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  1. 6 hours ago, Mirei-KT said:

    It is just silly to have people who finish Nergal in under 2 minutes, but can't move on to PF/IDD due to losing rolls or their gear pieces not dropping...and thus sit there twisting their thumbs for the rest of the week.

    Wait, your telling me there are players who finish Nergal in under 2 minutes (I assume they have compensation gear) and your telling me these guys can't do/move on to PF/IDD with said compensation gear that can finish Nergal in under 2 minutes when there is already a video out there where some guys from ek server (probably in ancients and a couple legendaries) finished PF?

    1 hour ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    Hmm, interesting. I got a ffa legendary plate piece last night in FM and ended up DE-ing it. I'll remember to vendor those instead in the future. Thanks for the tip.

    Never ever DE PvE gear, from my own experience, your never ever going to run out of manastone fasteners, in fact you will be flooded with them.

    7 minutes ago, Adriel-EK said:

    This is another stupid thing. Why only one person is rewarded for a 2 group effort in finishing. This kind of decisions of the devs are stupid. It should drop a chest for each person that helped/worked to get the thing done.

    Yea I agree, they should make it like Infinity Shard.

  2. All this wall of text. Isn't it simpler to just gp wipe everyone to 0 and make it such that only sieges give gp? Maybe new players (I doubt there is any) will have the same complains as you guys in a couple weeks/months to come that they can't keep up with only sieges. So we just gp wipe every month or two :D?

  3. 6 minutes ago, Arxaggelos-KT said:

    GREAT NEWS EVERYONE.... it seems listing fee was 4% and now it is about 2,3%. I am more than sure it was 4% because I am a brokerer myself.

    @Alaska-KT @HelliosRed-KT @2s3004E2-DN @Neberius-KT @Tease-DN @Aieryn-DN @Pyxy-KT @Kailor-DN@Azzmaria-KT and everyone else that agreed on this. It seems we won this by a little.

    And lets face the facts, we just got a broker listing fee reduction. It is not 4% anymore, it is 2,3%, not the best but it is still something.

    Are you sure that has anything to do with yesterday's patch at all? Because i've been enjoying 2.2% listing fee since 6.2 launch. Might be due to that tax thing at the influence ratio? Not really sure how that works.

  4. 1 minute ago, Delessa-DN said:

    If you think any company will ignore additional revenue because "they get most of it from location X" then I really have nothing to reply to that.


    Well we'll see in time to come.

    O and I highly doubt most of their additional revenue from NA/EU even comes from you prestige pass holders. They most likely come from a certain number of whales.

  5. Just now, Delessa-DN said:

    No actually, our wallets will do the talking as will our complaints.

    You remember when NC resorted to giving out full sets of C2 gear shortly after 3.0 because the gear disparity was too high, no one could play and were quitting in droves?

    If you do then you should realize that complaints are effective. If you weren't around then you just learned something.

    The other day though I learnt something too. That ncsoft gets about 75% of their revenue off korea and not NA/EU. If you think just because a couple of you are going to withdraw from buying that prestige pass or something and that your wallets will do the talking jokes on you.

  6. 11 minutes ago, Delessa-DN said:

    You are suggesting people change their behavior overnight.

    That 2 transform parties ran into our town to kill AFK players last night says differently. They're so bored they can't find ungeared players to kill they resort to running into guards to kill ungeared players.

    Well, if you don't change your mindset your forever going to be undergeared. Sure maybe it is just me but muricans sure hate grinding eh? These players don't know what to do with their time not to mention those afkers.

    Continue waiting for an event to gear you.

  7. 3 hours ago, Kailor-DN said:

    We did, the grocery store in my town took to charging 4.25 for a gallon of milk. 90% of us stopped buying milk until they lowered the price to under 3.00 per gallon. Price hasn't gone back up, they don't want a shelf full of spoiled milk and customers driving the 30 miles to the next town to shop. Same with hamburger here, was 4.98/lb, no one bought it, now it's back to 2.99/lb where it should be.

    Works great, as far as I'm concerned, don't pay for it if it's too much and, if enough people stop buying things that are too expensive, the price comes down, or they sell an alternative that does the same thing for a price people will pay.

    O right u live in a town. But unfortunately for you things work differently in a city. And Aion is like a city although yea sure the population is like that of a town.

  8. 4 hours ago, Kailor-DN said:

    No, it's the system's fault and sheeples fault for going along. Just as if a store charges too much for an item - keep buying it anyway, the price stays high or goes up even more, stop buying it and the price comes down.

    Hey why don't u try that next time irl? When food prices go up stop buying them and starve urself.

  9. 1 hour ago, Delessa-DN said:

    This is patently incorrect.

    Back in 3.0 a 50 ABG set was enough to kill anyone, that was 1.5 gear.

    Back in 4.0 an EC set was enough to kill anyone, that was 3.0.

    Back in 5.0-5.8 a 2* set was enough to kill anyone, that was 4.2.

    You could pick the game up 2 years later and so long as you had relatively good gear before, (basically +15 and composites) you could still play on even footing.

    This patch is the sole exception to the rule because NC was simply too lazy to smack on the new stats to old gear. if they had, this patch would have been just fine. Frankly I simply don't understand why they didn't bother updating the old gear instead to the new system. It wouldn't have been hard and they have made sub level 75 gear using the new system (DD drops for example are level 60 and give 2.5k attack/up to 250 at +15). This alone would have made old gear useful; inferior to max new gear? Yes.


    None the less compensated gear is more than enough. Critical damage is a gimmick and not essential. No class revolves around criticals to deal damage, they didn't before, that isn't going to change now. Assassin was the only one that "borderline" relied on critical hits to do damage.

    Geared players in this game have always avoided other geared players, as such it's not like there is actually motivation for ultimate set players to get the genesis crystal gear usually. They're in god mode as it is against their preferred opponents and they'll simply AFK/quit when actual opposition shows up - as they always have. So no goal isn't exactly a stretch.

    Times have changed veteran time to move on. Just because you might have once been a geared player and you have always avoided other geared players, doesn't mean it applies to every other geared player. Hence no goal is untrue.

    Guy above just corrected you on the 5.0 - 5.8 part so i'm just gonna leave this here, hope you wake up from your nostalgic dream ya?

  10. 27 minutes ago, Delessa-DN said:

    I guess they want to close down like they did CoH maybe. Can't see any other reason why they're simply ignoring all the complaints - which are legitimate.

    Against 90% of the players it will be more than enough.

    IF people even stay around with current RNG it will be months if not years before they can even get to ultimate. In the mean time with compensated gear the players are still in god mode. Critical is optional, not mandatory, non critical damage is still very significant.

    Bruh, I understand your still salty about the patch like 3 weeks after patch. But do note that this started off this comment "For those who won a ULTIMATE SET, everything looked good, but make no mistake about it. This person has no goal and will soon be discouraged." Just trying to address the no goal issue you know. I don't really care about fair pvp as much as you do because this is a mmo at the end of the day and if you think you can drop a mmo for a couple of months along the road side, expect to be road killed if you actually came back to try to pick it up off the road. 

  11. No events and no free rewards is good in a sense. This means the team can focus on resolving issues with this patch instead of potential getting flooded with tickets from bugs or issues from events even if they are already in the database from previous years. Patch is just 3 weeks old and we just had an event end last week which hooked most if not all players up with an ancient xform correct or incorrect for their class. Movement speed issue is technically settled even if atk spd/cast spd is not. We do not want another repeat of 5.x where free harvester gear was literally given out just mere weeks after patch which meant there was literally no point whatsoever to do BoS. People are still struggling to even get FM/BoS done in the current patch not to mention PF or IDD. Free PvE gear (cough i'm looking at you ultimate PvE gear) would mean the playerbase would just most likely sit on their arse all day in town. As if most people aren't already doing that. PvP wise sure, would be nice if an event gave more enchant stones but I would really rather have the team be focusing on resolving issues with the patch first.

  12. 6 hours ago, Cyan said:

    I never said there was going to be a new event, I said there was going to be a "better version" of the monthly preview coming soon.

    Also the Kinah amount for the Shards will be discussed. You've made it very clear already the price is too high, and we will work to get it in line with other regions. I'll just give a friendly reminder here that posting on the forums should be constructive and civil so please keep this in mind when reply because I have already removed a few comments from this thread.

    Thank you!

    Thanks again for the hard work cyan. Hoping that the kinah amount for the shards can be ironed out right before maintenance and maybe launched with this minor patch. But I guess i'm being too hopeful. Thank god there is no event, hoping that the resources of the NA aion team can be directed towards the various issues stated out by the players, most important of which is the kinah gain issue since kinah gain is currently now < kinah sink. Hopefully we'll get minor patches every other week to make the quality of life better.

  13. 6 minutes ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    Fyi, it's possible to play Aion for fun and also care about the community and game all at the same time. Also, you should care about the community and direction the devs are heading with the game if you want the entertainment to last.

    Sure you're halfway across the world, but you should still consistently be seeing players playing from your timezone. That's the community you interact with and you should care about them and how satisfied they are with the game at least.

    You claim to have little free time. But I see that you not only have time to farm on your main but your "main alt" and you also comment/white knighting on the forums all day as if you were a Community Manager. So it seems to me you spend a lot more time on Aion+Aion forums than the avg. player. gtfo with the "little free time" BS.

    Fyi, Aion's population dropped drastically since around 4.8 when Katalam/Danaria were removed. Most of the players who were unsatisfied with the game have already quit. Add those players with the number of players still playing now that aren't happy with "new Aion" and I'd bet we would be the majority. NCSoft is fortunate to have players like you who bend over time and again and tell them how much you love it, regardless of whatever idiotic changes they've made. But excuse those of us that can spot BS and are pointing it out.


    lol..The guy who doesn't care about the game+community telling those who do care about the game+community to quit.

    As for why veterans come back to try the game again from time to time? Not sure if you were aware, but games can change for better or worse you know. That's what patches are all about.

    You're still not understanding the true issue here. I and other posters have already brought up Aion 4.0 as an example of a time when the difference between players in casual gear (BM gear) wasn't too far off from max gear (65 Aug 2). If in 6.5, 10 pieces of legendary gear is casual gear, but max gear is still ultimate, gear disparity will still be rubbish because ultimate smashes on legendary. People are complaining for good reason..stop using hyperbole like Aly and telling everyone they're "crying" when they're not.

    O hey, your back. Haven't quitted yet? Sigh.

    O and i'm not sure if you've heard of the thing known as clearing leave in your society but that is a thing here. Its close to year end after all.

  14. 1 hour ago, Kailor-DN said:

    You loose XP if you don't heal at the soul healer, not much choice. Dying shouldn't nullify XP but it does, always has so, pay the soul healer. One of many senseless kinah sinks. Over 1k to fly or teleport within a region - KINAH SINK but, now they tool our speed so, unless you want to run for an hour and do nothing else, you have to pay it. Unless you pay cash, the game is designed to leave you broke and, having 1K is BROKE, can't even teleport for that.

    Bruh, if you actually got ganked and died a PvP death, soul healing is only 1 kinah. Unless you've been ganked by mobs? LUL

  15. 1 hour ago, Kailor-DN said:

    Math, already 14.14% to get the item on the broker, then add 13.4% TAX on sale, that's 27.54% LOSS, round to 30% loss so that 18000000 thing I wanted to sell would actually have to sell for 23400000 for me to net 18000000 out of it and that isn't happening. 

    U my friend, need to go to school.

    Because even though tats how u think it works, clearly tats not how it works. Not only do u have a problem at math I think you have a problem at reading too.

  16. 12 minutes ago, Acheillies-KT said:

    Only reason i want 5 star is yes, for xform, for not only siege but pvp. i Also think they should change the times of seiges, i mean so late during the week, but so early during the weekends? O.o where's the logic in that, most have to go to work/school. But Friday nights are so boring, and saturday's after sieges, there's nothing to keep the general population on.
    Sunday's Divine siege is a joke rofl, think we spent 30 minutes forming alliances, and had siege done within 15 min...

    I get farming is the "thing" to do now, but you are killing your pvp players... who H A T E farming, and when they log on, and see no pvp, or anything to "drive" them to want to farm and better themselves, then everyone is just gonna log, (like we do) and go spend money elsewhere (renting movies cuz we're bored..>.>) My wife and i were big NCoin buyers, and sold alot of items to those who dont buy coin for kinah, but you have also killed that. only way now to get bcm items, is to buy them with coin.. kinah not being tradeable, well, i just dont understand that, that doesnt fix a broken market, makes it worse. Yes, kudos for coming out with the new kinah, to fix it, but make it tradeable. Not only are individuals struggling, but i have mentioned this before in a previous post, Legions are struggling too.. To now rank up from rank 6 to rank 7 is nearly 76m. for new and returning players, wanting to form legions and grow, this is almost impossible, as it's all on the BG to lvl the legion. Im sorry, i spent 36m kinah to go from 5-6 but tryin to increase my aetherforging, my gear, and everything else, we need the support of our legion mates who want to help raise the legion.. At least let them put it in the legion warehouse, and that kinah can only be spent legion activities. and not withdrawn.. or something...


    Just gonna leave that there.

    Guess that is why people are so concerned about their rank. @Cyan might want to suggest to the team that xforms can only be used in the area around the fortresses and no where else. We don't need griefers who only know how to pvp when they are xformed.

  17. Do u even math.

    FYI maybe the taxes are affected by something I don't know, but yea sure it isn't the exact same as 13.4% which I have mentioned. But by taking that number that you nicely circled in red ((2,120,976) + (424,188))/18,000,000 = 0.141398 which is 14.14% yes. I'm an asian from asia not murica so you can trust me. I don't know what is that shit your smoking but it sure is good if you can pull 13.4% out of no where and get 27.54%.