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  1. No, ncsoft should just keep the kinah limit on. The kinah limit has been there for ages so don't say that no one knew. Why have you been hoarding supplements, that I would not know but I sure as heck know that information about 6.0 or 6.2 has been out for ages as well now even before there was a 6.0 info thread started on the forums. Why should those better informed about supplements becoming useless in 6.x and have been getting rid of them early on be put at a disadvantage now to hoarders like you who for some reason has been farming 100s of supplement bags from cradle or wherever and then now asking for kinah limit to be removed. I'm sorry if it looks like i'm ranting but i've seen too many of such forum posts to continue ignoring it. The world isn't fair so suck it up the kinah limit is staying. If ncsoft decided to remove the kinah limit sooner or later people might as well be saying that their level 4 sheba is now bad cause of the minion skill changes and they want a minion box as compensation to pick another level 4 minion of their choice cause they sunk loads of effort into it.

    If we were one of the first regions of aion to get 6.x then yes perhaps it would be a good move to remove kinah limit but currently we are like the last region to get the patch so tldr no we shouldn't remove the kinah limit.

  2. 14 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    You mean while the thing is BUGGED. Let's not act like this is some lovely gift. Some people have unlimited access to GP, AP, arena tokens and Glory Tickets. Having that stupid AP to GP mob up for a day totally messed with the rankings. Imagine what 5 or 6 days of this arena bug will do? Totally game breaking.

    Back to bugs..

    1. There were no Coalition buffs available for the Divine siege. Is this intended?

    2. BoS doesn't appear to be dropping the items to purify the Harvester's and Apollon's sets.

    3. Dredg and Evergale are the only PvP instances that are dropping soulstones to purify our abyss sets. Is that intended? I mean.. the Soulstone for the armor is -called- the Ironwall Commander's Soulstone (or something like that). Wouldn't it make sense if they dropped from the Iron Wall instance?

    Yes to answer your point 3 in the database you can only obtain soulstones from divine siege/frozen monolith/evergale/dredge. If you are looking for a specific soulstone like me whose rushing for weapon purification for now you can only exchange your armor soulstones for 50 grey wolf marks and buy the rng soulstone box at 60 grey wolf marks to gamble for weapon soulstone. Therefore, I suppose it is intended since korean game has to cater to korean grindfest.

  3. 1 minute ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

    I can understand putting a limit on glory entries while they have unlimited chaos/discipline/harmony entries going on. I have so many of those tickets now just from today alone. : x One entry is too little, but still.

    The thing is this is not intended is it? Cause I just saw MechEagle entering glory like four times on stream.

  4. 19 hours ago, Vessttemona-KT said:

    I do not know if this change in the number of entries to the arenas was planned, but now discipline, harmony and chaos have unlimited entries and chaos has only one entry and there is no information in the patch note.


    You mean arena of glory only has one entry? I'm having the same problem, 12 hour cooldown after entering one round of glory even though I have 20 over glory tickets in inventory.