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  1. Refering Manastones +9 And +10 Calculations

    What do you mean 'before getting the diminishing return'. It diminishes at the very start, there is no cap. This is the formula 1 divided by (550 + x)/ 550 where x is your stat point. If you are at 1 will, that 1 will is 100% efficient pretty much, at 450 will, it averages out to 50% efficiency.
  2. gj ncsoft

    Ummn Kumuki, we've been getting lots of AP and Spinel medals from that event. I hear Mirash Sanctum you get level 70 AP pieces which you can trade for plenty of AP (like 200k AP), also I don't believe Korea or any other region were bugged for returning player event like we are, so a lot of us can get 2 free temperings from Home coming event. Other characters who could open the twins gift would get an additional 2 temperings and omega. Even more so I hear a good number of people have accounts with level 1's with both the new and returning player support bundle. By the time they get to 65 in 3 hours or less they will get 8 temperings and 2 omega which is a lot. I also hear it's a real grind to farm purification materials as well, you have to be playing hardcore for a week just to have enough for a ring. A lot of competitive players don't even know where to begin farming it, while others who in different time zones to take advantage of siege, ever gale and other instances. I believe that grind is the real problem, not one's ability to +7 a 75 AP accessory piece.
  3. Aethertechs need some love, just saying.
  4. MAssive DC KT-asmo during divine siege, no rewards

    Asmodians in Danaria as well. Elyos from either servers shouldn't own those fortresses, we should! THIS IS NOT FAIR!