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  1. No more Luna items?

    @Cyan @HimeSo we no have more luna skins/mounts/emotions/home decor etc. ?
  2. Gold Ingot Exchange rate? - sounds good to me!

    I think u will get some amout of kinah like EU.
  3. Gold Ingot Exchange rate? - sounds good to me!

    30m kinah to 1 gold ingot..... On Eu its 8.7m to 1 gold ingot just saying,...
  4. [News] Awakened Legacy: Item & System Changes

    So after 6.2? Cuz no have helpfuly information yet xdddd
  5. 6.0 info

    I'm just thinking. Whats happen the mony in the broker. (Like u sell now something good and thats price is like 1b and u not collect it now, just after hit 6.x u got the full mony or what? ) i said again, im just thinking and sry for my bad english
  6. Costume Rotation

    We need not only skin rotation! why not add some Motion rotation too? Have many motion what no have in bcm like that dragon ball motion or skating Or something like that
  7. WTB <[Motion Card] Skating> Mail Me OFFER KT-E Paying Well
  8. Settings Reseting Problem

    My graphic settings reseting all the time if i start oppen Aion ._. someone can solv the problem?
  9. Arena free entry or bug ?

    @Cyan Is this a bug? Im afraid farm Arena now i dont want bann
  10. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - January 11, 2018

    So many ppl got crash in Adma/TTC and other doors in the game. Why not fix it guys? #ilovecrash