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  1. Stop calling others p2w

    @BiNaRi-KT i am obviusly calling poeple pay to win because if you pay to be 1 step ahead from the others in order to win that's what you do you actually pay in order to win but don't get me wrong i am not agaist the people doing that,it's their right to pay as much as they want and can.Nothing wrong with it what most ppl are against is the p2w rewards that nc provides, let's be honest givving a gear that's equal the the gear that's takes an avearge player at least about 3 months to farm is a lot of stuff (refering to caesu's gear),but still nothing wrong with the people and also i can't understand why you got ofended by getting called p2w(i am not saying you are p2w personally i don't know you) if that's what you actually do lol,money gives you gears and gears gives you win simple as that lol(liteally pay to win),also i am refering as p2w people the people that spend tons of money in game witch is their right as i pre-mentioned peronally i have spent money to aion because i like to support the game that i enjoy + get something in return but still with that amount of money i propablly can't be considered as p2w especially since i didn't actually got something valuable in return.At last what annoys people is that some players get special treatment as Dior has proved by restoring their items several times in order for them to get to +20 and thats because they spend a bucket full of money every month
  2. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    oh yeah i know that you need to buy a lot of them let's better say at least in avearge 5 for every slot but my point is that even with 100% success it needs 7 hours dailly farm in eye lol
  3. @Cyan @Gideon So the game goes down with all the frustration nc stuff created since you guys @Cyan have no idea what is going on in the game i suggest you find a team of players that actually play the game and let them inform you what is going in the game in case of buggs,hacks,exploiting and finally for ocasions like the tiamarantas eye that everybody turned up being unhappy and frustrated if not even mad they can at least tell you what is fair,unfair and going wrong with the game....
  4. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    Alright let's think simple...let's say i want to use +11 manastones on my gear and i don't have a single one, so that means i need 42 manastones in total that's about 15k protectorate coins for me to farm that means that i need to farm at least 750 coins per day untill ofthe event @Hime, @Cyan, @Gideon , do you guys ahave any idea how many hours that is? i guess no let's calculate them then : taking 3 fatties per 5 mins i need 250 pounches so 250/3=83 fatties (because it's 3 fatties every 5 mins) now 83*5=416 minuites(because the respawn time is 5 mins) and 416mins=7 hours so here comes my question:ARE YOU SERIUS PEOPLE?
  5. Tiamaranta's Eye

    because they couldn't shut down luna like they did with the eye before extra damage made lol...also they have a source code propablly they can remove it...and even if thay couldn't remove it fast they could shut the server down for some time
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    @Cyan @Gideon people in nc doens't realize unfortunatelly what is going on in the game so the thing is: a game exists as long as people playing it---->for people to be playing they need to be happy while they are doing this(in reasonable scale i am not asking for free stuff obviusly)----->so you basically you need to keep them happy... so now what nc is doing and the results that they will get are: creating frustration about an event-----> on top of that so many p2w feutures------>possibly special treatment to strong wallet-warriors-------->making people unhappy-------->people get disapointed and leaving----->free to play people leaving first(they don't care leaving since they didn't invest anything money wise)------>since f2p is about 80% of the game the game ends up with low popullarity----->p2w people leaving too becasue there is none to play with anymore-------> the game is dead.... so my point is that an 1+1/2 years of constand gear racing becasue it ends up as a gear racing if the gears are added on that sort period of time(refering to gears we got starting for 5.0 to now:the luna gear//arena gear//boundeless//lvl 75/70 ap gear//ahserion//lvl 80 ap gear) + a lot of p2w futures including getting the new gear everytime (in case of lvl 80 talking about caesus gear) and on top of that a great event that got ruined since we ended up being zomies and not knoing what we are farming for, people are really getting discouraged and start leaving.A few of my in game friends already left the game(no kidding they actually left) and others are considering taking a break which they don't know if it is going to be permanent....posting this comment while having hope that we will play aion again one day and feel good and relieved since we used to be 6-2(thats period of time) years ago.....
  7. Tiamaranta's Eye

    By the way @Cyan it is funny you people didn't remove the caesus gears that "wasn't suppose to be there" the 1st day they went in but you did remove eye,it is funny you don't fix the FULL OF BUGGS Frozen monolith and it is also funny you are not fixing the issue with the gears we cannot see the stats of the gear but yeha after all eye is the one hurting the game how couldn't i notice lol
  8. Tiamaranta's Eye

    @Cyan Hello, dispite the fact that we pretty much got screwed up by removing the eye since it was both a nice pvp area and farming area we all missed since 4.something that it was removed my consern the fact that the major unintented fuction was that we were getting a lot of coins so the options are they either going to raise the prices for the items or it will be reducing the amounnt of coins that fatties drop but either way it is unfair for players,if they raise the price it's unfair for the people that didn't buy items yesterday and they will pay for the same items overpriced and it's also unfair making the drop lower for all the people that didn't get the chance to farm in there yet so just leave it they was it is and i consider the fact nc wants to make money they don't work work for our pleasure so just put up something on the bcm extra but do not change anything in the eye....for example with this event make a dicount to felicitous socketings and people will buy them like crazy that's a way of making money and keep the people happy at the same time
  9. gj ncsoft

    i would like to also to say that i don't actually have the worst luck on the world i just suck at enhcanting i even failed on +1--->+2 but i am lucky on manastones and events lol
  10. gj ncsoft

    the point is there are ppl that already have +7 pvp aessories lol...i mean it's ok i can skip the +20 gears while mine were breaking on +6(before the 100% suces rate with omega +greater suppllements) i am even ok with the +10 braccellets or plumes while i spent a month doing the kromede event with 18 chars to end up with a +0 and buying more temperings,i could actually compete with these ppl but +10% pvp attk in total is just to much and ppl can't be competitive against this.I completely understand the fact that a company needs money i even buy some stuff every now and then to support them without really need something but that's like they saying "gimme your money or forget the pvp" lol,that's what makes me complain because we don't get anything like korea players (event that aessories only drop 1 upon failure)but we get the rest of the patch,other countries like japan didn't got an event but they could purify at +5......
  11. gj ncsoft

    Here is my example as i said to my previus post i failed 17 accessories and i am not full +5 yet so doing the math that makes (counting the lowest value the rings ,wasn't only rings btw) 71x80= 1360 medals and 17x1kk ap=17kk ap also i bought those i am using now so on top of that 7 more accessories but anyways the point is i failed 1360medals and 17kk ap accessories so no kumuki wasn't that helpfull for me lol
  12. SM vs Sorc

    spiritmaster can beat anything for the 1st time in 1v1 but the problem is if you are in an arena you are technically dead the 2nd time he will come to face you and that's not only about sorc but most of the classes,obviusly not the classes that spiritmaster counters like gladi or temp etc...
  13. Question: It is worth to get lvl 80 pvp gear?

    ofc it does if you can(+7 accessories in order to purify) if you don't get the new gear ppl will 2 shot you untill aion 6.0 comes and that's at least 5 months not to mention that new gear at +30 = the aion 6.0 gear at it's 2nd stage or something like this(by that i mean they will give the aion 6.0 gear i am not talking about stats but about actual gear)
  14. gj ncsoft

    NA Aion gets the patch about 6 months after Korea does so we are propablly going to get the Aion 6.0 at the summer and unfortunatelly it's not just few days untill then lol..in about 2 months there will be ppl running around having those +7(or more since they don't break upon faillure) lvl 80 ap accessories while we will still don't have any +7 lvl 75 accessories to purify to the lvl 80 ones so it's gonna be like fighting ppl with +11 accessories and that means that they will be able to 2 shot ppl..
  15. gj ncsoft

    so the +7 accessories got me thinking into the situation i am dealling now ... i failed 17 accessories for +5 (not even kidding for the number) and i am not full +5 yet so the chances for me to get full +7 are lower than the location of hell but if i don't get the new accessories i wont be able to be even competitive because it's literally like i am using lvl 65 eternal ap accessories vs the lvl 75 we are using now so my request to nc is,please guys make the accessories purifiable from +5 and if you need that bad the money make an errand i am sure a lot of ppl would like to help....