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  1. About bugged faces/eyes after 6.2 patch??? @Cyan

    Everything works fine for me ._.
  2. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    It's a new currency (something like NC) that you use to buy the new daevinion skins, and other utilities You can check this video :
  3. Re-logging System

    I am not sure why nobody talked about this or maybe y'all did and I had no Idea about it but here's the deal: When we disconnected due to "any" reason the time we take to open Aion again, type your cords and wait for the "LAUNCHER" to open and load SO you can log In again that's roughly 2 min for a potato pc like mine. Why can't we just go back to the Log In Screen like before...that will make it A LOT easier for people like me. I got auto kicked a lot of times
  4. Where can I get firm balaur horns?

    I used and I still farming those from BT.
  5. I think there's a vendor In Illuma If you're an ELyos, near the Aetherforger NPC who sells a limited amount of high gatherable mats, you may check it out if you want. I might be wrong but am sure I saw it there.
  6. Starting to use a SW in PvP

    Actually that's a good play so far, plus you're kinda geared for someone who's just learning lol Keep up the good work
  7. Veille's Favors WELP !!

    Already got 2 Veille Spellbook lol at least I'll be going to 6.0 with a VERY RARE Skin Now 2nd will be for sale too If anyone wants it or Trading.
  8. Aion 6.0 - Fan Videos about New update

    I still need to know more about the Transformation thingie, Is it like a perma thing ? you use it as much as you want since you already obtained it or not o_o ?
  9. level 40 [growth] supress the steel rake

    Actually ,just throwing this here, you don't have to run or do the growth quests as they're simply a waste of time !!
  10. Power up Event

  11. Veille's Favors WELP !!

    I guess am blind cause I didn't the see the weap Skins In the BCM !!! are you sure about it ? Edited : Nope, nothing In the BCM about the Veille's Weap Skins RIP !!
  12. Veille's Favors WELP !!

    So...as the title says how are we supposed to get these Items anymore since there's no Gelk / Ing seige anymore ? GM said and I quote "...this is still obtainable in-game." Enlighten this broken wing, stupid Daeva , I KNOW for a fact that THESE Items are ONLY and I mean ONLY obtainable from Ing / Gelk Siege...so anyone knows anything about this ? cause I'm trying to get the Spellbook Skin. also Any SM / Sorcerer got these tokens x 9 (KT Server Elyos Side ofc) willing to sell me the Skin ? cause It's class based quest.
  13. Game Froze, Nothing works, Server reset?

    Well...We're dancing at Center Sanctum for now until this issue is fixed !!