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  1. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    Then how come I had 1450 gp (so much for the 800 max- lie) that I needed to get just after one week not participating in sieges and am now rank 1? Even if I participated there is no way to accomplish that much by siege alone. Let alone raise my rank, is completely out of the picture. Sure, I can reclaim my rank but can never actually progress further.
  2. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    That doesn't make sense, why would afk farmers be against a gp wipe if they didnt work for it in the first place?? I would only be pissed if they wipe my gp that I worked my ass off to get. I could care less if I didn't work for something, if I lose it :S. AFK gp farming is easy, there is not effort involved. And now it is even worse because if you do participate in sieges and die every time you are losing transforms which are hard to get. So yeah I would be very upset if they wipe my gp because it took me forever to make rank the hard way. It's not right to generalize everyone into the same category just because they don't agree with a full gp wipe. Yeah maybe because we EARNED it.
  3. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    GP is only useless if you are doing it for the sole purpose of having Xform, it was an accomplishment just like anything else in game. And for those, it is because they worked hard for it. Not because they just afkd every pvp instance hoping that their team would win. I never AFK'd on any of my characters unless going against a strong premade where we didnt have a chance or if my character had no gear and wouldnt be of any help anyways. I worked hard for my rank, only to have it disappear because I didnt participate in a siege or two... that's complete bullshit. Maybe we would WANT to play if the game wasnt screwed up so badly and so boring that we can't bare to play but 5 mins let alone participate in damn sieges where we will just lose anyways. Nothing like wasting ones time. The amount gained through siege is a complete joke compared to the amount I would need to "maintain" rank, not to move forward just to maintain. But you can't even get enough to maintain or to get that stupid warning to go away. Tell me, what is the point in playing when every single thing we work so hard for now, will end up in the garbage later? Thought games are suppose to be fun, not harder than RL! I have been a loyal player to this game for a very long time but I am one of the many people, searching for a game to replace it. I am surprised they haven't taken away the ability to skin gear yet, probably only a matter of time. I remember when Aion only did good updates and never punished people for playing, I guess money became more important than the happiness of their player base.
  4. Did NcSoft forget about GP in 6.2?

    That is just terrible, I know exactly what you mean. There really is no incentive to play. When I log in now, I feel so bored and I don't end up playing for long. I think the days of spending HOURS in game are gone. Which really sucks because it puts me that much more behind everyone else when gearing up. I can't believe that they literally have no good way to get GP. Funny how Cyan said that the required GP to hold onto rank is 800 but yet I seem to have 1450 that I need to get for this week . Needless to say neither is possible in this patch so why not lower to hmmm 50? lol. Once we lose rank there will be no efficient way to gain it back. I can't understand what the point of taking it off EC, Dredge and ID is. They say we will get rewarded for PVP by doing PVP, then where is the GP that is given for PVP? lol. Thanks for sharing Jigen, it was worth the laugh nevertheless
  5. How are we supposed to get GP now, besides open world pvp? None of the pvp instances give Gp anymore, very disappointing. So we are just going to lose our ranks that we worked so hard for.
  6. Curious

    Can someone explain to me how someone can have 3 or 4 toons with the exact same name on the same server? Spelt exactly the same on all, how is this possible?