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    Hello @Cyan when you have the time to forward this request to the korean dev team i think the whole community would appreciate it since it will make life easier. 1 - Use bobonerk coins in stacks ( use 5-10 simultaneously) 2- Another use for bobonerk gem (craft manastones using bobonerk gem or gold ingots) 3- Lower the luna usage for retunning gear, 160 per try when we can get lower stats or even remain the same seems a bit too much, if we only could get only higher stats after we retunne with luna would be ok, but since that requires code changes i think lowering it's best. 4- Increase the number of entry we can use to get in IDD ( Europe have 4 for non prestige and 5 for prestige same number as pf) 5- Change the shard bundle to the shard itself on the GST shop so we don't have to keep opening bags 6- Lower the price of daevonium skill box ( even more i know) on the gold ingot shopt to 20 and a 3 purchase limit per week. I will try to think more stuff if i can to add to the post.
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    hi 3 months of ugly/generic costumes on BCM no1 want. Does ncsoft not like money or? Let us skin whores be happy geez :c
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    I have a better maintenance image of the week for you guys:
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    I know, I know, I'm just venting ... Not like it could have been "programmed" to you know ... understand if you are a Magic or Physical class and give the appropriate transform ... you know ... that would be impossible ... -.-
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    The skins they put up on the BCM for October/Halloween were depressingly out of touch- but at least they listed something? I guess? I won't spend a dime on things like enchantment stones, but everyone will shell out for cosmetics: mounts, emotes, motions, and skins. The NPCs that previously sold the basic motion sets and emotes aren't in-game anymore and I hear people asking on LFG about this regularly. We also desperately need more weapon skins available. The current gear system is, and will continue to be, purifying into the new tier of equipment; even if you have a skin that can be used more than once (for example, I have been using the Corsair's Mace skin for several patches until now) it is lost forever during purification. There are hundreds of skins and mounts that other regions have had since 4.8 that NA has yet to see, and no I don't mean the copyrighted Hello Kitty stuff that we won't ever see- so for the love of god, please stop listing the same shitty event skins on the BCM. No one wanted the Dapper Jack skins! I was throwing them away in bulk when I got them from the event, you think people are going to pay real money for that garbage? Solorius Hat? You mean the dirt cheap skin we used to be able to buy in Sanctum, the one that is so old that the hair looks like it was rendered before the graphics update? The Solorius Tree and Candle costumes are a good start! But here are some other wintery and holiday skins people want and might actually pay for: Snowman Skin Woolwoven Scandal Retro Checkered Outfit Warm Panda Padding Fuzzy Feline Parka Warm Daru Down Harehood Feline Hood Slope Suit Red Couple's Slope Suit Sky Blue Couple's Slope Suit Iridescent Couple's Slope Suit Mafia Suit Simple Country Coat Modern Outerwear Spiffy Winter Look Resplendent Jolly Coat Frozen Aristocracy Moonlit Hanbok Refined Hanbok All Wrapped Up Frosted Ensemble Aquilon's Crystal I am just going to hope these show up in January or in the Christmas events, because otherwise y'all at the NC offices need a good bap on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.
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    We're verifying a fix we received from the development team but it is not going out with this week's maintenance. I am not promising next week but stay tuned. We are also looking at materials that have been lost because of this (for those that played nicely!) Again, stay tuned. Thanks.
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    Title says it all. Did not want you all to think we forgot @Cyan
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    Well, I got the Best Legendary Transform ... so I rolled a Ranger ... let's see what kind of trouble I can get into!
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    Im a sorc and with this event i have now two legendary transformations, sheba and mastarius, isnt that nice??
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    let us give you money what the actual nyerk
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    AGREE WITH @Bread-DN ALL YEAR WAITING FOR NICE WINTER SKINS LIKE WARM PANDA PADDING (OR ANY OF ITS VARIATIONS) OR FROZEN ARISTOCRACY, so sad @Cyan fix now, or our money staying in our pockets this holidays hehehehehehhe
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    I had this happen to me the other day Basia, After a 30 minute queue way for it to pop we cancel and then IB wasn't an options. We all 3 relogged and then the IB instance was back to chose again. This time when we queue it worked fine.
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    My first legendary transformation was a Kromede.. and I am a cleric. It happens and yes, it's disappointing. I sympathize. BUT.. you are hardly the first player to get a transformation that is wholly unsuited for their class and you won't be the last.
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    If you lost for words allow me to supply one for you...Crybaby . JK JK you got unlucky.
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    BoS -> FM -> PF/iDD -> SL ->>> PFHM/SLNM/VT (i.e. Bastion of Souls solo -> Frozen Monolith start trio and go solo/duo depending how much time and dps you have once you're a bit geared -> Primeth's Forge/infernal Drakenspire Depths just go with pretty much any lfg 5-man or 6-man groups, if they have a cleric or semi-decent chanter and generally one vandal you should cheese it no matter what happens -> Stellin Lab there's a few annoying mechanics and some parts where you need to train unless you like spending 1hr per run -> get gear from all previous instances until you're nearly full red and with gear socketed and tuned properly and then you might consider the 3 endgame instances, but ppl don't recruit on lfg for that usually) + Crucible Spire at any point, just go as far as you can to collect HP cubics if your class is too weak to go far in Spire (let's say, under stage 15), make a vandal alt and use it to farm Spire (+ other instances for kinah if you're up for it) + farm transformation contracts through the lugbug dailies and through instances (end bosses sometimes drops a contract box) and of course through events, just cuz running after ppl in ancient is as much a pain in the ass as having a legendary transform and waiting for the slow ancient guy in the back + pandora gear can help quite a bit but it's a bit of a pain if you're not really into questing/grinding mobs/gathering plants for a long long time + do weekly camps even if you don't pvp because you can buy ancient pve enchantment stones through genesis crystal npc (but ONLY use genesis crystals to buy pve stones if you don't plan on pvping/building pvp gear) + lowkey farm minions as they will slightly increase your HP cushion and offensive stats, running pandora pve/pvp instances helps a bit but there's a lot of luck involved, you can also buy one that is class-appropriate from the brokers also if you want to pvp eventually, join a legion for altar quests + altar siege, look at the altars on dumaha map and hover over each one to see which legions are actively conquering them in the recent days, usually bigger legions also do world bosses (ult/leg weapon + manastones + stigma enchant stones it's pretty cool to gear up), make sure to know what rules for rolling those bosses have cuz certain legions will kick you without asking questions if you roll on certain things by mistake + of course run illumiel brawl along with any pvp instance open until you're on CD, crazy important as that is the main source (and only source, if you don't craft) of fighting spirit fragment in the game as of now (they're needed to purify gear from ancient to legendary, and legendary to ultimate, but also to morph pvp enchantment stones later on) + do lugbug quests that reward genesis crystals every day, it adds up to a lot over time + Hererym Mine, do trio until you're full legendary pvp gear, then go solo mid path for AP, you're going to need it anyone else feel free to add things, just typed this up real quick, works for all classes~
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    You have never gotten stuck ever??? Ya your extremely lucky, you can ask literally anyone else and they have gotten stuck at least 10 times. I'm not saying the instance needs a change, it's just a bug that needs a fix.
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    Tbh this needs to be a standalone pinned locked topic not buried in a thread the majority will not read. Ty for the news tho please move it to a pinned msg <3
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    It's there! The December store post is going live tomorrow but I see it in the list.
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    This is coming on the 18th. This is scheduled for next week.
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    You know this Is the previous week post right?
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    @Aly-DN with the tough love ...
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    https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/228947-what-is-the-hongmoon-training-room-for/ It seems pretty useful can we have something like that in Aion ? Everyone will glad about it.
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    Aion players: to get someone's attention when I'd like a group invite, heal or buff, I should stand where they can see me and jump a few times. Also Aion players: the perfect way to afk is to park my character in front of a frequently used NPC and place a brick on the spacebar.
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    7- Nerf Demaha siege mobs, about 50% hp is fine since the siege itself is a trainfest where people hit the gate with 20+ mobs using sleep + blind, we could have the option to at least kill them as a faction without wasting 25min of th siege.
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    we need new recipes to craft manastones, daeva skills, daeva essence ,stigma stones and 20% potions plssssssss also reduce the price of prestigue pass and make it like EU 5$ per goldpack. better enchantment rates for stigmas and perma safepoints wheeen I'm a dreamer i know
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    Why? Cant don't you see that they are obviously hackers? @babybaby-KTcame and said it they are here in the forum!! That is enough evidence and they don't deserve to be banned, they deserve to be burned in the bonfire!!
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    to this day it is hard to believe that the EUROPEAN has become a more organized and sincere administration than that of NA. NA = $$ EU = Player + Progress + $$
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