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    Hi, i've been testing the kinah adquisition during last months on the new patch, and since the enchant rate provide more posibilities to upgrade gear, also this demand more kinah, also the housing feature started late decemberthe payment for maintance again, and also the retune of new superior gear is everytime more expensive, even enchant items consumes kinah wich i found completly ridiculous. So the couple ways to get kinah are really not enough and withthe time this will be taking more and more weight into the game. Months ago in the EU server of Aion, they imtroduced a custom change for extra kinah from all instances, and it really helped players, i truly believe we need this change, and even we need more ways to recover the kinah movement in the game, becuz every week is harder and harder to sell stuff in the broker, because people is running out of kinah for real. Kinah bundles are not even worth at all, they not even a sure craft, and the chance of get more than 5 million is really low, this must be improved. The Broker tax the the core problem right here, cuz it's literally killing the new economy model of the game, we need to fix that for real. We even have less items to generate kinah like skins from ingame like Innocent Aris or Cat weapons from guestblooms, or even the lucky kinah heartbloom from the housing was also a good way to produce kinah pasively. BCM is not really helping too, the store right now is a shame, completly empty of worth items to buy or resell for kinah, you took off most costumes (specially the good ones), the motions, the mounts and the pets should have been replaced for minion contracts in the BCM too. So as conclusion fixes for kinah issues in the game in na are: 1.- More kinah from instances like EU did. 2.- Kinah bundles with better chances to get more than 5kk, and maybe low the quantity of items needed to craft. 3.- Low the broker tax before it end up annihilating the game economy for once. 4.- Maybe include kinah reward in other stuff like Pvp Instances and Sieges. 5.- Bring back the housing feature that aloow players to farm ingame skins Innocent Aris and cat Weapons with Guestblooms and the Lucky Kinah Heartblooms that just prosduce extra kinah everyday. 6.- And i believe is the most important, give us decent BCM, with worthly items to buy (or sell), and no just skins we used to get easy with kinah in sanctum or from Luna. I entered the Aion RU website store, and i felt shame when i entered,they have almost every single skin that Aion has ever released able to purchase wheveer you want.... it's so frustrating to wanna buy stuff in the BCm and not found anything that really worth. I wanted to buy the Cute Sheep mount during last weeks of 5.8 it was for 1600 NC coins, i rather to save some money for 6.2 and now is not even in the store, and the only mounts in store are even more expensive, beeing "not that good". Please @Cyan i know you guys have a lot, A LOT of pending fixs and many stuff that is in "soon" state, but i wanna make sure you guys know about this really important problem.
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    Hello everyone, We wanted to give an update on the issues regarding Evergale Canyon. We have disabled this instance for the time being until we can work out the issue with the development team. We are also investigating to determine the full extent of the exploit's impact, and will be following up appropriately. Thank you to the players who have reported this, and to those who made efforts to avoid abuse of the exploit.
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    To Cyan, Gideon and Hime I’d like to explain the current situation of Aion in comparison to previous Aion updates and will predominantly use 5.8 as it was the most recent and had the best events, please do remember these virtual items cost you nothing to implement and make the playerbase happy, most of the items I will mention in the reward list below are NOT OBTAINABLE via in game means besides events. Aion is one of those games where having fun events that are generously rewarding is the reason the game is enjoyable to the vast majority, and completing other content is just something else to do along with PvP instances. Towards the end of 5.8 with the end of the world event and Smoldering fire temple were the best events that I can remember recently, you guys had even stated the rewards would be more generous than previous events, I’m sure you can be aware how much people farmed to get rewarded with items going into the next update and the positive feedback following it, however after 6.2 the events declined to be next to meaningless, and in roughly 2 weeks you could maybe get 1-2 enchantment stones and the “rubbish items” were meant to be useful during 5.8, not now as opposed to the end of the world event where you could use ALT characters to spam the event and receive maybe 100 tempering solutions a week, which back then was enough to enchant all 7 accessories to +8 or 9 if you’re lucky, which was considered above average gear for the time. Now during 6.7, I have enchanted every item to Ultimate +15 and it took me 500 legendary PvP enchantment stones and 100 ultimate, which takes an extreme amount of time, money and effort to do without events and is almost on the point of impossible for some, The next events should resemble what we had during the end of the world event, its about that time where we will get 7.0 soon and everyone should be able to catch up on gear going into the next ‘gear reset’ (keep in mind I myself have reached the gear cap and am still asking for others to be able to catchup) I will suggest events and rewards and why they are so needed and impossible to get in game. The 4 major items NEEDED in LARGE quantities are; Abyss points, Ancient, Legendary and Ultimate PvP enchantment stones, Spirit fragments and Manastones. - Abyss points are easy for one reason; they can be farmed in game in a reasonable time frame with the help of ap boost events such as the one we just had (200% ap boost). - Ancient, Legendary and Ultimate PvP stones are not nearly as accessible as Omega enchantment stones and Tempering solutions were in 5.8 events, and many more of them are needed (e.g. 500 Legendary, 100 Ultimate for 17 items +5-15) - Spirit fragments; This item is right now one of the biggest problems, in order to make 1000 of these at the current broker price of 50,000 kinah per ‘Ancient Guiding Stone’ it will cost 950million kinah, which is not very easily obtained following the release of 6.2 if at all. To upgrade 17 items from legendary grade to ultimate grade it costs 4500 spirit fragments. - Manastones were a very common item in 5.8 with SELECTABLE +12 manastone bundles and currently the only way to get those were to have them saved from the 5.8 update and you need roughly 100 Manastones to complete an entire set of 17 items. The following events should not continue to be like what we have now, where you open a box at the end of the instance, giving you currency to buy a singular item at an npc. Events should return to be like Daeva Dash or Smoldering Fire temple which were community favorite events based on the fact you can loot a box at the end of the instance which would give you USEFUL ITEMS for finishing it, rather than nothing until you complete the instance for example; 6 times for enough tokens to buy X. The main problem is all of these items I will list are needed in large quantities and the easiest way is events. (please keep in mind all of these items are virtual and don’t cost you anything to make the players happy) Minor/rubbish rewards: - Spirit fragment x 25 - Spirit fragment x 50 - Selectable level 80 Manastone Bundle - Ancient Guiding stone x 100 - Ancient kibrium x 100 Mid-tier rewards: - Spirit Fragment x100 - Legendary PvP enchantment stone x 5 - Legendary PvP enchantment stone x 10 - Ultimate PvP enchantment stone x 3 - Ancient Guiding stone x 250 - Ancient Kibrium x 250 - Event Skin (?) - Legendary Manastone bundle (selectable) - Ultimate Manastone bundle (selectable) Greater rewards: - Spirit Fragment x 300 - Legendary PvP enchantment stone x15 - Legendary PvP enchantment stone x20 - Ultimate PvP enchantment stone x 5 - Ultimate Anomos Weapon Box (selectable) same as we had provenance weapon box - Ancient Guiding stone x 1000 - Ancient Kibrium x 100 - Ultimate Manastone bundle x 3 - Legendary Manastone bundle x 3
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    @Cyan if sales are tanking because everyone is making free luna then you should start listing things on the BCM that people want to buy like highly requested skins that are from 4.0 that NA never even got (where's the flower mount??). The transparent transformation scrolls still require a steep price reduction to be a justifiable purchase for the average player, if you can manage that then you'll have more people investing in the few skins that NA have re-added to the BCM since wiping it with the 6.2 patch. If you look at KR, EU, RU servers ALL OTHER VERSIONS OF AION HAVE AN ABUNDANCE OF EASILY ACCESSIBLE TRANSPARENT SCROLLS. Oh and uh UPDATE THE PRESTIGE VENDING MACHINE TO MAKE PRESTIGE WORTH PAYING FOR The items in the machine, besides the 1 title card and overpriced cosmetics, are completely out of touch and irrelevant. Instead of offering single transform scrolls for a RIDICULOUS 500 Prestige Coin here are three things that are actually relevant in the game: Fighting Spirit Fragments (and no I don't mean 500 Prestige Coin for 1x Fighting Fragment, I mean reasonably priced). Specific A-Grade Minion Contracts (like the ones from the Lockbox vending machine). - These would be (rightfully) more expensive. Stigma Enchantment Stones. Additionally, lower the Prestige Coin costs to reflect the current patch. If you ARE going to commit to removing the free random luna material box then make the one in prestige cost 50 or less coins instead of 500. The transformation contract bundle should be, like, 10 prestige coins given how widely available for free it is. There is zero consistency with the pricing / availability of items in this game. Give people a reason to pay for this game, please.
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    nope, no ap. i would like the following, as compensation for my troubles. 50x Transformation Contract (62 Types) 1x Ancient Transformation Contract (18 Types) 1x 30-day Prestige Pass 1x Daevanion Skill Box (10 Types) 10x Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones 10x Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones 3x Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stones 3x Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stones 5x Stigma Enchantment Stones 250,000,000 Kinah 250 Gold Ingots 4,000 Luna
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    Hello, As of this afternoon, we have suspended and permanently closed accounts who were found to have participated in abusing the Evergale Canyon exploit. We have extensively reviewed each account and their actions; the accounts that were suspended or closed knowingly participated in the exploit. As such, our decisions here are final and we will make no exceptions. Evergale Canyon remains unavailable as we work with the dev team to address its issues and will bring it back as soon as we can. Thank you!
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    Hey, You did good. This compensation is good. Thanks. -The not-stupid players
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    Hello all, During the January 16 maintenance we will be implementing additional changes to the enchanting system to help ease your upgrading process. Have a look below to see what’s changed. First, we’ve moved forward the higher success enchanting rates from the future 6.5 patch to our current version. This means after the maintenance some of your enchanting attempts will have a higher chance to succeed. Secondly, we’ve implemented new morphing recipes to obtain higher tier Enchantment Stones. You’ll be able to convert Ancient and Legendary PvE/PvP enchantment stones into higher tiers using the various required morphing materials found in the Morphing Substances Menu. You’ll find a new item required for these new morphs named Borunerk’s Gem. Obtaining these Gems can be done though purchasing Borunerk’s Coins with Kinah off the Golden Sand Traders. Clicking on one of these coins will remove 20 million experience you’ve gained from your experience bar to yield one Borunerk’s Gem. Also, when you open the Legendary or Ultimate Enchantment Stone bundles received through these new morphing recipes, you’ll have a chance to receive a bonus enchantment stone, or a chance to receive a bonus Ultimate Enchantment Stone when opening the Legendary Enchantment Stone Bundle. Thank you for sharing your feedback and please continue to keep sharing! We hope these changes help you on our Daevic journey.
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    (also is there any ETA for 6.5?)
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    @Cyan @Hime looking at other region of SAME event, we see our huge different on reward https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/188072053 Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stone Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone Ancient PvP Enchantment Stone Fighting Spirit Fragment this is just a few. After almost 8 month of patchs we STILL havent got a good event for gear pvp. At begin of patch u said u wouldnt have this kinda event due to how patch works,but most of the p2w players have got their pvp gear full ulti around +10 to +15. While the normal players even with red gear its low enchantment, duo to the lack of content to get it. Could u guys add those to the event? Or add on next event? With a decent prize on npc. Take in mind RU-EU to make those events please. Because lately ours is kinda meh compare to them thank u for ur time
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    There will be an unscheduled maintenance period today, Thursday, April 4, 2019 from 4:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour. - Changes - An issue with GP gain on the Ereshkigal server during sieges will be fixed. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Thank you for your patience!
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    Something like this would be helpful @Cyan. Could we get someone like @Gideon to admit you guys also handled 6.2 poorly and reiterate the solutions with an ETA so we can move on (minus the people who will complain no matter what)? Korea has been sending patches to NA since 2009. One process repeated over and over, for events, patches, hotfixes for the better part of a decade. You might not know the timeline, but I find it hard to believe no one in your office has an ETA on the changes you mentioned. I can't imagine you guys asked NC devs for a patch without any idea of a timeline while your customers are raging and leaving. That doesn't sound reasonable to me. If there's a legitimate reason why "nobody knows", then I'm open to hearing it. You're asking devs to change enchantment rates and loot tables to the current build not reinvent the wheel. Korea is way past 6.5 development, so how much effort does it require combine two things that already exist? If you don't know the ETA, then someone in NCWest management should probably ask. Even if you really don't know the timeline would it be asking too much to get an idea of how long the process normally takes? I know that answer exists.
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    There used to be a thread before where people would post skins they wanted in the BCM and sometimes the person in charge of it would actually add some of them. I didn't feel like necro'n the old post so I made a new one. I would like it if some (or all) of these made it into the BCM (or events, tbh): Elroco Hat - [item: 125040235] Eli's Uniform - [item: 110901645] - This was in there before, please re-add it. Eli's Hairstyle - [item: 125045876] Fishing Penguin Hat - [item: 125046002] Roly-poly Festival Hairpin - [item: 125060094] Sunseeker's Beachwear - [item: 110905163] Butterfly Gem Outfit - [item: 110901788] Small Butterfly Wings - [item/112000157] Eastern Gothic - [item: 110901131] Light Follower - [item: 110901770] Light Follower Lace - [item: 112000145] Moonlit Hanbok - [item: 110901732] Punk Rock - [item: 110905125] Striped Ballet Dress - [item: 110900137] Scarlet Waltz Dress - [item: 110000070] Scarlet Waltz Gloves - [item: 111000111] Scarlet Waltz Skirt - [item: 113000071] Scarlet Waltz Drapery - [item: 112000137] Scarlet Waltz Boots - [item: 114000111] Scarlet Waltz Hairpiece - [item: 125046158] Hippo: [item:190120077] The BCM is really lacking. Please do something about it. Thanks.
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    Hello everyone. We're still having issues with out survey tool and will be sending out the surveys as soon as we can. Additionally, we will be distributing an additional Apocalyptic Ice Gem Chest for every run you did prior to us updating the event. This means if you ran Mirash Sanctum and Cradle of Eternity 2 times each, you'll be getting 4 boxes. Thank you!
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    There will be a scheduled maintenance Wednesday, May 8, 2019 from 6:00 a.m. CDT / 11:00 CET to 10:15 a.m. CDT / 15:15 CEST. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes. Changes Routine website and server maintenance The Shugo Emperor's Vault event will begin. Challenge the Vault to collect coins and prizes until 6/5! You can find more details here. An issue where players of certain ranks were unable to acquire AP will be fixed. We will send a compensation package to affected players by next week’s maintenance. Characters created prior to the launch of Awakened Legacy, on accounts that have logged in since 1/1/2018, will receive a Plastic Surgery ticket in their mail to fix an issue with eye color. This bug affected every character created before maintenance on 10/24/2018. We will be delivering tickets to other affected characters in a future maintenance. GP rewards from Idgel Dome and Illumiel Brawl will be removed. The ability to kick players inside Evergale Canyon will be removed. An issue where transformations added during the Ereshkigal's Wrath update were not able to be acquired via transformation synthesis will be fixed. An issue where players would not be teleported to Sanctum or Pandaemonium during the quests "Frozen Legion" and "Army of Ice," respectively will be fixed. Be sure to follow @AionOps for server updates. Maintenance Images of the Week
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    What team? And haven't you guys been on holiday this whole time?
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    Hi there, I've got some answers to some questions here for you guys. If something isn't answered it's likely that we're still in discussion internally. In no particular order... We've discussed the Transformation system feedback with the developers. While the system is largely here to stay, we're working to make the Transparent Transformation Contracts more abundant as well as a few other options with the devs to hide the appearance of a Transformation without using a scroll. We don't have a final confirmation yet but we will let you know when something is more certain. We currently have no plans to adjust the fees for using the Broker but may be slightly adjusted in the future. We're aware that GP gain is at a stand still and it's impossible for new players to achieve the GP set by the higher ranks. We're formulating some plans with the development team but nothing concrete yet. The PvP arena schedule is something we will be looking to adjust as more content becomes available. Item acquisition spam (X Legendary from Frozen Monolith for example) is something we will be requesting from the development team to tweak. We do know that a lot of the Luna items were removed. Some of these items are still strongly desired such as storage cabinets and we're making a request to add those functional items. A Permanent mount is something we will be discussion be added to the game. Feel free to share any suggestions you may have. Kinah being storable in the Warehouse is something we've seen requested quite a bit. We will discuss it with the development team to see if it's possible to have it added. As I said, this isn't a comprehensive list. We're also working on bringing enchantment adjustments as I have stated in prior posts. Continue to share your feedback. Also please don't bump posts for the sake of bumping as it's against the rules here on the forums :p. Thank you.
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    I cannot believe we are the joke around the Aion community at the moment. We have everything nerfed. We used to make fun of Aion EU for having everything nerfed in the past, people had to make complaints in order for their GMs to bring back the original rewards in instances and other stuff. But 6.2 came and our publishers thought it would be great to reduce us down thinking this would make the game better for us or something! Right now there is nothing better in Aion NA than any Aion in the world, whatever others have, we have it worse! Our transformations have nerfed stats Our transformations have nerfed time Our BCM is more empty than other cash shops (they said they are adding things, they added some but that is so slow, BCM = money for them) Our Gold Sand trader shop is more empty than other publishers Selective retuning takes 1 Luna normally, WE NEED 160 luna (aka 2$) per selective retuning, give 2$ to get a chance to lower that 1 stat, REALLY! Transparent transformation scrolls are 1 NC coin = 20 transformation scrolls EVERYWHERE except us, we used to have them 80 NC coin for 1 scroll, 1$ to look like your char for 4 minutes... now they made it 20 NC coin for 1..., which is ridiculous since our transformations have a nerfed time! We have no skins left anywhere except thsoe few that nobody wants, while other developers are giving their gamers every skin possible in the game to fill up the gap that 6.2 patch made, we get nothing. We are the only Aion that has no events anymore (the ones we get are insulting us) I am sick of people saying "our publishers are only a few and they do not have time to fix this or that"... my question is did they have enough time to screw our game? If I was a new player (and since I am from Europe) I wouldn't even consider NA, it is just that I play here for many many years and I cannot quit everything to start over in another part. ---------- Remember I am not asking you to fix anything, or change something for better, I am asking you to stop touching the game, if you do not care about it, at least let us enjoy the real Aion! I am making this thread because 6.5 is coming, I hope we get the real 6.5 with the official stats, otherwise this game will continue to die a little more every day.
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    I doubt he intentionally did it. Most likely he landed wrong page...
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    Well I give up. Tired of begging people to fix a game I'm financially supporting. No communication. They have finally convinced me this game is done. How can you not know how to fix your own game? Like the title says. Stick the game up your ass.
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    A: Characters on Ereshkigal will be able to enjoy the following boosts from today until the day of the merge: +400% XP, +200% Drop, +200% Crafting, and +200% AP A survey with the following items, claimable once per account by level 80 characters. 50x Transformation Contract (62 Types) 1x Ancient Transformation Contract (18 Types) 1x 30-day Prestige Pass 1x Daevanion Skill Box (10 Types) 10x Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones 10x Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones 3x Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stones 3x Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stones 5x Stigma Enchantment Stones 250,000,000 Kinah 250 Gold Ingots 4,000 Luna Really? i played this game for years and when we got the gp reset i only got 234 gold ingots and nothing else, besides there is no market to spend it, now a player from EK will get more gold ingots, 50 transform contracts, prestige pass, 250kk and 4k luna? pff i guess this is all for me, Bye
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    Superb compensation for 6 month old charcters in a dead server. 0 compensation not even a thank you for veterans that supported the game for years and lost their ranks.
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    Hello everyone, Due to the recent issues related to Enchantment Rates and Daevanion Marks of Knowledge, you will be receiving items in your mailbox. For any Enchantment Stones used between March 27 and April 3 you will be receiving equivalent stones based on the quantity and type used. For every 25 Ancient PvP/PvE Enchantment Stone used during the affected week, you'll receive 25 of the same Enchantment Stones. This will be rounded up if you used few than 25 Stones. This means if you used 11 Ancient PvP Enchantment Stones you will receive 25 of the same type. If you used 47, you will receive 50. You'll receive 10 Legendary PvP/PvE Enchantment Stones rounded up to the nearest 10. You'll receive 5 Ultimate PvP/PvE Enchantment Stones rounded up to the nearest 5. In addition to this, we will also be sending out 6 Daevanion Marks of Knowledge to every player that purchased at least one Mark last week. If you are eligible to receive these items you will see them in your mailbox by the end of the day Monday, April 8. Thank you.
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    Dear Daeva Friends & Foe, We hope our message finds you well during this time of great need. The reason we are reaching out is about fostering the Aion community and further game development. To be more specific, there is a vision for the future on Aion, built on our memories and relationships that mean so much to each one of us. That vision involves everyone, from legions, to game staff, solo, RP, and hardcore players; to unite and defeat Ereshkigal, defeat her faster, better, more strongly than we ever have done before. The 6.5 objective: - save the most time, earn the most treasure, and save us from running around not knowing what to do - focus on the people that focus on you THE HOW: - come: to the community stream event - as we write this: leaders of our community have been coming together to host this event - learn: from everyone who will share all that they know DISCORD: AION’S REALM Perma link: https://discord.gg/3HMcfe7 Just in case, secondary link: https://discord.gg/zVFXUD THE WHEN: - Saturday 03/23/2019 - TODAY | 19:30 Server time // 07:30 PM Server time * start gathering after the fortress has gone invulnerable * turn down the Groovy bot if there is music meanwhile - Stream | - Community event GRATEFUL TO: - Intelligence Team - Operations Team - The Brigade Generals - The PVP Kings & Queens - The PVE Kings & Queens - The Content Creators - The Secret Service (official staff) THE URGENT WHY This is an effort to sustain this most precious game, community, and all our relationships and make difference in the gaming world LET US SUPPORT EACH OTHER MORE THAN WE EVER HAVE Because success means nothing if you’re alone. Warmly, with a step in the right direction. As we speak dedicated members of the community are gathering everything they can to make this experience and every experience in the future the absolute best! - please share our appreciation for everyone who is continuing to make this all possible: we are incredibly grateful for: Arcii, Athreo, Heichou, Melchi, Zhyrna, PrinceKuli, ZipZap, Jennie, Patkica, Healgasm, Ravenlore.... STREAMERS: https://www.twitch.tv/princekuli/videos https://www.twitch.tv/ravynlore https://www.twitch.tv/healgasmna List will be updated soon based on participation tonight Please join iZerg radio – starting at 10:30 PM Server time http://izergradio.weebly.com/ Instance and patch links – we will go through some together 🙂 : https://www.aiononline.com/news/ereshkigals-wrath-preview https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.5_Update#Field_Scramble
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    While we are on the topic of transparent transformation scrolls, I would like to propose this image for next week's maintenance pictures:
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    @Cyan @Gideon Make it happen, give your players a reason to spend real money on cosmetics. People of Aion, please take my image and begin a new era of shardposting--I mean, scrollposting. [EDIT: Direct link for the image: https://i.imgur.com/k9WKZ8m.png pass it on]
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    @Cyan Ditto -- I feel like you all(Whoever is in charge of making changes to Aion's in game problems) are missing an important message from the community about the transparent transformation scroll. Aion has such vivid and creative ways to customize characters. There are SO MANY of us who cannot stand the way the transforms look, and have been communicating this issue to you since the patch released. We don't want to be stuck with them 100% of the time. How do you not realize this is a staple of the Aion experience???? Why is it you cannot put a affordable ('new/average player affordable' not 'real cash shop only player') quality of life improvement like this into the game? We're not buying transparent xform scrolls out of your cash shop--we prefer to spend it on the contracts, costumes, and alternative ways to get kinah. Why is it you(Whoever I am sure its not an individual, and this message is not for one person either) at NCSoft taken this piece of the game away from a majority players and only made it available to those who can afford a scroll that is often ten times the price of the regular scroll, and made it far less accessible to everyone??? I don't know what the Korean player base says about the transforms, but so many do NOT like having to wear the same old xform skins day in and day out. Put your old armor skins you took away from us on the cash shop, allow us to run around in transparent scrolls, and watch your cash flow better! I am constantly explaining to new players they won't be able to enjoy their character customization at all until this is fixed. I am literally embarrassed to introduce my friends to this game on the premise they will have to spend the first part of their gaming experience in Aion as something like a penguin or polar bear. Even the legendary and up are acquired taste and rob the player of being able to be THEMSELVES in appearance. Come onnnnnnnn lets gets some news on this and let us enjoy our toons again the way it was originally designed! All it would take is affordable and readily available transparent transform scrolls! Why why why must we fight so hard for something like this????
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    Agreed. The fact that the administration still hasn't punished those that abused the EC bug is outrageous and just another example of the poor administration of this game. Oh.. wait.. (The irony of a serial abuser complaining about the pay2winners is precious.)
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    Hello, We're investigating this with the development team and I don't have a comprehensive answer for you all right now. I will tell you that regardless of what happens, the Luna will not be removed so don't worry about that. We should have an update for you all shortly. Thank you.
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    This is gonna upset a LOT of people
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    We have said it so many times so far, that BCM items should be brokerable, there are people willing to spend ingame money for transformation contracts for example, but can't, while there are people willing to buy transformation contracts from BCM and then put them in broker. NCSoft will be selling more People who can spend more real money for ingame currency would buy more items to put them in broker And free to play players can buy everything they want with extra work to get the kinah needed. Everyone wins and most importantly the game doesn't die out.
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    Another day, another dollar not spent on skins because nobody can see them
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    I know that this topic will probably be closed because there are other discussions about the same issue going on, but wtf is the matter with you guys? Seriously. How do you expect to make money off of costumes if we can't see them? I have this amazing glowing-white dress that I can't see because 95% of the time I'm a freaking goat (or whatever is that Rotund transformation). Come on now. It's been 4 months. Want to milk some money? How about sell the transparent scrolls for the same price as normal scrolls on the kinah shop, and then put ALL OF THE SKINS THAT YOU POSSIBLY CAN on the cash shop for 200-400 NCoins? Of course that it wouldn't be your only income, but I for one would be buying a few skins that I love.
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    So basically Hime's and Gideon's comment during the 6.0 patch preview about "updating GST eventually" was a lie. If transparent scrolls are going to be as taboo as the damn shards, I'm already gonna pack my things.
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    To address some questions before they're asked: Next week's maintenance will include the 6.5 enchantment rate improvements. Shard's pricing in the Golden Sand Traders will be lowered soon (either next maintenance or the one after). Additional enchantment system improvements will be coming shortly. We have additional changes coming outside of this including another event this month but will share details as they are more finalized. Thank you.
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    Seriously the sense of entitlement of this community continues to amaze me to this day. You literally just have to log in and sit afk for 6 hours for 20 days, don't have to do a thing in game and you get rewarded with something free. You know the exact same thing many people complained about in ec people afking getting rewarded so we need the kick back? You can't do it on every toon oh well you still get something free for doing ZERO. So not rewarding multiple toons on an account for doing nothing but afking works for me. I mean the only thing should complain about in this event is the fact that we were not told this at the start of it. I get it makes little sense to have the event be character based but the bcm item is account based but seriously the fact people still think this company wasn't going to do something like that is surprising. Anyways my 2 cents if you don't like it don't login it really is that simple. You can still get free enchants( 7 days or Not) and frags so not a total loss. Don't get free stuff people complain, they give you something free for doing nothing people complain. Just like in Real Life if something sounds to good to be true it probably is. If you are that naive I know a warlord who has 2 million dollars to give you just send me your banking info so I can send it to you. :-)
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    I would add ancient and/or legendary contracts to the greater rewards list. And I want to tell @Cyan that people wouldn't spam if they were listened to.
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    Lol. No. KR was opened when the game went ftp and BR was opened when the game went back to Steam (and then was quickly taken back down). Both long after 2.0. It's true that KR had time to normalize before it was merged, but it also was left hanging for ages with a stunningly low population leaving the people there at a disadvantage when it was merged. BR was at a larger disadvantage when it was merged. The economies alone were so disproportionate that BR and KR players got -killed- kinah-wise in their mergers. Not to mention a server like IS where the Asmodians were underdogs for so so so freaking long that their GP was tiny tiny compared to other servers. You don't have a clue what you are talking about. You didn't have to compete with compensation gear? That actually HELPED you. It was easier for you to get started on the much much better crystal gear while the other servers had a much larger gear gap straight away and the "normal" populations of those servers had a much harder time getting their crystal gear. You guys are losing your names and your houses. I get that. You should have some compensation for that. But $50 worth of luna? $63 worth of contracts? How exactly did you have less of a chance at luna or contracts that the players on DN and KT? You didn't. PvP stones? PvE stones? You had the same opportunity to get those as everyone else. Same with the Daevian skill. 250 ingots? Lol. Really? How many of the rank and file players on KT and DN got 250 ingots from the deranking? Very very few. A 30 day prestige pack? Seriously? You guys had the same opportunity to spend $20 as the rest of us. The kinah I actually get. That's to help with the economy.. just know that they told other servers when they merged who were coming from crap economies to suck it up. You are the -first- to receive any recognition that you were being inconvenienced. You are being overcompensated and this spits in the eye of NCWest's loyal players on DN and KT.
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    Hi, i come to tlak mostly with @Cyan. Back in October when 6.0 was the fresh update, i posted a problem wich in that momment doesnt seems that bad... But now is 6 months later, and is the 6.7 patch, and still there the fact that with the Construction crafting gone we werent able anymore to get 2 cabinets, that we used to get every 60 days, by crafting or buy from broker from people who crafted. These to cabinets are Ulmus Wood Cabinet (Noble Ulmus Wood Cabinet in white version from proc craft), and Egrasi Wood Cabinet (Noble Egrasi Wood Cabinet in white version from the proc craft) Those 2 Cabinets own some specific storage lines from Housing: Ulmus Wood Cabinet: Plain 1-Drawer Cabinet (same for the "Noble" version) Egrasi Wood Cabinet: Simple 1-Drawer Cabinet (same for the "Noble" version) As you can see in the next screenshoot im providing the 2 first lines of my storage are inaccessible, unless you paid a stupid amount of kinah in broker for the last pieces of those cabinets in the server, because as Construction craft doesnt exist anymore, and Plaync didnt put any Contruction craft in Aetherforging, is just "Good Game". I know the items i have there are not worth at all, but im not the only one iwith this problem, most of the people with studio, house, mansion, estate and palaces have this problem, and some of them have really important things in these storages like AP relics, Omegas, Tempering, Skins that they craft with Lunas or they bought with Nc coins, and many other items that can genrate a huge amount of kinah or valuable items right now. Please don't forget this problem. You can add those cabinets to an NPC shop, to Kinah shop, as Luna Craft, even to be bought with Petals, the ones that are currently kinda useless since the Guestblooms NPCs are totally bugged withoout any shop interface on them. There are way many options to fix this. And i haven't reach to talk about the Housing script that are unusable in game since the 4.5, yes more than 5 years. Thank you.
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    we need an update, we do not have it in the store yet for the players
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    Alright, playing the game again after 2 months, I'm gonna give you some constructive criticism here, and I do hope you take it into consideration at least. Improved enchantment system finally helps a lot of players catch up to the whales with exchanged gears. Shard finally brought back to their original price after roughly 2+ months. Took us a while but we're here. The current event isn't that great but I rather have it than nothing for 4 weeks straight. Maybe an event every 2 weeks would be fair? I LOVE the idea of morphing the PvE/PvP stones, but it could be adjusted just a little, specifically Legendary to Ultimate morph. There is definitely something wrong with the Daevanion Smugglers. After doing 12 FM runs on 3 different toons, we came across it 4 times and in all 4 times it dropped nothing. Empty corpse. It's very frustrating and I believe that's unacceptable. You can improve this by either having it spawn much more often or remove the idea of empty smuggler. I shouldn't be forced to level up alts, gear them a little and run instances in hopes I get one spawned but end up with nothing. Getting Daevanion skills shouldn't be such a dreadful task, in Russia they have decreased the skill box in their GST from 200 to 50. Maybe we can try something like that too? Even if you log in every day to buy your gold ingots, you'd need approximately 2,5 months to gather 200 to buy the chest and get the same skill again. I've had that happen. I know you're aware of this, but you do need to adjust Luna pricing. Yes, 10 Luna = 10 Ncoin which gives off this Korea vibe, but in truth is, we're 10 times more expensive than ANY other region. Bring back PvP enchantment stones to Luna craft or add up permanent mounts and/or skins. Speaking of skins, update the GST skin list and bring back the original Korean version. We get Korean things that's p2w but not the skins? That's how you know we're off terrible.
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