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  1. Its me Mario. I mean azphelumbra daevas its me Shifatyuki from the dead legion of Sleeping Knights your resident skin whoring forum white knighting potato af priory legend songweaver/former ISIS hyperion bombing raid alliance former/kicker whatever you call it. Patches have come and gone and alas I notice even the post your character threads in the various class forums have gone MIA. I implore you almighty daevas of both sides to post your glorious characters in their awesome skins! Yes skins!


    Skins are the true end game after all and they will be the ultimate weapon against the vicious balaurs! NOT THOSE PIECE OF CRAP +15 T2 ULTIMATE GEAR!

    I have since rerolled from my pepega af 1 trick pony silence burying 30 apm 400 ms ping pleb af songweaver to my chad 300 apm 7 ms ping fbi worthy assassin and now I shall post a screenshot of her!


    Keep the peektures rolling in boys and girls! THE BALAUR WILL FEAR US ALL!

    P.S Cyan and whoever is still alive please don't take this down uwu.

  2. 8 hours ago, Neleth-KT said:

    Which BDO class is good for solo and pve ? Ranger or Witch ?

    Sorry, I can't really answer that 100% as i've only been playing BDO for like 2 months, but i've touched both classes sort of. So far regarding ranger I didn't really know what I was doing pre awakening and as for ranger awakening it sort of becomes more of a melee class. Witch on the other hand is my current boss alt (no instant teleports/quick instant move in BDO to get around places (there is a 1 hour transport from town to town though) so gotta use alts unless you want to run around the entire map), again didn't really know what I was doing pre awakening but it has heals and stuff and awakening skills have cooldowns on them (if you count 3/4 seconds as long) unlike some other classes. Again, end of the day really just try a couple classes and main something you really like because you are going to grind for a very long time (if you are going to grind like mad) no matter how efficient a class is for pve. 

  3. Started playing BDO SEA as they had an event to get the game for free back in april and well i'm also from asia. Its been a blast so far. Been just doing life skilling and ocean content mainly in BDO as i'm trying to remain completely f2p like I did in aion while slowly getting pets off the market to make grinding more efficient. Every week has been updates, minor quality of life/class balancing changes or major updates with new zones/content so far unlike aion doing scheduled maintenance for god knows what.

    I've put off starting BDO back in october 2018 when they had the same event to get the game for free due to aion 6.2 but after a couple of months of 6.2 even BDO's gearing system looks alot less daunting than aion currently. To add on, if your more of a solo player or don't have a lot of time even better as BDO doesn't really have much group content and you can do everything at your own pace. 

    No more sitting around wasting time waiting for members for instances or looking at LFG see-ing all these "must know you" or "gear check"  groups. No more loot ninjas or anything like that. No more do x instance x times and clear all weekly cooldowns and end up getting zero gear upgrades for that week. Finally a proper functioning market in a no trading system and not depending on luna/kibrium for kinah.

    Besides BDO i'm also waiting for Lost Ark. Maybe it might come out in SEA before there is even a western english release.

  4. 1 hour ago, Nyali-DN said:

    Last night I asked this question on LFG but somehow nobody really knew how to reply to it, I got mixed answers. I've noticed that the crafted gear doesn't require enchanting (I hope I'm not wrong on this). Soooo what's the bad thing about the aetherforging gear besides they are missing some stats which the regular one has? Trying to figure out what's the best to do so I can get my PvP stuff going up since I'm actually good on PvE with my legendary set I've been farming. :3

    Yep they don't require enchanting. I guess the bad thing is they need to proc on the ultimate craft otherwise its crap though I might be wrong on the crap part since I just did a 5 minute comparison of the unprocced ultimate vs ancient genesis crystal gear. Then again if you get anything less than proc version you can just break it down for fighting spirit fragments which you need for genesis gear purification so all good. Its a good placeholder gear (a long term one too due to how long its going to take to get full ultimate genesis) I would suggest if you had kinah hoarded from pre 6.2 it might be a good idea to invest in procced ultimate gear.

  5. Its kinda crazy that people mind throwing 100 ancient stone (more like unlimited stone) or more to get to +10 when said stones are pretty useless on any other gear besides ancient grade. You do realise that once you are done with ancient grade (which happens like 46,716,655 AP and 930 fighting spirit fragments later), you are going to be flooded with ancient stones/genesis crystals right? Why do I think people won't try something that in theory should work better? Because as humans, I believe our species are intelligent enough to realise that ancient grade gear is merely the beginning of things (in case you didn't know we still have quite a marathon to run before full ultimate genesis which requires a crap load of legendary stones), and does not warrant the use of legendary stones, a rare commodity at +8 - +10 ancient grade. Please stop destroying my faith in humanity. :D

  6. Do note it takes 46,716,655 AP to purify a full set of ancient +15 to legendary (only counting 1 weapon not taking into account of dual wields or people who want a pvp pvp combine). And about 4x that amount of AP so, 186,866,620 AP to purify a full set of legendary +15 to ultimate. Not to mention fighting spirit fragments required. Crafted ultimate is still a good placeholder against people with compensation ultimate. Having better enchantment rates alone is not going to balance pvp much if you do not have the resources to purify said gear to the next tier to start working on it. Not sure if guard farming for AP is still a thing so your basically looking at pvp instances which if you win gives 364,000 AP, if you lose, gives 182,000 AP. Not counting the AP from sieges and assuming you win all pvp instances which isn't happening. You will need 129 runs for ancient to legendary purification, 514 runs for legendary to ultimate purification. Tell me if the enchant rates aren't intended with relation to the amount of materials required and we should have increased enchant rates now. I think 5 weeks in and people should be waking up to the hard reality and sad truth that the NA population isn't as entitled as the kr population whom ncsoft pays the greatest attention to. So far what have we gotten? More kinah in kinah bundles and xform contract drops from last bosses of instances? They can't even get power shards right mind you (something that is 16,000 kinah for a 1,000 stack in kr and eu). Our reality is that we will probably only see enchant rate changes when 6.5 lands whatever forums may continue screaming at NCS. But even with enchant rate changes in 6.5 forums will still continue screaming at NCS I assure you. Because the 6.5 enchant rate changes technically only make it possible to enchant your ancient gear to +15 with ancient stones due to the 20% increase in rates on ancient gear but doesn't make it anymore easier on legendary gear with a mere 3% increase. At most for the people complaining on forums about the enchant rates now, it will be legendary gear vs ultimate gear in 6.5 compared to the present situation of ancient gear vs ultimate gear, which certainly does not even out pvp very significantly. Ultimately, if you aren't prepared or ain't got time to material grind for kinah now for legendary enchant stones via broker, you aren't going to be on an even playing field for a long long time. 

  7. Keeps dem pet hamsters fed and powering the servers. Gotta thank him.

    3 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    Right. But there is a guy on EK that admits he runs dredg at least 10x each time it is up. It doesn't need to be 100% with cash like that.

    Keeps dem pet hamsters fed and powering the servers. Gotta thank him.

  8. 6 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    I was under the assumption you can just keep resetting dredge. This means while there is no visual stones in the cash shop people can just que up at the same time they que up with their alts and then get lots of stones that way. NA's community that participates in instances is very low so their is a high chance you will get your Alts.

    Not a guaranteed legendary to add on. Siege is your only source of 100% legendary.

  9. Tbh people asking for enchant rate changes will still be asking for them in 6.5. The only thing that changes is the fact you can spam ancient stones on ancient gear up till 15. But onto legendary grade gear its still going to be the same ball game. Unless the western community is easily satisfied with a 3% enchant rate increase like how it is satisfied when NCS finally notices them and replies them with a one liner. Fair pvp is not going to happen anytime soon. Its ancient gear vs ultimate gear now but some people are already on the level of legendary gear vs ultimate gear. What 6.5 is merely going to do is put everyone at legendary vs ultimate gear. End of the day its really still a better option to use crafted ultimate gear for now vs the compensation ultimate bunch. No kinah for crafting? Grind. No kinah to afford legendary stones now to get your legendary/ultimate genesis gear? Grind. Ain't got no time for grinding? Stay ancient in 6.2 and legendary in 6.5. That is the reality. Week 5 of patch 6.2 in NA surely people must have woken up by now and realise NA isn't as entitled a region as korea where devs actually pay attention to. Customer? Lol.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Gwin-DN said:

    Some people are very easy to manipulative. If NCS tells him to sit, roll and pretend to be dead. He will do it. I'm not like that. I am a customer who consumes a product and NCS is a company that sells a product. If the taste is bitter I will complain. There is a limit to what we should accept. In AION there are things that do not depend on Korea to be inserted into the game. Let me give examples.

    The increase in the success rate of an item.

    It is absurd to use 300 stones and not be able to enchant a single item +15 and this does not depend on Korea, but only on the NCSOFT.

    What we customers are complaining about are not absurd or impossible things. 

    We are not asking NCS to do something different in AION from Korea in the source code. OK! I'd like something like transferring kinah between my characters, but I'm not asking for something like that. I am asking for something basic like the rate of enchantment or that transparent transformation is not so expensive.

    Look, these are NCS decisions, not Korea.

    We are asking for adjustment for administrative errors and not for the AION source code.

    Good luck. Wait for 6.5 will probably be NCS' answer for enchantment rates at their discussion with their korean overlords.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Gwin-DN said:

    The only thing NCS did was change the AION 5.8 to 6.2 and translate the game. Now. Tell me you ... What did the community ask and the NCS give to us?

    Point to one, just one. I do not want to be picky. Point out something important that has been answered and I'll shut up.

    We asked to Arena, IDL and give Glory Points. NCS give this to us? No.
    We asked to create an option for you to retain the appearance of your character when you transform. NCS give this to us? No, again.
    We asked for the enchantment rate to be better. NCS give this to us? No
    We requested that the standard speed of walking or running of the character (Speed) be changed to the value of the old Scroll. NCS give this to us? No.

    We ask event for this update. NCS give this to us? No.

    I can list over 100 items that have been ordered and I affirm (check in forum). Nothing. Absolutely none was answered. Nothing, zero. 

    If you are satisfied with being a pet. If you want to please NCS. Okay, but do it consciously. Read the forum and see for yourself. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was attended to. This is the point.

    Let us be reminded that some of the things being asked for are not present in the original 6.2 kr patch. That is why it will never be delivered. Sad truth but its a reality that some must accept.