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  1. Minions/miniums etc.

    So i started this post to gather all the knowledge i have and get some new regarding the ways to obtain minions and minium well other than BMC. For the minions : 1. Weekly Illuma/Norsvoid camp, the typical 50 C contracts for 250 spinnel coin 2. Arena at floor no.16 drops a major contract (i think) 3. a) BoS the mini boss just before the 2nd one most ppl just skip him b) the last Boss , both drop x1 of major contract 4. ToE gives 3 greater minion cotracts (the crappy ones, but anyway) 5 Also i think arena npcs but only rank general or above can purchase them with ap 6. I've heard that Fissure npc sells some, not quite sure though For the minium : Not really there apart from the daily blue quest that gives 1 or 2 minium which honestly are not enough Anyway that's was my try to writing down all i knew about minions and minium. Please reply to this post if you know any other method i am not aware so the post can actually help ppl.
  2. Aion July Preview

    Well july is almost gone and, i didn't see any of the 2 events that were promised. Unless we will have 2 events activated at once which is kinda impossible @Hime you are not worthy of my trust anymore..... Please @Cyan don't let any other dev post in main forum topics we know you are the best <3
  3. Aion July Preview

    @Cyan @Hime Can we get a glimpse of these events rewards?