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  1. @Cyan bruh... 50$ of ncoin and all i get is 1 large bundle....nice "RNG", my group also with all of those runs also only got 1 bundle each, all from S rank runs, hardly call that "rng" more like 'lets make the best bag drop only 0.00001% drop rate', and this is on EK, with a 200% drop buff mind you
  2. @Tydacus-DN who's the 2nd then? cos we only have Vice - Gladiator @Kubei-DN even w/o compensation gear we put a fight for a long time, but yes, that's only the tip of the problem, sure opening the server was one of the worst decisions ever but they've done nothing to help the server or keep playing playing
  3. @Kubei-DN i've always been apart of the crowd so idc, ncwest is incompetent, i expect nothing but terrible decisions, sure EK got some kinah and stones and w/e else on the list, but if you played on ek long enough you'd know this is nothing compared to what pre-existing users can and could get on KT/DN and that's not including the people who started with full ulti compensation gear
  4. @Kubei-DN not you, op. also no, only 1 person on EK has got kaisinel, anyone else must be a KT alt cos i've seen 3 on KT (no idea about DN)
  5. @Cyan how's this for a good idea, how about you DO NOT add GP to instances, keep it to siege only, or remove those instance resets so people don't p2w rank /cough EBonline /cough seriously, stop it.
  6. thanks unskilled, great to see ncwest do "great" things for us again
  7. @Unskilled-KT can you post the reward prices and the amount you get on RU?
  8. problem is, on KR it dropped 20-50 depending on the instance
  9. only getting 1 aether blossom a drop...haha gg ncwest @Cyan
  10. yo scrub, we've had changes since day1 of beta, nothing new, doesn't matter and has never mattered, ncwest don't give a f*ck what we need
  11. these rates posted from aionpowerbook is directly from Korea so therefor it IS official
  12. @Cyan so the fruit harvest event "rewards" mostly i don't mind what's there....buuuuuuuuuut....who the f*ck put the rewards list together? ancient pve stones? nyerking nice joke..... ancient daevanion kill box... we already f*cking throw these on ground from CoE and the transparent scrolls.... 5 is such a useless number, same with shards, 1k is too low to be called a "reward" and we don't need lucky stars, we're all fkin lvl 80 already, the event is made exclusively FOR lvl 80s... hello can you f*cking fire whoever is making these reward lists????
  13. uhm no, 1-2 leg stones per siege compared to leg/ult every pf/idd that leg stone from id/dredge is rng af, so you're lucky to get even 2 or 3 per week w/o luna resets
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