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  1. Yup sadly the GM's could careless. Appealing to @Cyan is useless he won't even bother to respond to concern's or grievances. The sprit of Fair play is gone as well as any meaningful support for this game. More just a cash grab daily. Sorry to see a game I've played and supported since beta go to shit.
  2. I am glad to see you got something, most ticket's or atleast the one's I am aware of are the same copy paste, were Sorry and if we deem it so we will give compensation in the future. The truly sad fact is it's purely what GM you get and if they feel like doing anything. By and large all those affected should be given the same response and some type of compensation as missing Evergales daily for any amount of time adds up to a lot of materials over time. NcSoft preaches and pushes the Sprit of Fair play but as I see lately it's more RNG of the GM you get and if they feel like compensating the p
  3. GM Sylvia (Aion) Aug 17, 21:07 PDT Hello, Thanks for taking the time to contact us with this report and I apologize for the frustration caused by this. We are currently aware of this issue and hope to have a fix implemented in an upcoming patch. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Regards, GM Sylvia NCSOFT Support Team No sadly depending on your RNG for GM's you may or may not get compensation. Even the GM's are RNG now for response given. This will be my 3rd time of being locked out and nothing will be done to compensate the playe
  4. Hi, Today I am running Evergale canyon with 23 other Asmo. Myself and all of the other 23 are stuck in a locked Q and cannot leave or join any other. Knowing we will not get a reset till Wed is another 5 days of Evergales lost,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wish this bug would get fixed it's been going on for months and you can't even get any kind of a fair compensation for it,,,,,,,,,,,sigh
  5. GM Kairun (Aion) Jun 19, 21:32 PDT Hello, I sincerely understand that you wish to be compensated for this issue. However, the issue is still under investigation by the Development Team and the previous offer is the best that we can provide as of the moment. Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us again. Regards, GM Kairun NCSOFT Support Team In other words, So sad, Too bad, Were Sorry but not really. 1 runs worth of rewards is satisfactory cuz we all know how expensive pixe
  6. @Cyan Well another evening and another day with 24 Asmo's and 24 Ellies locked out of Evergale. Again were all well aware nothing will happen. Giving players 1 run worth of rewards is a joke. For a lot of players this is now a total of 7 days worth of runs lost and about 25hrs of good gameplay. 9 days worth of runs if you count the actual days we got the bug as both happened during the 2nd run of the day. This is wrong, some will say stop QQ-in and that's fine. We are also aware it will not be fixed until maintenance. My wife who was in group with us did not even get a single run worth of rewa
  7. Yup time for copy, paste, Sorry but were not replies.
  8. The Wolf Npc has been around for many month's now. At this point in Aion I doubt many are grinding to get them as they are very easy and fast to get. I am not saying no one is, but prolly no more then 48. As I see it now, we won't get anything but a *to bad so sad* so this should be a dead thread as it will only talk in circles and nothing will have changed
  9. ? @Pandastein-DN 48specific players, but what's your point? Both problems are fixed via server reset which at most is 1.5 hrs, This whole thing could of been gone and fixed once the GM's knew so many were locked out but it appears a NPC is more important. The fix is the same for either issue your point is pointless..........
  10. Still trolling this post that has nothing to do with you, seem's to me your bored. Who cares what you have or had or will have. We got screwed outta 6 days of runs not to mention all the rewards associated. I like Eg and running it with my crew. Sorry your not Op like some on this post. Just because stuff is available on the broker doesn't mean shit. I have NP getting anything in game I need but do enjoy Eg runs and missing them for a week was Bs because a simple server reset would have been an insta fix but hey we need PvE'rs so fix a Npc Post haste. smh! By your logic they should not have f
  11. Yea cuz a server reset takes a development team to reset. Wow some kinda special there? Server reset fixes the entry Q for Evergale. Could have been an easy fix, like today then this would not even been an issue.. But do you even know that, seems not. Tell me where else I can get stigma bags daily and during a power up event, hmm. Why not troll another post you may have a clue about. @Rapier-DN
  12. It is for the Grey Wolf merchant and it is silly they will take down the server's for a merchant that offers pve gear but would not take it down when 48 player's locked out of Eg for 6 days and very few got some to no rewards for 6 days. I never said useless anything but to address a NPC which really doesn't affect gameplay for anyone vs locking 48 players out of a PvP instance for 6 days show's the incompetence of the current lead team and how sorely many players were treated.
  13. Oh how nice, were gonna reset the server for some silly bug, prolly because the Wolf vendor is missing but screw the 48 players who could not do Evergale for 6 days. @Cyan All those affected should receive some compensation as a lot of AP/GP/Medals/Minions/Stigma bags was lost to those affected. Typical Aion, reset for silliness but not for the masses.
  14. Well Day 3 and I am still stuck in Evergale Q, the amount of AP< GP<STIGMA BAGS, MINIONS<MEDALS<QUEST ARTIFACTS I am losing is ridiculous receiving the amount of 1 win per day is totally screwing me and 47 other players.....................
  15. Sadly I only see us having to wait till maintenance which is utter BS, 48 people are currently affected by this that we know of. A server reset would only take a very short time to remedy but of course it's easier to just ignore it and screw us 48 outta Evergale and the rewards. Day2 for a nice FU
  16. What a crock of BS, Reply GM Baerath (Aion) Jun 2, 07:22 PDT Hi again, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused you. Upon further investigation, I have confirmed that the Development team is currently looking into this and working towards a possible fix. I'm sorry to say this, but the provided rewards are the only ones that we can offer for now as a workaround for this case. I certainly understand that those were not much, but we can only ask for your patience as we work to fix this issue. For now, any information or update about this will be made
  17. I have played since beta, this is total rubbish what has been done to the eye rewards a 2000% increase is just a big F-U to the players. I too join those with canceling my Prestige, guess it's the only they will get the message.
  18. @Hime Ty for the update, but seriously if you casual farm youll get 10 omegas for many many hours of farming gg NC
  19. Look a lot of us just want an idea of what these rewards are gonna cost. I know it's my choice in game what to do but I want to know if I am wasting my time in the eye and if it's better spent elsewhere. Please, give the Community an answer.
  20. I agree too many are Afking in EG but saying it's a bunch of Generals is Bs. I know of 1 or 2 that afk all the time but until it's fixed or some remedy found not a lot we can do. I do Eg every evening and over and over it's the same afker's sometimes more then half the alliance and it's not at the end or when we are losing by a large margin it's from the start. It needs to be addressed with more the a memo saying it's not fair to your fellow player.
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