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  1. Since there are so many problems with the new launcher, I am really scared to try it! I am still using the old launcher hoping that they will fix this too, "now" not "soon"! I cannot believe they messed up even this one, what's wrong with NCSoft? If they wish close Aion forever they do not need to make us upset there are already so many things wrong for us leave the game!
  2. After almost playing Aion for 10 years I have reached a point that I do not care anymore. I'm not spending one more cent on this game and I will just play whatever..... until I can find another game to my liking. PvPers kill me, I don't care, cannot enchant armour pieces/accessories or weapons who cares, I'm losing points/levels trying to enchant stigmas, so what.... and all the rest. NCSoft is trying to make me spend "my money" on a game that just makes me upset/sad, well not anymore. My time spent in this game is getting every day less and less, I know you and everybody else do not
  3. I must say thank you too Vantheria because even if I am playing Aion since 2009, now I play alone all my friends have left this game long ago I play alone and I do not know lots of things since the many last updates. Your answers Vantheria, are helping me too, you are a very nice person with lots of patience and I appreciate it very much. I'm an old lady who still likes Aion, I tried to get new games but did not find anything to my liking. I used to play GW for a very long time and I only left because of Aion. I tried GW2, Wildstar and B&S and many others but I always come back t
  4. Too late for me, I got confused and I chose the wrong character, but it will be okay it is just a skin.
  5. Thanks, but all my other characters are level 80, will I get it anyway or are they too high level? Woot, I did not think about that! Thank you I will try this too.
  6. I have a problem because my new character cannot level up to 30, she is not able to do the Kromede trial due to an error by NCSoft. I tried to do the luna quests but the experience is pitiful, I keep killing monsters/mobs of high level, but I got from lvl 23 to lvl 26 very, very slowly! I won't be able to reach lvl 30 by the next maintenance and it's not "my fault" I do not have enough time to get to lvl 30 just by killing mobs! Lately, Aion is getting worst after every maintenance or update, is any of the GM playing the game? End of my rant and I do not feel any bet
  7. I have a character that is trying to level up the now new "Amateur Essencetapping" and with one of the Pandora quest, she's collecting Reports in Heiron. My problem is that she stopped at level 42. I even bought the: Novice essencetapping hat which is useless because it shows nothing! In all Heiron there are no items to gather beside the reports and the characters does not get any points after level 42/99 so it is not possible for her to get to 99. I tried to gather in Inggison but to do that you need to be level 100! I tried in Oriel you need to be lvl 400! So now after I l
  8. The biggest mistake of the NCS was the transformation, I really hate this I want to see my characters the way I created them! This makes me not playing often plus the black eye bug is adding to that too! The biggest hit or what made me play since 2009 of NCS "AION" was flying, I really liked that!
  9. @Ele-DN - Why advertising a rubbish phone game here that seems it has nothing to do with the real "Aion"? At the moment Aion is really forgotten with all its "real" problems and while many players are leaving because nothing is done to rectifying all the bugs which are still here since the beginning of 6.2. I'm really disappointed!
  10. You cannot do quests that you have done already. If you need to level up to level 66 and you do not have any dark blue quests try to do the light blue quests or kill mobs till you are lvl66. One of my characters has just done the Drakenspire Depths the level 66 campaign, she was just level 66, the experience did not even fill one bar but it was easy. When you enter the instance you get lots of help from NCP and you level up fast too, plus there is one quest that gives you a nice bracelet as rewards..... it is a very interesting instance/campaign. Well, it was for me I had fun doing i
  11. You people are so very suspicious English is not my language either. Just as an example, I still have my ticket of when I bought Aion I will show you how much I paid for the game. I live in Australia and at that time the game was a bit expensive compared to the American one.
  12. I started to play AION just because I could fly, I wish I could fly at least close to the towns/city without any time limit. I made a songweaver just because I could fly without any timer we songweavers had a nice skill for that. If we could fly everywhere free, no timer, we could go everywhere and the teleporter would go out of business Obvious no fighting when flying but it would be fun... fun.... and more fun.
  13. Everybody bought the game in the year 2009 he said account but I think he meant the game. If you wanted to play AION in 2009 you needed to buy it at that time you had to buy the game and pay a monthly subscription to play Aion there was no free to play. I miss that tho.
  14. Please lower the % of the levelling rate! It's so hard to level up for casual players or for players who cannot do instances. Please do that at least till the 6.0 update.
  15. I would like to be able to talk to asmos. I would like to make some friends on the other side, why not? We could fight our enemies together and occasionally fight each other too.
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