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  1. Aion Patch Destroyed YEARS of Creation and The Universe

    To add on, I would understand why u r pissed at them removing a 1000 quests if you did not mention and I quote Because like I mentioned in my post above you already did them and there is no way to repeat them unless u had an alt. The only thing I believe people would be pissed off by is if they didn't have time to finish all these quests that were being wipe to get said titles. Or were working on getting a title such as the one I have here https://imgur.com/5ENR85k , which I believe many people work on but not a lot achieve it by this patch.
  2. Aion Patch Destroyed YEARS of Creation and The Universe

    Ok. I mean if you've done the quest before and its gone then so be it, its gone. Its not like you can repeat the said quest so why even complain about it? I understand broker only moves kinah but look you still get kinah for yourself. How about stop caring about something you can't handle which only NCsoft can handle for now? About the PvP part, i'll be real honest how often are you even killed in lakrum? Because I've just been farming for close to 5 hours? And I've only died like 4 times? And ever heard of a kisk? Yea I put this thing called a kisk very close to my farm spot so I don't have to teleport and run back to said location. If you don't have any alts, why are you even talking/complaining about campaign quests not to mention quests in general like above? Its not like you ever experienced them again since you only have your one and only chanter. (Here i'm gonna quote your original posts below) Like look, if you've done it you've done it, like I mentioned above, you can't repeat quests unless you have an alt. If you had alts maybe I can understand why your complaining but the thing is you don't have alts. May I know how often you actually step foot into these maps? Verteron, Eltnen, Theobomos? Once everyday? Once a week? Once a month? And brother, if I like the leveling process, I would have played a game like maplestory where the level cap is 250 if i'm not wrong. Different rpg games have different objectives set by the developers. Unfortunately Aion now is a game where the developers want you to get to end game quick and start doing end game stuff like gearing. Remember back in 5.0 when people started quitting cause of how hard it is to reach level 75? I literally only hit 75 like 2 months before patch 6.2. So to actually say that we all play rpg games to enjoy the leveling process and that that is the point of an rpg game is untrue. "An rpg works in a reward-for-effort mechanic" Damn I would totally like it if you told the people complaining about enchanting that to their face. "now you can't do anything else but one path" Now this is actually untrue because you can, and I repeat you can decide to just gear yourself in 1 type of gear. PvP or PvE. I literally have legion mates who just log in to spam PvE not kidding, yea maybe there isn't as much PvE instances as before but they still just PvE only. They don't even bother getting the PvP gear. "You can't farm kinah, you can't trade anything" For now my dear brother. Use the broker, stop worrying about what you nor I cannot fix aka the fact that broker only moves kinah. "basically the only way of getting equipment is doing instas" I don't know about you, but I think this is good, because if people want to actually progress PvE wise, they have to farm their gear themselves. Not buy it off someone and then go to maybe FM or BoS and hurr durr spend half the time dead on the floor or wiping their whole group because they bought gear and have no idea how to actually do the instance. "which have a fixed number of entries per week" You raise this point but you fail to realise that since 4.0 or even prior because I didn't play pre 4.0, everything already had a fixed number of entries per week. "fixed probability of the drops. Apply a bit of statistics and you will realize that every char has the same expected value of time for getting his full equipment." Same expected time. Therefore everyone is equal. Is that not good? Again as I've repeated many times above, this is something neither you nor I can fix so how about just use the broker for now and just care about yourself instead of the server. Were you one of those guys in 5.8 who actually ran around with no scrolls?
  3. Can't Craft for Alts

  4. I don't think NCwest can do anything about your voice pack problem? lol
  5. Aion Patch Destroyed YEARS of Creation and The Universe

    Lets break it down Low level quests (Basically no worthy rewards hence only few people like yourself will bother) Killing bosses for kinah (Don't we have that in lakrum now? Besides cygnea wasn't exactly a no PvP zone. If you had played in 4.8 you will realise that groups and alliances fight over bosses on both cygnea and enshar. Yes perhaps it was harder to PvP because map was basically linear (worst map design imo, the elyos shit storm/guard huggers I and many others had to deal with just to get to ORB) with walls and guards at every intersection and also the fact we had to rift) Campaign quests leveling (Haven't we all done that on at least one character. Wot? Unless you mean you repeat the whole process on alts knowing there are better ways to level? Yes I know for story sake but dun u get bored reading the same story over and over?) Lakrum and iluma looks like crap (Nani? Ok, if it looks like crap to u I guess it is since its a matter of perspective. But imo better map design than enshar/cygnea. Lakrum may look like crap in your opinion but at least the whole map is much more relevant than kaldor/levinshor/iluma/norsvold put together) Getting to 80 in a day (I'm sorry but what is the point of leveling slowly? You guys complain in other threads that you don't get enough kinah bla bla bla but u dun want to get to end game fast to start farming kinah? Not to mention I also saw some post about taking a week to level. Well forums is a cesspool of contradictions but o well) Quests is just clicking (You guys complain about xforms cause furry hater and run speed but aren't happy when the quest is just clicking. What in the world)
  6. Aion Patch Destroyed YEARS of Creation and The Universe

    Wiped content that were irrelevant to begin with. Besides danaria/katalam wipe in 4.8 I don't see how bad the current map wipe is because in norsvold/iluma there is literally zero point I tell you, to leave the center area of the map because that is where instance entrances are and quests around the map were literally not worth your time doing. (Not gonna mention low level maps because come on, how often do u enter them? Just for bulk essencetapping purpose and leave?) How often do you use the old crafts either in 5.8? Besides alchemy, the mats for armorsmithing/tailoring were hard af to get because no one farms those mats. Plus I would put a guess that you only used alchemy like every 3 months? To bulk craft.
  7. Feedback On 6.2 & Current state of aion

    Lul. Rollback. Classic server. I don't know in what society you live in but a never changing society is nothing short of dystopia.
  8. New Class is coming?

    But what if it is a physical cloth class?
  9. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    Yea he talks about how westerners are not fond of grinding. Which brings to question, at the end of the day is it that the game is too hard? Or is it because of the mind set of westerners.
  10. Please for the love of the game fix this!!!

    Still a whole lot better than everyone else complaining that they can't get ancient +15 to purify.
  11. Forcing players to trade through the broker.

    I LOLed when I read his sentence. TOO REAL BRUH TOO REAL. R U PLAYING IN VR OR SUMTHING!?
  12. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    I don't know delessa, I just seem to love forum PvPing you. Puts a smirk on my face. Second best, science is better. Maybe because you have been sitting on your arse in town all day refraining from zombie grinding to afford some legendary stones besides those from siege/PvP instances and haven't actually been doing anything to experience it yourself (besides wasting ancient enchants) and hence have no other evidence besides math to support you?
  13. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    Well believe what you want then, LUL. Yea I would appreciate if you zombie grind or quit. Been see-ing you just standing around in town complaining here. May I point out the fact there is something called a +2 proc? Well I must be the luckiest person to have 5 pieces purified already then. Its ok, i'll keep the screenshots up in the coming weeks. Glhf continue throwing the ancient stones on your ancient gear and believing that should be the way to +15 it. Perhaps sometimes its a matter of are you doing something right instead of "rng rng".
  14. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    Well, now that you point that out yea sure I guess in your terms not average. I started this patch with 400m and that is on the low side already. I have legion mates who started patch with 9b kinah. Maybe to you 400m is alot but to me 400m isn't alot. Also why are we talking about compensated gear (yea I decided to sacrifice kinah over gear compensation pre patch) here when the whole point i'm trying to show you with the screenshot is that it isn't impossible to +15 items and purify them? Bruh how in rage or tears are you? Can you even read what I typed in the previous post? Here Based on your previous rant. I'm correcting you that ancients are useless past +5 - 10 and from +12 - 15 for purple and above. Which part of my sentence implied that you can reach +10 with ancients on legendary? End of the day what I'm trying to tell you great o veteran who apparently gives NCsoft alot of money unlike me and think they should listen to what you have to say is, don't let the math tilt you. Because its 2.5% doesn't mean its impossible because RNG is RNG. I thought you knew this game was a casino? O and also I forgot to add since i'm addressing your main issues. That just because its 28% with ancient stones on ancient gear past +10 doesn't mean you can't use ancient because +10 is a fail safe you don't drop below it. I mean if you want to waste legendary stones starting at +10 on ancient gear sure go ahead. Also no I didn't use 100 stones to get to +5 legendary. More like a mere 30. And ancient stones are free flow FYI.
  15. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    Refer to the previous post. Untrue. Past +12 for ancient and past +5 - 10/+12 - 15 for purple and above. If you wish to sit on your arse till 6.5 then sure thing. Otherwise its about time to use some legendary stones. Yea I can do math better than Kailor. Math shows that its absurdly low but rng is rng and it seems like the imgur link I linked above is a testament to rng. The game has been filled with rng for a long long time. If your a vet you should understand that you just deal with it.
  16. Please for the love of the game fix this!!!

    I think you don't get it. Enchantment rate is fine.
  17. No Dregion, or forts on weekends

    Not to mention the fact that PvP instances and sieges are important this patch due to purification mats.
  18. No Dregion, or forts on weekends

    Those timings translates to EC 02:00 - 04:00 (Thur, Sun, Mon) 10:00 - 16:00 (Thur, Sun, Mon) Dred 02:00 - 04:00 (Tues, Fri, Mon) 10:00 - 16:00 (Tues, Fri, Mon) ID 02:00 - 04:00 (Wed, Sat, Mon) 10:00 - 16:00 (Wed, Sat, Mon) Sieges 11:00 (Wed, Fri) 08:00 (Sun,Mon) For GMT +8 Timezone. Yes I understand these are NA servers but just so you guys can relate to what Furby is saying. SEA and Aus are gonna have it on hard mode. Not to mention EU. Quick someone put up an EU translated time just so our fellow NA folks can understand. Hope NCwest fixes the timings soon instead of following KR's. Heck, won't more instance pop timings on every single day be beneficial to everyone world wide.
  19. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    Not sure bout germ but I did all that as a f2p, no prestige, no temperings/omegas from previous patch for exchange, didn't attend all sieges/PvP instance timings. So how is enchanting hard?
  20. No Dregion, or forts on weekends

    Because like with every new patch, instance schedules will be like what they are in korea initially. NA has not yet fixed their schedule because well NCwest is NCsoon.
  21. Forcing players to trade through the broker.

    Yea yea continue running out of kinah instead of posting here please.
  22. Forcing players to trade through the broker.

    Plays too much games. Doesn't go to school to study math. Feelsbadman.
  23. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    https://imgur.com/a/1l2rcnZ Continue throwing 100 ancient pvp stones on gear.
  24. Please for the love of the game fix this!!!

    https://imgur.com/a/1l2rcnZ Continue throwing 100 ancient pvp stones on gear.