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  1. Noob SM Need additional help

    SM was my main from just after beta (too many sorcs lol) for a lot of years. I stopped playing for awhile and recently came back and I an using my SM again as a (I don't know) 2nd toon? Anyhow the key to PvE is your DP pet skill "armor of light/darkness" - use a jelly if you want to fast track it and fire spirit is the best dps/tanky type (wind isn't bad either) - Later when you can add the "armor spirit" stigma on top of the first buff it become a killing machine. At lvl 40 I was wiping out tigrakis etc by the dozen. Just heal the spirit with you HP and pot for yourself until you get heal skills. You can also be killing your own mobs while the spirit is taking down another. SM played right is a great farming machine. Unfortunately I don't think the old tricks of elite kiting etc pay off for XP anymore- most low lvl elites were replaced with normal mobs like storm circle etc. I used to solo farm Fire Temple also but you are lvl 40 now