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  1. Thing is people using everything including their freedom to hurt everyone as long as they get what they want. I think China today has only communism in name now. They're not doing everything right but their work is really effective. I can safely say that we're being nice right now because someone is policing us. If there's no law everything will be descended into chaos right now. I really don't know where's the line between freedom and dictate. You know even you helped someone to have better life ,comfort ,and listening everything from them they still don't like it simply because t
  2. Completely unrelated to the thread. I think now internet is a scary place. I beginning to lean to authoritarian state like China. Sure freedom is nice but I think people using internet weaponized everything against each other to get what they want. Technology is not the problem but it's us human who made internet so bad. You can say China is so bad whatever you wanted but they are the one that pioneered regulated stuff like gacha, loot boxes, p2w even arrested cheat maker company even covid is not so severe there despite origin in China. Compassion and being nice can't be hu
  3. @Kibbelz What my pm said back 1 month ago doesn't matter now ,what matter is what I'm saying right here. I understand completely if your prime directives are 1.Don't get NCwest in troubles with legal no matter what. 2.Don't answer or confirm anything make very vague this is basic how politicians do. 3.Damage control give out some info only when people demanded. I'm not saying other companies didn't do this in fact I think it's basically practice but there're some company proved to be better than that. Maybe because they using their love their passion of the game instead profi
  4. @Kibbelz I was really believed you were kind and really want to helping Aion community. But after you didn't answer my pm for a month you're not even have read it I can't really believed in what you said anymore. You can put sweet words all you wanted but your action speak it for truth self. No matter this action is from your behaviour or instructed by your superior it doesn't matter because you choose to do it. I believed that NCwest and NCsoft needs to reform if they can't it's better to sell this IP to someone else. Well why I even saying this when I fully knowing it's going
  5. There're so many issues beyond cheating such as auto hunt system which shouldn't even be introduced in the first place along with all quests designed to justified auto hunt. Big unfair advantage with p2w the game can't be fun if some elite people can pay for ultimate powers and dominate everyone. Unwilling and not listening anything from both NCwest and NCsoft. It's NCsoft culture organization problem more than individual. Best fate for Aion is NC selling this IP to other company. MMO will not see any day rises from the death as long as the core mechanic of it is p2w. I'd rather play any
  6. Hi no this isn't even a suggestion or even related to Aion. It's just simply discussing generally about MMORPG (I say not Aion because I feel really useless to suggesting anything about it anymore so sorry ) You see I noticed when Aion update there always new gears and new level cap every major patch. I noticed people lost will to farming gears because their gears will useless. No I'm not talking about long term goal or super RNG make getting gears very hard. I'm talking about instead making us farming over and over without stopping. Why don't MMO add contents that let people enjoy their
  7. At this point I can pretty safe to say there's no more high light about 8.0 since it's going to launch in 2 days. Surely 8.0 disappointed to pro-classic like me it failed to address big issue like RNG and transformation. I'm pretty sure now it will continues tradition of 7.0 which started by 6.0. It's clearly NC don't care about player base at least in live version they just want profit. Nothing will change about 8.0 to appearing to classic lovers or bring more players. I guess everyone who currently playing right now will be happy with 8.0 nevertheless it's not better nor worse for them.
  8. I was reading about a rouge SWG server they made their own contents update (At least a new map). I think we should let retail Aion be whatever they want. I'm at very much the point I don't care about what NC do anymore, I just want to play a fun game. It doesn't matter if it's retail or live one. Because even you don't like what they doing what you can do beside raging in forums ? o_O
  9. Hi @Vinley-KT actually the leak isn't fail yet so far because that leak only mentioned 8.0 will introduce passive skills which it did what the leak failed is our expectation because it said in 8.2 it will change from free to play to something like subscribe base. In fact it's NC can change even now who care about successfully Aion when they can do whatever they wanted. Nothing of this made sense but again I think we better stop using reasons with NC it just does whatever it wants.
  10. Where's this information ? Can you give me the source please ? 🤗 What about RNG about daevanion skills +15,stigma +15 etc ? Will they restore sanctum back to before 6.0 with NPCS functioning ? About farming ultimate memory shards that doesn't sound so good... Another thing I'm concerning is auto hunting system ,they going to add contents that you need to do a lot of farming to justify the system. I also wondering about old NPCs in sanctum that got removed will they even come back ?
  11. I don't think there will be any changes to transformation system or RNG. If they willing to addressing them they would done it as highlight of 8.0 already If anyone remembered 6.0 first thing they said is reduce grind of leveling from 5.x. By not doing anything about RNG and transformation made 8.0 quite pointless but then again if we having classic why they would made 2 versions of Aion same ? It's unlikely classic and live will unify (story and gameplay)in near future. Maybe classic will treating as alternate universe with their own story. Well I hope this is wrong because if
  12. I can't say I can get anything from beside it giving me of feeling Sarpan 2.0 + Reuse of Hyperion lol. Transformation and RNG is the key of successful of it. Something needs to be done about it or well I won't have anything to hope for Anyway I won't expect or hype anything about 8.0 until they address about massive RNG and transformation.
  13. Can't say I like magma erupt or fire burst at all because they're simply direct damage skills. I'm prefer any skills that ability to stun slow silence etc now. I'm using meteorite(usable 4x times) as both damage and stun incoming mobs if my ice chain shock combo CD because it has fast cast (1.5 sec cast) and low cd(1 min) ,ice sheet is ok too if u place it between you and coming mobs not when mobs on you lol. But yep in classic there're too many skills I guess the game never intended you to use them all but you only selecting what you need 😮
  14. I won't say much but that's the stigma calculator that I'm using regularly lol. I never use fire burst I guess it's one of horrible stigma and it has no value in broker anyway. No comment about comet fall since I don't even have enough slots for all skills I need. But I want to ask why you suddenly interesting in old patch skills ? 😇
  15. I hope this message would be last about @Valedia-DN after some thoughts and everybody response to my unban idea. I feel like this is a big mistake I admit I proposed something I didn't clearly well know about. I feel everyone get offense by this proposal so yep I want to apology to everybody about it. I'm sorry ☹️ Thank you
  16. I did check my history of posting sorry I can't do fully check and go in deep in every post but there's at least one post I did defended @Valedia-DN I also said @Valedia-DN needs to controlling her post not spam and talk logically. Anyway as I said before I didn't following @Valedia-DN every post. Thank you.
  17. I did read everyone opinions on this. I really have no comment to response since it was true that I don't keep following to read @Valedia-DN posts and probably didn't know how deep this story goes. I just posted this as my acknowledge to everybody comments. Thank you.
  18. I do questioning myself if Aion classic released but with horrible BCM shop(no skins) like we currently have with live. Will it even acceptable for me ? I can tell you 100% NO LOL >.< I'm probably not much happy but surely will be happier than live simply cause I can farm some skins in game from drops and crafting. Perhaps I'll not worry so much now I might just buy a simple house in other Aion now because I just want a tiny garden lol 😛
  19. Hi @Hallo-DN thank you for your reply. Well yes I believed someone told them not to response for whatever reason is. I believed they think if they answering more questions there will be more and more demands maybe just maybe could started revolt among players. As for @Valedia-DN spamming is minor wrong(in my opinion) doing but her aggressive keep increased as people keep taunting her and it getting bigger and bigger to the point she got banned. I think she served for her crime as a ban already and should be allow back. I say this is not a needed action or anyone really miss @Valedia-
  20. No I mean forums actually the more ignore NC made I think a lot of players will get depressing by that too and that will lead to bad things. Sure I used to think it's stupid if someone keep ignore your requesting can potential harm you. Actually it did slowly add up. I just sharing my own experience what happened. It's hard to believe this until you hit this event yourself. Whatever happened in virtual world or real world can affecting your mind. Well I think I'll leave it here I just sharing what I experienced. If you wanna know more about this. You can do extensive research on
  21. Hi @Kibbelz and everybody today I just experienced something really weird in my life I never believed it before I thought it's bullshit but words can really kill someone or save someone life it's no joke o_O Today I was having bad coughs and I thought I'm going to be really sent to hospital but my mom spend hours talking with me encourage me ,repeating love ,talk all good things and then I stop coughing I feel really ok now it's like an event I was going to hospital was a dream. So yep this is real thing don't weaponized your words against someone because you could potential kill the
  22. Thank you so much @Vinley-KT Sorry for bring up a bad story depression is a real problem we trying to solving by talking inside family everyday I even write things on papers and hang it all over my house about how we love each other we must overcome this and don't look much at each other mistake think about the past how happy we were stuff like that. We need to calm each other all time sometime it was me sometime it was others. Everyone trying to solving the problem just not the way I want and sometimes not the way they want. Well actually I listening to last emperor OST right now lo
  23. Well thank you heh 😛 Classic just can't come fast enough oh well @Kibbelz will you please make my skins dream come true ? Please turn on your magic beam.
  24. Same character same place but taking during day time Looks like an elyos on the cloud more than asmo
  25. Hi @Arhangelos-KT thanks for reply 😊 Well right now I have a problem of controlling my emotions from having too much expectations to some people ,I've causing a problem in my family in past couple days ,I trying to control my devil inside me so please don't think too much if I writing something really weird or spamming 😘 and I'm sorry for all aggressively posts I did. Back to Aion topic that's why I'm playing other Aion right now it's just too depressing to play retail. Everything right now is so depressing but I think I'll overcome this. You know it's all bad from p2w madness + covi
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