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    Take this from one of your best customers: 1. Y'all do not know what you are doing with the store, items stripped we use to have access to and now released like it the first time. Stupidity level 10 Solution do your job and give a true Korea store. 2. Discounting individual items, Stupidity level over 9000 Solution: Discount coin, Buy 8,000 get 10,000 3. This event is horrible. Prices are more screwy then TIA Event (Which y'all dropped a nuclear bomb on) Stupidity level Unknowable So high there is no number for it. Solution: STOP CHANGING PRICES! LET KOREA DEVS HANDLE IT ALL< STOP REQUESTING CHANGES>, you don't know what the heck y'all are doing to this game. 4. The gear grind only matters to people that are not already in Ultimate. Since I am, in full ultimate pvp and pve, I am fine, others are not. Solution: You can tackle this two way, First Stones become a standard mob drop, the rate of success is garbage so it isn't like that will hurt anything. Or you can Fix item 1, and MAKE A STORE worth spending money in. 5. IF this was all done on purpose my only conclusion is y'all are trying to kill this game, either by pure ignorance of the actual game we are playing, or poor management decisions. Solution: Poll us more, ask us more questions, forums etc. Or continue doing what you have been doing and well y'all will be searching for new employment. Now General thoughts and concerns. 'all Y'all have created yet another time sink, this one was much worse then anyone before it, Y'all have release a statement that event will be limited do the content. WHAT CONTENT I CAN SOLO ALMOST ALL OF IT! Seriously wake up before your player base quits. Y'all really need to focus on the state of the game, how and why we play this game, and what will keep us playing. Learning what will make us spend money is probably a good plan for the longevity of the game! Also let me clue you ostriches into the world above the sand. The simple fact is there is nothing worth buying on the store, not even Keys for the lock boxes, since the 150 dollars spend on junk, will only net you enough coins to buy one minion, and that minion sells for 500m-1bil, DO THE MATH, have some very basic exercises in house to conduct even the basic understanding of what drives a person to play a game, IT IS REWARDS DUH. I have already stopped playing non siege days to play minecraft, if the state of the game doesn't improve your are looking at the very close sunset of NA Aion. My conclusion is that y'all are destroying the game, store, and community, due to mismanagement, and carelessness. The facts are simple to understand, the affects are instantly seen. This isn't a threat either this time, which is why I choose a public forum instead of bugging y'all in petitions. There is no threat of no more money for y'all, its just simple there isn't anything of value to obtain from the store, short of the transformation scroll, once I obtained Sheba the worth to continue disappeared. Y'all need to wake up now, before it is too late.
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    I will tell you exactly why your responses to our problems are BS. You state that you are having discussions with the developers, but you never tell us what the developers' side of the conversation is. Why is that? Why must we be kept in the dark on what their responses are to our concerns that you say you are discussing with them? A discussion is a two-way street, but all we hear from you is that you hear us and supposedly pass up to the Devs what our complaints are. Do you not see how incompetent it looks when you are never able to tell us what the decisions are on our complaints? If you are having a real discussion with the Developers, you could tell us what their decisions are. Well, unless you are not actually having a discussion with them. I am inclined to believe with the way you give us feedback, that you really have no clue what they are going to do. Truth be told, I am willing to bet that there are no discussions actually being had, and instead all you are able to do is pass up our complaints and remain in the dark about what may be done. If that is the case, just be truthful and say you told the Devs and now have to wait to see if they will do anything. This intentional misleading on what is actually happening concerning our issues only makes the company either look incompetent or worse trollish.
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    Well, well, well. I'm probably gonna be rude here, but I'm gonna say to you @Cyan what my Clients say to me on my job, cause this is YOUR JOB not your Hobbie. I'm officialy stopping to spend money on the game to keep it alive, not because I'm trying to be the Fattie boy that dont wanna let other kids play with his ball because he is not on the team, but because I PAY FOR A SERVICE YOU GUYS ARE PROVIDING AND ITS nyerk BAD! Yes! Your service on Publishing AION is bad! Is very very bad! On my job if we suck on it, we get alot of unhappy messages to spend the holidays with them on our heads. So this is my message to you and your team. You guys need to do your jobs, this is not your hobbies, you are getting a nice CHECK on the end of each month to keep your things running and keep your very UNHAPPY clients, ur COMMUNITY, Happy! So thats the thing, I'm gonna do what my Clients do to me on my country when I make stupid decisions and make them very unsatisfied with my JOB to you. I hope other players realise that, this game is a service, and you can say how many times you want that is a FREE service, but it isn't. We pay because its the only way to keep it alive. U need us as much as we need you, and the thing is... If you don't know that yet, your client wants the thing that he is PAYING FOR to be good, it dosnt matter if make sense, if he wants stupid stuff, he is the one that make your company a BIG thing or a Small thing no one cares. SO RESPECT US! @Allplayers Hope all of you do the same thing, hit on the pocket, so they have a reason to WORK harder to get their money. Ur are the boss, not them. If it was ur client who was unhappy, and u needed him to keep ur business, I know for sure that ur would be moving Earth, Sea and Sky to make it better. Thats all. Respect ur Client NCSOFT, this is not a DONATION game, this excuses don't glue anymore.
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    Did you know you don’t have to mock a guy that’s only handling customer responses and feedback on just the forums? Did you know that this guy is just trying to do his job and people behind the scenes force him to say what he says now? If you want to be an actual funny comedian, maybe you should take some classes first. A true response from @Hime or @Gideon would be better instead.
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    I know you guys have a small team at NCWest and I sympathize with you there. But it's just confusing from a user standpoint why some of these issues are allowed to exist. I myself work full time at a tech start up with 5 others. We spend a long time hashing out each new feature we choose to develop. We are users of our own product so we are able to think from a users point of view; And when its pushed we receive a very large percentage of positive feedback. As for negative feedback, we listen to every bit of feedback we receive (Remember, listen does not mean implement) and decide if its worth considering. Now how does this differ with NCWest? It seems to me that you don't look at your product as a user. I'd assume you all play Aion, atleast I really hope you do. Now how do you, as a player, feel about the first event in a month having it's best reward being a single enchantment stone after hours and hours of play time? Especially when chances are it'll fail to enchant anyway? If your answer is anything other than "I think the event sounds like a waste of time", you need to become more involved in your own game. This is why I don't believe you when you say you're monitoring our feedback, or if you are, I don't believe "monitoring" means anything more than acknowledging that we have feedback. Actually listening to feedback these past months would result in the sorry excuse for an event to have never happened. Do you think my company would launch a feature if literally all of our research showed it would vastly upset our userbase? No, of course not. You can't tell me you went into this event with a positive outlook. ----- I'd also love to see NCWest become more transparent as a company. An example of this would be PUBG Corp. They admitted they were royaling nyerking up and launched an entire campaign called FixPUBG that was greatly accepted by it's community. At the moment you have been giving us politician answers. Beating around the push and essentially leaving your frustrated, yet loyal community in the dark. Theres tons more I could talk about and could even hop in discord if you guys need a consultation or something... Clearly I and everyone else here are very passionate about this game annd we just want it to be at it's best.
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    Ereshkigal, really is powerful. She appeared in Atreia freezing a Gladiator and all her men (video), but the worst was yet to come. She froze the ranking and all possibility of progress of the players. Destroyed maps, instances and much of what you could do in AION. From the arrival of Ereshkigal (6.2) No one else will take up to the ranking. It will be impossible to win GP. In addition, she froze all items. Whoever got a Ultimade + 15 outfit was happy, but can not make progress on that. Whoever did not get this equipment got in an even worse situation. The player now can not go beyond +14 and has an Ancient set or at most some Legendary items. Ereshkigal also froze the Luna. No more mounts, clothes, furs and items for your home. Eventually you might win a red, temporary car, but that's just a joke with you in a world that once made sense. The trade in Atreia was also frozen. Nothing you win could be marketed. You will not be able to sell your new items because the economy has frozen even among your own characters. The Kinah has been reduced and limited around yourself. The cold spread by Ereshkigal was something so intense that all the Daevas were transformed into pets or creatures out of context. Soon, all the beings that inhabited Atreia lost their visual identity and the ability to fly freely in a meaningful way. The cold also reached the arenas that were reduced and turned into a space for frustrations. Without the condition of advancing your character, the arenas are a demonstration of the imbalance of classes where there is the giant and the fly, but the best are the awards that give at most enchanting stones that serve to fail and leave you really bored. The Crucibe Spire has become something incredible. Now there is a predetermined time to end where you will face much more powerful creatures that did not allow your MP recovery before time runs out. Thus few will be able to pass the 5th round and the awards will be as bad as those in the arena. The power of Ereshkigal also transformed everything that was Archdaeva into Daevanion. Where the boxes will always be random and repeated for who got the 200 gold ingot. A really creative and brilliant way to amplify your disappointments. Well well well... Welcome to the new AION. Feel free to be disappointed.
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    Selective retuning seems just a bit overpriced atm. It it was 5 luna per reroll(equivalant to korean rate) you would make more money off people getting rubbish stats rerolling to get perfect ones than you would if someone did it once or twice to get decent stats at 120 luna. In korea ultimate retuning it's just 7 cents per reroll 2$ for an ultimate piece of armor per reroll of stats and not guaranteed to be 100% perfect. 1$ for a legendary piece of gear even though that is a complete waste of money. 50 cents per reroll on ancient gear which is an even bigger waste of money.
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    ... too bad nobody is actually there to see it. Why is it set up only in the capitals? Sanctum/Pandemonium is just a ghost town nowadays.
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    Dear Ncsoft, nyerk you! nyerk your Math! nyerk your RNG! I dont need to break it down for you, I am sure most people would know how your calculations are nyerked up. I do not believe you do any calculations. I think you use the RNG algorithm to determine cost of items (whether it is bought with kinah, gold ingots, or with event items). You either have no control of what you can do, or you have absolutely incompetent decision makers. If you have given up on this game and just waiting for it to implode, just say so already! You don't need to nyerk people off before you do that. I get that you want to make money from the game. It is a business after all... Just fix your shit to make that money. Look at your Daishunerk's rewards! you've got to be dry fking me if you expect me to pay for this shit. I spent thousands of dollars in attempt to get a legendary transformation. When I finally get one, it is not even for my class. Get your shit together and unnyerk yourselves. Something that might help you: Play YOUR nyerking game! actively play your game without giving yourself top shit. start from scratch and play. It will help you understand the community when they complain about something. Do some calculations and check if it is at all possible to get max gear with current drop rates and success rates for this patch. I would LOVE to see your best and worst case calculations (assuming 100% siege attendance, burning every CD, and 100 daily completion) that is for the try-hard portion of your community. Tell the community what your plans are to address their issues. Don't just provide a general statement! It sounds like, "Sorry about your experience! We are discussing your concerns with our development team. Here is a link to our forums. Next time you have something to complain about, please go cry there along with other players. We know there is always one dumb ass who will support us there without having to defend ourselves". Kind regards!
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    Still trying to scapegoat EK for everything? Nice. Gonna copy-pasta myself from a few days ago: "If our player base doesn't support three servers, it's because the 6.2 patch is nyerk (and NC has been too slow to react to feedback). The mistake isn't EK itself. Players were given exchange gear on KT/DN. EK was announced last-minute (after NC led everyone to believe there would be no new server) and wasn't even the recommended server on the server list when the patch hit. So EK was poorly supported and advertised and had to deal with a huge gear and kinah discrepancy from the get-go in cross server content. Then add on top of that the mess 6.2 created with the unpopular transformation system, economy/kinah/broker issues, low enchantment rates, removal of nyerkton of maps and instances with nothing good to compensate, removal of crafts, inability to trade stuff even between your own toons on the same account, etc. If you're gonna point fingers, point them in the right direction." Labeling EK as a "MISTAKE server" doesn't make it the mistake. This PATCH was the mistake. Exactly. If we aren't getting solutions, we need to at least know what the devs are up to or what they're thinking. This is taking way too long.
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    I wish they would fix the black eye I cannot look at my characters and if I do ....... usually I log out and play something else! Hurry up fix them, please.
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    If something is bad , don't support it. This game is horrible now, don't play it. You're wasting your time. If you went to McDonalds and they spit on your food you wouldn't go back there would you? Well, NCsoft spit on this game.
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    I love it that two people that are openly admitting they are big cash shoppers recognize what a failure this patch is for people that aren't - and how it impacts the entire game, and in ways that are mostly impacting players that aren't in their same category. There's a great Youtube channel, ExtraCrediz, it's diversified in topics now, but it was primarily a theory and business for game developers channel in earlier days, and they did a very good profile on the free-to-play business model, and how important the free players are. Summing it up briefly, they talk about "whales" - the big cash shoppers - and their motivation: enjoying being powerful and dominating. In order to be dominating, however, weaker players are needed, and those are best served by having lots of grinders. If you lose your grinder base, then all you have left is the big cash shoppers, who are now no longer overpowering, but just average among each other - and that's boring for them. And then the revenues dry up, because there's no reason for the Kerridwens of the game to invest in gear if there are no weaklings like me around to murder. This patch sucked the economic structure out of the game. Farming and crafting were everything to a lot of players, like me. For those of us that don't pay in, because we enjoy the grind - not for economic reasons - this is just crippling. I was lucky enough to plan ahead, and I'm still sitting on billions of kinah, and have a dozen sharptooth bikes, and 50 or so housing storage cabinets, all to sell...financially in-game I'm fine. I can't imagine what it's like for people that did not sock away a lot of stuff before, and for new players this new economy is an impossible situation. It won't just be gear sales for players like Kerri that slow down. People that bought NCoin and sold stuff in-game to non-cash players will dry up. Players in game cannot make kinah they need to buy BCM products from Ncoin buyers, so that entire revenue stream will dry up.
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    All we want is that the game is the same as in Korea: same rates, same shops (both Gold Sand Trader as BCM), same rewards, same prices, same events, same game in fact. Why have all these events in the code and game-files and change them just for us, with crappy rewards and ridiculous prices, and on top of that, impossible to finish because shugos appear in trees where they can't be killed? Why have different rates, why we have different shops, different prices and in the end, a different game? Isn't it easier to keep everything the same? Korea is f2p, just as NA. This is pure discrimination and on top of that, everybody's getting ripped off instead of rewarded. This way, you'll lose players and with that, you'll lose money. Don't mess with our money or you won't get in our pockets ever again. You're selling transformation contracts for $1 each atm and they give a random one. If someone spend $1500 and still doesn't get one legendary out of it, it clearly shows the rates are absolutely ridiculous. With 8 f2p chars on an account buying one in Gold Trader shop every week, that's 8 contracts a week. How long will it take to get 1500 or those? That's right: 187.5 weeks, or little over 3.5 years, and they still won't get 1 legendary contract, not to mention how long it would take to get the Kaisinel contract. If you make that half price with a guarantee you'll get at least 1 legendary contract, people will keep buying contracts and you'll earn ALOT more in the end. Of course you'll get $1500 now but nothing after that. Lower prices and increase rates and you'll eventually get $3000 from the same player because he keeps buying stuff as he sees he gets rewarded for his money. Nobody will keep spending money on stuff they know they will never get. I got lucky and got 1 ancient one after buying about 10 contracts from Gold Sand Trader show as f2p player, but still some oeple don't have that much luck. Screw people and they leave (and you'll go bankrupt), reward them with cheaper prices but guaranteed rewards and you'll get more money. That's the basis for every good business. Spending money and still have to deal with rng is a very awkward way to make money. Some spend $20 and get Kaisinel contract, some pay $1500 and don't even have 1 legendary contract. That's just wrong.
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    Uhhh, been more than 24 hours since aion community demonstrate frustration and anger towards all the things that is happening right now, we feel like aion is a side job to the ncswest team. No answers, no clarifications. We had a major thread about all the problems aion is having right now, we had 0 answers from ncwest team to our pleads, yet we find this wednesday that none of them was adressed. Most of the things we ask is really simple to do, you don't need permission from korea to do such things, some might need a patch that korea have to do for us (dunno why we have devs then). In EK we have a QA online almost every night, he gather information and answer most of the players, even most of them are just salty and ironic which theres no reason to be. I ask you now. Whats the point of having a QA online if none of our concerns is heard? I feel sorry for him doing all the hard work hearing mad people with pitchforks and have to deal with it. The problem is, he can't do much because he has no power for it, he even tried to mass dc bots but they just come back. Two days ago he said he can't ban any of the bots because he need proof like video and whatsoever, i mean even a new player these days know how to see if someone is botting or not. I don't know why he doesn't have the power to ban bots, i feel like theres something behind the reason because theres absolutely NO REASON to not give him the power. Enough of wall of text. I think aion community deserve some answers, even if is a big NO to our pleads, we would like to know how ncwest team handle our requests, how things run in ncwest aion sector. Because in my head i see an empty place that sometimes someone show up to update bcm items and simple leave the game "Aion" sector. We deserve answers, most of our concerns take months to be fixed and once that is fixed we get a new patch that bring up twice the amount before. Dont let this game die duo to the community disbanding it, because in every player opinion seems like ncwest wants to shut down aion. Thanks.
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    I think it is a bit too late for this. The Devs here seem to be determined to run this game into the ground. Their lack of substantive communication, ignoring bugs unless they affect the BCM store, giving out buggy events that have mobs spawning in trees and walls. Yea, everything to me points to a game massively mismanaged by the NA team. I don't expect anything to get any better anytime soon. They can't even fix minor bugs in a reasonable time period. There is no way they can correct the mess that this game has become. The best they can do is remain in a cycle of constant discussions about the issues.
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    Your comment is packed of stupidity. It's not a mistake server, 80% of the server can agree they wouldnt even reinstall aion if there wasnt a new server. They got new people, returneers with this new server, nyerking it up with unintelligent developing its other thing. They started greatly to fall undeground with this garbage events. Let me make it clear for your single neruon thinking brain, most people in "mistake" server is new, so they got more questions. QA is here also to check on faction balances at siege, since theres also veteran players that just returned he listens to the feedback, statments that are actually helpful unlike the opinion you got right from your ass.
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    Turtle boy, derail a less important post. I am not here, to play with children.
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    Oh, I realize it's his job. I just am impressed by the fact that every week he logs in, posts this stuff - knowing full well it's a load of crap - aware that he's going to get smacked around until the next time lol.
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    Look, I have stated in other threads that we don't have a date for it yet. Please don't derail threads because you're looking for answers to unrelated questions. We're requesting improvements for enchanting and we're aiming to have them out within the next few weeks. Sorry I can't give more specific information because it's currently unknown. When we have more information it will be shared.
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    Come back and try the game if you like, but just be cognizant of all the issues it has that are not being addressed by NCsoft. It's still fun if you play casually, but just don't put a lot of money into it. Also, you need to be a patient/calm person so that these unaddressed issues don't make you want to murder someone.
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    Uh... sorry Cyan, but this is just false. PvE stones are by FAR (not even kinda close) less abundant than PvP. I don't know what game you've been a CM/CC for, but it certainly isn't Aion.
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    I can laugh at this i made a topic before and was deleted in 3 mins LETS MAKE AN EVENT FOR NCSOFT, LETS STOP PAYING MONEY FOR A MONTH OR TWO
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    https://imgur.com/a/EsqBCTF NA $2 KR $0.075 ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;..............PLEASE
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    Hello all, I suppose this thread is as good of a place as any. We’ve had a lot of discussion about the current enchantment system here on the forums and in game. We’ve crunched some numbers and are going to be getting some changes to you all as soon as we’re able to. Common feedback we’ve seen with enchanting: Enchanting difficulty is too high. Higher tier enchantment stones are too difficult to obtain. We’re first going to start by requesting the development team to move forward enchantment rate changes from the 6.5 update. We’re also working on some new ways to earn higher tier enchantment stones that should increase accessibility to those items considerably. We’re still working out the final details with the development team, and will share more information when we can. This isn’t everything we’re doing but we wanted to give you guys a little insight on how things will be changing in a future patch. Look forward to more information in the next few weeks. Thank you and continue to share your feedback!
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    You can see your character? I’m still stuck with looking at a fox transformation.
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    Answer to other topics are not necessary?
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    The game used to be sub based remember? You needed to purchase the game AND sub to be able to play. The game still failed. HENCE the move to F2P. What makes you think NCSoft would get it right this time? More likely the KSoft overlords would pocket the money and/or use the wests funds to further advance the eastern game/base. (The only one they truly care about.) Or use it to fund whatever mobile style cash grab or battle royale game they most certainly have in the works. You guys should know how NCSoft rolls by now.
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    Then they probably should shut the server down. Trying to rob people with these prices, yet giving poor service in return should guarantee a shutdown.
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    If that price 2$ was to actually get the maximum stat on that retune, then I wouldn't mind. But you can actually spend those 2$ and get LOWER STATS! You see thats the problem, you can spend money to get worse results. And I don't even wanna talk about the huge RNG and kinah needed to get the 4 stats you need. This is not a game anymore. This is something else that cannot be described.
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    They need to get a new support team first. One that is competent and able to actually manage this game effectively. The team they have now is completely out of their depth or are intentionally trashing this game. Their silence is also telling, showing that they really don't care. That being the case, I am not spending anymore money on this game. Spending money here anymore would be just like throwing my money into the rubbish. Nothing would be fixed, the management will not become better. Instead, I will spend my money on a game I find that is worthy of financial support. Right now, this game definitely is not.
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    The problem is not money. The problem with the game is management. The problem with AION is that this game is control by people who do not talk to the customer. Maybe the AION directors see this game as something boring that needs to end. I think this game exists only because have any contract with Corea. It has nothing to do with money. I even think that they are doing everything possible so that the game does not bring any money and so they can justify closing the game. If they were worried about the money, they would sell items that are really interesting like scroll of entrance (BOS, FM and etc). I think the team responsible for AION, does not play, does not like and does not know much about this game. Unfortunately.
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    3 or 4 years ago, I would have gladly paid. This franchise is broken, and I would assume that if I paid, they would gradually continue to degrade the game. They don't seem to get the concept that "game" is supposed to be "fun". I swear more when I'm enchanting than I do at anything else in my life. It's not fun - it's frustrating, and I am less active all the time. I mostly just run cubic now with parked toons that do nothing but camp cubic entrances. Enchant rates are garbage. Proc rates for crafted gear is in WTF mode. It was somewhere between 25-50% when 6.2 came out. Today I got 1/14 - so they jacked the **** out of the crafting rates too. It's just a kinah/money sink now, with no real in-game economy. The game is free, and that's what it's worth.
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    Cyan, if you have any desire to help, do something that is basic. The most basic and with the least effort. I suggest something that does not depend on programmers and that does not take more than 5 minutes of your time. Less time than this one you took to write. Fix a new probability to Enchantment. Anything reasonable so that everyone can get +15 on their equipment. Only that. Nothing more than that. Stop all you and all the AION staff are doing and do it. This minimum ... How this is so basic and I do not understand why there is progress.
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    Let's not derail another thread by exchanging silly insults. I think a lot of good feedback is happening here, but it gets lost in the shuffle when the playerbase seems more interested in puffing out their chests and verbally attacking one another. We are ALL frustrated with the current state of the game and the lack of open communication with staff. Let us not take it out on each other.
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    Im gonna copy abnd paste this util we got a dev or @Cyan answer. Updated based on relevant comments. 1. Can we have the same enchantment success rates as korea have? If not why? And why you changed that? 2. Can you fix arenas ranking? If yes when? 3. Can you fix character eyes displayment? If yes when? 4. Can you raise the number of Legendary pvp Stones that come on the sieges and pvp instances to compensate the enchantment rate? If yes when? If no why? 5. Can you compensate the enchantment rate putting stones on blackcloud shop? 6. Can you put gp on arenas, and pvp instances? 7. Can you low the price on shards in the gold sand chop? 8. Can you low the price on transformations contracs in gold sand shop? 9. Can you lower the fee of the broker? 10. Can you make the siege buff be based on the faction numbers on siege? So it can be more fare.
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    NCWest I do not know if folks over there are keeping up with other games but EA and Bethesda are taking a nerking beating right now from gamers. Two recently launched AAA games are already steeply discounted (the same as server merges for MMO's IMO.), and Battlefront 2 actually started a government crackdown in Europe. The reaction from Bethesda and EA/Dice has been nothing short of head scratching, as if they had no idea this was coming and completely taken aback. EA stock is plummeting and Bethesda is in the middle of one of the worse PR disasters in the company's history. (However the memes are hilarious.) I hope this rise up by gaming consumers, finally figuring out how markets work, continues and if it does sooner or later it will hit the MMO market. So NCWest you have 1 or 4 choices: A. Knock some sense into NCSoft Korea to give y'all more independence with the game in order to make changes needed for the NA market B. Start training your PR department to not go into full panic mode when/if it does hit. C. Cut your loses and abandon Aion. D. Pray to google so gamers go back to take my money mode and all this goes away.
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    You got me laughing up the wall sideways with this one.
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    You are 100% correct. The skins in the store are garbage. The mounts are garbage. Everything in the store now is not worth spending even free BC Coin on if they gave it out. The event would be ok if they had better things to spend the gems on. The tool tip for the enchantment stone clearly states "a BUNDLE of enchantment STONES" that means more than one but it gives one. Why give us the potions? It's just more clutter for our inventories. Contracts would have been a MUCH better reward. It seems to me that no one at NC Soft actually cares about the game anymore. The content was great, for about a day. Now we know the lore. We're all running around, max level with nothing but grinding for gear to do. Give us our scrolls back, give us our GOOD events back, give us our skins back!
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    This is getting old really fast, you can't be telling us the same old crap over and over again. Had friends who came back at the start of 6.2 and as of last week have already left there is no way anyone with half a life can enjoy this game. People in Ultimate compensation gear are gods in this game and the rest are sheep's for slaughter, and at the moment there is no way for the sheep's of even progressing. I am in shitty half gold and half purple gear and killing most people are mostly easy, but I get killed by people in better gear so easily I can't imagine people in lower gear than me. The frustration hits when you can do nothing to progress and get better because as of now there is nothing one can do but wait for weeks and weeks to save enough enchantment stones to try and enchant 1 piece to +15. In todays gaming environment where there are so many good games out there your not going to keep people playing Aion for long. Keep this up and it won't be long till it will be like 5.8, where only a few diehards players are running around. I really hope something is done before its empty again.
  43. 2 points
    I understand you guys have a lot of questions and feedback and the simple truth is right now we don't have the answers you are looking for, yet. I can assure you guys that we are monitoring your feedback and having discussions with the developers. I know discussions with the developers isn't the same as changes in game and I wish I could tell you all that no changes are coming, or all changes are coming, but sometimes it's hard to know when or how things will be making it into the game. When we have more concrete information available we will be sure to share it with you all. There's a lot of moving parts when it comes to publishing a game like Aion, and if one of those parts aren't moving as fast as the others it slows the entire process down.
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    I mean seriously, After watching mecheagles video of him using over 100 legendary stones on his gear and still not +15 the item, its just a big kick in the nyerk. The fact that people keep saying "oh wait till 6.5 the rates will be better."..........LIKE WHO TF WANTS TO WAIT THAT LONG??? Yes, This is a fact that i know, ive been told, but at the end of the day who really wants to sit and wait to 6.5 to actually be able to play?? Quit talking this nonsense about 6.5, this needs to be fixed now..
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    Must be nice having someone there to listen and put some effort into showing they (NCWest) care. I wouldn't know what that's like, being from Katalam and all.
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    I work with the public - I'm the cashier who gives you your change and coffee with a smile, no matter how rude you are. I make sure I take the order promptly, remember names, remember what each customer likes. My job is more than taking someone's money for coffee: it's about direct, prompt communication. If I were to do customer service the same way NCSoft does, I'd be fired in a heartbeat. Aly asked great questions, and they need to be answered promptly and concisely. I've gotten more better help from other players - which I appreciate! - than from NCSoft's staff. Cyan and Hime, we players need answers to Aly's questions, and we need them promptly. Post a weekly update, after you do the Wednesday maintenance, and let us know what you're doing to answer our questions. If NCSoft isn't giving you the information you need to honestly tell us what's happening with the game, we need to know. When our questions and concerns are not answered in a timely fashion, we don't know if NCSoft values our patronage. We're not just toons, we're people, not bots, and we'd like to be treated as people. Thank you.
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    Many do not know the whole story. I does made this video to show how bad the enchant is, but in all there were already over many stones in the same item. I also used 25 Legendary stones in this item and even then I could not reach +15. The 25 Legendary stones were placed from start the item at +12. Never went beyond +13. The +14 and +15 are simply impossible for me. That player who won the Ultimate +15 item from NCS will always be in front of me. I can never reach him. Just like no other player can get Star5, General or Governor in AION. This is now impossible, no matter your money or your time in the game. These are the new realities of AION and it is these things that are wrong. You can protect the NCS because you love this game, but you can not deny the obvious. The AION ranking will never change unless a top-ranked player gives up AION. You will never get a full ultimate +15 item unless you have won it before upgrading to 6.2. In this way the game created an irreparable division. Anyone who wants to put money into the game to improve their item, will realize that this does not work. Anyone who already has the ultimate item will have no reason to put more money into the game. Then the game will be boring. There is no way NCS can pay for AION server if they do not make changes. That's my opinion on the future of this game.
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    While that is a valid point, its also fundamentally insane that you need to use Legendary stones on Ancient gear....
  49. 2 points
    That means absolutely nothing. You should be able to use ancients on ancient. and please don't say use ancients to 11 or 12 then legendary to +15, I have not yet gotten a single piece above +14. NEVER. That's after having a legendary fail multiple times at plus 11 or plus 12 or plus 13 just bring it crashing down to 10. The success rate on enchanting needs a fix ASAP, in 9 years in this game this is genuinely the worst I have seen.
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