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  1. They would’ve announced it. “I think” isn’t a good source. Where did you hear this from? From the team themselves?
  2. Gear up then, run PFHM, IDDHM etc. Get better gear then them, out Dps them and become a threat. That simple, if they’re out dpsing you get better gear so you can out dps them.
  3. You’re crying over how One has taken over. Do something about it then. Form earlier than they do and take it. If the server doesn’t want it then let it be. If they beat you then the beat you. Start alerting your legion or faction that the wb is up. Form and then dps it. If One Legion out dps you then they out dps you. Remember no one owns WB’s. Plus how can they make it spawn per server? Demaha and Katalam are cross-server locations. Doesn’t make any sense at all.
  4. Or how about stop complaining? Form and try to out dps them. No one is stopping you from forming and trying to take it. If they out dps you then they out dps you. If they have more people than you, oh well. Stop crying.
  5. Yea it’s only 30 days. Said on the announcement when they had it up
  6. Calm down lol jeez. It’s a day 30 day mount. They’re fixing it, calm your tits. If I someone acted like this, like a child, I wouldn’t want to help them. Just be patient. Everything has been messed up lately because of this patch. So calm down and wait jeez.
  7. I'm sure people will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I read in the eu patch notes (could be KR) that they will be implementing a training room beneath Stellusia in a future update (7.2 or 7.5). I'm too lazy to find it again.
  8. I don't mean to nitpick, but I think the ultimate selection box is for after 6hrs and the legendary box after 4? Seems as though they would go in ascending value, not reverse...
  9. How so? The NPC says that it's sell count resets at specific times of the day. Never says how it's only available once a day. I think people are getting a little too 'bug' crazy calling. Take a look at EU patch notes. The NPC spawns 20-30 min after alter is taken, then is up for 6 hours, down for 6 hours and comes back up for another 6. Maybe do some research before calling everything good a 'bug'.
  10. I'm not sure if it's only our Alter, but we lost a shugo spawn on Alter 9 KT after maintenance. Last night after win we had Legendary Ticket NPC. After reset, none, as though it didn't even exist. Any information you can give us will be nice. Is this 'working as intended'?
  11. That is no longer the case. When I upgraded my ulti T1 staff to T2 the void dragon skill stayed on the weapon. I can't say if the luna wardrobe will conserve the skill with the skin however. I guess someone will have to take the risk and test it. Or we can hope for a concrete answer from the GM's.
  12. The recipes are bought at the Stellium General Goods Manager at the alters. They are priced according to the level of A.F required to craft the stone. Higher level craft ( Veteran) has a (i think) higher chance to proc ulti/legendary stones as well as brokerable etc. Veteran level recipes cost 100 stellium. You will also need Essence Tapping at 100 to farm Titania (1 stellium per 2/3 ores) and a few other mats found either as world drops or from the A.F NPC in Lakrum. Hope this helps
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