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  1. Wrong Season End Date

    You should have seen this coming, and burned the cd's anyway. Why should they 'fix' anything?
  2. @Cyan, harmony/disci season issue

    The way I see it, we've known for a month now the day the last season would end, and that AoD and Harmony reset on Mondays. If someone chose to use their cd's at the beginning of the week to gain an advantage, or to follow other people trying to get ahead, then it shouldn't be a contenscious issue that the following season those that waited to use their cd's get an advantage. You've had the information and chose what you wanted to do, you chose advantage last season for disadvantage this one. You shouldn't have it both ways.
  3. Event Items

    I think an apology is due with regards to the original context of this post. With all the exp needed to upgrade enchantment stones I think a lot of people will appreciate the exp boost granted by Berdin Star's.
  4. Thanks for sharing! Does anyone know definitively if WoW is still a group buff? Or is it chanter only?
  5. Kromede's Revenge Event Reward List

    All in all, a solid rewards list (drop rate dependant). Thank you.
  6. Competition Ranking

    It seems as though this will be just another of many Aion-trolling-it's-player-base things. No feedback, no solution, no reason = less people willing to stick around. Thanks for making it easier for me to move to Bless.