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  1. No f*s given actually, they knew whats gonna happen when they took the generic mobile "mmorpg" formula and pasted aion names on top of it, in an poor attempt to overmilk other game.
  2. I am a returning player and nowadays i feel like doing much less damage than before, both in pve and pvp. Is there a new skill order i should use? Also what stigmas should i go for?
  3. So as title implies i just returned to the game playing sw and my class feels really weak the stigma changes made my sw practicaly being unable to heal himself during battle and my my damage output is drastically decreased. Is it just me having terrible gear or the class is unplayable nowadays? Also i would like to know what manastones should i work on.
  4. So i started this post to gather all the knowledge i have and get some new regarding the ways to obtain minions and minium well other than BMC. For the minions : 1. Weekly Illuma/Norsvoid camp, the typical 50 C contracts for 250 spinnel coin 2. Arena at floor no.16 drops a major contract (i think) 3. a) BoS the mini boss just before the 2nd one most ppl just skip him b) the last Boss , both drop x1 of major contract 4. ToE gives 3 greater minion cotracts (the crappy ones, but anyway) 5 Also i think arena npcs but only rank general or above can purchase them with a
  5. Well july is almost gone and, i didn't see any of the 2 events that were promised. Unless we will have 2 events activated at once which is kinda impossible @Hime you are not worthy of my trust anymore..... Please @Cyan don't let any other dev post in main forum topics we know you are the best <3
  6. @Cyan @Hime Can we get a glimpse of these events rewards?
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