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  1. I'm sorry for assuming everyone wants to quit then, for me I want Aion ends it's no longer the game I loved at least live version. Anyway I don't see good future to both version. End it is like mercy killing.
  2. To be honest shut down the server would be the most graceful thing that NCwest can give us. I'll thank everyone for doing that including NCwest president and CEO.
  3. I'm going to sing a song for NC(Yep sad song I know) Hello NCsoft have you been silence with us lately ? What's wrong ? Don't pretend Korea HQ can't understand English they can understand us I know. All you need is a little heart to communicate with us We don't have weapons against you. All feeling we got is loving of the game. Why don't you stop gacha and p2w ? All money in the world for what ? for whom ? will it even be enough ? Please NC I'm asking nicely from my heart. Just let go of greedy
  4. It's not really for me FF14 ,Thanks for the suggestion though. It's time to move on but I can't I feel like it's either Aion or quit gaming. That's just so sad.
  5. BDO seems like a heaven to me You playing the game and progressing not from events. Anything not based on FOMO and multiple accounts seem appealing to me. Oh well only if BDO isn't auto run and so much complicated I can't seem learning how to play BDO is there something wrong with me ?
  6. I know we can't put p2w back in jar once opened. Clearly p2w is killing both of retail and classic. I saw we got game guard now it doesn't show that it working for me so I guess it only show itself if you using some kind of hacks ,bots. I see game guard as a goodwill NC willing to do something. I would like to suggest NC to do experiment. Create a new experiment server for live version. This server can be wipe anytime and will not merge so players know their own risk. First thing I ask is do not put any p2w stuff in shop make all enchantments in game farmable from mobs ,quests. Put all
  7. Nothing much I just saved some kinah and brought a new costume and would like to share 😛 Happy Thanksgiving 2021
  8. Lacking of requirement to weave wouldn't be exactly word I would use but yes it has partial correct. I find out I do enjoy playing ranger at 25m more than 15m with 20% attack speed unfortunate that come with 50% more powers too. Maybe I'm kind of elitism here ? and want to increase the gap between people who can and can't weave ? o_O It would be best if the skill is a toggle and remove 50% damage buff which doesn't happened until later patch. I do appreciated all secret movement tactics in game make the game worth learning but I kinda wish it wasn't made for low ping players only
  9. No I'm not talking about Aion classic but rather about Aion 3.0-4.6 era Problem with the game in that era is we gotten too many skills and the game becoming who spams faster skills wins ,it wider the gap between low ping players and high ping so bad because a lot of spamming skills like dead shots and variants for other class and permanent spamable like bestical fury(50% attack speed) they kinda cost the fun of being range hit and run as ranger. In fact I believed skills before 3.0 era minus spamable skills is perfect and new skill should simply be new variant of old skills (yep like 6.0
  10. I agree mostly with @Arhangelos recent posts but I can't follow all posts it's too much to read sorry 😛 I would like to address one thing about leveling slow that even no one give you any credit for that but you actually learned how to play the class and know your class skills that's the biggest reward for leveling slow. This is something that can't be brought unfortunately p2w tainted your effort knowing your class. For anyone who like p2w ,remember this any games that you can p2w with open world pvp will die like this one. You can p2w as much as you want but all your investments wi
  11. If you wanna take a look at the future it's right here. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/124060/south-korean-gaming-studio-ncsoft-stock-price-launch-nft-games-2022 NCsoft will do blockchain games (play NC games and get cryptocurrencies like bitcoin). They don't want to give up p2w but they want people to stay so play to earn is new method. It's going to be messy people will now playing the game for money maybe only 5% out of 100% will make actual profit. Early players will be the one who get the best prize while the rest will be fools (I don't know how the game works but I belie
  12. Hi to be honest I don't see this going to change anything. First stop pay to win way if you don't nothing will change. Second fire all Aion staff including @Loki @Kibbelz @Hime @Gideon sorry but you all did terrible jobs. I'm not in mood to be nice when you all never care and ignore players requests all time. If you think this is unfair look back to all players that you ignored I think you deserved nothing better than fire including your bosses who ordering you behave like this. Third ban all cheaters, AP traders, botters ,hackers their money is dirty taking it your hand just dirty as
  13. At this point if anybody at NCsoft still sane enough. They should discarded whole system only keep Aion assets like skins, maps, animations ,mobs and redesign Aion from ground up. Only thing they need to concern is "NO P2W" no matter how good system designed no matter how it planned or ultimate free stuff for everyone as long as you integrated P2W into the core of the game it will always fail. NCsoft needs to hit themselves in the head and treat most players better than whale fodders. I believed nobody really care about classic or live what we really care is just fair game and no P2W
  14. Please let me breakdown why NCwest is faling so bad in western region. -First NCwest never attempt to understand the diversity of this region. NA is a very diversely region because English language is using as international language we have everyone from everywhere from the globe. NCwest never learn or attempt any understanding different of cultures. -Microtransactions success in China mainly because people were playing games from internet cafe it would be cheaper for them to buy boost in games than spend money and time in internet cafe. -Aion classic was destined to fail in NA from v
  15. Let see if rapidly losing players on their games and their stock continuing falling down would speed up their progress eh ? There're 2 types of people who lying in this world. -First one who tells everybody the false information but they never really believed in what they said they just fool other people and manipulated people to benefit their ways. -Second one who tells lies to themselves often enough even events and things they claimed never happened or existed and they truly believed in their own lies this type is pathetic and twisted reality into their own world. They will keep c
  16. I wondering how you can even sure I'm paying and playing the game when I never even stated or confirmed I was/am doing so ? I'm doing both boycott and criticism, a boycott without voicing out what's the problem are both powerless and useless. If you're not a staff as you claimed ? Who and what giving you powers to decide I can or I can't complain or criticism the company in this thread ? What authority you have here to enforce what people can post or can't ? I suggest you stop protecting wrong actions as well. If NC wrong then they wrong and they deserved to be criticism. If yo
  17. To be honest nobody can verify your claim whatever you're a staff member or just a normal player. I believed words are the most basic deceiving act I believed only action and result only matter. It's like NC keep telling you all good stuff they investigating ,working ,sending information but no end result you can really see. https://www.reuters.com/companies/036570.KS If this doesn't tell what's wrong with NCsoft then nothing will perhaps only death can ? Even you're just a player your response helps nothing but keep NCsoft wrong way being wrong. And lastly why you redire
  18. I getting tried of if you don't like just leave don't complain or their games their rules philosophy. It's mean you acknowledged those as problems but you just simply don't care. This elite attitude is what ruining your classic aion because you telling everyone who criticism your beloved company shut up and leave. Don't you see what happening ? Everyone is doing what exactly what you told they leaving. Then I don't even know why you even crying about your game dying when you never listen to anyone who pointed out what's the problem. But yeah if your ultimate goal is not saving the game bu
  19. The problem wasn't patch doesn't come out fast enough but rather all boosting stuff that NCwest giving to premium users such as candies(converting to kinah), coins, exp ap boost, AP trading even selling loot right causing all of this. What you suppose to play classic aion for ? When you can buy everything already and became a god ? Even we have 1.5 now it will be a repeating circle. Oh someone will have a wonderful idea and suggest then we removed enchantment limit to no limit and introduce omega stones from 4.x ,add stigma enchantment even transformation system. Well if you really thinki
  20. I'm sorry for my wrong assumption. Still I believed first thing NCwest should do after cleaned the mess is becoming independent from NCKorea. NCKorea still the parent company of NCwest but NCwest can act without waiting permission from NCKorea. If this doesn't happened there's no hope for Aion or any future games from NC no matter how promising it's. Right now I have more hope on private servers on developing on custom version and they willing to listen to players more.
  21. I can't fully blame NCwest on bot part since they're really hard to deal with those bots are automate system(auto make accounts,make char,autoplay) ,I believed to prevent bot it needs to be deal with at making account process (human verify new account instead you can make one instantly) Either way NCwest needs full power to act independently ,you don't let someone who doesn't even know what situation going on from Korea make decision for NA. NCwest independent is not even an option but NC Korea needs to give them if they want this region to making meaningful income.
  22. I read the comment and I feel you directed at me even you didn't quote me. Yes I'd rather to be negative if the game I loved changing into something more enjoyable than being stupid optimistic and the game dead. I never claimed I speak for everyone or anyone ,why you put something I didn't speak out into my mouth. And again people like you contributed nothing but made everything wrong action keeping being wrong. Honestly I would say if you don't like my opinions just leave don't read it don't comment it. Move along. And lastly drama over a videogame. Your stupid videogames indust
  23. For me this ban wave does not change my mind ,the main problem is as long as NCwest can't act independently from NCsoft(Korea). This shit will keep coming back and ruining every attempt try to make game better. NCsoft needs to trust NCwest to let they do things and make decision by themselves and most importantly NCwest needs to believe NA player opinions and problems seriously not asking NC(Korea) what to do and expected the shit will fixed by itself. If NA players asking for more skins then give them not asking Korea if you should give them or not. If NA players don't want p2w
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