't participate in it. I'm not trying to be bitchy here, but seriously, just IGNORE THE EVENT. That's what I plan to do.
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    @Cyan @Hime last week there was a conversation about events during the covid-19 crisis. Many people are on lockdown forced to stay in home and find ways to entertain. AFK events and purchase events give no reason to stay logged onto the game to enjoy. While the "World" is going into a financial crisis again here is NCSOFT once again trying to milk everyone's pockets. Every other game I'm enjoying righ tnow as well has events that are ACTUALLY INTERACTIVE AND PULLING PEOPLE TO PLAY WITHIN THAT GAME. Many games are pumping out events at the moment to help pass the time but the rubbish that is "NCSOFT" The deaf b***h that is @Cyan and whom ever the nobody is that ran the OTHER AION MOBILE GAME to the ground @Hime feel the need to viciously rayp their player bases wallets during this crisis. And to the people who defend @Cyan - yes hes just working and doing his - no this decision isn't his - but he has influence they all have influence. I know sure as hell that you remember having a conversation about current crisis going on in the world and the need to do what your job as a community manager is you had even stated that another event would come the following week after "the community expressed that the exp event and the stormwing event were not "what the community needs during this time. THE COMMUNITY WANTS AN EVENT THAT GIVES THEM REASON TO "PLAY" AND PASS THE TIME UNTIL THIS CRISIS ENDS AND THE WORLD CAN MOVE FORWARD. So my question to you Cyan "are you really this (put the worst badword you can think here that pops in your head about yourself) dense to respond to the community that a new event is coming out only for it to be another event that has no interaction, no involvement and basically just a vanity moment." this event would make a lot of nyerking money had it come out at a more stable moment for the world economy - so releasing this event now only shows how desperate NCsoft is to treat its players poorly including you. Pushing out this wallet rayping event is just another perfect example of NCSOFTS disrespect to its base. Enough money has been spent on ncsoft to push out content but the company has failed continuously to maintain morale frequently remodeling the entire world that is Aion. Only to implement new methods of steal from us and not y et at one point have you all realized your player base needs to be given content to enjoy, content that is interactive, and requires people to be involved. God forbid everyone would have for once fall inline and punish ncsoft by not spending money on them til they learn their lesson. So yes, @Cyan is at fault as well - a failed community manager that fails to represent the player base that fails to inform the higher ups about the current state of player morale. NCSOFT has issues with taking advantage of people - they're rude and disrespectful the same goes for @Cyan you are a sad example of a human being not standing up for the community especially during this particular moment in time. If anyone with financial backing ever decides to take up the gaming industry on theft and deception - NCSoft would be a prime example to present on how there are companies out there going out of there way to deceive, steal, and abuse their base. Many companies are pushing out events and helping their communities deal with the crisis and providing entertainment to pass the time. NCsoft is doing nothing of the sort. NCSoft will not take care of its community during this crisis. Instead, during this crisis, NCSoft has chosen to rob the community which is 100% the complete opposite direction from the majority of other developers around the world. THE LAST UPDATE GAVE HOPE FOR REVITALIZATION AGAIN AND I ENDED UP RESUBBING TO PRESTIGE TO SHOW MY SUPPORT HOWEVER AFTER THIS WEEKS UPDATE FOR EVENTS DURING COVID-19 I WILL REFRAIN FROM PURCHASING PRESTIGE AGAIN....NEVER FORGET WHO NCSOFT IS AND WHAT THEIR COMMUNITY MANAGERS @Hime & @Cyan STAFF DOES TO ITS COMMUNITY. People should seriously exercise caution during this time with regards to spending money. It's one thing to support your game developers for doing a good job and there would be reasons to spend money on entertainment during these times of need. But NCSoft is doing no such thing worthy of being support at this juncture. Only the community can punish, educate, and teach this failing developer and their employees a lesson.
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    Highligthts New Map: Layer of Time, PvPvE Zone Accessed through portals in Silentera Canyon Mobs act differently then other zones, once killed mobs won't respawn till certain conditions throughout the zone are met. Beshmundir Temple updated to lvl 80. Easy/Normal modes will be available. Path will be streamlined only 3 Named mobs including Stormwing. Normal mode will be Ranked, S - F New PvP gear : Ultimate Severe Thorn, purchasable with item obtained from various activities in Layer of Time, namely killing mobs. Doesn't require gear upgrade process (Ancinet > Legendary > Ultimate) Future gear updates expected to follow the same path (purchasing Ultimate outright) There are two ways to buy the new PvP gear, the first is always available in The Layer of Time, you can purchase boxes that will give you a piece of gear at random. The second is a random spawn around The Layer of Time map, only 1 person will be able to purchase 1 box containing a selectable piece of gear. (expect tons of griefing, yay) Player purchase record is reset daily. New PvE Gear: obtainable in Beshmundir Temple. Ultimate Sealed Storm obtainable in Easy Mode Ultimate Freed Storm: obtainable after combining 100 storm scales and 1 Sealed Beshmundir Temple Scroll. Scales are rewarded after defeating Stormwing on Normal mode, the number of scales depends on Rank (S rank rewards 71-100 scales for each party member A rank rewards 36-60 scales, and so on) Sealed Scroll can be obtained at chance from extracting Ultimate Sealed equipment, or 100% chance if extracting Ultimate Freed Equipment Ultimate Unleashed Storm: small chance to drop from Stormwing on Normal mode New craftable PvE/PvP gear, can proc gear at +7 enchantment. New Equipment item "Glyph" Obtained by combining "100 Glyph Box fragments", fragments rewarded from Lugbug missions and vendors in Gelk/Igg. Opening the Glyph box will provide 1 enchantment scroll and 1 Glyph Selection Box. Main stat is 12 different resistance values (fear, aerial hold, paralyze etc.) Can choose 1 resistance via retuning. Will have a base of 50 phy/mag def/attack, additionally 1 random stat will be added upon Identifying the Glyph. The additional stat can not be retuned and won't get any bonus upon enchanting the glyph. Glyph enchantment is 100% success rate, but enchantment stats will be random instead of a fixed bonus per level. (note* looks like you will need to enchant multiple glyphs to get optimal stats) Extracting a Glyph will give Glyph box fragments. * Update hasn't dropped yet so info is subject to change, I also may have translated things wrong so
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    its simple, doenst matter what kind of changes we want, new or old stuffs, if korea doesnt get it,neither do we. NC wont make those kind of changes for just one region.
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    I've all but quit the game at this point and I still stick around to nyerk because I'm nyerking furious this company took a game I loved and have supported since the the day is launched and ruin it more and more with almost every patch. I absolutely -hate- the people that still defend this game and its more extreme changes because those are now the people the company is attempting to cater to at the expense of everything and everyone else. I want them to hear and acknowledge criticism, I want them to fix the glaring issues not just with the game but with their business model. I want the NA / Western team to actually REPRESENT us rather than barely communicating at all. Aion is objectively a terrible game and objectively a terrible experience now but it doesn't have to be. That is the worst part. I gave 5.x a chance, I gave 6.x a chance. I've given 7.x a chance. Over and over and over for months at a time I try to give the game a chance and I only get disappointed every time. I think people like him and I reserve the right to criticize a game we used to love, one most of us used to pay monthly to even access. They've ruined it and they continue to ruin it.
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    How you can ignore something that affects your gameplay later? A lot more ppl running with ultimate xform, with full collection getting a high boost in status. This thing will unbalanced game more and more.
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    Valedia, can you please stay off the forums or are we going to have to block you here too?
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    I know you are super special ed in literally everything you post, but just be quiet unless you plan to be ACTUALLY FACTUAL. "May be" is not the same as "will be."
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    @Cyan I would like to know what was the reason for removing abyssal splinter event ... ... and was not warned to anyone? i'm full of coins and i can't buy anything .. why was it removed without telling anyone by chance and bug ?? and you will replace it for us ... will we receive a reward for it?
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    Hahahaha man in our face, you don't only get the rainbow snake costumes but the whole event: https://www.aiononline.com/news/rainbow-snake-festival-2020
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    Personally I have seen some people say this is not the right time for this event which is true but I'll add there isn't any time for this event to be right. It's just utterly disgusting. It's basically for lack of a better term "Making the rich, even more richer and leaving the poor, poor". With all the mechanics in this game giving people who spend to no end a huge advantage on others, creating this event is not going to help the majority of the population who do not spend any money making them eventually leave the game and making the servers even more empty if that's possible at this point. How long do you think people will stay after continuously getting destroyed in pvp and in pve because a lot of the instances you have to traverse through open world past many of those same people camping those instance before they have had enough and quit this game. We need events that help ""everyone" not just a select few.
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    @Cyan is working super hard to cover his tracks as community manager at the moment. Please be patient while we wait for all threads that show a disliking to NCSoft's performance to get deleted. So far over 17 new threads have been deleted and 1 locked lol
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    promo event with only way to fking participate being BCM. and it gives rewards never seen before ............. are you guys fking joking u nyerk pepegas. u start of with 3 joker card at start and u need 6 to even participate holy shit u guys just killed this game. every p2wer gonna get best shit while anyone else that grinds or plays even hardcore or casual get nothing. literally after this event every p2wer gonna run with kaisinel and marchutan while rest of playerbase get shited on
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    There is another way to get skins that I haven't seen mentioned in this post. There are a NPCs that drop exactly one armor item every kill, subject to a <10 level difference. With a respawn time of usually 5 minutes, you seem to get much more useful loot per unit time than going after regular drops. Each kill yields a cloth, leather, chain, or plate item, so you have a 25% chance of getting something useful to your class. You either get a piece of armor or a weapon. I've set up groups all controlled with me where one character gets the, say, leather and another gets the cloth. This doubles the class-relevant loot per unit time. I ran into Gallium and one of his/her friends and we ended up with a group with three classes covered. These NPCs seem to have five white dots, they are not elite, and the tend to be in conspicuous places (usually walking down the main path in a region). About half are "preemptive strike." You probably knew all this. But let me be useful by posting my list of these NPCs. There must be quite a few others. It would be interesting to have other people contribute to the list. Use Google to find out where they are. Adapter Kermio, L73, Conqueror Scotch Bonnet Bartul, L65, Heartwave Zephyrwing Klare, L60, Heartwave Kyang Redmane, L55, Aegis Amalen the Forlorn, L40, (I didn't record the type) Stormwings Dugolle, L40, Tempest (multiple channels in this region) Blade Captain Gauri, L35, Squall (multiple channels in this region) Mob outside of Haramel, L10. (I didn't record the type; there are five channels)
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    That was low-key bad. Why do people hate Cyan? He is not running the business, he is not owning the game. He is also as human as we are and we need to rememeber that all times. He is probably not even participating in the decisions for the events or updates or nerfs, he probably is the middle man, the delivery man that gets shot.
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    Banned how? From the game? From the forums? Temp or perma? And when you say, "just for complaining" do you mean they posted something along the lines of "Damn.. this event sucks" or did they post something along the lines of "THIS F#$% EVENT F#$%ING SUX BL$% ME MOTHERF$%&ERS DIEDIEDIEDIE!"? Having the facts would be helpful.
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    Last year I got the ultimate, sincethen my RNG was rock bottom, worst rolls than anyone, bad proc rates, enchants failing, I depleted all my luck with kaisinel. I also failed to get a new legendary with the pet transformation, the lugbug weekly and the slpinter one... they were all doubles and combining them also gave me doubles. And then finally my RNG sparked for a moment, I got the 6 free cards, I got a proc recipe and I got the frigida which I was missing from the old transforms which also gave me 7 new collections just by that. ...now my RNG will be rock bottom for the next year and I am OK with that.
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    Honestly it just seems like a bad apology for making an extremely p2w event where you can get ultimate transformations from. Every 125k mobs everyone gets a transformation contract that will most likely be a white transformation. At this point it's embarrassing..
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    So big problem here and it's all wording. It's like NC is trying to ban people on purpose. On one hand you say 3 as limit as account and then you have this. https://imgur.com/a/hthF1Rh
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    To be fair, the community right now is rubbish anyways regardless what NCwest does which is sad.
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    Guys this is not the place for these post. Social media is a much better option/tool.
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    There's nothing wrong quitting a game and staying at forums to see if things are going better, NCsoft was banning people for using a VPN to reduce ping before... cant judge if a banned person in Aion US don't have a credibility Also, NCsoft keep deleting everything you say whats wrong with their game.. they are silencing players for saying the truth, NCsoft is the one with no credibility here
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    Well never mind, I had to come confess that I'm a liar. I had enough BC coin already in my account to try one time. I got Marchutan. Can't even +15 my shit half the time, but yeah ok. This game is so dumb lmao. I was just trying to get Frigida.
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    So nice of you guys to remove abyssal splinter with 0 warning, even the NPCs so we can't use our saved up currency. Nice touch as well to still be selling the reset scrolls for abyssal splinter in the BCM.
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    I dont know if NCsoft are that out of touch or just dont care. We been begging for skins for longest time. In game events, luna, gold sand shop etc. or even BCM. We want good skins bring new or old. Just add them back to the game please or adding extra slots in luna wardrobe also be nice...
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    There has been a thread begging for some outfits other than rainbow snake on the BCM (in fact we've been begging for something new for the last 1-2 years,) and we get yet ANOTHER rainbow snake event when there is already a ton of these costumes in circulation already? I have never seen a company more out of touch with its community.
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    @Cyan can you please talk to these people at NCSoft and get them to take those dumb snake skins no one hardly ever wears and put up something nicer please. These snake skins have been on there forever and no one wants them.
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    People are getting sick and dying and need to be holding onto their cash, and it is bad taste to put these event on which will jeopardise the physical and mental well being of your players. Do the responsible thing and that is to remove this event and not have it for atleast 6 months. People have to be thinking about food, beverages, rent, bills, e.t.c.
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    And lets Just say that there is still post that has link for one hacking program sites for Aion that is up for like weeks and they did not care to delete that... Like wtf is going on
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    And the sad part is, they keep banning and deleting posts from ppl that is just looking for answers. Too bad Ncsoft.. that's why game keep dying more and more.
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    They wont give us any answer they will just delete all the threads lmao
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    gg why so much madness lol
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    sick lockdown man, now we will be scared to get out of our aion homes because of all the p2w kaisinels bahahahaha
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    For pve, you need both HB and HP. With regular cleric HP buff, you should have at least 60k HP. Geared clerics can get up to like 85-90k HP. But you don't want to neglect your heal boost either. With Benevolence, you should be hitting at least 1200-1400 HB for instances like SL easy mode. Geared clerics will hit like 2100-2300 HB with Benevolence. Don't forget to retune your gear/accessories as the bulk of your stats will come from that. Note, this is for mid-difficulty pve, like SL easy mode. For easy stuff like IDD and PF normal mode, you can have less HP and HB. For stuff like SL normal mode, PF hard mode, Beni Estate, etc, you need more than just 60k HP and 1200 HB.
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    No, you won't catch up- and it's hard to judge an "average" player anyway - class balance is much worse than it used to be and what is even worse is the gear gap - so a fully geared out +15 ultimate player vs someone in mostly legendary? not at all an even fight. On the bright side -you should at least come out with a legendary transform which would have been a major disadvantage for you previously - and you'll come out with a nice assortment of other items IF you are online consistently during this event.
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    I remember that statement being made as well. 😐 It's laziness and disinterest in the game on their part. I wish @Cyan had more power. He's the only one that even bothers to log in and face us each week.
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    Exactly, and this is we need more drops in things that bots won't bother doing or can't do as easily as open world farming, like boss drops and instance quests or even pvp instances for the winning side (cause bots can enter and afk). Of course judging from the video, none of the awesome drops were tradeable.
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    Btw, do you use any defensive gears? Like MR set or Evasion set against other classes? or just MA pieces? Thanks again.
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    @Youmu-EK I'll reply to the other stuff later cos it's late, but I can say with complete confidence that if they are going to be a DPS SW then Heal Boost is not very important unless they specifically want to toggle Impassion on/off mid fight in which case I would just recommend ultimate BM HB set to swap into during that 10sec window of no Impassion. Impassion is -800 HB, not really viable to try an heal if, as OP's desire to "hit hard" suggests, the SW intends to be a DPS stick. DPS Spec SW have no healing capabilities mid-fight beyond Snowbound Melody which is unaffected by Heal Boost. Also, the nature of the SW buff Etude means that not having HP on your pieces is the difference between 55k HP full buffed ultimate gear, and 85k HP full buffed ultimate gear. I would, however, advise that you never neglect pdef and mdef either. Armor pieces can't get atk tuned, so HP/PDEF/MDEF/Crit is pretty standard stuff.
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    Yo prefiero el frío que el calor y no me gusta que el sol me de en la cara, entonces pediría que siempre sea de noche y así estaría más feliz. De esta forma obtendría lo que quiero y por mi deseo habrían muchos problemas como en las plantas y los animales ocasionando mucho desorden en el mundo. De esta forma no podemos exigir que nuestros deseos en Aion se cumplan ya que van a traer consecuencias malas, como inflación por ejemplo. Los cambios se deben analizar bien antes de aplicarlos.
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    Hiya, welcome back @Casiopia-DN. Best Weapon/Set: Ultimate Dark Talon. Takes a long while to get and is costly, I would recommend for a returning player that you get Ultimate Fierce Aureate Sky, or "Blood Mark" gear for short. The Blood Mark (BM) set has identical retune stats to dark talon and only 5% lower base stats, so it is a very good set to get you on your feet and is very capable of beating someone in full Dark Talon. Armsfusion: You'll want an undercombine with the highest magic attack and crit possible. In the previous patch people would use the Divine Pandora as a cheap and easy undercombine. I am unsure if BM gear can be use as an undercombine but if it can it may be worth a look. Manastones/Retune Stats: Your main blood-spiller is Magic Crit/Crit Spell (same stat, sometimes referred to by different names). You will want as much Magic Crit as you can get in both your retunes and your manastone socketing. If you can't get your hands on Crit Spell, you can socket some Magic Attack instead but I would not spend a lot of Kinah on that; going full-crit makes you much more likely to one-shot people in the long run. Your best source of Magic Attack is in re-tuning your gear's bonus stats; the manastones give too little to be worth it really. How Much Do I Need? The rule of thumb is to aim for a 30% crit ratio (your % Ratio is shown when you hover your mouse over the stat in your profile). 30% is 5143 Crit or more, which can sound intimidating but as you get ultimate gear you will get a lot of crit from the retunes. My personal tip though would be to stack as much as possible up to 44%. At around the 44% crit marker, you start to get less crit for your money spent. Why So Much Crit? The Crit modifier for all magic classes is 1.5x the damage your attack would have done without a crit. If your crit rate is higher than 30% you are likely to frequently dish out these devastating 1.5x attacks. My crit ratio is 36% and just today I crit'd 40,000 damage with a single attack on an enemy cleric who I know for a fact is max geared. Is Magic Attack Important? Well yes, but you need hundreds to make a difference and the most expensive stones are only +23 each. You would need to socket many stones and this would take away from your precious crit slots. Like I said before, most of your magic attack will come from your ultimate gear and retunes, + your SW stigma "Impassion" which gives +800 when unenchanted. When you're in full ultimate gear with decent tunes expect to have around 19k magic attack. What About Magic Accuracy? There are a handful of players who are starting to build Magic Resist sets. Generally speaking your Impassion buff + Thronesong buff will keep your accuracy high enough for the average joe, but in order to counter full-MR players you will need to eventually invest in a few extra PVP pieces to socket pure Magic Accuracy into. Anything Else? Off the top of my head all I can think of is to not neglect HP stat on retunes. The few hundred you get seems like nothing individually but it adds up a lot to make you a tankier cloth, and similar to matk it is simply not worth socketing when the retunes give you so much more. PDEF is also a good stat to have tuned on all your gear pieces to deal with sins and glads. Transformations for Songweaver: Speaking strictly from a PVP point of view, the SW is first and foremost an attack speed class. Most of your CC and debuffs require nimble fast movement to lockdown the opponent which enables you to nuke with your long casts. However, almost all of your damage skills, including atk speed chains, are hidden by some small to pretty large casts. It is for this reason I would say that Hybrid transforms of atk/cast are best for SW, but failing that a pure-atk speed transform can carry you far. With the current event guaranteeing you a choice of 3 types of transform contracts, you must choose the hybrid contract which gives either Frigida, Sheba, or Modor. Frigida: Caps your attack speed and gives a bonus +23% Cast speed which you can DEFINITELY feel when casting big nukes like Blazing Requiem. Only downside is a slower movement speed. I consider this to be the best legendary transformation for Songweavers. Sheba: Gives 25% attack speed and 18% cast speed; you wont be at attack speed cap without big additional buffs however Sheba's movement speed is faster and that can make catching prey easier. Modor: Caps your attack speed but sadly no cast speed; meaning you will have to work extra hard on your timing for some of the bigger nuke casts. It does have maximum run speed like Sheba though. Now you know which gear sets to get, which transform to select from the event, which manastones and stats to aim for and a rough ballpark of how much you should plan for. If you need anything else let me know, I'll try to help. I've probably missed some things as it's quite late where I live right now. Take care, see you in game o/
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