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  1. 21 minutes ago, Mirelium-KT said:

    Oh, didn't think about that. My bad. since i had my stigmas +9 since 5.8 i didn't considered that part. But still. there are ways to get stigmas in game, and eventually to get 6 of them to  +9 stigmas. Yeah it will take a bit more time... It is one of the downsides of being on a new server where some items are on limited availability. It's not like NCWest is gonna make a special BCM for EK... It's not fair for those pure f2p players but again NCwest is a business after all. A solution would be making those Stigma enhancement brokerable... i'm pretty sure that would help a little. May I will test a week with only 6 stigmas, see how it goes. Currently i doubt that's a major advantage, but who knows, maybe it is and i am too privileged to notice it. 

    No I was being sarcastic if you couldn't tell. The additional stigma slots are not game breaking.

  2. 21 minutes ago, Mirelium-KT said:

    That's my point. Trust me Even as a 4 star, your chances of getting higher, to advance are close to 0. I don't want ppl to stop playing in order for me to advance. That means the population is decreasing. Who in their right mind would want that. I don't want in 2-3 month from now to log in the game and see there is no one around to play with LOL. I want to progress in rank. That's the hole point, it's just another goal i have in the game along others. If you know what i mean. 


    Lot's of Love

    Just because they stop sieging or aren't sieging enough doesn't mean the population is dropping you know.

  3. 1 minute ago, Mirelium-KT said:

    Well thank you for the update, however that means 0 for me personally, and for every elyos on KT :)))))) 120 gp for fail and 150-200 GP for winning... As I said GG NCFail. 

    From where I am to get to 5 star I need 130k GP... that is IMPOSSIBLE! so... 
    And please don't tell me GP is useless... rank is useless etc. I'm not a beginner. However, for me growing in rank is as important as getting geared, or getting better at doing instances, or leading or whatever other goal you may think of.
    @Shirayuki-DN I agree with you on the GP from siege part. I don't have a problem with that. However, the current GP was gained as you said from PVP instances, and we are talking about 10k-30k GP a week. How is anyone suppose to catch up with that gap now? Again, speaking from the perspective of someone who actually has a some sort of a guity pleasure in being better ranked. (I know is stupid, but i never said i wasn't stupid LOL). They should at least keep the old GP rewards from previous patch, just give those who are interested the possibility to advance. Keep the hope alive.


    Lot's of Love

    If you are truly concerned about rank, in a couple weeks, those 5 stars with 130k GP, if they are inactive in sieging will simply fall off the ranks. You will only need to have the bare minimum gp of 5210 to enter 5 star rank if there isn't enough people to fill the 100th slot. I mean yea there probably isn't any way u could catch up if those people are active with sieging or not to mention the 4 stars just right behind them. NCwest should have done a gp wipe this patch.

  4. 3 hours ago, Pylinaer-KT said:


    Exchange: https://aioncodex.com/us/item/110350081/

    Upgraded: https://aioncodex.com/us/item/110350073/


    Exchange: https://aioncodex.com/us/item/110350077/

    Dungeon: https://aioncodex.com/us/item/110350059/


    Difference? Upgraded and Dungeon have a chance to have the 4 random bonuses higher (or lower). Exchange gear is middle of the road current end game gear.

    So how is it garbage again?

    Exchange gear lacks crit. Wouldn't call it garbage though. But it definitely is as capa said. "Everyone needs the new upgraded set. Anyone who has compensation gear and thinks that the game is seen & done is smoking the good shit."

  5. 22 minutes ago, Robotica-KT said:

    That is just terrible, I know exactly what you mean. There really is no incentive to play. When I log in now, I feel so bored and I don't end up playing for long. I think the days of spending HOURS in game are gone. Which really sucks because it puts me that much more behind everyone else when gearing up. I can't believe that they literally have no good way to get GP. 

    Funny how Cyan said that the required GP to hold onto rank is 800 but yet I seem to have 1450 that I need to get for this week O.o. Needless to say neither is possible in this patch so why not lower to hmmm 50? lol. Once we lose rank there will be no efficient way to gain it back. I can't understand what the point of taking it off EC, Dredge and ID is. They say we will get rewarded for PVP by doing PVP, then where is the GP that is given for PVP? lol. Thanks for sharing Jigen, it was worth the laugh nevertheless xD

    Rank is no longer used for wearing gear, hence rank is not all that important to actually play the game. 5 star rank and above is required to xform which people mainly use at siege hence the reason probably why siege is the only place that gave gp not anything else because who would want a no show xform that just farms their gp off other PvP instances.

  6. I've mentioned in another thread too that this patch is going to be mainly a PvE farming patch. But people laugh it off. Well look at where we are now guys. If some of you think you are going to come back from god knows what patch, roll on DN/KT and start PvPing on equal footing in like 3 weeks of patch without some hard work or credit card swiping, good luck to you. This is a mmorpg let me remind you of that. The moment you leave is the moment you will never catch up without some hard work or credit card swiping. I'll be honest if you guys are really not satisfied with the game then switch games. Never have I switched games before and then come back to a game later. Aion's veteran community is weird af in the sense they actually pick up a game that they have tossed by the roadside before. If by all means you want to be unsatisfied and threaten us with leaving, I truly suggest leaving instead, but just don't come back to the game in 6.5 and see everyone in at least 10 pieces of genesis crystal legendary gear and then start crying all over again instead. Its annoying af to see.

  7. 2 hours ago, Mirelium-KT said:

    This is not the first time someone say "if you fail you're doing it wrong". Can you please explain for the rest of us who are noobs how should you +15 a legendary? or even an ancient for that matter. 
    Because from experience i can tell you this. NOTHING WORKS. 

    you can throw what you want in what order you want the end result is the same. Yes MAYBE you will get one piece to +15 ancient or one piece to +15 Legendary, but... you know you have 14 pieces of gear. 

    I have tried everything possible:

    1 using ancient stones until +10, and legendary to +15 (end result after 30 legendary stones +10)
    2 Using Ancient stones until +14 then legendary (end result after 60 ancient and 20 legendary +10)
    3 Enchanting multiple items one at a time, using ancient end result all pieces remained at +10 after over 60 ancients used (no piece went above +13 all good).

    i think i have used roughly 200 Ancients and 200 legendary and only 2 pieces went to ancient +15 (and i know i got lucky, other are still struggling to get the first piece to +15)

    So if you know how to do it, share it with the others, don't be shy.


    Lot's of Love

    PS. I'm not complaining, i'm giving heads up, because if players are not satisfied with a game and don't enjoy it, they will simply stop playing it. IF you think this what should happen... then my friend clearly you don't care about the community and about the game.

    Ancient gear - 0 -12 using ancient stones only 12 - 15 using legendary stones only (Note: some people use ancients up till 13)

    Legendary gear - 0 - 5 using ancient stones only 5 - 10 using legendary stones only 10 - 12 using ancient stones only (u want to land a +2 crit proc here since its only a 5% chance to +1 and unless your super lucky your not going to land 5% +11 5% +12) 12 - 15 using legendary stones only

    Ultimate gear - same as legendary gear 0 - 5 using ancient stones only 5 - 10 using legendary stones only 10 - 12 using ancient stones only (u want to land a +2 crit proc here since its only a 5% chance to +1 and unless your super lucky your not going to land 5% +11 5% +12) 12 - 15 using legendary stones only

    O and of course i've mentioned this before in another thread but people like numbered name up there dismisses it as rng so o well. What we are doing with this method though is conserving as much legendary stones as possible. And yeah you said the right words. Because I simply don't care about the community and about the game, I play this for entertainment and I'm playing half a world across from everyone else why should I spend what little free time I have to bother about a community I rarely see. Its funny you know, you guys who aren't satisfied with the game think you are the almighty majority but when I actually play the game and go about doing stuff it paints a totally different picture you know.

  8. On asmo side its 57 + 36 + 28 + 40 + 42 + 27 + 89+ 56 + 13 + 19 + 42 now (level 76 - 80 all regions)

    52 + 33 + 26 + 39 + 39 + 25 + 86 + 51 + 13 + 17 + 41 (level 80 all regions)

    Still got like 200+ asmos unaccounted for comparing to your figure of 600 + but maybe they went to sleep right after siege *shrug*

    Or rage quit after failing to enchant with legendary stone from siege / quit forever after the previous week.

  9. On 08/11/2018 at 3:05 PM, Falcy-DN said:

    I'm gonna interject a little bit here about the numbers situation on Danaria.

    During the Saturday Lakrum siege(11/3), I ended up counting 650+ Elyos vs 600+ Asmos. These numbers are worthless because there's no way to filter who was participating and who was not. It's just a number at the end of the day.

    Now, during Divine Siege(11/4), I was able to count 309+ Elyos vs 454+ Asmos. That siege only tells me that this specific siege we were outnumbered 1:1.5 
    Unfortunately, I gotta wait until this upcoming Divine Siege to see if those numbers continue to ring true. If it's roughly the same 5 minutes into the siege this week than last week, then sure, I'll admit that it's a numbers situation, but it's more likely to be a turnout problem followed by a gear gap(To an extent, no way I'm gonna try to figure that out)\

    Anyway, I just wanted to say those numbers cause no one posted them here when I posted them in LFG after the fact. 


    28 minutes ago, Falcy-DN said:


    Numbers for Divine Siege today(11/11)
    Asmos had 412 plus or minus (63 + 29 + 24 + 44 + 34 + 23 + 82 + 49 + 12 + 13 + 39)
    Elyos had 281 plus or minus.   (39 + 19 + 27 + 24 + 25 + 20 + 50 + 31 + 8 + 6 + 32)

    Elyos were outnumbered 1:1.68

    That is all for today. 


    So, is it a turn out problem? How many people do you have in lakrum now?

  10. 5 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    What does +15 PvE gear do against another player? Do you even get extra stats from enchanting now other then the new pve atk/def?

    Thats pretty much all u get but kailor doesn't understand so welp. And I had to mention ultimate grade cause I think he thought legendary grade was max.

  11. 9 minutes ago, Kailor-DN said:

    winning means having the best gear, the best skill, the best pet, best mount, having or being the best EVERYTHING. Otherwise you aren't winning in whatever area you don't have or aren't the best. So yes that includes PvE, PvP, Pet, Mount, Minion, Crafting, etc...

    I don't know why you even bothered replying but ok.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Venere-DN said:

    You know more than me, than when you have a problem and you write to the support, it's not your duty to find a solution, mostly if the error is not yours.

    I think nc support doesn't actually know more than you. Because I once wrote to support and I got replied to by one of their guys from BnS just saying.

  13. 1 hour ago, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    I'm gonna copy pasta myself from another thread:




    Start watching from 15:00...





    RNG in Aion is "just right" -Shirayuki, November 2018


    You know somethings REALLY wrong in Aion when even Aly admits it.

    Well I assume all this complain about rng begins when resources are equally scarce. Ok? If dear mecheagle wants to do things his way of wasting scarce resources like legendary stones at +2 and +10 then that is his problem. He had the resources both real life and in game to stockpile a crap ton of temperings to convert to legendary stones and if he figures that he can just start using them like water its not up to anyone to tell him otherwise. Just like maybe its not my place to express my own opinion on the matter because after all its your equipment, your own gameplay, your own planned usage of enchantment stones. If you want to spam ancient enchants to hit +15 fine by me. if you want to spam legendary stones to hit +15 also fine by me. You do you and i'll do me. End of the day more than likely the rates are going to stay the way they are and you can keep crying about it while I face it. Even if ncwest is gonna change the rates you can be sure it will not be so soon and maybe by then heck you might have even left the game. So what do you want to do now? Complain the game is too hard hence sit in town and do nothing and post on forums? Or play the game?

  14. Well too bad to the folks with compensation legendary then. I did the 2 legendaries without any compensation from tempering/omega.

    Things bite pretty hard this patch since resources are scarce. Proper planning is key. Where to stop using ancients where to start using legendary. What to craft for most efficient fighting spirit farm etc.

    But imo overall things are fine the way they are with enchanting ancient grade gear.