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    I mean both from your EC post. Obviously someone higher up is just a total wanker for keeping the information from Cyan so he can not give it to us. It comes down to do you believe cyan is issue or is this a company issue. I believe this is a company issue all their games have the same problems with support and slow intel on issues with-in the game.
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    There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, October 16, 2019 from 6:00 a.m. CDT / 11:00 CEST. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours. Changes Routine website and server maintenance The Returning Heroes event will begin and last for two weeks. You can find more details here. The Upgrade Arcade will return for two weeks. You can find more details here. GP seasons will reset. Transformation times will be increased by 2 minutes for Greater, Ancient, Legendary and Ultimate transformations. Greater transformations now last 10 minutes. Ancient transformations now last 8 minutes. Legendary transformations now last 6 minutes. Ultimate transformations now last 4 minutes. An issue where Kisks could be used in the Demaha Fortress boss room will be fixed. A bug where some geography in Lakrum was missing a texture will be fixed. A bug where Vandal stigma skills did not receive the cooldown bonuses from enchanting will be fixed. A bug where some quests would not update when defeating the Weakened Mutated Daeva in Stellin Development Lab will be fixed. Extendable weapons from Demaha will no longer have their appearances transferred to another item. The Shugo Sweep button will be removed. A bug where the Returning Heroes Treasure Box Key had the wrong levels in the description will be fixed. A bug where the Vandal's Ultimate Divine Pandora armor was mislabeled as Mystic instead of Martial will be fixed. Some text where Arcade Tokens were referred to as Coins will be modified. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Maintenance Images of the Week
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    Your anger, at this point, is misguided. A spokesperson for any company can only put out information that the company lets them. I don't think Cyan can go rogue on his own and say what he wants or he may become unemployed. I can and will never fault Cyan do to that fact. I wholeheartedly believe the problem exists in the lack of anything out of Korea. NCSoft Korea runs NCWest. It has been that way since the game was released in NA. When Cyan talks about talking with the devs, he means that NC west has to talk and wait for something out of Korea, unlike EU where gameforge can make its own rules and policy. The lack of an update is probably due to the fact there is no update. I don't know why a post stating there is no update would change anything. I surmise it would generate more trouble than its worth. I don't know what is going on behind the curtain and neither do you. All we can do is play the game and wait for the issue to be resolved or go on to another game. I agree with your frustration 100%. But I am not going to be angry at the guy serving me divorce papers cause his only job is to serve papers from a higher authority. Thats an easy fix, just add more mobs
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    Seems the whole community is being penalized for those that are exploiting sieges and who exploited EC.
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    This mount (Wind Flower/ Floating Petal) is currently available at random from the level 1-75 Lugbug Weekly reward: Lugbug's Mount Box (7 days) [item: 190120075] I've been hoping to get this mount in NA for years, and I'm really disappointed that a) it's only for low level players b) it's a 1 in 4 chance c) it lasts 7 days. @Cyan Please have the permanent version of this mount added to the BCM or make it obtainable elsewhere in-game [item: 190100217]
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    There is a nice thread here on the forums about farming skins in 6.0, but much of the info is outdated since it’s from 6.0. I’ve been doing a lot of skin farming lately, so here is a bunch of info about current old skins available. I am only listing the skins that are farmable for level 80 toons. There are other skins inside some of these instances, but they cannot be passed to a level 80 toon because they are inside of ancient/legendary gear boxes. For example, the final boss in Esoterrace drops a box of legendary gear which is the Abyssal skin; it can only be looted by the toon which killed the boss. If you bring in a level 80 toon, it can loot everything else on the boss, just not the equipment box. Rentus Base also drops the old Vasharti gear and weapon skins, but again, they are in a box and are not passable to level 80 toons. How to create a proper group that will allow a level 80 toon to loot the skins: Your “skin farming” toon will be within 10 levels of whichever instance you are farming. For example, if you are farming in an instance where the mobs are level 27, your toon will need to be no higher than level 36. You will need two toons in the group: a level 1 on a separate account and a level 37/45/whatever on your main account. Your level 1 toon should be in the group the entire time, regardless of how much switching you do for other toons to loot. Your level 1 toon can just sit at Ishalgen or wherever. Bring your level 37 (or whatever) toon inside the instance by itself (while in group with the level 1) and kill mobs/beat the instance. Note: If white skins drop on the regular mobs, go to character screen with your level 37 toon -- DO NOT LEAVE GROUP -- and switch to your level 80 toon. The *regular* mob loot despawns within 5 minutes, so you must be very fast on those. Loot it on your level 80 toon and then go back to character screen and switch back to your level 37 toon. Continue the instance. After you kill the final boss in the instance, you will probably have a 15-minute wait period (see notes for each instance below for exceptions) before you can loot on another toon. So kill the boss and then go to character screen -- again, DO NOT LEAVE GROUP -- and switch to your level 80 toon. Bring it inside the instance (the level 1 should still be chilling in group with you) and wait by the boss until it becomes lootable. As a general rule, your level 1 toon should always be in the group from start to finish. Do not ever make it leave or you risk the group falling apart and you being kicked from the instance before you're done looting. ** When you enter lower level instances, such as Haramel or Lower Udas Temple, select “Enter with my squad” or some such phrasing; don’t enter the instance in the solo mode. ** Frostforged Gear Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Wind or Earth Where to get: Haramel, Alquimia Research Center, Kromede’s Trial Level your farming toon needs to be: 6-32 Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and Hamerun, the final boss; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: The mini-boss mob that prowls around outside of the Haramel entrance also drops one piece of this gear, and it is also passable to level 80 toons in the same way, so make sure to kill him before you actually enter the instance. The drop rate is much lower in Alquimia, so I recommend just keeping your toon at level 9 until you’ve collected all the pieces you need from Haramel before ascending to level 10. Malefic Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Starspark Where to get: Fire Temple, Bakarma Fortress, Taloc’s Hollow, Esoterrace Level your farming toon needs to be: 31-51 Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and bosses; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: FT drops a different, non-Malefic shield, which is called Starspark like the other Malefic gear, but it’s not the Malefic shield. I’m not sure what it is, so I included a picture of it. FT also has a chance to spawn Vile Judge Kromede as the final boss and she drops the old Kromede weapon skins, but several of them are the extendable versions, so they cannot be skinned onto level 80 weapons. FT is the best/fastest/easiest way to farm these Malefic skin pieces. Infinity Shard/Hyperion Gear Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Heartwave or Aegis Where to get: Lower Udas Temple, Rentus Base, Beshmundir Temple, Dragon Lord’s Refuge, Tiamat Stronghold Level your farming toon needs to be: 49-80 (recommend waiting until 52 for Udas Temple because Besh at level 49 is almost impossible) Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on both regular mobs and bosses; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: The cloth version is the special songweaver version; does not have the sorc/sm version of cloth. There are both leather versions – regular and special gunner. All pieces are available, including the hats. The mace and shield can also be found. It’s possible the other weapons are around, but I haven’t seen them in about a dozen runs. In Dragon Lord’s Refuge, the skin is on Calindi, not the final chest. (There is technically also one in the chest, but it's not passable to other toons.) Calindi’s loot timer is 15 minutes, so you can finish the instance before you bring in your level 80 toon. Lower Udas Temple is the best/easiest/fastest way to farm these skins. Tiamat Stronghold Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Ancient Drakanfire Where to get: Tiamat Stronghold Level your farming toon needs to be: 71-80 Type of loot: Ancient weapon box How to get: It is found on the boss, Tahabata. They are not passable between characters as they are inside boxes, but you can just run the instances on your level 80 toons since Tahabata is a level 71 mob! Special notes: These DO have the red glow on them! You must actually bring a 2nd toon inside the instance with you. Just holding the group is not enough. For some reason, the weapon box only drops from Tahabata when at least two toons are inside the boss room. Unfortunately, since they are inside weapon boxes, you will get the "best" one for your class. For example, as a chanter, I am given a box with a staff; I don't get to choose a mace or shield instead. Fallen Poeta/Kroban Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Helio’s Where to get: Open world Lakrum/Demaha, Bastion of Souls, Primeth’s Forge, Stellin Laboratories Level your farming toon needs to be: No level restriction as long as you are strong enough to kill the mobs Type of loot: White gear pieces How to get: They are found on regular mobs; see notes at the top of this post on how to loot. Special notes: They were called Volcanic in 6.x patches. No image of all the weapons together; google "Aion Kroban weapons" for images of them individually from Aion Powerbook. Blood Mark Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Lakrum Protector Where to get: Yellow/dark blue quests when you first enter the Lakrum map Level your farming toon needs to be: 76-80 Type of loot: Ancient gear How to get: Quest rewards Special notes: The white version shown above is the Lakrum Protector pve gear; the gray version (not pictured here) is the pvp gear. Harvester Gear and Weapon Skins Name of the skins in 7.0: Ancient Nighthaze Where to get: Bastion of Souls, Frozen Monolith Level your farming toon needs to be: 76-80 Type of loot: Ancient gear How to get: They are found on the bosses. They are not passable between characters as they are inside boxes, but you can just run the instances on your level 80 toons. Special notes: None OTHER SKINS YOU GET WHILE LEVELING, BUT NOT PASSABLE TO LEVEL 80 TOONS: - Level 1 starter gear – “Old” – original starter skin - Level 1-9 gear – “Apprentice” – Fabled Kahrun skin – Looks like: https://66.media.tumblr.com/148477c525121e325526c504aa2dfdf3/tumblr_pevjsom1Dg1rjzgqyo2_250.png - Level 10 gear – “Traveler” – Siel’s Forgotten skin – Looks like: https://www.daevasreport.com/images/multimedia/screenshots/3-0_screenshots_armors03.jpg - Level 10 wings (yellow quest) – “Verdict” – Norsvold starter wings (assume Elyos get their Iluma version, but not sure) – Looks like: https://aionpowerbook.com/preview/wings/wing_q04a_1.jpg - Level 10-20 gear – “Verdict” – Ceramium coin skin (white) – Looks different for Elyos and Asmos - Level 20 purple weapons – “Dundis” – same as Verdict - Level 20-40 Gear – “Adjudication” – Ceramium coin skin (purple) – Looks different for Elyos and Asmos - Level 40-55 gear – “Indomitable” – Eternal Kahrun skin – Looks like: http://cmsstatic.aionfreetoplay.com/armor3.jpg - Level 50 purple weapons – “Lakeanimum” – unknown blue/black (similar to Beritra skin, but not quite the same) - Level 50-74 Gear and weapons – “Sunburst” – Danuar Sanctuary skin – Looks like: https://www.daevasreport.com/2013/05/07/aion-4-0-danuar-shalter-gear/ - Level 60 purple weapons – “Roaring Kirrin” – Hyperion skin – Looks like: https://live.staticflickr.com/8690/16989487461_a678e15206_b.jpg
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    It all comes down to what came before not the time of. EB online > Omega > Gear breaking/crazy cash shop advantages all this leading up to 5.5/5.8 caused the problems not so much 5.5/5.8 itself. All these frustrations(Yes KR was frustrated with them as well) build up until a breaking point happened and that is why what may of been good for the game failed because it was to little to late for changes.
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    You think? Let's see. We had people bragging about exploiting EC on the forums. We were told something was going to happen. A month later we are still waiting. Do you honestly think that anyone at NCWest cares that people are exploiting in seige? The only think painfully funny here is that once again we are told something is fixed and it isn't.
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    Vandal / Painter's Color of Gravity / Portrait of Gravity skill has internal name of PA_Dark_DrawingBlackhole_G3 (Asmodian) or PA_Light_DrawingBlackhole_G3 (Elyos). They summons Black Holes on the ground! The Black Hole NPC has internal name of Pa_N_Dark_DrawingBlackhole_G3_NPC. The Black Hole uses two skills: Pa_N_DrawingBlackhole_Pulled_G3 - Color of Gravity / Portrait of Gravity Deals 2400 Physical Damage Inflicts "Pull" Snares the target by 90% AOE: 10m circle, max 8 targets Pa_N_DrawingBlackhole_SkillATK_G3 - Color of Gravity / Portrait of Gravity Deals 3400 Physical Damage Additional +10000 damage vs. Asmodian Daeva, Elyos Daeva AOE: 10m circle, max 8 targets
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    For example... 1. the “invisible box” that you get stuck in very often 2. the crashing 3. waiting 10 min if no enemy team...reduce this time? Please do something. These have been annoyances for months!
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    I have know people who make kinah not by farming and selling crafting materials, or crafted gear, etc. etc. those people have told me the make kinah by working the broker, and that means waiting for someone to put an item with a low price on sale in the broker, buy it, and so put it on sale again at a higher price.
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    I've had this happen in the past often enough to where I was pleasantly surprised recently when it did not, in fact, happen. Sending an e-mail to support as Cheesecake already advised should get it sorted out pretty quickly. Unfortunately they don't ever want to tell you what the problem that caused your account to be flagged is, so go figure. My best guess is something about the region, choice of email provider and the number of recently created accounts, but it's just a guess.
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    Vantheria: That was a really thoughtful post.
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    As you can see here 2017 was a horrible year for Aion the sale is really terrible we all know 2018 is the launch of 6.0 but what happened in 2017 and 2016. According to history on aionpowerbook 2017 was the that 5.5-5.8 launched but if we remembered 2016 sell more than 2018 which considered as recovered year for Aion. Late 2015 was the launch of 5.0 and entire 2016 was the patch 5.1-5.3 so hard leveling wasn't a thing that killed Aion in 2017. 2014 was a golden year for Aion 4.8 launched on December 3 2014. So what happened to 5.5-5.8 patch in 2017 ? I believed the leveling is made even easier what I noticed and believed it was the cause is FM,BoS and introduction of essence cores and minions. the instances is probably were too hard for anyone to complete,minons and essence cores is a heavy p2w form. So p2w and too hard instances were probably things that killed Aion in 2017.
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    Base Stat Same as Physical Attack Physical Defense Magical Attack Magical Defense T2 Legendary Crafted Weapon Damage HP MP Accuracy Magical Accuracy Block Dodge Parry Shield Damage Reduction T2 Ultimate Crafted Enchantment effects: T2 PvE Ultimate
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    There appears to be a derpy little bug with the hair accessory prices in Gold Sand Traders shop that is unkind towards new players that don't know better and treasure their kinah. This is what it shows for hat prices: Neat, right? Unfortunately when you purchase any, they actually cost 1.9m kinah, instead of the listed 5. The shugos are using false advertising techniques.
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    @CyanCan you fix this? I'm a ranger, and its not fair to work during 5-7 days just to get a healing boost manastone. Make the manastone chooseable, or available to broker, or available to warehouse or at least give manastone appropriate to the class. I have 8 ult red manastones useless for my class.
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    Yup follow these steps so from 50 crafts you can get 35 wrong class ones to extract them again, 12 brokerable ones so useless that can't be sold anyways, and finally 3 Ancient Crit for your class and fail them at socketing, with this guide you will enhance your Aion experience to it's fullest
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    There goes our vision of an Aion world where everyone has Extraordinary Square Hair.
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    We have already been promised the correct rewards, which are enchantment stones. So we have gone another full month and still haven't been compensated correctly for the previous season and now need to be compensated for a second? Goodness. Saddest part here is that this is totally unsurprising. We are still getting old crafting mats and totally useless items from our Prestige Pack.. which we PAY FOR. Can't NCWest just take a day and update things for Aion? One single day. Just have everyone give this game that much of your time. Please.
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    You: I don't want to play Aion, so shut it down! Us: But we still want to play. You: Look. Time to put on your big boy panties. Stop posting from your merge name alt. Step out into the light and admit that you don't want to play Aion any more and JUST DON'T PLAY. You can do that without hiding who you are and without trying to force others to join you.
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    It's okay to quit the game if you don't want to play anymore. You don't have to wait for it to shut down lol...
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    Say me how accesible is that extend wep when you do with 100 more players + asmos and a low change to get ultimate ... That mean accesible for you?
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    People like you that need the game to shut down will never quit Aion. You will just go to P-servers.
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    Beat me to it! (Had to finish Tacos)
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    Yay! 2 returning hero events running at the same time!
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    Lazy copy paste; These events should be one more week not two. Info page says 10/23. Also no update on Evergale Canyon, transfers, fortress bugs and exploits?
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    the last time aion players said feedback about some features ingame they nerfed it so better dont say nothing lol
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    what kind of nvidia driver were you running on the 2070? for me i have to run the game with 431.60 drivers from july ish its the only stable driver i can play the game with with the least amount of crashes something after that makes me crash or black screen way more then im used to
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    And where did I say it is alright or not alright to use it? I simply stated these bugs have been around for a very long time but lets all give the developer a free pass for not fixing this shit in any acceptable amount of time. I think several years is a bit adequate to fix a known issue don't you? Someone is salty or maybe projecting a bit. You sir seem the be the one obsessed with Germ's nuts.
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    What's the problem with the boss Anomos? Every time that asmos hit him, he slides equal a soap on geodata to the base of the asmos. '-' Rarely elyos can get him. Please, let the boss fixed on the floor, it will be fairer!
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    No offense but when a class is stupid-op making videos about pvp is like making a video with a lvl 80 ulti T2+15 playing against a lvl 60 or something. Be happy with the class you play and enjoy the easy mode but making a video with pvp proves nothing about your skills at pvp as the class is made to kill everyone. The only pvp that is acceptable by vandals, is Vandal vs Vandal.
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    Exactly. There are these trade-offs in other places as well. For example, Asmos can only farm one ancient kibrium boss at a time without moving while the Elyos side has two very close to each other. Also, Elyos can glide right into the entry for their PF (old FM) while Asmos have to run all the way to theirs, risking death by Elyos. So again, trade-offs exist in several different aspects of the game and they vary in whose favor they land.
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    How are they gonna get six grand from chikaboomboom if they did that!
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    <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/uMGnLod" data-context="false" ><a href="//imgur.com/a/uMGnLod"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    It "slides" to the asmos because we build up a shit ton of DPS and pvp the elyos off of him.
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    Didn't IS Asmo carry a huge buff for ages and ages when the new buff was introduced? That faction had been so heavily dominated that they kept the buff at the highest level for some ungodly amount of time. Months? I know they had it longer than KR Elyos and they had it for a good long while. Maybe that's what they are thinking of? IS Asmos have always been a scrappy bunch who made due with very little. Add a buff to them and they couldn't be beaten. Especially not by IS Elyos who wouldn't know strategy if it came up and bit them on the nose. I think Cake has the best answer. Elyos dominated for so long that they began to believe their own press. Under the weight of their own egos, they cannibalized themselves. As far as I can tell right now, Elyos are more dominate on KT and Asmos are more dominate on DN. But with the buff, even the less dominate takes forts often. So it really doesn't matter any more.
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    http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
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    I would love to get this one. Please add it in game!
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