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    https://www.aiononline.com/news/rainbow-snake-festival-2019 It's the second half of Rainbow Snake festival, so the NPCs in Sanctum / Pandemonium are now giving AP boost and crafting skill boost instead. Also, before the May 1 maintenance, make sure you renew your AP buff on whatever character(s) you are running Herelym Mine / Hererim Mine, so you can continue to 50% AP boost after that weekly reset (for up to 2 hours)! (They are longer giving drop buffs and gathering skill boost)
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    Wrong, since you can still find the OST in digital stores, and you would have to pay for them to be able to own them, and maybe you do not understand what the concept of copyright is, but that means that using any product (whatever it is) without the author's consent, either in writing or by word, is a violation of its personal right as owner of such product, and therefore there are international laws that protect those rights.
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    Hello, friends. I have noticed that a lot of people have some misconceptions about how Dorinerk's Wardrobe (aka "the Luna Wardrobe") works -- which isn't surprising because we never received any info or how-to from NCsoft about how to use it properly. If anyone has any additional info to share, please feel free. I hope this will help some of you who might be interested in using it, but unsure of how it works, the costs, etc. What You Can Put In It - Skins you buy from the BCM (real money skins), regardless of if you bought them from the BCM yourself or off the broker, were traded them, etc. - Skins you have crafted -- this includes old Luna skins, old Tailoring skins, and old/new Aetherforging skins - Armor pieces, both old and new (even ones that are untradeable) Restrictions/Notes: - The piece must be in its original skin/appearance -- as in, it will not register in the wardrobe if you have skinned over the original piece of armor. For example, if I try to register a Cradle of Eternity hauberk that actually looks like the Blue Bunny skin, it won't register. - The piece must be available to skin onto a piece of armor still. For example, if you've already skinned it in the past and it doesn't have anymore uses left to skin it onto other armor pieces, then it won't register. - You CAN add accessories to the wardrobe including hats, earrings, rings, etc. - You CAN add wings to the wardrobe. - You CANNOT add weapons to the wardrobe. (Sorry, no multiple use Pure Void weapons!) See examples below of things I have been able to successfully register to the wardrobe: How To Skin A Registered Item Onto Your Gear Next, you will select the outfit that you want to use -- the final skin you want to see on your piece of gear. Then, you will select the piece of gear you want to skin the above piece onto. Note, the piece of gear must be in your inventory, not on your character. How Much Luna Everything Costs To open up a wardrobe slot to store a skin, it will cost you 96 Luna. The FIRST time you use that skin on a piece of gear, it will NOT cost you any Luna. In the future, if you use that skin again (a 2nd time or however many times you want), it will cost you 96 Luna again each time you use it. Additional Notes - You will only get 8 slots for skins. Once you open up all 8, more slots do NOT appear. Unfortunately. - Once you register a skin to your wardrobe, it will disappear from your inventory. In other words, you cannot register a skin to your wardrobe and then turn around and list the original skin on the broker. - If you decide to remove a wardrobe skin from your piece of gear, you cannot remove it via the normal Modify Appearance function on the gear itself. You must come back into the wardrobe and use the Remove Outfit tab. It does NOT cost any Luna to do this.
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    There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, April 17, 2019 from 6:00 a.m. CDT / 11:00 CET to 9:30 a.m. CDT / 14:30 CEST. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Changes Routine website and server maintenance Rainbow Snake Festival will continue for 2 more weeks. Flower Festival will continue for 2 more weeks. An issue preventing the editing of housing scripts will be fixed. An issue where Warsinger and Daisy Duchess items in the Flower Festival event did not have the correct item names will be fixed. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Maintenance Images of the Week
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    What matters is the sum of: Physical classes: In PvE: Physical Attack + PvE Attack, Physical Defense + PvE Defense In PvP: Physical Attack + PvP Attack, Physical Defense + PvP Defense Magic classes: In PvE: Magical Attack + PvE Attack, Magical Defense + PvE Defense In PvP: Magical Attack + PvP Attack, Magical Defense + PvP Defense For example, a PvE ultimate gear is still better than +15 PvE ancient gear, due to the sum of the base + PvE/PvP stats.
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    Dude, we have a great f2p event right now -- the best one we've had since October. Why you out here advocating for a pure p2w event?
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    You made me login just to ask what the hell are you smoking? I want some. Must be very good stuff.
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    Great tutorial, never used it because on how confusing the thing actually is. I just find it to be a ripoff that you need to pay almost a $1 to use a skin again each time.
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    Actually.. no. If you drop, your dps goes with you unless you disband the group. Dropping right before the dux dies take all your dps for yourself, and as Cake commented, screws over your healers who kept you alive so you could dps. It's a duck-move. With the way sieges are now, healers are screwed and would be better off going dps and healing only themselves.
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    People dropped right before dux died. In my alliance's case, anyway. But there was PvP, so people needed thier healz. It was nyerking hilarious because that's what used to happen back in the glory days of sieging, too. Screws over your healers pretty hardcore. Is it any wonder people run solo/groups of friends, and healers DPS instead of heal?
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    sorry but can we just circle back -- what is a hunty?
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    actually it was 5 years... @Cyan i hope this means next fix for housing is the NPC vendor of Guestblooms the one it still empty without any shop tab or option, at Oriel Main Town and all villages lvl 5 around the map.
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    Can we just get the game rolled back to 4.5.... that is probably the most fun i ever had playing this game. and i bet if you made a 4.5 server all the old players will return. 4.5 aion was so fun.... now its just blah...run your instances and wait until next Wednesday for reset. and there was always pvp. if u didnt want to pvp you could easily avoid it. and BM gear was basic but at least you could slightly hold your own against better geared players.
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    Yes, it is fair. Your goal in siege is to kill the boss. The problem here is that the boss has too much life for the low ammount of players, but still the goal doesn't change.
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    Do you mean the legion that does nothing and only hug the boss to Ddps when there is a league PvP'ing the opposing faction to keep them from wiping the others? That's fair for you?
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    Not like you, I have been playing this game ever since it was launched in NA. Idk if you sieged in hearts time or Inggison time, but those were really sieging, faction had to presiege for a fortress, you had to controll artifacts, each big update just ruin that part of the game, if you played as long as I do, you would understand why I complain about the siege and the GP reset. So please if you haven't played for so long, please don't think i'm only complaining because of no reason, I use to love siege, I use to lead sieges and now, I don't because it's not fun and it doesn't reward the siege leader, it rewards the Solo and small group players more than the leaders, which IMO is garbage.
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    For PvP equipment upgrading you need: AP Herelym Mine / Hererim Mine PvP battlefield instances Legendary Ridium Herelym Mine / Hererim Mine PvP battlefield instances Enchantment Stones Genesis Crystal Camps Weekly Hunting Quests EXP for Bobonerk coins for morphing high grade stones Weekly Hunting Quests Daily Luna Mirash Cradle of Eternity / Garden of Knowledge Fighting Spirit Fragments Extract from PvP Gear Aetherforging failures Guiding / Malleability Stones Open world farming
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    But...it's not? If you use even a piece of someone else's song/artwork/etc, there are usually royalties, permissions, and other things involved. Copying someone else's work, even if you modify it, is heavily frowned upon, and some artists will legally go after you for it. Especially if you're making money off it. "Fair Use" isn't blanket protection. Arguing the legality of private servers is stupid, though. They're not legal; the material, assets, and everything is owned and created by NCsoft, even if its not "actively used" in the current version, and NCsoft can issue a Cease & Desist at any time. They own the product and everything about it. I, personally, don't care if you play on one, and, if you want to play past versions of Aion, that's the only way you're going to get to do it. By and large, I don't think NCsoft cares about Aion private servers the way Blizzard really didn't care about private classic servers until they decided they wanted to launch WoW Classic themselves, but they do legally own all the rights to the game, not the owner of the private server who "copied" the game (even if the owner of the private server modified it). I'm really not sure why we're arguing this in the first place. Really, the number of shits I could give about people playing private servers, especially for Aion 1.9/3.7/4.7, is quite low. Hell, I played on a popular one back in 1.7 for a short while to try out the endgame with how painful leveling and gearing was in retail. But they're still not legal, and, to reiterate, NCsoft could use legal force to have them shut down at any time, if they wanted to.
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    Hello, there may be many posts about this, I was told that the reason they could not put the aion in Spanish, is for a gameforge rights class, well it can really be applied in Latin Spanish. The fact is that if they put the Spanish language in the game they will win more players, due to the fact that it is more comfortable to play it in the native language. One example is that there are several Latin American players playing in the EU server, for the simple reason that it is in Spanish, they have commented that the only bad thing about NA is that it is not possible that it is in Spanish. It is a suggestion, but it would really be good if they will take it into consideration. Thank´s for reading.
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    There is an NA private server that has 10 times more players?
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    Ultimate piece rates were never changed with the 6.5 update, so your items wouldn't be impacted even if the rates were reverted (they weren't).
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    This game is so unrewarding in many aspects, enchanting at this time is the worst among them. Literally grind for weeks... and you lose progress, it's some kind of sick joke that we keep playing on ourselves by continuing to support this game and play it.
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    Lol no, but that would be nice! I agree. NCsoft why you so greedyyyyyyy
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    They didn't fix the rate. But at least let people know if its fixed before everyone trying to enchant. I just failed at least x10 legendary pvp stones too, whole week work went nothing.
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    You cannot add shields to the wardrobe as those qualify as weapons. I have tested this on both "gear" shields (ones with stats, such as a mythic shield from Sauro Supply Base) as well as "skin" shields, such as the fluffy white rabbit one. It's unfortunate!
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    You mean I can finally stop that annoying shugo from calling me by my old name? Praise the Lord! On a related note, it would be fantastic to see the housing merchants updated with the old construction items. I'd like to have all of the old world drop souvenirs added to the Shugo nomads or something too. @Cyan, did you happen to get a status update on the eye discoloration bug and when it might be fixed?
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    So no news? since (2) is listed as a "Possibly" . It was done in other regions and that gold ingot shop is worthless. So why don't you cancel your reset until you actually plan it out with meaningful compensation that you know you can deliver THEN make an announcement, rather than announce a reset with compensation that no one will appreciate?
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    It's an incoming ban, LOL
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    ..bots are beneficial to the botters, if you bot you benefit from it. If you do not bot you are literally racing in resources against a program that can farm 24/7, never gets bored, doesn't have to sleep, has no other real life job other than grinding ingame and doesn't have children to feed. Kinah sinking in the game is a real thing, but you do not fix this with bots, because most of them are kinah sellers or people that use them to their advantage. Bots would have been "beneficial" if it was allowed and thus everyone did it. I have a friend who used to manually farm guiding stones to get money from broker sales, but then he realized it was no longer profitable because bots dropped the prices so much that him, grinding for 1~2 hours per day like he used to is not profitable anymore, due to the bots overflowing the market with an abundance of mats.
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    RIIIIIGHT?! Why do all the Mary Sues have heterochromia?
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    Never mind the halfbreed Mary Sue with superpowers and heterochromia. The character we should REALLY be getting a story about is this one: A man presumably slept with a DRAMATA. Here's a famous example of a dramata, Padmarashka: According to the game, dramatas are Balaur that tried real hard but failed to ascend, and now just loaf around and lay eggs all willy nilly. SOME. GUY. SLEPT. WITH. THAT.
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    From what I have seen it takes many many auto reports for them to do anything and usually all ncsoft does is temporarily prevent them from looting and selling on broker but nothing really permanent.
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    This type of system has more flaws than benefits that I can see. Siege leaders won't have the support since people will be busy Solo'ing for more GP, which will lead to less cooperative actions, less strategy and fewer chances to cap the fort. Instead of competitive sieges it will most likely go down the path of capping the fort using the Derp Faction buff. Instead of working to better the siege it will IMHO ruin it, which is why, I will prolly stop doing sieges for good.
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    I have never known aly to be the one to send someone to a private server. I have always known them as the one being all anti-private server.
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    The difference, Sunshine, is that the artists are still getting paid even if you don't pay a dime for the game. They were paid for their work by the owners of the game. That's why things are more expensive. The retail game paid for the game. Paid everyone involved. It's like walking into a store and getting a free sample and then deciding not to pay for more. The person that made the item was paid by the store owner for their product.. even the sample that I ate. Now imagine walking to that same store, tasting the sample and then loading up your cart with all the product and walking out. Better yet.. taking that product right outside and charging passersby half the price than the store did for that product. It just isn't yours to sell! You didn't pay the people that made it. It's really weird that people don't seem to understand that.
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    ^ This. You would think something like this and the Eye Bug would have been fixed right away. =S
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    Bad luck with RNG on the ultimate stones. The success rate for using Ultimate stones on +12 legendary gear is 58% and 55% in 6.5 and 6.2 respectively. My +14 legendary PvP wings failed 5 ultimate stones before finally succeeded getting it to +15. That was after getting 6.5 rates while we were still on game version 6.2. 6.5 enchantment rates 6.2 enchantment rates Because ultimate stones are so expensive, I would use the following to enchant legendary gear personally: +10 -> +11: Ancient +11 -> +12: Legendary +12 -> +13: Legendary +13 -> +14: Ultimate +14 -> +15: Ultimate Note: I would not use ancient stones on ultimate gear +10 -> +11 due to high kinah fees for every enchantment attempt.
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    I can tell being good in a video game is all you have going for you, so I'll let you have it.
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    Start this topic on elyos lfg first don't run straight to Nc. Elys are just as capable to capture and protect the coast as asmos if they want to, for example this morning Rara's alliance did a good job keeping that area for hours. Recruit an alliance or even a league to retake it and problem solved. If your faction is not willing to do it then it's not the asmos' neither Nc's fault. + Every item that could cause major imbalance is limited at the event NPCs, and Bruised Petal is not a guaranteed drop in instances. Having many alts could cause huge imbalance not some simple openworld flower picking, but both sides got tons of alt-mamas. (fun fact: the more ppl an alliance has the less loot you get since everyone just run off when they see a flower or fall behind since looting takes longer so don't have to be too dramatic)
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    Kinah us insane now, changing specs kills me, I'm so low on kinah now that earlier this week I removed chain of suffering to dual servant my cleric, had to grind mobs to get enough kinah to socket my healing servant For the pandora quests I had to run mirash just to sell the crap from the chest to buy the pandora scrolls, really glad I spent a lot of time mastering all crafts(barring wep smithing) cos that was my money maker, and afk crafting scrolls/jellies, now have to grind mobs just to get xform potions, really handy popping one item for heal boost, casting speed and run speed when I'm standing still in an instance healing The old scroll system was an inventory filler but was more situational /Tangent over Yeah stuff needs to either be made cheaper or make kinah easier to obtain
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    i wouldnt say put the spirit fragments in the gold sands, but i would like to see them added as drops or something in sieges, and the pvp instances, since they're hard to get as it is (drege mobs would be perfect for this)...and for the love of god, can we PLEASE get a crafting xp event, something that would at least be useful later for the newer players tryin to craft up gear to D/E...
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    If not fighters marks, then at least like a pack of 750 ancient guiding stones for like 10 bars 2x per week since the drop rates for these have been heavily nerfed. as far as siege times, 1 or 2 hours earlier would be nice, but this isn’t an EU server, so that should not be any consideration for siege times.
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    Possibly yes HAHA good one @Cyan yes give everyone gold ingots so they can buy all the cool items on the gold ingot shop oh wait everything there is shit. I know you guys can copy and paste so just copy EU it's not hard thanks.
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    Hey, I 100% get this. I'm a chanter without Roaring Judgment. I get it. But my statement regarding Inescapable Choke remains true, and most know it to be true -- the SMs *who have it* were abusing it last patch (and I understand why, it was hella op).
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    Hai! I just wanna say... Some SMs still don't own Inescapable Choke and it makes DPs very hard, especially since they've nerfed Soul Surge. Daeva skills are an important variable that people should take into consideration. Gear - Owned Daeva skills - Rotations. Of course, if you have all of them unlocked and can't pull any decent numbers, then there is indeed an issue with rotations. Thankfully, it is now easier to get these skills, but RNG is RNG - so every SM you see not pulling amazing numbers might not be stupid, they just might be very unlucky and trying to play and enjoy their game while suffering from their lack of luck. I'm just saying - Many of y'all are saying in your posts stuff like "This geared SM didnt pull any good numbers blahblah he needs to learn how to play". You literally cannot compare 2 SMs' DPs looking only at their Gears anymore because it is one of that class that is so dependant on these Daeva skills. Gunners are the same with Suppressing Fire. Not many gunners out there right, but without that Daeva skill they are kuku. So yeah. Merci o/.
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    @Cyan Drop rates were wrongly nerfed, grinding gives next to nothing. Can't buy, can't grind, can't craft, can't disenchant items you can't afford to craft, can't upgrade gear. Please fix. And kindly fix it before the crafting boost buff (April 17th).
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